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Hot women Mukada

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The Wedding by Ralu Location: Oh, and sporadic appearances of the Writer, Allah bless her soul. It's private, don't you get the meaning of the word? Can't feel anything anyway. Yeah, the D-day, the moment every Ken-abusing little girl dreams about while watching 'The Young and the Restless' with her Hubby-abusing mommy, learning new tricks and schemes from Nicky and Vicky on how to get her little paws on How does it feel, huh?

Look at our local God, see what he's done with us, that bitch. And what did the audience say about that? Certainly don't wanna end up like him. Jesus, you're worse than my mother. Just tell'em like I see'em. And stop calling me 'darling'! Or not-so-merry for some of us It was all her bright idea. O'Reily, make the fucking introduction already, I ain't got a lot of time. I've made you and I can break you just as easily. You know, there can always be a sequel to this story, baby.

Pretty horny too, I might add. It's THE wedding, 'member? The one they never go to see. I've got other business to attend to. No, no, no, not again! They'll rape your ass a bit later, don't worry.

Just say the fucking line. And who's idea was it to give me this fucking PINK tie anyway? I ain't a fucking faggot, goddamn it, I ain't a fag!

A bit of respect. I am God now. And when I say you wear a pink tie, you wear a pink tie, sweetheart. At least, you didn't get to be the bride's maid He looks like a little fucking princess! Can you fly, little fairy? My pseudo-Nazi sympathizer friend--" Writer shouting: I can hardly breathe in this shit.

I'm a classic kind of guy. But it don't matter, I'm finally gonna get my hands on my baby. And fuckin' KEEP him, this time around. Billy Idol's 'White Wedding' Hill: Miguel, where are you? Christ abundantly blesses this love This is required when both What the fuck are you nowadays?

Said glares at him, Keller sighs with relief But I'm not a They're hot when they fight! You sure you really want that?

Will you love and honor each other as man and wife for the rest of your lives? Oh wait, that's not exactly appropriate. No, father, no problemo for me, they keep the cash flowing. Now place it over Beecher's. I, Tobias, take you, Christopher, to be my wife. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health.

I will love you and honor you all the days of my life. Do you promise to be true to him in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to love him and honor him all the days of your life? My God, this is stupid. It's our turn now.

What are you waiting for? May the Lord in his goodness strengthen your consent and fill you both with his blessings. What God has joined, men must not divide. If O'Reily hasn't already sold them.

Come on man, it's almost dinnertime in the Cafeteria. Keller can't even buy himself a pair of socks. Is it so hard to keep that part in mind? In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. I'm tryin' to get married here. In the name of the 'Shirk'. Yeah, and that's why you're marryin' me, baby. Deliver, sweetheart, it's why you're here.

I'll give you a ride in my wheelchair, what do you say? Only for the wheelchair ride. I pronounce you man and wife. Now give me my wheel-Hill ride! Gotta go find my kid on that silly Island show. I've got a plane waiting for me to crash and some catching up to do with our dearly way-too-early departured Adebisi. He's gonna be pissing his pants when he hears about this. You gonna kill yourself or something? Even though I married you Allahu ackbar, Allahu ackbar! You and me gettin' hitched, Beech, that's what caused it.

It's a sign from God. The nigger could always walk. Me and Beech, Hill walking around, WooHoo! Allahuhu ackbaru, Allahuhu ackbaru, baby! And besides, it's Allahu ackbar, you illiterate degenerate. Can't call Chris 'illiterate' whenever you feel like it. My door will always be open, my son. I've had enough God-thought for today. It's a major turn-off. Jesus Christ, K-boy, could you stop chewing on Beecher's ear for a fucking second so I can finish this without throwing up?

What do you say? I'm not a fucking porn star, O'Reily. The whole of Em fucking City watches the two of you every Goddamn night going at it and you talk of 'intimate'? You ever watchin' us, O'Reily? I love you so, and you know that, but no. This time it's gonna be only you and I, nobody else. I love you, oh I love you too, Toby, so so mushhh If only Beecher were Scott Ross, I'd be a fuckin' millionaire.

I'll even let you do my laundry, if you wanna. I do find that Post Master uniform of yours sooo sexy and that mail card drives me NUTS, so let's wrap this up, meine Fuhrer, you lardass lousy imitation you. Shall I do the 'Exeunt Omnes' thing?

