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Curvy seeks muscular

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10 Mistakes Women Make in the Gym | T Nation

I know mistake 1 said to use heavier weights, but ab work is the one exception. For some reason, a lot of women already use heavy weights when working the midsection. Oddly, they think that working the waist with heavy weights is somehow going to make it smaller. The waist is comprised of muscles and muscles respond to heavy weights by getting bigger. If you want a waist that's as broad as a tree stump, then have at it. If, however, you want the mythical wasp waist, stop working your abs with heavy weights.

Stick with weight or resistance that allows you to do roughly 15 to 20 reps. Most importantly, don't use weights while working your "side muscles," otherwise known as the obliques. The surest way to build a blocky waist is to do side bends while hanging onto dumbbells. Instead, work your obliques by doing a few sets of side planks a couple of times a week. I'll grudgingly admit that the BOSU ball probably has some merit in developing balance.

As such, it might be useful for Cirque du Soleil performers. Beyond that, there's little use for it. Yes, the BOSU has some application for ab work or rehab work for people with hinky ankles and it can probably help with balance issues, but somewhere along the line, exercisers, most often women or their enabler-slash-trainers started using the BOSU as a weight-training accessory.

They either put one foot on it to use with lunges or they put both feet on it while doing any number of traditional weight training exercises like dumbbell curls, lateral raises, overhead presses, or squats. Some morons have even taken this a step further by doing these same movements on a Swiss ball. If you see someone doing the latter, feel free to hip check the ball and send them crashing to the ground.

The thinking is that lifting weights on an unstable surface makes the muscles work harder to keep you from doing a face plant, but balancing isn't the type of muscular effort that builds muscle.

And, in order to keep your balance, you have to use lighter weights than you would otherwise. Lifting weights — even light ones — while standing on a BOSU will make your muscles fatigue much faster, forcing you to abort the set earlier than you normally would. You end up missing out on the "money reps," those reps at the end of a set where you activate the muscle fibers most responsible for growth. If all of that falls on deaf ears, consider that none of the major studies conducted on the BOSU have found it to build muscle any faster than doing the same exercises on solid ground.

Have you ever see a marathoner or even an accomplished jogger with a really good body? They're either slightly emaciated, have a body with very few curves, or are plagued with the skinny-fat condition. They also have really ugly feet. Without going into all the hormonal or evolutionary permutations, let's just accept the scientific fact that the body would generally, during caloric deficits, rather sacrifice muscle than fat, and what is excessive endurance exercise but an artificially induced caloric deficit?

Regardless, women especially are saddled with the myth that the more aerobic exercise they do, the better they'll look. Remember, you want muscle, and excessive aerobic exercise is death to muscle. There are far more effective ways to burn fat. Going for a brisk walk first thing in the morning is incredibly effective and it saves muscle.

Similarly, brief bouts of high-intensity exercise in the form of sprinting or Tabata-style exercise-bicycling or weight training build muscle and burn fat simultaneously. You do this for 4 minutes straight and then collapse into a spent but proud heap. You can do Tabata workouts with kettlebell swings, dumbbell squats, stationary bicycle sprints, or any number of other exercises.

Mating for life, as swans, wolves, turtledoves, and Catholics are wont to do, has some biological advantages. Mating to your workout for life, however, has none.

Too bad so many women ignore this fact. Whether it's from a lack of imagination or a misguided belief that "exercise is exercise" or that "there's only one way to lift a weight," some women keep doing the same routine year-in and year-out.

That's unfortunate because the body adapts to workouts whether they be weight workouts or aerobic workouts. That's why there are so many fat aerobics instructors. They've done the same routine for years and their neurological system is so accustomed to it that it costs them little in calories or effort to complete the workout.

You need to cycle your workouts every four to six weeks. Emphasize legs in one cycle, shoulders or arms the next. Get new routines from articles right here on T Nation. The opposite of the workout monogamist is of course the workout slut. While much more common among males, there are plenty of women who can't stick with a workout for very long.

They try out a workout a few days, see that it hasn't yet given them an NFL cheerleader body, and then try something else. One manifestation of this is "CrossFit Fever.

These women, not entirely sure of what constitutes CrossFit training, do a bastardized version where they perform non-stop, often non-sensical, semi-aerobic, semi-anaerobic conditioning work for 1 to 2 hours for no apparent reason, save to exorcise or exercise some professional or personal demons.

