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Fun times tonight or tomorrow

Fun times tonight or tomorrow

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If you think you might be interested please feel free to write back and say hi.

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Fun times tonight or tomorrow

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There's a lot of rubbish out there. Luckily for you - you've found the right one! Whether you're looking for things to do tomorrow daytime, things to do tomorrow night in London, or just the best last minute events going - we keep this list up-to-date with only the best things to do tomorrow in London.

We're talking secret supper clubs, rowdy bar crawls, London's best pop-ups, and everything in-between. Last updated on 17th October Rascals on Various dates from Saturday 27th October Alcotraz Penitentiary on Various dates from Saturday 27th October The Vaults on Various dates from Saturday 27th October Ballie Ballerson on Various dates from Saturday 27th October The Book Club on Tuesday 20th November Disco Yoga is a brand new yoga class inspired by a new generation of 'mindful drinkers' as well as those who simply want fitness to be fun and uplifting!

It's for health conscious millennials who love to train hard and party hard, disco lovers, A rowdy bar crawl fronting drinks discounts, free entry into London's best party hangouts and glow sticks galore; this now iconic night out in London takes place every night of the week, leaving you absolutely no excuses to not try it out for yourself.

Moonshine Saloon on Various dates from Saturday 27th October Revolutionary booking and enquiry management software for bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs. Table management, pre-orders, payments and more. An online ticketing box office, catering for all kinds of events, pop ups to big music festivals, and free marketing and exposure to help sell more tickets.

Need to get your venue out to millions? Use our targeted marketing packages to instantly push your venue to a young professional audience. What's On in London Tomorrow. Check out our what's on in London hub for more inspiration. Comedy Bottomless Brunch - Game Show feat. Drag Guest Stars 20 user reviews 4. Ginger is still having trouble realising it's not the s.

Featuring cameos by Gingers drag queen friends! Alcotraz - Prison Cocktail Bar user reviews 5. Hidden behind unassuming shutters lies Alcotraz, a secret prison staffed with guards to help you successfully smuggle liquor past the Warden and get it into the hands of the longest-serving inmates. Inspired by Hollywood Movies and TV that have Divine Proportions 20 user reviews 3.

Journey To The Underworld 95 user reviews 5. As the summer nights draw to a close, Pedley Street Station welcomes you to witness the greatest love story never told.

A Dark Fairytale where fantasy, fear, danger, lust, hope and love await in the world of Doors open from 7pm on weekdays and 9: Sky Pod Bar offers the best views Ballie Ballerson Bottomless Brunch user reviews 4. Two hours of unlimited prosecco and unlimited pizza at the world famous ball pit cocktail bar with one million balls! Join our epic day party with funky beats and bottomless fun!

Regular sessions will be in our bar area with tons of room for Perfect Liars Club 4 user reviews 5. Little Nan's Bottomless Boozy Brunch 10 user reviews 5.

London Shuffle Club 59 user reviews 4. Well, back in the day, transatlantic cruise ships were full of people shuffling away. And they were happy people. Because shuffleboard is great. After a series of taste-making pop ups, the shuffleboard experts, Erdinger Oktoberfest London 6 user reviews 5. The UK's biggest Oktoberfest is back, and you can bet it's better than ever. They'll be building an epic beer hall think Trapped in a Room with a Zombie 6 user reviews 4.

A live-action escape the room with bite. Prepare to be locked in a room with 9 other people and 1 Zombie that is chained to the wall! Hidden in the room is a key that will unlock the door to your survival. To find the key you must locate numerous Faulty Towers The Dining Experience 20 user reviews 4. Chaos reigns as soon as you walk through the door in this fully immersive show where you become diners, served by Basil, Sybil and Manuel.

Join them for lashings of laughter, huge spoonfuls of spontaneity, plenty of participation, and a 3-course Sunrise Yoga user reviews 4. Set among Sky Garden's luscious tropical greenery with a backdrop of incredible city views, take to the mat in the idyllic City Garden.

