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Fife adult horney at target off Jekyll Island

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Fife adult horney at target off Jekyll Island

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A literal translation of verse 4 would read: Thus completely changing the meaning of the Scripture. In the prophetic passage of Zechariah Most Jews think Christians are tri-theists, worshiping a trinity of deities of whom two are not truly God.

Not so, we are as monotheistic as the most orthodox Jew, we worship the same eternal Jehovah and that our Trinitarian worship of Jehovah we own originally to their own Jewish Scriptures. The resurrection of Jesus has been appropriately celebrated, but it leaves a lingering question. Eusebius of Caesarea wrote of a time when Christians were being persecuted by the Romans. In an effort to refute the resurrection, the Romans left the corpses of a large number of Christians unburied for some time before burning them and scattering their ashes in the Rhone River.

It is the biggest experimental facility ever built. Put on your diving helmet because here is where the results go very deep. They identified a new particle sub-atom particle called Ds3, a meson; a type of unstable particle consisting of one quark and one antiquark. They are held together by a strong interaction, a force, that is one of the four fundamental forces of nature.

This is called entanglement. Let me say an explanation of resurrection cannot be explained by a mathematical formula or scientific theory, but a glimpse of a potential explanation can be gained. The God factor is the ultimate answer.

Scientists sent pairs of entangled Ds3 photons through a network of fiber-optic tubes to locations approximately seven miles apart, north and south. At this distance the behavior of one particle correlated with the behavior of the other.

When compared the paths of each member of the pair they were the symmetrical. Though the particles had many paths they could have traveled through the tubes, what one particle did the other did. By some means the particles communicated with each other affecting the movement of the other from some distance. This is the process of entanglement.

It ties together the most fundamental particles composing reality. Thus, though the Romans scattered the atoms, all the Ds3 relationship of the body stayed in touch. The reconstruction of the resurrection body would begin with Ds3 gathering the atoms which constituted the body parts. This explanation of entanglement and resurrection is far too simple. No one will ever know the mechanical means that results in the resurrection, but this affords a hint. He who believes in Me though he may die, he shall live.

The authenticity of the Shroud of Turin, the alleged burial cloth of Jesus Christ, has long been contested, and will be. I have found a clue that settles the issue very clearly for me. Recently I had dinner with Dr. Shimon Gibson, the archaeologist who oversaw the prestigious dig on Mount Zion in Jerusalem. He also found the John the Baptist Cave and has dug in Hinnom.

Over the years portions of shrouds have been found throughout Israel, but never had a complete shroud been found intact in Jerusalem until Dr. Gibson found one in a burial cave in the Valley of Hinnom. Radiocarbon data and artifacts indicate it is from the time of Jesus. Ancient writings describe shrouds from the era, but there had been conclusive evidence confirming the writings until now.

The weave in the fabric of the shroud found by Dr. Gibson is the simple two-way weave common in the Bible era. The Shroud of Turin is made of fabric using the twill weave which experts say did not come into existence until around A. Twill weave is made by diagonal threads in parallel ridges. The Shroud of Turin consists of one single piece of cloth whereas the Jerusalem Shroud is comprised of more than one piece.

The shroud found in Jerusalem was wound around the corpse of a man whose analysis reveals likely had leprosy and died from tuberculous. Logically that is the reason he was still sealed in a burial chamber. The Jerusalem Shroud, indicative of the partial shrouds of the era, consists of more than one piece. The napkin like facial piece was to allow for the possibility the person buried was not really dead.

In such an event it could be blown off and the person call for help. Medical science was not advanced to the point persons could be conclusively proven dead. The contrast of the two shrouds is distinct. The facts shared here will be weighed by some against the date supporting the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin and the debate continued.

This evidence convinces me the Shroud of Turin is a mystical and matchless work of art, but not the actual burial cloth used to entomb Jesus. Until rumors of an apocryphal Gospel of Peter existed. However, no proof of such existed until when a large 8th Century fragment of what is alleged to be the Gospel of Peter was found in a tomb in Akhmim in Upper Egypt. Subsequent copies were later found in Egypt.

Scholars have concluded it was written in Syria between — AD. The Gospel of Peter is a fragmented work consisting of 14 paragraphs comprised of 60 verses. It has no inscription indicating Simon Peter was the author.

It is even doubted it is a Gnostic work. Around AD Serapion, one of the first to write of the book, initially endorsed the writing as trustworthy. After future deliberation he decided members of the Docetic cult had added material supportive of their doctrine.

It is colored throughout by teaching of cultic groups existing at the time of the writing, but not existent in the Bible era. An example relates to Jesus having no pain on the cross. The Gnostics taught Jesus had no physical body, He was only a marage. The concept of no pain supports their heresy that His sufferings were not real, but they merely appeared to be so. This further supports the Docetic belief that He, having no real human body, could not die.

A lack of knowledge of prevailing Jewish historical customs further discredits the work. Because of ritual impurity no priest or scribe would have done so. It begins when the trial of Jesus is ending. The Jews are depicted as desiring for Jesus to suffer agony. The Jews are said to have prevented His legs from being broken and hasten his death to extend His agony.

At His resurrection Jesus is represented as being accompanied by two men surrounded by a bright light from the tomb. The stone unaided rolled away from the tomb by itself. Upon exiting the two men were so tall their heads reached the sky. Jesus was of such height His head reached into the heavens. Internal evidence reveals it contains a number of second century legends, the time of its authorship. The author was evidently reliant on secondary sources whereas the Four Gospels were written by first person eye witnesses.

The Gospel of Peter offers no reliable insight into the life and time of Jesus as do the Four Gospels. A qualification for a book to be included in the Bible was it must have been written by an apostle or someone associated closely with an apostle.

The Gospel of Peter being written in the mid-second century does not meet this standard. For that and many other reasons the Gospel of Peter was not considered worthy of inclusion in the New Testament cannon. His most ardent supporters must concede he is flawed. Fortunately flawed people can be high achievers. Abraham, liar, Moses, murderer, David, adultery, all had major character deficits yet were achievers. There is one area Trump exceeds them all. He is the master of hyperbole.

His use of such adjectives as the greatest, the best, the most, perfect, and other kindred comments can not all be accurate. Detractors will exploit them. Most who exaggerate anticipate their listeners will accept their embellishment as intended for emphasis not reality. When listeners interpret overstatements as literal truth, conflict occurs. Hyperbole goes well in a hunting camp, but not in the Oval Office.

The minimization of the personal pronouns, I, me, my would be welcomed. They punctuate the comments of an egotists and no one is favorably drawn to a solipsist. His accomplishments are many. However, it is unbecoming for individuals to exalt themselves. Hopefully he will settle into a more becoming role as President.

I pray his achievements will attract more favorable attention than does his personal unbecoming demeanor. There is a anti-Trump segment of our society that will be difficult to placate. Many of those who did not favor his candidacy seem to think no one did. Much of the opposition is manufactured, even paid for. They who have been so insistent on everyone being inclusive are now highly exclusive. Sitemap

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However, at, you will get Maps with current changes in Traffic Reports, Directions and Driving Directions updated in real time. With these Maps at hand, one gets the Directions to better plan for any journey. Rhode Island Although individual Jews in other parts of seventeenth-century America are identifiable. and treated Jews almost as equals." Nonetheless. Georgia. Analysis of off-grid hybrid wind turbine/solar PV water pumping systems, A novel fixed-target task to determine articulatory speed constraints in persons with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, A User's Guide to the Jekyll Island Environment, Lion Gardiner. PDF.