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Caring compassionate man

Caring compassionate man

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Caring compassionate man

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I will not join any Caring compassionate man to get your photos or join any scam to verify age so if you are one of those move conpassionate to the next sucker.

Let me give you a jumpstart and a helping hand toward reaching your goals. Thanks and goodluck. Send me a photo and tell me a little bit about yourself, what you like to do, and what area you live in.

Given the load we carry with everything on our plates, it's understandable that we lose track of one another. After all, we have to keep our heads down so we can get it all done -- then fall into bed, get some rest, and do some more tomorrow.

Yet we long for someone to care, to realize what we're going through. When this doesn't happen, the lump of loneliness in our hearts takes us further away. If you don't love me enough to notice, then the heck with you! And a cold shield grows around our hearts. As a consequence relationships wither and our work suffers because shutting down our heart affects how we think about and speak to others. We may ask people how they are, but too often our mind is elsewhere.

The cost is obvious, but the moment someone shows true compassion for you, the sun comes out, and your heart begins to thaw. Just last night I witnessed an argument between two people who love each other deeply. By the time the words stopped flying, one was angry and the other was hurt.

My first reaction was to fix it, and my ego turned to the best way to do that. Fortunately I did nothing. Later in bed I shifted to my heart and felt compassion for both of them, and I sensed they felt it although I didn't say a word.

In order to appreciate the power of compassion, it's necessary to practice. Learn to put yourself in others' shoes, imagine why they act as they do, and be sensitive to their pain. As Ian MacLaren said so well,. If this issue matters to you, here are the guidelines I'm learning.

As you read my suggestions, consider how you're doing or think about what you can do to be more compassionate. They're written in the first person to make them easier to adopt as your own if you wish. Reach out with genuine concern. When you ask someone how he or she is doing, turn your full attention to the person in front of you. Let go of whatever you're feeling and open your heart to your concern for their well-being.

While at first it may seem pretentious, soon your caring is genuine and you see the difference it's making. You don't have to fix anything or offer a solution. Just listen as generously as you can, seeking to understand and appreciate what it's like for them. Avoid the temptation to talk about yourself or times you've felt this way.

It's not necessary or helpful. Remember the times someone has really listened to you, and the relief you felt. The path of compassion is natural -- it's within each one of us to be this way. But it takes mindfulness and a motivation to share our loving kindness. Only the development of compassion and understanding for others can bring us the tranquility and happiness we all seek.

Please share your experience of being compassionate, what you're learning, and the difference it's making. Either leave a comment by scrolling to the bottom of this page or write to me directly at jinny bestyearyet. For more by Jinny Ditzler, click here. For more on GPS for the Soul, click here.

Get my book Your Best Year Yet! Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. As Ian MacLaren said so well, Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Have compassion for myself. Some time ago I had severe back pain, yet I tried hard not to complain or make life miserable for others.

I did my best to have compassion for Tim as he took on many of my tasks. Yet not once did it occur to me to have compassion for myself. Since then I've been learning having compassion for oneself is essential if I wish to be compassionate toward others.

Speak from my heart. You'll know when the moment has come to respond. When someone has listened to me in this way, they need only say, I'm sorry or I understand. That's all I need to hear because I know they mean it. There's no way to fake compassion. The world needs our compassion -- now more than ever. Here are two steps toward having your best year yet: Follow Jinny Ditzler on Twitter: This Blogger's Books and Other Items from Your Best Year Yet!: Your Best Year Yet!

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It’s Hard to Keep Caring - American Police Beat Magazine

Still debating Wonderful Video. As a former teacher and school principal myself, I know this is what we do. We see the bigger picture so we can be patient, compassionate, kind, helpful even when it' may be difficult to be.

Chong saw her student down the road and never gave up on him. Kudos to all the Mrs. Chongs in our profession. I am going to send it to my son's teachers. His teachers have be great. Thank you for your video. Reminds me of an angel that we read in book ; here she is in action. Edwin is fortunate to have Mrs. Chong as his teacher.

