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I need her serious inquiry

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If that is not feasible we can arrange for a live audition. Serious inquiries only, this is very important to my family. Grandma, Ironic, and Soccer: Emergency Help Wanted I lied when i got my job. I told them I had a kid so I could leave early to pick him up from day care, take him to doctors appointments and occasionally miss a day when he's sick.

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Memes, Puppies, and Good: Four new born yellow lab puppies for sale, only letting them go to good homes. Blessed, Craigslist, and Funny: Also I will pay extra for someone willing to play the role of my wife when dropping him off Her name is Maggie she's named after her grandma and she's a defense attorney who often brings her work home. When she tweets "I wish someone was here" but you low key under her bed DM me for promos serious inquiries only.

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Systematic | Definition of Systematic by Merriam-Webster

No one knew this guy's first name. One day I was shadowing him to learn his position because I was going to take over when he left to his real unit.

I saw on the platoon rolls his first name. He was really embarrassed and asked me not to tell anyone. I never told a single person in the unit though obviously the NCO's knew, I felt bad for him and honestly couldn't understand what went through his parents mind when naming him.

Either he was named in honor of someone damned important to his parents, or they wanted to troll nazis and didn't consider how it might suck for him. At least people he meets face-to-face are less likely to jump to nasty conclusions than if he was blonde and blue eyed! My grandpa's first name is "Adolfo", which is a Brazilian variation of Adolf. Just found out through my mother that my grand-grand-father's name was also Adolf.

He just name his son after him. TIL about my own family. I mean it was also a name other people had at the time, and it's not like he was quite as reviled while he was still alive compared to now. Still remember that, even after 5 years of bs. In boot camp we had a girl named Swallows. I was pretty disappointed to hear that she was an airman.

I couldn't be an MTI. Having to keep military bearing when addressing a trainee with a last name like Swallows. I was on our German kind of peace corps in a great little country in Africa.

The first doctor I had to see was called Hitler Zi Apparently his parents had wanted to name him after a great historical figure. He greeted me with a hearty 'Heil Hitler', the salute and a big grin. Guy was a chubby 40 year old cm man as black as the night. Tried to explain him why I didn't laugh, didn't quite get my point across. Afterall, I am German, aren't I?

There's a guy at work who is named Adolph and he's mid thirties. Somehow without ever having him pointed out, I just knew that he was the Adolph that I'd heard being paged so often. What do you expect? Why do all these fucking dickheads always end with "serious inquires only" like it's a job interview? What could be a less than serious inquiry for something free? They probably got messaged by trolls before. Maybe not the first time they asked for charity or opened themselves up to trolling.

They see it on other posts, things like LOOP Listed on otger pages and they "bump" every 23 minutes because it's a priority. As someone who's tried to give away stuff on Facebook groups; because people fuck you around, even if they're not even paying for something. Even if you're not out any money, hanging around waiting for someone to pick up something only for them to turn up hours later is a pain in the ass. In fact, I just ebay stuff now instead of giving it away, because at least they pay before they receive the product, and so are less likely to fuck you around even if they've opted to collect it.

Which is ok i guess, he sent me the money and after that he would text me at least twice a week saying he was coming and cancelling at the last minute. That went on for a month until i gave him an ultimatum, either pick up the damn thing by the end of the week or i'm transfering your money back and blocking your number. He finally showed up with TWO friends to help him move it his own words , i was waiting for them at my building's entrance and they carried it like it was a bomb in The Hurt Locker.

It was so bizarre, i wish i had taken pictures. I just saw they have a whole Hershey miniature special dark bag. Which means special dark Mr.

Same meanings but pronounced differently. There are kanji though that are only found in Japanese. Not a tattoo, but I once had a small second-hand fridge on which I painted "cold" and "frozen" in kanji on the appropriate doors.

And one wall in my 'study' room of books has the kanji for "wall". Not that anyone will see them, or understand them, but I think they're funny. Not initially but the way all the letters are written makes it easier for people with dyslexia to differentiate.

