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Cheating wives in Grand bay AL

Cheating wives in Grand bay AL

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Recently moved to the area and miss the touch of a man. I also am married to an that is on life support for years and I need to lean on a shoulder to talk to or cry on.

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Cheating wives in Grand bay AL

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I also have magic hands. I am seeking for tonight since its right now that im bored but am fine with making future friends also.

If free drinks 420 and a hotel room for us to enjoy sounds like a good night lets set it up.

Latest on the nor'easter targeting the East Coast: Many Brazilians worry that their country is heading toward a military dictatorship Oct More Russian military spies exposed.

After Gaza strikes, Israel threatens Iranian forces in Syria. Woman injures 14 children with knife. Woman charged in 'evil spirit blessing scam'.

Translation company helps refugees find work. Ryanair seeks to quell anger over racist incident. Saudi diplomat calls Khashoggi outcry 'hysterical'. Paris zoo welcomes birth of endangered Orangutan. Spain to ban speedboats used by drug, migrant traffickers. South Sudan peace deal bumpy as rebel leader doesn't return. Latest International Video 2: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's down under tour coming to a close.

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Trying to bring Ev down? Lord, are you THAT invested in this shit? I really touched a nerve huh, SIMP. Look, this is a BLOG, not your personal fucking diary. So get used to a couple of things: The one thing your ignorant, laborious, grammatically incorrect reply did get right, however, is that compared to you, I AM a genius…and you should remember that before popping off at me in the future.

Because trust, you are not emotionally nor intellectually capable of keeping up with me on ANY topic on any given day. I will continue to comment on anything I like, anytime I like.

And if that bothers you, EFFU. Man listen I just heard a man say they need women to put their foot down. Otherwise they will keep clowning. She probably tries to hold it in.. I have always been Team Malaysia!!! U just was talking about Cici and her job Jackie and her situation with her daughter but no one can say a word about you!! She has calmed all the way down and staying out the way, at first she was just annoying af. Jenn, be yourself hunni,I can see straight through you!!!

U will do anything just to fit in.. Kristen seems very empty like Jen. Jen is used to being Evs lackey so now shes looking for a lackey of her own. She reminds me of Stevie J in the sense that he looks for a certain type of woman that he knows he cn control. You dnt see him cuffing any strong, confident women for a reason and thats what I see in Jens relationship with Kristen.

I wld never call someone that unless I meant it. But then again, some ppl are vapid and dont really value too much. I also think that Kristen has never liked Cece from jump. It just took the right grp of women to be around to bring it out of her. Thats y she told Jen that she n Cece werent really that cool. And then Jen blurts it out in front of her. I am so so sorry that was so long. Im a writer and a blogger so I hv a tendency to write articles instead of comments.

Im working on learnimg how to trim the fat when I write lol. But nobody knows Evelyns true intention but her. Nobody cn prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that she used Takaris situation as a storyline and that is a fact.

Yall just wont to believe the owrst in her. Lets be honest, she didnt need her as a storyline bc shes Eveyln. Shes the cool, pretty girl whos company ppl, without preconceived notions abt her, seem to enjoy whether some want to admit it or not. Even Tami wants to be friends with her and shes mad that Ev is good off of her. Listen to the way brought up what I just sd when they were outside innthe parking lot.

But I digress lol Im not even a fan of Evs anymore after the way she treated Tami in the beginning and how she jumped the table to get at Jen but I do see her trying to chamge and I still like her as a person.

I find her much funnier than Tami…Ugh Im so sorry. I keep getting away from the point. My point is that while Evelyn is no saint, neither is Tami. She slapped Aubreys phone put of her hand like she was her mother, which is considered assault, yet bc ppl r so anti-Ev that they dnt matter twisting reality so that she comes out better than Evelyn when really, theyre the same. If shes so bad and Tamis so real, then why did she want to be friends with her???

Compared to how much those shoes cost, that was literally pennies on the dollar but its the thought that counts I guess. How shallow of you in my opinion. You can conveniently buy you a new pair of shoes while giving back?

I dont see the sacrifice. I cant stand her. Like i know love is blind but come one now, we aint young forever…. Awww I think she was being sarcastic and didnt mean it as a dig to you. It was actually a dig for Evelyn.

