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Hi let s meet each other

Hi let s meet each other

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Hi let s meet each other

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Hello All- Let's Introduce Ourselves to Get to Know One Another

If you have to go through an immigration exit in Canada where they stamp your passport, show your Canadian passport. Otherwise, continue to show your UK passport for everything else throughout the trip. Only when you are checking in for your flight back to Canada do you need to use your Canadian passport, and then of course on arrival in Canada with immigration.

This will allow you visa and reciprocity fee free entrance into all the countries you mentioned. But, you could call the airline and have it added to your ticket. Janice — you have to relax! If you have a UK passport you have certain benefits. All that matters is which you are using. Chandra and I went to South America last October with our baby. At each entry point we presented two Italian passports and an American one even though we were clearly a family and clearly American.

None of that matters. This is a paperwork game. It makes no difference if you actually live in the UK. The reciprocity fees apply to the passport, not the person. So relax and enjoy saving some money! Also, for Argentina you need to pay the reciprocity fee ahead of time online so make sure your non-UK traveling companion does that. You show a receipt of payment on entry.

In Chile, you have to go to special counter before clearing immigration and pay the entry fee and get a receipt. Just be aware of these things — especially paying Argentina in advance and bringing the receipt — very important.

My wife has a valid South African and a valid British passport, both in her married name. For a holiday in South Africa my preference is to travel on the British passport as regards the airline, but show the South African passport at immigration for both entry and exit in South Africa. The advantage is that a layover in Dubai would more easily permit going landside in Dubai on the British passport on the spot visa with no fee.

Travelling on South African passport as regards the airline records would mean swapping passports in Dubai and might risk electronic passport checking issues on return to the UK. So in our case is it OK to travel on British passport and just use South African for immigration control in SA, particularly since the names are the same?

Sorry, I should have used your second article rather than add a comment on this one. Having read your second article, I think I should book the airlines using the South African passport.

Hopefully we can swap to British for the few hours in Dubai as regards the Dubai immigration desk, and continue with South African on the airline. Also returning to UK we should be able to show British passport to the airline to explain lack of visa and show British passport to UK immigration despite traveling on South African one, even if this is not ideal.

I would do this:. The only potential discrepancy that can occur here is that you will enter the UAE without seemingly haven flown there. Absolute worst case, you just show your SA passport along with your UK one to explain. You have to enter SA on the SA passport so this would be understandable.

I was thinking the same thing. I guess that would also work OK? Thanks very much for your advice. Which one do you show to the airline at check-in? It should be the Italian one to match the manifest with immigration.

But it could cause a red flag. I show my aussie passport to both. After reading Everything on both blogs. I am now going to follow the way you have set out. I am flying tomorrow from Canada to Mexico via the US. If so, can I then present my Canadian passport when I arrive in Mexico? Or would I have to use my US passport since that is what I checked in with for the first leg of the flight Toronto — Chicago.

Will this be a problem since I checked in to the flight back in Mexico with my US passport? I understand that airlines share information with immigration officials, so the passport I use to check in has to match the one I use to enter the destination country.

If I check in in Canada with my US passport for an itinerary with a final destination of Mexico, changing flights in the US, will the airline give my US passport info to both destination countries first US, then Mexico?

If so, will this present a problem on my return? Will the airline pass on my US passport info to the Canadian passport control authorities as well as to the US ones? David, I cannot see your answer, and it is of interest to me.

Could you please send it to me? Thank you very much, R. I have a question for you. Do you think it is possible to have both passports with different names on each one of them?. So having two passports with two names is possible. Ok, how about I have a US passport and that of another country, so I enter my other country with their passport.

Now, my question is am I not going to be questioned by Immigration why I dnt have and entry stamp or visa from the country I am traveling from? Because to them I went with my US passport. And input on this, please. You will not have problems — this is exactly the scenario described in the post. US Customs will not search for an entry stamp — they already know where you are coming from via the airline.

