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The Mathematics of Countering Tyranny seems like a particularly well done example. The authors compute that under very generous assumptions there are about door-knockers available to perform confiscation raids. Dividing that into the estimated number of semiautomatic rifles in the U. According to the General Social Survey in , about 1 in 4 Americans owned guns.

That means that in order to stop attempted gun confiscations dead on a purely force-on-force level, only one in American gun owners needs to remember that our first American Revolution began as spontaneous popular resistance to a gun-confiscation order.

Only one in American gun owners need to remember their duty under the U. Only one in American gun owners need to shoot back. Why am I publishing these numbers? To persuade the would-be confiscators that their enterprise is doomed to fail in fire and blood, so freedom-loving people never actually have to take on the moral burden of killing them.

But eternal vigilance is not the only price of liberty. Eternal deterrence against would-be tyrants — including the threat and in extremis the use of revolutionary violence — is part of that price too. The Founding Fathers understood this. The question is whether a critical fraction of American gun owners today know our duty and would do it.

Here is why I am optimistic on that score: In fact, the stock of weapons that would need to be confiscated is much larger. The number of gun owners is pretty certainly underestimated. Even getting full compliance with confiscation orders from the agents and local police is unlikely, reducing the effective number of doorknockers. Correspondingly, the critical fraction of American gun owners that would have to be hard-core enough to resist confiscation with lethal violence in order to stop the attempt is lower than 1 in Especially if we responded by killing not merely the doorknockers but the bureaucrats and politicians who gave them their orders.

Which would be more efficient, more just, and certain to follow. Then under the emergency order I would have agents ready to shut down phone and internet service to the intended targets of the raid and their families.

How does the public protect against this scenario? Better yet, have a whole flock of these canaries, owned by different individuals; then if a significant percentage of them go down at once, we act.

Your implied timeframe is completely wrong. Remember, in the best case each agent has to survive and successfully execute raids. You now have a dead minimum of 43 days. In the real world your doorknockers will never be able to sustain anywhere near that operational tempo. Even if you could press 1. If you shut down the entire phone and Internet networks your economy will collapse.

You invite hundreds of thousands of foreigners with promises of plunder and arm them with light weapons from military and NG armories.

Give them lists of where to go and where not to go and just let them loose. Then when they have successfully killed your enemies you unleash the military on the foreign looters to avoid having to pay them, and to get a morale-boosting easy victory.

Each foreigner would have to take out gun owners before being killed himself in order to finish the job. That, while operating in a foreign country and sticking out like a sore thumb. The sources would be anywhere in the third world with endemic domestic violence.

I would expect them to be unable to move anywhere without looting, shooting and burning everything within reach yes. Undisciplined and untrained thugs against people defending their homes? I think this means they will start planning for civil war, start planning to change the correlation of forces, start planning to out-escalate the anti-confiscation side, and try to convince themselves that civil war will be a good thing: A sudden influx of blue helmets, for example, means that whatever purports to be our government no longer is, and should be altered or abolished.

Springfield, USA suddenly becoming little Mogadishu or Dearbornistan would likewise justify immediate, strenuous opposition, with or without very permanent recall elections. The confiscators and their cohort have to eat and communicate too.

Bright lights while all else is dark is sure to get attention. How are they going to get here? For that matter, any whiff of such a plan and it will be impossible to keep this a secret will literally mobilize the 1 in or so. And the day after large-scale hostilities begin possibly even later the same day an MS tattoo or any gang tattoo becomes a uniform, and its bearer, a legitimate target.

Just how do you transport hundreds of thousands, let alone millions of people to do this bidding without an inkling of recognition by those whom you intend to assault? During the eight years of Obama, the various departments of the federal government — including ones without any legitimate need whatsoever, such as the Dept. Massive buys of ammunition, small arms and surplus military gear. One possible scenario is that from the start all of that ordnance was not intended for fed.

Obama, Holder, Clinton, et al. Not to mention continuous reinforcements from down south. They will be armed and paid in any loot or White women and children they find.

It assumes a pretty high level of evil on the part of the opposition — perhaps more than is realistic. Yes and they will set their sight to the maximum height so the bullets will go further and hit harder. Ever check out the Mid-east users? That does wonders for their moral seeing and knowing that no one will help you and you will die one, way or the other. Paranoid fantasy, completely unrealistic.

Where would such people come from? What would deter Americans from killing such foreigners who have even less legitimacy than the US government, in attempting this trick? Do you know how the IRS handles tax resistors? They make examples of them. They confiscate all wealth of the resistor, and put their families on the street…in penury. Neighbors and friends see them as an object lesson. There is no need for violence. Just have the Government make the weapons, ammunition, reloading gear and components illegal…with threat of massive fines and RICO actions an obvious result of ownership.

Make sure the news covers the spectacle of a weeping family living in a cardboard box under the overpass. There will be, of course, rewards for your neighbors and friends who aid in this effort by identifying gun owners. How many law abiding citizens will resist the temptation after observing the consequences and living with the daily fear of discovery?

You have seen it work. NFA weapons machine guns were handled thusly after the firearms act. Too soon to call the program a success…? Forgive me, but this would not work.

