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Ladies seeking sex Midway Utah

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Ladies seeking sex Midway Utah

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This article contains a list of minor characters in the American television series Prison Break. The listed characters are those who are played by guest stars. The characters are listed alphabetically by their last name or by the name which appears in the episode credits.

Jonathan Krantz , or the " Pad Man " to fans played by Leon Russom , is the main antagonist in the series. He is the leader of The Company and holds the rank of General. He appears only fleetingly in his first two seasons, as William Kim 's shadowy superior and architect of Michael Scofield 's incarceration at Sona. The character plays a large and important role in season 4, appearing in every episode although being credited as a guest star instead of being in the main credits.

In earlier seasons, he is identified by his tendency to issue orders on notepads, to avoid being recorded, a tendency which he fully abandons by the fourth season. In his appearance in the season 4 premiere, he discovers that James Whistler , the man Michael was forced to break out of Sona, is a traitor. After Whistler's betrayal, he orders drastic measures to be taken against The Company's enemies, dispatching the ruthless assassin Wyatt to kill anyone and everyone necessary to achieve those ends.

Meanwhile, in the initial stages of his season 4 character arc, the General is not aware of Michael's teams's efforts to steal Scylla and most early episodes of the season deals with him planning a sinister operation in Laos, and interacting mostly with Wyatt and the Scylla Cardholders.

As the season unfolds, Michael and his team eventually learn of the General's identity and his place as the leader of The Company, and he gradually comes to the forefront of the plot with increased screen time with the protagonists as a consequence. When it is reported that Agent Don Self did an identity search on the General, he seems to be very shocked and gives Wyatt the order to keep an eye on Self. In "Safe and Sound", it is revealed to the viewers that the General's name is "Jonathan Krantz", [1] as seen from the images of him.

Due to the betrayal of team member Roland Glenn, the General is alerted and the attack is not successful. Now knowing that Scylla is in danger, the General orders it to be moved and puts increasing pressure on Wyatt to kill the brothers. He is tricked in the next episode into thinking that Wyatt has killed the brothers, but decides to go ahead with moving Scylla anyway.

He plays a large role in "Selfless", where he comes face to face with the Scylla team for the first time. When he goes to confront Michael in the underground bunker, he is forced to hand over his card by Michael's team at gunpoint. Thinking it is useless without the other cards, he's shocked when Michael unlocks Scylla with copies of the other five cards and takes him hostage.

Under duress and the threat of his daughter Lisa's life, he allows the Scylla team to escape, only in the end realizing Michael has planned everything, including the getaway. In the following episodes, the General is put under immense pressure as he must direct efforts to retrieve Scylla while dealing with dissent amongst his own ranks.

His men fail, but capture Michael instead. Discovering that he is in an unstable condition, he is taken back to Company HQ. The General orders the doctors to look after Michael and keep him stable, and tells Lincoln that he can save Michael's life in exchange for the safe return of Scylla. The last third of the fourth season shows the General trying to use leverage to control and motivate Lincoln and his team in their pursuit of Scylla, while instructing his men to kill Michael, who escapes from Company security after the surgery.

The General has a somewhat reduced role in these final episodes, often having only a couple of scenes per episode. This is in part due to the introduction of a new prominent antagonist, Christina Rose Scofield Michael and Lincoln's mother.

A former employee of The Company, Christina turns rogue and acquires Scylla to set her own master plan in motion. This includes an assassination attempt against the General in "The Mother Lode" by one of the cardholders, who is working for Christina. For a while, the viewers are led to believe that the General dies in the explosion that destroys his limo, but he is later revealed to still be alive if injured. As a consequence, the General grows increasingly desperate and paranoid, demanding the lives of all involved in the attempt on his life and the identity of the one holding Scylla.

After he is informed that Christina is the buyer of Scylla, which Lincoln had neglected to tell him, the General travels to Miami with a number of henchmen to take charge himself. Much of his screen time in these final episodes include him conspiring to get Scylla back, while also taking revenge on Christina, Michael and Lincoln. He promises to let them all go, which he actually has no intention of doing. Instead he states that he is planning a slow death for Michael and leaves Sara to be raped by T-Bag.

In the last episode of the show, the General makes one last desperate attempt to get Scylla back, but is outwitted by Michael and the others and is left for the authorities. Michael then successfully releases Scylla to both the United States government and the United Nations.

It is revealed in the series epilogue set four years after the events of the finale that Krantz was tried possibly for treason and multiple counts of murder and sentenced to death via the electric chair. In his final scene, the character is about to be executed.

When asked if he is ready, he utters the last words " Semper Paratus ". Krantz also appears briefly in The Final Break a straight-to-DVD special set before the epilogue where he is incarcerated at Miami Dade Prison and orders a hit on Sara in a last attempt to get revenge on Michael, but fails since Sara escapes successfully with the help of Gretchen who gets left behind.

He is introduced in the season 2 episode "Map ", and is the primary Company antagonist in the second season of the show.

Kim becomes Kellerman's new supervisor shortly after the Fox River Eight escape. Kellerman is dismayed by this, as he has directly reported to Reynolds for 15 years, and the two characters have an antagonistic relationship throughout the first half of the season.

Throughout the season, Kim orders the deaths of all he perceives as a threat to the conspiracy, even including Governor Frank Tancredi , and orders Kellerman to murder Sara Tancredi as well. However, when Kellerman fails, Kim cuts him off, disavowing any records relating him to the President. Kim agrees but then instructs an operative to kill Kellerman. This plot backfires when Kellerman betrays him. Kim's role grows larger and more active in the season's later episodes. In the episode, " John Doe ", Kim learns of Kellerman's betrayal, and fails to protect Terrence Steadman as Kellerman and the brothers get their hands on him.

As Kellerman has now switched sides, Kim increasingly appears in scenes with Alexander Mahone , the leader of the FBI manhunt who is secretly under blackmail from The Company. Kim puts pressure on him to murder the fugitives. Kim also attempts to manipulate Kellerman by using a female operative and voice-alteration equipment to give him the appearance that President Reynolds is willing to make amends, though Kellerman eventually sees through this ploy. After the brothers escape to Panama, Kim is ordered by his superior, a mysterious man known in season 2 only as "Pad Man", to kill Lincoln and frame Michael for it, thus ensuring Michael's incarceration at the prison called Sona.

Although he hates being in the field, Kim personally travels to Panama in the season finale to complete The Company's plan. In the character's final appearance, he is shot and killed by Sara Tancredi just before he is about to kill Lincoln. Caroline Reynolds played by Patricia Wettig is a recurring character introduced in the second episode of the series , and is eventually revealed to be the Vice President of the United States. She is affiliated with The Company, and is portrayed as an ambitious politician who seeks to secure the presidency through any means necessary, including murder.

