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Chat fun 1000 miles away

Chat fun 1000 miles away

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Chat fun 1000 miles away

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How do you survive when the person who knows you best lives thousands of miles away? Here are few ideas that may help ease the pain and make the distance feel a little more bearable Photo by James Lewis via px.

Put that selfie and Snapchat obsession to good use. If your phone's camera roll isn't filled with your best friend making some of the ugliest faces on the planet, then, well, the two of you aren't trying hard enough. Plus, wasn't Snapchat invented so you could make your best friend laugh from thousands of miles away and still feel like they're working in the cubicle right next to you? Maybe not, but it's better than sexting. Start something personal and private that you can both share together.

Maybe you can create a Google doc that allows you to write to each other in real time. Or a blog, so you can keep up with your best friend's adventures online. Creating something together will be a great experience, and in the end you'll have something to show for it. And 10 years from now, you can look back and have an accurate account of your long-distance friendship once you're hopefully back in the same place and growing old together. Video chat often -- even when you have no big "stories" to catch each other up on.

Photo by belle-lune via Flickr. Sometimes the video chats between my best friend and me just turn into both of us staring at the screen, making funny faces and snapping pictures. Other times it turns into a gossip fest where we start talking about people we haven't seen or heard from in years. Set a side a big chunk of time every so often and just virtually lounge together. This is when you'll really get to talking instead of just playing catch-up.

In the meantime, stay connected through the little things, like watching the same movie on the same night. Take the concept of live-tweeting and turn it into live-messaging. Here's how it works: Pick a movie, watch it at the same time and message each other your thoughts throughout the entire picture. It'll be as if your BFF is right by your side annoyingly asking you all the spoiler questions that you undoubtedly have no clue of yourself.

But isn't that what you love about her? When setting aside scheduled time to talk to each other, don't you dare cancel -- time differences are unforgiving.

So when you have something scheduled with your BFF, try to make sure it happens. Obviously, there may be times when you have to back out, but don't let that turn into a never-ending game of phone tag. At some point, someone's going to have to stay in or post up at a coffee shop so you can talk to one another.

Take one for the friendship team. Try to keep up to date with her daily life. Yes, even the small stuff. New job offers, new love interests -- those types of things will come up in any conversation you have with your BFF. But talk about the not so game-changing things, too, like something interesting you witnessed that day at work or how you can't seem to break free from your new ramen obsession. Knowing the more random things about one another's days will help you feel like no one in the whole world knows your BFF better than you do.

Photo by Wojtek Lepianka via px. Talk about prom or how you can't believe she dated that one person back in college. Reminisce about the experiences that brought you together in the first place. If you've got old photos lying around or stuffed in a box somewhere, whip them out to send to one another -- or just post one on Instagram every ThrowbackThursday. Small talk is key. There are plenty of free messaging apps, so don't gab just once every two weeks. There really is no excuse.

Also, if she works in an office, add her on Gchat so you can ping her at random times during the day -- even if it's just to share the most recent completely random thing you've dug up on the Internet. Remember, her family is your family. If her mom and brother are in town, take them to dinner. Photo by Peter Manidis. Anything or anyone that reminds you of your best friend is sure to put you in a good mood.

Cozying up to her family and making sure to connect with them every once in a while will only solidify the obvious: If it reaches the point where her mom feels comfortable enough questioning your life choices just as your own mom would, you know you're at the top of the best friend-scale and you're in this relationship for the long haul. Because best friends who read together, stay together.

Some of the best book suggestions have come my way from across the pond. And if you're reading the same book at the same time, there's that much more for the two of you to talk about and feel connected about. Every once in a while, throw in a story about friendships that stands the test of time and distance see: Waiting To Exhale and Beaches. Then hop on the phone so you can chat about how "that's soooo us!

Take mini trips together -- meet somewhere halfway between the both of you. Photo by Luis Dias via px. Explore the world together. There might be times when you don't have the money or time to fly all the way to see her, but what about meeting half way? Preferably somewhere you both haven't been to, so you can turn your reunion into a mini-adventure. This will save you both time and money, and you'll still get to see each other.

Pick up the phone even if you can't talk to just say, "Hi! I miss you, but I can't talk now. Sometimes text messages just don't cut it -- especially when you haven't heard her voice in so long that a five minute catch-up session on your way to work is actually a must.