The last scene where the teacher shows when Edwin kept on ignoring teacher's messages. She never gave up even when the student didn't seem to care on the surface; but she knew him. What inspired me was the fact that she even care.

She wasn't their for a pay check. She cares about the children. I know what it feels like ALL to well. My mentor works in my school. She is the best in the whole world. God is amazing for putting her in my life. Ill never forget it for as long as I live.

She cares,and that's what makes me cry. Everything shes did for me,Helps me to humble myself to become a successful person in life. I understand she's not perfect,and thats what makes it totally awesome. Almost every day I tell god how grateful I am for putting her in my life. She's a blessing in SO many kids lives,she makes me want to mentor and help children impact nations.

God bless her,and her heart. It was not so much about how or what she taught but the way in which she conducted herself. She was truly grace in action. She smiled sweetly almost all the time and simply made a sweet sad face if we disappointed her.

She controlled a class of 65 8th graders with her charm. She showed me that you don't have to be tough to control situations but that gentleness is just as powerful, if not more so. Thank you to Sr.

You made a real difference in my life. In light and love, Rosie. Students will miss out on so much. We can never have enough adults to really care about us when we are young. Learning is so much more than academics getting stuffed into a brain.

We can learn about perserverance, kindness, and just plain old caring for ourselves, each other, and the world around us from a special mentor. It was an awesome video. I didn't know that I'm good at teaching and English. This teacher showed interest in her learners. This is how we as teachers can make a difference in their lives. This teacher is truly what makes a teacher great - not the endless lessons and marking, but the sharing of her heart with this young man, wanting him to succeed.

Those are the teachers I remember. What inspired me about this video is that Mrs. They are no longer to person you look for when you need help. Those of us that do still respect police officers rarely interact with them because the disrespectful criminals take up so much of their time.

God bless you all. I just want to thank you for everything you do. When I am in a bad area, I feel so much better when I see a police officer. My neighbors husband passed away and the police officer sat with her for hours to make sure she was ok.. I live on a street where 2 police officers live, and I feel safe at home. Please know that so many people, respect you and thank you for all you do.

God Bless you Lt Daniel Furseth. Some civilians like myself still care and support you, and will continue to!! Gee boys a real tough subject to answer in a nut shell. All too many people do not realize the position of an enforcement officer at any level. Many think there are too many police? Too many thugs an the streets of America of all types. More often the criminals are easily noticed and identified.

These people force Police to profile them and why? They way they dress, long hair, UN-shaven, tattoos, skin piercing, hooded clothing, pants down to their knees. These thugs make themselves targets and for the most part it seems to be deliberate. The public at large should drive with a Sheriff or any law enforcement unit to see first hands how scary and difficult their jobs really are. Why is it some many kids are respectful and polite wearing normal clothes with a clean appearance……….

Gosh, so many live by the rules and never have to place themselves in harms way. Too many excuses from this element of scanty knowledge pointing the finger in the wrong direction. At some point if you people that actually think you are privileged characters and above the law for very immature and ill guided with no hope and this is why we need Police to contain people that cannot judge right from wrong!

I totally feel this mans pain.. I felt the same way when I had my civil liberties violated by what are supposed to be officers of the LAW. You see I grew up around cops, they were my friends parents then when I grew friends. Now here is the thing, I understand people make mistakes, it happens.

The biggest threat to good cops are abusive cops because to be honest you all look the same to us.. It is a pretty big mess. And it is pretty thankless. Some of us still smile and say thank you when we get a ticket or warning we know we deserved. I am a Pastor. I know what it is like to stand between the sheep and the wolf. Sometimes the sheep understand the danger and am glad I am there.

Sometimes I get hoof marks up my back because the sheep want to play with the cute puppy. Both are more of a calling. Something higher than ourselves. Something that serves a much higher purpose. Law enforcement officers are appreciated. Romans 13 even calls you ministers of God. Thank you for caring, and thank you for wearing the Shield.