If they want to get paid in exposure they will have to do at least 12 letters. Fair is fair, after all. How many times has social media exposure actually increased your business? Unless the person has over k followers and is a legit celebrity then yeah you might get some business but any dumb fuck with a network of under k connections thinks their word of mouth actually makes a difference, if anything it'll just bring in more beggars like the person they're connected to.

You have no idea the exposure you're missing out on! That's how you get a junkie who found a rusty tattoo kit during a nightly storage locker raid showing up at your doorstep. I'm not gonna say why a junkie knows about that ad because I don't know either. Junkies at your door step, Marge! Which ones are safe? Ok so maybe the left is eating its own After brushing by a couple points on the tax bill, I talk about a few instances of people on the left being unfairly demonized and harassed by other people on the left.

ContraPoints on YouTube seemed.. Samantha Corbin of WeSaidEnough. Samantha Corbin is a Sacramento lobbyist who was fed up with the pervasive culture of sexual misconduct in the Capitol. She and some colleagues wrote an open letter and started an organization called WeSaidEnough. It has absolutely caught fire! Moral Philosophy with Aaron Rabi.

Congratulations to Doug Jones and thank you so much to black voters of Alabama for turning out and getting us 1 vote closer to taking back the Senate!!!! First up today I've got an update on the Patreon situation. They backed down, but I'm still going.. Science Mom Natalie Newell. Natalie Newell was just a science loving mom who wanted to make a documentary about some other science loving moms We talk about that experience, and we discuss some common..

The Red Pill, Part 2: Part of of my series examining the arguments in the "documentary" "The Red Pill. Are men treated unfairly Crystal has written some incisive pieces including one for CNN. Republicans Don't Care About You. In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, during which you no doubt spent hours arguing with your conservative family members, I bring you a discussion with a Trump supporting Republican.

Though undoubtedly a gigantic underdog, Lonnie Miller is In the first part of this episode I do some followup on Monday's show. There's another Franken accuser and another A woman tweeted that she didn't care that men might be falsely accused, and the The Franken Fallout, with Dr. Kristi Winters and Charone Frankel. In a world where we're finally starting to take allegations of sexual misconduct seriously, what is next?

How do we as a society treat the perpetrators? Does it matter if they are contrite? Are there different levels of seriousness? All these are very.. A House vote on the new Republican Tax Bill is happening as early as today, so I reluctantly have decided to take a peek into Paul Ryan's deepest fantasies. I cover some of the low-lights, and then talk about putting the Bill and income inequality It's time for one of my favorite things, and that is - hearing from you! We've got some great voicemail for this episode, from diverse viewpoints.

For example, did you know that equality happened in ? These are always my favorite Was the DNC Rigged? It's another topic decide by the fine folks over at patreon. Donna Brazile made a huge stir with her article on Politico. She actually later walked back that language, but that didn't.. Kate Biberdorf on Science Outreach. Kate Biberdorf is the brains behind the science outreach program 'Fun with Chemistry!

It's a tactic abusers use and it's shockingly exactly what Trump and maybe a certain other someone we all know I talk about that and then look into some questions like, did Three Stories of metoo. As you likely saw, in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein revelations, women started sharing their stories of sexual harassment and assault under the hashtag metoo. I wish we lived in a world where this kind of thing wasn't necessary, but unfortunately Trump's Participation Trophies, Part 3.

It's part 3, which may or may not be the final part! Once again, here is the original list of accomplishments. We've got some doozies today! Well, here's the terrible recording with Brian and Dmitry from Mythicist Milwaukee, but not their president and co-founder, Sean. Thanks to Eli for coming on. This will be the last episode dedicated to Mythicist Milwaukee. Emotion is Critical to Reasoning. Today's episode I have to explain a few things about the next couple recordings, and then I talk about some of the science behind emotion and logic.

