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I need massage you dont have to be a therepist

I need massage you dont have to be a therepist

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I need massage you dont have to be a therepist

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Also a will get you a faster response.

A year old personal trainer who preaches the benefits of clean eating. His clients know they need to avoid refined grains.

Meals should revolve around protein and vegetables. If carbs are to be included in a meal, they should only come in the post-workout period, and even then, should only be from fruits, sweet potato, or possibly brown rice, couscous or quinoa. At least that was me. I still stick kind of to the diet detailed above, but now I eat cereals for breakfast. I have ice cream most days, eat out at pizza restaurants, Mexicans, Indian and Chinese restaurants and order from the menu a couple of times per week, and put Splenda in every coffee I drink.

For the methods used to get this kind of transformation, go here — http: You basically eat as close possible to how our ancient ancestors supposedly did 10, years ago. That means you eat some kind of animal protein at every meal. This is accompanied by preferably in-season fruits and vegetables. I have no issue with the concept of the Paleo diet. With the Paleo diet, there are no rules on how much you can eat. Well, say hello to the incredible eating machine.

For me, a typical day of Paleo eating meant eggs for breakfast. The afternoon snacks continued coming in the form of nuts and fruit and the odd protein shake. Most paleo diets allow you to have protein powder. Dinner would be more or less what lunch was, and then I might snack a bit more in the evening — potentially a few boiled eggs, some fruit, or a protein pudding. Instead of looking at foods as good vs. This has been demonstrated a good deal in the media, with perhaps the most well-know, and often cited story being Jared: The Subway guy —.

Other factors do come into play, and those factors are in the form of macronutrients — proteins, carbohydrates and fats. For more on those, check out my article on calculating your macronutrients for a fat loss diet —.

I needed to start tracking my intake, so I signed up with MyFitnessPal, a site that allows you to input all the food you eat in a day, and keeps a running total of your calories and macronutrients. After doing some digging, I began tracking my macros, and had made some steady progress. I was also having a hard time keeping my fat intake down, having been so used to cooking everything in oil or butter, snacking on nuts and choosing fatty meats all the time.

I decided to reach out to someone for help, and went to Layne Norton — a natural pro bodybuilder, record-holding powerlifter, and, get this — a nutritional scientist with a PHD.

As things progressed, and time went by, I started to break my clean eating habits. Take a look at my post on cheat meals — Cheat Meals: And I decided that I was lean enough to justify stripping down to my skimpies and doing a photo shoot.

Most of my foods certainly came from nutrient-dense, minimally processed sources, and I was a meat and veggie-eating machine. All through simply tracking calories and macronutrients.

The main reason people screw up when dieting is a lack of consistency. This inconsistency comes through boredom, or feeling that a diet is simply too hard going.

Moderation lets you eat ice cream and Subway and get lean. Your body is not going to get the same nutrients it gets from healthy food as it will from pizza and ice cream and stuff like that as long as you stick to a certain amount of carbs calories fats or whatever.

I understand that this article stresses he still stayed focused on getting his daily requirements from healthy sources, but it is so important to know what certain processed foods and the nitrates in that subway meat do to your PH and your digestive system as a whole.

Just look at the great Arnold Schwarzenegger, he looked great, he was lean and huge! If not caused by diet then what? I was pretty sure salt was to blame….. Red He already said by what: FYI, Arnold even successfully sued a doctor that implied his heart valve issue came from steroid use and meant he was going to die early from it.

My dad had a heart valve replacement. It happens and has nothing to do with diet. Check this video out.. Blood cholesterol levels are only effected by cholesterol intake to a certain degree. Much of it is not able to be controlled by diet. Apologies for the very late post but I just wanted to point out that yes, whilst it has been shown that dietary cholesterol e.

Poor diet, for example a diet too high in calories, causes excess triglycerides in the blood which in turn causes excess LDL cholesterol, VLDL cholesterol, IDL cholesterol, all of which have been shown to promote atherosclerosis. See Miller et al. Paleo is not a fad diet and the quick Cliff Notes version garnered by a 5 minute Google search will only give you incomplete and inaccurate information.