Even if you're busy at work, taking the time to answer a call from your BFF just to tell them you can't chat is more satisfying than ignoring the call altogether. Even on the busiest of days, everyone has three minutes to spare.

Photo by Luiz Laercio. In an age when technology has basically taken over every second of every day of our lives, take the time to hand-make something for your best friend. Send her a written letter or a postcard so she can add it to her collection of BFF mementos.

Plus, nothing says "I care about you" like a hand-made anything. As is expected, you probably have not one, but a few solid people you can share pretty much anything with. Even so, make it a point to keep some things strictly between you and your best friend.

Knowing that you trust each other enough to disclose something that no one else in the world is aware of will strengthen the bond you have with one another. Photo by Travis Modisette via px. There's probably a few things from home that your best friend can't get where she lives now, or vice versa. Every now and then, surprise her with a care package that contains all of her favorite goodies.

Or just wait until the end of the year and wrap her birthday, Christmas and grad-school graduation gift into one. She'll feel like she won the lottery. Make future plans to "one day" live in the same city and romanticize about how amazing that would be. They will, of course, be best friends, and if things go really well, two of them will fall in love so you can all be "officially" family.

Long-distance best-friendships are all about the "one-days. On that note, start dreaming about the big future events that will bring you closer together. Photo by Rafael Hernandez via px. Start talking about ambitions and career goals. Start thinking about all the good things you both want to achieve and can't wait to share with one another. Start outlining weddings, family Christmases and vacations to the beach. Dare to dream a little bit and then make sure to stay friends long enough to watch all of those dreams come true.

Always have the next time you're going to see each other in the works, so that you'll have something to look forward to. Talk about when you could possibly meet up again in the near future. This will help ease the pain and make "goodbye" feel a little less like, "I don't know when I'm going to see you ever again.

Nothing passes the time faster than a countdown clock on your desktop -- trust me. And obviously, visit when you can. Easier said than done, but when possible, it'll feel good to get some one-on-one face time.

Photo by Flavio Sarescia via px. May I suggest investing in a mileage program -- or several? Flying across the country or world isn't nearly as advanced as it should be by now. So save up and when you need to escape, fly to see her.

Also, if you're really close, you might consider using each other's mileage to fly the other out every once in a while. You'll be amazed at what can be achieved when mileage programs join forces. And remind her every time before you go, that although she's far away, she will always be your number one. ; Omegle random video chat, Omegle

I do think they can work out if you have the two right kind of people. LDR's are not for everyone and a lot of trust and dedication is needed.

I spend many nights secretly in tears because I just wish I had the money to go see him, even for just a few days. Im just about always in a state of heart ache. But I have faith in my heart that in the end it will work. You just have to have faith and trust and determination. And both sides of the relationship must want the same things, being on the same page. Its understandable why many don't believe it would work. Its not something everybody can do.

Good luck to anyone in a LDR. Wow, there are some heated comments up in here. Let's all try to be nice, shall we? This is my only hub that makes me want to stop responding to comments. You guys are killing me here! Thanks for helping me out and responding to these comments! I appreciate you sharing your thoughts in a kind way. I'm not really sure what to say to you. The title is an attention grabber. I even bolded it for you.

If you can't read that far down, that's not my problem. And how dare you compare this article to an article telling suicidal people why they should commit suicide. Yes this article is opinionated. You don't have to agree with it.

You don't have to like it. But don't come on my article and tell me I might as well have been telling suicidal people to kill themselves. I'm not even telling people in LDRs to break up! Where did you get a comparison like that? Man you're just as bad.

Calling people idiots for believing in LDRs is just as mean as the person above who called ME an idiot for writing this article. Everyone's entitled to their own opinions. I agree with a lot of what you said, but please try to be nice when you leave a comment. Your comment isn't going to help anyone because it was written in a mean tone. You can write the same thing without being mean. He lives on the other side of the planet, which is 9 hours flight, and it's really expensive to visit eachother, minimum: Im about to turn Now what are you bullshitting about?

Mabybe its just you. It really depends on both of you Cherrylips.. If you both are willing to make it happen, it may work. There will be a lot of difficulties, but if you both are willing to hang in there, then it may work. Don't assume that he is falling for you. I have a friend who is one of my closest friends. I think about her everyday. Been in touch with her almost every week. We have spent a few weeks traveling together, partying and everything. However, I have never thought of entering a relationship with her not that I didn't find her attractive.