She was the main antagonist for the first season. Reynolds is at the center of the show's conspiracy plot in the first season, having framed Lincoln Burrows for her brother Terrence Steadman 's faked death. She goes to great lengths to preserve this conspiracy. The character initially appears only sporadically, ordering her agents to kill anyone who interferes, and later announces her candidacy for President.

Her role eventually grows larger, focusing on her dealings with The Company, and her allegiance with her henchman Paul Kellerman. It is shown in the episodes "Brother's Keeper" and "Go" that Kellerman is very affectionate and loyal to her, having served her for 15 years, though she does not share the extent of his feelings, instead using them to turn Kellerman into her devoted lackey.

In "The Key", her popularity in the polls begins to decrease and The Company decides to abandon her in "Go". However, after Reynolds secretly poisons and kills the President in the season finale, she is sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. She is often mentioned, but her only real appearance is in " Sweet Caroline ," [2] for which Wettig was credited as a "Special Guest Star".

Michael Scofield allows himself to be captured and blackmails her for a presidential pardon with a tape that implicates her in the conspiracy, and also strongly suggests that she and Steadman were incestuous lovers. She caves, but is then threatened by The Company, and instead announces she has a malignant form of cancer , forcing her to resign the presidency. Later it is assumed that Reynolds was arrested after Kellerman revealed what she did at Sara's trial.

At the campaign rally in " Sweet Caroline ", banners can be seen promoting Reynolds's campaign website, Reynolds-Again. The website is an easter egg , like Europeangoldfinch. She is first referred to in the first-season episode "English, Fitz or Percy" in a flashback sequence to the childhood of the protagonist brothers.

It is revealed that she died young of liver cancer. She is occasionally mentioned throughout the first and second seasons, such as in "Tweener" where Michael credits her with giving him his sense of right and wrong. She is mentioned again near the end of season 2 in the episode "Panama"; her name is revealed to be Christina Rose Scofield when Michael names his boat after her.

In the early episodes of season 4, her cause of death is retconned to a brain tumor. In "The Sunshine State", she is revealed to be alive, living under the alias Christina Hampton, and working for The Company, though her exact position is unknown. The character makes her first onscreen appearance at the end of that episode and features as a prominent antagonist for the final six episodes of the show. As Scylla is stolen from Company headquarters in L.

Her appearances in "The Mother Load" and "VS" are devoted towards setting the stage for her grand master plan, as she meets with the son of the Prime Minister of India to offer him Scylla technology. She also has her first scene with Lincoln, in which she attempts to convince him that she is seeking to reform The Company from within.

Christina's character is portrayed as letting nothing stand in her way, which is shown when she later instructs one of her men to kill Lincoln when he interferes with her plan. The character is often shown to share the same brilliant mind as her son Michael, which is evident when she manipulates him by claiming that Lincoln is adopted the writer of the episode, Karyn Uscher, reveals on the episode audio commentary that this is a lie.

Nevertheless, this puts Michael off balance and he leaves to try and save Lincoln, leaving Sara alone with Christina. However, Michael and Lincoln steal Scylla from her in "Cowboys and Indians", and she resorts to taking Lincoln hostage to try and force Michael to return Scylla to her.

She also shoots him in the lung to give Michael extra incentive. Despite this, her character begins to unravel in the next episode when she is unsuccessful in getting Scylla back in time to profit from the technology. Michael finally outwits her when he sends Alexander Mahone with a fake Scylla containing a bomb. She survives the explosion in the series finale, however, and continues her pursuit of Scylla.

In her final appearance, she attempts to kill Michael when he refuses to let her leave with Scylla, but is instead shot to death by Sara after a desperate Michael fails to kill her with his misfiring pistol. Her death at Sara's hands becomes the set-up for the Final Break. Together, he and Veronica set off to find evidence to support Lincoln's innocence.

He later deflects her accusations by providing possible new evidence. As the two continue to uncover the conspiracy In " Riots, Drills and the Devil Part 2 ", they are threatened via a public phone call in Washington, D. This is followed by an explosion in Veronica's apartment causing the two to escape and go into hiding in Nick's father's cabin in New Glarus, Wisconsin.

In later episodes, they finally have a break-through, learning of the real reason behind the framing of Lincoln and the complicity of the Vice President herself in this plot. Nick is rushed to hospital with a gunshot wound.

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At least 8 dead in Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. Mail bomb suspect arrested. NBC drops Megyn Kelly's morning talk show. Mail bombing suspect's family attorney speaks out. Red Sox and Dodgers play longest game in World Series history. Major coastal storm batters the East Coast. Pence says Trump bears no responsibility for inspiring alleged suspect. Latest details that led to the arrest of mail bomb suspect.

Kilimanjaro to celebrate surviving cancer. Friends, family testify against suspect at trial for DC mansion murders: A look at criminal history of man suspected in DC mansion murders: Officials Police responded to reports of an active shooter on Saturday morning.

After Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, Trump champions armed guards, death penalty Trump called for more armed guards at places of worship after the shooting. Reward for missing year-old Jayme Closs doubles amid funeral for slain parents Jayme Closs, 13, went missing Oct. Package bomb suspect ranted on Twitter about liberals, threatened to blow up company Cesar Sayoc, 56, is the suspect in the suspected mail bombing spree this week. Fast-moving nor'easter bringing heavy rain, gusty winds to Northeast The storm will be cleared out by Sunday.

Rapper linked to shooting investigation hours after court appearance Daniel Hernandez, known as 6ix9ine, was sentenced to probation Friday. Florida man Cesar Sayoc arrested in 'insidious' mail bomb spree: Officials Cesar Sayoc, 56, faces 48 years in prison for the charges, officials said.

A look at the evidence that helped convict the killer Amy, Savvas and Philip Savopoulos and Veralicia Figueroa were killed in Preview ahead of World Series Game 3. Matthew Shepard's ashes interred at National Cathedral In October , Matthew Shepard, 21, was abducted, beaten, tied to a fence and left to die in Wyoming for being openly gay. How mail bombing suspect was tracked down Cesar Sayoc, 56, of Florida, was arrested on Friday. Mail bombing suspect Cesar Sayoc in handcuffs Sayoc is charged with five federal crimes, including interstate transportation of an explosive, illegal mailing of explosives and threats against a This day in history: Read the charges against the bomb suspect that could imprison him for up to 48 years Sayoc was charged with five federal crimes.