And let me go. I mean deport you back to the US?.. I also need to go to Brazil and I have two passports, argentinean an american, leave from Texas were I reside , now my concern is, when I do the tickets reservation I will give my argentinean info, when I come back to Texas and show my american passport that will no match whith what they have there.

I will be ok? Just follow everything step by step. The tickets reservation is not important. It is important when you check into the flight and present a passport to immigration. Thank you for the article. I entered with a Student Visa attached to my Brazilian passport, and now I am under a port-graduate work permit. The Company I work at will travel to the Bahamas on the next months and I was invited. Can I leave Canada and enter with my Italian passport? Will my status change if I enter the country with a different passport?

Or do you have a valid work-permit that is allowing you to stay in Canada? HENRICK it does not matter what passport you use your name and birthday follows you Canada will see your status and have you exit the country no doubt about it if you leave the country with out clearing up your status.

If coming and going from the Schengen zone, you can use whichever passport you wish. I was wondering if you could help me obtain a second passport. The instructions supplied by the consulate are very confusing. Did you need to provide a copy of the birth certificates for EVERY person descended from the Italian member of your family born in Italy?

Also, did they have to be registered with AIRE in italy? I simply do not understand he instructions given to me in order to obtain an Italian passport.

You will need to supply the birth documents, marriage documents and death documents of every individual between you and your ancestor that allows you to have Italian citizenship. It is a complex process that gets more complex the further back you have to go.

Nobody needs to be registered with AIRE but if they are still alive and not living in Italy, they should be. When I went through the process, this site was a major help: Hi Bobby, You do not have to leave through Canada. Check into your flight as a Canadian from the US.

There is no exit immigration from the US, so the only ones who will even see your passport upon your departure are the airline agents however, this is beside the point. When you arrive in the UK, you will still be presenting your Canadian passport matching the flight manifest and containing your visa. Your situation is exactly the same as in this post.

I have dual citizenship with the US and the Netherlands. I traveled to Germany to visit my mother who is stationed here using my American passport. I am about to be going home to the states 2weeks shy of visiting Germany for 1 year. I know I need to use my American passport, will I have issues entering the country having been gone for so long?

I currently have a Netherlands passport to prove I have dual nationality if I were to be questioned. Thank you so much for your help!

Hi Jo-Anna, First off, when you are a citizen of a country you can come and go as you please. It does not matter how long you stay or how long you are away.

You will not be in any sort of trouble for being outside the US for too long. Secondly, you did mention though that you entered Germany as an American. You should have entered with your Dutch passport because Germany is part of the EU, like the Netherlands. This actually means you have overstayed your visa, unless you somehow got an extension past the usual 90 days.

Americans can only stay in the EU for 90 days unless they have a visa. To Germany, you are there as an American citizen, not as an EU citizen. Unfortunately my Dutch passport had expired mere days of traveling to Europe, otherwise I would have entered as an EU citizen. That was my fault for not paying attention to details and will be better prepared next time. Thank you so much for such a timely response. I was so stressed about this issue and having trouble finding the answer on my own. I did not get an extension to my visa.

I thought renewing my EU passport was sufficient enough. If I were you, I would probably contact your Dutch consulate. Your consulate may be able to give you info on how to proceed since you should technically be able to stay in the EU as long as you want given your citizenship. This is not the same scenario, but as an aside I have been able to reclassify myself after entering a country abroad and receiving the wrong kind of stamp at the airport I should have been given a student visa but was just given a standard tourist 90 days by mistake in the UK.

On my way home I stopped in Aussie for 5 months because I have free visa entry because of my kiwi nationality and I came back to NZ for a few days. Basically you must always show your NZ passport to NZ officials but when it comes to the airline you show the passport you are going to use at your destination. My situation is a bit unique. I was a Canadian citizen first and obtained US citizenship later. When I applied for US citizenship, I have my first name changed.

So I have two different names on the two passports. I know that I should use my Canadian passport when I book an air ticket, check in at the airport when leaving the US and present to the Chinese Immigration Authority. My question is what I should do in the return trip?

I have to use my Canadian passport to check in with the air line because the name on the Canadian passport, but not the US one, is the same as on the air tickets.