The Copycat - Immersive Horror Experience. Have you ever wanted to play detective? Can you list off serial killers' birthdays like a pro? Do you have nerves of the finest steel? A uniquely terrifying immersive experience that puts you right in the middle of all your favourite horror films Moonshine Saloon - Western Cocktail Bar 89 user reviews 5. Step off the streets of London onto the streets of the Wild West and experience life as an outlaw as you join the Bottomless Brunch 58 user reviews 5.

Collins Bookings software Revolutionary booking and enquiry management software for bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs. Tonic Sell Tickets Online An online ticketing box office, catering for all kinds of events, pop ups to big music festivals, and free marketing and exposure to help sell more tickets. Marketing Promote Your Venue Need to get your venue out to millions? We use cookies to help us give you the best experience on our site.

Austin Events Calendar - Find Events in Austin for Today & This Weekend

Next thing you tell me, Ray Charles is there too? Show 1 of 4 aired Sunday and is now streaming online this week only. About the show E says: My pledge to you, gentle listener: You will be moved. The only rule is: Having taken America by storm with their most raucous and beautiful shows to date, tearing down the house from LA to Washington, D.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Now the show has re-emerged on KLOS Laughter, warmth and tears of unknown origin will surely follow. Listen to it HERE. E tells the story of how his dog Bobby, Jr. Tickets on sale April 6 at 10am CET. Read as E overcompensates for his nervousness at being publicly examined for the first time in 4 years by drinking too much tequila, with a surprising update to the Everett story, on newsstands now.

Tickets on sale Jan. See all the current tour dates with links to purchase tickets HERE. Tickets available now HERE. Listen to the title track HERE.

See a photo from backstage HERE. See the full list of signatures and donate HERE. If you're in Los Angeles this coming Wednesday, Oct. Read more about it HERE. The limited edition EELS: Sure to be a major collector's item, our advice is: The individual LP reissues are still available at both stores.

In anticipation of the Oct. Read about 11 different versions while listening along HERE. Making only his 2nd live appearance of the year - tickets just went on sale HERE. See a backstage photo from the show HERE. Get it now HERE. Now available to order HERE. Stream the film for a limited time HERE. It wasn't about killing anybody. That's a new twist on it that I did not intend. The album is available as a standard 1 disc CD, 26 track double CD edition, and clear double vinyl edition, all with download and just in time for Christmas at the new EELS online store , Amazon , and iTunes.

EELS would like to thank everyone who attended a show this year. Give us a hug! Check your local listings for time. In the Metropolitan Police questioned Everett, suspecting him of terrorism while on an innocent stroll through London's Hyde Park. Today he said, "To go from being a suspected terrorist, to having the Freedom of the City is quite amazing. It shows that anything is possible in London. I had planned to go to a writer's colony this week, but failed to find a dog sitter, so am arranging for same in my own home.

I hired a dog walker to come two times a day, I am not answering the phone or doorbell in the mornings, and I am enjoying the pleasure of writing in my pajamas again.

I write better in my pajamas. It might be because it keeps me near the sleep state, where one's mind is open and vulnerable in a way that's close to those kids in story hour. It might be because one is simply more comfortable in pajamas--must ask Hugh Hefner about that. Downstairs, the clock has stuck eight. I hope you find a shiny penny today to bring you luck. Sometimes I plant shiny pennies for the finding and once I saw a little kid come upon one.

He acted like he'd found the moon hidden behind the parking meter. The other day, I asked a friend of mine if she would like a cookbook--I had a bag of them I had moved from a house I recently sold, and had not yet stored them on my cookbook shelf. Oh, I know the allure, the joy, really, of finding new recipes on line, the ease with which you can compare and contrast one version of chicken enchiladas against another, or find a healthier version of a high cal, high fat recipe you love that actually tastes good, too.