Nor'easter to bring rain, winds to East Coast: What you need to know about the timing Overnight the rain will continue to push north, pounding the I corridor. What we know about the mail bombs sent to former presidents and prominent Democrats Multiple packages were found over the course of five days.

Mail bombing suspect to be charged with 5 federal counts. Mail bombing suspect faces up to 48 years in prison: Man allegedly yelled racial slurs and flashed gun at voting site The suspect is facing charges of "ethnic intimidation" and "communicating threats," according to ABC affiliate WSOC.

Suspect who allegedly sent pipe bombs identified as Cesar Sayoc The Florida man was taken into custody for an apparent mail bombing campaign. Matthew Shepard's ashes interred at National Cathedral 20 years after brutal murder Matthew Shepard was abducted, beaten and killed 20 years ago for being gay. Among the masses of the people which, in a census, could not have been claimed by any body of Dissenters, there have been multitudes who never come into contact with a minister of the Gospel; who attend on no church, and who have no rational ideas of religion, of revelation, or of the nature and authority of the Bible.

In Scotland, while the Church has been a teaching institute, there are great numbers crowded together in the large cities, such as Paisley, Glasgow, and Dundee, who, from the want of the subdivision of parishes, are nearly as degraded, intellectually and morally, as are their English, heathen brethren. It is among this class that the Mormon missionaries have reaped the largest harvest.

It is a remarkable fact, that the Presbyterianism of the North of Ireland has proved an impregnable stronghold to the assaults of the Mormons: It is the same with Mormonism in that country as it was with Socialism. Various efforts were made to export the Social system from England to Dublin and Belfast, but the people, discerning the impunity of the system, and, how it degraded the female portion of the human family, rose up at once and chased the first apostles of the creed out of the country.

Mormonism has found as little favor in that country as did its affiliated system of impurities; and there is no prospect now that it will ever gain a lodgment in the Green isle. The different works which have been published, expository of the conduct and character of the Utah Saints have been reprinted in Great Britain, and their circulation has done much good already, in guiding the public mind.

We believe it to be true that in England, among intelligent and educated men, there were few who could imagine that any who laid claim to the exercise of reasoning powers would bring themselves to hearken, with patience, to the advocates of such a system. Such men, therefore, disregarded the efforts of Mormon preachers. They did not believe that success could attend their efforts, and they therefore despised them as unworthy of notice.

The shrewd apostles, finding that they had the field to themselves, became bold in assertion, and defiant, as well as expository and prophetic, in their ministrations. Success among the thoughtless soon attended their efforts, and thousands made up their minds to go to an earthly paradise, from the toil and care and unceasing struggle of a trying English home.

In some quarters, there were ministers and members of churches who were willing to go down from their social position, and, for the sake of the poor people who were being led astray, to stand face to face with the vile abettors of the polluted system. Many have done so, and with great success.

The Mormon apostles have been routed out of many towns and parishes by the zeal of such men; but in many of these encounters, the friends of truth have urgently felt the want of correct information of a historical nature, and of facts in detail. That want is not likely to be felt much longer. The public had been made acquainted with the state of affairs in Utah, in , by Lieut. Gunnison, whose residence 'in the Territory enabled him to sketch the rise and progress, the peculiar doctrines, condition, and prospects of the Mormons.

In , Benjamin G. Ferris, who had filled the post of Secretary in Utah Territory, published a similar work, after six months' residence at Great Salt Lake City.

Now a more important work; and much fuller of details has appeared, from the pen of one who has been a veritable Elder, and leader in this gigantic system of blasphemy and imposture.

He candidly avows, that in early life he had no clear or connected views on the subject of religion. He was not more ignorant of facts than he was illogical in his examination of the claims of the system which he embraced.

With as much propriety he might have become a Hindoo, a Parsee, or a Mohammedan, so far as the reasonableness of his reasons are concerned. Nevettheless he became a Saint, was soon elevated to the rank of an Elder,and left his native land for the elysium beyond the Rocky Mountains. All the romance, and the gilded visions faded when the facts of the beastly state of the Mormon community became fully known to him.

To keep him employed, he was dispatched on a mission to the Sandwich Islands, and he embraced the opportunity of leaving the community; and now, with a view to cast as great a flood of light as possible on the state of affairs in Utah, he has given his book to the public. Nearly every view in which Mormonism should be considered, is diecussed here; while facts and illustrations are given in abundance.

As an evidence of his truthfulness, he almost always gives the names of the parties, in full, to whom he has occasion to refer. We have examined the work with much care, and consider that the circulation of a large, and cheap edition in England, would do much in arresting the progress of the imposture in that country. While we have no a desire to occupy our columns by discussing the political aspects of Mormonism, we cannot forbear to say that the appointment of Brigham Young, the head of the Church, to the highest civil office of the Territory, was a grand political mistake.

Evil and nothing but evil, has flown from this blunder, and we trust that the political changes which are about to be effected in Utah by the present Administration, will have a happy influence in social affairs. With the religious belief and religious worship of the Mormons, so long as these are matters between them and God, and do not injuriously interfere with their fellow-men, Government must not interfere; but if they will practice corrupting immoralities, destructive of the well-being of their fellow-men, socially and individually, they are not to be permitted to take shelter under the sacred name of religion.

The Administration has, in the present case of Utah, a very difficult task. We pray that it may have the needed wisdom, activity, and firmness, and may be sustained by the whole moral and phjsical influence of the country.

Its Leaders and Designs. By John Hyde, Jr. The Washington Weekly Reporter. My Dear Brother Thomas: I can assure you that I am much better in health now than when I wrote to you before.

I can now go about without a shade over my eyes. I shall now try to give you a short account of my journey from the city of Great Salt Lake; for I can now write my mind with more liberty. I said that I would be sure to let you know the truth, and nothing but the truth; and I have done that as far as it lay in my power. I have written many letters, but I don't expect that you have received them all.

Thank God, I am now in a free country, and in the society of white men. I guess you are anxious to know the reason why I left Salt Lake. I shall try, in the first place, to inform you what a man must do to be a Mormon.

He must give himself, his family, and all his possessions over to Brigham Young, and then he'll have to give the tenth of all his income -- the tenth of a day's work -- and he must keep from two to ten wives. If he don't agree to these things, he had better quit, but by doing so he is in danger of losing his life, every minute, for they would rather kill him than Iet him be the means of letting the world know how things are in their midst.

Many have been shot down in trying to escape. I have seen dozens shot down on the street; and three days beiore I left I saw three persons killed merely because they intended to escape.