In either case, their workouts are chaotic and ultimately produce rotten results. Find a logical, progressive workout that addresses your particular needs, builds muscle, burns fat, and makes you the queen of curves and give it 4 to 6 weeks to work. Then and only then should you change it up, even if it worked well. Ready to have your dietary beliefs shaken, Jell-O like, to their core? It's virtually impossible — no matter what you eat — to gain any fat in the post-workout period, which is roughly defined as the hour-long timeframe after you finish lifting weights.

While gaining fat during this period is highly improbable, it's highly probable that you will build some muscle during this same timeframe, provided you give your body the protein and calories it requires. It all has to do with insulin, the hormone that carries glucose and amino acids to muscle cells.

Broadly speaking, insulin has two choices, it can either shuttle glucose and protein to storage in fatty tissue and the liver, or it can deliver those nutrients directly to muscle cells where they're used to fuel, repair, and grow muscle.

The path it takes is determined by exercise — if you're lifting weights or just finished lifting weights, insulin will take the nutrients directly to muscle instead of storing it. So temporarily forget your calorie fears. Temporarily forget your carb fears, too, because this is when you definitely need to provide your muscles with the material it needs to build those curves.

No, not juicing as in steroids. I'm talking about the plastic cups of pulverized, barely palatable concoctions of kale, seaweed, wheat grass, and whatever other obscure vegetables or fruits the juicer is able to buy at a discount that so many women have permanently affixed to their hands when they walk into the gym. I know it seems contrary, even heretical, to suggest you stop or limit your consumption of these drinks, but hear me out.

Vegetables and fruits contain simple sugars and more complex, harder-to-digest carbs. However, when you blend up fruits and vegetables, you're breaking down all those normally hard-to-digest carbs into infinitesimally small pieces. Drink that stuff down and you're virtually bypassing much of the digestive process. All those sugars are presented to your bloodstream, and your pancreas releases a surge of insulin to counteract all that sugar.

It's virtually the same effect you'd get from shot-gunning a ounce Slurpie. Insulin shuttles off some of the sugar to muscle cells and the rest are stored in the liver or as body fat , but then insulin levels dip below baseline and you get hungry again pretty fast. If you give in to that hunger, you're ingesting more calories than you might normally have and extra, unnecessary calories get stored as fat. What's more, if you do the juice thing often enough, you may actually develop some insulin resistance, which is the first step down the path to Type II diabetes.

There's one more thing to consider, too. You probably wouldn't be able to eat all the fruits and vegetables that are in a typical fruit or vegetable smoothie if they were sitting there on a plate. They'd take up too much room in your stomach and even all that Spandex in your Lululemon pants wouldn't be able to flatten out your belly.

However, pulverize all those fruits and vegetables down into primordial ooze and they, along with all the calories they contain, fit in your stomach just fine. Juicing allows you to eat more than you normally could, which is never really good if you're trying to keep tabs on your body fat levels. I'm not suggesting that you give up all juices. Drink them in moderation, eat them in their un-pulverized, natural state, or simply employ one simple trick: The protein will ameliorate the big insulin surge, not to mention giving your muscles some extra building blocks.

Does watching smut boost your T levels? The main 2 points I feel are for artists to maintain ownership of their intellectual property, and become a lot more educated as to the worth of their art, and to study closely all contracts they sign. No matter how early in their career, an artist should always place a premium monetary worth on their art, and aim high.

Too many companies out there still exploit artists and creatives, and I think the future will bring a lot more awareness by artists as to their rights, and the value of powerful imagery in this information and internet age.

DOZE GREEN Fluid, gestural, and poetic; arguably more than any other post-street artist, Doze lets the drama and craftsmanship of oil painting invade his chiarascuro urban diaromas and freeze frames. Describe the most special moment that has happened in your life this year. Watching my garden explode with food! What is the most important thing needed in maintaining the growth of your art and your career and why.

Balls, Belief and fortitude. What are the qualities about you and your work that have set you apart from the millions of other talented creative people out there, who are not in this book? What is your favourite place on earth and why? Right here because now is the moment Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now, what sort of projects would you like to be working on, where would you like to be, both geographically and career wise?

Deep in a mountain somewhere in South America as a propagandist for the resistance. Describe one of the recent projects you are proud of. What is the most important thing needed in maintaining the growth of your art and your career and why?

I think a willingness to continue learning. It can be very easy to settle on a style or an approach and although that can be very fruitful in the short-term I think it can potentially be very damaging in the long run. Not just because your style might fall out of fashion but also because your brain begins to stagnate and you no longer are able to respond to the opportunities that present themselves. Describe the most special moment in your life this year. It was an amazing opportunity to present work alongside some amazing designers and artists from all over the world, including people like PMKFA and Ill Studio.

