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Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking

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Lawton Oklahoma married woman looking

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First Alert Forecast A warm and clear weekend is in store for Texoma. Hunter Killer and Indivisible. Published October 26, at Currently in Lawton, OK. Lawton Community Theatre Horror Nights.

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Parties that include those under 21 frequently occur and some view it as simply a right of passage to drink after reaching an age where you can be sent to defend our country but not have a beer. Partnering with local police and campus security is vital in protecting our youth. Oklahoma colleges and universities have shown tremendous leadership in their commitment to protect students on their campuses. The sacrificing of immediate gratification for year olds is a sign of maturity.

If we can not convenience this group of the legal and wise choice of restraint then there will not be wide spread compliance. Without this compliance some of our youth will be injured or worse.

I wonder how many reading this article have ever been pulled over by law enforcement for not running a stop sign or going the speed limit.

Mystery Shop programs which employ young legal age inspectors to provide feedback of actual staff conduct is an effective tool for licensees to ensure that staff is asking for identification I. Compliance checks are often failed, and fake I. If the clerk or server, in examining the I. The names and ages of the mystery shoppers are provided to outlets in the target area. It takes all of us; the retailers and their communities cannot do it alone.

This is a collaborative effort to examine best practices and engage regulators to work with retailers to find what works in your community. The Responsible Retailing Forum RR Forum Is a C 3 non-profit organization that engages public and private stakeholders to promote responsible retailing. The RR Forum has been bringing together these stakeholders annually since After a very successful conference in Austin, Texas, we hope to keep that momentum building as the Oklahoma City conference tackles the subject of alcohol and tobacco compliance with Insights from the U.

Food and Drug Administration. In addition to examining the landscape for alcohol and tobacco compliance, the group will view Attorney Generals' Initiative and programs from Europe, Canada and other nations. Attendees will have a chance to hear from state alcohol regulators as well as responsible retailers In college communities. The group will take a closer look at the history of college alcohol Interventions and the evidence of effectiveness of a college underage sales prevention model.

The national conference will focus on how campus and community officials can work collaboratively with alcohol retailers and their industry partners to reduce underage and high-risk drinking. At this conference, you will see examples of community based prevention and a set of guiding principles for how campus administrators, regulators and law enforcement, public health advocates, and responsible alcohol retailers, distributors, and producers can Implement effective strategies for reducing alcohol problems In the community.

All of the private and public stakeholders share a common goal of decreasing dangerous and illegal drinking. In our conference, we will provide insights Into how stakeholders can work cooperatively to sustain a healthy business economy while also maintaining public health and safety.

There may be issues that participants will not agree on, but we all want retailers to carry out their duty to avoid underage sales and alcohol over-service. I invite you to Oklahoma City April 29th and 30th to join in the discussion where various stakeholders concerned about alcohol problems in the community can come together to discuss their differences and work toward developing and Implementing effective solutions.

With your help, we can develop, evaluate and promote best practices that prevent underage sales of alcohol and tobacco. Yes, it's that time of the year "to laugh and sing" and to review your best practices - those rules and procedures you use for the safety of your customers, employees and community that help ensure a successful business.

It's not difficult to do. It begins with conducting a risk assessment of your business to identify potential risks and then determining what can be done to minimize the impact. Best practices are site specific and, in full disclosure, some of the following best practices are not my own, nor do they belong to the ABLE Commission. These techniques are derived from the experiences of various law enforcement officials including mine , other alcohol retailers and studies conducted in the United States and Europe.

They may not work in all situations, but they are worth examining. Two major risks that are too important for alcohol retailers to ignore are over-service and sales to minors.

In Oklahoma, providing alcohol to an intoxicated person or to a person under the age of 21 years is a felony offense. To minimize these risks, one must establish the procedures to implement when faced with these situations. Over-service - Good quality customer service starts the moment the customer arrives. Greeting the customer and engaging in small talk helps establish the basis of observation.

Employees should be taught to observe for those changes in behavior that indicate the early signs of intoxication and be provided with techniques to reduce the amount of alcohol served to that customer. Sales to minors - It seems that there is nothing more exciting to a young person than trying to obtain alcohol. Prohibiting their access to restricted areas and to alcohol service requires vigilance by all employees.

Again, training employees is critical to minimize this risk. Ensure that employees know how to look at valid IDs. By the way, did you know Oklahoma law does not require an individual to have an ID in order to be served alcohol? But it does require that the provider ensure that minors are not served. A good way to do this is by checking the IDs of those who look under the age of While it is critical to train employees in the best practices, it also important to let your customers know what is expected of them.

Guests should know, in advance, that alcohol will not be served to intoxicated persons or to minors. Customers should be made aware of what is considered unacceptable behavior and the consequences of their actions.

The posting and enforcement of the house rules helps reassure customers that they can safely enjoy their time in your establishment. Adverse environmental factors can affect customers' behavior. Inadequate seating is an example of these factors and some studies have shown that customers tend to drink more while standing as opposed to sitting. While this might mean more sales, it could also lead to an intoxicated customer.

And what about "last call" and closing procedures? An abrupt change in the lighting and in the music being played tends to affect customers' behavior, some in a negative manner. Some of these studies indicate that this inappropriate behavior can be mitigated by slowly bringing the house lights up and changing the music from loud, fast and robust to slow and soft. Frequently at closing, customers tend to stop inside the door and converse, and may attempt to carry their drinks off the premise.

Some retailers have found that by providing a piece of wrapped candy to their guests while at the door, expedited their exit. The wrapped candy served two purposes. Unwrapping the candy required the use of both hands resulting in the guests relinquishing their drinks, while the act of eating the candy momentarily distracted the guests from their conversations. While this is a busy time of year, take a few preventative steps to review, modify and implement your best practices.

As someone once said, "every success is built on the ability to do better than good enough. Almost a year ago in October, as the summer season was ending and the fall foliage was starting to change colors, I found myself in the midst of a kind of season change myself. After serving the citizens of this great State for almost 24 years as a law enforcement officer, I had moved into a challenging new position.