People simply ignored the act in massive numbers and for decades. More importantly, Fed Gov law enforcement quality has gone down since Diversity and Affirmative Action became the watch words of the day. The country is a tense case right now with Antifa and BLM and the rest of their ilk already disrupting things. If you think that seizing a few Americans and making examples will help, you are wrong. Then there are the supply issues.

You might turn in your registered gun, but what are you going to do about the one your 3d Printer turned out this morning? Well…thank you for the responses. I may be short, but not in respect to experience. Law enforcement, NRA life member since , Class 1,2, and 3 license holder for years.

It has been my observation that the Government is not stupid, and also that many people will express fondness for the kinetic, but after some thought, react otherwise. I have been in the gun culture all my life, and have skin in the game.

I just think that the threat will be…asymmetrical I certainly could be wrong…. Its not just the IRS. Cross reference any lists of possible gun owners; gun parts, ammo purchased, subscriptions to gun or freedom magazines, memberships to clubs and organizations, now you have an idea who to sqeeze. Do you get social security, vet benefits, retirement benefits, medical insurance.

In the socialistic world the government can shut down vast segments of society without firing a shot and if they cant get a handle on you well most folks have family. The public will protect itself by watching these actions unfold and then starting the executions of ALL federal and state employees on their own without any instructions or orders.

We who are watching and listening are not stupid or ignorant. We are identifying and tracking all targets for when the time comes…….. As was the case during the 19th century in most of the USA for most Americans, contact with the Federal Government happened when you went to the Post Office. Excepting wars with a draft slavery , the FedGov should have no regular contact or interest in a private person behaving well.

The State might bother you some, like maintaining a registry of Men suitable for Militia duty in case of emergency. At the County level, people get the government they deserve. IMHO, this would be just about an acceptable amount of interference in my life. I was active military then National Guard.

Active duty combat unit way over-represented by conservative places like Texas and the deep south. They would not obey those orders and would probably mutiny.

Favourite quote from the game? : DetroitBecomeHuman

My dad taught me and my sister to shoot when we single-digit kiddos. I lost all interest in compromise a long time ago. I want to win hands down because our legislatures discover that maintaining our current system of prior restraints amounts to political suicide.

Until then, watching our membership grow and our resolve harden while the other side is trying to soften and weaken us is just plain fun. Why the hell would anyone want to destroy the black community? This sounds like pointless cartoonish evil and stories like that are usually false.

The primary problem associated with blacks is violent crime, and destroying the community could only lead to more of it, not less. Does anyone in Bulgaria want to make being a gypsy illegal? No, the primary problem is that they are already doing a lot of illegal things. The only possible motive could be prison slave labor, and that is an extremely inefficient use of human resources.

In the modern economy it is very hard to make that kind of labor anything like profitable, convicts are usually a net negative on the budget. Why the hell would a politician want to destroy the communities that oppose him?

And why would we think Mr Nixon was such a ruthless figure that he would contemplate such a thing? Btw, this is from the mouth of one of his personal advisors who was there at the time shaping the very same policies. I take eye witness account over fact-free opinion every time. But this implies seeing blacks as one homogenous community. Every ethnic community has internal stratification.

Nixon supported the civil rights movement. The opposition almost exclusively came from the Democrats. I mean maybe that is why they destroyed the black community, to get them continually voting democrat. The whole point is that there are easy ways to criminalize possession of anything. And there is never a valid reason to gun down peaceful people. At least not in civilised countries. So, instead of arming up civilian s, you could civilize your police force.

This has always been the defense of slave owners against abolitionists. And also f those who robbed others of their land and home when they demanded it back. Behaving as though one owns other people actually is mala in se. A claimed right to property in another human being is always bogus.

Guns are not people, therefore they are legitimately property. As such, we may rightly assert that owning them is and ought to be a sacred, inviolate right. Not every property is sacred. Communities have always had rules to disown stuff that is considered dangerous or immoral.

Anyhow, the interpretation of the texts in your BoR change over time. The current interpretation is not uncontested. This is not a feature. The people have the right. The militia is formed from the people, bearing their own arms. As intended, those arms would have been of military standard. If that part of the clause ever returns to popular favor, we will add tank shows to gun shows, our boat races will include cannon drills, and rich football players will be arrested for aerial dogfighting..

See how easy it is? This is why it seems that this may end up in gunfire. Because one side is dishonest and playing word games.

Once upon a time, the Supreme Court allowed slavery under the US constitution. On another day, they did not. Once upon a time, women could not vote, then they could. And so it was with the Second Amendment too. The meaning of those 27 words are not clear at all and their combination is not even grammatical:. For more than a hundred years, the answer was clear, even if the words of the amendment itself were not.

The text of the amendment is divided into two clauses and is, as a whole, ungrammatical: In other words, according to the Supreme Court, and the lower courts as well, the amendment conferred on state militias a right to bear arms—but did not give individuals a right to own or carry a weapon. The Constitution allowed it as a compromise in order to get the southern states to buy in to it.