What made the whole experience so special was the 2 week road trip that I tacked on to the end of the trip, travelling all around south-west USA with my wife seeing places like Sequoia, Grand Canyon, Zion, Mojave and Yosemite - absolutely life changing!

Luck, fortune, chance and happy coincidence. What is your favourite place on earth and why is it so special? Most importantly, no phone reception. It was a really exciting opportunity to be able to work with a good friend, with fantastic material by the likes of Mischa Hollenbach, Tomoo Gokkita, Ricky Swallow and many more. The challenges involved in it were very much those that are present in most of the work that I enjoy, resolving and combining the two worlds of commercial and creative expression.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now, what sort of projects would you like to be working on, where would you like to be, both geographically and career wise? Green chicken rocking chair anyone? The best moment has been travelling the USA by car. Camping in the wild between bears, sequoias, etc. Having a camp fire in the night with a beautiful Californian wine sharing moments with the person you love. It was fantastic and inspirational. It was a very well executed show and for me, a new step.

On the other hand I was very inspired by the 22 chair I made with company Ceccotti. For me it was a great experience to learn from what you can do with wood and with a master wood craft person and ideas.

To experiment and to be very critical with what you do. To think that being famous in what you do makes you strong is a completely wrong thought. You must be always decent and open to new experiences and never fall into the abyss of the success. Always fresh and with open eyes is the best antidote.

What are the qualities about your work that you feel are the most unique? I am not really sure I guess I have my own way of thinking. I am truly a free mind; someone that dreams and produces what feels good. I use intuition all the time in my work. When I find a theme I like, I act and produce something passionate to respond to that theme. I guess I never believed in categorizing myself. Many people still try to ask, are you an artist?

You do what you feel is good for you and what feels right in your skin. I love design, furniture installations; I love to explore materials, ideas and disciplines from shoes to music!

I feel there is so much to do and to learn. I love Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands because it feels like another planet Mars. Geologist say that the Timanfaya National Park looks how the earth looked after big bang I see myself in the country side enjoying life, drawing and thinking for the next adventure I would love to explore - opera stage design, making more installations and creating more challenging projects.

I will be in a place in the Mediterranean and with one foot in a big international city. Something like what I have now: Describe one of the recent projects you have worked on that you are proud of. I worked in a project called smart grid gallery together with the Enel Company. I liked this project very much because it was like getting into mechanics and movement. I experimented with my team creating furniture that was linked to each other passing energy from one to the other.

A completely new thing! I brought my older son James with me on a trip to California for the US open of surf. It was great to have a week of dedicated one on one time with him. I had an opening that week , so he was able to see my artwork in that context for the first time , which was exciting. We went to Legoland which was pretty impressive.. Got to go to Cartoon Network and see some behind the scenes of some of our favourite shows.. Watched some great surfing while chilling on the beach..

It was a pretty perfect extended moment.. Chilling with the boys.. The beauty of life is the mystery of it. Working on large scale murals on their campus with a dedicated team And has taught me a lot about the use of art into products. Everything that has come out of my collaborations with them makes me super proud. I think defining qualities in work might be a bit odd..

The power of art and a good artist is to communicate in a honest way ideas and thoughts into creative mediums.

So I think what sets what I do apart from something someone else might do has more to do with who I am as a person , my life experiences and outlook.. The art is simply a bi-product of those things.. So I try to keep growing as an individual Any number of things. I just try to be aware and informed about things around me.

The rest seems to be a pretty organic process. I believe you have to trust your instincts and they will generally lead you down the right path. Whatever projects come along that make sense to my path So it seems a bit pointless to overthink it Plenty of places that I think would be amazing to see.. Its always best to come home. Aside from that I really love Paris. I could see living there. Used, recycled decks are compressed into astoundingly intricately layered wooden mosaics in all variety of shapes and sizes, from severed limbs to cartoon cats to Super Mario.

I think that would be my first solo exhibition as Haroshi. I was surprised to receive a lot of feedback from all over the world after the exhibition. That was the moment that I knew that what I had been doing was right. But there is something I am doing later this year that when released will certainly be really interesting. I feel it will be one of my best works so please do come and see it!

Keep on trying and never give up. I really love to create something. I may have already retuned from NY I aim to do something that nobody has done before and do the things that excite people. His Quiet Life clothing company is a vehicle for more conceptual works and ping-pong paddle cases.

Describe one of the most special moments that happened in your life this year. The birth of my second child is definitely the most special thing to happen in the past year. Overall, though, I like to think of my work as being really simple and honest. My work, my hobbies, my family.