This took place about 8 o'clock on a Sunday morning, within fifty yards of the gate of the city. The first was a young man called William Parish; he received seven balls in his body. The second was his father, and the third was a man called Porter, whose body received as many as fifteen balls. The old man was pierced in the back, and his throat cut in three different places.

I saw them lying down, and I could name the persons who killed them. Brigham Young has got men for this purpose. Their numbl'r is four hundred. They are called the Destroying Angels. The walls around the city are fifteen feet high, and they are surrounded by a deep and wide moat.

The city is enterede by four gates, which are watched in the night tirne. The gates are so narrow that only one vehicle can pass through at once. The "Destroying Angels" go out on the plains in the spring, in order to intercept those who may escape from the city. They sleep by day and travel by night.

I know of men and women who have traveled this way -- the men dressed as women, and the women as men. I came across some who were very short of food; the little they had they gave to the women, and the men were principally: The few Mormons who knew of our intentions said that we would never reach the States alive, but I told them that I was determined to try, whatever would occur.

On Saturday, the day after we Ieft, we had traveled thirty miles from the city, when we saw three men following us. They were sent by the authorities of the city to catch us. This man fired his revolver at me. They then came near us on their horses and inquired our names, and when we refused to tell them, they swore that they would blow "our damned brains out.

I then took out my revolver and told him to fire if he liked. I had six revolvers with me, and a rifle, containing in all thirty-seven balls. Another ball was then fired at me, which whistled by my left cheek. I then fired at him, and one ball hit him on the leg and another on the shoulder. My friends by this time had run in the woods, and I was left to fight it out myself.

I then lost my footing' and one of the men ran at me with a knife and cut my belt and took four of my revolvers. I had the other two hid in my boots. I got hold of one of them and fired, and succeeded in keeping them off for some time, till I had a chance to run for the woods, where I got the assistance of my friends.

We continued to travel that day and the following night, and succeeded in reaching a place called Ft. Briger, which is miles from the valley. The number of our pursuers had now increased to twenty, and we had to put to the woods again.

We traveled till night and were so fortunate as to meet a host of friendly Indians, who gave us buffalo meat to eat. The next day we overtook a number of wagons, known as Mrs.

Rabbit's train, in number I was hired to drive one wagon which was drawn by six mules. We had some trouble with a lot of Indians called the "Crow Tribe. About six hundred shots came into our tents. We killed about thirty Indians, and they killed five of our men. We arrived here on the 13th of June with merry hearts, and we were received with a good welcome by the people of Florence. I went to see my father's grave.

I thank God that it is where it is. I left mother with Jane, Louisa, Mary and John, in good health. I am very desirous for my mother and chidren to leave Salt Lake and join me here. My work here is looking after a brick yard. An improbable rumor of the defeat of the United States troops by the Mormons, had reached Carson Valley. A letter from that locality, dated Sept. Rumor has it that orders from Salt Lake, at the instance of Brigham Young, have been received for aid in the approaching troubles at Salt Lake.

True it is that the Latter Day Saints are almost unanimously disposing of their property at a sacrifice, and will" be ready to move in two weeks. It is supposed that about four hundred men, with their families, will answer the call. Guns, pistols and ammunition arc selling at a premium. Harney, with troons, was met and driven back by the Mormons, with a loss of men.

The news is said to have reached here by special express, direct from Salt Lake within a day or two past. However, these startling rumors have the effect of drawing attention to the present and future state of affairs in Utah. Immigration was coming rapidly into Salt Lake City at last advices. Mormon ranches and stock along the overland route of travel were being disposed of at prices one third their value, and the Mormons all through the Carson Valley are preparing to return to Utah, in obedience to the commands of Brigham.

They all deny that they are going back to fight the troops. That the Mormons intend to show fight is pretty clearly evinced by the tone of their leaders. In addition to the violent and inflammatory speeches of Brigham himself, of which we have before given specimens, the Bishops have calculated the Mormon military strength, and give the result to the Saints for their edification.

In the "Bowery," at Salt Lake City, on the 25th July, Bishop Smoot, who had just returned from a visit from the frontier, spoke as follows: I told him that we were a weak, small people, and that I could not readily give a correct guess. However, I spoke candidly and believed all I said, and they also believed it. Those teams move very slow, and if they reach here before snow fall, I shall be a little disappointed, and I think it very probable that they will need some fresh cattle, and some Yankee drivers, to go on and help them in.

Hence it is natural that they wreak their vengeance in retaliation. The Government should make more liberal presents. He has proven that it is far cheaper to feed and clothe the Indians than to fight them.

When fighting is over it is always followed by expensive presents, which if properly distributed in the first instance, might have averted the fight. The troops, he also says, must be kept away, for it is a fact that wherever are the most of these, there we may expect Indians, and the least security to persons and property.

If these items be complied with, he has no hesitation in saying, that so far as Utah is concerned, no Indians would molest the person or property of travelers. He says that the Department has often manifested its approval of his management of Indian affairs and never its disapproval, and why should he be subjected to such annoyances in regard to funds, to pay expenses, and why reserve his salary?

Why should the appropriation for the benefit of the Indians of Utah be retained in the treasury, and individuals left unpaid? These are questions, he says, I leave for you to answer at your leisure, and in the meantime submit to such a course in relation thereto as you shall see fit to direct. Louis, from Apsinwall, arrived with the California mails to the 20th ult. An arrival from the plains confirms the statement heretofore made, that on the 10th or 12th of September a train consisting of one hundred persons, were all slain by the Indians, except a few children who were sold to the Mormons.

It was generally believed that the Mormons were at the bottom of the affair. The suspicion that Mormons carried out the Mountain Meadows Massacre was not limited to the Gentile population of neighboring California and Nevada.

The scene of the massacre is differently designated as Santa Clara canyon, the Mountain Springs and the Mountain Meadows; but all agree in locating it near the rim of the Great Basin, and about fifty miles from Cedar City, the most southern of the Mormon settlements.

Of a party of about persons, only 15 infant children were saved. The account was given by the Indians themselves to the Mormons at Cedar City, to which place they brought the children, who were purchased from them by the people of that city. Whether the cause assigned is sufficient to account for the result, or whether a different cause is at the bottom of the transaction, we will leave the reader to form his own conclusion.

We can scarcely believe that a party traveling along a highway would act in the manner described -- that is, to poison the carcass of an ox, and also the water, thus endangering the lives of those who were coming after them.

Yet this is the story told by all who have spoken of the massacre. It is stated, the emigrants had an ox which died, and they placed poison in the body and also poisoned the water standing in pools, for the purpose of killing the Indians; that several of the tribe had died from this cause, and that the whole force mustered, pursued the train, and coming up with them at the above named place, which favored their purpose, attacked and murdered the whole party, except a few infant children.

