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I was to young to remember the show but I had seen a couple of shows and I feel I had to lived up to the qualities of Flint. I entered the Air Force, attended Ranger School , achieved the highest enlisted rank in the Air Force and I continue to serve this great nation as a civil servant.

Although she has not seen you since you both were 15 years old. Except in movies, and on T. She attended Dorsey High in L. California, She was Blond, with blue eyes. Her name was Marvyl Wehling. I believe she said you walked her home a few times from work. She said she got angry at you because you were supposed to pick her up from work and you didn't show and she had to walk home, and it was 2 hrs.

She is now living in Springdale, Arkansas with her Daughter. Please if you can, send just a short note to me so I can tell her you do or do not remember her.

Your name came up this weekend. We were visiting Savannah, Georgia from Traverse City, Michigan and my girlfriend and I started talking about our favorite actors present and past. I was six or less and loved to watch the show to see you and your Appaloosa. I was very young, but remember it clearly. So very delighted to open your web sight on a beautiful Easter Sunday morning and read your good news. A fan of yours since the 60s and trying hard to get Wagon Train Tapes.

Do hope Columbia will release the rest of them soon. Take very good care of yourself and a very Happy Birthday to you in July. Best Wishes Chris Read. I am a 53 year old divorce lawyer in Winston-Salem North Carolina.

I just wanted you to know that you were the first man I ever loved!! Even at the tender age of 5 or whatever it was I knew what sexy was! I love the fact that you allow your fans to communicate with you, not egotistical, love your voice message too and that great voice is still there too.

Marilynn is a lucky lady. By the way, I am an equestrian and have always owned appaloosas because of you!! Take care and thanks for being the nice person you obviously are - my instincts as a child were right on! It is good to hear that you are in good health again, Mr. Horton, and back in the saddle again. Horton, this must have been a anxious time for you. Blessings to you both,. And of course, your Acting. I could have sworn that I had a plastic doll of you and your horse as a kid.

But after looking on your collectables page, I guess not. Well, maybe in my imagination I did, the best possible place to have anything. The news that your health continues to be good is excellent. While you were missed at the Williamsburg Festival, the need for medical tests was a priority and was understood by all.

Although your not being there was a disappointment I did go to the Festival and enjoyed every aspect of it. The Alfred Hitchcock plays, particularly "Crack of Doom" and "Bottle of Wine" exemplify the talent and dedication you have shown to your craft. Having watched you grow in experience and perfecting your talents over more than 50 years, I can truly say you have exemplified the best that the film, theater and television had to offer in its Golden Days and on until your retirement.

They just don't make them like that anymore! My very best wishes and prayers for your continued good health and happiness to you and Marilynn.

As a child of five I started watching Wagon Train, and was mesmerized by the wagons, the way of life and of course the Indians. In later years as I studied history of the west, I had a better grasp of the subject from episodes of Wagon Train. At one tie on Wagon Train you proposed to a young lady who was traveling west, and because I was only 6 or 7 my heart broke. So I turned my attention to older men, those in the fourth grade who offered boutiques of dandelions or pet frogs to declare their love.

Horton, for delighting a small child and broadening my horizons. I loved Wagon Train so much with you and Mr Bond. The two of you have been apart of my psyche for so long. Why look you up today, well you just popped into my mind and for some reason I had to write. I am hoping this finds you well and I guess I would just like to say thank you for being a wonderful part of my childhood.

I saw you through a Childs eye then but seeing your photographs and remembering, you were a very hansom man. I must compliment myself on such good taste. Horton stay well and thank you. The answer to Mack's question, is yes, there was such an episode it was from Season 2 and was titled "The Steve Campden Story. I have often thought of you over the years after watching Wagon Train when I was a little girl. When people ask if I could watch a show from the past again I always say Wagon Train.

I just loved you and of course Mr Ward Bond. Probable silly emailing but felt the urge to do so hope you are well and still enjoying life. When I told a friend that I loved the Westerns of the 50s and 60s, he seemed to think it was unusual that girls watched these shows.

Then I sent him a photo of you. He immediately got the message. I was and am so in love with you. You also have the most beautiful speaking voice. Thanks for being my not-so-secret love. Wishing you and your family the very best always,. You placed a composer, wrongfully accused of murdering his partners husband. You were very handsome and it brought back memories of my father and me watching you on Wagon Train. Thank you for the memories. Best wishes for love and peace. Just to let you know.

Your old airplane N59RH is still flying and giving lots of enjoyment. I saw you in the movie "Men of the Fighting Lady" and wondered if you were allowed to do any of that flying. I wish for you a blessed Christmas, a happy Anniversary, and a most wonderful New Year. I remember having one major crush on Robert Horton when I was a young girl. And evidently I was right. Horton that I look back on him as one of the 2 major crushes in my life in the entertainment world. And that is no minor thing for me.

Bergman and I visited my Aunt Mae several times in her office. I was so very glad to find your website. I enjoy your website very much and look forward to meeting you the next time you come to Arizona. I have lived in Arizona most of my life and have grown up with horses, cowboys, and the life we all seem to love. The last time I remember you being in Phoenix was for the rodeo parade, and I even missed you then as my friends and I were also riding in that same event.

