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Find an Affair in Encampment Carbon WY

Find an Affair in Encampment Carbon WY

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Find an Affair in Encampment Carbon WY

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My experience with wood stoves is that they are much less user-friendly than this picture suggests they are. Photo courtesy of BioLite. Based on my extensive experience with common backpacking stoves e. The stove weighs 33 oz, not including a pot or fire-starting supplies; assume that a complete CampStove system will weigh about 40 oz, or 2. Its weight is very difficult to justify for a backpacking trip that entails even a moderate amount of hiking, as pack weight then needs to be an important consideration.

But in all but the most extreme applications e. For example, my preferred Fancy Feast alcohol stove system weighs about 6 oz, making it 34 oz lighter. Even if I was hiking with a large group, which by nature will consume a lot of fuel, I would still choose a more efficient system than the CampStove: I would break the group into small cook groups and give each cook group a stove probably alcohol or canister. Humans have relied on biomass fires much longer than they have relied on modern backpacking stoves — the skills needed to build a fire are well known.

Yet most backpackers prefer non-biomass stoves. Moreover, most land mangers prefer — or even mandate — backcountry stoves too, since the frequent burning of biomass in high-use backcountry areas depletes this important resource. Open fires and wood stoves are also prohibited in many areas during peak the wildfire months. While the CampStove has an added feature that the Bushbuddy lacks — the ability to recharge electrical devices — presumably it shares the same pitfalls of this stove category.

Uhhhg — this is the kind of product that makes me want to act like an even more obnoxious zealot about leaving crap behind. Earlier this year, my boyfriend and I had the misfortune of being stranded on a river overnight. His phone has a lifeproof case, but we left that in my car. We would have given anything to be able to phone in help and rescue. Would have done what with the phone, called for a chopper or SAR?? Overnight is not a panic scenario.

Everyone and I mean everyone knows you are supposed be able to be able to survive overnight. A day late for work really who cares. The definition of camping is go outside and stay there until morning. Start thinking about what you would have done 20 years ago in the same situation. Yea the same thing you actually did. I love my Biolite because it is efficient using very little fuel and provides power to a small light.

Phone is a bonus during power outages, which happen too often this past winter. The weight is not an issue. IF you get a good fire started virtually no smoke and the sear on the meat with the grill is wonderful. I highly recommend this sweet little stove and the varied attachments that go with it.

I have hiked with it, camped with it, and use it for a quick grill at home. Wonderful and very handy. The first time I saw a real redwood tree, honestly, I though they were fake.

There are a lot of young tough men and women who can do a lot more with less to work with, so I applaud their positions, but they left out one extremely important factor! Just prior to enlisting into the U. Army, I received an opportunity to try out for the U. I was a card carrying member of the A. My best time was I was severely wounded and almost lost my left leg.

Being shot right behind my left knee and I was also peppered with shell fragmentation from a mortar that ended any hopes of being a well built brash and physically able to take-on just about anything.

So, my point is, there are a lot of people like myself who want to hold onto the dreams of their youth, but their also unable to do what once was so easy and mentally reassuring who we were. I have hiked a continuous miles on the AT not section packing or slack packing , several more on the BMT and the Florida trail. If you are convinced this is for you, by all means YOU should be stupid enough to carry it with my blessing.

I keep a Biolite Campstove in my work vehicles just in case I get snowed in on an interstate, or any other emergency situation that I may encounter anywhere along the 7 States in my service area. And yes, I do take it camping with me. Oh, and btw, calling someone stupid for utilizing a piece of equipment that you would prefer not to makes you sound, well, stupid.

April, if your hands were too cold to break twigs, then you were stupid for letting them get that cold to start with. But sometimes the unexpected happens. Oh, and it can be used to charge a flashlight too, not just a cell phone. John H Sachs, Are you sad that nobody you know will acknowledge your olympic try out? Are you sad that you have nobody to brag about your life? Agreed, the concept is absolutely ridiculous for the dedicated backpacker— however, for a long-term encampment, living of the land with no access to electricity, this is an incredible tool.