The Indians state that they made but one charge on the party, in which they cut off the greater portion of the men, and then guarded the outlets of the canyon, and shot the men and women down as they came out for water; that one man was making his escape with a few children, and they followed him, killed him, and took the children, 15 in number, the eldest under five years of age. The report was brought to San Bernardino by Messrs.

Sidney Tanner and W. A correspondent of the San Francisco Alta hints his belief that these people were massacred by the Mormons , and the proofs all tend to confirm that suspicion. Brigham Young Defying the Government. Alexander, substantially confirming all the reports in the newspapers respecting the destruction of the contractors' trains by the Mormons. Brigham Young has issued a Proclamation to the United States troops defying the Government, and counseling his people to hostilities in the most determined form, and ordering the troops to keep out of Utah.

He says that if they desire to remain till spring, they may do so, provided they give up their arms and ammunition.

Alexander, in reply, informed Brigham Young that the troops were there by order of the President of the United States, and would be disposed of as the Commanding General saw proper.

Alexander was within thirty miles of Fort Bridger, which place is occupied by Mormon troops, he received a letter from Brigham Young, through the Commander of the Nauvoo Legion, warning the troops out of the Territory, but saying that if they desire to remain till spring they may do so, provided they give up their arms and ammunition, but that they must then leave; in the meantime he will see that they are furnished with provisions.

The letter was accompanied by two copies of the Proclamation and a copy of the laws of Utah. Alexander that he is at the Fort to carry out Brigham Young's instructions, and expresses the hope that Col. Alexander's answer and actions will be dictated by a proper respect for the rights and liberties of American citizens. Alexander, in reply, says that he has given Young's communication attentive consideration, and will submit the letter to the General commanding, as soon as he arrives here, meaning Camp Winfield, on Ham's Fork.

In the meantime, he adds, I have to say that these troops were here by order of the President of the United States, and that their further movements will depend entirely upon the orders issued by competent authority. Among the documents, is a letter from Col. He knows of no reason why Alexander should attempt to reach Salt Lake by Bear River, excepting from fear.

The Mormons have burnt the grass on the shortest route. He adds, that if he could communicate with Col. Alexander, he would direct him to take up a good position for the winter at Ham's Fork. The road is beset between this and Ham's Fork with companies of Mormons, so that it is doubtful whether I shall be able to communicate with Col. It is supposed at the War Department that the troops are all in good condition, as nothing to the contrary is said to the Secretary in the dispatches.

She brings passengers. The Northern Light brings evidence of the massacre of emigrants to California in Southern Utah, which appears to be conclusive against the Mormons. It produced great excitement against the Mormons. Samuel Brannon of San Francisco, has deeded land two miles square near Sacramento with other property to three trustees as security for moneys deposited in his new bank Jacob Forney, superintendent of Indian affairs for the Territory of Utah has written a letter to the Indian bureau, dated Fort Laramie, October 25, , and which the acting commissioner, Charles E.

A report had reached him, that a portion of the Utah Indians are Mormons, and that Brigham Young boasts that he has several Indian tribes in his service, and ready to take up arms against the United States.

The Doctor says that, in the course of a few weeks, he will know the truth of this report. A letter from the city of that name, published in a California paper, contains the following item: The United States troops are at Ham's Fork, within one and a half day's journey of them, and seven days from here.

There are companies going out from here every day. The company I belong to has not been called upon yet, but I expect it will be, for the Governor has declared there shall be no troops come into these valleys while there is a possibility of keeping them out, and should they be able to force their way in, we will every man leave his house and improvements in ashes, and take to the mountains.

There is somewhere about three thousand soldiers and seven hundred wagons at Ham's Fork. The whole military force of the settlements has been organized, embodied and disciplined, and reinforcements are constantly sent out to aid to aid those already in the field in harassing the government troops, destroying trains, etc.

In a sermon preached on the 13th of September, Brigham Young said: The congregation responded, 'Amen. By taking fhis course you will find that every man and woman feels happy, and they say, 'all is right, all is well;' and I say that our enemies shall not slip the bow on 'old Bright's neck' again. Before I will suffer what I have in times gone by, there shall not be one building, nor one foot of lumber, nor a stick, nor a tree, nor a particle of grass and hay, that will burn, left in reach of our enemies.

I am sworn, if driven to extremity, to utterly lay waste, in the name of Israel's God. It is a pretty bold stand, for this people to take, to say that they will not bo controlled by the corrupt administrators of our general government.

We will be controlled by them if they will be controlled by the Constitution and laws, but they will not. They must have some place to winter, for they cannot come through here this season. We could go out and use them up, and it would not require fifty men to do it. But probably we shall not have occasion to take that course, for we do not want to kill men. They may winter in peace, at some place east of us; but when spring comes they must go back to the States, or at any rate they must leave the mountains.

The Mormon chiefs have waged war as well as talked it. The guerilla parties have harassed our troops very much by cutting off their supplies. A Monsieur Mageau, who has just arrived at St. Louis overland, in forty days from Salt Lake City, says he met the government trains blocked up in the snow, the cattle dying, and the officers and men gloomy and despondent. He adds that the Mormons were making the most active preparations to repel the troops, and that Young had stated in public council his intention to harrass the army until the latter was in sufficient force to overwhelm him, when he would burn Salt Lake City, and lead his people away.

Gunnison was massacred by the Mormons, instead of by the Indians, as was reported at the time. It says that the Mormon Elders in Australia have been circulating secretly a pamphlet for the purpose of making converts, and with the belief that it would never, under ordinary circumstances, reach California. The passage in the pamphlet which excites suspicion is this: And in that case, it came very hard upon Lieutenant Gunnison and his squad -- as you inform us by saying it came very hard on them there; but if they had come to Sydney, some of your acquaintances, or your co-religionists, might have helped them to some of your exquisites of Sydney; or maybe more nearer -- one of your acquaintances' hearths.

It would not come very hard on them here, if we are to believe your police reports, and some of your teachers' examples we might, have had lately. The Alta California construes this into an admission that Lieut. Gunnison met his untimely death at Mormon hands; and, on ordinary grounds, it is impossible to construe the language otherwise. If this country was not cursed with the most imbecile administration that ever disgraced any nation, these murderers would long since have been extermined; but it seems to be the purpose of our government instead of exterminating the Mormons, to leave them alone, and visit the extermination upon the United States soldiers who have been sent into the passes of the Rocky mouniains to meet with a lingering and cruel death.