So things are just not meant to be. It has been wonderful to be able to go back and see where your career has taken you. I am looking forward to meeting both you and Mrs. Horton in the near future. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. I am George from England now I watched all of your programs here in the UK as a child usually with my Mum and Dad and we enjoyed them all very much. I have contacted Clint Walker and was thrilled to receive a reply.

All the very best to you. As a young girl, his character was my first major idol crush. Please know that at age 56 — when I think of those early years, this older hearts beats a little faster. Also hearing that a young girls idol lives a good life with a woman he loves for so many years is wonderful. Truly, you are really are wonderful actor and one of the great memories of my childhood. Horton, I have been a fan of yours for many years!! Thank you for lodging so deep in my imagination.

Thank you for all the years of pleasure you gave me as a child and even through my teenage years. I watched wagon train just to see you. You and Tom Tryon were my heros as I was growing up. My children have been dragging me into the 21st Century kicking and screaming and they insisted on a computer and they have been showing me how to use it.

Now I am able to look up my favorite people on my own and see what they are doing these days. It has been a lot of fun. I don't have anyone to share my findings with since my mom died on 17 June , but I still look up favorites and I was go glad to find a website for you.

Thank you again for all the pleasure you gave me. I will always remember you fondly. Good luck to you and Mrs. Horton and May God Bless you and yours. For years I have trying to think of a way to thank you for helping me through a very dark period in my life.

When I was nine years old, my father walked out on us. Thank you for your presence in my life when I desperately needed someone. I pray that God will continue to bless you in all that you do.

A fan from VA. I just wanted to say thank you for the autograph. The 8X10 is in my autograph album. I have enjoyed your acting career since I was a young person back in Alabama. Now, I will be turning 65 years young on 20 March, the week end that I hope to meet you. To see your pictures bring back many good memories as you were like one of our family. Now, I have lived in Arizona for over 35 years and call this home.

I attend all the Western Festivals and Rodeo events that I can and look forward to this one coming up. Thank you for all your great moments that have entertained us so well for all these many years! Your friend, Ben Howard. I always wanted to grow up to be a cowboy and to this day, I love horses, ranches, western movies, watching the re-runs on TV Land and the Westerns Channel; I was a fan of Wagon Train from a couple moons ago, and it holds a special place in my heart, of long ago times of watching you as you scouted for the wagon master, Chris Hale, who was portrayed by Ward Bond.

Not sure what led me to this website, other than my adoration towards the memory of watching one of my childhood TV favorite characters: Flint McCullough on Wagon Train. Not sure I spelled his name correctly, but never the less, his character was one we as young boys idolized. I sincerely hope that Mr. My best to him and his family!

What a beautiful car! Robert Horton is as handsome today as he was on Wagon Train. That show will always be one of my favorites. Thanks for the memories. I wanted to thank you for the warmth that you show toward all your fans. It seems rare in our age when a celebrity shares his time. The memories will last a lifetime and have. Dear Robert Horton I have been a fan of yours for a long time. Iveta Podrouzkova Czech Republic. On the radio this evening was playing 'Shenandoah' and I was carried back to the late 50'ies instantly.

I hope that you're is the best of health. Charles Avery who hid in the well 15 years ago from this episode when "Black Cloud" and his Indian on a "War Party" raided his family homestead there killing his parents and siblings, him the only survivor and on a mission of revenge, but you as Flint telling him that if he made any advance toward sending Black Cloud to the "Happy Hunting Ground in the Sky" [not mentioned in the program, but that the phrase fits, right?

My favorites of yours being: I just wanted to let you know what a great actor I think you are. I grew up watching Wagon Train and to this day it's on my favorites. I now watch all the reruns on Retro TV. It brings back great memories. I also enjoyed watching you on the soap As The World Turns. What fun that was.

My girlfriend and I watched this soap every afternoon together. Happy Birthday to you and Happy Anniversary to them both of you. Horton - I would just like to thank you for the years of entertainment you have provided. I remember as a boy never missing an episode when "Flint McCullough" was on and when we played cowboys and indians guess who I was fringe jacket and all. Glad to hear you are still around and enjoying a good life.

Your wife has the same birthday as my mother March 5. Horton Thank you for all the wonderful movies u made over the yrs. God Bless you and your wife. You have always been my ultimate romantic hero. I am delighted to see the years have only enhanced your manly attractiveness. Your wife is obviously very smart and special. I envy the life you have had together. Congratulations to you both! I'm watching your work on Chiller in Brimstone! What a great show I remember when it was on ten years ago.

You are truly a great actor! I was delighted to find this web site. I'm going to Amazon. I have been a fan of Robert Horton since Wagon Train originally aired. I just wanted to wish you and your family the best and to thank you for the role of Flint and for Shenandoah. I have just discovered reruns of "Wagon Train" on TV and it has brought back so many memories of the show and my childhood. Hello Robert, I was delighted to find you have a web presence, and just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the work you did as an actor.

It was so nice to type in "Actor Robert Horton" and find your website. Please forward this message to Robert for me. Yours truly Alta Samuels. I hope and prey good health to Mr. I can't begin to describe the immense debt of gratitude I owe you for helping to make my childhood the most memorable and pleasurable experience of my life.

