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Over the next month, traveling through the West 4th Street subway station will be a stunning visual experience. The exhibition includes photographs of architectural projects designed by New York-based architects. This display is inspired by station domination, an advertising strategy companies use to promote their products in subway stations.

Established architects submitted their projects based on their emotional and personal connection to them. Projects of all scales and from all over world are represented, including schools, memorials, transportation structures, retail spaces, conceptual designs and cultural institutions. Rick Bell, executive director of AIA New York, said the subway station serves as the perfect location to incorporate design into the public domain.

The selection process for the work included in the exhibit was entirely democratic and inclusive. Photographs that stand out in the exhibition include those of the Aurora House in Oregon, designed by contributing architect Andrew Heid.

The exhibition is free with subway admission and will be on display through Nov. For a complete guide to Archtober events, visit www. A version of this article appeared in the Thursday, Oct. Paige Brott is a staff writer. The guide divided all of the proposed bills regarding environmental problems from into Super Bills, Tree Bills and Smokestack Bills.

It also includes a summary of all the bills, how far each bill was able to reach in the legislative process and the votes of all the assembly and senate members. It also stated that both houses of the Legislature passed fewer bills this year than in any year since at least David Frank, a NYU assistant professor of bioethics, also said was generally a bad year for environmental politics.

Gallatin senior Robert Raymond said it is unfortunate that the government does not recognize the long-term consequences of current environmental issues. It named Assemblyman and State Senate candidate Sean Hanna of Mendon, a Rochester suburb, as the winner of their Oil Slick Award, giving him the lowest score out of all the assembly and senate members. The guide also stated that he has opposed all bills that would limit greenhouse gas pollution in New York.

Andrew Karpan is a staff writer. My parents are immigrants. They shouldered the burden of taxes and student loans and waited in long lines in dingy, bureaucratic offices to become American citizens. My father takes civic participation to heart and goes to the ballot box every year on a chilly November day to participate in democracy.

Democrats and Republicans alike redraw district lines in the shapes of amoebas and gimpy legs and glock pistols to muffle voices. According to a study done by the Department of Justice, only 26 people out of million voters were convicted of or plead guilty to voter fraud from to It is a non-issue that has been made an issue for political gain.

Lawmakers in Pennsylvania have cited fraud as a reason for disenfranchising voters whom cannot present photo identification at the polls. This disproportionately affects students, the elderly and those below the poverty line, many of whom could not have obtained a valid ID in time for the election. More efforts were being made in Ohio to curb early voting, which again, disenfranchises those who cannot afford to leave work on Election Day.

The Supreme Court struck down those efforts yesterday. In this case, the Democrats favored early voting because it was politically advantageous. Even though they claim moral high ground, I have no doubt in my mind that if the situation was reversed, they would go to the same lengths to prevent early voting. Politics is a grab for power and then a fierce protection of that position for as long as it is institutionally allowed. People wonder why voter turnout is low in this country.

Silly questions, all of them. Even I, a relatively political young person, sometimes see the whole thing as futile. My vote will be a grain of sand on a beach of votes.

Yet not all votes are equal. The votes of the rich and the votes of those who live in certain districts are more valuable and powerful. But this is precisely the point of democracy. All those grains of sand together form beaches that stretch for miles. And this is why I say — we must fight together. We need to fight and keep fighting to participate in our government.

So many have shed blood and sweat for suffrage, because it was their government. It is our government, too. We have a huge stake in these local, state and national elections. And to do so, we all must play our role. The media must serve as the immune system of government, shedding light on every effort to prevent citizens from voting. And every citizen must fight and continue to fight to know what is happening and to cast their ballot in November, rain or shine — like my father, who fought so long to do so because he believed this was his country, too.

Padmini Parthasarathy is a contributing columnist. He wore a watch on each wrist and called out a countdown to students as they passed on their ways to class. He was a great man. Even when he was in the hospital, he was upset that he was missing his post at NYU. He had a really big heart and never wanted to miss a day at the school. A version of this article appeared in the Wednesday, Oct. Tatiana Baez is deputy university editor.