Following the bloody Civil War, the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the Constitution abolishing slavery, granting citizenship and equal legal and civil rights to ex-slaves, and guaranteed their right to vote were ratified by the states. The Supreme Court played no role in that. Again, the Supreme Court had nothing to do with it.

The 19th Amendment giving the franchise to women was ratified by the states. Were it easy to civilize a police force it would be unnecessary. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Trotsky wrote a lovely piece about the civilized daily life of the socialist man — though it takes him a while to get to the point — after all the changes Communism would bring. No omelet to go with the broken eggs. Thomas Jefferson left slavery aside while painting a lovely picture of the good life, Jefferson gave us his view of the yeoman famer sitting home after the sun sets reading Attic Greek classics in the original.

Neither life on the frontier nor life under Communism matches up with Rousseau. Consider the record of the police force in Chicago Illinois — Chicago connections to power omitted as an exercise for the reader — where police torture and frame and a Daley connection allows killing with relative impunity.

In Chicago violent criminal gangs have replaced the Black Church as allies of the political machine to keep the corrupt in office and in control. Nobody alive today has seen a time when a Chicago policeman — or any other aspect of public life in Chicago — was civilized.

Happens I live in a small town based on an agricultural economy where the vast majority of people own firearms. Constitutional carry applies but almost everyone has had good formal training at least at the 4H and Hunter Safety level. As a generalization Heinlein was wrong, Yemen is not a polite society. As an observation Heinlein was right. THIS armed society is polite. The fact that it is not easy does not mean it is not necessary.

Building water utilities and sewers was not easy, nor cheap. It still had to be done. It is not impossible. There are whole countries where the police force is polite and does not kill people.

Yes, and they make most of their living from tourism and selling postage stamps and tchotchkes. Like Luxembourg, Monaco, Lichtenstein, Andorra. Canada, Germany, UK making their living from selling postage stamps? You do not get around much, do you? Bikos, a former officer for the London police service, is a PhD candidate in sociology at Western University working on a nationwide study of Canadian police officers and the impact of police culture on their on- and off-duty lives.

Then again as for the UK: The Guardian view on Worboys and the police: As a society we will have to confront the role of the victim in the post-sentencing process too Wed 21 Feb The CPS said the number represented 0. July 08, One came from the Hartmut Dudde, the head of operations for the Hamburg police, who said: We will also take action.

Even that morning, a marauding gang was raging through the Hamburg neighborhoods of Ottensen and Altona, setting cars on fire by the dozens.

Later in the day, a mob raged for hours in the alternative Schanzenviertel neighborhood, long a hotbed of leftist activity. They broke windows, lit barricades on fire, looted stores and threatened to kill police. Impossible to guarantee and when it does occur not to be preserved. And here are comparisons between comparable communities: You Euros might want to wait until the Holocaust has passed out of living memory before patting yourself on the back too hard.

Actually, your president admires Hitler. We do not have to wait. We can just look at what is happening now in the USA. The part about children locked up in camps brings back memories from my own history lessons in primary school.

Direct quotes are not necessary to conclude admiration. This is not a criminal court, and even there it is allow to use other evidence. But you might be right. Trump only really admires himself. And the quotes of The Donald echo those of Hitler quite closely, implicating that he actually did read them: I can look to sources from Roman times onward for building water utilities and sewers. Assuming arguendo that there are whole countries where the police force is polite and does not kill people I still do not know of a way to get anybody from here to there.

All the more on a national level. The local police where I live — and almost everybody is armed, certainly everybody has immediate access to a firearm — is civilized. I was assured that if the officer had wanted to kill people he could have upped his headcount by half a dozen all righteous on paper and meeting reasonable man standards but not in the end really necessary.

Chicago where guns were completely banned for many years and only recently permitted subject to draconian regulation the police are uncivilized — I was threatened with immediate jail for a myriad of driving offenses and so solicited for a bribe after my parked car with out of state plates was struck — as are the citizens of many but not all Chicago neighborhoods.

There are useful studies on how Memphis Tenn. Sorry, but how to attack corruption, bad training, and mismanagement in civil services has been studied for ages, see below. What is missing in the US is public will to attack corruption and mismanagement in their own ranks.

Cleaning up and invigorating the civil service https: What is missing in the EU is public will to attack corruption and mismanagement in their own ranks. That was done with the active collaboration of your oh, so polite, and oh, so non-violent police. They actually learned from that experience. Our police does not shoot people like in the USA, nor are they used to extort money from minorities. But our Police Force is polite and does not shoot that many unarmed people.

They also do not extort money from minorities. And the Netherlands might disintegrate, a la Venezuela, before it gets to that stage. The Food and Drug Act was passed in Fairly typical response from someone who knows very little about guns from a tiny little country. Especially one where there is considerable social trust of the government. Even in places they do the tendency is to only license pistols.

Canada implemented a gun registration. Compliance rates were…really low. The socialist mindset is ever present. These are almost always failures in getting dangerous firearms off the street. They mostly get older, broken and crap guns off the street, or are used by the criminals to dispose of firearms used in crimes. After all, no questions asked. And I need minimal ammunition if any. So this only impacts legitimate sportsmen. Our honored host calculates the costs of a purely hypothetical nationwide confiscation at gun point of fire arms.