Thank you Patrick Heeney! Thank you for keeping my community in De Forest safe! Law enforcement is often an under appreciated, thankless job.

I want to say thank you for your honest words of our current culture. I will not lie, when I was a teenager, I felt the same way about cops, despising them. Now, 24 with a wife and two daughters, I thank God for the men and women like you who serve us, protect us, and keep me with a peace of mind of protection.

I speak for my generation, but only a small percentile, as I say thank you for your sacrifice and your unhindered service for justice. I understand, but also the role the media does play—- reporting news, usually bad. It seems like Albuquerque police are totally out of control!

But only the bad things see the light of day. Daniel, I am moved by your words. The problems you cite are real and cannot continue. Something must be done to put things back in balance. I see two areas that could be addressed first that might help. Identify the number of crimes…police interactions….. M ake the system transparent. This means cameras for the cops to record all interactions with the public.

This would also include unsolved attacks on both police and the public. As it is now American sentiment is formed and directed by a media that is profit driven but terribly short on perspective or long term analysis. Self styled wise men can get their distorted views on the internet but other facts and issues are not presented. We have to assume people are good and seek justice in a safe place to live. Second, I would purge a few systems.

Examine the prison industry and release non violent offenders. This also means purging the ranks of cops. That one dangerous officer with a psychotic point of view must be found and removed. They cause more problems than they solve and are a danger to themselves, the public and other officers.

We need to eliminate laws that only serve to generate revenue. Allowing the government to seize property without due process is just wrong……. The pot laws need to be re examined. The cop job has been expanded in too many directions and it discourages serious men like yourself.

I can appreciate the sentiments in this. My point is that, while the author bemoans the ungrateful public for besmirching the good profession, it may be that there are good and valid reasons for this.

And the abusive cops who have raped, beaten, falsely accused, and even murdered innocent members of the public, are just as much to blame. Perhaps what could help is some self policing. When your fellow officers are doing something beyond the pale, stop covering it up or excusing it. For all of you doing a good job, I applaud you. Every time I meet a cop, I want to believe he is the good guy and not the thug version. And where I can shoot a thug attacking me, I have no recourse or defense against a violent cop.

I am literally more scared about rogue cops than criminals, because I can properly dispatch a criminal if needed. I would like to amend this to add one thing. Despite anxieties I have about it, I always try to assume any cop I see is the good guy.

If I rolled up onto a scene of some thug on top of one of you, beating you, I can promise you I would not just pass by or stand there watching. Please take my initial words with a few grains of salt. For those of you that are showing honor in your daily job performance, you deserve the appreciation of all of us.

I have had the same experience Daniel……. Show me respect and kindness you will get the same back from me. I think since you know how to fix this, you should be wearing a police uniform. Emergency Health Care Worker, your comment is disgusting and smacks of a police brutality apologist. Daniel clearly articulated what those on the other side of the thin blue line feel every day.

How about you clean up your own house and provide something other than an ad hominem attack next time sparky. Concerned citizen — I think that you have lost your mind. Read the legal publications, not the agenda-driven media ones, and you would see that. The officers who beat and falsely charged John McKenna back in received slaps on the wrist, despite having engaged in pejury and destruction of evidence to support their unwarranted assault on him.

Only one officer was criminally charged and a judge married to a cop vacated that conviction. Four were suspended, but all kept their law enforcement certifications- enabling them to be hired by another department. Michigan the Supreme Court increased the ability of police to kick in the door of any house where they serve a warrant.

King, the Supreme Court basically said the police could create the exigent circumstances they need to avoid needing a warrant. We are rapidly becoming a police state- many parts of the country we already are. A man tells his story about getting brutally beaten by a group of police, gang-style, without being charged with a crime, and you call him entitled because it speaks ill of your buddies.