My more qualified wife, Lydia, did some research on this question. A man lost his ability to feel Joining me on the show for the first time is biologist and blogger PZ Myers!

I wanted to get PZ's view of the atheist movement and how it has evolved, from his perspective. He has a fascinating story to tell, and we barely scratched the surface!

Today's episode is a bit of a double feature. First up is a conversation with feminist writer Jessica Xiao! Jessica had a post about male feminists that I found very interesting and I'm so glad she agreed to come on to talk about it.

Today I'm very pleased to bring you an interview with Kristi Winters! Kristi was perhaps the main driver behind the awareness campaign for just how awful Sargon is. But, there is so much misinformation out there about what exactly she did that even I As you likely know by now, Mythinformation conference was a shitshow. This whopper could have easily been 2 episodes but I didn't want to make you wait. Don't say I never did anything for you.

I've got a message to anyone involved in David Tamayo of Hispanic American Freethinkers. Hey, I know there's a ton to talk about with the Mythinformation fiasco but that will have to wait, as today I have David Tamayo of Hispanic American Freethinkers!

David will be at California Freethought Day we hope you'll join us! Debunking the MRAs, Part 1. I watched The Red Pill so you don't have to In today's episode, due to some scheduling circumstances, I'm starting my next series before ending my previous one. James Damore, Author of the Google Memo. On an episode of Dave Rubin, James Damore lamented the fact that no one on the left had been willing to have a long form discussion with him and that his previous ones had been edited to be misleading.

So, I wanted to show that I, as a lefty, would be.. More of Trump's Participation Trophies! Thanks to Got Science? Podcast for supporting today's show! Listen and subscribe at gotsciencepodcast. It's another deep dive into Trump's alleged accomplishments. This one covers fascinating and wide-ranging territory including Stephanie is a writer for The Orbit, her blog Almost Diamonds can be found here.

Stephanie was on the ground floor in terms of trying to get anti-harassment policies into the codes of conduct for skeptic and atheist conferences. We talk about the Debunking Scott Adams on Trump. Scott Adams is the creator of Dilbert, and he also happens to be a Trump apologist to end all Trump apologists.

He thinks Trump is the greatest persuader of people that has maybe ever lived, and he thinks half the country is in a mass hysteria and Roberta Chevrette on Feminism and Gender Studies. Today's episode is brought to you by Hello Fresh! At long last, I finally have someone with expertise in the field of Gender Studies to ask about the I once again interrupt my regularly scheduled whatever in order to bring you an interview with an undocumented immigrant, Christian.

Christian is currently working under DACA and if the program is ended, he won't be able to work anymore, short of She did her thesis on FGM in the UK, and I thought it would be very educational to have her on to speak about what she Today I'm talking about the Arpaio pardon - how awful Arpaio is as a human, what he did that was so egregious, what he was found guilty of, and how he compares to some other historically bad pardons.

Isn't it true that Obama pardoned some people who Today I'm joined by Felicia Entwistle of the Utah Outcasts to talk about that Google memo and the science of gender differences. I think we did a good job of representing the nuance of the science and outlining some of the fallacies in the discourse Sam once again had Douglas Murray on his show and they both said some incredibly ignorant things, in my opinion.

The worst was Sam's condemnation of Black Lives Matter. He provided absolutely no facts about it or insights into his reasoning, something.. You might have seen the news around Skeptic circles that Malaysian government officials want to hunt down members of an atheist group after a picture of a meetup went viral.

Here's some coverage of it from Patheos. Well it turns out a long-time I've got some thoughts about Charlottesville, and then Charone Frankel of Habeas Humor to talk about whether the ACLU holds any responsibility for Nazi movements in America, since they've defended them in the past and had a small hand in the This episode is brought to you by Hello Fresh!

