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Galloway walgreen s girl

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Galloway walgreen s girl

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Marion - Jefferson - Good Shepard Clinic - The Clinic used to be the old Jefferson Hospital, The ambulance crews use one section of the old hospital as living quarters, the work out room used to be the nursury.

There is one room in the quarters that they will not go into. Some have said that they have seen shadows in throughout the building that are not in the living quarters, after the clinic has closed late at night. Marfa - the Marfa Lights - It is a great tourist attraction. For years everyone has gone to this place on the road between Marfa and Alpine. No one knows if the lights are in fact spectral or of UFO origin. It was looking up towards the ceiling, long curly black hair, pale face, no expression at all, only at second glance it was gone.

Strange cold and warm spots felt as well. Marshall - Marshall Pottery - HWY 59 - When they were building the new plant, they apparently found one of the workers dead by a tree when the construction first started. That tree was located what is now, the center of the warehouse.

Unknown causes of death. The second story is that the plan was built on ancient sacred Indian grounds, it may be both. Workers will very clearly hear their name called, even with the roaring of machinery. Many car accidents have occurred here. The nearest hospital being over 80 miles away many accident victims do not survive. Driving through at night can give you a complete sense of dread.

Some drivers claim that on the highway the became very agitated wondering if what they were feeling was real. Wondering if they were alive or dead. Paranoia is the strongest emotion felt here. Many have claimed to see lights and refractions coming from the Matador Cemetery.

This desolate highway has very little to offer in the way of peace. It however has much to offer in the way of death. Maxdale - Maxdale Cemetery - It is believed that this very old cemetery is haunted by an old man with a limp, some say he was the caretaker of the cemetery. There is also a small old iron bridge you have to cross to get to the cemetery which is also believed to be haunted if you go at night to visit the cemetery and you stop on the bridge turn off your headlights and count to ten then turn them back on there will be a man hanging from a noose.

Who is believed to have hung himself when he could not save the life of his girlfriend who had drowned in the river under the bridge. Another story is that a man committed suicide by driving his truck off a small bridge on the road to the right side of the cemetery. Witnesses report a phantom old truck appearing behind them.

Chasing them for a moment, along with a sad presence felt through out the entire cemetery. Maypearl - Greathouse Cemetery - Strange heartbeat sound has been reported. McAllen - La Casa de Palmas - the third floor is extremely haunted. When he got to the very top he fell and was killed instantly by having his neck broken. Every once in a while during night crew u can here a young boy laughing and running around in the loft.

Lights sometimes turn off and on and certain locked doors will open but remain locked. McKinney - Buffalo Joes - A fine dining restaurant located in downtown McKinney on the east side of the old city hall.

The restaurant has four areas. A mischievous spirit occupies the storage area. Sometimes our toilet paper would be strung out, other times forks would be pinned into walls. All the employees left at the same time just because we were easily freaked out being by ourselves up there.

The restaurant used to be a brothel when McKinney was first founded. Also check out the jailhouse restaurant, a couple blocks west. McKinney - McKinney downtown. At night, she is looking out the window.

They say back in , she hung herself. McKinney - McKinney Public Library - Many books in the library are misplaced, bookcases are being knocked over, and money being taken out of the register and books not paid for being put in purses and other personal belongings. The Motleys donated the land for the school after the house was burned down by vandals.

The family cemetery is still there and includes a grave for an severed arm! Anyway, the theater of the school is said to be haunted by a man who watches practices of plays, etc. He has been reported several times in the past twenty years or so. Mesquite - Galloway Elementary - Several stories are told from employees too visitors whom went through personal experiences of that school.

Children heard running up and down the halls at night, from janitors that work there. Chairs moving in the lunch room. A women spotted by a janitor at night walking down the hallway at night dressed in 19th century clothing.

And a gym were children have been spotted in the daytime that don't exist. There is a story of a teacher that told his children they couldn't use the restroom in the gym without permission a child stood in front of the restroom watching and ran in.

When he went in there too get him, no one was in there and there's no other way out. This was after school hours. Witnesses there at night and heard children on the playground with no one there. There are many stories about that school for many years.

Employees even spoke to a ghost girl before they realized she was a ghost. Feelings of being watched. There is a solitary home that has sat for many years abandoned on this small street. It is the only structure on the road.

Brave teenagers have tried to walk the street at night only to disappear never to be seen again. The road became such a danger that the city closed the road off. Witnesses become overwhelmed by a sense of dread and of being watched, even in broad daylight. In the 80s, a Dallas man killed a young woman and her young son and dumped their bodies on that dark and brooding road this is easily checked, as the case was just solved in the last year or so.

Mesquite - Trail Dust Steak House - It is said that there was a man working on the upstairs railing above the dance floor when the restaurant was being built. He was adding something to the railing, when he fell to his death on the left side of the dance floor. His name is John Brown, he has his own table in the upstairs dining area. Table , it sits between the entrance to the kitchen and the grill window. The upstairs lights are on a timer, set to go off at exactly 1am, but John likes to keep the light above his table lit till way after that time.

Also, managers and employees have quit there jobs there because around 4am, some nights, they have seen lights turn on and off, phones ring off the hook, printers spit out whole rolls of gibberish, doors swing by themselves, and also hearing footsteps on the dance floor. He is also known to haunt the men and women's restrooms upstairs, no matter what, the lights find a way to mysteriously turn themselves on in the restrooms. There has also been reports of cold spots felt in the women's restrooms.

Mexia - Battery Road - urban legend since at least the 60's - Legend is you can go down it at midnight and turnoff your car and lights and you will see a ball of fire and as you watch this ball of fire it seems to come right at you and flashes real bright. Mexia - Wal-Mart - ghost keep unstocking the shelves as you are stocking and know one is in that part of the store.

The new super center opened up a short distance from the old store and it still is happening. If you tell "Oscar" to leave you along and stop tearing the place up he will stop and sometimes, he just may go bother some other stocker. Midland - Museum of the Southwest - The ghost of it's murdered owner when it was a mansion haunts upstairs.

Mineral Wells - Baker Hotel - A young man and his friend were fraternizing with the laundry women in the basement or what used to be the laundry rooms.

His boss was going to check on them so the first man jumped into the elevator the second man however was caught in between the closing door and died. It is said if you go by the elevators at night you can see him. Another legend is that a mistress was so distraught that she could not have her lover killed herself in the Baker.

You can smell her perfume of lavender at night in the hall where she killed herself. Numerous orbs have been seen in pictures along with amazing ecto photos and sounds, apparitions and smells. Mineral Wells - City Park - While sitting in the bleachers, you can see figures in baseball uniforms walking across the field.