I know it feels good to save on paper and reduce clutter. I visited my parents the other day and for some reason my year-old father and I were talking about cookbooks. I said, "Hey Dad, do you remember you gave me my very first cookbook? I was in the PX looking at a junior cookbook, and you came in the store and saw me. You asked if I wanted that cookbook. I only went and looked at it with lust in my heart nearly every day! But you bought it for me and I started cooking right away from it for you and Mom, remember?

I guess he probably doesn't remember anymore. I remember lying on my bed and reading recipes for spagahetti and meatballs, for French toast, for jam-filled muffins. And every recipe began with the same first instruction: That cookbook also showed you how to set a nice table, how to fold a napkin beside a fork, so that you communicated the fact that your guest was not only welcome but esteeemed at your table. I got "The Joy of Cooking" for a Christmas present from my ex-husband when he was just my boyfriend and we were living in a dump of an apartment.

We never had any money; I was a nurse's aide and he drove a cab and once we had a screaming knock-down over what to spend a single dollar bill on--it was all we had left until payday, and payday was a long way away. I found the recipe for Brownies Cockaigne in that cookbook and I bought the best ingredients I could find and I made the brownies and I was absolutely astounded at how good they were.

Reader, I put them in my car and drove around with them so I could continue to smell them as I ran errands. When I joined Weight Watchers, I bought armloads of cookbooks in an effort to not feel deprived. I still use many of those recipes even when I'm not dieting. The best thing about cookbooks is the accidental discoveries you make: And then you might make it and voila: I found chicken al'alba that way, a wonderful dish for company, as they say.

I found burgundy berry pie and caramel apple pie. I love the Caesar salad recipe I stumbled across in the Joy of Cooking; it's still the only one I use.

I even like the splatters and spills you find on the pages of cookbooks. Want to know what recipes a cook really likes? Look for those splatters. If you look in the margins of my cookbooks, you'll also find phone numbers and reminders for things to do that day.

Also, a letter grade will be written by recipes I've tried. A few recipes have this grade: Occasionally, you see this for a "grade": People's preferences in cookbooks can let you know who they are. You get a sense of who the author really is when you use a cookbook. The gold standard is Ann Hodgman, who offers laugh-out-loud commentary in all her fabulous cookbooks.

But even the little individual comments in church cookbooks put together by groups of people for fundraisers are little windows to people's personalities: I particularly like the ones that sound like parts of letters from your Aunt Myrtle: Made this for my daughter's birthday, and holy smokes, was it good. Call me old fashioned. I am old fashioned. I always like the feel of a real book in my hand.

And cookbooks are no exception. When you've had a hard day and can't face another challenge to your brain, can't even face reading from a novel you are loving because you're too out of gas, pick up a cookbook.

Look at the lovely photos and read the descriptions. Eat with your eyes. Smell with your imagination. You'll go to sleep happy, and if you're lucky, popovers will show up in your dreams. I know there were a lot of you on the waiting list who didn't get in, and I hope next time we can find a way to accommodate more people. We had a great time. We drank sangria, ate mini meatloaves and macarioni and cheese and mini apple pies.

I was so happy to meet so many wonderful women and two men , some of whom came from as far away as Indianapolis. And then I worried about you who had chosen this weekend to visit Chicago when, in the middle of the night, we experienced a terrible thunderstorm. The lightning just wouldn't stop--you could practically read by it.

Today's weather isn't going to be a whole lot better, so I hope those of you who are visiting will have a good time indoors--at the Art Institute, say, or at Manny's Deli. Today I'm going to get sized for a ring that Augusten Burroughs is making for me.

I can't stand it. He is the coolest friend: I should be making him a ring for all the things he's done for me. Only he wouldn't want to wear a ring I made. Then again, he probably wouldn't have to, because it would fall off due to poor construction. But next time he's in town, I'll make him a mini apple pie. Here is a writer that picks you right up by your lapels, the kind of writer who gets you very excited about reading. Full report on completion, but for right now, the idea of stretching out with that book and a glass of lemonade is so compelling I think it's all I'll do today.