I love someone else and still love her though I get extremely pissed off with her sometimes and feel like quitting on her by the I am not in a relationship, I recently asked her out and it is long distance. A guy I like has a girlfriend in Portugal and he lives and works here for the past 6 years, he never mentions her AT ALL, he has worked with me for 7 months and today was the first time he's mentioned her, he went home in August and not again until xmas, and then went home at the weekend but I mentioned I loved a certain hot chocolate back in January as a random chat we had and he has a terrible memory usually but he came in today with a bag of the brand of hot chocolate He has said he trusts me, etc Is that a LDR failing or what??

Having said that, if I fell in love with someone from a different country, I would try an LDR anyway despite the setbacks However, one or the other would have to move nearby - probably within a year or so. Apparently, this hub has hit a raw nerve for many of our fellow readers. And I wonder why? Here is what I am concerned about with regard to long distance relationships: They are a bit like make believe. When LD lovers are together, everything is lovely because they have missed each other and they get to keep experiencing the honeymoon.

When they are not together, they get to imagine everything is lovely, primarily due to not having been around to see the other person's really annoying habits.

In day to day, same city relationships, we get the real deal - the good, the bad, and the ugly. I'd rather have that. That way, I know who I'm really dealing with I enjoyed your post very much and I agree with you.

There are exceptions to everything, but I suspect they are rare indeed. Cheating is very subjective to the person. Only a person totally messed up in the brain would cheat. If you say that a "breakup is imminent", I would be more inclined to agree, though I would not completely. I have a very close friend who is in a relationship for the past 8 years. Her boyfriend is working in a different country. They see each other once in 6 months.

She once told me that though she hangs out with a lot of guys, it has never ever crossed her mind to either cheat or breakup with her boyfriend. I know her boyfriend and I for one, know that he is never going to cheat on her nor breakup with her.

Having said that, she tells me that it does hurt a lot not seeing for so long. They talk to each other very regularly. So yes, LDR can be very painful, but can workout if both are willing to sacrifice certain things. Its laughable to see people right that they have met online and are waiting to meet up. That they talk via phone and that they are in love more than ever. You cant love someone you've never met in person, you purely lust for them because its a challenge them being so far away and you cant wait to meet this person who "is amazing" as soon as you do, all that build up will be gone, and the challenge over.

That's not love you fools. Go and get some balls and meet someone a real person, not words on a screen and learn what real love is! It takes time with a person. And other fools who right that they trust someone they met overseas on a holiday, and cant see them much. Well hello, you fell for the guy who was hot and nice on holidays, who tells you hes so into you and you say the same.

Hold out for someone you've met and gotten to know. I bet had you actually had a real face to face relationship, you would realise they have flaws and they arent just awesome. But your holding out for them because you think things will be great, like they were when you met, forever.

Christ its called the honeymoon phase, except this ends and you learn to love your partner for their flaws and their pros. You cant love someone you met for a week and haven't seen in months.

Get over it and stop wasting time. And to those of you who think ive got no clue and am opinionated, ive been with my gf for 4 and a half yrs.

She moved 5 hrs away a few months ago for uni, we still make sure we see each other once a week. And even that is difficult. All the love for her i have, i can not guarantee we will be together in a yr. If she was here with me i could guarantee that. We trust each other completely, are best friends, but if we saw each other any less, it wouldn't work. This article is right. You people are idiots who disagree. Up top Karringtyn wrote saying shes in the best relationship shes ever been in.

Hmmm sorry to say but seeing someone once every 6 weeks is ridiculous, if that's built the best relationship you've ever been in then that's sad. And others who say it gives you a chance to "not take them for granted" to "focus more on communication and not sex" um hello but sex is one of the most important factors in a good relationship.

If you have trust in someone but don't have sex, they might as well be your friend. If you don't have good sex, you arent going to be satisfied, every person has needs, and when you lack good quality sex your relationship will end.

No one remains satisfied in a relationship where the sex sucks. Long distance relationship means no loving, or little loving. Hence why when those needs are not met, people tend to cheat. A long distance relationship can work if you still see each other in person at least a couple times a month, but even then that's going to make it hard.

Quality time together is what makes you compatable, not computer chat or video chat. So stop kidding yourselves, if you want to make distance work, go and see your partner more then once every 6 weeks! You both deserve that, and if you don't and honestly think they arent going to stray, good luck thinking that long term.