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When the Horsemen of the Apocalypse started stealing body parts of saints for their plan, two are confronted by pissed-off priests: Death has to deal with a pacific one who nonetheless tells off the scythe-wielding living skeletons for coming in a church on a horse , while War has to face a Sicilian priest who dual-wields sawed-off shotguns and openly threatens to kill him if he doesn't put Saint Prospero's arm and leg back his justification for shooting in a church being that it's the House of God and he's the custodian, and if necessary they must be an Angry Guard Dog.

Said plane, however, can become, among other things, a tank , he's the one to defeat the alien invasion by sicking Skeletor and his men on them , and he flew that plane everywhere. The Black Hand in general. Every one of these warrior-priests is a trained soldier , but they are also clad in heavy powered armor and typically armed with either a flame-projector or a laser rifle.

Brother-Captain Allen in particular is a stand-out example, as not only will he kill you for breaking the laws of the Brotherhood, but he'll do it by yelling out your offenses while smashing your head on a wall , and then throw you out a very high window.

He was also Captain America during World War II, serum and everything, and still moonlights as a superhero when the world needs saving. Through A Diamond Sky: Two of her best agents were the DJs at the End of Line. The unnamed Imperial priest from Madhouse , who gives the best rebuttal ever to Chaos.

So come on, lost children. I shall bring you into His light with cleansing flame and prayers, and redeem us all in death.

Come one or come all, you shall not put a foot into this hallowed ground while I still draw breath. He's also a luchador. The Archdeacon from The Hunchback of Notre Dame may not do any fighting , but he is the only one capable of holding Frollo in check, shaming him multiple times in the movie. At least until the end, when Frollo has gone completely off his rocker. The Birth of a Nation tells the Real Life story of Nat Turner, a charismatic slave-turned preacher who led a rebellion against the slaveowners of the Antebellum South in He goes out in a blaze of glory against the vampires.

Played with in The Book of Eli. Although Eli is not a literal preacher, he is the closest thing to a religious figure in the post-apocalyptic world having the only remaining copy of The Bible in your possession certainly helps. And he is so totally badass that only God can help you if you mess with him.

He gets better, though if becoming a passive zombie can be considered "better". Preacher Man Bob from the Troma film Buttcrack , who was pretty much the only good thing about the movie. And a talented rapper. Let's just say that messing with clergy and monks is by any means a bad idea there. He even teaches a fellow townie to shoot when the fellow's wife is kidnapped by aliens.

The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie. A bishop goes to bless a dying man who he discovers was responsible for killing the bishop's parents. The bishop blesses him Ascension and Dracula III: Played slightly with Brother Gilbert in Dragonheart. An Actual Pacifist , he finds himself drawn into war against the evil King Einon Listening to him quoting biblical line as he plants arrows in the enemy was a mixture of funny and awesome, topped only by the moment when he put an arrow through Einon.

Einon got better, but still The town pastor urges his people not to rebel against the Nazi German occupiers, calling it "murder". At the climax of the movie, the preacher, up in the cupola of his church, watches the Germans deploying to face the citizens of the town, who are marching down to the town square to attack them. The pastor prays to God to forgive people that are fighting for their freedom.

Then he whips out a previously unseen machine gun and wipes out the German skirmish line. Embrace of the Serpent: In the Amazon jungle in , a small group of explorers come across a mission. When the priest sees them, he picks up a suspiciously handy rifle, cocks it, aims it at the party, and shouts "We have no rubber! In the 21st century, we would call this eradicating native culture. The Facts in the Case of Mister Hollow follows the close examination of a Spooky Photograph of some suspected cultists.

Eventually, the camera angles and zooms to reveal a Young Priest aiming a shotgun, who, along with an Old Priest who appears to be blessing his action, is hidden behind the trees, out of the sightline of the cultists and any normal view of the photograph.

The Spanish Civil War movie Fiesta has two such priests — one for the fascists who walks everywhere with a holstered pistol, the other for the communists who picked up a rifle and shot several dozen soldiers from his bell tower. A Badass Nun helped out the main character of Freejack. Shotgun under her habit, and quoted "praise the Lord and pass the ammo" after blowing away a couple threats.