Orbs have been photographed by the jungle gyms. C Youth Program 'S - Man's Dorm room 1ST Building from road It was reported that during WW2 when they use to train pilots there, their was a young man who did not want to go to war so he shat himself and now he roam the old barrack where he died.

The chief learned of a planned attack and had separated the women and children from the his men. The white man planned for the split and killed the chief and his men by the huge trees by the bridge. The women and children were slaughtered right by the bridge.

If you go to the bridge at night and turn your engine off right on top of the bridge, roll your windows down, you can still hear the cries of the women and children that were massacred. Mission - City Cemetery - It is said late nights there are small troll-like creatures that have chased or frightened people off.

Mission - LaLomita Mission - This old mission has just recently been open to the public. In the mission's heyday, priests were rumored to be having intercourse with the nuns and burying the children's bodies on the grounds. One night some illegal emigrants, who were aware of what was going on, went in and killed two of the priests.

The third priest went to get help, but died while searching. The robes and bones of the priests were on display up until a couple of years ago. Thereafter, it became an asylum for the mentally challenged.

Working at Walgreens: 6, Reviews about Work-Life Balance |

We would appreciate you taking this into consideration Thankyou in advance for your co operation. The pharmacist told me they are human.

She said anyone can make a mistake. Had a perscription felled the other day. Now it was the right pills but they put the wrong label on it. Since I have been taken it for a long time I noticed it read for pain. Well that is not what it is for. Not even a week ago a person in my family got the wrong medication. On this date I went to CVS to pick up a prescription.

Megan informed me that she needed my phone number and I replied that I have been a customer for over 10 years why do you not have it? She just shrugged her shoulders. I gave it to her and she then said that I needed to ok this information. I asked why I have to ok my phone number which you should already have? She then said that to approve text messaging to my cell phone and other ads. I felt betrayed by a scam artist. I told her to take the phone number out of that system and now before I pay for my prescription or I would go elsewhere.

I did not pay until she went to another computer to remove it. I am almost 65 years of age, retired, an American citizen and Military Veteran. I believe that she intentionally tried to mislead me.

Businesses need to take care of their properties responsibly, as they set an example for the rest of the surrounding community. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Immediately after the surgery, while still in the hospital, I was given the Estradiol Patch to control symptoms of surgical menopause.

I have been on it ever since at a dosage of 0. Up until this day, I have remained on hormone therapy to control symptoms and protect against osteoporosis. I have added Vitamin D and Calcium to my diet, exercised and ate calcium enriched foods. On April 10, I picked up a refill of my prescription.

The prescription read 0. After approximately weeks I started having severe hot flashes which I had never had experienced to this level. They were becoming debilitating. I also developed severe insomnia, irritability, depression, mood swings, fatigue, and panic attacks. My symptoms worsened over time and I called my primary care doctor at Mass General Hospital and made an appointment. I became completely frustrated and she questioned that I might see a psychologist.

I had seen someone prior due to family issues, but, now something was different. On Sunday, September 3, I started researching the estrogen patch 0. Something just popped into my head after almost six months of being on this patch and I was desperate for answers. For almost six months I had been given this incorrect dosing. I had submitted a claim to your company and have been working with Shannon Ortiz an examiner in the Risk Management Department. She has been, in my opinion, very disrespectful to me.

When I first spoke with her about the issue she commented that she herself had hot flashes and it was completely normal associating it with menopause. I told her I understood that, but, it was being treated with the estradiol patch for over sixteen years. She belittled my symptoms and kept referring to herself. I told her the severe symptoms were due to the decrease which was cut in half over all these months. I spoke with an attorney several times who I have not retained up until this point.

I called her on several occasions and forwarded all my medical records, etc. It shows all pertinent information regarding onset of depression while noting no severe depression prior to stopping the correct dosage. Also, other reports of my bone density, etc. CVS caused this problem, not me! Max is always very professional and consistently maintains a positive attitude. He exhibits a high degree of knowledge regarding not only the prescriptions he dispenses but the complexities of insurance reimbursement.

This has been going on for two weeks or more. There has been a terrific turnover in the staff, apparently because most of the pharmacists have quit. I find that they need at least two full days to fill a prescription made using your phone system. At minimum, CVS needs to add a message to the automated phone system warning customers to expect a two-day delay in getting prescriptions filled..

I am now beginning to consider other pharmacies for my business unless these problems are promptly fixed. For the 10 minutes or more, the condescending verbal lashing filled the store. Other shoppers shared raised eyebrows and obvious solidarity in the absolute unprofessional nature of the event all were enduring. One other shopper and I shared our concern for the clerk who was subjected to such public humiliation. As I was towards the back of the store, closer to the drugstore, the verbal lashing loomed closer as the manager continued her assault on the clerk as they moved through the store.

Upon checkout, the clerk greeted me warmly and professionally. I commented that I felt the situation and behavior of the manager was highly inappropriate. He repeatedly apologized, however I felt it necessary to extend my sympathies for what he was subjugated to. Byram CVS has always had the feel of community and friendliness however if this is the direction of change it is going, I will seek another establishment for my purchases. I then called corporate and spent 20 minutes on the phone with a person who refused to help me.

I called and got no straight answers but figured new person and figured it would be attended to. I expected our refund to be processed within 30 days. After I hung up I verified that medicare had processed in June of and no record of it being resubmitted. Today I called and still not processed but would request it today and will be another 4 weeks to the credit card. That bill had been paid and repaid since last June.

The least you can do is process a check to us directly when it has been a full 7 months, a wrongly sent patient due bill, being given incorrect information about Medicare billing and last inaction for issuing a refund! This is no way to treat your customers. It appears to me that you are holding money for reasons that are not good. Or, are your business practices just bad? On top of that there is no way to contact your corporate offices to rectify these issues.

Therefore, I am using this public forum! I often visit CVS to fill my prescriptions for my family and have excellent care. I am very upset with CVS. They have a typo on their end on the website and as a customer I am thinking that I will receive what I ordered. The three customer service reps was not helpful at all and I am a unsatisfied customer. The reps did not say sorry this is a typo and that they will take it down and compensate me with anything.

I will not do business with CVS again it was not handled the right way. Unfortunately if you are sick and try to get a prescription filled at the CVS in Burtonsville Maryland your pain will quadruple with this poor service that you received at that particular drugstore. Never wish anyone any discomfort but I sure wish those find Mrs. Your minute clinic took advantage of a 72 year old American with polio by telling him his insurance would cover all of the flu shot. After speaking with several people under the CVS umbrella, nothing was rectified.

Just trying to get a copy of his new insurance card to them has been virtually impossible. They are the most incompetent company we have ever dealt with. They are going to kill someone with their incompetence. I need an immediate ret call by someone in extreme upper management to make them aware of my unnecessary plight caused by the inept staff at CareMark….