While still a law enforcement officer, I was now working directly with the licensing side of our Agency and interacting more with different community organizations throughout the State, as well as business leaders of the alcoholic beverage industry. One of the first issues that I faced was to find a solution that would allow a responsible and safe way for our State's rapidly growing public event populace to be conformed in a manner that was consistent with the desires of our Legislature.

I kept thinking back to HB, which was passed in Keeping this in mind, a review of the standard practices of our Charitable Wine and Beer Event licensees was conducted, and I found them to be operating in the same fashion as the public event holders. The exception was that the charitable organizations had a legal avenue for obtaining a license and the public event holders did not.

Even though charitable organizations could obtain a license, many times the methods were the same and the statutes were slightly vague.

My solution was to create a licensing mechanism for public event holders to obtain a license and to clarify what our Charitable Event licensees are allowed to do. Little did I know, the pathway would not be an easy one. The process will mimic that of our current Mixed- Beverage license. Even though the application process will be tedious, it will help to insure that public safety is a top priority.

It will also hold the event licensee to the same standards as all of our other licensees. Secondly, the bill created a new Charitable Alcoholic Beverage Event license, which allows for charities to utilize strong beer, wine, and liquor at their events. The previous license only provided for strong beer and wine. Some other changes were in the event attendance fees, the number of events to be held, and clarifying that a licensed Caterer may now be utilized at their charitable events.

Over the past several years, the law enforcement community has been encountering an increase in the number of public events which are selling alcoholic beverages. Complaints, calls for service and responses to criminal activity have caused the manner in which public events are being held to be closely scrutinized.

It's been found that many event promoters, groups, associations, and charities have been utilizing the services of licensed Caterers to supply alcohol at their events. Using a caterer in lieu of a mixed-beverage license is not legal.

Until recent legislation passed, there has been no legal mechanism for the "for profit" event holder to provide alcoholic beverages at a public event. There currently are licenses for charitable organizations, but even those do not allow use of a caterer. The purpose of the caterers license is for a caterer which has been hired to provide food at a private function, to also be able to provide alcoholic beverage services for their client. While the majority of licensed caterers can honestly say that they were unknowingly participating in some of these activities, there have been a few that have made it a practice of circumventing the Alcohol Beverage Control Act.

The statute changes this year came in the form of Senate Bill The bill creates a new "Public Event" license classification to give "for-profit" businesses a mechanism for conducting public events in a legal manner.

The new license classification will hold the event promoters to the same standards as our other licensees. Although caterers still cannot cater a public event, the bill does now allow the "Charitable Alcoholic Beverage Event" license holder to utilize a licensed caterer at their events. The vast majority of caterers should not see any disruption in their normal operation. Most of the public type events they cater are charitable in nature anyway. Those who based their business model solely on the sale of alcohol at public events, will see a change as the new license classifications become available.

The new legislation goes into effect on August This bill amends language concerning intoxicating liquors and charitable events. The bill also updates references to charitable events. The measure proposes that beer auctioned at a charitable event may not exceed gallons.

This bill prohibits a mixed beverage establishment, that is not a restaurant, from permitting the removal of a closed original wine container, even if the contents have been partially consumed.

It also allows a mixed beverage licensee, that is not a restaurant, to offer for sale and serve spirits in original retail containers for consumption on the premises only and prohibits removal any such container from the licensed premises. This bill provides that each single serving of strong cocktail or shot be labeled by the manufacturer with product content clearly stated on the package.

The bill establishes that the language shall be construed to permit samples to be offered for sale as single servings or shots. This bill required that an applicant for an original license must furnish proof of liquor liability insurance covering both bodily injury and property damage.

This bill modifies language related to the Alcohol Beverage Control Act and adds definitions. The bill states that an annual public event license authorizes the holder to sell and distribute mixed beverages for consumption on the premises for which the license has been issued for up to six events to be held over a period not to exceed one calendar year. It adds that an event my not exceed a period of three consecutive dates.

It requires the holder of the license to provide written notice to the ABLE Commission of each promoted public event not less than 10 days before the event is held. It specifies that a public event license is not to be used in lieu of a mixed beverage license. The bill also requires a storage license for a public event licensee storing alcoholic beverages for use at a subsequent event and adds that charitable auction and charitable alcoholic beverage event license holders may utilize a licensed caterer to provide additional alcohol services at the event and on the premises.

The bill prohibits a licensee, licensed for the sale of mixed beverages, to sell an entire bottle of spirits, sealed or unsealed. As we start a new year there are challenges ahead. But before giving you that information, I would like to discuss some good news from the Tulsa area. She was following behind her friend Missy when a drunk driver ran a red light and broadsided Missy Eubanks car doing approximately fifty miles per hour.

The wreck was very violent and Missy was killed instantly. Another person was almost run over as he unsuccessfully tried to stop the hit and run driver leaving the scene.

The driver was eventually brought to justice, but Missy was a victim who lost her life. Sarah Inman believes the lack of public transportation after hours and slow cab service in the Tulsa area is a major factor in individuals driving in an intoxicated state. In the two and a half years the company has existed, they have given more than rides to over people from over 30 establishments. The goal of the non-profit company is to increase their membership so they can create a safety net around Tulsa.

They currently have over 20 member bars and are looking to increase that number. She believes DUI driving under the influence offenders need to know a program such as hers exists and that if you have had too much alcohol to drink there is an alternative to getting behind the wheel. Our Licensing Department issued or renewed 28, licenses. Agents were given 1, assignments and completed 1, Also, the agents completed 2, liquor compliance checks and 2, tobacco compliance checks. The agents also trained 7, people during 1, hours of presentation.

The address of the site the auction is N. Said alcoholic beverages will be sold at auction to the highest bidder. The State of Oklahoma reserves the right to reject any and all bids at their sole discretion. All who are interested in bidding may inspect the inventory for sale prior to This is available by calling WINE 12 - BEER 12 - There was a recent case before the Oklahoma Supreme Court decided September 24, , entitled Sheffer v.

The facts of the case were as follows: Charles Sheffer, Jennifer Sheffer, and their minor son, J. Garris and Billups had been drinking at the Buffalo Run Casino before the accident.