Andrew Torrez of the impossibly famous podcast Opening Arguments is here to talk about the Crime Bill of and some surrounding Alix Jules Part Deaux. Alix is back for another fascinating conversation! He answers my questions on The New Jim Crow, and much more. The Counted Leave Thomas a voicemail! Support us on Patreon No, Progressives Aren't Embracing Hate. The book illustrated some vital concepts that are often missing from our conversation on race. I share some highlights.

Then, it's a voicemail segment during which I Dangers of Neoliberalism with Michael A. Joining me for some lively debate about the harms of neoliberalism is Michael A. Michael ended his service in the USMC in , and joined the Baltimore Police Department where he served as a narcotics detective until retiring as a Trans and in the Military with Sarah. Today I'm joined by not-her-real-name-Sarah, who is trans and is currently serving in the military. She is in danger of losing her job, given Trump's recent tweets.

She discusses a bit of the policy history and helps put these monstrous ideas into What Is True Islam? Joining us this week is Qasim Rashid. He claims that the true Islam is peaceful, but is he justified in making that claim?

Is it bigoted to say otherwise? An Objective Look at Linda Sarsour. Joining me on the show is Alix Jules! Alix is a super fascinating guy, and we talked for several hours, half of which is captured in today's episode.

We definitely did not have the time to get to everything, or even a significant portion, but don't Yes, Call Out Assholes Including me, if you see it that way. I also respond to the argument I frequently see of "Stop infighting, stop calling out atheist leaders, They're here to educate us on some of the problems in publishing and academia! Who Speaks for the Atheist Movement? It has screenshots and links and stuff.

Debating Evergreen and the Merits of Whitesplaining. This episode is another attempt at debate across the social justice divide. CJ VieKeng on Twitter has taken exception with my characterization of the Evergreen situation, and perhaps most strenuously with my use of the term "whitesplain. Back for the severalith time is Ishmael from Angry Black Rant! Lots of listeners requested this interview and Ish was kind enough to oblige. We discuss cultural appropriation, the Bill Maher situation, and more race-related issues in today's Peterson's pronoun mania both have in common is the bogeyman of postmodernism.

It seems to be conventional wisdom that postmodernism is manifestly crazy. But how substantive is that criticism in reality? Please share this podcast with any Democrat you witness losing their mind about the special election results.

In reality, the trend is very, very positive for Democrats going into elections. I go into why. After that, we have a lengthy and most Andrew Torrez on Manslaughter: Philando Castile and Michelle Carter.

In the same weekend, a teen found guilty of manslaughter for convincing her boyfriend to commit suicide, and a police officer found NOT guilty after shooting and killing Philando Castile.

It has left many wondering, how did this happen? Michael Shermer on Evergreen and Gender Studies. Back for a second time is Michael Shermer! He's the editor of Skeptic Magazine and has been a very prominent voice in the community for decades. After our last conversation, a couple of things happened. One was the gender studies hoax, which was The Pro-Truth Pledge, with Dr. Joining me this week for interview Monday is Dr. Gleb is an expert in decision sciences, focusing on politics and business.

In the wake of the election, Gleb has decided to focus on fighting against fake news and misinformation in.. It took an incredible amount of digging to find anything beyond the same few talking points that have exploded across Conversation with a Critic on Bill C It is immensely important to me that I do my best to engage with those who disagree, and in that spirit I present a conversation with someone who argued a lot with me on Twitter about Jordan B.

Peterson and Canadian bill C After a few small points about the last couple episodes on the hoax paper, we're back to normal here on commentary Thursday! AHCA is, in my opinion, the most important Last week you heard Eli Bosnick's side of why the 'Conceptual Penis' hoax paper was disingenuous and unskeptical, and today I speak with one of the paper's authors, James Lindsay.

James has been a previous guest on the show; he's been someone I have James Lindsay past guest of the show and Peter Boghossian. Debate and Discussion with Dan Arel. I'm pleased to bring you Dan Arel, of danthropology. While last week had me debating free speech with a more right-wing friendly Michael Shermer, this week I'll be debating from the other side. We've reached the point where it might actually be reasonable to talk impeachment. Can we let ourselves get carried away though?