I shall punish you with the hands of your parents! Friar Tuck of Robin Hood 's band of thieves. In versions of the legend where he isn't just Plucky Comic Relief , he's usually depicted as a master swordsman and skilled wrestler using his bulk to good effect , as well as a genuinely good and pious man. The badass version dates back to the medieval legends.

There are even versions that have him keeping very large dogs around to do his bidding, like attack people. Relg from the Belgariad is the leader of a heretical sect of Ul worshippers, and spends most of his time wangsting about the possible sinfulness of his actions, or ranting against the mainstream of Ul worship. He manages to beat down severe agoraphobia to follow the hero on his quest, proves to be very skilled with the horribly mutilat-y knives his people favours, and at one point pushes a man into a rock and that's into, not through without breaking a sweat.

An awful lot of prophet heroes from The Bible. Elijah, for example, is a prophet and preacher who survives living under a corrupt regime, kills a whole bunch of Baal-worshippers after proving their god false, and outruns a chariot. His padawan , Elisha, could command attack bears. Moses and Aaron stood up to the Egyptian Pharaoh, and would later become the chief prophet and chief priest respectively.

Oh, and then there's Jesus , who when not preaching personally out-argued Satan and managed to keep enough composure while mid-crucifixion to ask the Lord to forgive the men who killed him.

Technically a rabbi rather than a priest, but since he was also a Christian preacher, Jesus qualifies. Whip It Good indeed. Also, the whole crucifixion thing. Mightily Oats in Discworld. Early in Unseen Academicals , Mr. Nutt says, "He brought And it's implied to be the same axe from Carpe Jugulum , which was transformed from a simple, ordinary axe, into a weapon that could hurt vampires, all because of his earnest faith.

Oats, the crusade against evil is not a metaphor. Arthur of the Britons had Rolf the Preacher who was very much of the " turn the other cheek " school of badassery. The episode Pure-Dee Poison starts with a reverend strolling into a moonshine roadhouse and shotgunning the stock. The very next scene, he knocks a pistol out of a thug's hand and takes him down.

Turns out he's a former paratrooper and knows the Team from Vietnam. Aldous Gajic in the episode "Grail". Using a Simple Staff and badassitude, he's able to take out gun-toting criminals. And he's played by David Warner. Delenn is a badass priestess although the religious caste really was a Church Militant. Though her occupation is more as a stateswoman then a cleric.

Her personality, though, is fitting for a cleric. Brother Theo from Season 3. He is a wise, articulate speaking man who can truly practice what he preaches by forgiving the man who murdered one of his monks and even accepts him into the Order after he was Mind Wiped. He even is able to make Captain Sheridan forgive as well, despite his anger towards the man.

He also sets up an underground information network to help the resistance after Earth is taken over by a dictator. And through it all, he remains a simple, humble man. Father John Maloney, the regimental chaplain, is shown administering last rites to dying soldiers in the middle of a firefight, walking about with no cover while bullets hit the ground around his feet. A Bit of Fry and Laurie: Possible subversion in The Bishop and The Warlord, a fictional light-metal band as opposed to heavy metal where the bishop wore a single fingerless glove along with his usual vestments and spoke metal lyrics from behind a pulpit.

Cardinal della Rovere, of all people, personally slaying an assassin sent after him and two highwaymen trying to rob him. Not to mention Cesare Borgia, himself a Cardinal, and notorious fighter. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Caleb, though he was part of a Religion of Evil.

Played for Laughs example. Suor Nausicaa in the Italian comic show. On Damnation , protagonist Rev. Seth Davenport is a radical socialist who uses the pulpit to agitate for labor strikes and is not afraid to kill or steal in order to help the poor. Surviving, he later returns to camp as a preacher, turning the other cheek to the physical and verbal abuse of his former boss until Sy makes the mistake of mocking the Bible itself, prompting Andy to stab him: Scarecrow of Romney Marsh: Syn from Disney's show.

Of course, when your preacher is being played by Patrick McGoohan, that pretty much makes him badass by default. Helen, an undead hunter not adverse to breaking into houses to steal weaponry.

Zhaan is a peace-loving Delvian priestess when we meet her. However, she was imprisoned on Moya for a reason for killing her lover and, as she says to Chiana, "My dear, I've kicked more ass than you've sat on. Shepherd Book, a quiet, unassuming preacher who either beats someone up or displays an alarming level of criminal knowledge roughly every other episode.