There is nothing bad about avoidance. You avoid poison, right? Each of us is worth the investment. That diet is working for me — much better than paleo did. The paleo diet made me sick, bloated, and I gained a lot of weight.

This author is a naturopath — I do not believe that they are ignorant of accumulation of toxins or poor dietary choices. You can eat a very healthy diet and have it be something other than Paleo. Eat real food, not too much, mostly vegetables. That encompasses the triad of a healthy diet. To me, what the paleo diet lack were two things: I simply do not believe that cured, smoked pork products such as bacon are healthier than a bowl of cooked black beans or a bowl of oatmeal.

I simply had to look at the difference in how I felt. Paleo overlooks the role of healthy grains, and replaces them with very concentrated, high fat products. Amaranth, Millet, Quinoa, all of those grains contain a lot of vitamins and nutrients, some even contain a substantial amount of protein. Six eggs a day and no grains at all sent me to the doctor with soaring cholesterol and low blood sugar. I know people out there get good results with paleo, but I did not.

I did it for over six months. I gained weight and I was constantly hungry. I developed a thyroid problem and I skipped periods. I talked to several other women who had the same thing happen to them. If you like the paleo diet, great. Give us all a little credit. Yep Wendy I agree with you. Clearly Mike in his former fatter self ate too much of something — good or bad. I do eat ice cream but not often. I get my ice cream fix from making my post workout shake into a thick paste by not using any water but just 2 raw eggs, 4 cups of shaved ice and a banana.

I blend in my Ninja until the motor stops from working too hard. The consistency is thicker than a soft serve ice cream — yum! I had a big bowel of spaghetti tonight and will finish with the left over half of a small cheese cake I bought at my little neighborhood store yesterday. If you stop and think about it, the fact that this food additive has other industrial uses has absolutely no bearing on anything.

Regardless of the long-term health effects of the bread conditioner that subway uses in North America — you should all know that Subway has promised to remove it from their products:. Wendy, I understand your confusion and concern. I think it is important to make a the distinction between health and body composition.

In regards to health they sources and quality of foods is important, but in regards to body composition, it is almost entirely dependent on the quantities of macronutrients you eat and has little to nothing to do with the quality of food that you eat. This is hard for many people to fathom, but it is true.

I was obese my whole life until I learned to track macronutrients and follow the philosophies of Layne Norton and the guys at 3dmj.

Now I have lost 80lbs. Nitrites, nitrates, processed foods, sodium, grains, fast food, you name it. And no, other than vitamins, fish oil, and creatine, we are not taking anything. I agree with Mike and Drew. When I tried doing low carb diets it never worked out for me and I would gain weight going on binges with carbs.

When I started eating in moderation as described above I lost weight,felt great and finally have a normal menstruation cycle. After years of trying I was finally able to have 2 more babies. Then I tried watching my carbs and been yo yo dieting.

Is this article posted to help people or boost your ego. We can argue about how many ways there are to get to DIsney LAnd…the point is , you found a way and got there successfully. There are different body types as there are religions- if not more. You want to be scientific?

Free Information from Top Massage Therapy Schools Near You

Michele, To be a massage teacher you simply need to be hired to teach at a school. There is no certification in teaching massage. As a school owner in Colorado, I hire locally and therapist I know when I need help. You should contact schools in your area first. Also check out the Teaching Massage text by Anne Williams, it is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to teach.

I have been a massage therepist for around 8 years. Im now a young 50yr old but dont have the energy to do treatments. I would like to find out what my options in being a trainer could be…or join up with someone running a business as i dont have the savvy business skills…any advice pleade. Im uk based but willing to travel!! D — we have plenty of articles that discuss alternative careers for therapists. I think i could benefit more on this kind of program. I need to find a massage school near me i live in Harriman,TN for Evenings and need to know if you can go part time because I have children….

Amanda, yes you can go and you can consider online schools for the non hands on part of the program. Prospective students need to be guided to the regulator in their province or state in order to see the full scope of education options available to them as well as who meets regulation requirements in their area. You have some great info here, but this misdirection really detracts trust in your posts. Robynne — thank you for your feedback.

