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Lady seeking sex NY Westhampton 11977

Lady seeking sex NY Westhampton 11977

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Date m4w Bored single guy looking for something to do. You helped me up and asked if I was ok. So I am writing a book, but this is not itso if you are curious, liberal, and can never have enough friends send me a chat and lets talk.

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Lady seeking sex NY Westhampton 11977

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I think game playing is for son. Anyway, I am a 36 year old AA woman that still believes in the old fashioned way of thinking, you know, marriage and family. You are all I want.

I'm kinda shy, but just a normal guy, trying to get back into better shape. I Want Someone Who's A Good Man To Love. I love skinny jeans and hoodies and vans shoes as you already know.

It isn't every day that you meet a lady as unique and gorgeous as this gal! Please allow me to introduce you to Neida. She is a stunningly beautiful pooch, who boasts one sky blue eye, and one that's cocoa-brown! Neida is full of personality and affection. Her dream home would be the one that can give her all of the time and patience that she deserves, so she can settle in, and bond with her family gently and quietly. She longs for a family that she can trust, and who will make her feel safe.

In return, Neida promises a lifetime of life, friendship, and faithfulness. She would be best as your only four-legged friend in the home as well. If she sounds like the girl for you, then please ask about Neida! Beautiful, blonde, and full of fun, Murphy is a total dream boat! Murphy is a two year old mixed breed pup who weighs around 39 pounds.

Murphy is a social and friendly. When you take him out for his walks, you're sure to meet new friends. One glance at Murphy's big smile and strangers become weak at the knees, asking to say hello to the neighborhood's most beautiful pup. Murphy's favorite days are that fabulous adult dog mix of play and rest. He loves being outside and soaking up the sunshine but he also adores his time spent lounging in his doggy bed. Murphy gets along great with other doggies and would make a fabulous candidate for doggy day care or other dog-filled activities.

Murphy is housebroken and knows quite a few commands. Even though Murphy is friendly and loves to share his love with everyone he meets, he does not like to share his things. He would do best without children in the household. If Murphy caught your eye, come meet him today! This fantastically handsome young man is named Tucker.

What a delight he is! Boasting a gleaming obsidian coats, golden pips, and a bright, pink tongue, he simply radiates handsome!

More than just his good looks, Tucker is also quite charismatic in personality. He really knows how to charm the crowds! Over-spilling with affection, spirit, and humor, Tucker is hard to resist. His happiness is nearly contagious! Not to mention, he's also a big mush, that everyone here simply adores.

Proficient in obedience, such as "sit," "down," "paw," and other commands, he's also quite brilliant! Tucker is seeking a mature family that is as gung-ho for life as he is. He's always ready to go on exploration, fun, or just about anything, and needs a family that shares in all of that! If he sounds like the right match, please ask about Tucker today! This gorgeous and happy-go-lucky boy is named Nicholas. Isn't he just a sight to behold?

Donning a fantastic coat, two-tone eyes, and a comical grin, it's hard not to be enchanted by him! Being an incredibly jubilant and free-spirited man, he is seeking an equally active, adventurous, and dog-savvy home to call his own. Nicholas needs a world full of enrichment, exercise, exploration, and endless learning, and so a home with older children is best for him. In return, you can expect a lifetime of laughs, love, and loyalty from this handsome guy!

He has endless affection to shower upon the right family. If he sounds like the one for you, then please ask us about adopting sweet Nicholas today! Please call in advance before coming to meet Princess Leia as she is currently in a foster home! Everyone, please allow me to introduce you to Princess Leia. She is a stunning Shepherd mix, who boasts an ebony and rust colored coat, and a heart of gold. A gentle girl, who is a friend to everyone, there are few that Princess Leia cannot charm and win over!

Sadly, this gorgeous lady hasn't had the easiest life prior to arriving. She was originally rescued from Florida after surviving Hurricane Irma.

When saw upon her intake screening that this sweet lady also came into us positive for heartworm. Bideawee will cover the cost of her treatments, as long as they are done at our Animal Hospital, for the family that has room in their heart and home for this sweet girl. In turn, you can expect a lifetime of affection, faithfulness, and friendship! If Princess Leia sounds like the one for you, then please ask about adopting her today!

What a handsome man! Luke here is a three year old large mixed breed who came to Bideawee in late September from Alabama. Luke has that classic mixed-breed look with a soft fur coat, white patches on his chest and nose, and a full and fluffy tail.

But Luke has a special characteristic that sets him apart from his canine companions - Luke only has three legs! But this difference doesn't slow him down at all. He's still active and enjoys his walks outside. In fact being outside is one of his favorite activities. He loves the fresh air and he'll start to really relax after a long walk or an energetic game of fetch.

Luke is very sweet with people and enjoys snuggling, cuddling, and all the better doggy-human pastimes. Luke is also friendly with strangers and will happily say hi when they inevitably ask if they can pet him.