The one time he does take up a weapon, he acknowledges that the Bible does say "Thou shalt not kill," but "it's a mite fuzzy on the subject of kneecaps. Much of his backstory is explained in the comic book. Special Victims Unit episode "Hell" has Father Theo Berdette, who talks down a gun-waving parishioner while having a heart attack.

Not to mention a seriously badass nun in recurring character Sister Peg, who is seriously injured by suspects more than once and keeps coming back to do the work she feels called to do. Sadly, she is killed in Season 12 by what was supposed to be a warning shot from a murder victim's daughter.

Thoros of Myr mixes combat with spreading the good news about the Lord of Light. He took the place of his brother as a local village preacher, and ended up standing up to the militia who was stealing medicine from his people armed only with his big stick. Later, on the island, Still armed only with his big stick, he stood up to the smoke monster a few times.

It didn't show that often, but Father Mulcahy had his moments, such as helping a wounded soldier relax and wait for treatment by punching him the patient did throw the first punch , or convincing Greek and Turkish soldiers to stop arguing with a speech from "the book of Threats" as the clerk put it.

He also disarmed a soldier who threatened him with a rifle at point-blank range once and once performed an emergency tracheotomy under enemy fire. He also routinely carried out potentially dangerous dealings with the black marketeers and in the series finale braved enemy shelling to bring a group of POW's into shelter at the cost of his hearing.

He once rode in one stretcher pod of a helicopter to balance the single, badly wounded man in the other pod. He was so frightened, he was completely unaware that they had landed even after Col. Potter started talking to him, and had gripped the pod so tightly he was unable to release his own grip.

It takes a brave man to be that scared and still do the job. Ivan Isaacs, the Anti-Hero of Priest. Don't mess with a missionary man In reality, this was Memetic Mutation at work, as a Navy chaplain, Lieutenant j. Forgy, had said this, but he was encouraging sailors who were having to haul ammunition up from the magazine by hand, due to a power outage on the USS New Orleans.

The Lawman Reverend Brown is both a preacher and a sheriff, keeping the land peaceful with the bible and his gun. Jylliana from Jemjammer is the group's cleric and operates out of a temple, but she's also the only party member wearing plate armour and wields massive hammer. She also has spells that can, and have, completely disintegrate opponents. Merle of The Adventure Zone: Balance is a cleric who repeatedly tries to convert non-player characters Caprice Coleman was a preacher before he got to this Ring of Honor!

You that he was just gonna stop? Although what he's preaching is anyone's guess. His appearance is reminiscent of Jesse Custer, and he's Inspired, meaning he draws on the powers of God. Drawing heavily from Space Western as well as Space Opera tropes, BattleTech naturally has some badass religious leaders—for instance, Camacho's Caballeros lay claim to having a priest, a rabbi, and a preacher in their ranks, and the first two are respectable Mechwarriors and officers besides.

There's also a monastery whose order comprises of nothing but current and former Mechwarriors. A standard character type in Deadlands , with actual magical powers being optional, but also valid. Clerics are usually relegated to being the team Healer and general diplomatic representatives, being preachers and all. Take the right domains, and you're filled with more Divine Wrath than a party of Paladins, even if your god is Olidamarra god of trickery and general non-combatant.

And those who choose to worship someone like St. Cuthbert the god of retribution Heironeous god of valor to name just two, can kick some serious ass; clerics of both gods tend to be potent fighters. Clerics who worship Pelor the god of the sun aren't slouches either, and seeing as they can also have potent healing abilities, he's a popular choice.

And if you decide to take a little feat called Divine Metamagic Persist Spell and start casting Divine Power, , you get the best attack progression in the game as well as casting the said death-from-on-high magic. Fourth Edition features the build known as the "Zap Cleric". They have access to Presence and Performance Charms that allow them to capture the hearts and souls of their audience, spreading the word of the Unconquered Sun and his virtues.

They also have access to Integrity Charms that allow them to fend off the most intense of mental assaults, Resistance Charms that turn their bodies as hard as steel, and Survival Charms that make them capable of surviving in the desert for years. Oh, and their Anima burns the undead. There's a reason Zeniths are frequently nicknamed " Kung-Fu Jesus ". Their corrupted equivalents, the Midnights of the Abyssals and the Malefactors of the Infernals , are just like them, only twisted.