I like where I am. Good people, good projects, good challenges. Describe one of the recent projects you have worked on that you are happy with. Name your top 5 personal keys to success in maintaining the growth of your art and your career.

First off, know whats good. Always be better than your last idea. Work smarter not harder. Doing this interview right now. She herself was an amazing painter in her day and the primary source of inspiration to me in my very early years. Growth is important to me in my work and as I look over different pieces spanning over a decade of practice I see very consistent similarities overall. I feel that this innate search for new developments in line and composition have an echoing quality in the vibration which is my work.

What are 5 of your favorite places on earth that you have visited and spent time in, and why were they so special? The photo booth at the country club in Brooklyn. Building pyramids on the beach at the gold coast. Drinking on the streets in Rome. The ferny grove skate park - R. Just the same I hope - bigger shows of course. I hope to have made more movies and music and maybe an iPhone application.

Holographic, lucky trick painting spells. Long hellos and short good byes. Employment opportunities for good people. More happiness and optimism. Just the same, traveling and exhibiting and building things to fall in love with then mourn like a lost child. There is this video I have been working on that I am really proud of. I have worked with video for a long time now and have enjoyed posting bits and pieces on YouTube for fun.

The most special moment for me was moving to the mountains Three Rivers, CA to isolate myself from the urban environment while I finish up the work for my NY solo show. Nothing will bring you more success than what can be achieved through hard work.

What are the qualities about your work that you feel are the most unique, in your opinion? In 5 years I see myself doing what I love doing most—painting, designing and enjoying my surroundings. Geographically, I really enjoy living in nature so I plan on staying where I am—with Los Angeles and San Francisco both about 4 hours away by car and New York 4 hours by plane. In my experience, the most important thing needed to maintain growth on all levels is dedication and to never become complacent in your creative process.

You also have to be prepared to take risks and push yourself without fear of failure. Complacency breeds mediocrity and fear will only stunt your. I was lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time. Every other place on earth is there in replica form - but with far more flashing lights.

I just got back from Mongolia at the start of September to work with local artists there over a week. It was totally amazing though very difficult to communicate. Geographically, I think Sydney is great, as long as I get to travel and spend time in different places doing cool projects. I think you have to thoroughly understand what is out there then do the opposite. As a photographer, his manic images combine media savvy pop iconography with the dirt and grime of road rash.

His steps into the world of ornamental plastering are just as bold. I was asked to make 2 big chandeliers for the exhibit and I made one gold one and one big colorful one with pearls and a crown on it named, Miss Fede.

Probably right at 12am on January 1st. We drank champagne with strawberries and talked until other guests from the party found us. Well that, and the spontaneous Goth party in my house during the heaviest Winter blizzard in the history of Philadelphia. Probably having a variety of skills.

My dad told me a long time ago that if I wanted to be an artist, I better have a lot of other things to fall back on to pay the bills. This has helped me to be able to take breaks and basically go any direction I want without fear of total failure. I would love to have some sort wacky workshop with employees and possibly a small human version of myself by then.

What is your favourite place on Earth and why is it so special? I guess I have a point of view, or a taste that is pretty individual in my work that combines with a strong sense of the needs of the commercial fashion advertising and print world.

Just keep working hard and not being a prick. I loved the day in studio and the shoot looks as good in the magazine as I could have wished for a pretty rare occurrence. It was a really focused and confident collaboration that at the same time felt really loose and joyful, one of those days that makes me remember why I love my job. I want to continue directing shows where I get to work on all aspects of the event — the physical environment, music and the styling.

But my strongest desire is to work on more visual art projects. To take my practice and my love of collaboration out of a strictly commercial context, and to explore more abstract and personal fascinations.

That can happen just about anywhere bearing in mind what I said about loved ones and sun. The art part — trying hard to maintain that individual point of view I mentioned earlier.

The career part — no idea. Every moment I am smart enough to see what a lucky fucker I am. Featured images - Oyster magazine issue 88 August He has since transferred these empty silhouettes to canvases and skateboards, complicating and expanding upon his aesthetic with unique results.

Name 5 special moments that happened in your life this year. I moved into a new space and created lots of new works. I did quite a bit of travel in which was a real highlight. New York City, because I was born here and I love my native city with all my heart and soul. Bring on the future Absolutely gorgeous countryside on that island The cuisine is pretty amazing as well.