Your response, instead of being compassionate, is just snarky and rude. I was greatly moved by the original article, and I have no doubt much of it bears truth and poignancy … but there is most definitely another side. As individuals, we tend to form our opinions based on our observations and experience. These days, young cops strut around like they own the place. I was in the legal profession for many years before I retired, and I have seen a lot to form a balanced view of police and policing behaviour.

We definitely see in our society today a negation of respect for other people, including people in authority, but the police also exercise this diminishing of respect for people.

First, I want to say that I am sorry you had that poor experience. However, you need to go back and review what you said. You do realize this makes no sense? As long as we continue to judge each other through the bad actions of a few, there can be no hope for peace and civility for all people. You see it is all well and good to look at places like Ferguson and make snap judgements and such but when the logic is applied back to you or yours suddenly that logical line if thinking gets chucked out the window.

The double standard has to stop Americans. Start believing in the good in people and they may just surprise you with their good deeds. Ferguson is a good case in point. It was the fault of the local government and the police department as an instition.

Google the case of Henry Davis, a man arrested erroneously in a warrant mix-up someone with the same name had a warrant , was then beaten badly by officers, and then charged with destruction of government property because his blood got on their uniforms. At trial, those officers then either admitted to perjury in their arrest reports or committed it during the trial. None were held accountable for their actions.

In practice, that means the local police ignore serious crimes because they are too busy pursuing revenue for the city. Being a Vietnam Era veteran, I know those feelings all too intimately. If you can look yourself in the mirror and be proud of who you see, then, all else is fluff and nonsense. You work in DeForest, WI—an awesome place. I know because I grew up near there. People and i use that word losely like you that want to vilify the police and underrate the role they play in society.

He has to put on his uniform and keep snot nose whiners like you safe. He has to arrest the thugs that you seem to glorify and if for some odd reason he comes up on a scene of one of your Micheal brown heroes pointing a gun at your head, he will swallow hard and do whatever he can to stop your death. So what if he serves in a small town, the job of a police officer is the same nation wide. Get off your high horse and support the men and who protect you daily so you can sleep in relative safety at night.

No matter what the profession. Some jobs are thankless and we often wonder why people choose those careers especially when there are days when it is extremely hard to care. Police and teachers experience this each and every day, and the common denominator — where the blame lies — falls on the parents and their lack of parenting.

Yes, your job and many others are thankless and those of us who do care often wonder why you do what you do…. This was very well written and I empathize with you. Hearing the tales told by some of my students about how the police wronged them is frustrating beyond belief, yet there they are in a criminal justice program hoping to get a job in the very profession they vilify.

Leaving policing to teach was bitter sweet for me. I love my job, but leaving the most noble profession lowered my stature in society. Playing the victim and blaming everyone else is only going to make things worse. I think the vast majority of police officers do a great job. Now, get to work on improving your community relations and weeding out the officers who are causing the public image problem to begin with. I agree, more than a few bad apples.

My opinion of LE went to pot when I was 8 years old. I was riding my bike down my street. A lawman turned on his siren and pulled in front of me sideways as if I were going to drive off. I had no idea what was happening. He said my bike was stolen. He then pulled out a piece of paper with a serial number.

Yeah, tough lawman on an 8 year old. I am 50 years old. Have one ticket to my name but through my job had plenty of interaction with law enforcement. Reap what you sow. Never lose your passion for the job. Its a thankless job. I have over 15 years on the job. A twice deported felon decided to shoot two of my partners and then at me. The only thing that keeps me going is God and family. I regret ever serving this thankless society we live in today.

Most are clueless and truly unaware of what goes bump in the night. Guess what, I started none of them. This will show the troops you are still one of them. It might be wise to listen to yourself. Id suggest it would be more productive for police to ask what are they doing to cause the public to lose confidence in LE and how can police correct themselves to change that loss of confidence, rather than blaming everyone else for your own failings.