Julie DeVito is a senior editor. Mitt Romney faced off in a town-hall-style debate at Hofstra University. Jeremy Epstein, year-old college student, asked the candidates how they can reassure him that he would be able to support himself after college. And we are now reletting them so that we can actually make a profit. The president also shouldered complete responsibility for the attack on the American embassy in Benghazi although Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton took the blame the previous day.

The two candidates also jabbed each other over their tax policies. I ran the Olympics and balanced the budget. I ran the state of Massachusetts as a governor, to the extent any governor does, and balanced the budget all four years. Though the winner of the debate will itself be debated, GLSP senior Caroline Ballard gave the nod to the incumbent president. Additional reporting by Kevin Burns. You love to be challenged by New York. Why else would you live here?

Preston grew up in Macon, Georgia, but has lived in New York for the past 22 years ever since she attended Juilliard in And that was definitely what we needed for this film, because it does get so gritty in order for the comedy to work.

The women are unkempt and unladylike, getting into fights, pulling fire alarms and causing trouble everywhere they travel. Heche, Shawkat and Debonis carry the entire film, which is a considerable feat given that there is not a single line of dialogue from a male actor.

But for an on-edge film, Preston fills the story with heart and empathy. Jeremy Grossman is film editor.

Taliban insurgents continue to denounce Malala Yousafzai, the year-old Pakistani schoolgirl who was shot last week, claiming that her advocacy for female education runs counter to Shariah law.

Yousafzai, who was airlifted to Britain on Oct. It is estimated that between 12 percent of girls and 26 percent of women in Pakistan are literate. Only 3 million girls have an education beyond middle school. Threatening letters to the family were not enough to keep Yousafzai from voicing her opinions, however. The shooting speaks to how the Taliban fear this inevitable change. In a country that lacks strong leadership, the prominent rise of a year-old girl can intimidate even religious extremists with broad, universal intentions.

Drones fly overhead and are an ever-present threat to the daily lives of Pakistani civilians. This is an important matter in the country and undermines American favorability. But while we focus on military intervention, it is easy to disregard other, more fundamental issues at play in the region. Helping to foster a culture that accepts rather than stigmatizes equality remains a pressing issue, more so than we often believe.

When madrassas openly welcome all Pakistani girls inside their rooms, an unjust element of day-to-day life is forced out the door. Another candidate for New York City mayor has switched parties.

Tom Allon, president and chief executive of Manhattan Media and former Democrat, announced this week that he would become a Republican as a way of increasing his chances of appearing on the ballot in In August, George T. McDonald, a financier who is considering a mayoral run, also switched his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican.

At least five prominent Democrats are expected to run for mayor in New York City next year, meaning that the primary bid will be much easier for Republicans. However, I also want a mayor who will stick to his positions and who sees more significance in his party affiliation than the size of its candidate pool.

Allon and McDonald, however, have expressed no significant change in their political views to match the change in their party registration. Based on his positions, namely campaign finance and education reform, Allon really does seem like a centrist candidate. So if party affiliation does not matter in terms of his platform, why should Allon run as a candidate of either major party? Running as an independent would be just as strategic in terms of getting himself on the ballot, and it would do less to distort the meaning of political parties.

But politicians who agree with neither major party — a very respectable opinion — should not hold themselves as representatives of one or the other simply to gain electoral advantage. This practice distorts the meaning of political parties and waters down their message. But do Republicans want to vote for a candidate who does not truly represent them?

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Copper city MI sex dating Who wants a deep, erotic massage followed by intense sex? Stay at home wife or mom wanted. Corrales NM wife swapping. The real problem is that divorce laws as well as other laws governing conflicts between men and women have become too biased against men. The slut question would mean far less if divorce were not such a profound welfare transfer from men to women. I also agree that being a virgin has at best pluses and minuses for a man.

However, the real key is to know how to control women. You can make most of them love you if you know how to game them. What you describe happens in a large number of Western marriages too. Actually, it does appear that the denominator of the green bar chart from the Heritage study is all sexually active women over Hence this does overstate the divorce risk. So what this is really telling us is that the chase or those with one partner are more likely to 1 still be married for five years at the time of the survey and 2 have gotten married and earlier.