Are there any massage therapy schools or massage spas that donate their time to nonprofit organizations? I beginning to kick that idea around. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Notify me of new posts by email. We have everything you need for a successful career as a Massage Therapist. We simplify all the information out there to make your life easier as you begin your career as a Massage Therapist. State specific training and certification requirements, schooling, a step-by-step job search and hiring process, salaries, career growth tips, potential employers and interviews tips to help you get hired are just some of the helpful topics you'll find here.

Classes start November 13! Seacoast Career College offers career-focused education that gives you the skills you need to make the leap into your new career. South Texas Vocational Technical Institute.

Associate of Science in Massage Therapy. Get the real-world training you need to build a better career at CDI College. Choose from morning, afternoon and evening classes at one of many community-based locations across Canada.

Massage Therapy Rehabilitation Assistant. Lansdale School of Business. A Tradition of Excellence since No matter what occupation you choose to pursue, the competition for a good job is fierce. Lansdale School of Business LSB can help you stand out from the rest by teaching you the specific skills you need to succeed in the career you desire.

A new career is closer than you think! February 5, at 4: October 3, at 2: March 13, at 1: March 14, at 5: June 18, at 5: June 19, at 2: September 4, at 8: September 18, at 7: January 15, at January 31, at 6: February 2, at 7: May 9, at 6: Any updates if there is a new 'full services' venue in HCMC as I will be staying during this weekend?? No one seems to mention the Superbowl Centre on the way out to the airport.

It was a little run down when I use to visit but boy, the massages were fantastic and the extras guaranteed. The girls are young and sexy. Get the right girl and you will enjoy. I also use to visit a little hot toc close by for a hair cut then massage. There was always one particular girl who took care of me Never naked but she always wore a skimpy skirt and crop top to make everything attainable.

Sadly the place closed down. Maybe its being closed down has something to do with why no one seems to mention it. So many for Hanoi, but nothing for Saigon. Tokyo spa massage has actually nice and pretty girls but only 2. My girl have no clue of how to do a massage but she was cute and very sexy. It is clear that she is just an escort. Any happy ending massage recommended near Parkroyal Hotel? Ok, so I stay anonymous because I live here. A weekly release would be nice. I think Tokyo spa is very near to Liberty Central hotel right?

Once everyone starts to follow what you do and pay more than the market rate today, you will need to pay double the current price by next week. One month later you will need to pay 8 times the current price. And there's no limit to where it can go. Its for your own future benefit, believe it or not.

And if you can afford 10 times then you honestly dont care about the lower ranks who get weeded out. Succeeding to increase the costs by pointlessly overspending reduces the number of people who can afford it, so fewer customers, which means fewer providers. If you want to spend a lot of money, Japan is nice. Did you try many massage parlors? I'm going in hcmc in a few days, I would like some tips.. As a few guys already asked, is there a place where the masseuse is naked and make body to body massage?

Hey arrived here yesterday! Thanks for the website dude! I went to mimh tam, everything is official and professional, no worries there. I had the cutest masseuse I ever had in my life. I didn't really plan to get there and had only k bills so I tipped her k and with Google translate no english here I asked her if for k I could see and touch her breast and she said yes.

Overall very good experience. Hi there, may I know if minh tam you mentioned above is in district 10? Do the girls provide full service? Any full service place near Sheraton Saigon? Will be there for a week! Every massage place i go to in little tokyo i just say usd for boom boom. Never had a girl say no. If i ruin it for others i couldnt care less. Im not concerned about the sex life of others. Would stay in Vien Dong Hotel next week. Plan to try Vien Dong Massage as the 1st time.

Is it safe there? What the tip you suggest to girls? Can I try threesome there for HJ?? Went to Viet Dong Hotel Nov ViP room was k.

Plus they took k tip at the counter. This is before I even saw the girl. The room was nice with steam room, sauna, jacuzzi, shower and a massage bed. The massage was crap and the girl was rather rude. Hi Guys, I goin to Saigon 10 Dec I would like to try threesome-like experience? Can bring streets Hooker to hotel. Bring to short time hotel only Hi, Any spa withing walking from Pullman, without going to Ben Than market? Girls are cute and it's worth it. Do you know the place address that i can get a fully nude girl massage?