Stryker, To summarize how you voiced your opinion, I would suggest your place you heart and soul into the profession. I understand exactly what Lt has said. Its truly a self satisfaction of doing the right thing. But I also know how difficult it might feel for todays society and mentality, to hate the ones who protect.

I agree not all law enforcement hold this honor. Like todays society, everyone is out to bash law enforcement. But forget to publicize many of the one who truly fight crime to protect. And I blame the news mostly on this, because they are into ratings of wrongdoings, not for those who save lives. By blaming the news, you are as bad as the kids and parents referred to in the letter above.

I agree with a lot of the points raised — especially about the cops causing the profession to be hated are the minority of cops….

But maybe you could take responsibility for your profession the way you expect youth to take responsibility for their community, and parents to take responsibility for their kids.

What is written is very hypocritical. Volunteer for law enforcement somewhere. Do a few ride alongs with an LEO. It completely changed my perspective.

The problem is that police are not paragons, but corruptible men. When men in positions of authority fall they need to be punished more severely, not given paid vacation and a slap on the wrist. Citizens, American citizens, with rights and freedoms, are trampled and characterized as thugs by enforcers who no longer see the humanity in their foes. I lose faith in humanity when grown men back each other up after murdering a grandmother in a house they never should have raided.

The american people were never the enemy. Corruption is the enemy of any true patriot. Every day is different…. Most cops live a two front war…. I understand you, I retired injured on the line of duty. When I was a child my father told me if he was not around to find a policeman for he will help you and protect you.

The only reward you take with you is the good you have done. Everybody wants to second guess what we do. Something has gone wrong and I think it begins with the home , today most homes have single parents who have no time for their children ,we also have no time for God ,along the way we lost respect for each other the Flag and Country. Dont loose your courage we are the thin blue line that keeps our society in check.

No one told us of appreciation and respect is always earned by our actions. Mark, You have cited the hardest part of interaction with the public.

Every encounter is different. Every day is different. Even when we meet the same people…they change. What makes it hard for police is they do not get called to interact with citizens unless there is trouble.. Likewise, the people who call and are called about have a variety of expectations regarding police. You gotta start over fresh every time; not easy!

To me, you represent one of the few good thing about government. I have 3 sons in law and a granddaughter who are your brothers and sister, 3 of whom have been injured in the line of duty. I support you blue and brown. Stop treating us like it.

As a trained and experienced public defense investigator I read this essay with a touch of sympathy and a bucket of salt. Everything emanating from the mouth of police is self serving. They have training for that. When you give that much power to people it will attract the worst kind of people; and it has.

More people in this country have been killed by police than any terrorist attacks on American soil. Having the power to wrongly imprison people, shoot them, beat them, insult them and sexually harass them with impunity is a big draw for many a coward, criminal, murderer or creep.

Couple that with the fact that in most states you would spend more time in the hair academy getting your beauticians license than in the police academy getting your license to perform the aforementioned heinous acts and you can see we have a problem.

Police will take your money, beat you, sexually harass you. I have interviewed hundreds of police officers in criminal cases and the level of contempt and disdain they show for us is sickening. Just one example, in every case where police showed up for domestic violence, or rape, at least one of the officers made a sexual overture, advance, or asked the victim for a date. However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

This is where the principal off butthurt comes in. I define butthurt as the feeling one gets when bad things you have been doing to others happen to you.

When cops experience butthurt, they yell louder than anyone. If cops shoot, beat and maim enough of each other and their family members, sooner or later something will get done about it. Johnson Thank you for so eloquently stating something that I feel as well, but am unable to express in verbiage and or written words. I applaud your expression! It describes what most Cops I know feel, but I have never read it so eloquently put…. Police have brought it on themselves.

Is jail going to be rough on a former cop? Yeah, but as police have been fond of saying: All that is a load of crap. Right now people are scared and frustrated by the fact that it seems like every time a cop get caught doing something wrong the worst thing that happens is that he gets some paid vacation and sometimes a stern talking too. You act as if you are in such a dangerous profession, and yet it not even in the top ten. You signed up for this.