I have been a fan since Wagon Train Days. Presently I am acting and directing and doing costumes for our community Theater in Circleville, Ohio. Best wishes from a long time fan, Susan Perkins. I'm looking forward to seeing you at Festival of the West. I was playing with my computer and on a page popped up your face. The Robert Horton web-site refreshed my memory about the time I "met" Bob. We were so happy to show off Bob's autograph and listen to the.

Wow, I've had a walk down memory lane after a conversation with my older brother in England. Virginia Gaskins lifetime fan!

Mr Horton, I am a 60 year old guy, who watched Wagon Train, regularly as a young kid. I just found your web site by chance and am enjoying it greatly. Dear Mr Horton, Flint.

I have watched you on Wagon Train, for years and still do. We all loved you, Major Adams,. Bill Hocks and Charlie Wooster. I am a woman but. I always wanted be a cowboy and be a scout for a wagon train. Best wishes and admiration,. My name is Hilary Robinson. It was great to come across Robert Horton's web site today.

I would like to let you know that in my area, they are showing Wagon Train episodes that have the original cast and in black and white. You are not only a superb actor, but you have a singing voice second to none. I am a long time fan from your "Wagon Train" years. Dean Pierce Schertz Texas. First, I am glad to hear your health is better. If you're planning any more appearances in the near future, such as in Scottsdale-.

What fun it is for me to visit this great website! We fondly remember the day you showed up at the El Camino home. Our Dad knew a big television star! He would be astonished by the computer world. We just wanted to let you know that you have not been forgotten by the Powell family and that Dad used to reminisce with great joy and humor about you growing up together. It was so wonderful to hear your introduction and "surf" your site!

I "cut my teeth" so to say, on the westerns my father loved. It was to some of my friends, very strange that as a girl I looked forward to watching westerns with my Dad. I found this site during a sleepless night and just wanted to let you know that I love the memories of days spent playing Wagon Train with my brothers and friends. I even got an appaloosa and named it Buck. Even though she was a mare. I figured if Lassie could be a boy Horton, I will always wish you the very best!

I majored in film in college and have had a keen interest in it ever since. More interesting of note however is my relationship to Mr. My mother's maiden name is Horton. My maternal grandmother was Beatrice Horton. I was very close to Beatrice Grandma Bea her entire life. Beatrice was born in Kamas Utah I believe. Her father ran a grocery store in Kamas and then moved the family to Salt Lake when 'Beatrice was 4. The store located on 27th south and state was known as Hortons. I believe that Robert Hornton's father and my great grandfather were brothers.

I understand that Robert Horton's father was a successful life insurance salesman in California. When my great grandfather passed away i was about 9 years old at the time i believe i met Robert Horton's father at his funeral. Anyway, I have since met some Horton's that have immigrated from California to Utah.

Anyway, just wanted to see if anything sounded a bell with Mr. Hope he is doing well. I've always heard about "the actor" in the family but to my knowledge I've never met him. Mostly in the Marina District. Last November,my wife and I moved to London, England where we now reside. Dear Sir, I have been a fan of your's since a young boy watching reruns of Wagon Train also Pony Soldier, Now at 45 myself I would love to purchase a Autograph Photo of you and also would like to know if you have any guest appearances in the near future, I live near Buffalo,New York, Hope your doing well and have one question if you can possibly answere it, I loved Ward Bond as well and would like to know what he was like to work with and hang with.

My aunt and uncle always took me someplace special to celebrate my birthday, which is August 12th. I'm now 57 years old and found that program in a box of keepsakes this past weekend. Seeing that program brought back so many memories. My whole family enjoyed watching it together. Thank you for your many years of entertainment. Dear Robert, I just spent the past hour on your website. I am amazed at what I read. I had a huge crush on you when I was around 10 years old, probably around '61 watching Wagon Train.

Don't think I ever took it off back then. And there you were! Wow, you've had a terrific life and still going strong. Only problem was that I always thought your real name was Clint McCullough, memory of a kid. I don't remember the Robert Horton part. Well, your website cleared up a lot of questions I had.

Thanks for some great memories! I used to watch you in Wagon Train when I was just seven years old!! I must confess to having a huge crush on you then, which as I'm now fifty four is quite something to admit!! I'm sorry to learn of your health scare and hope your out of the woods and enjoying life.

We live on a farm and I breed and break in horses, I hate parting with them so we've far too many, I guess I could have my own wagon train now! I so hope you remain in robust health and enjoy life to the hilt. One's cup should always be half full!!. Dear Mr Horton, I typed in your name today and discovered this website.

I have always remembered you from watching Wagon Train as an 11 year old. I was totally besotted with 'Flint' and was always very upset if you weren't in that weeks episode! It was great to hear your message online, but sorry to read that you have been unwell. I am now a grandmother of seven grandchildren and have told them of my younger days when I named my tortoise Flint and my guinea pig McCoulough! It would be wonderful to see some of Wagon Trains episodes again. I have loved Cowboy films ever since those days.