Once every 6 weeks is not a relationship pfft. Lol, you say "I merely wrote this to show why LDR are hard" Did you forget the "never" ; it's okay, I forgive you for your ignorance.

As far as your article, most times I would say "I respect your opinion, but disagree" everything you've mentioned is bias and opinionated. You basically put something out here that couokd potentionally damage than do good.

I think this article is extremely bias coming from a person who seems to know a little bit about LDR but yet has never been in one or exepericenced it through another..

No, I don't know you, but lady I know enough from reading this to get an idea: I don't care about you. But just know your stuff and gather facts before you make bold claims such as the ones I came across here today: I learned how bias people are about topics they know nothing of..

All the best for that Skinny: I can related to the exact scenario. I was in touch with that special one through skype, facebook and phone. But then I found one thing that though I wanted to take it further, there would be too many practical issues which had to be handled apart from the distance. I had certain ambitions and I found that the LDR I was contemplating was really not worth it when compared to them.

So I eventually had to drop the plan. I would prefer a relationship with someone living in my own country however far she is. At least, it will be easier to travel and meet each other. But now she had to went back to her country because she finished her employment contract I've never been in a ldr before We maintain contacting each other via phone, skype, facebook and etc. Hope we work it out this relationship..

My girlfriend and i have been together for 2 years I came to know her because she is working in my country.. Sorry that you're going through a tough time.

Time will tell if your love will prevail. I understand your point, but relationships are about more than trust. Yes, trust definitely helps with the first few points I made. But there are problems that can arise in a LDR that aren't present if you date someone near you like the moving problem. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. What you wrote is a good example of a problem that an LDR may experience that doesn't involve trust i.

I can't even imagine seeing your significant other only once or twice a year. Hope things work out for you. I wrote this article from an observational point of view, which I know is hard for some people to believe because most people only write about what they've personally experienced. This article doesn't have any of my personal experience in it. Sure that's a little bit long to travel to see each other It's nothing compared to someone who has to fly to see their significant other.

I'm glad that your relationship has worked out, but yes the point of this article is to be biased. It's about why LDRs are difficult. I enjoy the comments on here that aren't just yelling at me for saying something bad about LDRs. You may pick it up at the next window. I feel sick because my gf moved 9hrs drive away and I know that all of the above is true, it's been a year now and its slowly getting more and more frustrating for me.

I hate it, I hate the inevitable thought of a break up because it took me 19 years to find someone like her, I don't want to wait another Im in my first LDR right now, i met the guy when i was on holiday over summer, in August, it was love at first sight as we intantly fell for each other.

The thing is we spent ONE day together and im young, im 18 and hes We have been doing this relationship for 6 months now, i feel more connected to him than ever, i really really feel something, i don't know how to explain it and i don't know if its love, still to this day i get butterflies when we talk over the phone. My parents tell me that im to young to know what love is but this feeling for him is so strong, i mean i have not been tempted once to cheat and its weird because before i left for that holiday i was the most boy crazy teeneger anyone could ever meet, now when im with my friends and they see a 'hot' guy i don't know i just get an image of my boyfriend and im just like yeah guys, MY BOYFRIEND IS HOT.

I talk to his sisters who iv never met before over the phone, facebook, skype and they too believe that we are doing the right thing and asure me they have him on check lol, Im going to University next year in the city he's in, i hope that it does work out and i want to thank all the people who shared their positive stories of LDR, i feel very motivated now. See 60 more comments.

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I will recommend Cyberhost Gmail dot com to help you. I was tired of being lied to and wanted a divorce, all thanks to the reliable hack services I was looking for possible ways to read the texts that came into her phone in the night but honestly I don't know which if her fingers she used to lock the phone it was biometric.

I tries the fingers I had access to while she was asleep but none worked. I browsed on how to read texts from another phone iand contacted few people. I hired him and he got the job done Pretty niffty I could read the hidden texts from anywhere. They certainly are difficult, but as I mentioned in my hub, not impossible. Feel like I'm in a no win situation! Lol, glad to be in the minority then. Feels good to be awesome. A really good blog.

So true what Lawrence says, and also so much true in all comments. The author of this blog was in a LDR that didn't work. This blog has gotten far! It was posted 2 years ago? But still heating up! As for the author! I say, good job! It means your topic is interesting! This is very hard. Relationships Marriage Family Long-Distance. This website uses cookies As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things.