I dont care how many woman she fought, thats fucked up. A real man knows not to put hands on a woman, just walk away. Its pathetic how some women really use marriage to validate who they are, especially these women married to athletes…like go read a book or get a degree. Start your own business. Lol hell, if you at that right place at the right time anyone can snag an athlete. Shaunie will keep Jen and evelyn around. The pitiful storyline about her new venture will keep nobody watching.

Jennifer better thank the Lord above the heavens for security being there because that table would not have missed its target. Evelyn is getting her just desserts this season and the last. Always attacking others appearances and they all look better than her with more substance than she can buy.

I wish Evelyn would just fall in the cave between her legs and disappear. I think Chad did what he neesed to do for PR. Just like how a famous person or business will make a settlement. That is not a true admission of guilt, its PR stunts and rich people problems. She has been stop drinking because she cannot hold her liquor. Chad just out of nowhere headbutts Evelyn for no reason at all.

She had to say something, or do something for him to react. She has an incredible athletic body and that ass is all hers. She might look better with braids or an ethnic style like that. Jennifer is used to Evelyn from the Bronx. Get her Qui Qui get her!!!! God knows I would not be taking no slick talk from no fucking pass around bitch. Kirsten need to take her fake ass on somewhere doing that lady like that just to be a part of something.

Now she look dumb and clueless af. Is Shaunie dumb or what? Nobody stopping to think why Evelyn not mad at Jen? Cause she know what Jen said is true! Evelyn is conniving af. They were being messy and nasty and they clearly circulated the rumor throughout the circle.

Then have the audacity not to apologize and actually get defensive.. Kristian is clearly trying to secure a spot on BBW at the expense of her family member.. Men never go around acting better than other men because their married.

Dam Malaysia what the Incredible Hulk is going on picking up the whole table trying to smack the shit out of Jen with it? Throw the whole Jen way, this bitch has severe diarrhea of the mouth. How would u be so cool with someone who made up a lie about u? Shaunie gon learn the hard way. Their messy, they want a story line bad to keep a check coming. Cause a real friend gone respect that after trynna come for you and your family.

But shaunnie with the fake shit too and the drama. Nor is she real enough to tell Jen what it is so oh well. We all know he did it but Evelyn was fighting chad too. Have u heard her tell her side though. She says they went to the supermarket then all of a sudden they were fighting.

Ok you are crazy to tell your sons that and not tell them to walk away. Maybe you want to see them in jail. He had to show remorse which he was not wrong for but as to the events that led to that Evelyn played her role. She is a disgusting which and i will never take her seriously as a dmv survivor.

Some people are better of natural. Women like Evelyn are the cause of so many divorces. Sleeping with marries men and claiming ignorance. I can understand the hurt. She lost her family because of women like Evelyn. Her ex was no good too but still. Trust me, she wasnt thinkin about her drinkin n smoking, thts Tammis battle, attacking her Health is fucked up, so what if she cause her own Health problems.

We got real Domestic Violence goin on, Women being killed, n this bitch playin! And NEVA will be! Ev aint crazy, she dont want Jackies crazy ass, either!

Thts right, choose your Battles bitch! Am big mad because this show is call BBW but three quarter of the heifers are divorced or was never married but got cheated on now they on a show taking ish,fighting and looking to be knocked up so they can be set on a baby expense. Tami is not jealous but more hurt because people she thought was her friends talking about her. Eve slept with her husband even though he was a no good S.

B then had the nerve to call her a non motherf…….. Yes that would sure make me want to beat the shit out of whoever. Tami is not perfect but she keeps it real and I wish she would tell Shaunie how much of a snake she is.

Kristen just met Jen and calling her big sis Lol she is the leave you hanging type bitch. Its really Not Serious.. Put the Table Down Malaysia! Shes just getting back what she put out. I could see that being the case. Her face is what makes her money you mess that up your entire game gone. Nobody gonna call out they check lol. All is fair when words are exchanged with an enemy, Evelyn brought that one on herself! And I will keep on until biased, judgemental ppl like you, who cnt seem to comprehend the hypocrisy of this entire situation or recognize the dangerous msgs u fools r sending to women and men, of all ages, wake the hell up.

