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I need a hottie to come strip for me tonight

I need a hottie to come strip for me tonight

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I need a hottie to come strip for me tonight

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But if you're seeking for a future husband i will honestly say never know I need a hottie to come strip for me tonight i know i cant do this forever.

I love licking I love to eat pussy. You be into foreign films, reading, and travel. You were the exact void I needed to fill.

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Dangerous Curves - Boyd, MN Comments

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How sad is that? Reading these comments there are so many people like me. But I seriously cannot get the thought of being with a woman out of my head.

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Every once in a while I can squirt a little bit now, but nothing like then. Wish I could feel prego without actually being pregnant just to be a squirter and have such sexy nips to play with too! I have been trying to squirt on my own for months now. And the thought of them eating me out made me so horny that I was determined tonight when I had the house to myself.

And oh my god it was worth the wait. I found that being relaxed and not worrying about someone walking in on you really helped me stay calm. And even if the thought crossed my mind while touching myself of someone coming home it was hot thinking I might get caught. I found reading different techniques and combining them to fit me really helped.

The biggest tip I can give is that when you orgasm do not give up just keep going and feel yourself getting wet, taste yourself. And just allow yourself to feel every touch with pleasure. Cannot wait to do this with someone. Oh my gosh this made me so wet! Will someone come and lick out my soaking wet pussy. I wanna see eyes looking up at me whilst your tongue is penetrating my tight wet pussy.

So I see that a lot of you ladies are saying the sensitivity is to intense, I found that if you wait 30 seconds between each time you cum or orgasm then the sensitivity is not that bad, you can barely feel it…. I use my hand and a toy. Nothing… I get to a point where I have to stop. My ear being to ring and I pelvic hurt afterwards. Only two time it has happened to me and I feel in love with it.

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I literally can orgasm and squirt all night long without getting sore or sensitive. I have never been into anal that much but I can definitely squirt from that too. I have the same exact problem as u do wet and id rather be with a girl then a guy i stay wet all the time i would so much rather be with a girl then a guy i get way way more wet with a girl then a guy i like guys tooo but more girls then guys and i want to squirt so bad it kills me that i cant ive tried everything my ex husband even tried and nothing.

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This took our already awesome sex life to a whole new level. Please help this single mother. Maybe you should try to use 2 fingers.

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Ok, These comments made me wanna fuck a female. Also, the info about a new club opening near Marshall is really interesting to me, since I live there I always found the trip to Boyd to be long and sometimes frustrating. Can anyone tell me where exactly the new club might be if it's not just a rumor or what it will be called?

This place is closed? Any info on the new club? I hear that there will be a new nude club open in the area very soon, close to Marshall. I have not seen any traffic on this site for quite some time, and the last time I was there, there were only 3 patrons and 3 dancers. Not sure what is going on, but the marketing of the place seems to have all but disappeared.

It's too bad, because this place used to be hoppin'! I have never been to the club and I would like to know what it is like. How many dancers on a typical night, how much for private dances, VIP area, drinks etc. I will be in the area in about a month and might stop by if appears worth it. Does this place still open at 5PM Thurs-Sat?

Do they still have 2 for 1's? Anyone know who's dancing this weekend even a partial list would be great! Hey there a long long time ago there were some glas there that I really liked to see: Late 90s or Summer Daquari maybe Sapphire?

Do any of these 3 still work there? I would be willing to make a big trip with some other guys as well. So guys come on out. Sorry to be a bother, but could anyone post this week's line-up by Thursday night? If not, that's okay, I understand that the schedule isn't always finalized until later. Had a great time Saturday night It was great to be back after such a long absence August or September of last year and to see Mariah again was an added bonus.

Cannot wait to see her again. Great line up Saturday night, will try to make it back soon. If any questions to the line up and things like that please call the club dancers are always changing and we now open at 5: Any chance of a line-up for tomorrow?

I'm seriously considering coming to DC tomorrow, but it would help if I knew which dancers were going to be there. Great to hear that the club will be open sooner from now on! Pablo, don't let the few negative comments on here keep you from posting the lineups and pics which are awesome, BTW.

Being in a service industry myself, I know the only folks who give feedback are the angry ones. People that are happy with things the way they are, rarely say so.

You're right about the venom. Good question about the quality of the dancers, though. Do they have sexy dancers at this place? At many clubs the quality has dropped lots.

I noticed the website for this place needs to be updated. So there are no photos of who is dancing this week or any week. Do dancers from this club work in Watertown, SD just down the road , as part of a circuit, or is there no geographic connection to who dances at either?

I don't know, I haven't been there this week, but it's my experience that most men who would call a woman out-of-shape are usually obese slobs themselves. Seriously, the level of vitriol on here is just astounding sometimes. I really do feel sorry for the dancers a lot of the time I'm sure there are a few However, I declined, firstly because it's a good way to get sent to jail, and secondly, because any girl offering such services to so many men is not going to be clean by any means.