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This is used to provide traffic data and reports to the authors of articles on the HubPages Service. You know those cards you pick up and laugh at, but most people would roll their eyes or gasp at? The borderline inappropriate ones that your BFF will crack up over. Think about the last time you got a card in the mail for no reason?

How special and cared for did that make you feel? Create or continue traditions. You have to put in a bit more effort, but you can keep those things going from a distance.

This is a great way to get a few of your besties on a facetime-like call. You can all see each other and chat for free up to 40 minutes. Long distance is tricky, but it can be done. We all know how difficult it is to find your soul sister—make it work.

I am simply a crazy and stressed homeschool mom living in Ohio. I have five amazing kids and one incredible husband who still loves me after 15 years. Most importantly, I am a daughter of the King who is trying to honor Him everyday through my parenting, teaching, art and writing. I looked into bus routes , 20 hour rides through the drug country of mexico on nice buses they are actually very nice, took one while I was there for 17 hours and was not disappointed did not sound that appealing to me but to see her I would have done it.

Luckily she happened to get some vacation time in October so we decided to try and plan something around that. We figured that flying into Mexico City and getting an Air BnB may be the best bet, it was cheaper for find a flight that way and then we could be somewhere new and exciting.

I found the air bnb and the plans were made a month before the trip Thank you PayPal Credit! She sent me a screen shot of her airplane ticket, I did the same of mine; we were elated. I honestly could not believe this was happening, people warned me not to go, I did not have a ton of support but some people knew I had to go and see what happens, I am adventurous and this sounded like the adventure of a lifetime.

I even also called it off in my head a few times, I had anxiety about it but had to see it through. I woke up at 4am the day of the flight, took my flight to California at 6am then to mexico city and arrived at 3pm. I have not done allot of international travel so had some major culture shock, the airport terminal 1 is a bit crazy, 2 is the newer nice one but once I made it through customs I was beyond excited, had butterflies in my stomach , would I be tall enough?

Do I look right? What if she is not the same person? So, after trying to find her for an hour and not being able to I finally found a wii fi spot to use my phone to send pictures of our location and realized she was in Terminal 2 and I was in 1. These terminals are far apart so you have to take a taxi or bus to get to the other, I asked her if she could as I was completely worn out and could not figure out how to do it at the moment.

I decided to call a friend to bullshit for awhile until she showed up. Before I knew it I looked up and saw her walking towards me, the exact same person that I had been thinking of and wanting to meet for months. She came up to me , gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek and well, it was the beginning of what ended up being some of the best 2 weeks of my life. The first night was a bit odd, we were both exhausted and starting to know each other in person, the customs of a more traditional Mexican girl and me, an american were a little difficult to get past Mexico City is fucking crazy as well, I like that sort of crazy but it was a bit to take in all at one time!

We traveled all over the country, explored Aztec Ruins, ate amazing food. One of her best friends met us a few days in who used to live in Mexico City and showed us a bunch of the city, museums and all kinds of cool things and then invited us to a city called Puebla that her dad lived at as it was her birthday and she had not seen him in years.

We took the bus to Puebla and it was one of the most amazing cities I have ever been to, very European and mexican mixed. Her friends dad payed for everything, he would not let me pay a dime for a hotel or any food. We bonded pretty well and he told me to come back with any of my friends anytime and he would do the same for them. We explored the catacombs of the largest pyramid int he world in cholula and saw amazing catholic churches and stuffed ourselves on outstanding Mexican food.

I had a hard decision to make at this point, stick with my flight back to the USA the next day while the girls went back home to Durango or change my ticket and go home with my friend to see her hometown. I was basically in love by this point, we were bonding and having a unique connection that neither one of us could have ever imagined , it was like a movie or magic and I am one who is highly skeptical of everything in general, especially "true love" or whatever one wants to name it, so it was a bit mind blowing to me.

We took the bus at 5pm that night and arrived in Durango at 8 am the next day. Every few hours the bus would randomly stop and Mexican Police would come on looking , for what I imagine, drugs. They only talked to men in seats by themselves which I was one as my lady friend was sleeping in the back because she was not feeling good.

I did not really enjoy that part of the trip, it made me nervous and I could not sleep so arrived in Durango dead tired and by myself as she had to work all that day but had the next two days off. I honestly hated Durango at first, it was kind of a no mans land for English speakers, no one spoke it. I eventually figured out how to get a hotel and freshen up, had to eat fucking mcdonalds out of all things because I could not really figure out food being that tired and hungry.