Oh, that and walk the dogs ten thousand times in blistering heat. Good thing I love dogs. Recently, I went to Boston to see my granchildren, ages 5, 3 and 19 months. I squirted them with the hose, played monster and Mother May I?

I got to be the teacher when we played school, and I was so relieved. May my grandchildren always honor my need to control. I read lots of books to them too, and even the youngest is so appreciative of them. When you finish one, he points to his stack of books on the dresser and says, "Xisutsleyx?

If you would be so kind, I'd love to hear the one about when cake invites ice cream to her party. At first, I was all upset. Then, two things happened. One is that I found out she only chewed the edge, so the crime was not so great--rather like someone biting just the very edge off your chocolate chip cookie--still plenty left for you. Then I decided that rather than getting the pillow repaired, I'd keep it as a reminder of when Gabby was a puppy. There is a dog pictured on this website, a golden who was named Toby and was the best dog in the world.

I know you think your dog is the best dog in the world and I'm sure he or she is a close second, but in fact Toby was the best dog in the world. And will be evermore. Even my friend Phyllis, who hates dogs which begs the question how she can possibly be my friend but we'll get to that on another occasion loved Toby.

Anyway, when Toby was a puppy, he chewed up one leg of my fancy French pedestal table. And I was furious. I thought, Now I have to get it repaired and that will cost a bundle and I won't have a table for as long as it takes and I'll have to eat off a tv tray which is no longer fun plus who knows if they can really fix it. I needed the table for the next night for a dinner party and then I just kind of never got around to fixing it.

My sister saw the chew marks not long ago and said, "What happened here? When he was a puppy. Toby's still here, in a way. Just look under the table. The cook was trying to make chocolate cookies quickly, and thought the chocolate would melt into the dough.

What if she had tossed those cookies in the trash? The trash would have been happy, but we all would have been deprived. Gabby chewing the pillow was a lesson in priorities. But Gabby, if you're reading this, I cannot emphasize strongly enough: Chew one of your bazillion toys, not my pillows, okay?

Last night I called a good friend and asked what she was doing. Soon we were having a wonderful time. She told me she'd grilled a peach the other day, topped it with a dab of non-fat Greek yogurt and agave nectar and almonds and it was as good as a custard peach pie.

I was so grateful for the change in psychic weather and I said to her, "Boy, what would we do without food? I sat on my front porch the other night, realizing that I hardly ever do that, even though it's such a wonderful summer thing to do. It came to me that it's as important to "schedule" things like this as anything else. Read an hour a day. Sit on the porch on any nice summer's eve for at least half an hour. When I sat out on the porch, I saw three teenaged girls walk by in cut-off jeans and t-shirts and flip-flops, engaged in intense conversation.

For one moment, I felt again what that was like, being a teenage girl in the summer. I remembered the feel of soft cotton shorts and t-shirts, and the delicious urgency of sharing everything with my best friends. I saw an older man fly by on what looked like a new bicycle, and it made me want to get a new bike, too. Nothing like a buying a bike to make you feel like a kid again. I heard voices from near by houses floating out the screen windows, and I heard the pounding of sneakers on pavement and the short, fast exhalations of the runners.

The dogs lay with their front paws hooked over the top step, panting, their ears up in the high alert position. And then the fireflies came out. And I thought, ah, who cares what you see in them mirror? Look out at the summer night, and the coming and goings of your species, and the enchanting sight of the fireflies blinking on and off, on and off. I never think of them as insects. I think of them as Tinkerbell, which is why I will never be a responsible adult.