But the whole exercise is purely hypothetical in both cases. And you all knew it. The very successful example of Australia has been discussed here often enough. The Australians seem to consider it a success. The buy back plan was part of a larger drive to prevent mass shooting US-style.

They seem to have largely succeeded. The Australian politicians consider it a success, but then the Obama administration considered their ACA website a success. No, you must go read this: The Mathematics of Countering Tyranny https: My inner accountant says that controlling consumables is more likely to work unless they can be made at home and controlling fixed assets generally does not, but I was under the impression the typical stockpile means three boxes.

I am not even a casual shooter — I get to the range every year or two, and own 3 firearms a pistol and two rifles. I used to get routinely stopped at airports because their detectors hit on nitrates. I worked with cannons and after firing eould clean them wearing gloves I would carrry the gloves in my carry on work case. Welcome to the TSA proctological exam. One box of rifle rounds.

One box of pistol rounds. One box of shotgun rounds or another type of rifle or pistol. Winter — I agree on bounty. I have to believe neighbors will rat out their gun owning friends. And remember, once you send the cops to get them, after the target shoots the first one, all the rest are free. So TPTB will have to take on entire neighborhoods.

We tried pacifying villages from the air with napalm circa Hope they can get along penniless in Mexico and Canada, because everywhere else is too far to swim. Depends on the neighborhood. So, not the first week or two. In the Midwest and South, crossfire ambushes would start faster. In parts of the Mountain West, from day one. These days — neither is possible short of complete comms shutdowns. If it goes to that, it just got a whole bunch worst!

On gun grabber sites, I like to mention that the largest mass killing in NYC before was done with a plastic gallon jug of gasoline, and a book of paper matches. No one knows how many guns we have, or who has them, and no one who takes the Second Amendment seriously will even consider gun registration. No registry, no licensing; no licensing, no enforcement. If you do this, you harden our will to resist. Anyone who proposes to do so instantly disqualifies his own opinions on the matter.

Bad idea number two: All we have to do to defeat this is set up a buyback tables of our own upstream of the official point and offer real cash money for those guns instead of nominal sums on Amazon gift cards.

Make it optional and only idiots will turn their guns. That is a good way to start a war, but not a good way to do anything else. We remember Gonzales, Lexington, and Concord. You keep suggesting things that would justify massive noncompliance and outright resistance as though they could reliably thin our ranks over time.

Americans own somewhere north of million firearms. Our collective stock of ammunition has got to be billions or trillions of rounds of ammunition. See points 1 and 3. If a gun owner knows that a traffic stop could turn into a confiscation event that costs him his liberty or his life, why should he let that happen?

Police who do that stop being police. Once the police know that trying to stop suspected gun owners in order to take their guns is a good way to end up dead in the street, why should they do that either?

There are more of us now than ever before in possession of more guns than ever before. More of us are carrying those guns in more places in a daily basis. Progressives are reduced to whining about the lack of action because nothing they consider a reasonable first step is remotely viable outside regions that are reliably Blue or recently traumatized.

A bogus conspiracy theory? Most Dictators, Socialist, Communist, and other forms of tyrannical governments begin by disarming the population. I have to ask you what is happening in the US at the moment? After all you propose the next step is a Government mop up to get the last of weapons.

Brother the time is nigh to begin thinking about the possibilities. That was going to be my comment, except referencing the mostly-successful tobacco jihad, rather than the War on Drugs. A 20 yr plan: Our judicial system has already noticed that this is a shuck-and-jive; IIRC such a law was struck down in Illinois a few years back. That was from a decision that upheld the conviction of a man for owning a.

The state of the law in NJ is that firearms possession is illegal outside of certain tightly-regulated circumstances. And yet, we own firearms in NJ. The NJ laws sound reasonable, but are a thicket that has ensnared many a firearm owner or potential firearm owner.

Imho, if they can cut the legs out on the social aspects, I think the whole tradition dies. The infamous Australian gun confiscation did not confiscate guns from anyone too likely to object vehemently. Still lots of guns, just a lot harder to get a gun. The hard core guys are grandfathered in, but they are slowly growing older. Well, if you know anyone who owns a private plane and he himself flies that plane, who is the owner and pilot, flying it for his own purposes as if it was a car, he is probably pushing eighty, having been grandfathered in when he was about sixteen, and his plane was also grandfathered in, being an ancient model with every part having been replaced several times with individually hand crafted parts.

They can put an end to guns the way they put an end to flying cars. Or maybe they cannot, if we popularize the knowledge needed to gunsmith guns all the way from a chunk of iron. Easier to build a gun than a plane, and easier to learn to shoot a gun than learn to fly a plane. The average age of a commercial pilot is You can just go buy one.

Major parts for popular older aircraft are often still in new production, so no need to hand-cobble jerry-rigs, either. With parts commonly available, even. I had an airplane 10 years ago, when I was 48, that I used for travel whenever the opportunity presented itself. No special dispensations, no grandfathering, built in It was a side effect of poorly written liability statutes.