Will the inconsistence be a problem for me to enter the US? I assume you are flying via the US to get to China? Your situation is tough as the ticket should match the passport used.

If so, I would recommend using your US passport entirely. I live in the USA. I guess I should use my USA passport for the whole trip as you suggested. Here it is again. I am Mexican living in Canada. I am Canadian Citizen too. I am flying to Mexico to see my Grandma but I only have my Canadian passport. I think that I will be fine entering Mexico as Canadian right?

My ticket has the name that appears in my Canadian passport. Do you think I should get my Mexican passport and enter as Mexican in Mexico? Hi Claudine, You wrote on the other post here: You must enter Mexico with your Mexican passport.

Please help me to figure this out: I have green card and live in US. Green card states that my country of origin is Uzbekistan. I want to travel to France this summer and would like to use Iranian passport. Uzbek passport is not valid to travel outside of Uzbekistan due to expired exit visa unique to post-soviet countries. So when exiting France to US which passport should I use — iranian or uzbek?

You should follow the step by step directions here — http: It may be less of a problem if she is entering Spain. But she lives in the UK and needs to go back there after? If so, she must enter as a UK citizen. Although she may get away with this, the answer is no. Using her NZ passport would mean failing to present herself to UK authorities as a UK citizen, which is against the law.

You would check into your flight to Italy using your Italian passport. Then depart immigration using your US passport, then arrive in Italy and show your Italian passport.

Check out my other post, it may be helpful — http: My questions is, when i first leaving Malaysia, which passport should i verify at the immigration and which passport should i bought my ticket.

Since im buying only one way ticket. You need to show your US passport to the airline when you check in. Then show your Malay passport to the immigration officials when you depart Malaysia. My other post may be helpful to you — http: Which law is it? You must always present yourself as a citizen of a specific country to authorities from that country. This applies to the US and everywhere else.

I want to drive by car to Oman. Is there any passport control , whan i leave Dubai , before i enter Oman? There is absolutely a border between the UAE and Oman. They are different countries and there is passport control.

Quick question for you. I am in Dubai. I have 1 month visa in Moldavian passport. Visa will expire in 2 weeks. I also have Romanian passport, which dont need visa from march Can i go to Oman with Moldavian passport and exit with Romanian one?

Romanian has same rights as italian. Just be sure not to exceed any overstay limits in the UAE. Those maximums apply to you as a person and not one of your passports. I am a student studying in Malaysia. I want to get rid off my current Somali passport and change it with a Djiboutian passport. How can that work out. You are obviously a Somali citizen but are you a citizen of Djibouti?

Do you have some connection there? Yes, I am a citizen of Djibouti by birth. My father is a Djiboutian and my mother is from Somaliland. I took my education in Somaliland. When I was coming to Malaysia, I used the passport of a self-declared de facto sovereign state of Somaliland that is internationally recognized as an autonomous region of Somalia.

The Somali embassy accused Malaysia for dividing their country. My Somaliland Passport was taken away and changed with the Passport of Somalia against my will. So, I need to change it by denouncing the Somali citizenship inorder to use my Djiboutian passport which is now in my hand.

Djibouti does not allow dual citizenship. The real challenge is how am I going to work this out??? Thanks in advance Dave. Are you saying you have your Djiboutian passport in-hand? Do you currently hold a valid passport from Djibouti? If so, what are you asking how to do, simply renounce your citizenship with Somalia?

The best thing to do is keep very quiet about your dual citizenship. Your Somali by birthright so think you should keep quiet and see what happens.

I also have a question. My wife was born in Ukraine. She is now a US citizen. If she flies to Ukraine, and enters Ukraine on a US passport … is this a problem? Her Urkaine passport expired already.

She never officially renounced her citizenship either, as it is apparently complicated to do. If she plans to renounce and never renew, she can probably get away with using her USA passport.

I submitted an application for a US passport a day before I found out my father passed. I have called a number of times to get my application expedited but I fear it will not get back to me in time.