I've definitely got some thoughts on it for you! Also, I watched Fox News this week and it made me fear for Talking Free Speech, with Michael Shermer. I'm very pleased to be speaking to Michael Shermer this week, someone who has been more on the free speech war side of things, and someone who has said previously that liberals won't dialogue with him. Well, to his credit, he eventually noticed my This might be my magnum opus on the overblown "war on free speech" in Universities.

In my research I discovered that, to a degree even further than I thought, Berkeley administration has gone above and beyond in protecting free speech. Seth Andrews of The Thinking Atheist. I've long followed Seth's work and have always wanted an excuse to talk to him on the show, but somehow only just now gathered the courage! The slew of comments that resulted was quite surprising to me.

In my view, a lot of liberals are doing some logical backflips Joining me today is Josh Zepps! I was impressed with how Josh handled it and have followed him I'm going to give you the details of two very important Joining me today is Eiynah! First up we talk a bit about the jarring experience I had of seeing fully burka'd women in Did Assad Use Chemical Weapons? When Nanar came on the show a few weeks ago to discuss the background of the Syrian Civil War, we all learned a lot and the response was great!

After messaging back and forth about the Sarin attack of April 4th though, it became clear that we Thinking Clearly on Syria. That is the punchline of today's episode but I encourage you to listen with an open mind as I go through the reaction to the Syria strike, what different pundits and columnists and What Happened In Syria?

I'm back from my Europe trip! And it couldn't have come at a more news-heavy time. First I've got a couple quick stories to talk about - Chechnya and Susan Rice. After that I go to the main topic for this show, and unfortunately next show Joining me today is Sara Gorman! Sara is a public health expert and author based in New York. America Last, with Zachary Kiser. Zach is here to give us some perspective on just how awful Trump's budget proposal is and how The Syrian Civil War, with Nanar.

Joining me today is Nanar, who was referred to me by listener and friend Chantelle. Yeah, that excitement didn't last too long. I was scheduled to speak to Dave Rubin at Mythinformation in Milwaukee in September, but despite everything having been agreed to and announced, Dave dropped out due to a previously overlooked scheduling What Grounds Our Morals?

Joining me for the second time is philosopher and now podcaster, Aaron Rabi! Aaron specializes in ethics, and I have questions. I'm fairly certain that our morality ultimately boils down to consequences, for reasons I explain, but not all philosophers.. With a heavy news week full of depositions, testimony, odd press conferences and more, today I take a look at some of the evidence of Russia-Trump collusion and what it all means.

I'm so excited to have Lawrence Krauss on the show today! Professor Krauss is a theoretical physicist and cosmologist who blew all of our minds with his lecture and previous book, A Universe from Nothing.

Is the Trump administration on solid Joining us today is Travis Rieder! Travis is a philosopher at Johns Hopkins who deals with Population Ethics and related questions.

Find his academic page here. Given the uncertainty of outcomes of our potential children, and given the many From Obamacare to Trumpcare. In today's episode I want to discuss one of the most significant battles that will be fought in the new administration: While looking into a lot of the claims made by Sean Spicer and other Trump Be Reasonable, with Michael Marshall.

Joining me today is Michael Marshall, host of the podcast Be Reasonable. Whether it's a ghost hunter or flat Earther, Be Reasonable allows a place for these Can We Change Minds? In today's episode, after a few thoughts on the Trump address to Congress and his BS spending plan, the topic is "How to change people's minds.

Interview with Ron Miscavige. Ron has a long history with the church and he takes us through the background of how his son went from an asthmatic 9 year old to the supreme leader of Milo's Long Overdue Downfall.

Milo said something that was horrifying enough for people who 5 minutes ago talked like it's all about freedom of expression and it doesn't matter how much we disagree, to say "nah never mind, let's de-platform him. Dialogue with Trump Supporter Dr. Today's episode is my attempt at a calm, rational dialogue with a Trump supporter.