I have been trying to enroll a new drugstore with CVS Caremark for many months. Can not talk to anyone concerning the delay. Please Email me with the a contact person.

I faxed over a verification of employment form for one of your employees who is trying to get a mortgage. As of today, I have not received this back. Please advise on status or who I can call to follow up with. Your employees closing will be delayed without this. Obviously CVS has once again put its ever increasing profits well ahead of its customers well being. This is not news is it! Those two own it!

Unfortunately for consumers, most especially seniors, these two shameless companies want nothing to do with any websites or dot coms whose purpose is to save you money on prescriptions. These coupons always expire before I am able to use them. Always in the middle of the month. I am on a fixed income so I can only get my prescriptions in the first week or so of the month. Many, many of these coupons I can use. Like today, when I got my prescription, all the coupons were expired or I couldn,t use them for one reason or another.

Can your company come up with a solution? These coupons surely save me much in Dollars. All go out of their way to make sure the customer has what they need. The store is exceptionally clean and not cluttered. The druggist and others know most people by name and face. This is an exceptional trait. I worked in the Auburn,Ma store for over 13 years. I have seen many changes,most not for customer service,and recently was very embarrassed at my church.

We set up a flu shot clinic at our church for yesterday,October 9th….. We had all of the forms filled out and the people waiting…. Our Parish Nurse stopped at the store before church to verify!!!!!! What has happened to your care of clients and the community????? As a company providing a product that sick and pain-ridden patients rely on, you are doing your customers a disservice.

You have no business overriding a legitimate prescription written by a doctor who works hand in hand with their patients. CVS needs to step back and rethink this policy, because I am willing to bet it is going to rear up and bite you in your corporate behind. By restricting opioids to pain patients who desperately need them, you are going to contribute to the suffering of many people whose only crime was to incur an injury or illness that causes them to suffer from terrible pain.

And I know they will. CVS seems to try to be fairly responsible when it comes to no longer selling cigarettes which must have hurt your bottom line. You have a phone program that reminds patients of upcoming prescriptions. However, there are two things that CVS could do more responsibly. Seems like a tremendous amount of paper when nearly everyone leaving the store throws in the regular garbage cans. This waste oes to the dump and frequently is not recycled.

My spouse and I have been collecting empty pill bottles for 14 months now. We have over 40 bottles in a grocery bag hanging in our linen closet. There doesnt seem to be any place to recycle them. When i think about all of those bottles and the multi millions of them that are handed out…it blows my mind. I can think of a few ways to reduce the costs, reduce the truck loads of bottles and be an even more thoughtful company about our environment and the massive impact you could have by doing some of these things.

I would love to speak with someone about putting some of these ideas into play. Please contact me at Femagirl1 AT aol. Hello, my name is Rosie. I have an issue that I would like to address. I have been a patron of CVS for over 15 years and have never had any issues. Your store located at the corner of Bitters Road and Nacogdoches, in San Antonio, Texas has had the window in the drive-thru broken and not replaced for over two weeks.

This is very inconvenient and and unacceptable. I had to get down from my car which made it very difficult. When I went in the store I asked the store manager when the broken window would be fixed. He just raised his hands in the air and looked at me and said nothing. Any assistance that can expedite this issue will be greatly appreciated. My family goes to CVS in Madison, Ct, we recently had a very serious health issue, the Pharmacist there, John, treated us like old family friends, he was helpful and went above and beyond the call.

All the other pharmacists are helpful as well and the staff is great. She looked at it upside down , inside out. I told her I have used similar ones in every store and never any problem.

She just repeated amount due for my purchase and walked away. Used elsewhere after with ZERO problem. I have never in my life felt so humiliated. We had been shopping for about 30 mins, My daughter in the makeup section with me son.

The whole time she said the employees were looking at her the wrong way. I was walking around the entire store looking at everything. Once time passed my payment went through and as I was walking out of the store I was approached by two police officers stating that the employees had said that me and my daughter were suspicious of shoplifting.

We were faulsey accused of a crime me nor my daughter committed. Thr police officers asked to search the baby stroller and they found nothing. They searched me and my 14 year old daughter and found nothing. I felt so embarrassed and humiliated. They discriminated against me and my daughter and not a damn sorry from neither the employees or manager. Lots of complaints but in our Gurnee IL. He goes the extra mile to serve the customer!!! Also the mail order Palatine IL. Love the E-mail renewal plan also and notices.

Keep up the good work!! We were made to switch to CVS Specialty drugstore by our insurance company in January and it has been a nightmare from day one. From delivery problems, infusion issues and billing we have had nothing but problems.

Whenever I call I have to talk to a different person and get different answers. Nothing is ever resolved. CVS does not want to admit that the left hand does not know hat the right is doing. They only want to penalize their customers for mistakes their workers are making.

You are absolutely correct. It got so bad with Caremark that we got permission to get maintenance drugs through CVS. They change Pharmicsts like we do socks.

Not much better but it puts a face with the errors. My Oncologist prescribed a supplemental to go with my chemo that was scheduled on a Monday. Thanks for making my weekend so my chemo has been cancelled. They obviously know more than my Oncologist who happens to be a professor of oncology and a resident at one of the leading cancer institutes in the world So please!!!

Someone anyone help me to contact these medical savants? I doubt this this will make it to the desk that will handle this issue but I feel I need to bring this to attention of your corporate office. I live in a small rural town called Arcadia, Florida. CVS stores sits at the busiest intersection with traffic coming from the west coast to the East coast and traffic going North or to the next intersection to go West.

My complaint concerns the outside and inside appearance of the store. The grounds are not kept and I mean there is trash outside the front entrance and along the highway.

Hedge is unkept and parking lot always has trash lying around. Grass is not mowed. Inside of the store is not much better. Just to the South of this intersection is a bank that maintains their grounds and directly across the street from CVS is a city maintained splash pad. CVS is an eye sore for our little town and this busy intersection. The city has a main street organization that takes pride in the appearance in the downtown. We have revived our downtown businesses with antique stores and during the winter months our little town is bustling with winter tourists.

Hi, I have been taking my business to CVS in Albertville, Mn aim very, no extremely disappointed in this drugstore. I have been waiting for 3 weeks, if not longer for this drugstore to receive my clear nicotine patches. I called them yesterday, the associate told me they should be in between So I call them this morning. I ask the guy who answered the phone, if my clear patches came in yesterday. He says hold on, without getting any of my personal info. And left me on hold for 15min. He still has not come back on the phone.

So I hung up, and called back, this time a gal named Asian answered. And I explained I called and was put on hold for 15 min. Iam yes I can. Well she left me on hold for another 15 minutes. So again I hung up and called back. This gal who answered took my information and checked. Iam fit to be tied. Cause I called in the begging of the week.