I need to travel to NZ and re-enter the US in a couple of days. Not ideal, but not sure what else I can do. That should be doable. The only other suggestion I would have is to get a temporary passport in NZ. The Consulates are able to issue these. Hello any help would be appreciated: Brazil has no visa requirements for Bosnian citizens where as it does for Americans. Hi Dino — you need to follow exactly the steps here — http: She is visiting the UK for a 3 week holiday in April but her UK passport is only valid until August , will this cause a problem?

It sounds like her UK passport is valid for the duration of her stay in the UK? The 6 month validity for passports only applies to foreign passport holders to prevent overstaying. Taking these steps are stupid when your travel your name follows you everywhere. I travel to Canada on my UK passport the same info pops up as if I used my us passport. I travel home to the US on my UK passport no problem.

If you were to use US Global Entry or Nexus for example those systems verify your point of origin based on what the airline shares, which includes passport number as the primary identifier. An interesting outline Dave, but as a dual citizen with two passports I do have to correct you on one point — for the sake of readers who may take this information as gospel. This is a fact. Dual citizen travellers should be aware of the possible pitfalls in this scenario when they select the passport they use for entry.

I know since I was one of them. The conditions for travel by dual citizens are NOT static, and uninformed travel as such could lead to significant problems in time of requiring consular assistance. You should not communicate your opinions as fact, as you are simply wrong. For anyone on this forum reading the reply from DuaCitizen, please ignore it, as it is patently incorrect and not current.

Please read this as an updated and current opinion on entry and travel by dual citizens relative to Canada. Hello everyone i want to share a live testimony on how Dr Alex was able to bring my husband back to me, myself and my husband were on a serious breakup, even before then we were always quarreling fighting and doing different ungodly act.. I have just found the right one and the greatest spell caster on earth who has brought back my happiness and turned my world around by helping me get my ex partner and helped me get back my life cause i was totally frustrated after 6years of hardship and pain, a friend of mine buzz me on my email saying i should cheer up cause solution has come.

Now i am doing well in my work and also with my partner, Great DR EBOEHI is a very great spell caster you need to know just meet him and with your problem and it will be over.. I understand the issue of not switching passports from airport to immigration, but, is it a bad idea to leave your home country on the foreign passport?

In which case, there would be no stamp on it yet? I left in time, and am now in Canada, do you know if I can attempt to go back in a month or 2 and get 3 months again?

They said I should go back to my country of residence.. Which of course I am not planning to in the short term. Unfortunately the US and Canada cooperate when it comes to things like this in order to prevent exactly what you are trying to do. Under the visa waiver program you can stay 90 days but you must leave not only the US but also Canada, Mexico and many nearby islands as well before returning.

Otherwise, there is no limit to how long you have to wait before you can come back again. But, you will have to leave North America before being able to enter again. I am Thai-Candian and I just got my Canadian passport two years ago and have not use it. How ever I live in Sweden and has a residential visa for my Thai passport to stay with in the shengen visa.

I would like to go to Scottland however the visa shengen dosent allow for the Thai passport in to the UK with out a visa. And on the round trip back use the Thai passport to enter Sweden? Just be sure to show the Thai passport with Shengen visa when entering exiting the Shengen states and your Canadian passport into and out of the UK.

This may mean some passport swapping. Check out our post on when to use what which may be helpful. Thanks this helps a lot. I have read your link. And one thing, do I have to show both of my passports to the airline and the immigration? Saying that I will exit with this and enter with this? I have not as of yet received my passport but have a question regarding upcoming travel to Italy.

When I do finally receive my Italian passport can I just use my US passport for the duration of the trip considering I will only be there for a few weeks? If one has both a US and Italian passport is it mandatory that I always use my Italian passport when arriving in Italy?

One other thing, I have made reservations for a rental car and have an international drivers license obtained in the US. How is this handled considering that I only have a US drivers license? Hi — I am absolutely certain that you must enter Italy as an Italian. It does not matter if you are there 1 hour or 1 year — you are Italian and must present yourself as such. This post will also be helpful to you:. As far as the license, you will not have a problem with only a US drivers license. In fact, it is more possible that the International Drivers License will be unknown to them.