The government not only winks at the massacre of Gunnison, but undertakes to imitate the Mormons and engages in the cold-blooded massacre of its own troops. Our dates from Salt Lake are to Oct. The saints are more violent than ever. The troops under Gen'l Johnson were shortly expected, and the Mormons had their outposts guarded by faithful sentinels Accounts from the plains show that the Mormons are preparing for a bloody massacre.

Very Late from Utah. We have just had an interview with a gentleman who had just arrived in this city from California and Salt Lake City direct, having left the Mormon head-quarters on the 10th of December -- a date fully one month later than previous advices.

Our informant started from San Francisco on the 15th November, for Salt Lake, intending to procede then to the States. Stopping at San Bernardino, on the way to Utah, he there had an interview with Captain Hunt and other Mormon leaders, who were crowded with business, in making preparations for the emigration of the whole Mormon population from [that] country to Great Salt Lake City.

Six months ago the same property could not have been purchased for ten times the price now accepted. Everything they possessed was for sale, save the means of transporting them to the goal of their hopes, and the etceteras required on the journey. From the time they entered on the Santa Clara River, about eighty miles from the first Mormon settlement they met numerous bands of Piute Indians, who well well armed, pretty comfortably attired, and apparently on very good terms with the Mormons.

They likewise passed through bands of Utes, who were living close to the settlements. Many of the Indians spoke tolerably good English. There is no question that the Mormons in all the settlements are fully posted on the war question, and the Indians [are] quite as much interested as they are.

They have rubbed up their firearms, cleaned their [knives], and are particularly [aspiring] to the use of powder and lead. In the settlements south of Great Salt Lake City the Mormons were united, and very busy threshing their grain, which they had in great abundance from the last harvest. The suffering among the United States troops was, naturally enough, a subject for congratulation in the city, when friends met.

The people believe in the entire destruction of the troops now at the foot of the mountains and as many more as may join them in the Spring, not by the superior human force which may be brought to oppose their entrance into the valleys, but by the exercise of "the Almighty power. About the 28th of August five American gentlemen whose names are at present unascertained, left Carson Valley for Salt Lake City, and it is understood that they travelled to Utah in company with Mormons vvho quitted Carson Valley; to return to Salt Lake by order of Brigham Young.

News has been received now that these gentlemen were murdered at a point about ono hundred miles south of Salt Lake by Indians, and it is suspected that the Saints had some hand in the massacre. Numerous volunteer companies are being organized over the whole country to await the call of the President to march against the Mormons in Utah. Dates from Oregon Territory are to January 2d.

The Clichitates are counciling as to what they best do in the Mormon War. The Saints have emissaries among all the Indian Tribes to iniveigle them over upon their side.

A correspondent from Kirtland, Ohio, gives the following. His letter dates from a small township situated in Lake County, about twenty miles east of Cleveland. The town is somewhat celebrated for being the first settlement of Joe Smith and his followers in the United States.

The population about the year was nearly five thousand -- mostly of the Mormon faith; now it has not far from fifteen hundred, very rew of whom claim allegiance to believe in the doctrines of the "Latter Day SaintS," as promulgated by Brigham Young.

The original internal arrangements of this temple was rather interesting to the visitor. The building is two stories high, of twenty-six feet each, having a large attic; each story had four pulpits, or priestly desks, at either end, one rising above and in the rear of the other, and indicating by certain letters in front the official character of the priests. In the center, the seats for the multitude were arranged much like those in our churches at the present day, except that they were movable, so that the congregation might face either east or west, the pulpits being at the east and west ends.

Overhanging the audience were four curtains on rollers, so situated that when unrolled the house would be divided into four equal compartments, each having a speaker and each speaker having a similar screen or drop curtain to exclude his appearance from three-fourths of the house and congregation.

The attic was divided into five compartments for schools, designed to teach Hebrew language. A celebrated Hebrew scholar named Seixas, a gentleman whom the Rev. Doctor stewart often referred for Hebrew authority, had at times a very flourishing school among the Saints.

In this place Brigham Young lived, at one time a Methodist preacher, and was converted or professed to be to the faith of the Saints and became one of their Priests.

Boyington, the celebrated geologist, who has been employed by the United States Government, was one of their number, distinguished among the people of Zion as a teacher and preacher to the chosen ones. The association in a short time became unpopular, trials and persecutions from the "Gentile" world led some to abandon their faith, but the larger portion left with their leader, Joe Smith, for Missouri, about twenty years since; and nearly the one evidence of their former prosperity, or I might say habitation, here, is the "Temple," now fast crumbling to decay, on the broken and shattered walls of which the names of thousands upon thousands of visitors are written, soon to pass into obscurity and to be numbered with the things that were.

The mills, shops and stores and many of the dwellings are decayed, torn down or unoccupied. There yet stands, however, a large unoccupied three story house, known as the "Boston House," built by two maiden ladies converted to the Mormon faith. Whether they have gone to find husbands, or have been called to that unknown country which all must occupy, your correspondent is not informed.

The pacification of Utah has not been accomplished. The army is there and the government officials ore there; but the machinery of government will not move in the right way. The Mormon grand juries will not find bills of indictment, and the Mormon petty juries will not convict persons guilty of crimes and misdemeanors, and the witnesses who appear and testify are liable to persecution and even violence.

Even the courts are exposed to intimidation, and justice is administered under the protection of bayonets. Cumming has indignantly denounced Gen. Johnston, and Judge Cradlebaugh has indignantly denounced Gov. Cumming, and a collision between the troops and the Mormons at Provo is considered imminent; and both parties are pouring their complaints in to the unwilling ears of the Administration at Washington, which is nearly distracted with a trouble it does not know how to get rid of.

Shall it side with the Governor and the rebellious Mormons? There would seem to be but one course for any honest government to pursue -- to enforce the laws at all hazards; but this government isnot to be judged by such a rule. If the people there are to rule, then it is folly for U. Judges to ask them to rule in any but their own way; and if Judge Cradlebaugh and the Army are to have their way there, [it] is an end to Popular Sovereignty in Utah. As long is it is held absolutely necessary that the people themselves should administer the law, and it is manifest the only law they recognize is one which the Courts do not recognize, the question of how the Government is be carried on is one which is and must be surrounded by endless difficulties.

There are but two ways to get out of the dilemma. Either we must conquer the Mormons and hold them subjeot to our laws and jurisprudence, or we must abandon them to their own laws and let them illustrate popular sovereignty in their own way. The whole scheme of the administration, to make the Mormons administer our laws, when we know that they feel it to be their duty to do their best in obstructing and defying them, is an abortion.