If you want to pick up some nice STDs, be my guest. What I take umbrage at is your idea that anyone who dances in a strip club is automatically a guaranteed prostitute and whore, and your inaccurate conclusion that if you throw enough money at them, any girl there will do what you want. I am real, and you're a moron. First of all, that sounds just stupid, and second of all, you're completely wrong when you say that all girls here would be willing to even touch your loser ass for money.

I know a few that would either throw your ass out or have you arrested You seem so sure of yourself, I really wish I could be there to see you have your idiotic delusions shattered. If you are so desperate you need to pay a woman to have sex with you, go to Nevada or something, where it's legal. If there are girls in this place who do what you say, eventually it's going to get found out and shut down. Okay, nobody know's what going on in the world, right?

God forbid anything untoward is happening at this club. The dancers are pure as driven snow. All I want is a no-touch private dance, get it? And it will be between consenting adults.

No harm, no foul. What's that supposed to mean? Are you insinuating prostitution goes on there? If so, you're leaving yourself wide open to be busted by the cops by giving your e-mail address, lame-wad. I've lost track of her. This weeks line up is Sapphire Also remember gentlemen we will be opening earlier from now on 5pm starting this coming 18th, Happy hour starts at 5, two 4 ones start at 5: Ok sorry for the delay got lots going on and coming up so heres the line up for this weekend also before i post the number for the club is if you want a line up and in isn't posted here yet.

Would it be possible to get a line-up posted before Thursday night? I've been thinking about making the trip, but I am curious which dancers will be there. Sounds cool that the place will be opening a little earlier, starting Feb 18th. Just one question, though Does this mean that Thursdays will still feature Two-For-One dances, and if so, what would be the time range in which they're available the old times were something like 7: Line up time here we come Also some news for all you customers out there we will now start opening at 5pm all three nites starting FEB.

Okay, my last few comments appear to not be showing up on here, which is strange, as everything I've said so far has been in defense of the club, but with the addition that posting a line-up would be beneficial to willing customers, and limiting your potential customers to spite those few who want to ruin things doesn't really make sense. There, I've put in my two cents. Take it as you will.

I am just relaying the message the owner has given me. Trust me I've seen plenty of drama on this site over the years and realize the club is still here and the haters come and go, plus as I've said before for people who hate so much they do waste ALOT of energy and time spreading the word of Dangerous Curves I mean come on tell a guy we got girls that are "easy" when the ARE NOT more guys will show so all they are doin is bringin us customers, its all publicity good or bad it still gets people comin in the door.

This has to be the stupidest comment you every posted. So you are not going to post who is dancing at your club because your poor little feelings are hurt by some internet posters? That is the dumbest thing I ever heard a businessman say. You have a website and you don't post the line up there.

You have a thread here and you aren't going to post the line up here. The club is in the middle of nowhere and you expect people to just show up when they don't even know who is dancing. While I appreciate that there is some anger over those posters who seem to have nothing but negative things to say, I have to admit that for me, personally, a listing of the line-up each weekend is very helpful.

I have to make a fairly long trip to Dangerous Curves, and it would be nice to know if and when certain dancers might be there, or it really isn't worth the trip to me. I'm willing to spend money when I'm there, but I have to have a reason to go there in the first place.

And for all of you bitter folks out there, who are using this site to vent your anger over what you feel are personal slights against your character, please grow up.

Hopefully the schedule will be posted early for those of use the drive several hours to get to Boyd. I hate to add to all the questions, but is the place going to be open at all this New Year's Weekend?

I think the last dude mistyped. All the dancers are Hos Hos Hos. JJs prostitution ring is here to serve you during the holiday season. Now for those haters out there let me just say you spend an aweful lot of thought and time on something you say you hate or want nothing to do with, So I want to say thank you so very much for keeping us in your daily thoughts I'm glad we mean so much to you. Also Everyone at Dangerous Curves want to wish everyone happy holidays drive save and be well.

All name-calling and accusations aside, can someone please post the line-up for this weekend? Not every strip club is like this one. Not every strip club is just a front for a prostitution ring. C'mon, all strippers are liars, actresses, whatever you want to call them.

You are a moron, strip clubs are made to fufil a fantasy, thats it. Place has really went downhill. The dancers are 4 types - liars, con artists, thieves, and hos. The place is usually dead and if it does have customers they fall into two types - gangbanger wannabes or JJ's pimp wannabes friends. Place is a shit hole in a tiolet of a town. Where we are heating this up big time!!!! I have to leave in about an hour and I'm wondering if I should make the trip I'm also wondering who will be working.

Will Aubrey and Veronica be working Thurday night and the weekend? So yes do stop on out. I did a few dances dances with her because she does know how to shake it on stage. The dances absolutely sucked.

All air and all business. She bounced so fucking hard that she could have shook my fillings loose! Worst dance I ever had at Sahara.

Like a true vulture, she asked me for a tip as soon as the dance ended. Get a clue or find a new job. The young whippersnappers might call her a milf but since I'm years older than she is, I'll just call her a voluptuous mature woman. Interesting, soulful face, great tan, evidently natural because she said she's worried about getting too much sun. She's carrying some extra pounds but it all kinda works.