Hi Dave, thanks for the article! Specifically interested in whether Paraguay allows dual citizenship or not. My US passport just expired. Within the US you should be able to do this, yes. TSA only checks you are who you are. But try to get your US id as soon as possible. But you should check with the Philippine consulate on exact requirements.

You will probably just need to gather paperwork. Obviously I want to go there as a Frenchman, but on the visa application it makes you list other nationalities, Will the Chinese embassy charge me as an american or a frenchman?

Any help would be appreciated. You have the option of which passport to use in your application. That said, there may be other benefits to using the US passport over the French. Last year I was in the same situation with India and was going to apply using my Italian passport, however the wait time for a visa in a non-US passport was weeks, compared to just a couple days for a US passport. Just be sure you know all the pros and cons but it is your choice. Is it possible if i use my other passport to leave the country?

I am a dual citizen with Serbian and Swedish passports, I currently reside in Sweden and intend to travel to Turkey from a second country which is Denmark , now to my problem…in my last trip to Turkey I overstayed my visa and received an entryban for 3 years on my Swedish passport, this time I intend to travel from Serbia to Turkey with my Serbian passport and att the passport control in Turkey show my Serbian passport …..

I would say there is a high probability that this will not work. I would say doing it would be taking a considerable risk. I have a question, I got two passports with the same info and same ID, I need to travel from my home country Sudan, to Saudi Arabia then to Malaysia and then to Thailand, the problem is I got the two Visas to Saudi Arabia and to Thailand on one passport, but when I come to the Malaysia Visa I discovered that the passport will expired within 6 months period, which is something unacceptable for Malaysian Immigration.

For that I issued the second passport , now I got two Visas in one, and the other is empty new passport, my question is can I get into Malaysia with a completely new passport having no stamps on it? Are you just asking if you can use a blank passport to get into Malaysia?

As long as the passport is valid you can use it. It makes no difference if there are other stamps in it. Hey Dave, I used my U. As I crossed into Ecuador over land I tried to use my Brasilian passport but they would only accept the U. How can I possibly switch over to my Brasilian passport? Do I have to cross the border by flight instead of land and will that even work? As long as you use the same passport to enter and exit a single country, you can change anytime. As you crossed into Ecuador you should have shown your US passport to Colombian authorities and your Brazilian one to the Ecuadorians.

They may give you a hard time but just insist. You can use whichever passport you want as long as you enter and exit on the same one.

I tried using my Brasilian passport to get into Peru but was denied and forced to use my US one. Did you make it known you had both? Or did they look for your previous exit stamp and not find it? If the later, try to get Peru to exit stamp your Brazilian passport on departure. Hi Dave,my question might confuse you abit,so my apologies: Well,i have UK-refuge travel document and Iranian passport got this 3years after having the uk travel document and visiting turkey soon,I applied for the trukish visa and got the visa on my uk travel document,but im planing to visit Dubai they do NOT accept refuge travel document but they do accept Iranian passport!

My question is,will the trukish authorities question me when I leave turkey for Dubai. Actually I hold three citizenships: US by birth, moroccan by descend and italian by naturalization of my father when I was a minor. I live in the EU and actually travelled in many countries Morocco included only on my italian passport, do you think I have to apply for an american passport to visit the US?

Using a different passport to enter the US would technically be illegal. I am a European citizen but still am a citizen of my country of birth, can I still ask for a U. S visa on my second passport? You can choose whichever passport is most convenient to use at any time — as long as you use the passports of the countries you hold citizenship to come and go from those countries.

Im going to Canada to visit some family in August for two weeks, and am then leaving to go to England for school. Which passport do I enter Canada my home country with? You can only enter Canada as a Canadian. Anything else would be against the law. My life is back!!! After 8 years of marriage, my husband left me and left me with our three kids. I felt like my life was about to end, and was falling apart. We solved our issues, and we are even happier more than ever before Dr.

