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Fuck and pay girls in Springfield Massachusetts

Fuck and pay girls in Springfield Massachusetts

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Fuck and pay girls in Springfield Massachusetts

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The photo of the underpass? It was recently closed and re-done. Have you been to Hyannis in the last 10 years? And I would rather live in any of those towns than visit Worcester anyday! I noticed one of the pictures from Ware was Bellevue Ave. First of all, kudos on a thoroughly entertaining piece. Thank you for the enlightening and informative information. As a current resident of Arizona with my entire family living in Massachusetts the good parts , and being recently widowed, I have been searching for my next stage in life in Massachusetts.

As a child, I frequently spent summers with my grandpa in Malden and 50 years ago it was a lovely town. Sorry I had to. Go to iraq then complain. Entitled attitude; your right you definitely would not last five minutes in Springfield. You are very entitled to your opinion but honestly common sense and knowing better will keep you alive.

You can go to any city any state and find bad if you look for it. I also suggest going to check out the west coast I have been there from Huntington Beach to San Juan you can find bad in every state and city in this country. This, alas, is a compendium of Mass. Trumpstervilles — many of these towns once had factory jobs that paid to keep people off the streets, in school, and though these were never great homes, they were at least maintained except in the worst of these places.

Even Worcester once had a thriving Main Street before steel left town. I thought your article was funny at times but I would like to point out 1 major issue. Starrett Company they employ thousands of people and is far from a run down mill. The person writing this article is an idiot!

What did your mom get you a camera for Christmas, so you decided to drive around random cities giving inaccurate assessments. Used to live in New Bedford. Sketchy as heck, but vibrant as hell and I honestly loved it. Something about NB is different than the other places you mentioned. A city like Holyoke is downright awful; New Bedford is bad but with a wink.

This website is the biggest dump of all. Froze my computer like 3 times. Ever heard of a link bro? No run down properties, extremely low crime, beautiful woods and lakes. We do have some embarrassing bars, but living in Templeton is amazing. You should drive through some time during the Fall. North Adams is disgusting. What an enjoyable read! I moved away from Mass. Some time ago for work, but havent forgotten my roots. The nostalgia that this article evokes brings a tear to my eye. How can I forget locking my car doors as I crossed the town line into the village of Ware, or being confused as to how I ended up in Haiti when I accidentally got off of at the Lowell connector.

Being a Worcester native myself, this article makes me pine for a triple decker with Christmas lights that have been up since I moved out of Lowell — and yes it is a shit hole. I now live in one of the suburbs around Worcester that is not on this list.

Behind that is another old mill building that is lofts run by PMC property group out of Philly. I am not fully defending Lowell, since there is obviously a reason I moved out of there…but it does put perspective on how accurate some of the portrayals might be.

I really enjoy reading the comments from people that get offended by stuff like this and the people that refuse to use punctuation other than multiple periods……. If all of the commercial space is empty and the homes are not kept up, a dump is what you get. As a lifelong Worcester resident I admit that Worcester is a dump and is getting worse, but the difference is that none of the places on this list have any redeeming qualities like Worcester does except Boston for obvious reasons.

Worcester has some nice neighborhoods, good restaurants, some well kept up public parks and almost a dozen colleges. Instead of getting riled up about a blog that insulted your town, maybe you could just read this for what it is, entertainment. I lived in Worcester for a year. However, I about a year ago I left the area to work in the greater Brockton area.

I owe Worcester a big apology. Brockton beats Worcester hands down. But there is a bigger shinning star on this list. I discovered this when up into recently I was with a woman from that vortex of EBT corner stores and drug use above Boston — Everett, Sagus, Revere, Lynn, Chelsea, Malden and Melrose should lumped into on bit pit that makes Worcester look pretty classy — And yes Melrose, Freaking MELROSE — Melrose thinks they are a little yuppy enclave and so better than the neighbors a mile or so away each direction when in fact they are just the freaking customers for all the dealers in Malden and many of the people spending their SSI and EBT money along Revere beach in the warmers months while the rest of us work.