You all are so hell bent on trying to bring Ev down that yall cnt see straight. Idk if ur a man or not but if u are…God help us bc thats pa-the-tic. You wld think this wld be a black amd white situation but wjen you have children who were left behind like Gerome Wright, there will always be ignorance spread bc unhappy ppl love to spread their misery. Notice how miserable Tamis supporters seem. Thats why they like her but let her do to them what she did to Shaunie and theyd be singing a different tune.

You obviously dont have a full grasp on what discussing topics on a public forum entails but allow m to break it down for you. I cnt write what I want, when I want, for as long as I want to. And dont think I hvnt seen your ass all over these shows so stop that. If u dnt like what I have to say then block me or keep scrolling, its that simple.

Ive seen the same ppl say tue same things over n over abt Tami buy I bet your miserable groupie ass hasnt sd a damn thing to them. I see why u cape for Tami bc u dnt like to see ppl not follow you. Stop acting like you were left behind in school, looking like a damn fool trying to tell ppl what to do. Youve seen my username right? Like no signs of laughing or a just kidding.

How a hoe that slept with your husband gone call you a non motherfricking factor????!! That trick was the non factor…with a LOT of men. Jen is as dumb as Kirsten. Now let her finally start swinging tho. Lol but I already see that Malaysia not having it, that the girls keep letting her slide.

So glad you can see it too! He still wants her and she still wants him. The gold digger just has to reconcile herself to the fact that he has no money. And you have to remember that Chad had a lot riding on this incident. So he did the dance everyone wanted him to do hoping both would happen. I definitely had to say this last thing bc I used to watch this when Tami was big and Eve talked about her weight.

I really do believe what Tami said because Eve only had 2 scratches and if he was really trying to beat her ass it would be worse than that. Also it seemed like he could have suddenly hit the breaks and she hit her head on the steering wheel…..

Tami is a very loyal bitch. And in fact, Tami has said in interviews that she and Spin are really cool with one another. Chad was trying to save his career and keep his wife. I truly believe she told Tami it was a mistake that Chad bumped her five head.

It all makes sense now. I feel its more so Evelyn is always doing some fucked up shit and then crying wolf.

I do t believe shit that she says. She is a known whore and liar. I do t like the way tami is allowing these none factors to make her look but hey….

I never had any sympathy for that violent evil bitch, even after she got her face smashed. That was karma for how she treated people on the show season after season. Some women will put a bug in your ear to make you hate your own man, til you end up just as lonely and bitter as them.

Shaun ie and Evil were both jealous of Jen back then. I remember every episode. They pressured her to end her marriage. Why do females play victim after they provoke it.

Stevie Wonder can see that Kwame is just not that into her. I just wanna know where are the bitches who attacked me for calling out Kristen since day one. Anybody can see that girl wants tone down by any means necessary.

I loved this episode. That was really brave of her to share. Nobody wants to be vulnerable like that. Kudos to you Tami. Now tell those plastic hoes to kick rocks. Tami still hurt because of Evelyn smashing her guy, which is understandable but sis really need to let go of that hurt. Forget them, find better friends! Cece sweetie, Evelyn, is only picking on you bc your pretty and your skin tone, yup I said it.

Those seeds in her head were there long before Jenn stepped into the picture, she just watered them. I think Kristen is so cute, but she a flip-flopping ass bitch. Jackie was actually likable in this episode. OG, I almost forgot was on the show. Thank you do much for saying it. My behind was to lazy to type all that lol. But Tammy is still jealous deep in her core of Evelyn. Everything about Evelyn shed jealous about because like you said shes a industry hoe but still managed to make it to the top, still managed to get some of the hottest men some of the most successful men was able to hold down businesses never had to worry about taking care of her daughter still managed to make connections and friends in the industry is able to act a fool on t.

The list goes on. Where you been boo?? And Evelyn is a joke. She has committed domestic violence herself fighting and bullying women on this show and now wants to be a domestic violence spokesperson? Laid wigs, on trend louboutins, fenty makeup — the whole works! But, this episode really showed me a softer side to her and I liked that.

Yeah I know but when she said the first time u can see she reflected paused repeated it with shade. I believe she know it was a low blow but she had nothing else….