Luke is pickier about his doggy friends, though, and so he should go home without another pet. Because Luke is so exuberant when he likes someone we recommend him going home without young children. This handsome devil is 44 pounds and full grown.

Come meet him today! With her good looks and cheerful attitude, it's no wonder this beauty was named Barbie! Barbie formerly known as Barb is eleven months old and is as lovely as can be.

Boasting a red coat with dainty white markings - she's about as beautiful as they come. But Barbie hopes you realize there's more to her than just dashing good looks. Barbie is a wonderfully happy and sweet dog. Despite her size she already weighs 53 pounds , Barbie thinks she's a lap dog and is always up for a good snuggle.

She is always thrilled to see one of her good friends and her whole body will wiggle with excitement as she watches them approach. Barbie is a little more nervous around new men and so she hopes they'll be patient with her as she comes out of her shell. Barbie has a lot of energy and is hoping for somebody who will help her exercise and explore the world around her. Long walks and trips to the park are ideal! Barbie is still working on her basic manners and is looking for an owner who will be consistent and focused with her so that she can ace her skills!

Barbie gets along well with other playful dogs but a meet and greet is always recommended. Barbie prefers not to share her food and would do best in a home without young children.

If this perfect pup speaks to you, adopt her today! This gorgeous little lady is named Katie. Doesn't she have such a striking face on her? Donning a brilliant bopper and ebony mask upon a white, but be-speckled coat, Katie certainly stands out! If her fantastic coloration and beautiful face doesn't, then her jubilant personality and spirited hellos certainly will!

Katie loves to make friends with every person who crosses her path! Gung-ho for adventure, and up for an expedition, she is seeking a mature family that shares in her active lifestyle and lust for exploring.

She is truly a perfect medium size, and would be the ideal companion for any energetic home that is seeking a pooch that is neither too large, nor too small! If Katie sounds like your type of girl, please ask about her today! This precious and beautiful lady is named Aspen.

She is a splendid, medium-sized pooch, who boasts a charming be-speckled coat, and the most endearing eyes. Aspen is a very sweet, but bashful girl, who is seeking a quiet and mature family to call her own. Dog-savvy adopters, who can give her the time, patience, and love she needs to bloom, would be perfect for her. Aspen would also love to go to a home where there is another dog, too! She truly comes alive around her canine companions, and is much more comfortable with friends.

If Aspen sounds like she might be the one for you, then please ask for more information about her today! This strong and handsome man is named Thor. We think quite aptly so! Strong of stature and spirit, and gorgeous to behold, it's clear that Thor was properly dubbed!

Jubilant, but also ever so sweet, he is a grand balance of lovely qualities. He is seeking a mature home that shares in Thor's active lifestyle and love of adventure!

She longs to explore the world, make new friends, and learn all about life! Any mature, active family that loves to jog or hike would certainly be ideal. If Fox sounds like your idyllic match, then please call the Westhampton Adoption Center today! Everyone, please come on over and meet Rabbit. She is a beautiful and spirited puppy, who is truly one-of-a-kind! Donning a fantastic chocolate and caramel brindle coat, a tiny tail, and the most endearing eyes, she really is hard not to fall in love with in but a glance!

Every bit as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside, Rabbit truly encompasses only the loveliest qualities. She is seeking a family that shares in her jubilant nature, who can be by her side all day. Rabbit longs to explore the world, make new friends, and learn all about life! Any active family that loves to jog or hike would certainly be ideal.

If Rabbit sounds like your idyllic match, then please call the Westhampton Adoption Center today! This fantastic young lady is named Moonstruck. She is a brilliant and enthusiastic puppy, who we think was aptly named!

Possessing a spirited nature, as if charmed by the wild beams of the moon, we do think this jubilant pooch was properly dubbed! Donning a fantastic ebony and white coat, with a perfect be-speckled pattern, she really is also simply adorable to behold! Sweet, social, and full of spunk, Moonstruck truly possesses the most fantastic attributes. She is seeking a home that shares in her active lifestyle, who can be by her side all day.

She longs to explore, make friends, and learn all about life! If Moonstruck sounds like your idyllic match, then please call the Westhampton Adoption Center today! Please allow me to introduce you to Max. A fantastic pup, who is impossible not to adore!

Boasting a fantastic obsidian coat, with a perfect white streak up the nose, and eyes like melted brownies, Max is simply fantastic! Every bit as loving, jubilant, and fun as he is gorgeous, Max is both internally and externally lovely.

He is seeking a home that shares in his spirited nature, and that enjoys an active lifestyle as much as he does! He longs to go out on adventures, meet new people, and learn all about the world. Moreover, he wants to do it all by your side! If it sounds like Max is a perfect match for you, then please call the Westhampton Adoption Center today! This fantastically beautiful lady is named Olive.

Donning a heart-melting face and some of the saddest puppy-dog eyes that we've ever seen, it's hard not to gush over her.