I am pleased to be able to send you a message to thank you for some great memories. I just finished watching the episode about John Cameron with Carolyn Jones in it. Then, I thought that I would see if you had a website, and here it is. In my opinion, the acting on TV shows in the 's and 60's was better than it it today, and the shows are still worth watching.

As you can tell from my list, Westerns are among my favorites. It is one of my favorite movies. What was it like to work with him? Anyway, I am glad that I searched for your website and found it.

Best of luck and God bless. I just turned 64 years old a couple of weeks ago and will be retiring from the school district I have been employed by for 32 years on June 30, I am hoping to be able to see you at a personal appearance in the future. Most respectfully, Shirley Lyttleton Cincinnati, Ohio.

I sincerely do hope that you are well and that you do get to read this little note. I feel fortunate to have found this site and to have heard your very caring message. My first memories of you in Wagon Train are still clear to me, I was around nine at the time. Fortunately my mum knew how important it was to me that I didn't miss an episode and allowed me to stay up to watch. Remember when we didn't have video? I read everything that I could find about you. I had your pictures on my wall, along with.

I know I still have some, though I couldn't immediately lay my hands on them I know they are around. I have often been to California and wondered if it might have been possible to find you. Memories of you then are among some of my most consistent and happy memories. I had a brilliant loved and loving childhood and and amongst my experiences I can still remember now how exciting every episode seemed and how I looked forward to Monday evenings and couldn't wait to get to school the next day to tell all my friends.

I can still see it all in my minds eye, that lovely horse you rode, the jackets you wore. Of course I watched Shanendoah and other things that you appeared in and enjoyed everything I saw but, well Wagon Train rolled through such a large space of my childhood, about twenty percent or more I guess that it left the longest most lasting mark for me and how happy am I that it did.

Well, haven't I rambled on? I am so sorry, I haven't said anything you didn't already know. Thank you again, from what I have seen and read it seems you have been very happy and done many successful and fulfilling things. How wonderful for you. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to tell you how much you mean to us. I lived for Wagon Train when I was a child.

You were my first true love. I can never see an App with a blanket without thinking of you. I am glad you have had a good life. Someone sent me a remember the 50's by email today and on it was a picture of you and Ward Bond.

I cried when he died. I thought, the internet is a powerful thing let me try and see if I could find a web site in your name. I was amazed at what I found. What a wonderful way to travel back in time and be a child again. I guess turning 60 this year makes you want to revisit the innocent days.

Your web site is wonderful. Hearing your voice, and truly it hasn't changed that much, just sent chills thru me. Thank you again for all the fond memories. Children these days do not have what we had. You were a blessing to me and many people.

May God Bless you and your wife for all the joy you have given millions of people. Sincerely Diane Beuthe, Florida. I had to Goggle you to get more of your background and found your fan site. Many thanks for the pleasure you have given me in your acting.

You just pull me into the scene Wow, am I glad I found your website. It was an 8 x 10 photo of you as "Flint" with your cowboy hat on and your "Flint" outfit. The only background on the photo was a turquiose blueish background which leads me to believe it was a 'posed' photo at a photography studio. It was a close up photo and you were sitting down. Boy if only I still had that photo.

I checked all your photos in your website and did not see that particular photo. I sure wish I could find that exact one. I had that photo framed in an 8 x 10 frame for years and over time, it got lost. Hopefully one day it will appear in your website.

I see no new photos have been added for and hopefully that will show up as one of them. I believe it was an autographed photo too. It's nice to know that you read your emails. That is rare esp. How wonderful that you will be celebrating your 48th wedding anniversary in Right now they are running the Beverly Hillbillie series. Great fun, pleasant memories, an inspiring character. My name is Rosaleen Pedlar, and I am an admirer of your work as an actor, have been for a long time, especially 'A Man called Shenendoah'.

I don't believe I missed an episode. You will not believe that I have thought about writing to you since Shenendoah was first televised forty odd years ago, but for whatever reasons I never did. I am so pleased to learn that you are well and happy and still out there pleasing people. In closing I would like to thank you for all the wonderful hours of true entertainment that you gave to millions of people through your carrer, and I wish I could see Shenendoah again.

They just don't make them like that anymore. I also wish you good health and happiness in the future, and if you are planning to come to Toronto Canada, I hope I can get to see you.

Thanking you in advance for your assistance in this little quest. I just found the website and so many memories flooded back. Every now and then I look for photos of Robert, who was my absolute idol.

I remember him so clearly singing on the London Palladium, I must have been about I often wondered how his career had progressed over the years and I was so happy to see the photos of him hale and healthy. Please tell Robert how much I loved his acting and as a not so little girl any more, I can still look at the photos and sigh!!!!! Here's wishing you a wonderful anniversary! May you both continue to enjoy good health and good friends in the coming year.

This website certainly shows how much you are appreciated and loved. I was born in the early s and enjoyed Wagon Train, and more specifically, your role of Flint.

The theme song has been wandering in my mind for the past 40 years or so, and today, I was reading a book that had the lyrics to Shandendoah to it.

Taking a chance, I googled "A Man Called Shandendoah, and was pleasantly and tearfully surprised to hear the theme song being song on your website. Part of me has always "roamed in search of home", and I was happy to realized that the actual lyrics had remained with me as time has slipped by.