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Thank you once again Dr. You can also contact Dr. OKORO via email address: Hi Dave, I have dual citizenship with Australia and Brazil. So both passports are different. Will I have an issue with my passports being different when travelling to Brazil? All names are shown on both passports. I hope this makes sense. Thanks for your time. Hi, My son has a US passport and a Srilankan. He was seven years old when we applied for the us passport and when he got it he also had a Srilankan passport.

When I broigt my son to Sl in I used the Srilankan. Any problema with this idea? Hi tikiri, your son is American. All he needs to prove this is his US passport.

My name is Luke. I flew in to Sweden with my Canadian Passport, but I have almost been here 3 months and I plan to stay a little longer more than 3 months. I also have a Polish European Union Passport, which allows me to stay in Europe without any limitations.

So, my question is, would I be able to stay here, even though I came through with my Canadian Passport, even if I have a Polish Passport? Or would I have to go back to Canada and leave again with my Polish passport? Not only does it make us happy by giving, Seratonin is released in those who receive our generosity and the recipient is happy as well.

But most interestingly anyone that witnesses this act of giving Serotonin is released and they are happy as well. So there is no better way to scientifically create happiness than to give!

I love the breakdown and actions you offer that release these amazing chemicals in our brain. I can laugh anytime, anywhere, and at anything, without any kind of stimulus and my gratitude for the people, things and circumstances in my life are my foundational practice for the Evolve Meditation I do!

Hi, this is a brilliant article i will definitely and immediately share this on my FB and Blog so more people can benefit from your article. If it interests you, do check my article on How to Stop Worrying http: I found this quite interesting in trying to figure out what my brain is missing now that I am on holiday. This will give you fuel to keep moving […]. When you enjoy actually doing the work and celebrating the little achievements along the way, your body experiences higher dopamine levels.

This leads to increased motivation and energy to get even more done. If you find yourself only […]. Thanks for letting me know. Hacking into your happy chemicals: Completing dance goals and the cheers and recognition it brings produces dopamine helping us maintain the motivation to complete other tasks and inspires us to keep improving and […].

You will be triggering all sorts of happy chemicals and remembering the words will get you out of your negative train of thought for a few […]. Aside from the main chemicals of Dopamine, Oxycontin, serotonin, and endorphin, are there any more chemicals that stimulate the body to such positivity? I totally agree with this. Happiness is an important thing in every day life. If you are upset and down chances are your day will continue being rough.

If you cheer up and are happy your day will be way better. I think this is a neat way to look at things. Instead of writing how you think things work your blog focuses on how things work. Its fun although i am sure this can be useful in biological words but it really doesnt change or bring any happiness. I think we all have a deep-rooted fascination with the way our bodies work, and more specifically, the chemicals inside them.

Just knowing why people myself included act the way they act in most circumstances was a game-changer in my life. Frustration was replaced by understanding and the world never looked the same.

Your brain is […]. Great post I love all the facts about this post. I am also planning to make a site on motivation by the name of http: It is one that is acquired during our formative years, cultivated through patient life lessons and understanding. Parents can help their child to develop this skill, which will ultimately make them happier in return.

It contributes to your overall feeling of happiness. We have neurochemicals known as dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, etc. They are famously known because they are what is released to make you feel good. Studies found that […]. If you want to know how to make extra money, search for: Contribuye a tu sentimiento general de […]. I am very inspired by your effort and for heavy material which you used in this article nice post and informative video shared its very interesting and informative thanks for it.

If you want to know how to make extra bucks, search for: These help you to deal with anxiety and will stave away depression. Serotonin helps protect […]. U r all full of if some of u knew the reality of it the pain mentaly and later physically ull probablly have a little more respect and if u dont have at list leasen to some one that does some of ur coments r insulting we r sick but not stupet when i get an othet 5 min of brain maybe but not really.

To be around the safe side, talk to them abouut safe sex after they already know what sex is. There are several factors that may hamper love life off the couple like medications, illness, surgeries and various other ailments. As soon as you gift him something of this sort you will see the rise of dopamine and endorphins in his body. Be part of his happiness by gifting him what he loves the most — even more than […].

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