If I could hire someone to be the adult in the house, I would. Spring is like living inside a poem: I love walking around the neighborhood at this time of year, looking at all the gardens. Today I saw a rosebush on a boulevard, not planted where anyone who lived in the house it was by could see it. It was an act of such generosity, to put a rosebush where only passersby could see it. I stood there getting all verklempt spelling? So much for the poetry in the soul of a dog.

I am torn, these days, between wanting to get work done and wanting to be outside watching everything grow, watching kids play, watching people go in and out of shops and restaurants. Today I decided to take the day off and catch up on things I need to do around the house, but also to sit on the porch and read. One is Vaclav and Lena by Haley Tanner. Read the first two pages; you won't be able to steop. It, too, draws you in with the first brilliant sentence.

Books like these give me hope in humanity. They're the kind of books you want to keep forever. On your shelf , not in your kindle, I rush to add. Gotta have books like these on your shelf because they're kind of alive and they keep you company like dogs only you never have to let them out or feed them--they feed you. I'll be being interviewed tomorrow at noon on Center Stage.

Please come if you can--you may have questions the interviewer doesn't get to, such as, "In that recipe for pulled pork that's on your website It's always fun to come to Chicago.

Just think, you might catch sight of our new mayor! Finally finished with my tour, and I'm easing back into my regular routine.

Yesterday, I worked on the two things I'm writing now: I walked the dogs in the pouring rain. Then, since I felt sorry for myself for walking the dogs in the pouring rain plus it was really cold , I quick made a pineapple upside down cake and had two 2 pieces of it.

I used a recipe I found on cookinglight. Also not SO very light. I just tried to provide a link, which failed, so I'll just direct you to the webiste. I, who for years have decried the use of such social networking sites, am now on one. A necessary evil, I suppose, but when I saw a lot of dear friends popping up asking to "friend" me, well, I felt like I was in seventh grade and the most popular boy had asked me to dance.

His name was Binks Franklin. I still remember how gracious he was, when ladies' choice was called and I made a beeline for him. I wonder what ever happpened to old Binks. Memorial Day weekend is coming up, and I really want to go to a family picnic and eat burnt hot dogs and burnt marshmallows. When I was a kid, I used to go to our family's annual fourth of July picnic. I ran around in a towel and bathing suit and jumped in and out of the pool and in addition to the hot dogs and marshmallows, ate plenty of other delicious things that my aunts had brought: That was a time when you really felt a whole day, start to finish.

You'd get to the park early so as to secure a good spot; and you'd leave late at night, after the fireworks were done, happily worn out, your nose and shoulders burned by the sun, your hair smelling of chlorine. I used to like to watch the division of labor: My grandparents enjoyed what seeemed to me to be a kind of royal status: My grandfather also listened to his pocket-sized transistor radio.

There were so many of us, then! Now many of those aunts and uncles have died, and the tradition of that Independence Day picnic has all but gone. And we'll see where it goes from there. Maybe next year the three of us will have grown to Don't ask me how. If she can't do it, I'll grill a hot dog for myself, load it up with mustard, and sit on the porch to eat it.

In other news, my new puppy is figuring things out. She's housetrained, knows the commands come, sit, shake and lie down but doesn't always see the need to honor the request.

She likes to dig in the garden, much to my dismay. She grows about ninety inches an hour. Homer and she play well together, and they play often. The other day, a friend asked, "What's all over Homer's coat? And Homer spit is on her. With a new story, called "P. How can you go wrong with dogs and apple pie?

I suppose you could go wrong if the dog ate the apple pie. But you would have to admire his taste in desserts. Off to buy cascading petunias for my deck planters, and tomatoes and basil for the back yard. I'm late, but that's okay. The tour is alllllmost over, but until it is, there are a million things to attend to. That's a good time to fly there; air fares are lower. And it's still warm and beautiful in Italy. The class will offer personal guidance in writing from me, and cooking classes from the wonderful people who inspired my award-winning!