Plaintiffs sued Carolina Forge on theories of respondent superior and negligent entrustment. Dram-Shop liability refers to the case law governing the liability of bars, liquor stores and other establishments that serve alcoholic beverages. Dram-Shop laws are meant to establish the liability of establishments arising out of the sale of alcohol to visibly intoxicated persons or minors who subsequently cause death or injury to third parties as a result of alcohol-related crashes or other accidents.

These laws are intended to protect the general public from the hazards of serving alcohol to minors and intoxicated patrons. The Court found in this case that the Peoria Tribe is immune from suit in state court for compact-based tort claims because Oklahoma State courts are not courts of competent jurisdiction as the term is used in the model gaming compact.

The Court also held that because Congress has not expressly abrogated tribal immunity from private, state court Dram-Shop claims and because the Peoria Tribe and its entities did not expressly waive their sovereign immunity by applying for and receiving a liquor license from the State of Oklahoma, the tribe is immune from Dram-Shop liability in state court.

A unanimous three-judge panel of the Tenth Circuit affirmed and found that although the compact does not define court of competent jurisdiction, it does expressly provide that this compact shall not alter tribal, federal or state civil adjudicatory or criminal jurisdiction. The Court explained that the role of tribal sovereignty in pre-emption analysis varies in accordance with the particular notions of sovereignty that have developed from historical traditions of tribal independence.

The Court went on to say: When we determine that tradition has recognized a sovereign immunity in favor of the Indians in some respect, then we usually are reluctant to infer that Congress has authorized the assertion of state authority in that respect except where Congress has expressively provided that State law shall apply. If, however, we do not find such a tradition, or if we determine that the balance of state, federal, and tribal interest so requires, our pre-emption analysis may accord less weight to the backdrop of tribal sovereignty.

They also held that because Congress has not expressly abrogated tribal immunity from private, state court Dram-Shop claims and because the record is void of any evidence that the Peoria Tribe expressly and unequivocally waived its immunity when it applied for and received a state liquor license, the tribe is immune from Dram- Shop liability in state court. We have all heard it many times. The dispensing of alcohol is a serious responsibility. It is not soda pop.

Oklahoma is a great state to live in and I believe we have made tremendous strides in the tourism and hospitality industries. I believe we should strengthen the laws that protect our citizens while aiding commerce and continuing to provide a business friendly environment.

I know there will be conflicts. I think Oklahoma can work them out. Sometimes we change jobs; sometimes we endeavor into another field of work entirely.

I have been fortunate to enjoy the work and the people I work with for over 33 years. I work with a diverse set of co-workers ranging from law enforcement officers to accountants and of course the employees that interpret the law, judge, prosecute,and give counsel to those in my position. Kurt retired in and in we were introduced to John Maisch.

In those five years, from to October 1, , no one worked harder than John. He knew that it was more important to correct behavior than throw the book at people or just revoke their license. He was direct and articulate when explaining the law and its implications to our citizens and was a nationally recognized speaker on alcoholic beverage laws and regulations. Effective October 1st, John left to pursue his career as a full-time professor.

And so it goes, after five years, John certainly left his mark and is now gone, but certainly not forgotten. I hear it from both sides all the time. As a law enforcement agency, we have a responsibility to keep the public that we serve safe.

We have never had a quota or gauged successful enforcement operations by how many tickets we wrote or the number of arrests we made. Likewise, we do not want to restrict the freedom of our citizens and guests to enjoy all that Oklahoma has to offer. There could be a time where great hospitality encroaches our ability to protect the public. There are scores of entities that provide server training in an attempt to avoid such instances of consumption getting out of control.

We visited often as I had the privilege of coaching the youngest of his three athletic sons in grade school. He was a tremendous father who was also one of those positive supporters. Did he think we needed to revert to the Wild West, with no control over the service of alcoholic beverages?

Then I heard him speak publically; he talked about being a responsible city, a city of hospitability, and not a town of drunks. He wanted all of the visitors Oklahoma City could accommodate to come, have a good time, spend money, and go home safely.

We just need to work on ways to modernize and grow our great City. That was a few years ago. Steve was a suave businessman who liked to find creative solutions while many just saw problems.

Sadly, Steve passed away last month, just shy of this sixtieth birthday. He got it, and he helped me to get it too. Oklahomans Shine at National Conference A. The NCSLA is an association that has been disseminating information to and about the liquor industry for over 75 years.

An organization that was founded in for the purpose of promoting the most effective and equitable types of state alcoholic beverage controls laws; the NCSLA regularly updates its members on the most current topics concerning the alcohol industry. Apparently we have a little more moonshine activity here in Oklahoma that in other parts of the country. Some attendees had never seen a still much less seen one in working order before this presentation.

Not only is John an expert on Oklahoma Title 37 where most of our alcohol regulation laws are located, but he is also a nationally respected and sought aft er speaker throughout the United States. His presentation on ethics and the difficulties facing an agency lawyer were.

Oklahoma was very well represented at this conference that brings together regulators and industry members to discuss best practices. On a somber note, I could not close without mentioning the passing of a giant of the alcohol industry here in Oklahoma. I remember the last time I felt moved to mention the passing of someone involved in the alcohol industry.

It was almost three years ago when Pancho Shadid, long time retailer here in Oklahoma City, passed away. Passing this week is a man that has also left his mark on the history and landscape of theOklahoma alcohol beverage industry. Today, my thoughts are of Bob Naifeh and the Naifeh family. Bob Naifeh was the eldest son of Lebanese immigrants. He went to high school right here in Oklahoma City before enrolling at the University of Oklahoma.

In he was called to duty and served two years in the Army. In October of married the love of his life, Jeaneen. Together they raised a family here in Oklahoma. Bob started and was successful in many businesses here in Oklahoma, but the one in which I got to know him was as co-founder of Central Liquor.

After Oklahoma repealed prohibition, Bob and his father, Zeak, and the rest of the family, started a wholesale liquor distribution company with five vans running out of a small warehouse on West Reno in Oklahoma City. Today that business employs more than Oklahomans.

As many great men and women do, Bob was involved in many philanthropic endeavors that included charitable involvement of numerous health organizations, church and various Arts foundations. Unfortunately, Bob was unable to attend the conference to accept the award due to his health. Nevertheless, it was my great honor and pleasure to present the award to his son, Brad, and the rest of the Naifeh family. He explained that was a pretty good year for both of us.