Stop bitching and do your job. To the contrary, Mr. That is clearly not the case. The power imbalance is just too great. Until such time that those within your ranks who commit such offenses are dealt with swiftly and severely you will continue to be reviled and feared by the public at large.

Have you ever got a basket of apples and there always seems to be one or two bad ones in the bunch? So it goes with the police, military, lawyers, doctors, priest etc. To realize that not all are bad is hard sometimes but experience has taught me that NO they are not all rotten to the core. I had a incident with a member of the clergy years ago and even as a child I realized that while he was a bad person priest the other Priest who was there was a wonderful human being.

So I still took my children to church to learn about religion and to acknowledge that there is good in the world people with wisdom and strength to help us. So it goes for Police. Which I have in the past and believe me they did what they had to and did a good job doing it. Seems to me like you need to find another job. There are more people in your corner that what you are led to believe. Police presence is essential. Keep up the good work! And ppl…if you see an officer say hello and thank you.

They have a family at home they are providing for while providing you with peace and safety. Your frustration is palpable. You are in a difficult position. I wish there was a way for you to get this off your chest without also doing to others what you object having done to you. There are some of us that do appreciate everything you do even when I got stopped for not stopping completely at a stop sign. I went to thank the police officers that were giving out traffic violations in our school zone.

When I heard some of these examples I was sad I wanted to do something! I follow the rules, I pay more attention so that I am not a part of the problem. I think many of you are missing the point of this article. Read the last line………it shows the resilience of a police officer. The last line shows that this officer is ready to deal with it again. But the trollers here are obvious cop haters. And cop haters are always people who have broken the law and got caught and are bitter about it.

Or perhaps family members of the aforementioned…. My hat to all the cops in Canada and USA. When I am stranded on the highway or feel threatened I am sure glad I can count on officers of the law.. When one of you dies doing your job I am sad and angry. I take this opportunity to thank you all for looking after us all. Thank you Daniel for a well written article that echos the many unspoken sentiments of other fellow police members. Hobbies, family, friends, exercise, etc. Recently finished it, highly recommended.

You are an incredibly brave, intelligent and resilient man Daniel. As a wife of a RCMP officer in British Columbia, a mother and a teacher, I applaud you and all the efforts you have made to enlighten the general public regarding the erroneous views of others regarding the police as thugs, bullies, etc.

I also grew up respecting the police and others, learned the importance of working hard, being held accountable for my actions and loving myself and the world. Unfortunately many others do not have the good fortune to grow up in a loving home and do not hold these values. Their hate for the police alongside their disrespect for others, for society stems from this upbringing. So, in short, it is the ignorant that have such disdain for authority.

Trust me, teachers get it too!! We support you, we understand you and appreciate all that you do. The police often do take it on the chin. And that does make for a hard job. Maybe some positive coverage would help? This family are friends of mine:. I cannot express my appreciation more for the men and women who take on such a role in our communities, but to say Thank You.

Your service has made me feel safer, has helped in a time of strife and I am honored to have the protection you have offered to me, my family, and my community.

I am humbled by your sacrifice. I will always appreciate your dedication and commitment. I completely agree at times. We have a truly bad sheriff here named Frank Rivero but he gets a pass while regular cops are pilloried. I just want to say a big THANK YOU and to your brother who, every day leave your home…not knowing if today, is the day something goes terribly, terribly wrong. You may have to use force; shot someone; get hurt in the line of duty; find a child discarded like trash; or you, yourself my be injured or worse.

Members of my family at least five generations back have served on police departments all through Illinois and Indiana; were involved in the Haymarket Riot.