The entire country of Thailand, my wife and I went on our honeymoon there. Chalk in the street is super friendly. It belongs there on the sidewalk. Most people view chalk as a harmless, playful way of expression. It is not only about the work itself, however. The artist as a human being comes into play as well At least for me, anyway. Describe one of your recent projects you have worked on, that you are proud of.

I received small town scrutiny making this photograph from the cop in the car: Why are you doing this? Where is your I. What is your social security number? Where are you from? Where are you staying? I was very happy I did not get arrested.

I see myself working. Be it walls painted with projections of my photography of my street work, to original works, to screenprints, to dioramas of street scenes with shadows enhanced, to C-Prints, I mean, It can be pretty endless. Gallery Shows, Commissions and Street Work. I try to stay positive and be receptive to new ideas and strategies.

It is key being adaptive to new working environments, stateside and abroad. Diligently working, maintaining a strong work ethic, keeping productivity levels high, utilizing different mediums, mixing it. On April 30, our son Seamus was born.

Everything else this year kind of pales in comparison to that. I released my first record in July after working on it for almost two years. It was really cool to finally hold the album in my hands. Becky was a rare person, and a thousand times the artist I am. Last week I took Seamus for his first rides at the skate park. Wow, I try so hard to care about my career and stuff sometimes, but I just stop after a bit.

It stresses me out too much. I just like making paintings and drawing on walls. Growth for me comes in those periods when I step away for a bit. My two main art dealers, Jonathan Levine and Shelley Spector, are really good friends and not just business-friends.

I would never have gotten anywhere if neither of those two people saw worth in what I do, and wanted to help. So I guess I only have 3 keys to success and not 5. I have no idea, honestly, I often wonder about it. There is a lot of art out there I see and do not like at all and I wonder about those people as well. We just sort of make what we are compelled to make, right?

The art needs to speak about the artist, for me to be interested in it at all. We will probably be in a bigger house, I hope. Two of my dogs are 14 and 15 years old.

Art-wise, who knows, I guess probably doing the same old thing. Except then, it will be the same even older thing. Please describe one of the recent projects you have worked on, that you are proud of. I love making music, but I could never be in a band that plays shows and stuff.

My anxiety is too bad. But music is an important part of what I make and do. So to finally get my shit together. Describe the most special moments that have happened in your life this year. There have been many - moving to New York and getting to work with, paint walls and exhibit alongside my idols over here.

My mentorship with Ron English. Buying a bear and meeting the Aquabats. Regardless of the quality of work, the support of other artists, galleries and vandals around me has been the key to me being where I am now.

What are your favourite places on earth and why are they so special to you? My studio in Brooklyn. Melbourne - For all the amazing artists and friends there. I was recently involved in a massive billboard and public advertising take-over project in Toronto with over 60 other artists, taking over 90 street level ads and billboards. Watching Toy Story 3 and Beautiful Islands. Well, there is not much of a difference, we are just lucky to know the right people.

And speaking of the qualities, the art work by MOGraphixx is astonishing. Get the basics right; communication, consideration, continuation, and sense. I am doing what I was thinking 5 years ago, so I am sure I will be doing the same thing in 5 years time.

I just hope global warming is eased and the world is in peace. My home town Shiga. Kyoto where I became interested in design. Osaka where I learned the basics of design. Tokyo, where I work now. London where I have not been yet. I wish I knew. I just work hard on everything I do. It means it might take longer, but I want everything to be awesome.

I obsess over the surface of my paintings to make them the very best that I can. I just completed my fourth solo show with the Corey Helford Gallery. Upon returning to Hollywood, I was very inspired.

I was looking at new studio spaces within two days of getting home. It was a long summer, filled with long days working in the studio, but it all worked out. I was given the opportunity to paint three walls in the museum and also to have my foot tall ice cream balloon sit in the lobby.

Working with the museum was great, but when I found out recently that they were buying my painting for their permanent collection, I was super happy. Hollywood is a crazy place to live. I probably listen to more heavy metal than most. Ever wondered how cute a cartoon character could look drinking a 40? As for the millions of other talented people, I would rank myself at the number , My 10 year wedding anniversary. My 2 kids growing up way too fast and drawing way better than I do.

Watching almost every game of the World Cup this past July. Rediscovering 3D arts and crafts and starting illustration made out of wood and salvage junk like I used to do with my dad as a kid. Tokyo for the passion of craft and design, the way you get lost in translation and can make your own interpretation of every aspect of the city.

Brooklyn for the degrees design turn after coming from the clean and organized Swiss world. Mexico for the colours, art, food and hospitality. Europe, where I travelled every summer as a kid with my parents.

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