I was born that year and Bob married his companion of 61 years. OK, so what else did we have in common? I wanta do something else: What a great sense of humor! My sincere condolences to the Naifeh family. Whiteclay is a small, unincorporated town of a dozen people. Its main street is one block long. There are no stop signs. Whiteclay has plenty of those.

Four off-premise beer stores, to be exact. And what a booming business those four beer stores are doing. Approximately 4 million cans of beer sold every year, or , cans of beer per resident. I was intrigued to meet the residents of Whiteclay. Instead, it appears that most of these beers are being purchased by consumers across the Nebraska state line, just yards north of Whiteclay, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

But the number of alcohol-related health issues present on the reservation strongly suggest that it is anything but dry: But the biggest tragedy is what alcohol abuse is doing to the most defenseless of all tribal members: Why are issues such as fetal alcohol syndrome important to the alcohol beverage industry in Oklahoma?

Because unfortunately, these issues are not confined to a tribal reservation in South Dakota. Alcohol abuse, especially amongst at-risk populations, remains a concern to state liquor regulators and public health organizations throughout the United States. The non-economic costs associated with alcohol abuse, such as death, illnesses, and injuries, are tragic. But the economic costs, to both government and business, are equally concerning.

And while not every cost associated with the homeless involves alcohol abuse, a large percentage does. The study identified one local homeless man, Floyd Crawford, who had been arrested 24 times during the one-year study, times over a ten-year period.

On most occasions, he would either spend the night in jail or in an emergency room, all at a significant cost to the taxpayers. Memorial Day was certainly a memorable one for me. Not your ordinary vacation. There are some signs that summer is on the way. Temperatures are rising, the Legislature has adjourned for another year, and yes, another round of May tornadoes here in Oklahoma.

Not all tornado seasons are created equal, as we have managed the last decade much better than we managed the last ten days of May I know most of the time you read my words about the alcoholic beverage industry here in Oklahoma or even compare our laws with those of other states. I have updated you on this legislative session and reported to you budget challenges and compliance issues, but for a moment, I would like to reflect back on those final ten days of May and how they impacted our lives here in Oklahoma.

This year I was spared all but a few hours of lost electrical power, but others were not as fortunate. One ABLE Commission agent who lives in Moore saw her house severely damaged, while others across the street were completely destroyed. I saw that devastation first hand and it is amazing that the loss of life was not higher. Those involved in the alcoholic beverage industry may think all our agents do is check on liquor stores and write tickets for violations, when in fact, being fully commissioned police officers, our agents are very concerned with public safety.

We have twenty two law enforcement agents here at the ABLE Commission and 17 of them were on site in Moore, working search and rescue, and perimeter patrol for a week after the tragedy. I hope we are over the worst of it at least for this year, but I am very proud to be part of an organization that leads the way when they are needed. Whether it is an incident like the Murrah bombing, a school shooting incident, a police manhunt, or a natural disaster, I know I can count on the agents of the ABLE Commission.

She and her husband, C. Not too long ago, we were praying for rain and in the blink of an eye, we got more than we needed. I hope everyone has a great summer, and for Maureen and her family a calm one.

Near Home of Captain Shanta. The following is a list of bills that are still under consideration. The bill would require the reports from the various agencies to include, at a minimum, detailed data for each agency program relating to each of the evaluation factors set out in Section HB, authored by Representative T. The bill would prohibit any agency from creating any new fees or increasing any current fees in effect until January 1, The bill requires that fees charged by an agency at the time of payment will provide a fee justification statement that discloses and describes in detail to the entity paying the fee the reason for the charge.

As I told the Commissioners, the ABLE Commission does not advocate a fee increase since we currently collect enough fees to fund the regulation of the alcoholic beverage industry.

HB, authored by Representative Glen Mulready, R-Tulsa, and Senator Rob Johnson, R- Kingfisher, allows a licensed brewer to serve free samples of beer produced by the licensee to visitors 21 years of age and older. The bill provides that no visitor may sample more than a total of 12 fluid ounces of beer per day and the brewer must restrict the distribution and consumption of beer samples to an area within the licensed premises. It requires that a current floor plan, that includes the designated sampling area,must be on file with the ABLE Commission and no visitor under 21 years of age shall be permitted to enter this designated sampling area when samples are being distributed or consumed.

It directs samples to be consumed between I 0 a. SB, by Senator Robert Standridge, R-Norman, and Representative Jon Echols, R-Oklahoma City, provides that no debit or electronic benefit transfer cards that contain state or federal funds from programs including, but not limited to, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families TANF , may be used in any transaction in any liquor store, any casino, gambling casino, or gambling establishment or any retail establishment which provides adult -oriented entertainment in which performers disrobe or perform in an unclothed state for entertainment, and or any retail establishment whose principal business is selling cigarettes, cigars or tobacco products.

The bill requires the Department of Human Services to develop an implementation plan by August I, The bill prohibits any governmental subdivision, state or county, from using resources to alter packaging of low-point beer. The bill states if such entities are found in violation, they will be subject to paying damages to the aggrieved party.

The bill also provides that any person not otherwise a dealer in alcoholic beverages, coming into possession of any alcoholic. The bill allows the wholesaler receiving a lot or parcel to sell it to a licensed package store or mixed beverage licensee, and other entities as defined, provided the total of the lots sold does not exceed four lots total. Finally, SBOOOI, by Senator Cliff Branan, R-Oklahoma City and Representative Mike Jackson, R-Enid, prohibits a peace officer from taking a person into custody for disturbing the peace as a result of alcohol intoxication when the officer has contact with the person because they, either alone or with another person, requested emergency medical assistance for an individual who reasonably appeared to be in need of assistance due to alcohol consumption and when the person provided their full name and other relevant information requested by the officer, remained at the scene with the individual who appeared in need of medical assistance until assistance arrived, and cooperated with the emergency medical assistance personnel and law enforcement officers at the scene.

It provides immunity from prosecution for disturbing the peace to individuals who meet the above criteria. It also prohibits a person from initiating or maintaining an action against a peace officer based on the officer's compliance or failure to comply with the law.