Building an airplane is not easy enough for a lot of people to do it. Building a gun is easier by a couple of levels of magnitude. The easiest gun to make above zip gun level technology is a submachine gun. If all guns are illegal you might as well go for the gusto. My degree is in Professional Gunsmithing so I know whereof I speak. There are numerous videos on YouTube of people making single-shot slam-fire shotguns out of black iron pipe. Would I risk firing such a thing under normal circumstances?

If not then you and if not you I doubt 1 in are really serious about such pushback. Note, of course, a true tyrant might be able to instigate such a situation as a false flag maneuver. Ohh, and a really smart government would send agents who come from your town or are people you know.

Or they offer states money to send local police. They never fire first and they treat it like any other raid. This strategy became implausible once we reached the point where even the really pro-gun municipalities almost surely have a decent number of residents who would be willing to enforce an order to come collect guns.

If you want your confiscation program to gain popular support, send photogenic something mothers with a year old child. Every act of resistance buys years of anti-gun propaganda. They are not innocent at all. I will not wait to be fired upon. Their actions are an implicit declaration of war against free American citizens. A likely scenario, to me, would be a group of officers knocking on your door and announcing that they have a warrant authorizing them to enter and search your property.

You ask to see the warrant. If they have one, signed by an actual judge and individualized to you, then you comply. I think the only question that really matters is this: Look at the downfall of tyranical regimes. I mean government employees are a pretty decent sampling of Americans.

On the other hand if you are even close to the point where 1 in is willing to use lethal force to protect their weapons the government agents will be so horrified at the tyrannical power grab that they will be refusing to follow orders en mass. Our society is still too closely nit and humans are too vulnerable to peer pressure to let it reach the point of widespread lethal exchanges.

Parallels with ex-Soviet countries are not accurate, because they had the West as an obvious example of a far nicer place that showed the lie of the propaganda, but the West does not have its own West, there is no other place or no large place conservative Americans can point to and say we should be doing things like they do. Perhaps they can point ot the past. And that is harder. I have personal experience about this: And the point I am trying to make that it is a good thing for the West that there are no better alternatives, sort of a best of all currently possible worlds, but it is also a bad thing because it makes people loyal to the government and susceptible to its propaganda.

So when you live in a country where nobody is trying to cross minefields and climb over barbed wire to get into an obviously much better country, there is noth much to block or counter-balance propaganda.

You are the No. In such a case, it is not difficult to portray gun owners as reactionary fascists who are plotting to overthrow the democratic political system, and thus brainwash government employees and almost everybody else going along with it. If congress is willing to pass a gun confiscation bill they could just repeal Posse Comitatus sp?

So when the agents come to your house you have to be willing to give up your own life, end the life of some nice family men on the local police force and potentially put neighbors at risk for what the news is making look like a lost cause.

I live on a residential drive with about 20 houses. Now think like a military planner. Congratulations, your mission logistics just got way more complicated and your total sweep time goes way up. I live in a quiet exurb. And especially after he first gun owners have been shot in their own homes during the raids.

Word of this will get out. Every neighborhood will have to assume that that SUV is carrying a significant likelihood of massacre against innocent targets.

All over the U. AKs are coming out of basements. Remember, it only takes less than one in of us to win force-on-force. I myself would certainly prefer 3-shot bursts for this kind of engagement. But you are pardonably missing two aspects of the surround. One is that in general full-auto conversions are easier to do than select-fire conversions. The other point is psychological. Therefore, full-auto conversions have an effect on battlefield dynamics beyond what their utility would predict.

Large parts of the U. Even then, semi-auto fire would be where my selector would mostly remain. To do the conversion, you drill a hole in the right spot and slip in the parts.

You can buy jigs that precisely locate the hole today legally! Full auto milspec parts kits are also readily available today. Having the jig makes it super-easy, having a proper mill makes it just easy, having a drill press means you need to be careful, and having to use a hand drill just means you need to be very careful.

Note — my understanding of the law is that it is perfectly legal to own the parts, and the jig, and the blueprint, but do not do so much as make a pencil mark in the appropriate place unless you enjoy prison so much that you are eager to spend 10 years there. Lightning link plans are readily available online. It is two small pieces of flat metal that you could make with a Dremel in 10 minutes. And full auto lower parts kits are so easy to get today, why bother with a ghetto mod? No idea how many people already have these kits in their prep.

No way to know. You also seriously underestimate how challenging a proper full-auto conversion is. Still, I see these parts sell, and that makes me wonder how many are lurking out there in SHTF preps around the country.

As Dan notes, even having the auto sear is Very Illegal. I propose something different. Put your nice upper on the select-fire-capable lower, and now you have a nice select-fire rifle.

They will try to kick your door in and storm the house. Day 2 not much will happen. Day 3 — 7 there will be a BIG outbreak of flu in police departments.

By day 8 most of the politicians that would order this sort of thing will either be in the hospital, dead, or running away from the idea as fast as they can. Shooting up an SUV full of g-men at close range is pretty close to the ideal use case for full auto. But the strongest single influence on my tactical style was a former SpecOps guy. Americans even relatively untrained Americans are much better, more careful shots than J.