Worcester also has the best diners! There a a FEW really good restaurant. Plus, in the summer there are some nice free concert series in the parks. Plus in Worcester you drive past city limits and you are in pretty classy towns. On the north shore you drive out of one dump and you are in another dump. Colrain is on this list? Get a life, dude. You know where you live sucks when you have to list places that suck more.

I attended college in Worcester 30 years ago and recently drove there for work only to discover that almost everything is either the same or worse… how the fuck is that possible? Like your website, Worcester lacks style, ambition and imagination. I was a cop for 30 years in Springfield. Obviously you spent little time there. Its mch worse than you portrayed here. Looks like you were in Liberty Heights. Thanks for strengthening my opinion of some of the people who live in Worcester.

I live in Worcester and go to school in Fitchburg? Worcester has its faults too, but it is at least nicer than Fitchburg. None of these places are any worse than the other. A shit-hole is a shit-hole. Trying to point out how one sucks more than the other is kind of pointless when you come to the realization that they all suck. Before Obama ruined this country, these parts of Massachusetts you call dumps, prided themselves on textile production and manufacturing.

Water transportation, canals, all made making a buck feasible. When industry died and the Ricans moved in, it all went to hell. I am 50yrs old and many of these factories have been closed 30 years or more. The again, there are some industries that have been here for over yrs and are still strong viable companies.

I dont know how your photographers managed to find the streets with the worst reputations in town, but they had to drive thru several much nicer streets to get there. The house in Ware on the corner of Bellevue ave. Now how can we keep our neighborhood looking good if someone like that leaves his building go like that no matter what any of use neighbors say he dose nothing to improve his property!

If you had seen the rest of the homes you would have seen they are all well kept and a good neighborhood. You dear sir are an obvious idiot. Maybe next time you come up this way maybe bring a positive attitude and you might just see all the beauty you obviously missed. My name is Teresa and im proud to live in adams. Good job removing my comment.

Remove the picture of the apartments on East St or I will have it removed. Yeah, they drive around with in a truck with cameras on top taking pictures all around and have bazillion dollar satellites in space, with pictures of everything. I grew up in Ware. That is exactly how it looks, and exactly what I grew up around. Not to mention the fact that the house in which I was raped is featured as one of the examples of its destitution. That town needs to just fall into a pit in the ground.

With a name like turtleboy, you are a young child who still lives a home. I work doing service all over western Massachusetts for one of the largest companies in America. Every town has its bruises some bigger than others. I find it scary that nobody saw the bigger problem in this blog. Look at the Indian motocycle factory in Springfield.

The icon of the American industrial age. It now is a section 8 project building that was proudly resurrected by the narrow minded town officials. This is how our government is failing us speading income inequality and proudly boasting it.

The large majority of us are mindlessly fallowing along as cunsuming American idiots buying more imported chines gadgets than we have places to keep. Look every action has a reaction. Until we as society learn to reach for the ones behind us as well as the ones ahead, we will continue to see this rash spread. We are all responsible for this bigger picture. So take and make more responsible decisions every day.

Until we do we are all equally contributing to the spread of this rash. They never claim to have any journalistic integrity or do actual reporting. It is all an opinion, satirical based site. The pointment of this article is to get clicks and page views which sells advertising which makes money.

I have lived in MA for now 15 years. The other 16 years of my life were spent in eastern CT. I know us massholes are a proud people, but, real talk for a second: At least compared to CT. The article and all of your comments are accurate, there are shitty, decrepit, drug riddled spots in almost every town of MA. I went back there there other day for the first time in about 3 years.

It was beautiful compared to almost any town in MA. It was like friggen Concord or Sudbury. So in summation, MA as a whole is a shit hole. We need to get our act together. We invented America for crying out loud! We need to do better. The fact that these conditions exist should be motivation to clean it up.

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