Please go to cooking-vacations. As for now, I need to go to the cleaners, walk the dogs, pack for a 5: I'll probably be one of those people on the plane sleeping with my mouth hanging open. Or, worse, one of the over-caffeinated chatterboxes who keeps showing the lovely pink clouds out the airplane window to my seatmate, who only wants to sleep with his or her mouth hanging open. I'll be doing two readings in Minneapolis--check the "Appearances" part of this website.

Thanks to all of you who have come to my readings and said such swell things to me So why did I get a puppy NOW? Well, I saw her online I look at petfinders. Homer is not so enamored of her, but he's already come around from doing the equivalent of smacking his doggie forehead when I walked in with her to demonstrating a resigned tolerance of her. Plus my guilt is making me give him a lot of dog treats. I've hired a pet sitter to live in for the days I'm out of town, and yesterday we had a looooong conversation about her care.

So I must be out of my mind. This review just in from Library Journal: Berg is a prolific writer, but some might say her last few novels have veered toward lighter fare. Her new book leaves that designation in the dust, tackling varied meaty topics with grace, and a pacing that makes it hard to put down.

John and Irene are messily divorced, but their shared love for their teenage daughter, Sadie, is a bond that cannot be broken. When Sadie goes missing, they are reunited, like it or not. John's new girlfriend and Irene's serial online dating all fall to the wayside as the exes hunker down to try to find Sadie. Will the forced closeness cause a natural reconciliation?

As Sadie's disappearance brings new issues for the couple to deal with, for the first time they examine their past marriage and what it meant to them. This addictive read shows anew what a wonderful writing talent Berg is: So nice to get a review like that before I enter the wilds of touring. I hope I'll see some of you on the road. Right now, I've got to check on the new baby. I stopped by to pick up my mail before I took myself out to dinner and was gifted with these letters: She sent out an essay to a magazine, "then got mad because I didn't hear from them.

They bought my essay for actual money. The aftermath of emails, Face Book messges and even phone calls has been astounding. It is as cathartic to read your books as it is to share coffee and converstation with my friend. A woman from Bayville NY, sent a most extraordinary letter.

She and her partner were trying to have a baby with the help of a sperm bank. The woman was reading Open House when she discovered she was ovulating--time to call the sperm bank. In Open House , the main character, Samantha. But he only does that so he has time to take in and enjoy life--Samantha learns he's an astrophysicist who went to MIT.

But this time, she decides to use him and then learns that he is a very sweet man just like King , everyone at the clinc loves him, and he an astrophysicist! The couple now has a beautiful boy, aged seven. I LOVE this story! The last letter came from P.

She was writing on behalf of her friend and colleague, Sue, who was a breast cancer survivor but recently died from another kind of cancer. Sue who was an award-winning professor who taught general biology, genetics and microbiology, and P. I told an author friend today that sometimes I despair of the publication merry-go-round, the anxiety over reviews, the worry that you won't sell enough, the constant grinding need to feel you must always top yourself.

It's so far from the innocence and pleasure I got when I was a nine-year-old girl, sitting at a card table and writing poems that I crafted for the joy of creation alone. Not that I'm not gratful for my success, I am so extremely grateful.

But when you go to the mail box and you find letters like this, well That makes it all worth while. Thank you again to all those who bother to write to me. I so appreciate your words. And your penmanship, a rare thing to see these days, but such a pleasure when you do see it. Another cloudy day here in the city that might as well be renamed Gray. I saw a circle of robins over on the playground, and the air is warmer, and there is the smell of dirt in the air, which is the scent of spring.

Buds are on the otherwise bare branches, poised to make a most welcome appearance. I am just back from having moved my parents into an independent living facility. They were in their house for 45 years, so the move was The good news is that this is a wonderful place, kind of like a dorm for older people--all kinds of things going on. On the day of the move, I took my dad over to the new place to await the delivery of furniture and belongings.