And the price and tips? Im waiting for the reply. Just been for a walk down npk and couldn't find n49 but n63 was open. I might go back cos there was a few hotties there which I should have asked for instead. If you want the "special" treat after your massage.

Price has gone up to 2. Also try going there at around 3. I highly recommend boss palace hotel. Girls are almost always beautiful and are usually happy with any tip.

I usually tip ,vnd. You can get a bj but I'm afraid to get stds. Thanks for the advice man. Im also shit scared of getting something just doesnt seem worth it for a bj.

Hi there, i want to do a three some with the most complete service but I'm not rich. Any place would you recommend me with beautiful girls for a nice price?? Little Tokyo Spa quoted price for full service for 5 million dong. I tried bargaining to 2mil or even 3mil to no avail. Why are prices so insane there? Was reading that others only paying 2 mill before. Did u end up finding a full service place in the area? I first insisted on being shown the facilities which they were all too willing to do, after which I chose the VIP room option which was K for 60 minutes including a pre-massage shower by a girl of my choice.

When choosing the girl they put a call out for all the available girls from several local joints to come and line up in front of me. There were at least 20 girls and I chose a most stunning girl dressed in a beautiful long yellow dress. She took me upstairs to my own private suite where I stripped off and she bathed me while she was still dressed.

OMG I nearly came while she soaped me up it felt so erotic. On to the massage table she gave me a fairly relaxing back and leg massage, nothing too strenuous, before flipping me onto my front after about 20 minutes. Straight off the bat, she offered HJ or BJ and I negotiated HJ with her fully nude, but for for 1 million - and let me tell you it was a struggle to negotiate down to that price.

It was high, but I only had a few hours left before my flight out and let's face it, I was only there for one thing and needed to spend all my Dong. My God she was perfect. While she jerked me off she allowed me to feel her boobs, lick her bullet nipples and finger her well groomed pussy. Overwhelmed by the sheer fantasy of the situation I didn't last as long as I would have liked but I was well satisfied and my balls very empty.

We then showered together where she bathed me again before she led me out the back door. The session was about 15 minutes short but like I said before, I got what I really went in for, the massage being merely a distraction as far as I was concerned, so I didn't put up a fight. If I was in Saigon a bit longer I might have complained about the short session or negotiated a better deal because I would definitely have gone back again.

I'd visited Bui Vien Street earlier in the week and not one of the girls there was a patch on the girls in Little Tokyo so I'd definitely recommend. Just take a few more Dong with you. For bucks you can have a chick for a whole week lol You guys got no game.

New Place just opened 2 months ago in District 1 on the edge of the backpacker area called Zeus Massage. When you arrive you go to the second floor where you choose your package. Choose your package and then choose your therepist from the pictures.

Pay in full right away and no further tips are needed. Upon entering the room you have a steam and a sauna. Then you get bathed with lots of teasing. Get dried, and lie down. The table is a great design with a slit placed in the middle for your man. Ive never seen this before and it was much better than lying on him. Therapist then covers you in milk, removes her top and uses her tits to massage you. Flips you over and repeats finishing you off with a great BBBJ. After you blow she will clean you up and give you an amazing hot stone massage before sucking you off one more time before you go.

Feel like an emperor from a dynasty long passed. From the pics I saw, pretty much every girl was hot. Places closes by Can someone confirm if this is true at Zeus?? Has anyone else been here? What happens if you get caught? I thought it was not allowed? Hi, I can confirm, I go last week and it was pretty ok. I've been to Zeus too, I can confirm everything. Yes, it's only massage and BBBJ unfortunately, but the experience is very nice. I just did half time then paused by cops. Warn to fellow travelers, Do not fall for the scam by some-one offering girls they usually goes by bicycle or just standing by the walk side.

They work by showing you some girls from their mobile phone and try to persuade you to see the girls in person, and offer one 'shot' or take outs overnight. I tried the overnight after agreeing for the price of 2M VND and it turns out the girls will ask for another tips!! So do not fall for the scam. Any recommendations for overnight escort? And how much the fees? Any recommendations for bbbj's within walking distance?