The thing cannot be done. Mormons will not sit on Grand Juries to find bills against Mormon murderers and thieves; Mormon witnesses will not give evidence against them; and Mormon petty juries will not convict thorn.

The law needed here is martial law; and no court is so well suited to the exigencies of the case as a court martial. Judge Cradlebaugh might get military promotion and serve as Judge Advocate in such a court; and then Johnson's troops would come in as potent auxiliaries, instead of finding themselves laughed at and defied as they were at Provo.

This is attributed, in part, to the knowledge that the Mormons have a practical working jury law passed by the late Legislature; it being a complete breastwork to the punishment of any crime committed by the Mormons. Under the law, clerks of the Mormon county courts elect grand and petit jurors of Federal courts, and such restrictions are imposed as to disqualify almost every Gentile in the Territory. The rupture between the Judiciary and Executive is stated to be open and irreconcilable, unless the Governor yields, which he will not do, and if the Administration moves in the matter, detrimental to the judges, they will resign, and publish a manifesto disclosing darker and bloodier scenes than any that have heretofore been exposed.

Cradlebaugh adjourned the Court at Provo, sine die, being unable to accomplish anything. Brigham Young delivered a temperate duscourse at the Tabernacle on the 7th. No persuasions, it is said, can prevail on them to remove to Utah. His widow has married again, and with her husband keeps the Mansion House, the only house of entertainment the city affords. The oldest son, who bares his father's name of Joseph, is a Justice of the Peace, and a useful and much respected citizen.

Great inducements have been offered him to remove to Great Salt Lake City, but he steadily resists all such importunities. The location is a beautiful one as could be selected; is on a beautiful rolling prairie, through which meander several small streams, along some of which are fine groves of timber; along others a few stunted trees, with patches of brush and hazel bushes; sumac and elder in abundance grow along the banks of the creeks and edges of the timber.

A few dilapidated old buildings are all that are left of what was intended for the great city of the faithful -- but alas! But as the history of Joseph and his followers has heretofore been written, I shall not follow him -- but only remark that whatever faults and failings he may have been guilty of, Joe was a good judge of land, as any one can satisfy himself of who will take the trouble to look at the land around "Far West," or in Hancock county, Illinois, about "Nauvoo.

After Illinois, I should say that this was going to be one of the finest States in the Union. But as the stage is due in a few minutes, I will close, hoping to be able next time to do better.

Joe Smith made an address, saying that he of late had been having revelations through the Holy Spirit of the will of God; he said that for two or three years past the Church has been exciting the wrath of God, and that he Smith had now reorganized it, and that the doctrines of Brigham Young he holds in abhorrence. I have been told that my father promulgated these same doctrines -- the doctrines of Young.

This I never did believe, and I never can believe it, for the doctrines were not promulgated by Divine authority; and I believe that my father was a good man, and no good man could have promulgated such odious doctrines.

The Times adds this line: After a forced march of one hundred and forty miles, in midwinter and through deep snows, in which seventy-six of his men were disabled by frozen feet, he and his gallant band of only two hundred men attacked three h'undred Indian warriors in their stronghold, and after a hard-fought battle of four hours, destroyed the entire band, leaving two hundred and twenty-four dead upon the field. Our loss was fourteen killed and forty-nine wounded. These Indians had murdered several miners during the winter, and were part of the same band who had been massacring emgrants on the overland Mail route for the last fifteen years, and the principal actors and leaders in the horrid crimes of last summer.

During Colonel Conner's march no assistance was rendered by the Mormons, who seemed indisposed, he says, to divulge any information regarding the Indians, and charged enormous prices for every article furnished his command. Pittsburgh, Wednesday, February 10, When, some two years ago, I ceased connection with the Presbyterian Banner, it was my expectation that this retirement was final Yet scarecely had I returned to the exclusive work of preaching the Gospel, when regreats from many quarters were expressed We now enter upon our work fully sensible of its great requirements, but also looking up to our Father who is in haven, for his help, and earnestly desiring the indulgence and cooperation of the readers and patrons of the Banner It is to me a source of the highest gratification to be able to say to the public that Prof.

Robert Patterson, formerly of Jefferson College, Pa. He bears a name familiar for half a century to the people of Western Pennsylvania. Just so soon as the Professor can be released from his engagements with the College, he will enter upon his new duties. In behalf of myself and colleague, I give you these, our salutations.

The several articles on Mormonism, appearing in the Banner in the s and s were probably edited by Mr. Patterson, the son of the Rev. Robert Patterson to whom Solomon Spalding applied to have his "Manuscript Found" published, after William Eichbaum served as the Postmaster of Pittsburgh during part of the time when Sidney Rigdon is known to have received mail at that postoffice.

The statement of Eichbaum's widow in this regard was taken by the Rev. Record of the Times. Wilkes-Barre, Pa, Wednesday, August 14, I have now spent a week with the Latter Day Saints, admired their green shades, beautiful artificial streams, pleasant homes, and the innumerable evidences of industry and prosperity which appear on every hand. Their markets are filled with the choicest vegetables, and the finest strawberries of the continent are offered every hour of the day at reasonable prices.

Stores equal to those of the cities of the Western States are numerous, and business of all branches has an air of system, capital and thrift that is delightful.

This is a city of 20, population, without paupers, brothels or gambling hells. Among the Mormons, who constitute over ninety per cent, of the people, there are none idle, and they claim that none suffer. The bee-hive is found on the dome of the Prophet's house, and frequently on rude business signs, as typical of the habits of the faithful. All must work, and while each owns his property gained by industry, there is still a common store where the distressed and children of want repair.

And industry is brightened in every possible way. In the evening the merry dance is to be heard in almost every ward; the theatre is never closed for any length of time, and recreation is devised in every conceivable manner to lighten the burdens of toil.

Salt Lake City is in what is called the Great Basin of the west. A section of country, nearly a circle, with a radius of about miles from the centre, is walled in by the Wasatch mountains on the east, the Sierra Nevada on the west, and their broken spurs north and south. This great valley has no outlet for its waters. The Jordon, Ogdon, Bear and Weber rivers, with many lesser streams, empty in the Great Salt Lake, distance about twenty miles from this city. It is miles long, and averages about 20 in width, and is the most briny body of water in the world.

Sink he cannot, but the head must be kept carefully uppermost, for in whatever position he lands in the water, he is likely to remain in the position. If head down, down the head will stay, and it requires almost a super-human effort to reverse the position of the body. Cattle and horses are grazed there and thrive better than any place else in the territory.

