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Galt IL wife swapping

Galt IL wife swapping

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Galt IL wife swapping

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I am a God fearing female with standards and a vision of what I want in a friend.

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Hoseheads Sprint Car News. From the Grandstand Ron Rodda. Tri-State Outlook Duane Hancock. Dirt Divas Camisha Miller. October 26, Heavy rains to start off Thursday, followed by a non-stop mist throughout day and into the night have left the grounds at Creek County Speedway impassable, forcing officials with the Oklahoma oval to call off Friday's portion of the John Christner Trucking Fall Fling to get the Track and Pits ready for Saturday night.

Kids 10 and under free. Creek County Speedway is located at West Hwy. For more information on Creek County Speedway, including a complete lineup of events and directions, log onto http: The track can also be found on social media at https: Creek County Speedway Sapulpa, Okla.

Saturday, October 27, Muffler Rule: Grandstands Open - 5: Driver's Meeting - 5: Hot Laps - 6: Construction has been ongoing on the Turner Turnpike. Allow extra time to get to the track. Westbound lanes are advised to exit at Hwy. They can be found online at http: Seth Bergman 4,; 3. Wayne Johnson 3,; 4. Blake Hahn 3,; 5.

Johnny Herrera 3,; 6. Matt Covington 3,; 7. Skylar Gee 3,; 8. Scott Bogucki 3,; 9. Travis Rilat 3,; Jamie Ball 3,; Chris Martin 3,; Harli White 3,; Alex Hill 2,; Roger Crockett 2,; American Sprint Car Series: Jamie Ball Knoxville, IA: More information can be found on Lucas Oil Products at www. All events are broadcast online at http: Going into the season's final two rounds of action, the chase to the National Tour Championship is still very much undecided, as is seemingly every position throughout the Top Two-time and defending champion, Sam Hafertepe, Jr.

Two wins to Hafertepe's credit at Creek County Speedway, including the Fall Fling in , Seth Bergman has been a force at the Oklahoma quarter-mile with the Washington native rolling into Victory Lane six times since Sitting third, Wayne Johnson will have his hands full holding off Blake Hahn. Battling back and forth for the show position throughout the season, Johnson's experience and four ASCS wins at Creek County Speedway will be tough to beat. Separated by 72 points, Hahn has been able to pick up several shows at Creek County throughout the season with one win in Champ Sprint action, but Hahn will also have someone breathing down his neck as Johnny Herrera sits only 54 markers back with Herrera stalked by Matt Covington who must make up 63 points to overtake Herrera.

Back to seventh, the battle between nations finds Canada's Skylar Gee ahead of Australia's Scott Bogucki by 22 points. For ninth and tenth, the game is a point separation between Travis Rilat and Jamie Ball.

Tied for 11th going into the weekend, Chris Martin and Harli White each have a shot to crack the top ten as the pair sit only 47 points away. Full points can be found online at https: Friday, October 26 and Saturday, October 27 open at 5: Racing is set to begin at 7: October 19, Putting his Jackson Compaction No. Going into the redraw fifth in passing point standings, Baker drew the right of the front row and took full advantage at the one-third mile Arizona oval.

Picking up two spots before it was all said and done, Rick Ziehl crossed second with Billy Chester slipping from pole to show. Having to charge from the back after a spin, J. Imperial crossed fourth with Jarrett Martin fifth.

Mason Keefer sixth was followed by Nick Parker. A regular in Non-Wing competition, Bruce St. James continues to get laps with wings on, netting an eighth-place finish. Steve Cushman and Alex Pettas made up the field. Friday, October 19, Heat 1 8 Laps: The event will not be rescheduled. Both nights begin at 7: Event information can be found online at http: A Feature 41 Laps: Heat 1 8 Laps: Heat 2 8 Laps: Heat 3 8 Laps: Rolling to victory at Arizona Speedway, Hardy began his run to the top of the podium from fifth.

Moving to second on Lap 10, the pass for the lead came with three laps to run with Colton working past the No. Saturday, October 6, Heat 1 8 Laps: DNF Jarrett Martin, [11]; A Feature 1 27 Laps: J2-John Carney II, [15]; B Feature 1 12 Laps: J2-John Carney II, [5]; 3. B Feature 2 12 Laps: C Feature 1 12 Laps: DNF 3-Sammy Swindell, [11]; DNF 6-Dustin Gates, [14]; DNF Gary Floyd, [12]; C Feature 2 12 Laps: D6-Dakota Gaines, [2]; 7.

DNF Johnny Smith, [17]. Mike Pack Building Dash 6 Laps: D6-Dakota Gaines, [2]; 5. Heat 1 10 Laps: J2-John Carney II, [2]; 2. Heat 2 10 Laps: Heat 3 10 Laps: DNF 3-Sammy Swindell, [3]; 8. Heat 4 10 Laps: Heat 5 10 Laps: DNF 6-Dustin Gates, [7]. Heat 6 10 Laps: Heat 7 10 Laps: Heat 8 10 Laps: D6-Dakota Gaines, [5]; 6. Heat 9 10 Laps: DNF Martin Edwards, [5].

J2-John Carney II, [5]; 7. J2-John Carney II, [14]; 7. D6-Dakota Gaines, [15];

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Amy had the toughest experience with the now famous barbecue scene. How can we match that? I don't have any doubts that the torture scenes Jac can come up with will be unique, intense and totally awesome, but who would be willing to be put through all that? It think the first Maleficarum is very hard to beat , however, it is not impossible. Should we submit this to a poll? What say you, fellow Gimpers? Should we bring back Mariana and Francisca for more pain?

Should we make a totally new story? I know there's one inquisition story being written, but that's a different matter altogether. Thursday, 15 May Why not create one of those true stories? Amy and Margot said Maleficarum's spit roast and bats events were made up, which was then added to the true story of Mariana and Francisca.

Bring back the same actresses of course but with a different dungeon and bats storyline. Maybe add different true dungeon torture devices and methods? Perhaps a multiple bats ending where both Amy and Mila burn at the stake together. The point is a sequel to Maleficarum I believe is an unnecessary gamble that you need not do.

Just create another Maleficarum type movie and I am sure it will do at least well as Maleficarum and if the bats burning is better it will do better. You must be teasing us!! Our own masochistic exhibitionist who; I am sure as I write; is with excitement, devising, contriving, designing, building yet further ordeals for herself. It is true that she was a little wimpish about the roasting scene, but as I speculated many months ago, I am sure that the challenge and excitement of another similar, even more intense, experience will be irresistible for her.

How about making it years later and use modern day interrogation techniques? Play one girl against the other, Torture girl 1 if girl 2 refuses to talk, etc.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, the FCC voted for a plan to kill Net Neutrality this afternoon by a score of , with all 3 of the yes votes being former workers for either Comcast or Verizon, including Chairman Tom Wheeler.

So what that amounts to is ignoring the millions of signatures and just selling out, which no doubt will ultimately result in a large payout for them. I'm pretty frustrated over the whole thing, but what good is the will of the people when there's money involved? The rich get richer, the American people get screwed. I don't even want to talk about it. Listen to this guy instead. All right, let's get back to actual tied-up women talk. This other shit is too depressing. I honestly don't see how this could work.

You can't do a sequel because the events of the first movie don't lend themselves to a sequel. What are you gonna do, stick Bobby Ewing in the shower again and say the ending of the first movie was all just a dream? In theory, you could do a remake of the first movie, using a different cast and basically repeat the scenes in the sequel, like they did with Mark of the Devil Part II , taking measures to improve a couple of scenes that could have worked better the first time around, and I don't have to say which scenes those were.

But the problem is, as far as I know, there's no one else at Pachamama Films who would be willing to re-enact the scenes that Amy and Mila performed in the original film. It seems to me to be a very limited company of players. I mean, who else have you got? Camille isn't around anymore. Maybe Veronica Paintoux, but I don't see how she would be an improvement. I really liked Claudia Moscoso from Dead But Dreaming ; she's young and attractive and personally, I thought she gave the best performance in the film sorry Amy.

But is she an actress who would do nudity, or even better, bondage torture? I seriously doubt it, or else they would have already cast her in a role like that. Face it, not every actress can do what Amy does, or would even want to, for any amount of money.

Galahad described her perfectly; she's a masochistic exhibitionist, and God bless her for that. If Pachamama really wants to branch out, they need 2 or 3 more like her, or else every new movie is just gonna be a new variation on The Amy Torture Show. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but some variety would help.

Jac needs to start scouting more doctor's offices in search of some new talent. But maybe Amy could diversify her characters a bit. In fact, I had a story idea of sorts She's mean, into drugs, lies, cheats, and steals, etc. Anyway, despite her bad-ass nature, she still does have certain fears, some of which manifests themselves in dreams. To make a long story short, she dies a very violent death which of course includes being raped and tortured before dying Hey, it's GIMP remember.

After dying she arrives in Hell, not knowing that it is Hell. There, for her eternal punishment, she is tortured and killed over and over by means of what terrifies her the most. And because she doesn't know it's actually Hell, her fears of dying by those means are torture beyond torture.

And each time she arrives back in Hell after dying the previous time, she has no recollection, and therefore her fears never get a chance to become numbed. Either that, or Amy could push for the Sci-Fi feature that that they put the trailer out for not too long ago. Saturday, 17 May Check my post Wouldn't that be too small of a sample pool to draw any conclusions from?