Been to Ben Ny's before but this hotel isn't close enough to walk there unfortunately. Any recommendations for Hot Tocs or naughty massages within walking distance? Appreciate any recommendations as this will be my first time there, thanks. Thanks for the lovely article. As of July The best massage service as per my rating is No.

Minh Tham 2 Tanh bin ,3. Vien Dong Dist 1. These are the best and safe for tourists. The Chicks in are all 3 places are stunners. In Vien Dong fun is good but limited action. Girls Tips is same as the room cost. If you want a memorable exp.. Been to Dai Nam Massage. Tried to negotiate but the girl didn't wanted to go down 1. Expensive with poor massage techniques or jacuzzi. The girl looked tired.

Only positive thing, she was pretty hot. Zeus massage is totally recommended. Best service and the girl very pretty. Been at Zeus, had terrible experience, girl was shy, tired, though looked great. Not worth the money. Anyone knows if there is a massage for couples in ho chi minh city?

Im guessing most of the places above only serve men and not women. I went to p. Total about 1 mil for thai massage. Plenty of hotels and massage spots though. I didn't visit any, as I had just come from Benny's. Speaking of Benny Hot Toc, they just raised the fee from k to k. I've gone a few times over the past year, and there's never been any negotiating.

I've had full service there for k vnd. Bring your own rubber though as they don't stock any there. They have some quite nice chicks, one of them has great fake tits. The hot chick in the reception gives the best blowjobs.

Nevertheless, as I am a sucker for web traffic, I'm listing here all the places that provide such services in Saigon. Most of the information below comes from tips from friends who are expats in Saigon, completed with research on internet forums and blogs.

Many of the spas are located inside hotels. If you are looking for a girl-friendly hotel in Saigon , it is a good idea to book one of them. I included a direct link to Agoda to help you. I make a small commission on every booking so if you like this review and value the hours I spent writing it, please book your hotel using one of the links!

Meeting Vietnamese Girls Online Of all the world cities I've travelled to, Saigon has the highest number of hotties per square meter. Even better, many are dreaming to date a foreigner even if there is a 20 years age gap! Some are not against the idea of finding a generous sugar daddy abroad as well.

A great way to meet smart, open-minded, English-speaking Vietnamese girls is to connect to the dating site VietnamCupid. On average, you have over 1, beautiful girls online every evening and they are easy to chat with.

You can sign up for free , check profiles and like any girl's profile. If they like you back, you can start chatting with them. It's better to get a membership though. You'll be able to contact every girl fast and to increase your success rate. Spa Etiquette in Saigon. Apart from a few local places, there are no "full service" massage parlours in Saigon. This means that on top of paying for the room entrance ticket , you must always negotiate a tip with the girl depending on what you want.

The good etiquette is to give a tip at least equal to the price of your room. I read many comments about guys who tip low not to "ruin the market".

But if you have enough money to ruin the market, why would you care? There is no secret that the bigger the tip, the bigger the motivation of the masseuse. The kind of room you book has an influence on the type of service you will receive:. Standard room means a normal massage with potentially more depending on the tip you give. Vip room means that you will get a bathtub or a jacuzzi. As a result, you will normally be bathed naked by the therapist.

The therapist will keep her clothes on. Again, the girls will not be nude, only you. There are no fishbowl or aquarium in Vietnam. Each girl has a number that you can request. Many Vietnamese share the "good" numbers on private forums or private Facebook groups. Foreigners don't have as much luxury and they will often get a random girl.

To increase your chances of being with a pretty girl, you can make special requests to the mamasan or GRO Guest Relation Officer. If you don't like the girl who is brought to you, you can always ask for another one too. Most massage parlours where foreigners go to are located in District 1. They are pricier but you will probably feel more comfortable in such places.

If you feel adventurous, the best ones are actually in District 3, District 5 and District In those places, it is likely that girls will ask you for a bigger tip because you are a foreigner. Most guests are Japanese and Korean who will pay up to 5 times the normal rates.

Massage therapists don't have to be qualified. Association of Massage Therapists later and I discovered you actually don't legally require any. If they don't ask what type of massage you're looking for: just say the truth that . want a quiet session, and would enjoy your massage more if you didn't have to. A licensed massage therapist answers the difficult questions you're too You don't need to get fully undressed during a massage session if.