This website is great. I used to watch Wagon Train at age 9yrs on, I loved it and thought that Robert was the handsomest man in the world!! When I grew up I was going to marry him!!!! Its enlightening to go through this site. I was so surprised and pleased to find your website! I recently found some things in an estate sale of a Mr. Also in the items was a picture of you and Ward Bond. Both of you autographed it to Mr.

I was just curious if you might have a recollection of Mr. Leonard as an extra or a character actor in any of your films? Since there is currently a re-make of the movie, I'd like to see if some-one is interested in the "on the set pictures" and the fire-arms I assume were used therein. I'd like to thank you for enriching my youth with your positive role model in 'Wagon Train".

If only we could return to those wonderful days of black and white morals. Please reply if possible. Thanking you in advance, I am your loyal fan, Charlie. My name is Roberta and I have been a fan for a very long time. Since Wagon Train to be precise. I just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your work and to let you know that at least one Canadian fan still remembers. If you ever get a chance to visit Calgary I would be there in a heart beat with bells on, in the figurative sense.

Now that I have internet access I can keep up with my favorite wagon scout. Hope you are doing all right Louis Muny with your wife back in I believe in or thereabouts Thanks again for the wonderful website and hope you continue in good health.. Would enjoy hearing from you if you have time. I really enjoy your website. I wrote you a letter a few months ago, but I am not sure if you got it or not. So I just wanted to make this short and tell you what a fine actor and person you are.

I watch Wagon Train dvds quite a bit -- especially the ones that feature you as Flint. I have been living on a timebomb concerning my health for awhile and had a stroke last month.

But watching the dvds helps me relax. You mean a lot to me as an actor -- but not only that -- as a person also. I just wanted to let you know how much your dvds mean to someone even in this year -- as we all get older. Thank you so very much for doing Wagon Train and the adventures you were involved in.

You are very much loved. Hope you are well, stay safe. Yes, I was a kid but still loved the hero type in the western surroundings. It was very memorable to see you live and sing for "me". Thanks for all of the wonderful movies and the "Flint" role. Later in life I moved to the West and always thought of the show and how people traveled by wagons and the danger that they endured. What a very nice site. I have visited often but have never left a message and would like to do so now.

I am so happy to see that there are sites such as this dedicated to the wonderful screen heroes that we grew up with such as Mr. I am also happy that the Goodlife network has the old Warner Westerns on. I have emailed requesting Wagon Train which they do not have but I am ever hopeful. I am so happy that Mr. Horton is doing better and I will include him in my prayers. Thank you again for this lovely site. God bless you all.

I was in love! And I was only 7yrs old! Now you must know, I was a young girl then so my parents thought I was Nuts but I indeed got that cap pistol and enjoyed it for a long time pretending you were with me on my adventures.

So many memories and you were so very much a part of them. If you are ever close to Dulles airport Sterling, VA it would be a honor to meet you. I work there, at the airport, as a Program Analyst. Did you ever meet my cousin, Jean Seberg, while working in Hollywood?

She was also an inspiration for me in my younger years and I watched every movie she made esp. I wanted to wear buckskins, and be a cowboy in the worst way.

Married, had kids - and here I stayed. But the cowboy in me will never die until I do. Wagon Train was one of my favorites. Obviously, I just liked your character a whole lot.

Thanks to the internet, I've been able to reach out in some small way, to say hello to you, and to thank you for all those wonderful years of enriching my childhood. God Bless, Happy Belated Birthday - and stay healthy! Your friend, and life long fan Dear Mr Horton, I have long been an admirer of you, and used to avidly watch "Wagon train" when I was a boy. It was a first class series, with first class actors, and I feel it is such a shame, that the western genre is no longer shown on tv, but you will always be remembered by my generation, and although I am English and live in England, you and your ilk are fondly regarded and a great part of English television.

My regards to your wife also, and may happiness always ride your range. Horton's work via a DVD of the Alfred Hitchcock television show and he had a way of capturing my attention instantly. Hello, I was born in the early 's. I watched Robert Horton regularly in "Wagon Train. It was especially exciting to see him play Starbuck in that show because I knew he had played him in the original Broadway production of the musical version of the play, " in the Shade.

After both performances, he graciously signed my program. After the "The Odd Couple," he looked at my ballpoint and said, "That's not a good pen, I'll get a better one. I still have both programs in my collection. I regret that I missed his performance in "Kismet" at the St. Louis Municiple Muny Theatre in the late 's.

I was also disappointed when he left "Wagon Train," but I really enjoyed my two personal encounters with him. I wish he was still performing, but he's had a marvelous career. Just received my autographed picture and 2 CD's from you today.

Thanks so much for taking the time to do this for me. I have enjoyed listening to the CD's. What a wonderful voice and great picture!!!

I told the museum curator, "time was, when I would have given my right arm to ride in a wagon train with Robert Horton! Only a little more than a month to go What a thrill this will be.

The phrase "Horse Opera" came up in the crossword I have just completed and of course the answer was "Western". That got me thinking of the oh so many happy hours I spent in my teens watching 'Wagon Train' and other Westerns too but we won't talk about those!