However the first will have much more weight for these reasons. The sample used for the green bar chart goes up to age 45 so the average age of the women included is around So this affect while inflating the negative of the green bars which has been thought of as divorce risk, is attenuated. Cutting the other way is only requiring the marriage to have lasted five years.

In considering all marriages theirs a large number of divorces in the under two years period, typically of younger marriages. But in marriages with children they typically do last longer than 5 years before divorce. It would also be good to 3 ask the educational level of each partner and maybe 4 household income.

This study may not really measure divorce risk numerically but it does a good job of showing the much higher risk of increasing female partner counts. I will tell you without a shadow of a doubt that virginity does not make a diference in divorce rate. It does make a diference in the way a woman lost her virginity like it was a beautiful thing rather than just another day. It actually creates a positive experience in the life of a woman and imprints something on her that is a good thing.

Yeah but so far as the number of partners variable goes, Teachman only looks at virgin brides versus non virgin ones. His main point was to debunk the notion that living together before marriage in and of itself increases the risk of divorce.

Women were defined as having a stable marriage if they were currently married and had been in that same marriage for at least five years. I will assume that this excludes women currently married but for less than 5 years. A woman who has never married shows up as part of the reference class.

This is not disputed by the source you link to. His point is that he assumes that the vast majority of women wish they were married.

Imagine, for example, a study done in , on women born between The culture changed a whole lot in both cases. As for my contention of low divorce rates, according to http: That it be significantly lower if both parterns have a graduate degree is not a huge leap, though I admit I do not have precise data on the matter.

Incidentally, the fact that likelihood of divorce plummets as people marry older, and the fact that number of sexual partners prior to marriage should be strictly increasing with age, suggests that your entire position is founded on bullshit. The majority of young girls around here have had 5 sexual partners before finishing high-school.

I remember girls having 5 sexual partners over the course of a summer. These were girls that got good grades and went on to university, marriage, motherhood and divorce.

Keep in mind everybody, You cannot count as reliable any survey that asks women to answer truthfully and considers these data to be factual. And quite properly so. Women are always going to have more sex than men. So I find a woman bragging about her notches arrogant. Getting married speeds up the chances of you and your partner breaking up. I would bet that the height of that first bar would be much closer to those of the others if you subtracted out women from rural religious communities.

There has not been enough attention paid in this thread to the DESOULING of these slutty women, or rather how their own behavior desouls them, and the role of the fiat masters in leading them down this dark path.

The hidden sexual tension in older movies pre , for instance, I find much more intriguing than the outright sexual depictions in modern movies. There is an eroticism which is not necessarily stated, but strongly implied. Now, today, it is all out in the open and hence too much mystery is lost. So much of the power of sex lies in the mind and imagination.

It is only natural that the more people someone sleeps with, the less likely they are going to be able to form strong bonds with anyone. Augustine did such a number on polytheism in The City of God its subtitle Against the Pagans gives a much better idea of what the book is about that it has never recovered even the slightest bit of intellectual respectability since.

Anyone who considers Christianity to be intellectually respectable is automatically not intellectually respectable. Its pure garbage metaphysics. European history would have been better if monotheism never captured the culture. Hate to break it to you but the study just confirmed what everyone — esp. Spare us your clever-silly analysis. Thanks for the backup mate.

Because in india, there is very little mixing of the sexes before marriage, there is no incentive for the woman to look sexy, beautiful, feminine. It is the blowouts, the kiss closes, the F-closes that are the feedback that hone your game. Now what happens in a society where the mixing before marriage is not permitted.

There is no feedback. Men do not know what women want and women do not know what men want. Is it any coincidence that Indian guys are so beta and indian women look so plain? As for islamic societies, you have enraged, sexually frustrated men who take out their rage on other cultures through such acts as terrorism.