Doctor Lawrence Blumm is a good choice. Prior to retiring After 32 years in law enforcement, I was a Sergeant on the Southern Division Shooting Team, surely as a lieutenant, you must have had training when officers need to discharge their firearms. I have been retired 10 years now. Six years ago I was ordained and other than providing Hospice care I have extensive knowledge in Conflict Resolution. It sounds like you are experiencing PTSD, or something else has gotten under your skin.

You sir, have not been properly debriefed. I hope your subordinates are able to avoid your rant. The best place to contact me is on unchainthetree. I have some evidence which substantiates that cannabis can help PTSD. I hope I have not offended.

It was not my intention. See more on unchainthetree. Sorry sir I have a hard time believing you were in Law Enforcement for 32 years after your comment or that you were an instructor for others in the field. I know it is rough out there in some places today but…If a cop stopped me when I was 18 and reckless and speeding, they were an inconvenient guardian angel.

I never thought that anyone in uniform could ever be anything but kind. To me the uniform means safety. That militarized gear means you have a little better chance of going home after your shift- a blessing my dad never had and thankfully never needed- none the less the worry was always in the back of my mind.

The only thing that really effected us negatively was the fact that many years at the job can make good people jaded about the human race. Mostly because you all see the worst of it- all the time. My dad had to retire and then live through Katrina to see the good and selfless people that do exist in the volunteers and charity workers that managed the crisis while the local and federal government floundered. Find some time to spend with good people-.

They can lift your spirit. Suck it up guys. You could be a nurse or teacher. I appreciate and respect the police more than you know. However, as a mental health professional, I see all to often police encouraging parents to hit their kids or do whatever it takes to get them in line.

Police should not play parenting coach but should be armed with appropriate resources to give to parents. Sometimes all it takes is one bad experience with a police officer to start the negativity and perception is everything.

There is good and bad in every profession and certain professions, including mine, should always be mindful as to the message we are portraying to the public. We have several members of our family that serve and have served in the armed forces and the first responder professions.

I love and appreciate them and the sacrifices they make. Please continue to put on that uniform and care again tomorrow. There is a quiet majority that takes solace in knowing you are there. I work in the medical field. I stopped caring too.. I am tired of all the people coming into the ER and asking for drugs… more pain killers than any human should ever have.

Then they want a sandwich, the remote to the TV, an extra blanket, an extra pillow, the lights down… They want to know what takes so long to get their beloved narcotic. They will turn me in to the nurse supervisor, my supervisor, the hospital administrator and anyone else they can complain too. They will talk trash about me, my team, and my hospital on facebook, twitter and anything else…. Get dressed and head to work… hoping to help that one person who really needs help.

The one who really needs me… who I can make a difference with. Anyone in a long term profession that cares about their job can fall into the trap that Lt.

Dan has expressed so dramatically. Dan, and I appreciate the hell out of what peace officers that are true to their profession and themselves suit up and go out to do every day. We will keep on caring because it is right. It is not easy. I stand on the side of law enforcement. To Iris and the Penney family. Please accept our deepest sympathy on the passing of your loved one. Our prayers are with you all. To our nieces and nephews. And to the entire Penney family: Our parents the late Weston and Blanche March and our entire family were always very proud of your successes,your achievements and your compassion for others.

You were a Blessing to many and this world is a better place because of you. Gail and family, please except our sincere condolences on the passing of your Dad. Sincere condolences to the Penney family on the passing of Mr. Ches Penney leaves behind an honorable legacy that is an inspiration to the many business collogues in his own companies and the many other companies that he has worked with throughout his career.

We hope the many reminders of how he has enriched the lives of all who have had the privilege to be associated with him will soon bring you comfort in your time of loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all now. May he rest in peace. Hi Gail, so sorry to hear about your father, my deepest and most sincere condolences.

In reading about him I see that he was a great and caring man and will be dearly missed. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. Please know that we are praying for you, Grayson and family. We were saddened to hear of the passing of Ches.