But when you only have the mag capacity of small arms, dumping that mag is something that can easily happen in a moment of distraction. Military studies, some of which have leaked out into the popular press and semi-popular think pieces. If these are tl;dr, you find somebody observant who has fought in the sandbox. You only get natively halfway decent shooters in that part of the world from mountain-ass-kicker cultures that are only partly islamized, like Kurds and Afghanis and tribesmen from the Hindu Kush.

The rest — well, they can be trained up to a non-sucky level some Brits did it with the Arab Legion in Jordan but it takes years of sweat under European teachers. Very patient European teachers. Americans are not fatalists. That mindset paves the way for us to become good shots. Including, you know, aiming. This turns out to matter a lot. Oh, well, as to that…I teach basic firearms.

Have you ever seen or heard of an American student not trying to aim? I mean, outside of a comedy sketch? Even our duffers try to aim. You were formed by a cultural surround in which aiming, and getting better at aiming, is natural.

See also Tom Kratman though I think he suggests we tend to attribute good habits to Kurds and bad habits to Iraqi for reasons more emotional than grounded in observation.

See also Jim Cerillo and the stake out team. Members with a hunting background are reported to strike a better balance. Non-hunters are said to be either too eager or too reluctant to shoot people. Could have been Iraqi national guard. Long time ago, not my contract.

He said that they were VERY averse to putting the rifle to their shoulder and wanted to keep the thing that went bang as far from their face as possible. Once that was resolved they had a hard time being willing to use their sights. If Allah wants you to hit, you it. And finally once that was overcome they were VERY hesitant to fire center-mass. They wanted to shoot the legs and extremities, being hesitant to kill other muslims because of blood feuds and such.

I keep getting the impression that Arabs are outliers, but how extreme of an outlier are they? Are there similar if not quite so extreme problems with teaching, e. So, me go full auto against that SUV? Suburbs with woods… Easy — yard shots with hunting or accurate semi-autos. An entire team is down, some dead, and they never even see the shooters. Rinse, repeat, and a couple days later the surviving cops are all calling in sick.

I would seriously question the desirability of full auto when ammo is scarce. Dumping the mag in 2 or 3 trigger pulls would leave you short of ammo pretty quick. Accurate semi-auto would conserve what you have and take down more of the enemy per round fired.. I too prefer select fire. For one thing they took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and most of them actually take it seriously.

I expect that the law enforcement vote was pretty close to the same, and strongly suspect that the disparity would even more striking if you limited it to troops in combat specialties. I would also expect that if the last election were held again today, the military vote for Trump over Clinton would be much, much higher. Serving military personnel who accidentally created the the kind of security exposure that Clinton did deliberately with her insecure-server malfeasance have been jailed for it.

That has to burn. I think the scandal may have depressed the GS vote; not enough to matter, but enough to be noticed.

Which has an effect on the strategic picture. If the military refuses you have a legitimacy collapse not just around the confiscation effort but of your government in general. This is exactly the kind of situation in which civilian resistance can surge into successful insurrection; there are recent and telling examples from the breakup of the Soviet bloc in the early s. The endgame of this one would probably involve would-be confiscators being hung from lampposts. I would opt to invite the military to work hand-in-glove with the rebels to oversee lawful use of force during the overthrow, and verifiable continuity of Constitutional law.

The military could also be useful to securely detain ex-government officials placed under militia arrest. I doubt anyone has any stomach for executions of such traitors, but I would like to see their citizenship irrevocably nullified following due process.

The problem is that the higher officers are now left-wing, thanks Obama. And coordinating a full scale mutiny of enlisted against officers is extremely hard.

Now Republican voters are fantasizing about a military coup to overthrow a democratically elected government. That should answer this question. It is when a an elite minority wants to protect their privileges at all costs. Uhm…why would Republicans need to fantasize about a military coup to overthrow this government?

Been there, done that. A government which abrogates basic Constitutional rights so blatantly — in American political theory, rights so fundamental that no government, no matter how large the majority that elected it, may do so — renders itself illegitimate, and the people have the right to overthrow it and restore Constitutional law.

As I wrote, fantasies of overthrowing the democratically elected government with the help of the military. Considering Trump is in office and righting many of the fuckups of the past few administrations, why would we want to overthrow the government? The military is largely drawn from the demographics that believe the 2nd amendment is a founding principle of this country.

Anyone who ordered the military to intervene would be demonstrating their inadequacy in that role. After reading many of the posts, your message I have steadfastly adhered to. However, my only caveat would be that our herd would be thinned through soft confiscation.

First there would be a voluntary firearm registration. Many will swallow that subterfuge. Gun owners see them as the beginning of the slippery slope. Repeal the Posse Comitatus Act? Where have you been? The Act was repealed as part of the Appropriations act. Using the NG for gun confiscation would be grossly anti-Constitutional all right, but Posse Comitatus would be a crappy place to make that stand. I know this is anecdotal, but I remember comments on TV by Obama after he signed an order allowing suspension of the act…said that he signed the act but promised not to abuse the power…This I personally saw.