Islamic cultures have women who are positively ugly. All engineering, biological, social, economic systems need feedback to adapt, survive and thrive. That is why communism fails. In the absence of the price system, there is no feedback regarding which goods are in abundance and which goods are in shortage.

Thus no one know what to produce and where to produce it. What you have is economic breakdown. All this craving for a traditional marriage and society is nothing but a craving for sexual communism. No one is happy. Every one is sexually frustrated. I like his writing style and his insights. But what Bugs me about him is his hating of the sluts. Sluts make my life exciting.

Every morning I wake up thinking how I am going to game them. I eat right, exercise regularly. Was I doing any of this in India? Not so in this land which is run on the ideals of great men of the Enlightenment.

So much planning, so much self improvement. All because of sluts. You can accuse them of not being very smart because they know not that they are compromising their chances of marriage. But is that a reason to hate on them so much! They make your life interesting and you expend your emotions hating on them.

Shame on all of you! Polytheism is a better metaphor for human psychology than monotheism in that it more graphically portrays the complex social struggle of the spirits. The conclusion of the study was that it was christianity. This study is bullshit. Especially since the never married are going to be more likely to have more partners than the married.

Yeah, think about how awesome Europeans would be if we were still running around worshipping Thor and Odin, painting our faces, running into battle naked with our stone age implements, and sacrificing our children to our gods. Judeo-Christian civilisation invented the idea of the individual, that all had dignity in the sight of God.

Basis of all modern political thought, conservative or liberal. Also, allowed the development of modern science, which had languished under polytheism: A lot of human lives would be regarded as worthless slaves and the like. The ancient world had its virtues: The courage; the love of honour; even the relentless quest for pleasure and glory, but it was also a pretty hellish place for all the have-nots. Even for you atheist secular folks out there — the Enlightenment is only possible if seen as a development of Judeo-Christian civilisation.

I was having this discussion not too long ago about the pitfalls of marrying a chick experienced on the cock carousel. On one hand, what guy wants to seriously date, let alone marry a whore. But a lot of folks have counter-arguments on this point. But what is most interesting is how some allegedly educated folks have invoked polytheism in their comments here, and expressed nostalgia for their bizarre folk religions.

Some of the Celtic ones, in particular, were really disturbing a lot of human sacrifice. How they can turn their backs on the achievements of the last years is beyond my understanding. CR, Like an innocent beta lamb to the slaughter. Funny how people think being a doctor automatically confers alpha status.

And then they scoff when I helpfully remind them that women are inherently amoral animals, and thus should never be taken seriously as moral equals. I have your kidney? You saved my life? And the physical therapist got me wet. What did you expect? This gullible schmo probably thought toiling away for four years in medical school would guarantee him a smooth, happy ride with women. A few hours spent reading my blog would have better prepared him to avoid the ex-wife ass raping he got.

We met, hit it off, were fucking within 3 days. She was a tiger. Sexually voracious, seriously skilled, enthusiastic, appreciative, came so easily and long and hard it was amazing to watch.

I was getting laid, and having better sex, more every week than most men get in a year. After 6 months, she wanted a commitment. Please give me something. I agreed to think about it. I called her out on apparently cheating on me after 8 months. She does it again, she says: I was angry, but Feminized, so I thought: Not slutty, just strong-willed and knows what she wants and powerful. Then a friend pointed out: So I keep fucking her, and eventually meet my wife.

I start dating my wife. We sleep together for a week, then on another occasion. I have to say, the shine has gone off the apple by this time. Last I heard, a few years ago, was still single. She has a tons of material on how shit-for-brains Men are.

Sluts like this are very, very, very useful whores. A man is safer with a virgin than a non-virgin, but the cold facts still remain: A man must continue to game her every single day; give her multiple orgasms; and most of all:. Any way, love posts like these. I hope all other girls saving themselves for marriage read them and feel as smug as I do about how much better we are!

Especially if we are thin and work hard to be pretty and feminine except when posting on blogs like this heheh. The woman who introduced me to game years ago and set me on my nakedly hedonistic path knew this about herself, too. At 40, she remains happily unmarried and always has an interesting lover.