South of this the river Sevier empties into the Lake Sevier, which is also without an outlet, but the waters sink and do not become salt. In the western portion of the Great Basin now the State of Nevada there are a number of large rivers, and all sink into the earth at different points in the valley and doubtless find subterranean passage to the sea.

The Humboldt, Walker, Carson, Tuckee and other rivers drain Nevada, and all are without an open channel to the ocean. Some of them empty into lakes, but none of them are salt, and all doubtless have invisible outlets.

This Great Basin was once regarded as a vast Desert. The Mormons accepted it as their home to escape the antagonism of the Christians, and supposed that here they could remain unmolested for centuries. When they arrived here there was not so much as a trail across the mountains.

This valley, as well as all west to the Pacific and South to the Gulf, belonged to Mexico, and one of the chief motives for the Mormon pilgrimage to this place was to escape the hated jurisdiction of the United States. But within a year after they located here, the territory was acquired from Mexico, and they again became unwilling and disloyal subjects of our government.

When they arrived here, there was nothing to promise them requited labor and plentiful harvests. Not a shrub or tree shaded this vast desert plain when they made it their home, but they had with them the seeds of the locusts, and they gathered the little cottonwoods along the streams, and now the city is one forest of the most heartsome shades and the gardens are covered with the green foliage of every species of orchard fruits.

They seemed to have aimed to make this as nearly a paradise for the stranger as human effort could make it, and they have succeeded better than do most Christians in surrounding their homes, from the most humble to the most spacious, with the beauty, fragrance and fruitfulness of nature.

But the peculiar religion, or professed religion of the Mormons, is the most marvelous problem of the age. Here are , people, the most industrious, as a class, on the face of the earth; sober, neighborly, of good repute as a rule, and most of them sincerely and devoutly pious in their way, who tolerate and sustain in their leaders the most arrant swindling and revolting licentiousness, and call it making sacrifice to the Lord.

Of the , Mormons, nine-tenths are ignorant aliens, who were the slaves of the mines or the serfs of the proprietors in the old countries. They need but little here to improve their condition, and as a rule they have been made owners of their homes.

All they ever did learn they have learned from the Mormons, and it is not so surprising, therefore, they bow implicitly to the teachings of those they believe to be inspired from on high. If I were going to analyze the Mormon population, I would set down nineteen of every twenty as pitiable dupes and the remainder, one-twentieth, as the most expert and successful knaves on the earth. Brigham Young is the spiritual and temporal head of the church. He assumes to be the successor of Christ, and is esteemed by his deluded followers as of equal power and glory with the Savior.

They hold that Jesus was the first Messiah, Joseph Smith the second, and Bringham Young the third, and I heard it distinctly taught in the tabernacle that Christ, Smith and Young would come back to the earth together, in the fulness of time, to reign with the people of God.

Accepted as of divine anointment -- indeed as being in immediate communication with the Almighty; as the oracle through which God speaks to His chosen people, it is not wonderful that he can riot in wealth, pick the fairest and tenderests lambs from the flock to gratify his beastly lusts, and have the streets filled with his children, who are fed, clothed and schooled by the labor of his followers. I spent half an hour with him in his inner sanctuary, but it was a mere show, like going to see any other monstrosity.

Some half a dozen others were with me, including Mrs. He did not know who we might be, and his never failing sagacity made him self-poised and diplomatic in an eminent degree. Whenever the conversation became unpleasant for him, he would turn to Mrs. I had a seat beside his oldest son, who was not so prudent as the father, and 1 had his views of true Mormanism.

I did not venture on a discussion, as we had merely called to see the lions, and could not, in a general conversation, learn much worth knowing. Around the house, or rather houses, of Mr. Young, there were a score of children, from three to ten years of age, most of them girls, with different mothers, but all owning Brigham as father.

He has some twenty wives who are named to him in the flesh, and perhaps twice as many who are sealed to him merely to become his spiritual wives in heaven. I need not say that these, as a class are long neglected spinsters and unsightly widows, who have failed to gain a union in the flesh. I saw several of them stowed away in one corner of the theatre, and it was not difficult to determine why they were merely sealed as wives for the spirit land.

I noticed that in no instance do the Prophet and Elders seal the young and beautiful daughters of the church as spiritual wives. Severe as they profess the cross to be, they accept them in the flesh, usually to the neglect and sorrow of their older partners. In the theatre were six of Brigham's wives in a row, the original wife occupying a comfortable rocking chair as the honored in Israel.

She looks like at woman of intelligence and refinement, but rude furrows have been plowed in her face by ever visible grief. She lives in a cottage by herself, and seldom is favored with visits from her lord.

The others are all woman beneath mediocrity, all more or less faded, and none bearing the traces of early beauty. They are the sobered and practically discarded mistresses of the Prophet, and have served their purpose, while other and fairer faces usurp the favor they each in turn enjoy. They are relics of the past, and seem to have quietly resigned themselves to their fate. Each one as she becomes the favorite so-called wife, pushed others aside, and they accepted their degraded position with the full knowledge that the passions which were sated with their predecessors, would in time demand others to take their places.

The favorite is, of course, the last wife, and while the venerable, unsightly spiritual wives were huddled in a corner in plainest garb, and those discarded in the flesh crowded each other in a row near the centre of the parquette, the richly gilded and curtained private box, and softly cushioned chair, held the last fair flower transplanted to the harem.

She is still gay and festive, has a queenly step, sports her elegant opera glass and the best of ribbons and laces. She is the niece of the first wife, and like most babies in large families, is the spoiled child of the establishment. Notwithstanding the holy sphere in which she moves, she occasionally combs the head of the Prophet with a three-legged stool, raises Hail Columbia in the very sanctuary of the holies, and smashes a chair over the piano to prove her devout affection to the sacred calling she has accepted.

So revolutionary has she been in spite of divine commands from the very oracles of heaven that she had to be "corralled" in a house by herself, and there she rules in her boisterous, obstinate way, and makes the Prophet bow at her feet, instead of becoming the meek submissive wife the church demands of all on pain of eternal punishment. According to the Mormon faith, woman have no status in heaven excepting such as is given them by their husbands; and, as they cannot be given in marriage there, it is of the importance to all woman to become wives.

If they become the wife of a man who has many others, and sad crosses and trials result therefrom, they thus lay up for themselves bright crowns in heaven. In accordance with this belief, it is not uncommon for dying damsels to send for high officials in the church and be sealed to them before death, so as to gain a high seat with their spiritual husbands; and even the dead are sometimes married by proxy, near friends representing them, to lift them up to a level with their spiritual lords in the future world.

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