I have done so, and it is obvious that Posse Comitatus was in no way repealed by this act. What it did was describe measures authorized for use by armed forces personnel including the National Guard if they have authority to participate in law-enforcement or counterterrorism under pre-existing law, including the restrictions in the Posse Comitatus act.

It does not relax the conditions under which that authority is granted. Not only is Posse Comitatus still legally in force, I learned while researching the issue that although as drafted it only restricts domestic deployment of the Army and Air Force, the Navy and Marines have adopted equivalent regulations under the belief that legislative intent was to include all Federal armed forces. The interesting thing to watch with this article is whether the media will ask for the incarceration of the writer.

The democrat commanded mass media has no problem punishing for wrongthink these days and I think a hard press will be coming to jail the writer of this analysis. They are like completely ignorant children. But the gun owners DO understand. Because their personal scenarios apparently involve shooting at people who get their fast food order wrong, cut them off in traffic, or just look at them the wrong way.

We have them outnumbered. We have them outgunned. We have them surrounded. We know who they are. We know where they live. We know they love their families. Hmm this seems a bit tautological in its conflation of private firearm ownership and lack of tyranny. The anecdotal evidence does point toward big cities with the most stringent anti-gun policies having the worst problems with police brutality and abuse of power.

I do not think a gun grab is going to occur in a vacuum. It would be part of a larger push towards reduced individual freedom and destruction of the Constitution. This article would have been a lot more credible on first reading with the quote from the New York Times in the lede.

To non-Americans, it sounds quite odd[1] right now. An outright seizing of arms cannot happen for the reasons stated in this blog post. Popular support for gun rights is actually at an all time high. Range attendance and gun sales are booming — have you priced a compact. The list of constitutional-carry jurisdictions gets longer every year. They only avoid knowing this because they live in a hermetically sealed media bubble.

In some ways it seems its backfired yet the media seems to be all over it every bit they can so someone thinks it has a chance — look at recent actions by intuit screwing with payment processing for 2A related stores and activities. Or what stripe just pulled with Freestartr and several other wrongthink sites. I wonder how much the Internet has to do with this. Things work definitely different now.

Throughout the long 20th century people derived their social status from their economic status. Thus politics — which is all about status competition — centered around economic policy and structure, from communism to capitalism, was all the rage.

It would have made no sense to a penniless medieval knight who obviously had higher social status than a rich merchant. And it makes no sense now when driving a Prius or riding a bicycle is higher status than driving a BMW. People gain more status now by signalling leftist values like environmentalism than by signalling wealth.

And even that is changing. Now WSJ is saying even climate change alarmism descended into social justice identity politics: The culture war is everything. Today a straight white male at college will either apply lipstick and say straight white males suck, or keep his head down in simmering anger and post nazi frogs on the chans. This is what we have today. Economic political debates, the whole socialism-capitalism debate is on the backburner because it is currently less relevant to social status.

And this is the same thing actually. While many libs were against guns for a long time, today guns also have a culture war aspect in the US. They are associated with the kind of people whom the left in the UK today calls gammons: A gammon is a middle-aged or old white man with an ugly face red from arguing vehemently against a leftist idea.

He is at the same time a powerful oppressor of marginalized people and a ridiculously low status prole. He is a Trumpist, a Brexiter, a redneck, but this term is now wider, a redneck used to be rural, now a gammon is nearly every older white male, suburban, urban, anyone except strong Progressive allies and they could be called gammons any time if someone wants take them a notch.

For example, today hunting is uncool because it is associated with gammons. Remember the outrage about that dentist and a lion he took. And in the US guns are associated culturally with them. Hating guns is a way to hate straight white men. And capitalism, libertarianism associated with them.

Of course organizations like Pink Pistols are making the picture more complicated. Today it is a very dynamic shitstorm of who hates whom, changing weekly, not the old, stable, predictable socialists vs.

The problem with the as far as cost is concerned is that it was designed in an era where you chose between loose tolerances or lots of hand fitting. Loose tolerances are ok on a pistol intended to be carried by a soldier as either a backup to their primary. In the contemporary world people expect to have both, which requires more machining and machine time.

Those to factors are just flat out going to be more pricey than something designed for modern automated production at scale. The stock fits my hand well and I like the effect of the slow-cycle action. The gun-shop guys I talk to say differently. If you get a chance to shoot a SIG P chambered in. I found the grip quite comfortable. That was the gun that clued me in on how the slower cycle of. For it to hold, every member of every faction would have to live close enough to other factions to make demographic expansion difficult for anybody without warfare.

Whereas in our case one faction is busily aborting and alternate-lifestyling itself out of existence, while members of the other often live in places where there are no hostile tribesmen for hundreds of miles in any direction. But there is a growing geographic divide: It will not happen here in Wyoming or nearby states. They also did not confiscate silver, which is what most of the lower classes had. Guns are a different matter, first the whole CCW. Your police might be good little fedbots, but many around here would get on the various radio stations and amateur radio and the plans for the first raid would be known in a thousand mile radius.

And that is part of the problem with doing it here. And that pesky 4th amendment. As an experiment, the Chicago police should simply try to enforce the existing gun ban there. Some home workshops here have more guns and bullets than the National Guard Armory.