Tami is a slick ass bully…. Come on now tami has her messy moments…And this season definitely showed it…. The head butting was the accident and Evelyn shit talking ass was always fighting on Chad. I have two sons.. Why do some females think they can do whatever the fuck they want to to a man but he better not ever defend himself? How about act like a lady and you will be treated as such! Some women r so bitter and jealous of women like Evelyn.

I cnt even consider yall women anymore, at this point, bc its evident you all have some serious judgements and double standards, yall r just some damn BITCHES. Evil bitches just like Tami is. You all bend reality to make it cater to Tami meanwhile shes an even bigger bully that Ev is and she the worst kind bc she justifies her actions and swears shes so real.

Real women and real friends dnt practically call their friends traitors bc they arent afraid to check them when theyre wrong. Idk what yall definition of real is but I wldt trust yall just as I wldt trust Tami…or any of them for that matter.

Tami is no different from the rest of them. Once again why is everyone kissing Evelyn ass?? All the low down shit this bitch as done and the fraction of a chance this bitch can call herself a victim she will run with that shit!!

Tami is right about what Evelyn did to chad! She destroyed that mans life…. Finally Malaysia getting down with the get down!

Where is Jennifer getting all this heart from?? LOL it just makes me laugh but I pray on a stack of bibles and ten white people that someone beat the dog shit out of both Jennifer and Eve punk ass! Both are messy women. Kristen was messy for bringing her to something that has nothing to do with messy Jen…. Yep, Kristen is a Evelyn and Jen. I want her off the show to be honest…. The truth always gone come to light and Evelyn hit low so Tami decided to hit her back where it hurts.

Tami has been nothing but real! I likes that you did your research before commenting a few other girls on here should take a page from your book. You also do realize Chad has a history of domestic abuse? So are we believing the 2 who were there or rumors?

Because Tami knew that shit was a scam to get money. The go fund me was ran 2x remember. None of the other girls did either including Ms EP Shaunie! She nor anyone on here has exonerated Chad. I and people who I agree with here are only saying. We need to be cautious when we victim rally that we consider all sides.

With regards to the rumor she exposed it at the appropriate time. Reason 1 they do not hang out together when they are not filming. The show is shot about 9 months in advance to us seeing it. So there would not have been and occasion to. If she had brought it up when Jen was not around then she would have been messy.

This way all involved parties had a opportunity to discuss and defend themselves. She was never messy. Always transparent and was clear to Evilene that they were not friends and she was team Jackie.

Not one example of EVER throwing a rock and hiding her hand. Nope you wrong on this one hun. Recount the votes I think the Russians hacked your account. Evilene absolutely told her that. Every season Evilene has a problem with someone. Usually the person who she thinks is her competition. Evilene could not get him to be obedient like her other flying monkeys jen,daughter, kristen and it enraged her and she attacked that man.

I predict that someone will disagree. We complain about the stereotypes yet embrace them. It is so unsettling to see so many here encouraging violence from one black woman to another. Further to excuse violence received from a man to a woman is shocking. Remember ladies this show is for entertainment, you are reality…please conduct yourselves accordingly.

Not only is Tami now a victim she has been one since the show started if we are using the logic you are using to defend Evelyn. At least we saw the trials Tami went through trying to be equal in this group. Tami has a Nasty habit? Oh you mean telling the truth? Evelyn has a history that speaks to her character as does Tami , weighing those on the scale. I ride with Tami. U are spot on! Most drinkers tend to lose a lot of weight because of the lower alcohol consumption. Now on another note yeah I did some research and yep drinking and frequent alcohol abuse can lead if not contribute to Diabetes.

Domestic is wrong either way it could be a man hitting on a woman or vice versa, its just no bueno. This all could have been avoided if either one of them was to own up and realize the shits not working. So what she has always been loyal to Jackie. She never made ev think she was on her side.

She never stirred the pot against Jackie. She loyal and real to her friends period. Ev disrespectful for inviting Jen. Team newbies minus Kristen… I love Tami and cried with her. Respect she said she might have been wrong but I believe ev told her that.