But I got lazy, so all you get is the "blurb of intention". Sweat and grime, BillK! I'm off to visit MadBob a third of the way around the globe. In case you didn't notice, there's a bit of a difference between "lustful eyes" and "apparent anger". Very nice rendering, my friend. I can just imagine him laying that hot poker on her soft breast and rolling the glowing tip over her nipple.

That would be so horrible! He definitely needs to do both nipples so they match. Maybe, but like I say, we don't really need a reason now, do we? BTW, is that you in the pictures I posted earlier? Yes, it's me; Poser's the safest way to live out extreme torture fantasies, so I made a custom V4 morph and texture from selfies to let me put myself in situations that'd be dangerously lethal in real life.

How can you tell if he has lustful or hateful eyes? Hateful and lustful facial expressions can be the same considering how Indians thought of white women or men for that matter. Both yesterday's and today's pictures of the day you could argue that was the case. Sunday, 18 May Real history of Indians and white settlers I have no clue how they interacted with each other.

Just in case someone took offence to my last post. In advance thank you. It is an Hacienda built by the Marquez de Cayara. It's a very nice location to become the home of Olalla's decadent family.

It even has a Capilla, Chapel , that looks like a small church in front of which Olalla will have a fiery end. Prior to the journey, Amy, Mila and Jac decided to spend the cold night at an open air concert of one of their favorite bands, Therion , from Sweden, was visiting La Paz and our trio got VIP tickets to enjoy their fantastic, high altitude concert.

This is probably my last post 'til June. Great pic may I be damned for my laziness: I wanted to explore the same theme for AGES. Unfortunately, some of the fantastic details are barely visible at this resolution.

ALL DVD orders will be fulfilled on and after the 26th of May, that includes all the orders that began processing today. That includes Red Feline and VermeerWorks orders. We will not have access to the internet, thus we'll be unable to communicate with the fulfillment centers we now operate with. Thank you all for your understanding and may the big show begin! And yes, it would be PeachyKeen I know you got the meaning here But again sadly, never, for one reason or another, quite made it to fruition.

Or never, I should say, to what I would consider my ultimate custom, as I have had a few made here and there on very shoe-string budgets. But you, with Maybe someday I can get one made without having to cut corners and worry about budgets. Would love to be able to commission a naked chair-tie bagging with Amy someday. Please do share more!

Really love your artwork! Though always seem to forget to mention in the past. And speaking of forgetting, when you see MadBob, as usual, I totally forgot to mention I really liked the picture he posted here fairly recently. Would mention directly, but don't know if he stops by very often as that was the first post of his that I remember seeing. I saw MadBob just posted again More OT arguing discussion follows… Ralphus: But instead of acknowledging that color and black and white technologies could now co-exist, you imply that we can have only one without the other by providing just two possible options in the poll.

Even if both were not available simultaneously, wouldn't it be useful to tally how many would opt to have topics without losing the guest book structure? Instead, you set things up as a confrontation and hide the middle ground of simply adding features to the current layout. Admittedly, due to the unpopularity of the guest book format, none of the other forums I follow offers it as an option.

But a mere ten minutes of research revealed that this is indeed possible — albeit infrequently used. Here is a photography forum which employs alternate layouts. This is a complex multi-forum site, and not a particularly pretty one, but it does offer the function I'm referring to.

Is it easy to implement? Are there nasty side-effects? Will it please the locals? But I'm through playing ping pong. And yes, most discussion forums in were topic threaded, and few were permanently expanded in the guest book format.

Of course, proving which of our memories has imploded will be a challenge without a time machine. I must say I am happy to hear that the poll is over today.

Maybe Ralphus and Fritz can go back to arguing over content instead of format. You'll be thrilled to know that I am proposing some major content changes for this place. I've already told Ralphus to ditch all the offensive porn which is congesting the board — the rape, the torture… all those poor, naked women being mistreated, day after day.

Honestly, this sort of material is disgusting , and it's time to put a stop to it. Let's return to the days when we discussed organic baking — the theme Ralphus promised we'd switch to after he overthrew the previous regime. Now quick… jump over the next post. Do you have any idea how much political speech writers would pay for that phrase? But again sadley, never, for one reason or another, quite made it to fruition.

And here I thought you were behind the greatest custom film of all time. It is a true classic, with more than a few first-rate GIMP scenes… well, at least for Perhaps you can tell me whatever became of Magog.

Monday, 19 May I'm one of you! The artist Tamanou of Pulptoon said as much when he created it and posted it at Pulptoon. Understandable mistake considering how she is looks and somewhat dressed.

Around that time his Erotic Perversion tapes were available, but have now disappeared. I wonder if you know where I can view one that I saw back then that has this plot: She takes refuge in a hut, but our hunter finds her, forces her at gunpoint to strip to her panties, ties her hands behind her back, threads this rope up between her legs and pulls her by her crotch-lead back into the woods like the scene in HOM's loop Escape To The Wilderness.

The next scene I remember has her naked and tied AOH to a tree branch with her legs tied wide apart so he can force a Y shaped piece of wood deep into her pussy and bind it in place. Then she gets a good hard whipping. In the final scene our pretty captive, still naked, is seated on a stump with her back to a tree trunk, arms and torso bound to the tree, legs tied apart again and gagged with a strip of wood through her mouth.

Our hero has a fire going in which he is heating up some more, thinner strips of wood. Tears stream down her terrified face as he presses the hot blackened pieces of wood into her breasts and jams them between her legs to torment her pussy.

I'm pretty sure he then leaves her bound and suffering - he's had his fun, and so have we! It's been 30 or so years since I saw it, and I don't remember the title, but I'd love to see it again. Does anyone have any ideas where I might find it online? Anyone else share these thoughts? It looks like an excellent mix of torture, rape at gunpoint and humiliation. And Miki looks as hot as ever. I'm looking forward to this one. Then her dreams come true after an online encounter. Some might disagree but I'm still of the mind it's only Zen that's gone off track in the last year while Giga has more or less been what it's always been.

I'll definitely be checking that one out. Sort of on that point Nothing species as far as the genre goes but looks like it'll have a whipping scene I will not post any more in fear of posting pictures that Ralphus had in mind to post on the picture of the day.

I visit GIMP fairly regularly, but - honestly - I find it a little difficult to follow the discussions here. I really don't like to talk about it that much. So much so that no one could ever live up to making anything close. Therefor, the copies that you find nowadays has most, if not all the GIMP removed. As far as Magog? I had to push him off a cliff somewhere North of what they used to call Babylon, since he wouldn't lend me the funds to have a custom made.

Being a Malevolent spirit isn't all it's cracked up to be As far as I know, he's just raising havoc in his own way, as he readies for the last battle.

I had a couple of statues commissioned how they ended up at Tiffany I have no idea , but also had to push the sculptor over a cliff. Not just because the likenesses were But because he made the bodies almost Ralphus like. So the pic you posted hits the spot. The movie looks good but i wish she was wearing less during her torture scene in this new one.

Thanks for your reply.. Debbie D is very hot in this movie "Black Ribbon" she got treated like sex slave doll in this movie Two scenes in The Abductors come to mind, assuming that pool tables work for you. The latter features the scrumptious Jennifer Brooks aka Laurie Rose. Good thing no one wanted to interrupt with a game of eight-ball.

Tuesday, 20 May There were lots of TV and mainstream movies in the past that showed males being tortured but no women I remember. Of course there was some Indian white women pre bats teasers but always the Cavalry come to rescue before pyre was ever lit. Adult web only movies with Indians torturing women, are there any out there?

Right, when the poll doesn't go your way, blame the person who wrote the poll rather than the people who voted. If I had known there was a viable option where both sides could have what they wanted, don't you think I would have offered that up as a choice?

You know, I really don't care for the insinuation that I was less than sincere about getting people's opinions and improving the site. Name an example where I said, "this will never work because Amy offered me the choice when we went down, a threaded board or the type of forum we use now.

There was no third option available to me. I made a choice back in February to get us back online, and like it or not, I chose the format we were all used to.

Since then, we've gotten more established with this new forum so I brought the subject back up again so we could all vote. I've tried to keep an open mind about the entire situation and get feedback from the board. And I do want to make everyone happy, but some people would rather take pot shots and criticize.

I'll look over the sites you linked and see if something can be worked out. But I won't be badgered and made to feel bad if the final result is less than what you were hoping for. Since you're through playing ping pong, rest assured, so am I. Hopefully this will be the end of this subject for a while. Now let's get back to something we can all agree on It is a great scene. Thanks for the information on Supra Girl 3 [ www. It looks like it could be pretty good.

The Blakemore loop you're describing in Post is called Painful Perversion. Like you mentioned, it was part of the Erotic Perversions series made for the European market. For someone who hasn't seen it in 30 years, you have an amazingly good memory of the details. It was one of my favorite loops, too.

Interestingly enough, it wasn't Blakemore as the villain in that particular loop, but I'm pretty sure he was the one behind it, since he did all the others in that series. Here's a few caps. Blakemore also filmed that same busty blonde model in another one of loops, called Punished Perversion , where he hung her up by her wrists and then stuck an electrical object in her pussy and shocked her several times onscreen.

Some time ago, a poster gave the URL of a place to download the old Blakemore stuff online. I'm pretty sure the Erotic Perversion loops were included. Anyone have the address? I know there's a number of folks out there who don't like blood in the images, but hopefully this is a "tasteful application". My girl, Emma Rose, is quite miserly with her information Glad you like the work and thanks for mentioning that you rarely mention it!