Olive is such a tender-hearted and sensitive soul, it's impossible not to fall in love with her in but a few minutes. She nuzzles her entire head into your leg for a snuggle, and if she could melt into your side, she surely would. She loves people, and would do well in a home that could provide her with constant companionship. Olive weighs in at 67 pounds, but she is incredibly gentle in all her ways and when on walks, and would do well in many types of homes. Being a senior dog, it could be easy to over-look such a rare and loving gem, but we beg you to consider taking a look at her if you visit us!

If this lovely lady seems perfect for you, please ask about Olive today! This charming young pooch is named Patton. What an incredibly handsome puppy he is!

Donning a chocolate and ivory coat, with some of the most endearing eyes that we've ever seen, he really is hard not to fall head over feet for.

A sweet gentleman to all, Patton is a genuine Social Butterfly, who loves to love and make new friends. He is seeking a home that shares in his engaging and jubilant nature, who can be by his side all day. He longs to explore the world, see new places, greet new faces, and learn all about life! Any active family that loves to get out to socialize, jog, or hike would certainly be ideal.

If Patton sounds like your idyllic match, then please call the Westhampton Adoption Center today! This big, beautiful boy is named Chicklet.

He is a gorgeous 7-year-old pooch, that everyone here adores! Donning a fantastic brindle coat, warm eyes, and a sweet disposition, Chicklet is truly a gem. While mature, he is still plenty silly and playful, and has a spirited heart! Not to mention, he is over-spilling with love and affection for his people pals. He may be 77 pounds, but he is a true gentle giant, and is just a darling with everyone he meets.

He seems to have good manners, and is already house-broken; all he is missing now is the home to call his own! If this sweet fellow sounds like the perfect one for you, then please call the Westhampton Adoption Center about him today! This magnificent young lady is named Empress. Truly, a name to match a personality and spirit as big as hers! She knows how to take charge of a room and command everyone's attention; she is too jubilant to be ignored!

Enthusiastic, sweet-natured, and ready to travel the world, you could say she is ready for any quest or expedition you have in mind. She is the idyllic partner for anyone who shares in her active lifestyle!

Empress also loves learning both new games and cues, so obedience-savvy adopters are idyllic for her. If this gorgeous young lady seems like the perfect fit for you, then please ask about meeting Empress today! Give a warm welcome to Levi!

Levi is a two year old large mixed breed dog from New Jersey. Levi came to Bideawee in mid-June and has just taken our hearts. Levi is a gentle dog looking for the right home!

He can seem a little nervous at first, but once he's comfortable his real personality shines. Levi can be really playful and excitable with his people. He is the cutest to watch when he's wagging his tail and running happily towards you.

Besides his cute smile, Levi has the most vast and brownest eyes ever. It sure makes him a handsome pup! He can be shy around new people, but gets better with gentle encouragements. He is also not quite housebroken and would do well in a home that will help teach him basic manners.

Levi is very sweet and we believe he would do well in most households. Come visit him at Bideawee! Everyone make way for Murphy! He is one goofy, loveable boy, who is chock full of sweetness and character. His affectionate nature is every bit as endearing as his quirky personality and silly games are charming!

Murphy is seeking a home that can appreciate him for the silly and loveable boy he is, and who can shower him with the TLC he deserves. He also loves a good adventure, and so anyone who enjoys hiking and sniffing out new trails would be a great match for him.

In return, you can expect a faithful friend for life. If he sounds like the perfect fit for you, then please ask about adopting Murphy today!

This handsome young buck is named Gabel. What a bold and brilliant boy he is! Gabel is a sweet, handsome, and spirited pooch, who is all about life, making friends, and the next adventure.

He would love nothing more in life than an equally jubilant family, who is always on the go! Whether it be hiking, jogging, or a fun trip into town, he is certainly up for any expedition. Not to mention, he's a fast learner, and would love to continue to learn and grow!

A mature family that is gung-ho for obedience training and fun games would be such fun for Gabel. If this gorgeous guy sounds like your perfect match, please call for more information about adopting him today! This adorable little lady is named Missy. What a precious pooch she is. Donning a gorgeous obsidian and gold coat, a tiny little body, and brilliant eye-brows, she is just too charming for words. Bashful, but sweet, Missy is seeking a gentle, patient, and equally loving home, that will give her the time that she needs to become comfortable.

Once she sees that you are kind and soft, she'll happily hop into your lap for a snuggle. Weighing in at just around 15 pounds, she's the ideal pooch for any mature family that is seeking a smaller addition!

If Missy has struck your fancy, please call the Westhampton Adoption Center for more information about her today! Please allow me to introduce you to Sesame. He is an out-going and charming young buck, who is just enamored with life. Not to mention, he's also quite handsome to behold! Boasting a golden-caramel coat, and equally brilliant eyes, it's hard not to swoon over Sesame.

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