I could not get near enough our small TV screen for a better view of you, much to my Father's disgust, and I never missed a show. How I remember so well an episode where you had been shot in the shoulder by a Red Indian's arrow, which had to be pushed through your shoulder to get it out - do you remember that one?

I was enthralled as ever in the show and after it ended I walked into the kitchen and promptly fainted into the arms of my Mother. I had lived the moment, and what you were going through, all too well and iit s one of the very rare times in my 63 years that I have actually fainted. I am so amazed at your wonderful website and so pleased to have found it. I wish you continued good health after your recent diagnosis and treatment and thank you so much for the marvellous memories of a truly handsome man who always behaved with dignity, truth and humour on the screen and, I am very sure, off the screen too.

With much love and thanks,. Marion Boreham, Milton Keynes, England. It was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid. What a great singing voice! He had talents so missing in today's "stars". I wish we could get that show commercially released on dvd. Anyway, I am ordering an autographed picture and the "Shenandoah" CD. Your website is on my favorites and I will log on regularly. Horton I would like to say that I am so glad he is still with us and I wish him all the best and God's blessings.

Did he have any classic Jaguars in his car collection? I remember Wagon Train was on every Monday night here in England and I never missed an episode, you weren't just a character on the tv to me your real personality always came through and I just knew you were a lovely person.

I am sorry to hear that you have not been well and I hope you will be feeling better real soon. I am 60 years old now and I just wanted you to know that I have never forgotten you and I wanted to thank you for making a 12 year old girl very happy.

I was a teenager, full of "western fantasies" about all of you You must have so many great memories Please accept my best wishes for your continued success with your career, amazing marriage, and your health.

Robert Horton I would like to send you good wishes for your Birthday and trust you enjoyed that time you are and have been very appreciated through the year's and thanks to computer's I am still able to know how you are. I visit your website constantly and I love reading the mail from all your fans.

Your website is very enjoyable and I spend many hours reading all about you. I went on the website of Robert Horton because I saw in the paper that it was his birthday.

So relay to him if you can a Happy Birthday. I am almost 50 and I remember in my pre-teens watching the reruns of Wagon Train that I had a crush on him and I always hope the best for him! It is amazing how fast time goes by. You played an insurance investigator and took a bribe. What a fun show. There are no good shows on television anymore. I'm glad you and your wife are doing well.

You are still a very handsome man. We're watching "Wagon Train' episodes today. This includes the corgis, the mare, and stray friends. I'm going to enjoy your birthday in my usual way--watching videos of the handsomest. Many Happy Returns from Jan in Spain.

Loads of love from the English dancer who remembers you and has loved you forever. Even now you are a 'lion' of a man. Just to wish you a Happy 83rd Birthday and to thank you for many hours of enjoyment, have a great day, best wishes also to Marilynn. As one of your very devoted fans I wish you the best of health and happiness always. Although I was so disappointed not to have met you in Willliamsburg, I am relieved that you are feeling much better.

I will never give up hope that one day I will get to meet you. Stay well, enjoy your day, Do something special for yourself, it's your day!!! With admiration and best wishes always,. My husband and son wish you a happy birthday too. Thanks goes to Alicia Williams for her great web site about you. I was so happy to read about all the accomplishments and dreams you have achieved in your life.

You truly deserve all of them,. I never wrote to a movie star before. So, with shaking hands and a pounding heart, I send this message to you. I was 10yrs old when Wagon Train came on TV. Flint McCullough was my handsome hero.

When you left the show, you took with you the magic only you could make, and I cried. There has never been, nor will there ever be, one as Beautiful as you. You are truly a one of a kind man. Recently, I have purchased many Wagon Train stories, starring you.

My favorite is the Sister Rita Story. The story tells of the power of one's beliefs and thoughts of love, never fulfilled, yet never forgotten. Not only did you deliver your lines perfectly, your body language and facial expressions were unforgettable, beautiful. Thank goodness you didn't become a doctor, but instead, like the poem by Robert Frost, took the road "less traveled by.

And that has made all the difference" in my life, as well as in the lives of your many hundreds of fans, here and around the world. Horton for sharing a bit of yourself with me. Happy Birthday to you. May you enjoy many more in good health. Horton for those great memories!!!! Somehow this is as it should be. There were newer songs, too, presumably titles from the impending EP, including an excruciatingly tasteless song about the late Hattie Jacques.

It would be difficult to predict the future for Half Man Half Biscuit, for in success could lie the seeds of their own destruction. In Bristol they were a tonic, giving me my best night out in years. You must see them. William Bloke to William Blake kind of thing. If only more editors would remove the comments facilities from their features it would stop certain people monopolising the internet with their irritating rants and rambling reminiscences.

How he describes what a tonic they were when he first saw them. Comparing NB to Viv Stanshall of Bonzo for genuinely consistently funny pop lyrics, and also the mention of the foolhardy spirits of the mosh to the perplexed gaze of two bouncers. I had loads of time on me hands in December and did try to get HMHB on the chain times a day for a month, to no avail.

As soon as I give up and try another of my favourite lyricists, yesterday, lo and behld, I get on the bloody wireless:.