For me doing these things is a kind of communication - or at least an attempt to start a dialog. So any time you want to chime in, I'm all virtual ears! As always, thank for your sweat inspiring comments! Hopefully I'll be back here in about a week. ZOW - seems your blessed with an Arcas Girl tm figure! I'd love to see more of your works here and if you ever get an itch to collaborate, LMK. See you in 24 hours! That story has already been done. One thing I'd like to see is a girl interrogated by the Inquisition until she says who her "accomplices" were It's like she's thinking, "Nice snake you've got there.

V - 03 Duillo art. The best "girl tied on a table" clip I've found comes from Powershotz called "Victoria Spread". She starts out in a nice sparkly purple bikini and is slowly undressed and felt up. It's a good piece and Victoria sells it really well with her attitude of stoic defiance. Would you be interested in sharing that morph so other Poser artists can work with your selfie? We could of course come up with some sort agreement for what is allowed.

I should like to complement Mark Evans on his story 'The Island'. My own preference has been, for decades, women with a visibly athletic physique. As the belly is an obviously vulnerable part of any woman's body, any abuse directed to this part of the body is particularly effective and appealing. The greater the definition of the abdominal muscles the greater the effect. I feel that the celebration of women's abdomens has been scandalously neglected.

Given my own appetites I would have preferred the action to have been non-consensual. But I should not criticise a narrative for not being what what the author did not wish it to be. It was also a delight to read a text where the author understood and used the subjunctive.

However, I am distressed by the degree to which those on this site do not understand the differences between 'to lie' two meanings and 'to lay' and the various derivatives of these. In 'The Island', 'I lied down'. These are errors into which even our Esteemed Master and Moderator has lapsed.

On this site we may engage with the most profound and perverse issues of power relations between the sexes; with abuse, torture, degradation and humiliation; but we must strive to use the English language correctly. If we do not, what is there?!?! Do you not agree? Some might argue that we have here a difference between English English and American English.

But I do not believe it for a second! Wednesday, 21 May Thanks for the compliment and the critique. I'm glad someone else appreciates an athletic body and the situations I'm trying to portray. You'll be glad to hear that there are more stories to follow where the treatment is not consensual.

Regarding the grammar, I do my best but I'm sure the thing is littered with problems. I can't promise that more won't sneak through as I'm not an experienced writer at all. I do notice people ranting all the time on Facebook about "your" vs. I suppose that mistakes like this offend some more than others, so I'll do my best to minimize they're occurrence. One of the stories that it had for sale was titled The Ballerina by someone called Chernoborg.

Does anyone know where a copy of it could be found? A preview can be viewed here; [ www. It can be found at [ zizki. I'm not sure why you are so eager to take the blame for everything around here. Just because you didn't know there was a viable third option doesn't mean the poll is your fault. If you are guilty of anything, it's bad timing. Next time, ask for feedback before you upgrade the forum. Still, as the board was offline when you needed to decide, you really can't take the blame for that either.

Sorry buddy, I guess I've got nothing to pin on you. Personally, I would begin with a scene having you on the metal bed frame. I also like superimposing renderings into other scenes. It's easier then modeling an entire environment. So if you've ever wanted to be in a movie or film, now's your chance: Regarding the superimposing, is that a plus or a minus?

Here are a couple I did from the Nikita scene, mostly because I was upset that Nikita was fully clothed in an otherwise outstanding scene. I took the liberty of adding electric effects. Unfortunately, renderings are the only option for some of us who can never seem to get what we want. Thursday, 22 May In the second sweat or wet Nikita picture, smoke coming off the wet skin where electricity is flowing rather random electric arcs would have been better.

Electricity is always going to take the path of least resistance and that would be through the wet body and skin and wouldn't arc across open air. I suggest you take a wet chicken breast and safely run electricity though it and see what it looks like.

Thanks for the info on Supra Girl 3 Post That girl is sweet as hell. She looks so cute wearing that tight little superheroine costume, and even cuter being beaten up, tortured and whipped by the bad guys in the YouTube trailer. I can think of one place where they could stick that green phallic-shaped kryptonite object but I doubt that company would go that far, especially since it looks like the Supra Girl series doesn't even show nudity.

Still, it looks like a lot of fun. I know you probably won't read this until you're back from vacation, but your latest artwork is why I love your stuff. The tied-up titties with razor blades stuck in them, the bruising always a good look, in my book and the baseball bat stuck up her snatch? Brutal and brilliant at the same time. She looks like she's in pain, but it's all good because I'm sure she deserves it. BTW, what Arcas mentioned about feedback bears repeating, and not just for artists, but authors and reviewers, too.

These guys don't get paid, but sometimes even a compliment or a simple word of "thanks" can make it all worthwhile for them. So if you like something, don't hesitate to say so. Remember they created something just to share it with you, so the least you can do is let them know you appreciate it. Thanks for the whipping scene. You're right, brief but pretty nice.

I've been a bit lax with adding new stuff to the databases lately, mainly due to lack of time. I'm behind on a number of updates. I'll try to get more done in the near future.

I am distressed by the degree to which those on this site do not understand the differences between 'to lie' two meanings and 'to lay' and the various derivatives of these. I try to use proper grammar when I can, but I'm not perfect and neither are our readers.

If you'd like, I could let you moderate the board and correct each post for spelling and grammar mistakes.

It's bad enough that outsiders think that GIMPers are a bunch of drooling socio-pathetic degenerates who should be locked up for their perverted desires against the opposite sex. We wouldn't want them thinking we can't use proper English, too.

Hi Bill, thanks for the comments. I certainly have a good understanding of electricity and know this would never happen in real life. I merely like to depict the current in this way to make the electrocution more visual personal taste I guess. I do get frequent comments on this, some people prefer the exaggerated effects, others don't. I also think your suggestion is a good alternative, and perhaps I will give it a try at some point.

If you know of any photoshop or poser methods to easily achieve this, please let me know. Thank you for your very gracious response to my comments on your grammar. I am sure that many would have regarded them as indefensibly, and offensively, pedantic. I am delighted that I can look forward to some non-consensual stories from you.

When assaulting a woman's belly, I like to include blows to the diaphragm; they are more painful and distressing. Will such abuse figure in your stories? I agree whole heartedly with the sentiment of the last couple of sentences of your post For some an assault on their mother tongue is far more unacceptable than assaults on women! I shall, reluctantly, decline your offer to act as moderator! As I am suggesting there could be a difference in usage between the two sides of the Atlantic, British English would do.

However, as the are legitimate differences in usage between Scottish and Welsh English, let alone differences within these regions , I shall stay with English English. The only English I know well is the latter. I, generally, don't like drawings and renderings because they often come off as being too unrealistic in the depiction of the human body and how it stretches, moves, and folds.

Having said that, I think there are some fantastic artists out there who can create a scene that, while unrealistic, captures a particular vibe very, very well. I even wrote a story as a result of one see the story section for "I Am Krystal". The picture above is another one that I think is very well done, not because the characters are realistic they aren't but because it's very easy to imagine a story wrapped around it, and it's not something that we see very often.

Joanne has been releasing a series of images that could be turned into a storybook, and if she's interested, I'd like to collaborate and see what develops as a "GIMP Forum" exclusive. I had started on a story inspired by a series of images of a secretary that goes down to the observation deck to watch a girl get interrogated so I may finish that first, but "Joanne In The Interrogation Chamber" would make a good Next Project. Of course I'm a little jaded.

Hazel is my favorite model. Sometimes you don't need fancy texturing and scenery to convey an emotion. This is a basic pen-and-ink drawing; minimum detail, minimum scenery. Yet it draws in the viewer and conveys its story quite nicely. The expressions on the faces, the additional details of a slave collar, gloves, and whip on the subject in the foreground, the helpless look of the subject in the background - all contribute to the story being told, and we're told just enough to understand the action that occurring or about to occur and can add our own prelude as to how the two subjects came to be where they are.

Unfortunately, I lack artistic talent but I applaud those that do, and who can use their talent to tell a story. Guess there's quite a few here who are regulars at Heroinemovies so it's probably not even news. About the whole nudity thing I wonder something though, just out of curiosity. How many on any spectrum the "nudity" side which I'm guessing is including the majority of us, even myself are diehards about it?

Seems to me it'd be a shame, and very limiting. For heroine type movies Ham- thanks for the telenovela whipping clip. Just curious, did anyone try watching other parts of the clip? Or other episodes in the series? If the shows writer isn't "into it" then I'll eat my left foot. They have some gorgeous TV starlets who seem willing to go pretty far for mainstream stuff.

These pics are from an old paperback "Paddle Book" titled, "Sadistic Pioneers". Boris Karloff's character name in the film as the Indian Chief is Guyasuta. In the book containing these pics, the Chief's name is Guyastano. Yuya's most recent post, , serves perfectly as a preface for what I wish to discuss. In answer to his question, I am almost entirely uninterested in seeing a woman abused, in any format, unless she is totally naked.

And that means no shoes! I was frustrated and disappointed. I would assert that I am second to none in the delight I take in a fine woman's body. I adore and venerate such. I would write worship, but that would be idolatry!

But at the conclusion of the film I had no clear idea of Ms. D's body, particularly her legs. Although she is naked more than one might expect, we are never given the opportunity simply to look and admire. I appreciate that commercially there are possible problems in the degree to which the victim can be exposed 'gratuitously'.