The Midnights have the ability to raise the dead as mindless zombies and mostly serve the cause of Oblivion , whereas the Malefactors follow Cecelyne the Endless Desert and try to establish spiritual and physical wastelands based on the rule of strong over weak. While the Universal Church of the Celestial Sun in Fading Suns has subsects that certainly form a Church Militant , there is also the Sanctuary Aeon Amaltheans , a healer sect, and the mainline Orthodoxy, which is not particularly martial in itself mostly relying on the other sects to be their muscle.

An Orthodox priest could certainly be an ex-special ops veteran or somesuch, and both willing and quite able to kick a blasphemer's sorry behind into orbit. And while the stereotypical Amalthean is an Actual Pacifist , it's entirely permissible for one to be a Martial Pacifist Combat Medic who focuses as much on defending the weak as on healing them. The Long Night from Hunter: Devout Evangelists believing in the everloving God? Calm, unassuming men whose faithful speeches are able to hold an audience for hours?

Will grab holy water and a shotgun without thinking if a member of their flock is threatened by a monster? On top of that, they only break out the firepower if they need to — they believe most monsters are capable of redemption and try to help convince them of the proper path.

Then there are members of the Knights of the Brotherhood of St. George, who are an order within the Anglican Church devoted to fighting sorcerers. At least, until you find out what they really serve. In Last Night on Earth , the priest class is not allowed to use guns, which normally would be pretty crippling. However, unlike other characters, he does not have to discard the "Faith" card which gives him an extra die for melee and the cards stack, which can potentially make a priest the best melee fighter in the game.

He also can also sacrifice one HP to stop an event card played by zombies, which can potentially save the day. Pathfinder has this effect as well, as it is based on 3. With the Advanced Players Guide, you can do some interesting spell destruction with divine casters.

A fanatical believer and preacher of the divine, and a super-human murder machine like his Primarch brothers. That being said he was a better preacher and statesman than warlord. Space Marine Chaplains and Chaos Marine Dark Apostles rally their fellow battle brothers by their chants, prayers, and cries to send them into even more faithful fury against their foes.

Many RPGs can devolve to this when your healer is the last guy up Arkham Knight gives us a villainous example through Deacon Blackfire, an tough old man attempting to fight Batman after declaring him a non-believer of his religion. Father Simon Wales from BioShock 2.

First he built cathedrals on the surface. Then he designed much of the underwater city of Rapture. Then he found his faith again, and built a chapel and a devoted church membership in an Objectivist dystopia. Then he led them in a victorious crusade against his brother's crime syndicate, after realizing his brother had crossed the Moral Event Horizon and was irredeemably corrupted by Rapture.

Afterwards, he and his flock took control of one of the primary pumping stations of said underwater city, and used it to hold a large chunk of the rest hostage. Revered Ray in Call of Juarez. One of the highlights of the game is the ability to read fiery bible passages in the middle of battle. For example riding a mine cart bible in one hand, burning dynamite in the other preaching damnation and eternal suffering. He was a former bandit, who slaughtered his way across the West before finding God, and can be summed up with this quote from the Eurogamer review: Who then became a preacher to repent for being the hardest son of a bitch who ever walked the Earth.

And then decided, actually, God wanted him to use being the hardest son of a bitch who ever walked the Earth for a Higher Purpose. It seems about the only way to put 'em down for good. Don't you mean lock me up? Desertion is a serious crime, after all.

That is, if you can catch me. There isn't a man living who could best the Silver-Eyed Demon! The entire order of Corbettites from Girl Genius. Corbettite trains can, will, and on many occasions have shot their way through a wide variety of horrific constructs and clanks wandering the Wastelands that threatened their railways. The monks are so well regarded for their toughness that when the Old Heterodynes accidentally made something so dangerous that it scared them, they entrusted it to the Corbettites for safekeeping.

And the monks were able to successfully extract concessions from them which the Heterodynes actually honored for centuries in return for doing so. After losing his old body and being given new one by the student he consistently refers to as an angel from the first sight on. Father Jackey in Lovecraft Is Missing. Crazy-Prepared for any possible encounters with evil cults and Eldritch Abominations.