Male sluts are much more likely to cheat. Nothing is worth that. On the face of it, looks pretty good. That is to say: If you convince a population that hell exists and you get there via infidelity etc, you attain the resultant nuclear family, a viable social construct. Once men have afforded them sexual liberation, you get what we see today in western society: Islamic families meanwhile, are pushing birthrates of about 7 children per. Badboys and PUAs existed then too — but what restrained them was the fear of vicious retaliation from the male relatives of any of their conquests.

Kind of too much trouble vs having fun and fucking around with different women. No game is going to work with this mind set. Through out all the post I hear the underlying theme of mistrust.

The glue that binds us all is that we have all been betrayed somehow. Relationship is about trust, and alot of the time —blind trust.

We all need to take the risk of falling in order to truly find love and greater intimacy…. But I guess there are a-sexual women out there. All relationships are about power and control. Herpes sores kill infants. It can kill a baby. SD, women are more pair-bonded through sex. My current GF has said repeatedly that it wold be impossible for her to enjoy sex with another man when so attached to me. Also, women often cheat as a means of ending a relationship. Men are often just looking for variety.

Feel free to use yours if my posts excite you. The result, your right, love becomes only a deluded state of mind. OMG lzozzlzll wtf are fuckity fucks doing with chix in your homes? OMG lozlzlzozlozozolzl wft r u doing dating a chick 4 a yer did your dick fall off?

Regular for most women might be weekly or bi-weekly. The best advice on how to create a good marriage would come from a successful husband.

Talk to a man has been able to create and live in a happy marriage for years. If you want to find out how to do something well — interview those people who are actually successful at the endeavor. Teachman specifically looks at virgin brides, non virgins and women who have slept with other men.

The way that he determines that cohabitation per se does not increase the risk of divorce is by comparing women who have premarital sex with one man only and women who cohabit and have premarital sex with one man only. He finds that there is no difference. This is how he makes his conclusion that the number of men a woman sleeps with determines her divorce risk, not her cohabiting.

By the way, Teachman did show that virgin brides have a lower risk of divorce. A post will be coming up. It is literally one of the worst decisions you can ever make. You could ask a person with a long term marriage how they managed it.

If you are very young and naive you might actually believe the kind of answers you got back. Let the wife have her Oprah and bon-bons. Just keep it from the kids when they are small. You will not ever hear that. Because they know you do not want to hear it. I like your sentiments. But unfortunately, Family Court does not agree with you. If the woman decides to leave then the man remains vulnerable. How many moderately attractive girls out of College have five partners or less? Pencil in at least two in HS, about six or so in College, and you are at 8 min for most White, middle class girls of average attractiveness.

Who will have sex probably a bit more often in competition with more attractive sisters to try and land an Alpha. However, it was still surprising that this campaign going around the print media, talk shows, etc. It also goes visa-versa with 0. That will never happen. Even if she did a gang-bang with guys: The only reason I married twice is because the first was military, and the second was in a different country.

Hopefully the second will be my last. If each holds up their end, it can last for life, like it did for my two oldest aunts. They both had the same boyfriends since before I was born…not husbands, but boyfriends.

We all know fat ugly cunts like you are sluts. How else are you going to get attention? Even from a beta or in your case omegas? You bring nothing to the table besides expensive dinner or alcohol tabs. I pretty much agree with all your posts. I too would like to see a graph concerning men, of sexual partners, and divorce rate. A graph showing the likelihood of stable marriage with a husband with more than one sexual partner.

Hey, I listen to old school Metallica, too. Contrast is king, mothafucka. I said a happy marriage. That means the husband is happy and satisfied. This blog seems to be playing at mastery. An unmarried rake will never be a master of his household. Why you all would think a bunch of other unmarried rakes could give you good advice about marriage is beyond me. There are even women who are still virgins.

However, it is quite possible you will be out of the running as a potential husband if she discovers that you are 1 a slut or worse 2 cruel to people. If you cherish a relationship with a man that is not destructive, I am your guy. I have set of heavy nylon towing ropes that I bought in East Berlin. They are like for towing runaway trucks.