But what I seek does not necessarily involve any further abuse; although had that been the case, I would have had no objections! At some point, particularly when she is 'sold' to the guy with the cattle prod, she could have been required to show off her naked body, purely for our, and his, visual pleasure. That certainly would have been my demand had I been in his position of total control. Further, it is not credible to me that, having paid a considerable sum apparently, the cattle-prod man would not have had her stripped.

Now there may be those out there who would not have required her to be naked; but, for me, it destroys credibility in the scene not to enforce nakedness. In order to allows us to keep our disbelief suspended, we must be shown the probable not the possible. Again, for the film makers, to have had her naked for all the abuse may have been problematic. In which case, in the initial scenes of her ordeal, some clothing as minimal as possible, of course would have been preferential, keeping complete nakedness to accompany the climax of the abuse.

From memory she is only fully naked once, and that is a back view. It is only in the original with Camille Kenton, who is completely naked for over 20 minutes, not that I had a stop watch in my hand, you understand , was the physical condition of the victim appropriate for the story. And we all had adequate time to admire Ms. I am, of course, hoping that all GIMP film makers out there; and, of course, we have the pleasure and honour of at least two groups visiting here; will immediately rewrite their plots to help make me a happier man!

Thanks for your reply. I just found another set of pics similar to the Debbie D nude bondage in the movie "Black Ribbon". I want to share it here. Hope everyone like this set. I'll see If can find it for I have a lot of Wave movies I got 5 or 6 years ago which I have not looked at for about 4 years now. I believe this is the Wave movie in question. The movie nudity wise was good but plot and acting and everything else was bad.

I do appreciate vintage artwork. Duillo of the Day: She going to have to smell the inevitable poop the guys scrunching up his face to unload in his pants? I owe ya one! So here ya go - a series of stills from a movie called "Mardi Gras Massacre", which features three women stripped full Monty and tied to a sacrificial alter, plus two more women chained AOH for the next two sacrifices but end up being saved by the cops.

Movie is so-so for a low-budget 70's flick but at least the women give up the money shots. The cooking, if you what to call it that, took place on that AOH comfy table by some invisible heat ray that was shown on that posted box picture. Just a heads up for Gimpers into cooking peril if you read the disk box and thinking grill or other cooking peril there isn't any.

Yuya's question regarding nudity, and most already know where I stand, but I'll refrain so as not labeled a "sick fuck" by him again for expressing my opinion in a bondage forum.

I wouldn't want to offend his delicate sensibilities as he discusses various kinds of tortures naked women are put through. I always love kettles who feel justified telling the pots how black they are. It doesn't matter how often I change the security question.

Rest assured, when I find them, they will be removed. Just ignore them and let me do my job. Commenting on spam posts just adds more work for me. And frankly, you should be able to come up with something better to talk about than that. How about your opinions on naked women in bondage? If you can't appreciate the best mainstream GIMP movie in recent memory and arguably, of all time simply because the victim wasn't totally naked in every scene, you're gonna have a hard time finding anything other than a hardcore bondage film to satisfy you.

And even then you would be limiting yourself because the country that makes the best bondage films in the world Japan censors out the genitalia. So have you seen any Japanese films? And if so, did they work for you in spite of not being able to see everything? I love seeing naked women, and especially naked women tied up. But those who put such a high value on bare skin above everything else are missing out on some great scenes if you only limit yourself to nudity only.

With very few exceptions, most women are gonna have two breasts with matching nipples and a patch of fur between their legs. If I don't get to see it every time, it's okay, I already know what's there. What I want to see is fear, pain, humiliation, distress, crying If we get a couple bare tits and some bush, all the more better.

But it's not essential in my book. Nearly everything I bought back then is nearly unwatchable today, but I bought them at the time because they were one of the only companies who made movies with the kind of content I really wanted to see.

Friday, 23 May That makes no sense to me but you have to protect the kids and bible people from seeing sexual parts. Never mind the women being brutally tortured or killed that's no problem. As an example, I've been watching a new TV show called "Salem" where there are scenes of women in near nudity being violently tortured and killed and some sexual scenes too.

Lots and lots of cleavage but no tits and pussies. It's just the way it is and not likely to change. I've slighted you in the past? Whatever happened, would it be enough if I apologized so as to move on? I find digging stuff up to be extra work and addressing it even more so. Ya, we're never gonna agree on this one. If a film starts out with the model clothed I'm okay with it, but if she's not completely nude at some point, I'll never know it.

Because I wouldn't waste my money on it. To me, you saying: Hell, I don't even know what I could compare that to It's like saying, the most perfect looking thing in the entire universe is literally squirming, sweating, trapped, and screaming right in front of you, with only a layer of cloth hindering your view, and you're just not gonna bother getting a good look at it, because you already know what it looks like?!?

Also, I don't mind the censoring in Japanese films when the censoring isn't to a ridiculous level, as you can still get a total sense of how amazing the nude model is, especially with all the creative and lingering angles they use.

So to me, that's a non issue most of the time. Not getting my cash for 15 minutes of frustration. Yeah I also felt the review for the Nicole Oring movie was a little over enthusiastic and It's fairly obvious it is isn't a general thumbs up kind of film that will be collectively loved by everyone here because we're all " sick fucks " who should be expected to eat stuff like this up.

It's clearly very hardcore and niche and will have only an appropriately niche audience if anything. The review doesn't paint this picture at all. If you're going to torture a woman, you're going to want to break her spirit and instill a sense of helplessness and vulnerability. Step One to that, after you cuff her and strap her down or chain her up, is to strip her.

Now, I understand from a filmmaking perspective that you have to get past censors sometimes if you're going mainstream, which means you have to get creative in what you show and how you show it. The Austin Powers method is one way, where you place inanimate objects in between the lens and the genitals. Creative cropping is another, where the naughty bits are just off-screen. The cop-out way, which ruins the whole scene, is to leave them clothed. I remember watching "T.

Hooker" back when it was a prime-time show and Heather Locklear was an unknown. There was a scene where the bad guy captures her and holds her hostage. He forces her to strip. Do we see anything?

She starts unbuttoning her uniform top and then cut to commercial. Another time a woman is kidnapped at a zoo and tied AOH in the tiger pit no tigers. Hooker finds her and saves her. She's all alone in a tiger pit fully clothed. And of course, there are the countless scenes where a husband and wife are in bed and the wife is fully clothed which my first wife used to do, and now is one of the reasons I divorced her. I would urge caution when addressing Our Esteemed Moderator's editing skills.

Posts , , and Some time back I briefly but good-naturedly teased him about him having made an extremely common spelling error inserting an "e" after "judg" in the word "judgment" in the caption to a Daily Picture, and he responded quite venomously.

His retort has had a chilling effect on my willingness to post on the Forum, and I fear I shall again receive the Wrath of Ralphus to this one. In a sense of true Altruism, however, I will accept my punishment so that others may be spared. I think I teased you back about how you got a raging hard-on whenever you caught me in a spelling error.

I don't use a lot of smilies but I can assure you I was being facetious in my reply. You don't have to fear the Wrath of Ralphus, I'm actually a big softy. Well, a little one, being only 3 foot 7.

But the bushy top of my afro is very soft, trust me. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to learn to spell "Duillo" without having to double-check it. Remove it Ralphus if it goes away.

I have long suspected that our Esteemed Moderator is really all soft and fuzzy. And we now have a confession from the man himself that this is the case. Although, he can be rather sharp at times. I felt that there was a distinct whiff of the censorious in his response to my post! We can assert at length our preferences in these matters.

But that 'fact' does not necessarily prevent it from being frustrating and disappointing. As I have noted before, there is always a temptation to criticise other's efforts because they did not set out to achieve what we would have had them achieve.

To give my observations some objectivity, I wished to draw attention to the fact that the film failed on its own terms. The makers obviously felt that for dramatic effect, narrative drive, titillation, etc. But they then backed away, 'chickened out', of the logic of this decision.

With the consequence that, by compromising the verisimilitude of the scenes, they prejudiced our my! For me that is fatal. I am familiar with Japanese films of this kind. Although I would prefer that they were not pixillated, many of them, more than adequately, give us a most comprehensive and delightful survey of the victim's body. After all, if one is enjoying every aspect and position of a woman's naked body, not too many views need include her genitals!

On a different but not entirely unrelated topic, may I ask all visitors to this site to extend their thoughts to Ms. She and her colleagues are, during these days, maybe as I write this! I am sure that you all hope with me that Ms. And, in the final film, may there be enough sequences involving her splendid, suffering, naked body to satisfy even me! OK, enough is enough. Yes, my pointing out of your spelling error had been intended as gentle teasing, and I accepted your response to that post in the same genre.

My comment to Sir Galahad had been an attempt to carry on with the joke. Johnny Carson once said that the key to comedy was pursuing the subject no more than three times, and that he knew when it was time for him to retire when he had told every joke he knew three times. I hope I speak for everyone in saying that we really appreciate your efforts regarding the Duillo artwork. I know I have looked forward to visiting the site daily to see what new items you would be providing.

That, and seeing if our moderator and another poster were doing their English teacher impressions. The Duillo's have been great.

Lets hope you're not out of MAM Covers as well. Thank you for posting the Duillo drawings. They are a heartwarming piece of Americana. Mark me down as another who'll miss the "Duillo of the Day", too. Just based on looking at those illustrations, I've found all kinds of stories I never knew about to unearth, and we're slowly getting them transcribed for the site.

With magazines, you don't really know where to start, so you've helped us out considerably with our new Men's Adventure Magazines Stories section. It's from a French film called The Finger Man.