The bill also provides that every wholesaler, prior to being issued a permit or renewal to sell low-point beer, will submit a notarize affidavit to the Tax Commission certifying that the low-point beer sold does not contain more 3. Since the time of the Commission meeting, this bill was passed and signed by the Governor on April13, It is effective November 1, The Oklahoma Legislature wraps up their work at the Capitol May 31, , and we will be able to provide updates on these bills in early June.

No licensee likes to be penalized for committing and administrative violation. For every licensee who believes that ABLE penalties are too harsh, however there are probably two or more people in the public safety and health communities that think ABLE penalties are not harsh enough.

The ABLE Commission, like so many other licensing agencies, finds itself forever walking a proverbial tightrope between economic development and public safety. Are either a fair accusation? Welcome to the world of administrative law and prosecuting administrative violations.

Alcohol is not an ordinary commodity. Because alcohol is not ordinary commodity, and because alcohol poses a heightened risk of danger when consumed by children or over-consumed by adults, the government will regulate it. The question becomes which governmental entity do you want to be primarily responsible for regulating the industry and, by implication, which venue do you want alcohol violations to be resolved in?

Some would advocate the alcohol violations be handled exclusively by the criminal justice system. Over the past five years, most alcohol-related legislation in Oklahoma has involved either criminalizing more alcohol-related conduct and enhancing alcohol-related penalties ex. As state government looks to reduce the number of regulations and agencies that enforce those regulations, you could easily see a concerted push in the future to criminalize more and more licensee misconduct.

When you transfer the responsibility of enforcing and prosecuting licensee misconduct from the agency prosecutor to the criminal prosecutor, you run the risk of facing more stringent penalties, such as imprisonment, but you also run the risk of getting more cases dismissed. For example, nobody argues that the sale of an alcoholic beverage to a minor is a serious offense. The most recent version of a 'unity' bill being proposed to regulate the medical marijuana industry includes a specific Oklahoma is following 29 other states that have already legalized medical marijuana, many of which faced the same types of Oklahoma children in DHS care continue to be abused and neglected at an "alarmingly high rate," even though the state is six The statewide candidates for office who are not part of a political party will coordinate their campaigns.

Election boards in all 77 counties go over provisional ballots Friday, rejecting about half. Four auditing firms were selected to conduct performance audits of Oklahoma's six biggest state agencies. A California high school student has been arrested after allegedly throwing a classmate's Make America Great Again hat to the The Archdiocese of Oklahoma City plans to publicly release two reports in the near future that will disclose all credible GOP gubernatorial nominee Kevin Stitt wants to meet in person with vanquished opponent Mick Cornett, while a dark money group Medical professionals were given another chance to downplay benefits of marijuana Wednesday, leaving advocates and some Challenger Gentner Drummond had considered asking for recount of Tuesday's runoff vote.

The Young Turks slashed more staff this week and ended a number of their non-political programs, a person with knowledge of the Tuesday night's elections have come and gone, and here are all of the big stories you need to know about. More than 1, murder or missing persons cases in Oklahoma have gone cold since OSBI wants to reduce that number.

On Tuesday, voters across Oklahoma cast ballots in a variety of runoff elections. Airbnb hosts found themselves on the defensive Tuesday as the Oklahoma City Council began an in-depth review of regulations for Bob Anthony will see his name on the general election ballot for Oklahoma Corporation Commission for a record sixth time, With a second chance to depose incumbent GOP lawmakers from office, their fellow Republicans booted six of them in the primary Challenger Gentner Drummond actually had more votes on election day, but Attorney General Mike Hunter's big lead in absentee Longtime Republican activist Matt Pinnell won the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor over Corporation Commissioner State schools chief Joy Hofmeister wins GOP runoff and thanks Oklahoma voters for their support, and promised to work Kendra Horn cruised to victory Tuesday night in a Democratic congressional runoff as she attempts to turn the Oklahoma City The Oklahoman Oklahoma Politics News.

Mail bomb suspect married stripper who grew up in Oklahoma, records show Divorce granted in Oklahoma County in News 10 hours ago.

Former state senator faces trial in sexual battery case Republican senator resigned six days after being charged last year. Retailers, optometrists don't see eye-to-eye on State Question could loosen restrictions on optometric practices in retail stores, but many Oklahoma optometrists worry Business 10 hours ago.

Sallisaw chosen as location for next state veterans center, beating out Muskogee and Poteau After 13 hours of closed-door meetings over the past month, the Oklahoma Veterans Commission on Friday chose the next location News 1 day ago. News 23 hours ago. News Oct 18, Students enrolling in free-tuition programs A growing number of high school students are earning college credit tuition-free through concurrent enrollment and the News 2 days ago.

Middle Eastern infiltration of past caravans 'factually proven to be true' As President Donald Trump partially backed away from claims this week that unknown Middle Easterners have infiltrated a migrant Cheers and jeers make for rambunctious Steve Russell and Kendra Horn debate Thirteen days before voters go to the polls and decide between them, U.

Health 3 days ago. Steve Russell on possible Democratic wave: News 3 days ago. Business 3 days ago. Split party power possible at top of state gov A close gubernatorial race could result in split party representation at the top of state government for the first time in White nationalist Richard Spencer accused of physical abuse by wife The wife of the white nationalist Richard Spencer has accused him of emotional and physical abuse, including choking her, Jamal Khashoggi's body parts found Body parts belonging to murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi have been found, according to Sky sources.

Supreme Court risks 'letting hundreds of violent criminals walk free' if it sides with the Creeks, the state says "There is no need to upend the status quo and rewrite history by splitting Oklahoma in two. News 4 days ago. After sending a Republican to the Capitol for 12 years, this majority Democratic district will pick between two newcomers Most voters in Muskogee are Democrats, but for more than a decade they elected a Republican who was eventually beaten in this Outsider, public servant and 'regular guy' share the stage Candidates for governor ended a Sunday forum criticizing their opponents with the same attack lines that have filled Oklahoma Report assesses Boathouse District challenges A report on the Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation's management shortcomings concludes former businessman and philanthropist Business 4 days ago.

News 5 days ago. Business 5 days ago. They're real — and a Beverly Hills firm that hires them stands accused of extortion in a lawsuit - Los Angeles Times Paid protesters are a real thing.