Do you bring into the backcountry a flashlight headlamp , a compass and a map? Similarly, my iPhone does all that plus it is a gps, a camera, a book, a conversion chart for converting milliliters to cups, and much more at no more weight, all kept working with a little help from the biolite.

We just used the biolite for a week long backpacking trip with my oldest nefues, it performed very well. It allowed me to not bring my mini solar charger and weighed less than my gas stove an fuel and solar charger combined.

Also it let me have many many hot cups of tea, hot water for dishes and washing up, and let the boys roast marshmallows even though open wood fires were not permitted, and never once did I worry about running out of fuel.

The biolite rocks, boils fast, and entertained the boys. The problem with an all-in-one electronic device is if you break it, you lose all your instruments at the same time.

It is better to have separate devices so you still have some when obe of them breaks. Simple solution here, bring a second back-up all in one device. When the first one fails…just switch out the SIM card. Even 2 are way lighter then all the other devices one brings. There is a tech culture war here that is even more pronounced among back to basics, nature enthusiast. Smartphones are a Swiss Army knife…..

Cell phones are not GPS. They use cell phone towers to triangulate their positions on maps, whereas a GPS device uses satellites in space to get position. When a GPS signal is unavailable e. Thus, many smartphones are viable backcountry GPS units, assuming you have the maps pre-downloaded since often data service is limited or non-existent in the backcountry.

A smartphone is also not as battery-efficient as a true GPS unit, though there are some ways to turn off most of its functions in order to conserve power; read this, http: Yes true many phones have a GPS, but they load their maps from the cell network or wi fi.

I mean phones are great. I mean they are not rugged. I take mine, I put it in a super duper floating case, but use it with gloves, nope, super cold, nope, too hot, nope. All these sensors built in will disable the phone if too hot, and too cold and the screen freezes, batteries die in an hour.

I mean stop it. Use your common sense. Most real map apps allow you to download the maps you will need for your trip. I use Backcountry Navigator and can download topo maps for my area and use the GPS and navigate just fine. I still carry a map and compass and I know how to read a map so lat long is all I need anyways. The comment about phones not using GPS is absolutely untrue, in fact most phones these days include a GLONASS the Russian version of American GPS operates on the same principles receiver as well for very accurate positioning when using both positioning systems in conjunction.

Iphones actually do have a GPS system built in. The maps are loaded from the internet but Garmin and Tom Tom both offer programs that allow the user to install maps to use the GPS functionality of the phone without needing wi-fi or a cell tower. Cell tower replicate complete GPS datagrams which your phone can use to speed up signal acquisition.

A GPS cold start with no known signals takes about 15 minutes otherwise. Smart phones with GPS can work if you have no cell signal, as long as you load maps before you lose the signal. Might not work in a deep canyon or dense forest. I hope nobody is depending on their iphone to help with navigation. The issue is that they usually use Internet to download map data. Download NavFree maps if you want to navigate free of cellular towers.

Oh really, for the previous several models of iOS products, tablets included, Apple has placed GPS modules inside of them that work without cell svcs. True GPS in the devices. There are some great backcountry and open ocean apps that take great advantage of this. The only current shortcoming is that it reads only US based sats and not yet the Russian Glonass sats.

As for weight, biolite is a much lighter system than carrying extra devices and batteries. Charges sat phones too! Unfortunately no coverage in most of the world including the US. Best to use dry, dense hardwoods that you take an axe to make into bite size pieces. Loose, small and old fungal sticks work; however, it will eat them like a hungry dragon and take hours to fully recharge a 5s.

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A major attention-grabber at last week’s Outdoor Retailer Summer Market (ORSM) was the BioLite CampStove, a unique biomass-burning stove that will boil water and charge your electronics via USB. The CampStove was featured by many of the most popular online media outlets, including Outside, GearJunkie, and TrailSpace; Brian Green has also written about it a few times. [] kwjWXajbWjnQta 投稿者:Archie 投稿日:/10/13(Mon) More or less not much going on worth mentioning. Pretty much nothing seems worth. 10 Signs You Know What Matters. Values are what bring distinction to your life. You don't find them, you choose them. And when you do, you're on the path to fulfillment.