The chick is hot, but best of all is the bad guy. He's definitely knows how to treat a woman. It's not overly explicit, but it has the kind of meanness that I like to see in bondage scenes.

Sorry again for the late reply. Well I really don't consider it a review my post on Tina and somewhat on Bandera Rota since I didn't gave an indepth analysis but rather talked a bit from it, giving more importance to the scenes we really care about lol. Thomas Chaser and Ralphus.

I am just looking at amazon, and they have limited copies of the movie. It is somewhat shallow that time has not been nice to Tina; she went from this: Well the thing on Claudia Moscoso is that she is young and has a facial skin so perfect due to her age, so it is clear some say her over Amy, I am not saying that Amy is bad in no way, but she is around my age; and honestly the way to keep beauty and health throughout the ages, is with excercise and fitness.

Good thing Amy said she loves going to the GYM, not sure if she would do something to tight her muscle mass even to just look fit and not take the FBB route Rikochanpornstar wants.

Again, I am not saying any insult or bad but working out has helped me. I mean I love to see strong women enduring: Can we ask here about certain models and girls? As I want to ask about this certain girl from the early hogtied years. Oh and not sure what Amber is going through, but she looked in great shape, giving an example of what I like of strong women enduring bondage.

But it seems most her stuff is gone even from the group. Or so it seems. And I agree with you guys, in that after , most of television has been terrible. OK that is all for now. See you guys later. Saturday, 24 May The remainder of the field will fall into twin B-Main, straight up by their finish. Top three from each B-Main will advance to the A-Feature.

Thursday and Friday Race Points will follow the following scale: Points will be calculated from the position earned prior to the Provisional. Purse structure for each night is as follows: Gates open at 4pm, Hot Laps at 6: Gates open at 4pm, Hot Laps at 5: Slated to start sixth, Martin got a break as two false starts advanced the No.

Taking full advantage, Caleb led flag-to-flag despite a caution on the white flag lap for Cody Stacy that planted the No. Having to settle for second, Doughty was able to hold off Channin Tankersley on the final restart. Koty Adams crossed fourth with Chris Sweeny moving up four spots to fifth. September 2, For the third time in his career, J. Racing to the lead from the right of the front row, Imperial held off Colton Hardy who advanced five positions for the runner-up spot.

Rick Ziehl crossed sixth with Casey Buckman seventh. Sunday, September 2, Heat 1 8 Laps: I was just trying to save the car and save the tires as long as I could, and when we got to 10 go, I just let it eat. Beating out Kyle Bellm on the opening lap with Derek Hagar following to second, the caution lights blinked on with two laps complete as Tyler Utz rolled to a stop just off the edge of the track entering turn three.

Restarting with a gaggle of lapped cars in the mix, Hagar picked off half the slower crowd before the caution flew again on Lap 31 for Kyle Bellm. With four lapped cars running between Swindell and Hagar, the battle was working through the field as Brian Brown began rallying through the lineup with Seth Bergman in tow. Also having to contend with the myriad of lapped traffic, Brown had the wing in the truck as he closed on Hagar with less than five laps to go. Derek Hagar held on for runner-up honors with Brian Brown rolling to third from eighth.

Seth Bergman in fourth made up more ground in the chase for the championship with the Corridor Electric No. The top-five wrapped up with Jonathan Cornell. Nearly getting tipped on the opening lap, Sam Hafertepe, Jr fell back to nearly 15th before rallying back to sixth in the Hills racing No. Heat Races were also sponsored by Searsboro Telephone, Co. Tickets for the three-night affair are on sale at http: Sunday, September 2, DNF Brady Barker, [3]. Heat 4 8 Laps: Heat 5 8 Laps: Heat 6 8 Laps: Qualifier 1 8 Laps: Qualifier 2 8 Laps: Qualifier 3 8 Laps: B Feature 3 12 Laps: DNF Tyler Blank, [22]; DNF Randy Martin, [25]; DNF Miles Paulus, [16]; Harli White 2,; Chris Martin 2,; Collecting his ninth career win with the ASCS Southwest Region, Hardy's performance was cut five laps short as a power outage gripped the track with five laps to run when the track went under red for the No.

Imperial moved up to finish second with Rick Ziehl in third. Lorne Wofford made up four spots to finish eighth with Billy Chester making the top-five. Action continues Sunday, September 2 with gates opening at 5: More information on the track can be found by calling or online at http: Saturday, September 1, Heat 1 8 Laps: Winning from the pole, the Angleton, Texas racer beat out current series point's leader, Channin Tankersley for the win.

For more information, log onto http: Racing with Tyler Thomas on the start, the No. We made a couple changes for the Feature, and we were probably a little too tight to start. I ran the top and one and two and it was really good so I ran the top of three and four and it wasn't so that let Sam [Hafertepe] get by, but I could tell we had them covered and it was just a matter of time," commented Swindell on his seventh overall win of the season. That's hard to beat, and you know we've had some breaks on some of this stuff, but we've been getting our car working better all year too so we'll just work to stay ahead of everybody else.

Dashing around the No. Reverting to Lap 6, Swindell took over as the lead and quickly ran away from the race for second. Leaving Tyler Thomas by a half straightaway, the driver of the No. Taking over the runner-up spot on Lap 21, Derek Hagar made up very little ground on Swindell before the checkered flag flew. Rolling up from 10th, Washington's Seth Bergman completed the top-five. With the DNF by Hafertepe, the point's battle is back under a blanket with Bergman closing the gap to 24 points with Blake Hahn lurking in third with a point gap to make up.

Lake Ozark Speedway is located at 50 Twiggy Ln. More information on Lake Ozark Speedway can be found online at http: Saturday, September 1, Car Count: DNF 4-Evan Martin, [25]; Tyler Thomas 1; Sam Hafertepe, Jr. Travis Rilat 2,; Jamie Ball 2,; In fact, he could have called our office at any time and chose not to do so.

We are more than willing to work with any track to make the show better and address any legitimate issues. We're in the business of promoting and growing the sport of Sprint Car racing and continue to do so without Electric City Speedway. The season for the Brodix ASCS Frontier Region is already in the works with new tracks coming on board, as well as bigger and better events for teams and fans to attend.

August 27, Sprint Car fans will have plenty to choose from this Labor Day Weekend as nine events across five sanctions of the American Sprint Car Series are set to do battle. Jason won the second McMillin Memorial event in , with Zach Chappell putting his name on the list of winners in Going into the weekend double-header the chase for the National Tour Championship has tightened up as the top three are separated by 77 points with Sam Hafertepe, Jr.

The top-five rounds out with Wayne Johnson and Johnny Herrera. The 25th Montana Roundup at Electric City Speedway encompasses three nights of racing and is one of the most highly anticipated events for drivers across Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming, Canada, and beyond. MT each night, tickets for the Montana Roundup can be purchased in advance at https: Great Falls, MT More information can be found on the track's Facebook page, as well as online at http: Prior to that, the series graced the clay of the quarter-mile oval in with Aaron Reutzel grabbing the win.

Saturday, September 1 and Sunday, September 2 open at 6: Tickets are on sale at https: Located in the cool pines of Show Low, Ariz. The second half of the season, nine events leading up to his weekend's event has found six different winners with Colton Hardy leading the charge with a trio of wins. Going into the two-day affair, the point's battle is as tight as ever as the top-five are only separated by 80 points, with the top four going into the weekend with a point gap between Billy Chester, Jesse Baker, Josh Shipley, and Rick Ziehl.

Saturday, September 1 and Sunday, September 2 open at 5: August 25, Denied in several close finishes over the last couple seasons, Oklahoma's Mike Goodman was not going to have another one slip away on Saturday night.

Goodman's first with both regional tours, the No. Starting on the pole, Alex Sewell slipped to the final podium step with Johnny Herrera moving up four spots to fourth. Missouri's Miles Paulus completed the top-five. Evan Martin would slip back to sixth after leading the opening 13 laps. A Feature 1 25 Laps: August 23, With the count under days until the 34th annual Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout, the Mecca of Micros is already seeing teams making plans as four nights of racing will greet teams from across the globe.

Leading up to the event, Early Parking will begin on Monday, December Remainder of the teams will move in on Tuesday, January 1, Early Parking does not guarantee that a team will be able to bring their trailer into the River Spirit Expo Center. Teams who are allowed to bring their trailer into the Pits must have two cars for every 10 feet of trailer that are participating in the Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout.

Questions or concerns on this can be directed to Matt Ward at or The opening day of racing on Wednesday, January 2 will start at 9: Start time is tentative for 5: Racing continues each day through Saturday, January 5, For all classes, RaceCeivers will be mandatory.

All event times, prices, and details will be released as the event gets closer. Early entries for the 34th annual Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout will begin on Tuesday, September 25, , with entries taken online, by phone, or by fax. As of now, a date to reschedule is pending but not definite. Any updates will be posted to http: As the draw for Heat Race lineups had not yet occurred, not show-up points were awarded.

With torn up equipment and some bad luck, and too, I put myself in some bad spots but after the Knoxville Nationals we had, to come back and rebound like this. We needed it and this just proves my guys are the best. They gave me a great car and not only that, we got another win for Chick Magnet Motorsports," commented Jamie who is the 17th National Tour winner of the season.

Working through several cautions in the first ten laps as drivers snagged cones out of the infield while navigating the bottom line, each restart would have Johnny Herrera glued to the back bumper of Ball's No. Able to keep the wily veteran at bay, Jamie rolled into lapped traffic on the final lap as Herrera shaved over a second from Jamie's advantage, but would not have enough time as Ball crossed 1.