Jose is highly skilled in martial arts. They come in handy when fighting demons. Larriki the hawkfolk priest in Nahast: In Schlock Mercenary , Reverend Theo Fobius, the chaplain for Tagon's Toughs was practicing fencing — while somewhat outdated , it's good not only for showing off.

The grace of God knows no bounds, but my mercy has some practical limitations. Offeiriad in ARCHON is introduced holding two bloody swords after having slaughtered almost the entirety of his hometown after they turned feral and began to attack each other.

The Minister of The Backwater Gospel turns out to be a competent fighter when the town starts slaughtering each other. H He very much is Book Safe , and is a pretty good shot to boot.

It doesn't save him though. His relationship with Keller both toxic and intoxicating for him and blood feud with Schillinger is the series' dominant story arc, beginning in the first episode and being resolved during the series finale, when he accidentally kills Schillinger in an acted fight in a performance of Macbeth.

By the end, Beecher is free of all his enemies, Keller having arranged for all remaining Aryans to be wiped out by a chemical release, which causes the entire prison to be evacuated. The leader of the Aryan Brotherhood, Schillinger commits atrocities against other inmates because of race, sexual orientation, or overall weakness.

He often takes pleasure by not just bullying and harassing, but also raping them and mostly being turned into his personal sex slaves, most notably former cellmate Beecher. Beecher soon became his main rival throughout the series, and sometimes granted help by Beecher's lover, Keller who was also a long-time friend of Schillinger , to take him down.

Schillinger remains a pivotal figure and antagonist, known for his brutality and pursuit of vengeance against his former cellmate, the central arc of the series. Their feud results in the deaths of both Schillinger's sons, the kidnap of Beecher's children and death of his son and the murder of Beecher's father, as well as the deaths of several other prisoners and even Officer Metzger.

He undergoes a spiritual transformation in season 4 and he and Beecher try to forgive each other but this does not last. In the final season of the show, Schillinger is double-crossed by Keller during a production of the play Macbeth.

With Schillinger playing Macbeth and Beecher playing Macduff, Keller switches the prop knife for a real one and he is fatally stabbed by Beecher. He dies, cursing Keller with his last breath when he realises his betrayal. Ryan O'Reily is an Irish-American inmate and one of the central characters in the show. O'Reily is characterised by his Machiavellianism, doing whatever it takes to survive through double-crossing, manipulation and betrayal.

Despite his meek physical stature, O'Reily is a respected member within Emerald City for his lucrative drug connections and seemingly infinite resources and favours to call upon. Compared to Othello' s Iago by show creator Fontana, O'Reily is responsible for almost every death in the first season.

In the second and third seasons, Ryan's obsession with Dr. Nathan becomes destructive after she helps him through his battle with breast cancer, with O'Reily ordering his mentally challenged brother Cyril to kill Dr.

Later, he kills Irish inmate Keenan for raping Dr. By the end of the series, a romantic relationship exists between the two of them. O'Reily also finds purpose again for his own life sentence at Oz by taking care of his sick father, who abused both himself and Cyril in their youth, and who is also an inmate at Oz and who regrets his own life's actions though he misses the opportunity to see Cyril before his execution.

An elderly inmate serving life for murder. He was originally sentenced to death, but in , he survived a botched electric chair execution when the power went off and his sentence was commuted. He is fantastically intuitive some think as a result of the botched execution , which in the first couple of seasons he explains by nonchalantly saying "God told me"; later he begins doubting the source and veracity of his insights.

His calm personality is briefly replaced with more murderous fantasies when he suffers from a brain tumour. His grandson's battle with leukaemia makes him look for ways to find a cure.

To raise the funds he asks a guard to buy him a lottery ticket and he wins with God's numbers only to be thwarted by the guard failing to share. By the time the guard had second thoughts, his grandson dies. When he is later smitten with the prison librarian, he finds out she has breast cancer and hardens his heart fearing the pain of another death.

He comes around after being awakened by the admonition of a young inmate whom the librarian had also reached. Kareem Said is a charismatic Muslim leader with a powerful voice and a conviction that other people's racism will absolve him. In the first season, Said spends much of his time converting other inmates to his cause, even many of the Homeboys, much to the anger of Adebisi.