I was starting to regret going to Durango because she was sick and I was very worn out and felt out of place. Once she got off work she showed me around town and we started eating at her favorite restaurants.

Being with her in her hometown ending up being amazing, we bonded even more, became closer even thought she was sick and I even met the family who cooked me amazing food and let me stay at the house my final night to bring me to the airport at 4 am, her mom drove me and her mom and dad told me that their house was my house, they had a loving presence towards me and I felt the same.

I had the best food of my life in Durango and probably felt the most love for any person in my life, I have been in several long term relationships and short term and this was something I have never experienced before, transcended anything in my memory from the past. I would have stayed in Durango for months if I had more money, I fell in love with it seeing it through her eyes and her life. Leaving her was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, it killed me.

She walked me into the airport super sick at 5 am after her mom woke up to drive me there at 4am , it was raining the hardest I had seen in awhile and there were frogs all in the airport, it was very bizarre. I was terrified to fly a Mexican airline I was sick at this point as well with the rain it made my fears no better.

She stayed with me for awhile to make sure things were ok with the travel while her mom waited outside in the car. The plane started to be boarded, we hugged and kissed and as we hugged I told her she was amazing and I hope she would not forget about me and she told me the same, it was fucking hard to say the least; they handed me an umbrella because we had to run through the pitch dark to the airplane and climb up the stairs to get on board.

I was sort of glad it was raining due to the tears running down my face, I did not want her to see them and held back until we parted. Joy from the experience, sadness to break the connection, it all hit at once as I turned my back to her and ran through the rain.

I am not one to get emotional that often but I could not help it, it was all I could do for a moment. I got myself together on the plane and had one of the smoothest flights ever on aero mexico to mexico city watched the sun rise and pierce the chaos of the city from the air, beautiful sight where I had to wait 7 hours for a flight back home.

I was super sick but high on euphoria from the trip which lasted a few days before I sunk into a not so great depression which is where I am at now. We are still talking allot but its tricky at times, I am not sure what the future holds, I would love more than anything for something to last but its challenging given the distance and circumstances, we both don't make allot of money so travel gets expensive , I have hope though, I really want to see her again and somewhere behind this fear I have hope that if we both really want the same thing then we can make it happen; only time will tell.

I really just wanted to get his out and share it, I did not edit it much, its a stream of thoughts and flashbacks but maybe it will give some of you hope that once in awhile something truly amazing can happen from something so basic as Tinder at times. Thank you Tinder, without you, well, none of this would have happened if Tinder did not exist, what a cool modern world we live in! Seems like a lot of work for a Tinder date. Back in my day we used Yahoo!

Kids these days don't even know. Shoot, me and ma were damn near fucking over ICQ once we established our greetings. Now kids want to "get to know each other" and "establish a connection". All this dilly dallying around is a waste of time! I swear, commies are runnin' this nation to the ground! Considering he said he left out a bunch of stuff and put a winky face after it, my Reddit investigative skills tell me he did indeed tap that ass. You should get in contact with Tinder via their Instagram or Twitter.

I'm sure they'd be interested to hear your story. I wrote them and told them about this , sent them the link.. I'm gonna be the hardass to tell you this now, so you're not saying it to yourself forty years from now.

This is an awesome story and you sound in love, but you're worried about the minutiae. People have conquered plenty more than a little bit of distance. Love the photo, love the story. Honestly, I hope it works out for you guys somehow. If not, you have an amazing memory about an amazing person forever, dude. Many a man has been smitten by a woman in a short amount of time!

Save your cash, plan, and make another go of it. Good luck, sounds like an awesome adventure!

So, not sure how tinder matched us some odd miles apart in two different countries but it did and that was interesting in itself. English is pretty good though) and loving each others voices we decided to do a video chat. People in long distance relationships are like the kid in your class who does the extra hard math problems at the end of each section just for fun. often have no reliable means of checking up on (internet video chats don't count). Let's face the facts: Your significant other is miles and miles away, you're. Reveal Chat For iOS Helps You Build Real, Social Connections Via Anonymous Chat (Sorry whoever I know 1, miles away, age 25, but I exited our Founders Fund has led the $6 million Series A for the startup, which.