The band have been featured 7 times on the Chain which is quite impressive when you compare it with some more mainstream acts eg Elton John with 5, Status Quo with 6, George Harrison with 7. I suspect that a concerted campaign like yours would always be in danger of backfiring though. An average of less than once a year on The Chain however is not enough for Our Lads though more than enough for most of the other acts you mention.

Yet another HMHB earworm! And this morning, Chris Hawkins stated that our heroes are probably the most requested band on the station. Last year he played two of my 5. Tickets on sale here. HAHB will endeavour to video and post at least some of the Cork show. The crowdfund is an interesting idea. Maybe we could aspire to TBAs greatness and take requests in exchange. Thanks also for the kind words re my old unit The Hitchers.

Our first UK release was 20 years ago yesterday which is horribly sobering. One George Hamilton who does the live commentary on Irelands international games gets the credit for the Javier Clemente quip. The board went up, George gasped a gasp and exclaimed. George has a fansite Danger Here dedicated to this and other gaffs. Well worth checking out. Post the link to the donate button and let everyone know! Maybe we could finance a bigger SD card?

And the cost of a flight to Cork was being discussed at Coventry on Friday night, in all seriousness, I can confirm. If anyone does decide to travel Cork is a great town for a night out. Some handy cheap accomodation to be had as well.

If Cork proves too soon after Christmas -we hope to play Limerick before the summer. Ye can crash in mine for that matter! I was compared to Steve Stone once which I felt was harsh …Lars Ulrich is another one that popped up -though they may have been merely taking the piss out of my drumming ability.

Anyone else here with knowledge or experience of such things do please advise. SO -what we did instead is set up a similar thing on the bands Bandcamp page -which ironically offers paypal as a payment option.

He was asleep in his seat about 6 rows back accross the aisle. I found myself near overwhelmed by an urge to remove a shoe and skull him with it. Indeed, I instead approached him in arrivals and thanked him for the skinful of free pints I got in Limericks sadly defunct Buddies bar following his equaliser against Holland in Ticket options updated https: No but seriously I could that sort of shit well if I had to.

The facebook message which I guess you never got was actually to invite you to Leeds for the HMHB gig before Xmas and the Leeds match the next day , at a time when the flights to Leeds from Dub anyway were about 99pence. Exford travels a lot too. Hope to talk there. That other Niall Quinn. I was in the away end at Highbury in ? Exxo Hi Nigel, I got that message and I emailed a reply on Dec 19th to the hotmail address you supplied.

Might see you in Cork yet! If not, no worries. But all the bs that goes with gigging up there put me off it a long time ago. The Mexican swingers are the latest to make a bold bid for the hmhb hashtag hot on the heels of a US veterans charity and that flipping burger crew.

Have the saucy Mexicans got involved as a result of Chris encouraging us drive away the turd burger merchants by posing NSFW hmhb lyrics? And is there any way of blocking them? Anyone with a knowledge of Spanish have any idea what hmhb might mean for a Mexican swinger?

Feel free to video away. We will do our level best though. Match abandoned, traveling army given complimentary pint. Niall, Any Hitchers gigs planned, ideally in the summer? We briefly considered a second attempt a couple of years ago but it came to nothing.

With a bit more notice it might be do-able. Parsfan -was that yourself? The venue Cashmans is long gone alas. No Holmfirth or Bilston analogy compares. No one here believes that someone came from England to see The Hitchers and The Hitchers never showed up. Just on the upcoming HAHB gig …it is happening. The posters are winging their way to Cork. It would be TOB for me. TLP album cover for me is the best ever. Exxo, I also agree there are better Bunnymen albums than OR.

Revolver along whith Rubber Soul should have been The Beatles white album. So a trip to Cork could be on the cards for me also.

Cork here I come, Fly out on the 10th arrive home on the 12th. So I will see you in Cork John and Nigel. Cosmic Scallies plus Sea Shanties is a great combination. My favourite Beatles album changes monthly but it is often Revolver. A little bit of a stretch to include Elvis Costello, although I was impressed that he said some nice stuff about Geoff in his book. Irish Niall please be careful on your bike. D arrived today kindly provided by Geoff.

God bless Ken Hancock. I shall be at The Robin btw, so see you there. See you in Bilston, Geezer. But the wrist is fine.

Well played, Observer readers. I suppose in everyone needed a fillip musically — it was the post-Smiths era. It was the only light-hearted music at the time, which is a lightweight reply, but there you go. Is it a millstone being lauded as one of the great songwriters? That keeps my head on the ground. How have you managed to remain together for so long? Your music mirrors realism, what normal people are like… Nigel: I just write and someone, somewhere identifies with it. People latch onto us that would never latch onto any other band.

Do you write from a Northern stance? Austell or Penzance I would have written the same thing. Surely the gritty realism is Northern? The people I hung around with then were lathe-operators and welders, who got laid off. Have you introduced any phrases into the English language?

It was one of the great phrases that existed due to peer pressure in a gang. Have you ever had a problem wanting to be taken seriously?