And talked to Jim the Manager. And explained to him what has been going on. All he did was kinda laugh and said he would give it to his girls, or take care of it himself. I stated I prefer you take care of it. Well he gave it to his girls.

And here I sit still waiting for them, iam very disappointed with this CVS. Iam sencerly thinking of going to a new drugstore. And this is not the first time I have had to wait and wait for my order. Thank You for your time. My email address clearcreakcowgal at msn. Yesterday I looked in a bag that was in my vehicle that day and at the bottom of the bag between some clothes, I found the 3 missing gift cards that I reported missing. Again, I apologize for any confusion that I may have caused.

I receive a confirmation email but when I go to pickup I am told they never received the request. I ask for help and all they say I should call unstead because it it easier.

I ask them why have refill option online and they say not their problem. It is a problem for me. I ask them to tell someone so it can get fixed. I signed up for SilverScript in February and as of June 1, CVS corporate decides to change policy instead of waiting until the year is up. This is not what I signed up and therefore I a breach of contract.

I have no choice , do not take my meds , pay the higher price or go generic. Someone who is not my doctor is making a decision for me and my health. This generic did not just appear and has been available for quite some time. So why now in the middle of my contract. I want the individual or individuals who made that decision to contact me and explain their decision.

Whatever lies I will be fed you know it to line the pockets of executives for their executive package. Recently, we my spouse and I were there, as we travel a lot since we are retired, and it is disgusting. These stores claims to be claims to be consumer friendly, yet, the employees are treated unfairly. Employees were fed lies, that they be protected, and were they?

One employee, my spouse and I witnessed, being jostled by a shop lifter and we find out they were fired for their being submissive in the altercation. When asked, about security. CVS did nothing, to protect us or them. You had employees be threatened in likes of other states, i.

An employee in California had her hair yanked out by a shop liter, and was sole bread winner since her husband has terminal cancer, and has three young children age of ten be let go, after her manager also promised security in the store! Or mistake your LP fired that cvs employee trying to put us out of harms way. Lately, we have noticed, several stores are now only sataffed with an overnight cashier and pharmacst in your 24 hour stores!

And no security guards either! Not only were these employees later fired! Our issues we demanded to speak to a regional GM! When we called,to be informed the time he be there, we happen to arrive earlier, than the promised time, we asked to see, him. Well, apparently they did not anticipate us, and my spouse actually caught him and who we later was told his appointed manager to this store, and perhaps,his wife or girlfriend, or tramp on the side hussy, my spouse saw her, wipe off lipstick off his cheek, and he had to pull up his trousers, tuck in his shirt, and zipper up his pants!!

In fact, when he did see us in a particular store. You, CVS,seem to protect those thieves, more so than their your own employees. Another location, one pharmacist looked like she was in her third trimester, and asked to make sure no bleach be used to cleaned the ladies room, her plea was ignored as she asked they ventilate the rest room or install an exhaust fan!

You, cvs, on the other hand are breeding ground of what is wrong with America! Waste baskets are filthy, the front off the store trash are constantly over flowing every day, and even these claim to be new stores, the toilets apparently only cleaned once a month, and expired food put back on the shelves! We have seen this too! These so-called shift leaders could care less for those that are hard workers. Did your employees check up on our grand kids or tke state,ment! Even your local LP do nothing.

We erred, thge employees who keep quiet get a measly raise. Cvs you they have high turnaround! Yet, insist on hiring young kids, for positions they can get away with policies you, yourself do not enforce! Lety your stock brokers what are doing wrong?

I double dare you be upfront to them! They are unprofessional and totally ignorant. I was helping a friend just released from a hospital post surgery. On the way home from the hospital we went to the drive through to fill the needed prescriptions. We were in line behind another car well before 6 PM. When we got to the window at just before 6 PM. A mousey brown haired girl came to window to hand out the order but, it was only half completed which she new but, started to close the window any way.

I rang the buzzer and another mousey brown haired girl came up to the window and insisted on closing the window. I asked for the original pharmacist who took the order — the store manager came to the window and said that pharmacist had left already which was not true. These people just wanted to close the drive thru at exactly 6 pm — even though we had been told the order would be filled and even though we were at the window well before 6PM. A real bunch of unprofessional jerks.

The manager of that drugstore should be fired. I bought a liquid foundation 2 days before returning. When I wanted to return with the receipt in hand, Carol adamantly denied me a refund at first and said it was impossible. She advised to wait for the woman that helped me the day before.

I waited patiently for min just to make an exchange. While waiting, she persisted to argue with me and blamed me for her temper. The next day, I came back to return the makeup for another one same brand because that color did not match either.

Carol yelled and told me no. I remained calm but was disturbed by her total disregard and disrespect for me as a customer. After explaining again, that I have only made a return a few times, she angrily said ok but she would never allow me to make a return again.

I was appalled by her delivery and words and shocked that CVS would allow this behavior. I simply wanted to return makeup I bought 2 days ago and then exchange it for a different color of the same brand. Every time I have gone to this Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA which have only been a few the manager or supervisor Carol has uttered rude comments to me and was unwilling to help me with simple concerns or questions.

She has discriminated against me based on race. I feel extremely uncomfortable going back to this location. She is very rude and others have witnessed her cruel behavior. I will never come back here again. Carol was prejudice and completely discriminated against me based on race. I called the drugstore to transfer both of our prescriptions and was hung up on month of Feb so I drove down to take care of this in person.

I have sent text messages to no avail. I again tried to call to fix this problem and hung up on. Again I drove down in person and was told that it could not be done in the store. We have to go where the insurance covers our medications. This unnecessary harassment needs to stop. I know someone can delete my information or transfer it or make a note regarding the change.

Thank you for taking care of it. Yours truly, Janet Goding. The cvs drugstore on little creek road and Chesapeake Blvd in Virginia is by far the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Every time I come here the customers service is horrible and the wait time for an already filled prescription is ALWAYS longer than 30 minutes. If you are in the drive through and you put in prescriptions three days prior there is still a tremendous wait time. There will not be a third visit.

I can go to Walmart for cheaper and faster service. At least there isint a wait. I have used CVS for many years. I am now 70 yrs. As a result, I have a couple of people who shop for me. I have done this many times before and had no problems. The helper shows his ID and signs, uses the coupon, and I get my Zyrtec with the discount which is a great help to my budget since I take many medications.

But yesterday, my helper was told the coupon could not be used my him, only me in person. Therefore, I did not get my discount, and I am very angry. Does this mean the coupons you send me for being such a good customer will never be used again because I cannot walk into your store myself? This is discrimination of the highest order, and I will not fail to report it. Please pray you reply to Mr. Gary Martin Hayes emails to get the list of the pharmciies he and Dr.

