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Discrete sex Grand Forks North Dakota

Discrete sex Grand Forks North Dakota

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Discrete sex Grand Forks North Dakota

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Thyroid and immune system health are crucially dependent upon copper. As far as I can see now, copper deficiency is the most important factor in the development of hyperthyroidism. Virtually all hypers in the hyperthyroidism group have found that copper supplementation reduced their symptoms, usually within hours or a few days at most.

Most have reported that within three to six months of beginning copper supplementation, they have been able to significantly reduce their intake of antithyroid drugs. While copper is the big story in hyperthyroidism, it is not the whole story. If it were, it would have been discovered years ago. Proper copper metabolism interrelates with and depends upon many other nutrients.

One unique thing about copper is that women need more of it than men. This seems to be primarily because copper is required for the production of the enzymes which convert progesterone into estrogen. Men, however, require more zinc, which seems to be the mineral necessary to form the enzymes which convert progesterone into testosterone.

Studies show that copper intake in America is borderline or inadequate. Foods that contain copper, such as nuts and seeds, beans and other legumes, lobster, and crab, are not eaten, especially by women who need more copper, because of beliefs that these foods are fattening or contain toxic substances shellfish. Other foods like beer and chocolate are good sources of copper but because of the other ingredients, alcohol in beer, and caffeine and sugar in chocolate, they are not consumed in amounts sufficient for women.

Because copper content of the average diet is marginal, men are generally able to get enough copper for two reasons: Beer contains reasonably high levels of two critical minerals: Probably men have a drive to drink beer for its selenium content which is necessary for testosterone production, and as a by-product consume a lot of copper.

Because copper slows down the thyroid, this is the probable reason that drinkers of beer put on weight and get a "beer-belly. Women, on the other hand, driven by a desire to stay thin, generally avoid the high copper foods because of the perception which is correct that the high copper foods can cause weight gain.

Other women start smoking tobacco for a similar reason: I believe that there is truth to this perception, because it appears that the cadmium in tobacco smoke is a copper antagonist. This results in low copper levels, and when combined with a high-zinc, meat-based diet, results in higher thyroid output, a higher rate of metabolism, and staying thinner.

Unfortunately, for women there seems to be an interaction between estrogen and cadmium which results in high cadmium levels which not only depress copper, but depress zinc. Once zinc is depressed, the metabolic rate decreases and obesity sets in. Depending upon dietary intake of copper and zinc, cadmium can either push the woman to hypothyroidism low zinc or hyperthyroidism low copper. The combination of estrogen and cadmium acts as an accelerator which pushes women one way or the other and makes the happy medium difficult to accomplish.

I believe that many people probably consume a nutritionally adequate amount of copper in their diets. However, because copper absorption and utilization depend upon the presence of many other nutrients including many of the B complex vitamins, many people do not get an adequate amount of copper into their cells.

Many of the B Complex vitamins are essential for copper utilization and deficiencies of these vitamins are similar to copper deficiencies. Vitamins B-1 thiamine , B-2 riboflavin , B-3 niacin , B-5 pantothenic acid , biotin, and PABA all seem to work with copper and information about these can be found in separate pages on them. Of all these B vitamins, I believe that biotin and PABA are the most important because they are usually the most neglected and probably under-represented in most B Complex and multiple vitamin supplements.

Books on vitamins typically describe biotin as a vitamin which doesn't get deficient unless raw eggs are eaten and rarely even mention PABA as a possible deficiency.

There are some sources which indicate that PABA is beneficial in hyperthyroidism which adds support to my belief that PABA is an important nutrient to assist copper metabolism. Often it seems that deficiencies of other nutrients, which are needed for copper metabolism, are the problem in hyperthyroidism. However, even when these other nutrients are inadequate, increasing copper intake seems to help.

The other side of the situation is that excessive amounts of the vitamins which facilitate copper metabolism may deplete copper further if copper is deficient.

Vitamin C is essential for copper metabolism, but excess vitamin C, such as mgs per day seems to deplete copper. It's important to have all the nutrients balanced and not to take an excessive amount of any one nutrient. How does copper work in the body and what are the documented effects of copper deficiency in humans? Copper is essential for maintaining the strength of the skin, blood vessels, and epithelial and connective tissue throughout the body.

Deficiencies of copper can result in hernias, aneurysms, and blood vessel breakage manifesting as bruising or nosebleeds. If copper is important in cellular membrane structure, then a copper deficiency could seriously alter the movement of nutrients through cell walls. This means that the immune system is not operating properly. Immune bodies known as immunoglobulins IGs are stimulating the thyrotropin receptors in the thyroid gland and this stimulation causes the thyroid to increase hormone output.

It is not a great leap of faith to see that a deficiency of an essential nutrient could cause the immune system to malfunction. There is very little scientific evidence that copper is involved in immune system function, but it is my belief that copper deficiency is the principal nutritional deficiency involved in autoimmune diseases.

