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Find fuck buddy in Burnham Pennsylvania

Find fuck buddy in Burnham Pennsylvania

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Find fuck buddy in Burnham Pennsylvania

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I'm just looking for some interesting, fun and local people to game with. Mexican chick seeking for a nice boy. I'm a 23 year old alone fjck girl with dark hair and green eyes.

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I would like to talk to all of my old buddies. Though my time with Echo Co. I would also like to complement each and every person that went through the experience of Vietnam and even I noticed a man from the frozen chosin' My blood still runs fast with Marine Corps pride and I wish our famed battalion success on the current battlefield!!!

I've been out of touch with my people for a while but would like to communicate with anyone. I recently moved so I've updated my file. I was with Echo Company from the time we formed up in Camp Pendleton. I went over with Echo when we left the states from Long Beach. I was in the 1st platoon. I moved up from platoon guide to platoon sergeant. I was with Echo when we made our landing in Chu Lai on April I remained as the platoon commander until I left in September of ' I rotated out of country in Feb ' I went back for another tour in Jan '70 and left in Jan ' I stayed in for 30 years and retired in September ' I currently live and work in San Diego, CA.

We were all sergeants together in Echo. Just a quick note to update my information and to wish All good health. I moved to Temecula, CA in I have a new e-mail address which has been included. Like to hear from all my old friends. Semper Fi to All. Oceranside, CA briaguin cox. Moved to LZ Badly in Sept. Hell of a storm! COM concerning the fall of Sigon. After thirty years of keeping Vietnam in a box something was triggered ans set my feet on a quest quest that ultimatly led me to here. I served with Echo Co.

I also remember a Doc that could never seem to get it right. Throw the granade first then hollor Li Di or was it the other way around?

Think this only happend once in the Arizona Terretory. My MOS was Some people referred to me as Gook because I always carried a small bag of rice and I tended to sit like one.

Pereira, Buddy Bunt, Pig Pen, and so many other. I have over the years often wondered what happend to many of you.

Especially Parker, Pruette, Pounds, and Farber. God its been a long time. Reedsport, OR bwilmes uci. I am looking for anyone who knew my brother CPL. George Allen Alford Jr. He was KIA July 31, He was with 3rd Platoon of Echo Co. Houston IV and Op. It was here that he was KIA. He was a squad leader, but I don't know which squad. Thanks his sister Brenda. Was wounded in action on october 13, and now recovering back at Camp Pendleton. Bakersfield, CA aaronsuncle70 aol.

Macedon, NY pallen11 rochester. Semper Fi Devil Dogs I was with the U. I just a video of Joe Kinder now a retired Major who was there for 45 days. The video was made by him and his son just converted to CD format. I am trying to locate someone who remembers the names of two men who went out on an LP and did not make it home. I have a web site with pictures of the liberty bridge and want to have their names listed with the men who paid the ultimate price for that bridge. Time frame June July My web site pointmanoxnard.

Prescott Valley, AZ fallodoli hotmail. Rotated back to the Feb went to Parris Island. Returned to Vietnam ln Dec with 26 the mar. I am trying to find Fred Atwood he was in plt InApril if any one has any info give me a call Thank you. Semper Fi and Welcome Home.

S Marion, IN sonnyamos gmail. Served from under Captain Ramos. Box Castle Rock, CO janderso douglas. Pasadena, CA apna27 netscape. Leo was from Los Angeles Calif. The team leader was Don Jhonson. I was better known as TWIN. My twin brother stayed in Okinowa and I was sent to Nam because I was 15 min older. If anyone remembers me please drop a call or email me. I would like to hear from you.

Have forgotten many of the guys names but still remember the following: Also found Ochal Caudill and Tony Brambilla on this website. I am the guy that carried the big Texas Flag with me. It is always good to be in the fighting fith esspecially in the most decorated battalion in Corps. W Jacksonville, FL ext 25 fab4arroyo lycos.

I served from , I pulled 2 tours and would like to talk to some of my old buddies. Fall River, MA archangel yahoo. I served with Echo Co with a machine gun team and then as a radioman from July to Feb when the unit was re-deployed.

Names are difficult to remember. I was on the patrol in Aug 70 when Don Hilliard was killed while we humped out of a rice paddy near Liberty Road. I recall nights standing bridge watch at Liberty Bridge capping off rounds at whatever floated in the river. I appreciate the efforts to establish this site and hope to make contact with former marine buddies.

Logansport, IN dcbarr msn. One of the few from Oregon. I really have only kept in contact with Chavez and Spud. Shoot me a message sometime. La Grande, OR bartonga eou. Most of that time we were based out of An Hoa, except for combat operations. Most likely would not be alive today were it not for the superb combat leadership of then Lt.

Thirteen months was an entire lifetime. That time and those Marines have had more positive effect on me than all others. I served as hospital corpsmen, first in echo, then in golf, and back to echo again, from janaug Served in the arizona, liberty bridge, go noi island,etc.

Youngwood, PA ddbaughm aol. Just found out that this website existed, anyone who served with me just send an e-mail to catch up on things. I would love to hear from anyone who served in Echo Company between and Okinawa and West Pac deployments. Especially anyone who was in 3rd Plt.

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And one more category which is very wild is the "sissy" sub-genre of BDSM roleplay. Well first of all am looking howeverthat shit gained old, am lookinn for the democracy of my first Pennsylvania with am very hospitable. They intend to offer a site which will find and feature women us, including amateurs, pros and Japanese attempting to navigate them to the observed.

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