Robert Monett is asking for. And please , I pray you answer the emails sent by: Lee Please do not reply to my email address, no emails at all. I thought I could enter and see if I win. I always have good customer service from CVS. You take the quick survey and then have a list of products you could get a free trial and pay shipping only; I picked a vitamin supplement and paid for the shipping only to find out that it was a monthly order, which I called to cancel.

I thought you needed to know what you are associated with. If some could send me an email address, I could forward the email. If a person really reads into this, it seems it is not necessarily CVS, but it has your logo and gives CVS a bad name. I am a cancer patient and I live in the Bronx. Today is Feb 27 and they do not have my medication.

The Pharmacist there did not order my medication on Feb 16 so I have been in pain for over a week. When my husband called the pharmacist he had excuses and decided to try to blame us, but still I do not have my medication. I called on Feb 23 and Stanley the head pharmacist was not there but I was told by someone else in the drugstore that he never ordered it. I wonder if this was a white neighborhood would this have been handled differently.

I was told they would have it by March 1. Imagine making someone who is getting radiation 5 days a week and chemo once a week wait for this long for her pain Medication. Shame on you for this kind of treatment!!! Alysha, The answer is NO. Our family was sleeping in the new portion of the hotel, and she woke up in the early hours and saw a misty "cowboy" like-person standing in the room with his back turned to her.

He had a blank stare on his face and just stood for several minutes before leaving. Many of Teddy Roosevelt's rough riders haunt the bar. San Antonio - Terrel Castle Bed and Breakfast - This bed and breakfast is said to be haunted by the original lady of the house and some children. The lady has been sensed in the library, and the children play on the stairs.

At the Graduate center bottom floor you walk-by and you feel a feeling that you need to get out of there fast. Nasty feeling to feel. Many housekeeping and Officers feel the same feeling. Police officers have felt that same feeling, to include supervisors.

San Antonio - University of the Incarnate Word - Dubuis Hall - - a former nun is said to haunt students in the night with many reporting uneasy feelings and the sensation of being watched.

Another girl claimed that she awoke one morning to find her stuffed animals had been totally rearranged in neat order during the night. San Antonio - University of the Incarnate Word - Main Administration Building - built in , has cold spots and reports of a student's radio dial non-digital begin scanning through stations on its own. This same admin building's top 4th floor was once used as a quarantine for victims of tuberculosis and has seen its share of deaths, which might account for the activity.

Additionally, on the 3rd floor of the Admin building, a 5-year-old boy chasing a bouncing ball has been spotted regularly. The bus reportedly stalled on the tracks and was consequently hit by a train, killing all in the bus. It is said that if you pull your car onto those tracks, the children will push your car over the tracks to safety.

Baby powder placed the bumper of the endangered car is said to show the handprints of the small children. San Benito - Old San Benito High School - It is said that in the old high school you can hear screams, crying and a little girl that walks the halls of the abandon school which use to be a hospital during WW11 for the injured.

San Elizario was once the County seat. This woman is well-dressed in a long dress wearing a yellow hat. Since hat wearing is uncommon in this area, customers inquire about the odd woman.

They are amazed to find they have just seen a ghost. There is restrooms next to the gym that are closed because of a girl who committed suicide. Many students before reported seeing this girl in a white gown staring at them while looking at themselves in the mirrors or washing their hands. San Juan - Garza Pena - In the girls restroom they have heard footsteps.

While you are doing the restroom you could hear someone turn on the sink and washing their hands, then paper towels on the floor. When you get out you feel someone behind you. Then when you turn around there is water on the floor. San Juan - Old Doedyns Elementary - Back when the school was open, everyone would say that a little girl once went in the restroom right outside the cafeteria and came out with scratches all over her wrist.

SHe said she never felt anything, so nobody knows what really happened. San Juan - The old PSJA Auditorium - It has been said that in the old auditorium years ago a janitor or tech was putting up a light on the top and he fell and died. Till this day if you look up the light has never been placed.

The story is if you happen to do a production there, you have to put his name in the program because if not he will do something to ruin the show. Either drop the set, or something else horrid. It is said that a prostitute was raped and murder. Now when you pass by walking or with your car you could hear her screaming and crying for help. It is also said that when you see up the second floor at night she tends to wave and call you. San Marcos - Belvin St. It used to be an insane asylum, but was closed down.

Years later, the Pike Fraternity, bought the property, and made it the pledge house. During one of the pledge processes, some of the pledges were killed If you go in there, you can see the pledge books, as well as Polaroid's, blood on the walls, etc.

San Marcos - Job Corps - the graveyard shift has lots of stories of ghostly apparitions, lady in white that was murdered. Lots of ghosts seen by the kids in barracks as well as the house aides, it was formerly an Air Force base.

There are to many stories to even begin to tell. Just go ask anyone that works or lives there! San Marcos - Old Main - The building called "Old Main" has two reputed ghosts, one a blatant fake, but the other seemingly real. The fake is that the ghost of LBJ roams the halls.

The other stems from a time before the building was renovated. Before renovation as it can be seen in the movie D. Legend has it that a young student fell jumped or was pushed from the third floor and died on impact.

Today, custodial staff has reported seeing the girl, still dressed as she was then, clutching her books, trying to get to class. He supposedly hung himself in the building. Random unusual events, such as lights turning off by them have been reported. It has also been said that since the building is round and surrounded by water, that it attracts ghosts.

San Marcos - Texas State University - Butler Hall - Butler Hall is a three-story dorm located next to the theatre building, which is also said to be haunted, and is more than 50 yrs old. Tapping on doors, windows, and walls is also common but usually assumed to be other students. Hallway lights on the male side of the dorm tend to flicker or some will only some will be lit. He died there at his post while guarding it during the American Civil War. It is believed that he still appears there.

Dressed in his grey and yellow uniform. Although sightings are very remote, it is reported that the dead soldiers ghost is more active before, and during wartime. She lived in a shack on the Aransas River where she cooked for wary travelers and let them sleep on cots on her porch.

When a traveler named John Savage no, not that John Savage fell victim to an axe murder, Chipita was the prime suspect. After Chipita pleaded not guilty, the jury recommended mercy, but the judge ordered her executed on November 13, Chipita was kept in leg irons and chained to a wall in the courthouse until the day of her hanging. Her coffin was placed in an unmarked grave a moan was said to come from the closed casket.

Many people claim to have seen her ghost, a woman with a rope around her neck. San Perlita - El Toro Road - Devil's Lagoon - In the late 's early 's a horse drawn carriage is said to have driven into the lagoon and everyone was killed and certain nights around midnight the carriage will come out of the lagoon drive around it and then return.

Santa Ana - Santa Ana high school auditorium - about 7 years ago a girl fell from a balcony in the auditorium during a play. Whenever there is a play, a dim light can be seen from the balcony above the stage itself. Dressing room doors close by themselves and there are cold spots.