Kendra Horn is likely losing to Steve Russell. Can she catch up? Edmondson, Stitt plan statewide campaign stops to woo undecided voters in last two weeks As the gubernatorial race heads into its last two weeks, Republican Kevin Stitt and Democrat Drew Edmondson appear locked in a News 6 days ago.

Women nationwide have local heroine Terry Neese to thank, in part, for credit freedoms Before Oct. Business 6 days ago. Oklahoma County commissioner candidates discuss solutions for problem-plagued county jail A shakeup on Oklahoma County's three-member Board of County Commissioners could lead to new ideas for how to address issues Norman House race a learning experience While on the campaign trail in House District 46, the two candidates explore issues outside their expertise.

Evangelicals are Steve Russell's base. Can Kendra Horn win them over? Business Oct 20, Accused Tulsa County judge denies ever paying for sex District Judge James Caputo came under investigation after a witness in a racketeering case identified him as a patron of an News Oct 19, Pence says Trump administration a 'foreshadowing' of Stitt governorship "Think of the progress we've made over the last two years with President Trump in the White House," Pence said.

Stitt and Edmondson talk transportation at Oklahoma City forum Gubernatorial candidates Kevin Stitt and Drew Edmondson largely agreed on the need for infrastructure spending in Oklahoma Health Oct 19, Ideas begin to emerge for Indian Cultural Center development The old oil field east of downtown appears poised to become a showcase of Native American culture.

Business Oct 19, OKC airport finalizes expansion designs Cities seldom have a second chance to make a good first impression. Business Oct 18, Life 6 days ago.

Stitt presses supporters to get out the vote in 'tight race' At a fundraiser in Oklahoma City, Republican gubernatorial nominee Kevin Stitt talked education and said he was totally Accusations against Tulsa County judge surface in massage parlor investigation Tulsa County District Judge James Caputo called accusations totally unfounded.

News Oct 17, Treasury employee busted for allegedly leaking suspicious financial transactions related to Manafort A U. Health Oct 17, Edmondson rallies Democrats three weeks out from Election Day At a restaurant rally in Shawnee, Democratic gubernatorial nominee Drew Edmondson said he's going full tilt until Nov.

For Cherokees, the Elizabeth Warren dispute goes to the heart of their identity With a single email, the Cherokee Nation squarely placed itself somewhere it has spent years avoiding: First legal weed sold in Canada at Newfoundland shops The first legal recreational cannabis has officially been sold in Canada. News Oct 16, Congressional challenger Horn raises four times as much money as incumbent Kendra Horn raised more than four times as much money as U. University specialty license plates: US needs to be defended Amazon will work enthusiastically with the US military, its founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos has said.

Assange ordered to curb speech … and clean his bathroom if he wants internet Ecuador has ordered Julian Assange to stick to a new set of house rules, including avoiding contentious political issues, Oklahoma AG pushing for federal rule to block scam robocalls Attorney General Mike Hunter joined other states Monday in urging the Federal Communications Commission to block scam robocalls Kendra Horn calls for an end to private prison industry: News Oct 15, Health Oct 15, Business Oct 15, This year's race for Corporation Commission might generate some interest.

News Oct 14, State Question seeks to bolster rights of crime victims State Question , commonly known as Marsy's Law, would amend the Oklahoma Constitution to expand rights of crime victims Marijuana could hit shelves before mandated testing Marijuana will likely be available before state requires testing.

Silver Haired Legislature wants eye doctors in Walmart stores The Oklahoma Silver Haired Legislature has unanimously endorsed a state question that would allow eye doctors to practice On the road again: Drew and Linda Edmondson make more political history Drew and Linda Edmondson married eastern and western Oklahoma politics and have spent much of their lives on campaigns.

Thousands of voters registered in the past two weeks Election officials processed about 12, voter registration forms over the past two weeks. News Oct 13, Oklahoma gubernatorial candidate went to Masters golf tournament, island resort town on campaign trip Records provided to The Oklahoman show details on expenses in Georgia and South Carolina. Imagining the future Oklahoma City's mayor asked for a conversation among residents on the shape of MAPS 4 and, judging from the response on social Business Oct 13, State agency to deploy 10 new agents to investigate opioid diversions The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control has hired 10 new agents who are being deployed throughout the News Oct 12, Students ask the questions at candidate debate Candidates for governor attended a debate hosted entirely by teenagers, believed to be the first of its kind in the nation.

Business Oct 12, Markwayne Mullin broke his term limit pledge last year. Stitt welcomes Cornett's endorsement but not Fallin's More than six weeks after losing the runoff election to become his party's nominee for governor, former Oklahoma City mayor News Oct 11, Federal law on marijuana has banks hesitant Federal law still has a say in whether marijuana is legal, leaving banks to judge whether they should offer services to In Ardmore, a new state veterans center will replace the current one The Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs announced Wednesday it will build a new veterans center in Ardmore to replace an Time running out to register for November election The deadline to register for Oklahoma's November election is Friday.

Anti-tobacco groups see opportunity in new lawmakers TSET representatives laid out a plan for policy initiatives over the next few years, including raising the age to purchase Health Oct 11, Governor touts expected cost savings at ground breaking for juvenile center improvements.

News Oct 10, City manager opening attracts attention About 30 applications already have been submitted by candidates seeking to succeed Jim Couch as Oklahoma City's city manager Business Oct 10, Beto O'Rourke's unlikely allies: News Oct 9, News Sep 27, Gov candidates differ in their views Democrat Drew Edmondson has made tax increases on energy companies and high-income Oklahomans a center of his platform, while Former Trump aide Hope Hicks to join Fox as communications chief The Murdoch family, in the throes of reshaping its media empire, is bringing on a lieutenant with experience in chaotic Gubernatorial candidates pledge more money for schools Each candidate has offered additional education policy ideas, but the bulk of their education platforms relate to core funding.

News Oct 8, Absentee ballot applications mailed to 59, Oklahomans A nonprofit social welfare organization recently mailed out absentee ballot applications to 59, Oklahomans with the goal of FAA bill protects some Oklahoma City employees during government shutdown Buried deep within a 1,page bill funding the Federal Aviation Administration is a word provision that could mean a lot Business Oct 8, China confirms detention of Interpol chief China has confirmed it is holding the missing head of Interpol, Meng Hongwei.