Racing back and forth with Harli White through the first half of the A-Feature, Matt Covington would finally take hold of the final podium step with Blake Hahn working top-shelf to fourth after a multi lap race with Seth Bergman who held on to round out the top-five.

Harli White ended up sixth with Wayne Johnson advancing five positions to seventh. Tickets can be purchased at or online at https: For more information on the event, call Roger Crockett 1,; Beating out California's Geoff Ensign, the lap affair ran green to checkered in just under 8. Moving up from 12th, David Hoiness made up the top-five. Saturday, August 11, Heat 1 8 Laps: Keeping pace for the first four rotations, Hagar was there to take over the top spot on Lap 5.

Rolling up from 12th, Channin Tankersley raced to fourth with Tennessee's Morgan Turpen crossing fifth. Terry Gray sixth had Koty Adams in tow. Ernie Ainsworth grabbed ninth with Shane Morgan tenth. BBill Mason, [1] Heat 3 8 Laps: BBill Mason, [24]; August 10, Taking his No. Swapping the lead early on with Logan Forler, the pair traded the point a trio of times before the No.

Able to hold off any advance from there, despite a late race caution that brought Ivan Worden into the mix, Miller brought his season win total with the series to four. Worden in second after starting ninth was chased by Trever Kirkland for the final podium step, despite having to fight back from a visit to the work area. Having to restart his race at the tail, Logan Forler charged back to finish fourth with Washington's Chance Crum making the top-five.

Bryan Brown in sixth had David Hoiness in tow. Kory Wermling in eighth had Jordan Milne in ninth with Mathew Dusseault moving to tenth from eighteenth. Racing gets underway at 7: Friday, August 10, Heat 1 8 Laps: DNF Rob Orgar, [21]; From there, Macedo set sail on the cushion for his fourth podium finish and second win during the Southern Iowa Sprint Week. Picking up five positions, Washington's Trey Starks made up the top-five. Racing from eighth to third early on, Wayne Johnson ended up slipping back to sixth with Johnny Herrera grabbing seventh.

Matt Covington 3,; 6. Johnny Herrera 3,; 7. Scott Bogucki 2,; 9. Carson Macedo, who got a bit of a slow start, entered the top five when he passed Scelzi on lap four. McCarl reeled in Saldana and passed him high in turn two to take the lead on lap five.

With eight laps in the books, Brooke Tatnell contacted Jamie Ball, with the latter flipping hard in turn two. Macedo slid past Hodnett for fourth. Wayne Johnson, who was running tenth, slowed with a magneto issue, bringing caution on lap That negated a Brown pass of Saldana for second. Macedo used the restart to get by Brown and take over third.

A red flag stopped things again when Scott Bogucki and Cole Duncan, who tipper over, tangled. When the green flew again, Macedo slid by Saldana for the second spot and began reeling in the leader. Brown would get by Saldana for third with ten to go.

On lap 17, Macedo shot by McCarl to take the lead. Brown would follow him a lap later. The third place, McCarl, began searching the racetrack and found something on the low side. He reeled Brown back in and passed him for second with three to go. A lap later, he would shoot by the cushion riding Macedo to take the lead. Macedo won a pair of awards. Tatnell won a steering wheel from MPI for his hard-charger efforts 22nd to 11th.

Sometimes it's better to be leading and sometimes it isn't. When I dropped back to third, I had nothing to lose.

It doesn't matter if you are third, fourth or fifth, you come to win. I was able to move around. The guys out front were kind of sitting ducks and couldn't move around like that. I found the bottom, and I was thinking, 'Please don't move down. I'm so happy to win for them. I can't say enough about this whole family and this team. I initially got a little bit of a bad start, but I was able to get to the top and pick some guys off.

Late in the race, I could really slide across, catch the cushion and drive off. When I got by Terry, I tried to get up there and stay as straight as I could. He found the bottom and was able to get by me.

Carson hadn't found it yet, and the next thing you know here comes Terry. He's a veteran here and he knows where to look. I was afraid to go to the bottom and lose my opportunity with Carson.

My hat's off to my team. Ticket and event info can be found online at http: DNF Scott Bogucki, [15]; Joe Saldana ; Carson Macedo: DNF Chris Martin, [21]; DNF Mckenna Hasse, [16]; DNF Tyler Blank, [18]; Johnny Herrera 2,; 7.

Skylar Gee 2,; 8. Getting the lead from Bryan Brown on the start, Hoiness was able to build his advantage throughout the A-Feature despite cautions and a red flag as Zac Taylor and Kelly Miller raced back and forth for the runner-up spot. In the end, Taylor would hold on for second with Miller third. Kory Wermling moved from seventh to fourth with Cody Masse making up the top-five. Rushing up from 18th, Trever Kirkland was the night's Hard Charger with a sixth-place finish.

Shane Moore from 11th landed seventh with Roger Cummings returning to action with an eighth-place showing. Junior Nelson and John Nelson made up the top-ten.

Friday, August 3, Heat 1 8 Laps: Macedo's first career win at the famed half-mile oval, the win is also Carson's first with the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by Sawblade. For Bobbi and Jaxx. For Philip and all these guys," said Carson as he was joined by Jaxx Johnson on the top podium step. Caution on Lap 3 for AJ Moeller, just as Macedo got the run for the lead, the restart saw Macedo slip back as seventh starting Joey Saldana grabbed the lead after restarting third.

Moving away from the field, Saldana enjoyed several car lengths as Macedo worked back to the runner-up spot on Lap 6. Rolling up on slower traffic with the race nine laps complete, Saldana was met with a wall of slower cars. All but stopped entering the first and second turn the following lap, the Rudeen Racing No. Hitting the cushion after the pass, the Jason Johnson Racing No.

Nearly making contact in the final two laps trying to work the slide off the fourth turn, Saldana was able to keep pace over the Searsboro Telephone Co. With clean air and a deep cushion to run on, Carson Macedo raced to the win by 2.

I don't know how they do that, but they made my car really good, so I just had to do the job I was hired to do but I can't say enough for what an honor it is to drive this racecar. To be standing on the same stage Jason did; this wasn't the Nationals, but man. Jason was a hell of a driver so to fill that seat is definitely an honor.

Terry McCarl in third will start Saturday's championship event from the same position. Tim Kaeding grabbed fourth with Knoxville Nationals Rookie, Giovanni Scelzi, completing the top five and earning the right of Saturday's front row. Cole Duncan slipped back to finish sixth with Brooke Tatnell seventh after starting 11th. The cid Sprint Cars will join the card.

For more information on Knoxville Raceway, and everything taking place during the Knoxville Nationals, log onto http: DNF 1-Travis Rilat, [13]; Grabbing the Thursday opener of the 28th annual Knoxville Nationals presented by Great Southern Bank, Kennedy also has the distinction of being the first Canadian shoe to win a cid A-Feature at the Iowa half-mile.

Sam [Hafertepe] and everyone else seemed to be the same pace I was, and I knew I was losing a lot of momentum and I looked at the board and I see the No. Rolling to the green second on the lineup, the Buffalo Wild Wings No. Caution on the second lap for Tasker Phillips, who made hard contact with the wall in the second turn, Kennedy was able to hold off any challenge as the race behind him heated up. With Mason able to keep some pace with Kennedy, the pair rolled away from a ferocious battle from third to sixth with Scott Bogucki racing with Jamie Ball, while Brian Brown battled with Greg Hodnett.

Swapping positions several times to the mid-point of the A-Feature, a bobble off the bottom of the second turn by Bogucki on Lap 11 shot the Sawblade. Taking third from Jamie Ball one lap later, Swindell trailed the No. Slowly through the backmarkers, Kennedy began losing his advantage over Mason Daniel. Cutting Kennedy's advantage to only a few car lengths, Mason was there with five laps to go, but so was Sammy Swindell. Making up a straightaway in a matter of laps, the trio came to the white flag with the Rossie Feed and Grain No.

Peddling off the bottom of the second turn, Swindell hit the low line of the final two turns as Kennedy diamond off the cushion to slam the door on Sammy with the two nearly making contact off the final turn as Kennedy held on to victory by 0. Sammy Swindell in second was joined on the podium by Mason Daniel.

Greg Hodnett settled for sixth in the Lelands. Jamie Ball was shuffled back to eighth with Shane Golobic ninth. Also having to race through the B-Feature, California's Cory Eliason rolled ahead 13 spots to finish tenth. Live PPV coverage can be found on http: For information on Knoxville Raceway and everything happing during the Knoxville Nationals, log onto http: DNF Calvin Landis, [4]; DNF 4-Jon Agan, [19]; We ran a different wing, different engine, just a lot of different things going on right now, so it feels really good to get the win and hopefully we can bring this momentum into Knoxville.

I've never won at Knoxville and I feel like I'm due. Underway with Hafertepe out running Chris Martin into the first turn, Hafertepe was set on cruise as the No. With multiple lines to choose from, the leaders raced top to bottom past the race's half-way point with Hafertepe gapping the field by a half straightaway.

Moving through some light slower traffic, the change in pace allowed Chris Martin to begin reeling in the No. Inching closer to Sam, the dynamic of the Global Ag No. Losing the time he'd made up, Chris was suddenly under fire from Skylar Gee. Racing back and forth for the runner-up spot for a couple laps, the Strongs Crane Service No.