The only thing in the place was a TV tray holding the parakeets, Freida and Fritzi. I came upon my dad standing before them, his jacket still on , his hat in his hand, and he was bent over his beloved budgies, saying, "So do you think you're going to like it here? I intend to visit often, because for one thing, they have ice cream socials every week.

I have added more events under "Appearances," and with the exception of a few details under one event, the tour is now complete. I would like touring a lot more if I didn't have to pack a suitcase, if I could show up wherever I'm staying and there would be clothes to wear, books to read, music to listen to.

This is my next business idea: Makeup you've requested be there. Snacks you want around. No shoving bags into the overhead or dragging them around airports or worrying that you'll be arrested if you leave your bags "unattended" while you search out a coffee or a magazine or a bathroom.

If you're a venture capitalist and you're reading this, call me right away. We'll discuss this new enterprise which I think I'll call "Here, There. And my other excellent idea: I have nearly completed listing events for the new novel under Appearances. I hope if I'm coming to a venue near you, you'll come to a reading. They tend to be fun, and a lot of times people make friends or form writing groups.

I'm still waiting for romance to happen--you know, "I met my husband at an Elizabeth Berg reading" --but so far no dice. I am recovering from the flu that ate Cleveland. I feel like one of those cartoon characters with asterisks floating around his head.

The only good thing I can say about this illness is that I've been confined to bed so much I've vacummed up lots and lots of books. Most recently, I read Blood, Bones and Butter, which was fabulous. Ah, the last day of February. I'm going to call March 1st, spring. I know it's not, but I'm going to call it that, anyway. This morning, when I went out to get the newspapers, I found a plastic bag looped around my door knob, holding the Girl Scout cookies I ordered.

The girl who left them and I never had any contact: I could place an order, she said, through "my mom's email. When I took the cookies from the bag, I saw that they had been tied with ribbon featuring--what else?

You hear all the time about the decivilization of people: I confess I complain plenty about all this. I confess also that I am part of the problem, what with the way I walk my dog in pajamas under my coat , though; under my coat! When you open your door to find that, first of all, a young woman has kept her word and delivered what you ordered, but also has done it with a such charming extras, well, then your day has had a quite wonderful start. And you feel happily compelled to pay it forward.

Which I intend to do. It will be a pleasure to think about how. We're undone by each other. And if we're not, we're missing something. If this seems so clearly the case with grief, it's only because it was already the case with desire. One does not always stay intact. Since I was a child, I have found consolation in writing; more importantly, I have found truth. Yesterday, I got a call from a very good friend who, knowing I'm going through a poignant time after a death in the family among other things, suggested I write something happy.

I told my friend that when I was diagnosed with cancer no worries; I'm fine now , I kept waking up in the night. My doctor wanted me to take a pill to help me sleep, but I wanted to keep waking up in the night. I wanted to respect the process I was going through, to learn what I needed to learn and pass out the other side. I think that to deny your feelings about something is only to make them stronger.

To deny your feelings takes a terrible toll on you, and often on those whom you love and who love you. But when you are going through a sad time, you are doing other things, too. Thus it is that I made a good dinner last night and ate it while I watched American Idol and I said to my dog, who also seems to enjoy the show, "Did YOU think he should have been cut?

Because nobody knows what it is. I like to sit amongst people who recognize the mystery and celebrate the fact that it is a mystery. Then I'm going to have dinner with a girlfriend and I know that we will spend a lot of time laughing. Life is nothing if not a mix, and I want always to acknowledge all sides of it, I want always to admit to it. If you're curious to see it before I get it on here as many of you know ever so well, computer skills are not my forte you can see it on amazon.

It's a very different jacket. It looks like somebody threw something out and tried to rescue it "It looks like somebody shoved it into his pocket wanting to save it, without even knowing why," said my friend Phyllis , which is exactly the right sentiment for this book.