Glad Shaunie not rocking with Jen. Waiting for next episod. Tami has been made to be a bad guy in this, when the person who has a history of character flaws, bullying , mockery and name calling started the negativity. But no mam Sam. Not once until they I say they because Shaunie is complicit started talking about her did you see Tami discussing them in her storyline.

This season starts off with Evelyn taking shots at Tami. Tami has everything Evelyn wants a ride or die man. You must be a side chick like Evelyn? Am I the only one who think evelyn is lying and tryin to drag the situation? Malaysia has a very short fuse when it comes to friends. Jen gone fuck around and get her ass whooped for real. Compton Mary watch your hands because she coming for your purse. This a grimy Muppet face fake bitch.

Shes spiteful and mean. She and Evilene bad news ass will come to end. Shes a one for two , Jen has to go the way of Brandi and Tami may leave because she is sick of them. You know Evilene must have her team of flying monkeys. Seriously, how can she not see it?! He was about to confess then OG talked about DMs. Yes, and Jen is Virgo.

I think I thought tami was a Virgo too I was all messed up. I think Tami may have pulled her aside and told OG to get it together cause her wig is looking a lot better this episode. I agree with you. Kristen is a dumb beyotch like who likes this broad?? Her bringing Jenn to that sitdown shows how fake she is. And I can tell Shaunie know Evelyn is a liar. Evelyn stop lying, bitch. You just fronting for the camera. Playing victim ughhhh, Victim my ass! But let me tell this board something.

Chad is just staying quiet because he still love Evelyn. And Evelyn still love him too. Get back together, already. It was a mistake…fuck it! You hit him bitch and he hit you back. Both of you deserve each other. Bitch is worse than she was on the earlier seasons. As a true friend her calling Tami out on what she did is what makes a friend real.

I know we need to evolve but I really want her to get bopped one good time. I cant make you understand my point of view. But you were just telling me the same exact thing a comment or two below. How does it make the situation different because it entails domestic abuse? That speaks volumes of her lack of character. To discredit a woman of being attacked is horrendous. Everybody knows who he is! He was no later boy. He ruined his career not Evelyn! Tami needs 2 live in the present!!

Ocho-Cinco has always been a thug!! I noticed Shaunie went and received a good lye relaxer because last season she had some serious new growth that showed she really has some tight hair.. But, I give her props this season on her hair. Plus Tami a bully herself. AND it blows me how she keeps complaining about the trying to be their friend. Sounds embarrassingly elementary school. You have the right to fell the way you feel right?

She seems very young. Like 21yr old young. Feeling sympathy and all. You have your own. This is on the claims of domestic violence a completely different subject…nice try tho.

I said I judge both character and looks. I wont discredit a person cause of they way they look but I will say my opinion on the way they look without it interfering with how I look at their character cause they could actually be a cool person. Thanks for calling me pretty tho. Haha well OG does need to up her makeup game. She real, and funny. Kristen is also bothered by the fact that Cece isnt kissing her ass apologizing. Little Jessie Jorden Jerks You. Dahlia Sky Lesbian Fun.

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Numerous passages in the Koran show how he gradually went from slight thrusts to malicious vituperations and brutal attacks on the customs and beliefs of the Jews. When they justified themselves by referring to the Bible, Mohammed, who had taken nothing therefrom at first hand, accused them of intentionally concealing its true meaning or of entirely misunderstanding it, and taunted them with being "asses who carry books" sura lxii. The increasing bitterness of this vituperation, which was similarly directed against the less numerous Christians of Medina , indicated that in time Mohammed would not hesitate to proceed to actual hostilities.

The outbreak of the latter was deferred by the fact that the hatred of the prophet was turned more forcibly in another direction, namely, against the people of Mecca , whose earlier refusal of Islam and whose attitude toward the community appeared to him at Medina as a personal insult which constituted a sufficient cause for war.

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They were brought out to him in groups. Among them were the enemy of God, Huyayy b. Asad, the head of the tribe. They numbered or —the largest estimate says they were between and Do you not see that the summoner does not discharge [anyone] and that those of you who are taken away do not come back? By God, it is death! A Very Short Introduction. Ahmed, Leila Summer Ali, Muhammad Mohar The Biography of the Prophet and the Orientalists.

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