And they are scattered. It is one thing to knock on every door of an apartment building and try to search. Or even a city block. When each ranch is a mile or more apart?

When some of them have armed cowboys tending cattle where you can only access on horseback? But it is the civil war everyone fears and seems more likely to happen each day. As the left becomes more unhinged and militant and tyrannical they are the ones that force Christians to bake Gay cakes , they see guns as a real resistance, far more so than the improvised weapons of anti-fa.

The left almost always attacks too early out of Hubris. They brought us Hillary. The Senate may have 60 republicans as well as an expanded majority in the house. Trump nor the Trumpcons have no dog whistle. They just have a megaphone. Therefore, I do not have the sort of slavish devotion to the Constitution that passes for legal philosophy among American conservatives, and I find it hard to imagine that attempts to reform U.

The way we know this is by observing net migration flows — how people vote with their feet. While this might seem like only a slight advantage for the U. Some people are happy being well-fed slaves. Others prefer liberty, even if that comes at the expense of missing an occasional meal. You are clearly one of the former.

They are happy to be corralled, fenced, and farmed livestock…and they wish to see the wild animals reduced to their level. Farm animals get free food, free housing, and free health care. Citation needed, especially for the scientific experiment you ran on that, with what control group? If anyone is claiming to decide my wellbeing for me, fuck that. And if someone claims their wellbeing requires them to do something that reduces my wellbeing, who wins? Checks and balances in a constitutional republic, backstopped by the collective AND personal right to armed self defense to ensure we keep those rights.

The Experts decide what is best for you. You know the ones educated by Government Schools, and credentialed by the appropriate Government Approved colleges and who work for The Government, or for one of their approved think tanks.

Different policies for different populations. If you compare them with European public schools do you see a difference? American public school is all about standardized testing. European public school allows teachers more subjective grading, or at least that was that in my time.

It sucked when the teacher was bad, it was good when you could build a personal relationship and understanding and have more customization. I could agree with my gym teacher that while I am fairly hopeless at doing a cartwheel, improve my gym grade by more strength testing which I was good at. From this it follows what the American public hospital would look like.

It would be all about optimizing standardized statistics. It would not listen to patients, it would be more like this test shows your X outcome is good enough, you are cured, go home.

The European public hospital is not like that because the European public school is not like that because the culture is different. My hunch is that the focus on standardized testing comes from the dual, and somewhat contradictory cultural facts of having a high competitive spirit yet wanting it to be very fair with equal chances.

So in my eyes American culture tends to see everything like a sports league. And I think over here the lower focus on competition and high achievement and winning at life means we can tolerate more unfairness and it means we can tolerate more subjectivity.

Lower competitive spirit in Europe does not mean everybody gets a participation trophy, it means nobody gets a trophy — we often played football without keeping score, without anyone winning, just for the sake of enjoying the game. Actually, the focus on standardized testing comes from something simpler: For about years.

Quite a few, as I understand it. There were also plenty of people who got a sudden urge to take a cruise to Europe along with their suspiciously heavy luggage. Switzerland was a popular side trip on these European vacations, no doubt due to the majestic mountains and lakes. Guns are pretty simple to make. The civilian-legal M is a closed bolt design because of this.

Guerrillas in the Midst with the Bundy prosecution and the Malheur Sieger and aftermath. And this is what the internet have wrought. Now Lon Horiuchi and the backstory around what he did, is readily accessible. Same with Philip Brailsford of Mesa infamy. They also get to pick the time and place…. Armed stand-offs tend to be bad for P. Those of us who tend to eschew the political tend to miss the fact that we are basically surrounded by people happily using political means to rig the system against us at all times.

They may eventually let you go, but good luck ever seeing those guns again. Most of the rest will fall in line to avoid being treated like terrorists or drug dealers by the neighbors and the neighbors will do this. Detain me on what charge? Have you noticed police arresting people at work to clear the way for drug searches of their homes? Have you ever wondered why this does not happen?

The police cannot detain me without arresting me and charging me with a crime. Now multiply me by 79 million. Even if you could blow past all those procedural problems and identify all 79 million of us in advance, you think you can organize rolling temporary detentions adding up to 79 million people in precise enough synchronization with the raider schedules to avoid confrontations during the raids and avoid massively exceeding your detention capacity at any point?

What happens the first time a presumed gun owner who is black gets shot for resisting preventive detention? Do you think your political coalition will survive that word getting out by even 48 hours, jackass?

For the home audience: An EPFL is a law that makes something that was legal in the past illegal in the past , punishing you now for behavior that was legal at the time. A gun ban, to take the common example, is not an EPFL — it criminalizes further possession after the law takes effect , not historical possession before that time.

In other words, probably only enough to arm and equip a decent-size platoon or so of guys, instead of a full company. FFS, three guys, two Americans and a Brit, took on a dude on a train with an AK and a pistol with just their bare hands.

Come at me, bro. After they get rid of the guns, perhaps they can round up people who say hateful things. Or voted the wrong way. Recruit the children to inform on their parents.

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