Are you aware of any Half Man Half Biscuit tribute bands? One of our promoters in Redditch told us that he knew of a tribute band. You have a particular affinity with fanzines? I love reading them with a cup of tea and a sandwich. I came here tonight wanting one of those booklets in the foyer, and got a funny look.

We were going to do an EP, but that constitutes three or four songs, which would have cut down what we could have put on the album. Solid bit of interviewing which gives a surprising amount of insight given how concise it is. Most questions taken seriously, as tend to be in F2F situations and often less so in the email interviews NB tends to prefer these days.

And most of the answers would probably be the same today. But it must have been edited down from a somewhat longer chat, resulting in a few times where you wonder if a mis-hearing or slip in transcription has occurred. There was no gig in Reading during the previous 2. Is it about Redditch again? One member asked Nigel what he did for a living and Nigel told him he was a producer on Dwarf Porn videos and would one day take over the family business.

The rest of us tried not to laugh. Or maybe Oxford that same spring? Naturally, in the cathedral of English folk music, I will be making a most persuasive case that the finest English folk-rock band since Fairport Convention is the mighty Half Man Half Biscuit. Tickets are available from the CSH website, or on the door tonight. Hope to see lots of you there. She totally gets it. Is Brian Bilston one of you lot?

You know what you can do with the magnifying glass. The author also weaves in some clever HMHB lyrical nods throughout the tome. I was lucky enough to get on Danny Bakers Sausage sandwich game on radio 5 this morning. I managed to sneak in a Biscuits reference.

Have a listen on iplayer and see if you can spot it. On from just after the news, 32 min in. Oh go on, here it is — CtSO. See how many PU song titles you can spot. Gideon Coe show is at http: Different selection from when Mr Coe last pulled out that gig from the archives in Geoff Davies once said when I enquired about a launch date..

Oh, and the article reignites the debate about whether it was a subbuteo team in DPAK colours or a DP away shirt worn by the other boy. Sorry CtSO you may need to merge my comments. It was a Subbuteo team — I will brook no debate on this matter. The SMAB2 show details have changed.

Here it is, extracted from their site. Are you there, Mike? Well worth tracking down a copy. The Passion of Harry Bingo: Further Dispatches From Unreported Scotland is available now via the website of the publishers Sandstone Press and presumably other quality outlets.

I wondered beforehand, as SLF were playing there later and their doors due to open less than half way through the show, and it turned out to be in a different room, one of many, despite its singular name. Pre-match beers in The Bow Bar. First up was a choral version of Vatican Broadside, harmonies, everything, it was brilliant…and it finished with a more traditional version. Only two people forward of me owned up. They left after the next song, which was probably one of the best things done though I forget just now what it was, lots of high and lows.

Atilla The Stockbroker more than showed up at the last minute this time, it was almost his gig. Four songs, or parts thereof, over a range of styles. First up Chatteris in serious poem style, there was another on a mandola according to Andy and my memory of what he said and others. I hope Alexis can do it again next year. Excellent, Pars, thanks very much. Just about to buy my first bike in 30 years — you guessed it, a Boardman hybrid on the cycle to work scheme.

Might wear it at a gig. In a court of law, I am fairly sure that discrediting one part of the story would be considered a reasonable first step in discrediting the whole thing. At least one person OTP is over there too. But they broke up. Shame it had to occur so meaninglessly in such a juvenile piece of writing. If enough of us start using it, with a definite meaning, in it goes.

The EP is on Spotify. Thin, seasonal filler in Metro hung on a song title, but hey, at least it linked to a video. B and his admirers. The crane at the concrete factory down our road is festooned with bright fairy lights again this year.

Stuart — I spotted it also and was putting my comment together when I found your post. Bah — pipped again. This oversight was corrected by Elvis McGonagall is he one of ours? And how about 24 hours from Stevenage? Does anyone have an explanation for this curious phenomenon? Lots of Fall references too. I really recommend his stuff Sawn-Off Tales and Aromabingo particularly — he writes very concise, funny, surreal and dark stories, quite Blackwellian in some ways.

I was greeted with awkward silence Chris The Site Owner had lied to me He had lied to me on his post. No doubt some grammar wanker could tell us why. Also, I stole it from that Richard Osman off Pointless. My old history teacher would often trot out the joke about Which Tyler and the Pedants Revolt, we used to smile dutifully but I never understood it until years later. To digress, we had history on a Friday afternoon, he would always start by discussing the Saturday footie fixtures he was a Coventry fan , most of the class followed the dark side from Witton but there were three of us Baggies and my best mate was Leicester mad.

After that he would then set us a text to read through, sit back at his desk and puff away at his pipe! Those were indeed the days my friend… Ofsted inspectors and smoking bans were many, many years away.

is and in to a was not you i of it the be he his but for are this that by on at they with which she or from had we will have an what been one if would who has her. I just wanted to thank you for being one of my Heroes I was born and raised in a little river town over looking the Mississippi river which was Quincy, Illinois in I was 9 yrs old when wagon train rolled on to our little round TV picture tube and it gave one little boy a whole world to enjoy of playing cowboys & Indians and when you left the series and Mr. bond had passed away I felt that. Latest information about Half Man Half Biscuit, brought to you by The Half Man Half Biscuit Lyrics Project.