Oklahoma's political mood still has incumbents fighting for their jobs The remaining legislative incumbents in Oklahoma, particularly those with the Republican Party, still feel pressure from an News Oct 7, Oklahoma Capitol Boxscore for Sunday, Oct. Students will ask the questions at gubernatorial debate Ten high school seniors from across Oklahoma are hosting a gubernatorial debate between Democrat Drew Edmondson and Republican News Oct 6, Divided Senate pushes Kavanaugh past procedural hurdle, final weekend vote likely Divided Senate pushes Kavanaugh past procedural hurdle, final weekend vote likely.

News Oct 5, Interpol chief vanishes on Chinese trip France has opened an investigation into the disappearance of Meng Hongwei, the Chinese head of the international police agency Business Oct 5, Ads try to link opponents to unpopular figures A series of commercials by national partisan groups are attempting to link their Oklahoma opponent with unpopular political Search for new OKC city manager begins Oklahoma City has produced a page prospectus announcing its hunt for a new city manager.

Business Oct 4, News Oct 3, Candidates address state's mental health challenges Candidates for governor pointed to policies on taxes and management of state agencies in addressing Oklahoma's shortcomings in Health Oct 3, Investigation into state superintendent is 'dead' Any investigation into State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister for campaign finance violations is "completely over," said Oklahoma Oklahoma preacher's comments on Kavanaugh cause stir The Rev.

Judge throws out lawsuit against Sports Illustrated over report on OSU football The plaintiff is John Talley, a Stillwater Republican who ran for state representative this year and won.

News Oct 2, Business Sep 24, Half of young Americans see better financial future About half of young Americans expect to be financially better off than their parents, according to a new poll, a sign that the Business Oct 2, Gubernatorial candidates push ads on education The two leading candidates for governor are airing commercials across the state, each pledging to improve Oklahoma schools and Supreme Court declines to hear Oklahoma death row inmate's appeal The U.

DHS could have sent medical information to wrong addresses Some DHS clients' information may have been sent to the wrong addresses, the agency said. Muscogee Nation and county drug courts among grant recipients The U. Federal government, Creeks ask to argue in Supreme Court reservation case When an attorney for the state of Oklahoma stands before the U.

News Oct 1, Business Oct 1, Oklahoma begins new era of alcohol availability as changes are enacted across the state Cheers to you, Oklahoma. Mixing business with measures Democracy, capitalism and an entire state's history's worth of resistance to the alcohol industry collided in at voting Business Sep 30, Should Oklahoma have fewer school districts? School consolidation pushed by some, but remains tough political sell.

News Sep 30, Former lawmaker beat rival to take seat back, but not before switching parties Ken Luttrell lost his seat in to a Republican, but recently switched parties and came back to defeat his former challenger. To their marriage were born ten children, four sons and six daughters, namely: Florence, born December 5, , was married in to Merritt M. Cosby and they now reside at Protection, Kansas ; Delany G.

Dees, and they now live at Rosston, Oklahoma; Samuel Nicholas , born in , is a farmer in Harper County, Oklahoma; Tena, born in , was married in to Charles Sworkey and they now live at Norman, Oklahoma; Pearl, born in was married in to William and they live in Beaver County, Oklahoma. Rogers spent his early youth.

He had the advantages of the local public schools. The discipline of farm work gave him a rugged constitution, and an experience which he has utilized in his own active career. In he moved out to Clark County, Kansas, and secured a tract of Government land in a district which at that time had very few agricultural and permanent settlers.

Rogers lived in Kansas until , and in the meantime had improved an excellent farm there. In the latter year he moved to old Woodward County, Okla homa, and again acquired a homestead, situated two miles from the Town of Buffalo. Rogers' activities have kept him in town for a number of years, he still owns considerable land and has most of it under improvement.

On February 23, , he was appointed postmaster of Buffalo, and continued the incumbent of the office through two terms until February 23, He is an active republican, is affiliated with the Independent Order o f Odd Fellows and is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. On October 16, , at Taylorsville, Indiana , Mr. Rogers was born J une 11 , , in Jefferson County, Indiana, and her parents w ere nativ es of the same state.

It will be recalled that Mr. Rogers left Indiana and went out into the new country of Kansas in He made that trip as his wedding j ourne y, being accompanied by his young bride, and they jo urneye d across the country by wagon and team, li ke some of their pioneer ancestors who had come from a point still further east to the region of the Ohio Valley.

Rogers are the parents of seven children, four sons and three daughters, namely: Jackson received his Christian or personal name in honor of one of the great and revered heroes and officers of the Confederate service in the Civil war and that his family name makes the appellation the more consistent finds further reinforcement through the fact that his father was a gallant soldier of the Confederacy during virtually the entire period of the war between the states of the North and the South, his service of four years having been rendered as a member of a Louisiana regiment and it having been his portion to participate in many spirited engagements, including a number of important battles.

He was always found at the post of duty and in one engagement he received a severe wound. Stonewall Jackson has been a resident of Cheyenne, judicial center of Roger Mills County, since , and through his own executive ability, his circumspection as a financier and his impregnable integrity of purpose he has become an influential figure in connection with banking activities in the western part of the state.

His prominence in financial circles is further indicated by his having served in as treasurer of the Okla homa Bankers' Association , of which he continues an active and valued member. Jackson was born in the year , and was reared and educated in Louisiana, from which state he went forth as a valiant soldier of the Confederacy in the Civil war, as previously noted.

In his native state his marriage was solemnized, and after the close of the war he removed to Arkansas , whence, about , he went with his family to Texas , but about three years later he returned to Arkansas, where he passed the remainder of his life, his active career having found him successfully engaged as a contractor and also a representative of the live-stock industry. He was a scion of a sterling family that was founded in the state of Georgia in the colonial period of our national history, and it is to be presumed that the first representatives of the name in America settled in Virginia.