The most important nutrient that women need more of than men is copper. Any nutritional detective who is trying to find the culprit in autoimmune diseases should first suspect copper. Women need more copper and get autoimmune diseases more frequently. Copper deficiency is the obvious suspect. First of all, the main copper antagonist, zinc, is known to be involved in immune system function. Zinc and zinc containing herbs like ginseng are listed in many health books as immune system boosters. I believe that many health practitioners and autoimmune disease sufferers alike interpret this information incorrectly.

They are recommending and using zinc supplements for the treatment of autoimmune dysfunction. I believe that this is completely incorrect and the last thing you would want to do in the case of an autoimmune disease is to stimulate the immune system by supplementing zinc. Autoimmune diseases are characterized by an out-of-control immune system.

To use a car analogy, the immune system, which is the system to maintain the proper functioning of the auto, could be represented by the mechanic. In the case of autoimmune diseases, the mechanic is out-of-control and ruining things rather than fixing them. Supplementing with zinc and stimulating the immune system would be like giving coffee to the out-of-control mechanic so that he works twice as fast and destroys twice as many things in the car.

If the immune system were under performing, then zinc would be a proper supplement to increase its functioning. Copper will decrease the stimulation to the immune system that zinc causes and enable the immune system function to slow down and perform normally. Is there any evidence that copper is involved in the functioning of the immune system? Penicillamine chelates both copper and zinc and many patients also need to supplement zinc and B-6 the B vitamin that helps zinc metabolism to stay healthy.

Penicillamine has also been shown to induce autoimmune disease in rats study. Another study shows that copper deficiency in mice impairs immune system function. The -Cu mice demonstrated impaired antibody plaque-forming cells, PFC response to sheep erythrocytes, and the attenuation was proportional to copper deficiency, as judged by liver copper levels. Splenocyte reactivity to B- and T-cell mitogens was not greatly different between groups. Incorporation of thymidine into DNA in the absence of mitogen was higher in -Cu mice.

It is evident that severity of copper deficiency is related to degree of impaired immunity. Furthermore, severity of copper deficiency is dependent on duration and time of initiation of dietary copper restriction. While the actual thyroid function is different in the two diseases, one high and the other low, other characteristics of the diseases are very similar.

For example in both diseases, patients might have thyroid eye disease TED, ophthalmopathy, orbitopathy or pretibial myxedema swelling of the tissue at the front of the shin. Copper is necessary for the control of the immune system dysfunction, before zinc can be supplemented to control the fibroblast growth which is seen in TED and myxedema.

Is copper deficiency involved in hypothyroidism? In one study it was found that copper deficiency enhances the effects of PTU-induced hypothyroidism. Possible interrelationships of copper -deficient copper -deficient ration and hypothyroid thiouracil treatment states in rats were examined.

Clinical signs, necropsy changes, and thyroxine concentrations were determined in 6 groups of rats treated as follows: Clinical signs occurred first and were most severe in the thiouracil-treated rats fed copper -deficient ration and included conformational changes and slower maturation, weakening of ear cartilage, middle ear changes reflected by tilting of heads , and alopecia.

Fatty infiltration of hepatic tissue was found in all rats fed copper -deficient rations, and considerable fluid retention occurred in rats fed copper -deficient ration and subjected to daily TSH treatment. Thus, copper -deficient and hypothyroid states were considerably enhanced when the 2 existed concurrently, giving added meaning and necessity to close surveillance of trace mineral concentrations and thyroid gland status. Some women with hypothyroidism also have galactorrhea, which is a condition of excessive production of prolactin, the hormone which causes breast milk secretion.

The result is spontaneous release of breast milk and body weight gain which is the apparent result of the body being in a pregnancy-like state due to hormonal imbalance. There is a study suggesting that copper may be involved in the production of prolactin.

There is a case of a woman who developed galactorrhea from a copper IUD. This association of galactorrhea with hypothyroidism could be evidence of a disturbance of copper metabolism in hypothyroidism. We report a case of galactorrhea in a normoprolactinemic fertile woman 30 years old wearing a copper intra-uterine device Gravigard. The Gravigard was first inserted in July In February our patient noted spontaneous galactorrhea, mainly on the left, but it was also present on the right, after breast pressure.

X-ray film of the sella turcica, visual-field examination, thyroid function and basal prolactin levels were all within normal limits. In May the Gravigard was withdrawn and milk loss stopped finally in December In March the IUD was replaced; after only 3 days, mild spontaneous lactation again ensued, on the right side.

The patient never took drugs which might have occasioned a prolactin rise. Possible explanations for this unusual phenomenon are discussed. In a study on rats there is evidence that copper is necessary for proper iodine metabolism and consequently of proper thyroid hormone synthesis.

Title [The effect of copper on the metabolism of iodine, carbohydrates and proteins in rats]. Experiments on rats maintained at ration with copper deficiency have demonstrated a decrease in the values of iodine metabolism in organs and tissues excluding the liver where a sharp increase in the concentration and content of inorganic iodine was observed.

A disturbance in indices of carbohydrate and proteins metabolism in the organism of animals is marked. A direct relationship with a correlation coefficient equaling 0. It is concluded that copper deficiency can exert both a direct effect on metabolic processes as data from literature testify and an indirect one disturbing iodine metabolism, i. The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of copper deficiency on thyroid hormone metabolism in rats.

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