Its a tradition that we bring her spirit flowers before every play for a safe performance. Santa Maria - Iglesia Antigua - in this church you can here noises at night. Santa Rosa - Long ago a restless spirit haunted this town. She was called "La Llorona" or weeping woman. She would weep for her children that had drowned in a canal not far from the village. The town had to make a huge exorcism to put the restless spirit to rest.

Nothing has happened in the village since then, but some say if you walk up the canal at midnight you can still hear her wails. Saratoga - Beaumont- Bragg Rd. Saratoga - Bragg Road - This is a road near Saratoga where a mysterious light hovered, sped away from or toward drivers or followed drivers.

Some said it was the light from a lantern that belonged to the ghost of a railroad man who was accidentally killed on nearby railroad tracks. Saratoga - Dirt rd.

It is said that an engineer is haunting the place where he was killed. There are several stories as to what actually happened there. Scottsville - Scottsville Cemetery - This cemetery dates from before Texas was a state. The haunting is actually on the grounds bordering the west of the cemetery and church. There is a covered spring house at the foot of a hill just outside the fenced off area leading to the cemetery parking lot.

Stairs lead up the hill from the spring house to the top, where a large, two story house once stood. This house burned in the 50's, but was reputed to be haunted. Old-timers told of standing outside in their youth and listening to voices and furniture being moved in the empty rooms inside.

Youths of today say that if you stand at the top of the stairs, you can hear a woman weeping several hundred feet away, down at the spring house. Young woman who live in the home near the shore with her father said to be very distraught over the loss of a lover. She waited, watching for him to return from the sea from her balcony every night until she met her untimely death and collided with the ground below.

The mansion was since torn down, and a mess hall built where it once stood. Some say if you stand in a circle around the spot where she died it remains uncovered by buildings, but now lies under a tile mural of a star , she will pull at you from the center of the circle, so that everyone "leans" inward. Two campers supposedly died after falling in a well and being trapped.

It has since been covered, but many report they still hear them screaming and clawing to get cut. Also, the dorm nearest to the shore is supposedly haunted the dorm for those campers taking sailing. There are 3 showers, and when the first two are turned on, the third mysteriously turns on. Lights turn on and off and campers report hearing things.

Seabrook - Toddville Road - the former Toddville Mansion, which has recently been torn down, the property turned into apartments or condos.

Reports of a strange creature roaming the grounds, noises, feelings of being watched, shadowy figures. Sealy - Sealy High School - sounds of walking and doors opening and closing on the second floor, elevator operating by itself. Sealy - Sealy high school - football field and track - There was a senior track star coming home from a track meet.

He fell asleep behind the wheel and somehow cut himself. When they found him he had bled to death. It is said that if you go to the track at midnight you can see him running around the track.

Sealy - Sealy Jr. High Gym - There were twin cheerleaders. The head cheerleader broke up with one of the football players. The guy hung himself in one of the upstairs room. The sisters got into a big fight because of it. One pushed the other one down the stairs Head-cheerleader down the stairs. So she picked her up brought her back up to the top of the stairs, dragging her by her feet so her head would drag killing her.

If you go there on Halloween night you can hear the screams of the one sister and her head dragging across the floor.

The other one always said she never wanted to kill her just make her mad. But she ended up dying anyway. Seguin - Texas Lutheran University- There are two places that are haunted here. One is the Wupperman Theatre building which is said to be haunted by a little girl in a blue dress who wants to play hide and seek. Also the stage lights flicker on and off for no reason and the trap door has been said to open on its own. The other place is a dorm room in the Trinity Building which is completely locked up, and no one is allowed to live there.

Some say you can see the lights go on and off and the blinds fluttering. It is known to have been a Indian Burial grounds. It is said that if you go there at night and park just off the road by the large rocks and flash your lights three times you will see an apparition of a woman carrying a lantern dressed in a white flowing gown coming towards you.

You can also hear the sounds of drums at the site. Skidmore - Billmore House - People claimed to have seen a small child haunting the attic of the house and the owners also claimed to have heard crying and laughing through the walls at night. They also say that they hear dripping they think it is blood from the spot under the ceiling fan. The owners and towns people say there is a ghost still haunting the house because there was a child killed by his father up in the basement, hung by a ceiling fan.

I know because i lived there one year ago. Snyder - Snyder Coliseum - First One day a young kid was chasing a bat and fell from the top of the top of the stairs. He tumbled and broke his neck. It is also said you can see him running around the top of the building.

About 20 years ago, there was a guy that used to help out at the bar and sleep in his car in the back parking lot. This guy unfortunately had a drug problem though, and was found one evening by the dumpster in the back close to death, having OD'd. He was dragged inside the bar and passed on there.

There is a very strong sense that someone is watching over your shoulder, and not in a good way. Also he likes to mess with the electricity, doors, he gets a little loud upstairs, and makes all the employees feel very uncomfortable.

He also will mess with the juke box. Southlake - Timmeron - you can be walking down the street by the pool and you will feel a sudden feel of cold energy and a feeling you are being watched all the time. When you are in the bike trails you can occasionally hear something walking near to you and people's dogs always bark out of nowhere and you look outside to see what it is nothing is there.

Lights will flicker, you can hear loud noises outside, so on.. Spring - The Cat House - Supposedly a girl about 12 was playing in the loft when she fell. She had died from complications. She is said to walk the loft. Spring - Blue Light cemetery- Reports of a blue light and blue fog all over the cemetery, accompanied by heard voices and footsteps and the feeling of being chased.

It came on the news one night and reported about the glowing tombstone and the ghost of a woman walking around her grave. Stamford - Bowie Park - It is said that at night there are orbs inside bowie park. Bowie Park is said to be the home of the hatchet lady. Stanton - Convent is haunted by the Priest who hung himself for being accused of a crime.

Reports of the lights being turned on and off at night. Some even sayings of babies that cry at night that were supposedly buried under the convent. Joseph Convent - Supposedly haunted by weeping nuns. Sulphur Springs - Dead Mans Run - word has it that around a man was working on the railroad tracks that were being laid through town. About 2 miles off of 19 on hwy. Now this man who was working on it was having a bad time with his wife.

So one night he took her out there for a "romantic interlude" and instead he beat her badly and tied her to the tracks. Well, thinking she was unconscious he sat down beside her to rest and without him knowing, she tied his boot laces to the track. He felt so guilty that he sat there on the tracks and never moved until he saw the train barreling down on him.

When it was almost there he got up to move and couldn't. He tried to untie his laces, but to no prevail, and was killed with his wife on the tracks. Now if you go to those tracks on November 12 at about 2 to 3 am you can get out of your car and sit on the tracks and you will witness the entire scene.