Because this is a novel about the moth-to-flame aspect of love. And about other aspects of love, too, including self-acceptance. I'll say more about it under the books section on this site as soon as I think of something smart and alluring that will make you want to rush out and buy it. The tour is being put together now; I'll list where I'll be under "Appearances. For now, I'm going down to have peach cobbler for breakfast and think about how spring isn't that far away.

It never is, really. I feel a bit like Mark Twain when he said "Accounts of my death have been greatly exaggerated. I am not married.

I repeat, I am not married. I was married, from until , but I have not married anyone since, nor do I intend to. I just added a new recipe under, well, recipes, of course.

It's low guilt mac 'n cheese and you might as well make it tonight. You will not be sorry. For one thing, if there's any left over, it's heavenly for lunch. And if you let your dog lick the pan, he'll appreciate it. I'll put a description of the book and a quote from it on the website once we have a jacket--we still don't have a jacket. It comes out April 5th.

Today is one of those drab winter days with little flakes of snow chasing themselves around, first slanting to the right, then to the left, then just kind of hanging in the air like they're at a bad party. The best thing would be for me to go for a brisk walk. So what do I do? Eat two 2 pieces of Boston Cream pie.

If my doctor is reading this, I'm just kidding. I really ate a spinach salad with no dressing. She has a new book out called "Picture This" which is ostensibly about drawing, but to my mind says a lot about creativity in general. She urges people to "trust the back of your mind. In addition to that, Lynda Barry is the queen of the evocative phrase.

Garrison Keillor once said, "All you have to do is say rhubarb pie and the reader does the rest. When you're next in the bookstore, take her book into a corner and start at the beginning and see if you don't get charmed pretty quickly.

We don't know each other, but I feel that we are friends. Your books are friends to me. If only I were Oprah, I would send her a Cadillac convertible for that.

She also talks about how many of my female characters feel stifled in traditional roles, and asks if I ever felt that overwhelming desire to run away.

Oh, honey, don't we all? I think all of us, men and women, have days when the open road holds particular allure. I used to find it so odd that sometimes when I was feeling really terrible, I would go to the mall and buy a new book or some red lipstick and feel so much better. It seemed to illegtimize my feelings.

But the truth is, sometimes it just doesn't take very much to bring us out of our despair. Sometimes it does, but that's another story. Virginia writes, interestingly, "I'm given to jumping in the car and taking spontaneous mini-trips. It makes me want to see them again real soon and hear them play these songs. A blend of folk, rock, bluegrass with a dash of cajun.

Try these guys out and why not start out with this one it is a really great album. Wow, Jeb and Tara definitely got the Yin and Yang thing going on. I discovered this band several years ago at the Pittsburgh Arts Festival. They immediately caught my attention, which is impressive for a band I knew nothing about. I recently saw them in Pittsburgh again which motivated me to buy this CD. The songs are tight and loose at the same time, inspired and calculated at the same time. At the end of the day, they do what they do best, they make me feel good.

I wish some hot shot would hear them and propel them to the next level where they deserve to be. Very nice and somewhat predictable album from Donna the Buffalo. My only complaint is that the two primary singer songwriters, Tara Nevins and Jeb Puryear seem to be like ships passing in the night, since each recorded their vocals separately, at least according to the liner notes. The sound continues to be great but I'd like to hear more connection between the two band leaders.

Great songs and musicianship. Only regret just finding out about this band 4 months ago. Now we have 2 discs of theirs, one with Jim Lauderdale, and Tara's Wood and Stone, and went to see them once.

This disc has been playing in the truck for about a week, again. Great music DTB still rocks. MP3 Music Verified Purchase. This is another great collection by Donna the Buffalo. Play it over and over - great tunes, great words, great moods! One person found this helpful. I love my tribe, Today, tomorrow and yesterday are fantastic.

We go to see them whenever possible. This bands for you. See all 26 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Thank God they are still putting out Published 1 year ago. Published on February 6, Published on July 28, Published on May 12, Published on January 12, Published on December 23, Published on September 26,

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