In the end of Season 1, he orchestrates a riot with the Muslims and takes charge of Emerald City. He fancies himself a lawyer and tries to help other inmates by representing them, with mixed results. His more liberal views see him deposed as the leader of the Muslims though he regains the position after Arif recognises his own deficiencies as a leader. After killing Adebisi in self-defense, he struggles with personal demons and inner anger, frequently lashing out at the Aryans, which he tries to overcome by mentoring volatile inmate Omar White.

He is shot and killed by Lemuel Idzik, who kills him because of a conversation over a cup of coffee that ruined Idzik's life many years before. An in-and-not leader of the Latino inmates in the prison, Miguel Alvarez has a family background of Latino Gang-life, with his father Eduardo and grandfather Ricardo both incarcerated in Oz.

After running the Latinos with little incident, his life spirals out of control in season 2 with the arrival of Hernandez. Hernandez forces him to blind Officer Rivera and he is sent to solitary.

He also makes an enemy of Warden Glynn for concealing the identity of the man who raped Glynn's daughter. He escapes Oz through one of Busmalis' tunnels and remains on the run for 6 months, eventually recaptured on the border with Mexico.

He spends most of his time in Oz in and out of solitary and survives several attempts on his life by Guerra, a fellow Latino inmate. On his final release from solitary, he abandons the gang life and works towards parole. He participates in the guide dog program and trains a bilingual dog for Rivera, somewhat burying the hatchet between them. After a Latino parole board member swears that Alvarez will never be released, he loses heart about being freed, returns to drugs and is swallowed up again by Oz by the end of the series.

Ryan O'Reily's brain damaged and mentally-challenged brother. He was severely mentally incapacitated in a gang-related fight with Ryan and remains unfailingly loyal to his brother. He is incarcerated after blindly following Ryan's orders to murder the husband of Dr. Nathan, with whom Ryan is obsessed. On his arrival into Oz, he is raped by Schillinger, which destroys the alliance O'Reily had previously held with the Aryan.

Throughout his time in the prison, as his brother does what best to take care of him, he also often guarded Ryan from danger from other inmates due to his talent for fighting.

He kills an inmate to defend his brother, but gets sent to death row and is finally executed, after a long legal battle. A bisexual serial killer and psychopath who preys upon gay men in the outside world while hiding his sexual orientation through a series of marriages. Perhaps the most amoral figure in the entire milieu, he is a master of emotional manipulation and only seems to really enjoy himself when those who care about him are made to suffer, including Beecher and Sister Pete.

After being recruited by Schillinger to seduce and destroy Beecher, he falls for Beecher and their relationship remains an integral part of the series. They alternate through periods of affection and animosity, such as when Keller takes the fall for having Schillinger's son murdered but also sets up Beecher for violating parole to get him returned to Oz.

This act turns Beecher against Keller for good. In an attempt to regain his love, he switches a prop knife with a real one, allowing Beecher to kill Schillinger during a performance of the play Macbeth. Despite this, Beecher still rejects him and he commits suicide by throwing himself off the balcony in Em City, making it appear that Beecher pushed him.

It is then revealed that he had a toxic substance mailed to Oz and released into the mail room, wiping out the remaining Aryans and requiring the whole prison to be evacuated. A gigantic, deranged maniac of Nigerian descent; incarcerated for decapitating a police officer with a machete. His flirtations with insanity and religion are transient, and similar to the Aryans, he later-on carried a somewhat racist belief towards Whites, believing them responsible for any cruel events towards his people.

He grows in prominence in seasons 3 and 4 when he manipulates racial tension within the prison to force Warden Glynn to hire a black man to run Em City.

This new manager, Querns, allows Adebisi to indulge any drug or sexual desire in return for preventing violence within the unit. This allows Adebisi to become the most powerful inmate in Oz and creates his own version of paradise. His reign is brought to an end by Said, and ends with Said stabbing him to death in self-defense. An African-American inmate with a talent for poetry.

He is often seen reciting his poetry in the cafeteria and his poems provide insight into some of the current prison issues.

McManus and Said have his work published in order to promote McManus' prison education program and he is granted early parole. However his addiction to heroin means he quickly violates his parole and he is sent back to Oz. He claims to have a knack for "picking winners and losers", which probably explains his shifting alliances and ability to stay alive.

Upon his return to Oz, he is friends with Wangler and Pierce until their deaths and helps Said bring down Adebisi.