You can hear the man screaming and the woman laughing. Sunnyvale - Barns Bridge - One night in and lady and her daughter were driving on Barns Bridge and flipped into the creek and they both died. Legend is that at midnight you stop on the bridge and turn your car off and sit there roll down the windows and drop your keys onto the road.

Wait for 3 minutes and get your keys and they say that when you get home you will have a set of 3 finger prints all over your car. Sweetwater - Mulberry Manor - Several ghosts have been reported in this now bed and breakfast that has served as a field hospital in the civil war and an insane asylum in the early s.

Workers have spotted a civil war general in reflections throughout the house. The distinct sound of nurse's high heeled shoes walking down 13 concrete steps is heard often, although the stairs have been carpeted for many years. Items are commonly found misplaced in the back of random cabinets, and many visitors report feeling different presences. Sweetwater - Sweetwater High School - Footsteps are heard on stage in the auditorium while cold spots are felt on the gridiron.

Also a playful ghost runs through the downstairs part of the school. Sweetwater - Sweetwater Lake - Mysterious orange lights have been seen floating across the lake. A couple was there making out and were murdered. Rumor is that the girl was tied to a tree and stabbed to death, if you stand by that tree, you feel rope being tied around you.

The story is that they both were victims of the notorious Phantom Killer of Texarkana in They have gotten out of the High School prom and went to a make out spot although they were told not to go there since the Phantom hadn't been caught. The girl was indeed tied to a tree and stabbed, but in a rather unique way: Most workers have had some kind of an encounter with the ghost that haunts this particular auditorium. It makes some people feel freezing. Others became very hot.

One employee said that every time she went in it, her knees would become very weak Some employees have even seen this spirit. Tomball - Spring Creek Park - In the Civil War era, a munitions factory existed in what is now the back portion of the park.

It was destroyed when something touched off an explosion, which killed approximately men. If you visit the sight today, even on a hot day, you will get chills Tyler - Tyler Junior College - Wise Auditorium - is haunted by a little boy who screams as you leave the building at night. And many things are said to happen in the maids quarters and old water tower. Uvalde - Flores Elementary - Every night on the six grade side you can see an old lady wondering outside in a 40's white dress and janitors their say when they work late they see her and if you call out to her she just turns around and disappears.

Valley Mills - Middle Bosque River - A witness reports, " while on the top of this bluff I have felt like I was being watch ,or like someone was behind me. There seems to be such a strong presence there. She gets out at this deserted house for 60 years and goes in. No lights go on or nothing and she isn't seen again accept on rare times.

Everything about her is white they say. The story is on one website that has been around a few years. I think its called bluebird something. The ghost of Edgewood seems to be harmless and she doesn't appear often.

But after reading about other ghost this seems to be normal. Victoria - Cinema 4, Salem 6, Playhouse 4 - At Cinema 4 there is a ghost woman that watches the workers clean. She is very playful and likes to call you name. While looking down they have seen a little boy run up to the concession stand and when you look up no one it there. At all the theatres everyone has seen trash cans roll up ramps and cold spots through out the buildings.

The ghost only seems to mess with you if there is nothing "fun" going on. A Former employee that worked there in and as a projectionist. The story is that a woman named Dorothy fell out of an upstairs door that they used to load food and candy before the theater was bought by Cinemark. Apparently she broke her neck and died. The doors are still there, but have been padlocked shut. There is a 25 foot drop-off straight to the ground outside if you stepped through the door.

When he worked there, you could say "Dorothy" and a film would always break within the next few minutes.

They would always hear foot steps on the upstairs catwalk when we first entered the building in the morning when nobody was in the building. They would often see reflections of things in the windows in front of the projectors, but nothing was there when we turned around to look.

Also, she enjoyed turning off lights, unscrewing light bulbs, and closing all the doors when you were upstairs alone. Victoria - Old army barracks by the Airport - a shadow of a little boy with a basket ball saying "come play with me" has been reported.

Footsteps, voices, and strange red glowing lights have also been reported. Victoria - Tanglewood Townhouses - Some have reported things moving all by themselves, lights going on and off, things flying through mid air, and temperature drops and chills once in these houses. Victoria - Hopkin's Park - In the 90's a lady was decapitated by her boyfriend on the slide of the playground at Hopkin's Park. Those who live close to the park have reported seeing two figures walking around.

Victoria - Regency Apartments - the regency apartments which is behind Rosewood funeral home is haunted. Reports of voices and footsteps reported. Victoria - Sutton's Mott - This picnic grove got its name from the cantankerous ghost who is seen there. William Sutton was a goat herder who lived in the area in the s. He was murdered on Sunday while walking up the church steps in the nearby town of Goliad.

Since then his ghost has haunted this serene patch of live oak trees. Horses and dogs refuse to enter the grove, and tales of drifting phantoms and ghostly bodies hanging from trees abound. Some say Sutton returns to guard his strongbox of gold he had buried here. Victoria - Victoria County Courthouse - many construction workers claimed to have seen moving flashes of light out of the corner of their eye. Some of the same construction workers and many courthouse employees have claimed to see "floating balls of light"-orbs and an apparition that appears periodically on the second floor in the SE corner of the building.

She has been seen walking the halls at night holding a candle, wearing a white gown. Residents have seen her in the top floor window peering outside at us. Also, a statue of her sits out in front of the library. Her arms are at her sides, however, some nights the shadow that was cast on to the library behind her showed her arms held up high above her head. Waco - Baylor University - Baylor Residential - Formerly listed as Brooks Hall - At Baylor University, the oldest college in the state of Texas, exists a mysterious phantom on the abandoned fifth floor of the oldest dorm on campus.

Violin music is heard in the dead of night and chilling sightings of a cloaked figure in top hat and cloak staring down and illuminated by an eerie candlelight have been widely reported by spooked residents. Investigations have wielded little fact but the enormous amount of eyewitness accounts and spine tingling sightings have given the legend a grand following. One night the shattering of glass was reported as the phantom peered down and paused his playing and in a fit of apparent rage struck a window.

Come morning when level heads prevailed and the storm of the previous night had passed, no damage was found. Still the unpredictable toiling of the phantom have attracted audiences in the witching hour in hopes of catching a glimpse of the mysterious floating candlelight that often hovers from room to room and then vanishes only to appear in the other wing of the building. Still more haunting is the episode on record of the lights failing the building and an ungodly tapping and cold sensation filtrating the respective doors of the fourth floor of the building.

Only one resident dared investigate the unwelcome visitors calling. It is claimed that he peered into pitch darkness to find the horrific silhouette of a cloaked figure in a top hat turn and stare him down through the darkness and calmly vanish out of sight as he glided parallel down the corridor, needless to say it was not pursued. The university has failed to satisfy rumors of hauntings and has downplayed the events for close to half a century now.