Racing to hold onto the third spot, Chris saw his night end abruptly as the car lurched violently into the wall through the fourth turn. Caused by a cut tire, Chris was okay. Restarting with one lapped car between himself and second running Skylar Gee, the final eight laps again saw Sam race away from the field with Hafertepe winning by 2. Challenged by Wayne Johnson in the final laps, Skylar Gee held on for silver with Johnson in the show position after starting seventh.

Blake Hahn crossed fourth with Matt Covington rounding out the top-five. Getting out on top of a four-car race on the Lap 17 restart, Seth Bergman held onto sixth with Tasker Phillips in seventh. Kicking off Thursday, August 2 the event runs through Saturday, August 4. DNF Chris Martin, [2]; DNF Mitchell Faccinto, [17]; DNF Scott Bogucki, [8]; Skylar Gee Provisional s: Blake Hahn 2,; 4.

Wayne Johnson 2,; 5. Matt Covington 2,; 6. Leading start to finish, Miller outran Montana's David Hoiness to the stripe with Ned Powers moving through the field from seventh to take the night's final podium step. Damon McCune was fourth with Clint Anderson fifth.

Saturday, July 28, Heat 1 8 Laps: DNF Todd Pudwill, [14]; DNF Travis Reber, [8]. Rolling through the field from eighth, Louisiana's Koty Adams picked up the second spot with Dustin Gates on the final podium step. Bruce Crockett and Cody Stacy made up the top-five. Moving ahead four spots, Larry Howery was sixth. Grabbing the win from the third starting spot, the Ronnie Pitts Motorsports No. Cody Gardner finished fourth with Justin Webb making up four spots to finish fifth.

While the racing was intense, the highlight of the night goes to another Crawley. Organizing Backpacks and school supplies for kids to go back to school for the second week in a row, mastermind Lora Crawley helped to pull together enough support to had out bags full of supplies. On Saturday, August X-Charlie Louden, [4]; 5. D6-Cody Gardner, [1]; 2. D6-Cody Gardner, [2]; 5. X-Charlie Louden, [11]; 8.

Racing hard with Blake Hahn to open the 25 lap Feature Event, the pair made contact racing for the lead just prior the red flying for Alex Sewell who flipped off the top of the first turn on Lap 4. Unable to complete the lap out front, Hahn resumed his chase of the No. On Bergman for the lead at the race's half-way point, as Seth wrestled with nose-wing damage, the red lights came on once more as Mike Goodman and Kyle Clark tangled off the fourth turn.

Restarting with the slower car of Fred Mattox in the mix, Hahn would have to deal with the back-marker for several laps, allowing Seth to gap the Griffith Truck and Equipment No. Hahn would hold on to second with Sean McClelland grabbing third after a multi-lap battle with Kyle Bellm.

Moving up from 12th, Lance Norick completed the top-five. Zach Chappell crossed sixth with Jake Greider in tow. Moving up from 18th, Tennessee's Brian Bell crossed eighth. Ace McCarthy advanced from 16th to ninth with Bailey Felkins in tenth. Gates open at 5: For updates and other information, call or log onto http: The bulk of the series events have come at Knoxville Raceway, which has seen 63 A-Features.

Wayne Johnson holds fourth with Matt Covington trailing the No. Mason City Motor Speedway is located at 4th St. For information on the track, call or log onto http: Sunday, July 29, Gates Open: Open Headers Track Contact Info: Mason City Motor Speedway Address: Seth Bergman 2,; 3.

Winning from sixth, Tankersley was joined on the podium by Koty Adams and Larry Howery, giving Adams his second podium finish in as many trips Battleground Speedway and Howery his first of the season. Cody Stacy and Danny Burke, who started ninth, made up the top-five. Cody Karl slipped from the front row to sixth. Tommy Hall moved to seventh from 10th with Harry Yerrington eighth. Bruce Crockett and Johnnie Wasson made up the top-ten.

Moving to second on Lap 11, Howard Moore would hold onto the silver position despite the repeated attempts by Derek Hagar who would have the settle for the bronze.

Dale Howard in fourth was trailed by Ernie Ainsworth to round out the top-five. Tim Crawley grabbed sixth with Justin Webb in seventh. A couple notes from the night, all driver draw fees were paid by Justin Webb and Southern Coatings. With support from across the country, a total of 65 Backpacks were given away at Riverside. Saturday, July 21, A Feature 25 Laps: Running 25 non-stop laps in the St.

Miles Paulus advanced four positions with Cody Baker slipping to round out the top-five. Friday, July 20, Heat 1 8 Laps: Going into the race, it looked they had been trying to get the top to come in and I figured it would at some point and luckily I was right this time," commented Covington of this third win of the season with the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by Sawblade.

Dropping to second on the start, Covington trailed Canada's, Skylar Gee. Adjusting his line up the track as the race rolled into Lap 5, Covington rocketed into the lead on Lap 6 with Seth Bergman following to second. Caution on Lap 7 for Ned Powers who had a heavily damaged front end, the restart saw Bergman take his shot at the lead with no success, only to have his night end two laps later with a fueling issue on the Corridor Electric No.

Restarting with nine laps complete, Skylar Gee moved back to second and began searching the track for a way around Matt Covington. Moving half a groove down the track, Gee found the center line coming in.

Getting a run just a few laps after the restart, Gee pulled to the inside of the No. Showing Covington the line, the Oklahoma driver quickly adjusted his line. On Skylar nearly getting the pass, Covington said, "I saw someone. I wasn't sure who poked their nose in on me, but it worked out where he showed me the rubber and I was able to stay ahead and close the deal out.

Skylar Gee in second was joined on the podium by Sam Hafertepe, Jr. Travis would hold on for fourth with Johnny Herrera advancing six spots to round out the top-five.

Blake Hahn crossed sixth with Scott Bogucki seventh. The driver of the Sawblade. Luckily, Davey Heskin was able to help and provided the Brodix Rookie of the Year contender a truck to make it Aberdeen.

Chris Martin crossed eighth. Battling inside the top-five early on, Wayne Johnson would end up ninth with Harli White ending her night tenth. Information on the event can be found at http: DNF Seth Bergman, [3]; Blake Hahn Provisional s: Fourth went to Caleb Martin with Koty Adams in fifth. July 14, Taking the Roger Cummings owned No. Quickly into the lead, Hickle had two moments in traffic that nearly brought his momentum to a screeching halt as Skylar Gee breathed down his neck for the race lead.

Able to fend off the Strong Crane Service No. Skylar Gee would hold on for second with Tony Bruce, Jr. Kelly Miller in tow would have David Hoiness to round out the top-five. Joe Perry grabbed sixth with Seth Bergman having to dig from the 20th starting spot to seventh after mechanical issues sidelined the No.

That went to Damon McCune. Saturday, July 14, Heat 1 8 Laps: DNF Travis Reber, [13]. July 14, Three nights and just as many wins. One more caution before the race's conclusion, Sewell was not able to make work of Cornell who sped away for the win.

Sewell's third podium run in as many nights, the Oklahoma driver was joined on the podium by Jay Russell. Fourth went to Zach Chappell with Mathew Howard running from14th to fifth. Lance Norick from 12th crossed sixth with Danny Jennings slipping from the pole to seventh.

Picking up eight spots, Ray Seemann grabbed eighth with J. Johnson and Jake Greider to make the top-ten. Topper, [7] Battlestar Performance Heat 3 8 Laps: Hickle jumped to the lead on the opening lap and never looked back for his first victory of the season with the Brodix ASCS Frontier Region. Trever Kirkland and Kelly Miller made up the top-five. Sean MacDonell crossed sixth with Jordan Milne moving from 13th to seventh. Joe Perry in eighth would be followed by Zac Taylor, who rebounded from a late caution to finish ninth.

Idaho's James Setters finished tenth. Big Sky Speedway is located at mile marker 16 on Hwy. For more information and directions log onto https: Friday, July 13, Heat 1: Coming from the ninth starting spot, Cornell dashed through the field with restarts playing well to the No. Led from the onset by Mike Goodman, the race's final restart with four laps to go put Cornell at his back bumper.

Able to work away by several car lengths Goodman maneuvered the hub of the Humboldt Speedway with ease. Racing to the final lap, however, Cornell hunted the line; closing the gap on the No. Entering turn three just off Goodman's right rear, Jonathan kept his momentum to pull even for the lead off the fourth turn.

His second podium finish of the weekend, Alex Sewell charged from 15th to third. Topper rounded out the top-ten. More information, directions, and prices can be found online at http: Friday, July 13, Heat 1 8 Laps: Rolling third at the race's final restart with six laps to go, Cornell rolled the high-line to second on Mike Goodman. Keeping the Kiowa Line Builders No. Swinging wide off the fourth turn to protect against the high side pass, Sewell left the hub open and Cornell dove at the opportunity; edging Sewell to the checkered flag by 0.

Chance Morton rolled across sixth with Mathew Howard in tow. The first of two nights with the Kansas based series, Humboldt Speedway opens at 6: Get more information on Humboldt Speedway at http: Holding off early charges from Skylar Gee, followed by several mid and late race advanced from Sam Hafertepe, Jr.

I've been watching these guys for a long time, even before I started racing Sprint Cars and I knew that Sam and Seth were coming.

I knew Johnson was going to be there, and my buddy Blake; he's been on a roll, so I knew he'd be coming. Then Skylar Gee's been rolling pretty good lately, so this win is really special. It just feels awesome to be standing here," stated Chris who celebrated with donuts that would make Jesse Hockett smile. Changing his line throughout the lap A-Feature on a near perfect racing surface, Chris was able to work through slower traffic with ease.