Of his three children the eldest is Willie, who is the wife of William H. Thomason, a farmer in Beaver County, Okla homa ; Stonewall, of this review, was the next in order of birth: Roberts, who is still a resident of that place and who is a clergyman of the Baptist Church. To the public schools of Arkansas and Texas Stonewall Jackson is indebted for his early educational discipline, and in he was graduated in the Sam Houston Normal School of Texas.

He thereafter devoted his attention to teaching in the schools of the Lone Star State until June of the following year when he came to Oklahoma Territory and established his home at Cheyenne, where he assumed the position of cashier of the 'Cheyenne State Bank, with which he has since been actively identified and of which he has been president since The bank was established in , by Thurmond Brothers, and it is one of the oldest and strongest financial institutions in this section of the state.

The vice president of the institution is J. Lovett is cashier, and J. Finch holds the position of assistant cashier. Insistently progressive and public-spirited as a citizen, Mr. Jackson has taken a specially loyal interest in all that touches the civic and material welfare and advancement of his home town and county, and he is found aligned as a staunch supporter of the cause of the democratic party. He and his wife are zealous and influential members of the Baptist Church at Cheyenne, and he is giving effective service as teacher of the Bible class in its Sunday school.

In addition to these Masonic affiliations he holds membership in Cheyenne Lodge No. At Cheyenne the year recorded the marriage of Mr. Jackson to Miss Texia H. Hornbeak, daughter of Rev. Hornbeak, who is a clergyman of the Presbyterian Church and who now resides in the City of Dallas, Texas, his brother, Dr.

Hornbeak, being a member of the faculty of Trinity University , at Waxahachie, Texas , in which institution Mrs. Jackson have one child, Marjorie, who was born July 8, Thoburn; copyright ; Transcribed by Andaleen Whitney] Dee Rodman Dee Rodman is one of the successful newspaper men of Oklahoma, entered the profession through the ranks of a printer, and is now editor and publisher of the Fairview Enterprise at Fairview in Major County.

Rodman is a young man, and has spent most of his years in Oklahoma. Rodman was born December 17, , at Paducah, Kentucky, followed farming and stone masonry for his active career, and is still farming in Beaver County, Oklahoma.

Rodman and wife have the following children: Arthur, born August 3, ; Dee; Ella, who was born December 19, , and was married in to L. Houx, and they live in Colorado; Fred L. The first sixteen years of his life Dee Rodman spent on his father's farms in Erath and Ellis counties, Texas.

His parents then moved to Oklahoma, locating in Cheyenne, and there he continued his education in the public schools. Rodman also had the benefit of a two years' business course in the University of Oklahoma at Norman. In at the age of nineteen he entered the office of the Beacon at Cordell, Oklahoma, and learned by practical experience the printer's trade. In he came to Fairview and followed his trade as a journeyman printer until In that year he bought the plant of the Enterprise at Ames, Oklahoma, removed it to Fairview and has since published the Fairview Enterprise, one of the leading papers of Major County.

Rodman is a republican, and he and his wife are members of the Christian Church. Rodman was born at Girard, Kansas, November 20, , a daughter of J. To their marriage was born one child, Roberta Marian, born May 28, Thoburn; copyright ; Transcribed by Andaleen Whitney] E.

The pioneer newspaper enterprise at Pawhuska was the establishment of the Osage Journal of which E. Gay became editor in , when Pawhuska had very little claim to the business activities and improvements of a town or city. Not only in the newspaper field but in other affairs Mr. Gay's life has been one of varied and interesting experience.

He is one of the original Oklahomans, and in fact can claim membership in that goodly company of enterprising men who were denominated as "sooners. Gay is one of a family of six sons and two daughters, all of whom grew up and are all living except one.

He was the fifth in order of age. His parents were Charles H. His grandfather was William H. Gay, who was born in Scotland and was brought to America when a child.

About he settled in Michigan, and in was appointed United States Indian agent for the Wyandotte tribe at the Wyandotte Agency located near where Kansas City, Kansas, now stands.

He held that post until In that year he and his son James were making a trip from the Indian agency to Fort Leavenworth. While going up the river they were halted by a band of horsemen, and were questioned as to their attitude toward the then critical question of whether Kansas should be admitted as a slave or free state.

Gay, it should be remembered, was a Scotchman, and possessed all the courage of his convictions. He expressed himself decisively in favor of making a free state of Kansas, and the words were hardly out of his mouth when he was shot down and killed, while his son was severely wounded.

Gay was a real frontier character, and in the early days had made a couple of trips to Texas in the interests of the government, and while there formed a great friendship with Governor Houston.

Gay, who was born in New York State in , was one of three children, two sons and a daughter, his brother being James H. Gay, already mentioned as the companion of their father at the time of the latter's death, Charles H. Gay spent most of his active career in Southern Michigan and Northern Ohio. He was a millwright by trade in early life but in later years took up the profession of law and became one of the noted young jurists of that section.

He married Catherine Fulton, who was of the same family as the noted inventor, Robert Fulton. She died at Pioneer, Ohio, in At their home in the same place and in the same house Charles H. Gay passed away in The early life of E. Gay brought him into close touch with the actualities of existence, and he had a hard struggle to gain the education which his ambition craved. He lost his mother in the spring of , when he was twenty-two years of age, and up to that time he had kept quite close to the old homestead.

In order to pay his way through school he taught, beginning when he was seventeen years of age, and continued alternately as a teacher and student for five years. His practice was to teach the short winter terms and attend school himself the rest of the year. In , after the death of his mother Mr.

Gay went to Kansas City, Kansas, and taught in the Wyandotte County public schools one year, but from there went to Western Kansas and identified himself with the exciting incidents of the frontier. He was also in Texas and for a time was in that region described in the old geographies as "No Man's Land" of Indian Territory.

In the spring of he was in the Panhandle of Texas, looking after a herd of cattle. Gay was closely identified with that movement which is an important chapter in any history of Oklahoma for the erection of a local government in the Panhandle of Oklahoma, and was a member of the first provisional council that adopted a plan of government for '' provisional territory of Cimarron. Gay published the Tribune at Beaver City for about a year.

In the meantime he had received an appointment as chief clerk in the first Territorial Legislature of Oklahoma, and spent five months at Guthrie, the capital, during that session.

After leaving Beaver City he moved to El Reno and bought the Oklahoma Democrat in that city, which had just been started.

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