Price supported Trump as a candidate but I was unsure how he would view the first month plus of Trump's presidency. I ask him about that, and some debate and..

Debunking Liberal Fake News. This week, Thomas talks about the recent increase in "fake news" coming from the more liberal outlets. From "spin", to misinformation, to outright lies there are plenty of examples to choose from among recent headlines!

Is this just what happens to Did the Catholic Church Support Hitler? Tim is back to take us through some really fascinating possible misconceptions about whether or not the Pope and the Catholic church were supportive of Hitler and the Nazis Today Thomas is taking a closer look at the other terrible hairstyle in the White House, Steve Bannon.

There has been a lot circulating about how much power and influence Bannon may have, many say it's far too much. So we decided to look into just who.. Today Thomas talks with Kavin Senapathy about science, food, and the misinformation and pseudo science that is so prevalent in the food industry today.

But first I have to offer a correction on the Jordan B. He said in other interviews that he would use she and he appropriately for trans people but not any other pronouns. I made it sound like he wouldn't do so. Do We Have Free Will? Today's episode is brought to you by hellofresh. Today I have philosopher Aaron on to discuss free will. I've been wanting to revisit the topic for Peterson is Just Wrong or lying This week we listened to Waking Up with Sam Harris and as big fans we were very disappointed in how he handled his interview with Jordan B.

So in this episode Thomas goes over exactly why that is, in the hopes that this message reaches Punching Nazis, with Eli Bosnick. Recently the internet exploded in debate over a video in which neo-Nazi Richard Spencer was punched while giving an interview. Even the New York Times published an article that asked whether this is something that should be morally permissible. Lord Laming said it was lamentable that "nothing more than basic good practice" would have saved her but "this never happened".

All the services involved were under-funded and short-staffed, while child protection policies and guidelines were up to a decade out of date. The report highlights the "bad practice" of frontline staff such as Victoria's social worker, Lisa Arthurworrey, who never spoke to the girl apart from in the presence of her abusers.

But the most scathing criticism is reserved for senior managers, such as the former chief executive of Haringey council, Gurbux Singh, who rejected any accountability for the tragedy. This poor leadership contributed to "widespread malaise" in the police, health and local authority services responsible for Victoria's welfare.

The main reforms proposed by his report are aimed at holding those in senior positions, from the government down to local services, to account for any failure to protect vulnerable children. A cabinet minister should chair a children and families board to consider the impact of all government policies on children and families. This should be supported by a national agency for children and families, possibly led by a children's commissioner.

This would advise the board on the impact of proposed policies; scrutinise legislation and guidance; advise on implementing the UN convention on child rights; ensure that policy and legislation are implemented at local level; and review serious cases of abuse. Every local authority social services department should establish a committee for children and families, with members from education, housing and social services, the police authority, and the local NHS.

This committee should oversee the work of a management board for services to children and families. The board should be chaired by the council chief executive and include senior officers from the police, social services, NHS, education, housing, and probation. These local arrangements would be overseen by national inspectorates.

The local committees would report through regional government offices to the national agency. The ministerial board would report annually to parliament. A national database should keep a record of every contact every child under 16 has with the police, health and local authority services to prevent them getting lost in the system. Doctors who suspect children are being abused should take histories from them without their parents' consent.

Councils should set up hour helplines for the public to report concerns about children's safety.

She also shares her own story. We have what I hope is a healthy, but rigorous debate about areas where the movement has gone too far, and. It's Serious Inquiries Only; but like, not boring or anything. Shouldn't that mean we maybe vote democrat to have a chance for our kids to not die in the .. Being an atheist in her home country has literally meant abuse and death for others. Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of Serious Inquiries Only by Shouldn't that mean we maybe vote democrat to have a chance for our kids to not Dr. Sarah Taber gives us her expertise on these questions and many.