Lapping into the top-ten before the race's first caution while working Lap 18, Chris would restart with a pair of slower cars between himself and the Heidbreder Foundation No. With five laps to run, however, that buffer would not be there as the caution flew again. With a run to the inside of the No. Giving Chris breathing room, he was still far from being out of danger as Hafertepe regrouped with a full head of steam.

Down into the final laps, Sam would close in but would not be able to steal away the win as Chris crossed with a 0. Hafertepe in second was pursued to the line by Seth Bergman, who made up three positions on Lap 18 to get to the third spot. Coming from 12th, Blake Hahn made it to fourth following a multi-lap battle with Wayne Johnson who crossed fifth.

Racing begins at 7: More information on the track, including direction, can be found at http: Wednesday, July 11, Car Count: DNF Travis Reber, [17]; DNF 0-Ned Powers, [10]; Wayne Johnson Provisional s: Alex Hill 1,; Going into Wednesday's event, Sam Hafertepe, Jr.

Wednesday, July 11 opens at 4: Information, directions, and more on the Speedway can be found online at http: Gillette Thunder Showdown Where: Wednesday, July 11, Gates Open: Gillette Thunder Speedway Address: Tickets are sold the day of the event MDT at the track.

Roger Crockett 1,, Asked what it meant to win his first National Tour event at the Gallatin Speedway and get the chance to stand with Adam the Grizzly Bear, Skylar replied, "This is awesome. I wanted to win this race so bad, I don't think I've ever driven a Racecar so hard in my life. This race is just so cool. I've wanted to do this since they first announced first started this race, so this is like a dream come true. I'm just super proud of him. It's awesome to do it here.

I'm glad these fans got to see this. The race's lone caution on Lap 3 for Jordan Milne, who spun at the exit of the fourth turn, the restarts saw Covington and Wayne Johnson in pursuit. Able to fend off any challenge, Gee laid the right rear to the cushion before finding traffic four laps later. Moving top to bottom through traffic, Gee continued to pull away from the race for second with sixth starting Blake Hahn moving to the runner-up spot just prior Lap With a distinct bottom and top groove to choose from, Hahn began making up ground on Gee who was mired in lapped traffic.

Pulling to within 10 car lengths with 10 laps to run, Gee finally broke into clear race track to again pull away. Down to the final four laps, Skylar again found himself surrounded by lapped traffic.

Threading the needle with inches to spare at times, Gee was able to keep his nose clean with an advantage of 3. Blake Hahn crossed second with Sam Hafertepe, Jr. Matt Covington would end up fourth with Wayne Johnson making the top-five. Advance ticket sales can be found at http: Information, directions, and more can be found online at http: Nelson Nelson, [9]; 9. Nelson Nelson, [8]; Jordan Milne Provisional s: You don't think about it when you're out there racing, but now that they've talked to me and the fence is going up, it's a little different," stated Matt as the Grizzly Bear began working towards Victory Lane.

Rolling to the green from the pole, Covington worked the low line of the three-eighths-mile oval only to have Sam Hafertepe, Jr. I should have jumped up on the top, but I thought the bottom was going to be the place to be early. Sam showed us that it wasn't, then Harli when by so then I jumped up there with them and chased them back down. Sam ended up blowing a tire there towards the end, and luckily we were able to finish those last five laps so we're fortunate to be in Victory Lane.

Picking his way around the slower cars, Hafertepe built a comfortable advantage of over four seconds. Held up enough to allow Covington to close the gap just after the race's half-way point, the Heidbreder Foundation No. Caution on Lap 19 as Johnny Herrera rolled to a stop with a flat tire off the second turn.

Lapped cars in the lineup gave Hafertepe a nice four car advantage over Matt Covington. Clicking off Lap 21 however, tire conservation would come into play as both Hafertepe and Hahn saw their right rear tires expire. Moving Covington to the lead with Harli White back to second, the pair raced close the final four laps, but it would be Matt Covington holding on for the win.

Scott Bogucki crossed fourth but failed to report to post-race-tech and was disqualified, moving Skylar Gee into the final transfer spot for Saturday's A-Feature, as well as making him the CP-Carrillo Hard Charger of the night with 10 positions gained. Seth Bergman crossed sixth with Travis Rilat moving from 10th to seventh. Recovering from a flat tire as well, Blake Hahn completed the top-ten. For more information on Gallatin Speedway, call , find the track on Facebook or go online to http: Nelson Nelson, [3]; 7.

Thorne, [7] Heat 5 8 Laps: Nelson Nelson, [5]; 9. DNF Roger Cummings, [1]; DNF 3-Jordan Milne, [23]; Scott Bogucki 2,; 8. Skylar Gee 2,; 9. Jamie Ball 1,; Travis Rilat 1,; Chris Martin 1,; Placing fourth was Howard Moore with Justin Webb in fifth.

Sunday, July 1, Heat 1 8 Laps: Working through traffic on Lap 18 however, the advantage would swing to Bellm's Greenworks Nursery No.

Tyler Blank would have to settle for second with Tony Bruce, Jr. Slowing to a stop while working Lap 8, Jonathan Cornell came back from the tail to complete the top-ten. DNF Bailey Elliott, [17]; DNF Brian Beebe, [19]. Taking the green from the right of the front row, Moore chased Zach Pringle around the Arkansas quarter-mile to start the night's 25 lap affair. Working by the following lap, Moore ran to the checkered flag ahead of Tim Crawley who made his way to second from sixth.

Derek Hagar in tow from seventh made the night's podium. Zach Pringle ended up fourth with Louisiana's Dustin Gates rolling to fifth from 15th. Charlie Louden crossed sixth with Justin Webb seventh. M with racing at 8: For more information, log onto www. Saturday, June 30, Heat 1 8 Laps: X-Charlie Louden, [3]; 2. D6-Dakota Gaines, [10]; 9.

X-Charlie Louden, [8]; 7. June 30, From the sideline to the finish line, Jonathan Cornell put his No. Taking off with the lead, the No. Back to Miles a lap later, Cornell was not deterred. Mounting his charge, Cornell fired back into the lead on Lap Keeping Paulus at bay the remaining four laps, the No. Tyler Thomas fourth was trailed by Kyle Bellm who raced from 12th to fifth.

Looking like his weekend was not going to include racing, Tyler Blank jumped behind the wheel of the Dale McCarty backed No. Kids 10 and under are free. More information on Double X Speedway can be found on their Facebook page at https: Muths,[7] Heat 3 8 Laps: DNF Bailey Elliott, [13]; Muths, [10] A Feature 25 Laps: DNF Randy Martin,[9]; DNF Curtis Boyer,[11]; DNF Roger Crockett,[16]; DNF Danny Thoman,[7]; Imperial notched his second career victory with the Arizona based region on Saturday night with a run that started from the sixth row.

Gridding the field 11th, Imperial worked into the top three on Lap 14 as Jeff Lowery set the pace. Missing the groove and getting loose, Don ended up going for a ride after hitting the front stretch wall.

Moving Imperial to second, the top running No. Ripping the fence in the No. Rick Ziehl and Jeff Lowery picked up the cash. DNF Don Grable, [2]; June 30, No Brakes, broken right front Shock, starting to Rain, and missing his Hat for a moment before Victory Lane; it didn't matter.

No one could keep pace with Sam Hafertepe, Jr. With the rain starting to come down, Sam reflected his fourth National Tour win of the season, "To get the win tonight is awesome. I really felt like we deserved to have the chance last night, and we definitely got the job done tonight. It's actually happened a couple time this year with the shock coming off and Brake Lines coming off, I honestly thought about pulling in there on Lap Just didn't have any brakes so if someone had crashed in front of me, we could have run right through them.

Fortunately, it didn't happen, and we were fortunate to be able to start out front with clean air and limp it home. We had a really good car, just couldn't flex our muscle at the end like we wanted too with the problems we had," Green for two revolutions, the race's first caution flew on Lap 2 as Logan Forler and Greg Hamilton came to a stop along the front stretch. Both able to return, Hamilton's night came to a quick end as the No. Pulling away on the restart, Hafertepe found the back of the pack in a matter of laps.

Putting several lapped cars in the mix, the caution flew again while working Lap 11 for Kyle Miller. Chased by Henry Van Dam to the caution, the No. Henry was unharmed as Jason Solwold took over second.

Under green, Hafertepe again pulled to a comfortable advantage. Losing several car lengths in traffic on Lap 16, Jason Solwold would filter the slower traffic to one between himself and Hafertepe as the caution lights came on again on Lap 18 for the spun No. Diving the low line on the restart, Solwold was unable to get a run. Green until Lap 23 for Garen Linder who stopped off the fourth turn, the restart put Solwold with Joey Saldana in tow from 10th. Keeping pace on the restart, it only took a couple laps for Sam to begin pulling away as Joey Saldana battled to hold third from Austen Wheatley with the position finally going to the No.

Working into traffic at the white flag flying, Hafertepe was not to be denied. Jared Peterson seventh was trailed by Logan Forler who picked up 10 spots over the 30 lap affair. Making the best of a provisional, Skylar Gee moved from 24th to ninth with Chase Goetz crossing in 10th. Both nights open at 5: MDT Tickets are on sale by calling F1-Rick Fauver, [3]; 6. F1-Rick Fauver, [6]; 7.

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