Have you ever been tied up? I mean when it counts? Like when the most authentically violently orgasm of your entire young life is going off volcanically at a time when you happen to be trussed up by harsh and utterly unbreakable industrial ropes made by ex Nazi prison guards… Trust me, You will not get out of bounds with your getting off.

You can arch back and enjoy it. AHE, only women believe in the idea of reinventing themselves. I admit though, that the concerns and apprehension are clearly valid, which is pretty much what I said in the last sentence of my last comment. Let us now quote Bobby Dylan: Remember, no chess piece beats or have any influence on the chess master. What makes you think anyone would care what a old ugly bag like you has got to say?

You are invisible to most of us in every social situation. Also my advice is gold. Don Juan was an anti-social. Most traits that are hailed here are considered anti-social. So you are the one that should shut up.

Death Vajra, Anyway, regardless of how many partners a woman has had, I believe that a woman who masturbates regularly is also a slut and is not marriage material. This is the natural order. You should not concern yourself with the sexual market value of older women because it is neither your place nor your business. I assure you however, that my playful banter is in no way an actual invitation, and is facilitated by the relatively faceless nature of online communication. Offline, you would not make a blip on my radar unless you have managed through some genetic miracle to bypass the frog phase of male development.

Women who masturbate that much have problems if they are constantly having orgasm… like being sluts. Any woman who says different is a liar. And so the converse should be true? A lot of males think that only the alpha cads get the poon, and that those are the guys that thrill women.

I think I have some news. If you happen to rank way above her others, her others are a reason TO be with you. Not to NOT be with you. Being good in sex means being more than just dominant. It includes quite a lot of beta supportive and feminine romantic qualities as well.

A whole well rounded guy who is healthy and has a high libido and who practices some daoist sexual practices can compete on the sexual marketplace. The sexual marketplace is not a place where men automatically lose out to a girls number count. You are not the entirety of all girls, harmonica. You are a special snowflake, remember? Some will have had orgasms before their first penetration.

Or is it the bigger picture that women predisposed to remain virgins are also predisposed to stay with one man. If so, what else are they predisposed to? What if it is nagging? Being boring and not fucking. No, the bigger picture is now which marriages last.

And that 1 it 10 may be wrong. The bigger picture is not how many years you get with a girl. Unless a guy wants kids, evaluating a mate for wife potential is like evaluating a car purchase for average number of miles that it lasts. And one black hole in the room, the unspoken and invisible vacuum in the conversation, is that there are ways other than number count to guage risk.

Accepting the risk, accepting the fact that yes, you may break up with a girl. Not living life with too high an emphasis on future orientation.

Keeping your money safe, keeping a passport, then just diving in. Is it completely unknowable to men who these girls are? The truth is that not all sluts can be ensared emotionally. At least not by everyone. I lived with a slut who had a heart of stone, who later went on to become infatuated with a guy more her type.

This points to another topic that is rarely covered. To fully get under a girls skin, to reliably make her come, you need to be romantic as well as dominant.

Sex, for girls as well as men, is hugely influenced by the degree of love and emotional connection that you feel. Even a high numbers girl can be owned. And if for how long is really that important to you, well, do something else, I guess. Sluts can be fucking awesome, short, medium, and long term. Guys with your temperament would be well suited to take care to attain a stable lifestyle.

I like to rant on about other options, because I think many men are more similar to me than they admit to themselves, because of societal and especially female social pressure. From my experience, most Asian girls say that Asian men suck in bed. Of course, … they say this about white chicks who bang black men, too.

So there we go. With the stipulation that he would never have to fuck her or even look at her wasted body. I have no idea. Maybe someone in that position, who has been married for more than 5 years, could tell us. The same would apply, incidentally, to a woman who spent her twenties in a convent as opposed to riding the cock carousel. The heterosexual women in their 30s I know who remain unmarried actually tend to be those with very low or zero partner counts.

I have no idea how happy their husbands are, but these women have done pretty well for themselves. They all settled down in their mid to late 20s and if they had left it much later it would probably have been different. Of course, they are all offically anti-promiscuity now.