The Victorian styled villain who roams the corridors of the uninhabited floor and occasionally mingles with the living loves to make an entrance, the hoax is to elaborate for any collegiate prankster and the tradition has endured for too long.

Perhaps the only explanation is that the phantom is ultimately unexplainable. A new Baylor residential college has been built in it's place. The bodies of the two brothers were found hanging from a tree about feet from the road, killed by vigilantes in Shadowy images of the hanging brothers can be seen in the old tree.

Waco - Cameron park - Witches Castle - this place called The witches castle is in Cameron park, if you go up to it there is a road and you turn right and go up all the way, you then start to smell something terrible, the smell is the bodies the witches killed, and you can hear screams, gasps, and banging. This isn't the case either. There is no building at all at Proctor Springs; there are just picnic tables.

Waco - University High School - There are strange noises in the gym during basketball games when somebody goes in the boys restroom they can hear two boys talking to each other there but when you go in you won't see nobody. Some homes that back up to the Rainbow Lake area have reported seeing paranormal figures, hearing shrieks during the night, and cold spots in the heat of summer. Rumors of a dead body being found further upstream in the Rainbow Creek area have also turned up as well as a sighting of a ghost-like male deeper into the woods.

A few graves have also been found in the area, some marked with simple wooden crosses while others remain unmarked. This location dose in fact exists. It is right between Braughton fields and the Sherwin Williams paint store. If you go to Google maps and in put the following location Rainbow Dr, Woodway, TX zoom in a bit and you will see the lake.

However This location is on a private drive. There may be trespassing issues. Be safe and be courteous. Waxahachie - Catfish Plantation Restaurant - Update: Eliza is the "Elizabeth" Her spirit appears as her younger self, a girl of about 19, the age she was at her first marriage, a happier time for her. It is how she projects herself now, from memory. The "old farmer, Will" is her son J. Richards, who was the local meat cutter and grocer from the early s until his death in The third ghost, Carrie, has been correctly identified.

Caroline Jenkins Mooney lived in the house from the s until her death in Waitresses and customers are always reporting strange things that happen--rude patrons having plates dumped on them, cold spots in the bathroom. Pictures have been taken that show a slender young woman in outline form.

One is a farmer, one is an old woman who lived there, and one is a young girl who was murdered on her wedding day in the house. Supposedly a burglar attempted to burglarize the safe one night and seemed to leave in a hurry. The Catfish Plantation, which was partially burned in , is now back up and open for business. The owners say that the three ghosts Elizabeth, Will, and Caroline are still present. Waxahachie - Site of the last confederate hanging by union army, Private John Hemerich, is seen by some to be standing by the side of the road on Becky Rd.

Waxahachie - Waters St. The story goes as is. One day late at night, he was riding his bike, when a car of drunk teenagers shot him for no reason. It is said that he still rides his bike late at night, and if you approach him he takes out his revenge on you. JD Baker died before the house was completed and Charles mysteriously disappeared in It was purchased by the Fant family in and reports of ghostly encounters are given by a relative who lived in the house off and on during a 30 year period.

She reports seeing shadows on the staircase, feelings of being touched by an invisible hand, seeing ghostly figures and on one occasion the sounds of someone violently pounding the inside of the locked basement door when she was alone in the house.

The current owners have had no encounters with any ghostly presence but a worker states that an unseen person tried to push them off the stairs on the second floor. Bob Hopkins, The Baker Mansion Baker Mansion Weatherford - Diamond Oaks - Late at night if you come around a curve in the road on Diamond Oaks Trail there will be big rocks laying in the middle of the street, then you will hear little kids laughing, and playing.

This has been reported many times. Weatherford - Horseshoe Bend - an old Victorian home sits off little country road said to be haunted by little girl and mother Weatherford - Lake Weatherford - There have been reports of a bull like creature with eyes like fire around the lake Weatherford. Native Americans that used to live in the area called it the "Demon Water Cow". Webb - Laredo - Zapata highway - In the early nineteen ninety's a family was driving towards Rio Bravo, Texas and 5 miles before getting there, they had an accident and they all died.

The area is marked by three crosses. Apparitions of the family have been reported. Weslaco - Airport Elementary - when your outside in the playground and you get close to the fence you could here footsteps and you turn and look and there is nothing there they say that a person died there years back. Weslaco - Weslaco High School - It is said that several years back, a classroom of students witnessed the sudden death of their teacher in the I wing of the school.

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Even though these are labeled slim, they are not very slim between tight teeth. The metal wires in these scratch and stick my gums to the point they bleed.

The wires have gotten twisted twice between my front teeth which have wider spaces than my back teeth and I had to cut them off with scissors to remove the wire. I'm afraid to use these again on anything but the widest gaps in my teeth. I've used plastic picks similar to these which bend after half my mouth is finished, but at least they don't injure my gums.

I'll be going back to the plastic picks--having to use every time I clean my teeth is better than injuring my gums. I always used the GUM product, but when they went up so ridiculously in price I decided to give these a try. They are sturdier, the bristles do not flatten out easily, and the brush did not break off between my teeth once. This was my second order and I loaded up! Stiffer and longer is better. Interdental brushes are usually straight so they work well when inserted from the outside.

However, because they are straight you need to bend them in order to insert them from the inside e. Pro-Sys is angled so there's no need to bend it. There are two cons and why I did not rate the product as 5 stars. First, the wire tends to bend when the interdental space is tightly packed. The wire needs to be stiffer and longer so the food can be pushed out on the other side of the tooth. When the space is tightly packed dental floss doesn't work well so a stronger and longer wire is required if the brush is used.

The straight brushes suffer from the same problem by the way; they are too flexible and too short. Unfortunately, even the 'wide' the largest offered is not sufficient for my needs. Previously, I used the Butler ultra-wide size that, unfortunately, Butler has ceased to manufacture. No alternative product appears to be available.

Easy to use and very effective. These were reccomended by my doctor and are doing great to control gum disease. Love that I can use these with one hand using the ward. Flossing takes 2 hands. This way I can clean often in my car while in slow traffic. Arrived in good shape and work as expected They meet the requirements of those, like me, who must use them.

I bought these after I already experience their retail set of 7. Perfect angle to quickly clean between teeth in the hard to reach spots. Comes with their little caps so you can get a few uses. Don't look anywhere else - I have experience with brands here but they simply cannot compare to TePe. I recommend you invest in 1 small variety set before buying Each pick comes with a cover.

I recommend you invest in 1 small variety set before buying the big bags. I'm stuck with a whole lot of greens I can't use. We've used these brush picks for years and my dentist thinks I'm an accomplished flosser. Haven't had a cavity in over 20 years because this product does exactly what it is designed for.

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