Nice big ass and plump D tits, natural, I think, but sometimes I suck at guessing that. I don't agree with some of the other reviews--I don't think she's dumb. We carried on a pretty good conversation. I do think she'd rather be having her appendix removed with a butter knife than be working as a stripper. She talked me into a VIP.

On the bed she did the weirdest thing I've ever experienced in a strip club--a full somersault using my body as a gymnastic mat. She put her head on my thigh and flipped her bottom half towards my face. Her butt landed with a thud on my chest knocking what little wind was left out of my emphysema ravaged lungs. I think the idea was I was supposed to be driven to ecstasy by having her pussy land that close to my face. Instead my life passed before my eyes.

When I'd regained enough of my breath to gasp in pain, she said something to the effect that I was a wimp. The good news is, I survived the song. Wonderful B's with perky nipples on a tall frame with a great ass. We chatted for a while and she is quite engaging and easy to talk to. We talked about everything under the sun. When it came time for dances I was a bit nervous because I wasn't sure if Bo was really comfortable dancing for a woman, since she mentioned that she had never done it before.

Turns out that my fears were unfounded. We went right to VIP and never looked back. This chica rocked my world in multiple ways. I love her stature 5'9" and how she carries herself. She's an awesome lady and my only regret is that it took me this long to get to see her. Candy has platinum blonde hair, fake DD's, slim fit body.

A dream come true for me. Had 2 VIPs with her and left happy. As another guy said, great facial expressions. She is so hot that I would fight a gang of silverback gorillas and East LA raised pit bulls injected with PCP, dive and swim into a pool full of needles infected with Ebola and The Magic Johnson, while having Rosie O'Donnell and Ellen DeGeneres queefs as my only air supply, just to hear her fart in a walkie talkie and shake the hand of her 12th grade Econ teacher.

My impression from her, was that she's a girl who's honest, upfront, fun, and has character. Of course, it doesn't hurt that she's got a great set of fun bags that you can play with and has very soft skin that is great to touch. Whether getting a topless, nude or VIP dance, she sets the expectations upfront and delivers what she promises. Really a fun girl to get a dance from. Grind was good rhythm and not too rough and she grinds in multiple positions, a little hands on. Nice natural breasts and booty, pretty face, cool attitude.

This kid gives a heck of a dance and this horny foreigner had a great time. Worthy of repeat and possible VIP. Was in the mood tonight for some fun so went straight to this while sitting on the chairs on stage lol Girls see I'm on the site and joke around saying give them a good review Anyways back to topic See this girl passion on stage and WOW full on birds view of the cookie and everything doggie style missionary etc I gotta tell u one thing Better than the costco samples!!!

Full nascar no defense plays stick shift very well: She starts off with a dance same as topless style but buck naked I'm rock hard at this point and ask and off we go For the last year, she's been my little secret, and I've specifically not posted a review on her.

Who knew, the hottest, sexiest dancer in the Greater LA area is at this dump of a club. I didn't want my half hour wait to suddenly become a two hour wait. Oh well, now that the word is out, might as well help her with her holiday money. Everything Camel and facefucker said is spot-on. Except she is taller, probably 5'7", so she's well over 6' in her stripper heels. But Denise is not for everyone. If you don't like girls who look like fashion models imagine a hispanic Milla Jovovich then Denise is not for you.

If you like apathetic or bitchy or ROBs, then Denise is not for you. Fuck, she has moves I've never experienced before. It would be misleading to call it GFE, because no gf I've ever had does what she does.

NMT, but I don't believe anyone has ever not tipped her after she makes you feel like you were a pornstar. First time meeting her and she spent probably 45 minutes just hanging with me. No rush at all. Went to the back rooms and it was full on gfe!!! Not a cheap date but she aims to please. Well worth the time and money! Kinda reminds me of a hotter Mena Suvari. The best girl in the club right now. Down to earth and easy to talk to.

Like a healthy meth user would have. I dont think she does hard drugs tho. Its muscle tone is very solid. Shes young and crazy.

Shes a talker, she knows that she has some bona fide mental issues that cause the careless attitude. All makes for a loopy stripper that likes to goof off. But old timers like me If you are polite when getting to know her, then assertive, yet gentle in the VIP she will definitely submit to you and give you the best grind with some high mileage. Not crazy stuff, but good. Im a fan of her now and i will repeat.

Not the skinniest of girls but Ill take a little extra cushion and at this club its hard to find a spinner with a little meat on them. Absolutely no holds barred in VIP! My favorite dancer at Paradise but I think she is a favorite for many daytime regulars so buyer beware of those sloppy seconds!

It can get very messy with this one. Man I hope they got showers at this place and they are being used! I always thought she was a snob because she never has to seek out customers As lahighroller describes her Well, my ATF is long gone so i was determined to meet her.

Shes nice and i liked talking with her. She didnt feed me standard dancer lines or questions She doesnt overcount either! Now i see why she is an ITA favorite.

Stunning Latina with a cute, gorgeous face. Looks like an Import Tuner model. Her only imperfection if you're being picky is that those implants aren't the most natural looking. Offers HM in the topless area.

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