Some women find male promiscuity attractive per se, in others it increases attraction towards a man they would be attracted to anyway, to others it makes no difference and some just find it offputting.

Well, these women I mention certainly profess to have changed, to the extent that they have effectively rewritten their past history. Also, they are all in their early 30s. What I have noticed though, is that, absent a strong religious belief, the more promiscuous the man, the more value he places on chastity in a woman when looking for someone to settle down with.

Although I will be fair and say sometimes it does work out. There are days when I can come 13 times and still be good to go. Though I prefer to usually not come at all. At my peak 5 years ago me and my girl would go at it four hours per day, plus take a full day or two per week to stay in bed. We kept that up for six months, then maybe cut it back slightly.

There is simply no way to relieve the pressure. I find myself spending every minute of free time hunting online for dates. Yes, a four year old can be in love. Even in the monastery I was fucking the married visitors.

Or very ill health. I like to bond as well. And there must be a philosophical element as well, in that facing fear of genuinely unpleasant events is somewhat a philosophical choice, as well as a temperamental one. Losing a love or divorce is serious shit. Which is the philosophical stance of some other guys — all about the permanence.

The girls I date usually date only or mostly westerners. Most men, western or not, can barely fuck. Now that may not be technical or about staying power. Some young handsome bucks can pump like a oil rig.

It may be partly emotional — and I suggest that it is. Virgin with or without an orgasm, women will not enjoy their first time, even if they tell you they did. Either it was too short, too long, too messy, too cold, not as they wanted it, etc. Like their wedding, its a day to plan, to wonder and to want… but when it happens they regret it all because it misses their pie-in-the-sky dreams.

Women are creatures of extraordinary delusions. They have no connection between their desires and their actions. And with the alliance of statism and feminism, yeah… the old world is dead until the state falls and we start again.

Menyacapo, perhaps my libido is indeed declining with age, as when I was young I would enthusiastically pursue fat married old broads in their forties. I still get boners just from looking into a girls eyes now, but only the hotter girls. The nervous system can also be trained. We know that playing the piano often embeds many muscle memories into spinal nerves, with the brain acting as more of a manager than fingertip micro-manager.

Nervous circuits can be trained, with both sex, and with chi-kung, daoist meditations, yoga, formless meditations, and any thing that makes a nerve do anything. This energetic sensitivity becomes a habit, and a guy gets an increased sexual appetite. As if the very nerves cry out for nourishment. Sex is a food and starving is physically painful. About the monastic times, they were happy. At one point I had near 24 hour awareness, even in deep dreamless sleep.

Dreams were often lucid. Harmonica, you ought to conduct a poll here of how many guys had good enthusiastic sex with a virgin on the first date. One girl I gave one month of foreplay to.

Started with a pinky finger. By the time I used the dick, there was no pain, and she was in the groove. The other I dived into on the third date.

We had a fine time. No blood, no muss, no fuss. The look on her face as I entered her is priceless to me, and can never be forgotten. What a little angel doll. I have heard stories of virgins who suddenly decide their time has come and fuck random internet dudes to give it a go, and who fuck enthusiastically.

My first time there was no love therefore it was rather mechanical. Those are fortunate who get a virgin. Men aspire to get a virgin wife as they wish for clean slate and not an used napkin.

Never thought I d find such an amazing man on CL of all places but I did and Must be very discrete I like my life other than the lack of sex. Stay at home mom I am 29 yrs old woman wants clean discreet sex with a married or single man. Normal attractive woman seeking sane, fun, well endowed, great looking . But if Buenos Aires' myriad of watering holes still leave you craving American Come for the free samples; stay for the beer on tap and Good thing pulled-pork is just as good on a plate as it is in a . “NYU dorms don't care if you have members of the opposite sex stay over in your room,” Pleehall said. Chateau reps have written extensively (and gleefully!) on this You want to marry or have a loving long-term relationship with a girl Interesting conjectures arise as to why sluts pose a greater divorce risk than more innocent girls. No need to ruin the future marriages of the few good people left.