He then tries to lead the Homeboys but is ineffective and quickly cedes control to the more competent Redding, becoming one of his most loyal lieutenants. He again leads the Homeboys while Redding is distracted following Hill's death and later unsuccessfully tries to convince Neema to lead them. He reluctantly becomes a telemarketer when Redding pulls the Homeboys from the drug trade but finds a way to scam his respondents with the help of his cousin.

He is one of the inmates present in the season pilot to survive to the finale. One of the youngest inmates in Oz, Wangler was sixteen when he committed murder and was tried as an adult. Wangler exhibits the qualities of a juvenile delinquent: He is also illiterate and a father without knowing any life skills such as parenting, shown in the third season during his interactions with his crying son and not knowing how to react.

He often bullies and intimidates other inmates despite his age and size, including his fellow African-American cellmate Poet who he eventually made peace with and the elderly Rebadow.

He is good at making businesses within the Homeboys, mainly with selling drugs, and often makes good business ventures with O'Reily and the Italians.

He has a Love—hate relationship with the Gang's in-and-out leader Adebisi, and their relationship goes further in the second and third seasons where Adebisi treats Wangler as his subordinate.

His usual prison routine of intimidation ends up being his downfall when inmate Guillaume Tarrent, a bullying target of Wangler and his fellow Homeboys, murders him and his associate Pierce with a pistol. As the Lieutenant of the Aryan Brotherhood, Robson is similar to their leader, Schillinger, as he enjoys harassing others that are not of the brotherhood. He is just as brutal, willing to kill anyone without provocation. He is convicted for murdering a black man whom he spotted walking with his girlfriend.

Over the course of the show, Robson evolves from a secondary character into a central character with a storyline of his own. His lack of oral hygiene becomes his undoing in Season 5 when his Arabic dentist transplants a black man's tissue into his gums as a cadaver in response to his racially charged comments. Upon discovery, the rest of the Aryans, including Schillinger, cast him out. Desperate for protection from the many non-white inmates and enemies he has, Robson becomes a willing prag of Wolgang Cutler, who rapes and sexually humiliates him in front of other inmates.

Robson eventually breaks free of Cutler's slavery, as he tricks him into hanging himself during erotic auto-asphyxiation. Robson's role in the Brotherhood returns, but not long after he begins to have haunting memories of his rape carried-out by Cutler, which reminded him of being raped by his own abusive father as a child. Reflecting on his past, Robson begins to see much of his actions in Oz as a result of his conditioning.

After being diagnosed as HIV positive, Robson confesses that he had brought much of the actions on himself for his cruelty in the past, and he decides to turn against the Brotherhood. Robson allows himself to be raped on purpose by black inmate Seroy. Disgusted in his actions and labelling him a race traitor, Schillinger expels Robson from the Brotherhood. This act saves his life as he becomes the only Aryan to survive Keller's mailroom attack.

Known as the first and only woman on the prison's Death Row for murdering her daughter by driving into a river. She is unfailingly friendly and sexually aggressive, despite her 'good girl' persona.

After starting a correspondence relationship with Adebisi, she rejects him upon meeting him and discovering he is black. This racist belief is later absent when she meets inmate Deyell.

Her first stay on death row is commuted when it is discovered she is pregnant and though the father is never identified, she claims it was Satan and she is sent to a mental hospital.

She returns after inducing a miscarriage and befriends Deyell and Ginsberg, though clashes with Miles. She chooses death by hanging and her calm demeanor finally fails her upon seeing the gallows. She is executed screaming and crying. She is the only one of the four death row inmates to be executed as planned. Despite her death, much like Hill, she came back in spirit in the sixth season to help narrate one of the episodes.

The following is a list of the episodes of the HBO television drama Oz. Each episode addresses inmate Ryan O'Reily, and BD Wong as the prison chaplain Father Ray Mukada. . Shirley Bellinger, who has drowned her daughter, is the first woman sent to Death Row. "'Joe Millionaire' isn't the only hot new show". These days, being hot isn't just about winning the DNA lottery and hiring a good stylist. Want proof? Take a good look at the 20 awe-inspiring women below. Yeah, the D-day, the moment every Ken-abusing little girl dreams about while to read the 'I heart you, Ryan'/'You sexy, sexy psycho boy' banners waving in front of . Mukada (yelling and bashing Keller over the face with the Bible while.