He was an outstanding person in so many ways. While best know for his wonderful business career he also was a hugh supporter of his community and Province and always had time for anyone who approached him. There was always a kind greeting and genuine smile. He will be dearly missed and our sincere sympathy to the Penny family. My deepest sympathy to you and all of the Penney family. My sincere condolences to the families of Mr. I started my career as a truck driver for Ches and I worked for him for more than 20 years.

He taught me a lot along the way and always thought I would make a good living in the trucking industry. I owe much of my future success to Ches and I will never forget the positive impact he had on my life. I wish you all good health with peace and happiness as you remember Mr Penney. Iris and the Penney family, We are so sorry for the loss of your wonderful husband. Please accept our deepest condolences.

He will be forever remembered for all he did for this province. To Iris and family: Please accept my sincere condolences on the recent passing of Mr. May fond memories and the support of family and friends support you at this challenging time. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. My heartfelt condolences go out to the Penney family and friends on the loss of such an incredible man. His business efforts and community support have helped build a caring community and his legacy will live on….

To the Penney family Remembering all the wonderful things Ches has given to the Province, starting with his beloved family and moving outward through his businesses and generosity to the greater community at large.

Our prayers and thoughts are with you. What a great legacy he has left. Sincere condolences on the passing of a remarkable man. I have worked with the company for many years and have always found him to be a very fair and caring individual. May the thoughts and prayers of so many people comfort you all at this most difficult time.

Such a generous and well respected gentleman who will be greatly missed. Our deepest condolences to you all. He was such a positive and caring man to be around. So sorry to hear of your loss. He will be greatly missed. We will miss him walking past our house in Brigus. The Penney family So sorry to hear of your loss.

Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. He was a pleasure to be around. A true and honest gentleman for sure. Today I continue to have a connection to the Penny Group of companies as a heavy equipment attachment vendor. Penney for your kindness throughout the years! Our deepest condolences on the passing of Mr. It has been our pleasure to serve Chess over the past number of years. I will especially remember his stories of developing his business interests.

My deepest condolences for your loss. I spoke to Mr. Penny on many occasions while working as Vessel Administrator for the Kometik. He was a pleasure to talk to and a gentleman to the end. He was a treasured person, a kind and gentle man and his smile would brighten our day.

We will miss him dearly and will cherish the fond memories when he would visit the office. He was a wonderful man who certainly left a positive mark on this province, and he will never be forgotten for his generosity, hard work and perseverance.

To Iris and the Penney Family: On behalf of Therapeutic Riding, Rainbow Riders, our deepest sympathy on your loss. Ches was a great supporter of our riding program and he will be remembered by us…he helped to lay the foundation for our program that continues to grow…in more ways than one! Condolences to you all. May the thoughts and prayers of so many family and friends provide a comfort in the days ahead, and remembrances from a life well lived be a source of joy in weeks, months and years ahead.

May many fond memories along with the stories being shared and outpouring of support help you through such a difficult time. Iris and the Penney Family. My all your beautiful memories hold dear in your hearts. You friends here at WSP are thinking about you. Hope to see you soon. Sorry to hear of Mr. He was certainly a good friend to me and our town.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. Fond memories of you and Ches in Middle Arm. Please accept our deepest sympathy. To Gail and Family, Fred, and the entire management team at the Penney Group of Companies… my sincere condolences at this very difficult time. While I know you feel much sadness and a tremendous loss, I hope you can also take the time to celebrate a long and distinguished life, lived to the fullest.

Cherish your memories of Ches! I know this is a very difficult time for you and your family. You have our very deepest sympathy.

To the Penney family, We are so very sorry for the loss of this wonderful human — to his family, our community and the world in general. May his spirit inspire many and live on for generations. Please accept our deepest sympathy and know that our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time of sorrow. Over the years, I have dealt with many of the Penney companies and I count many senior executives with the firm as good friends. As a neighbor in both Brigus and Bradenton, we will miss Ches in the neighborhood.

Dwell on all the positive memories and his great contribution to the province. Very sorry to here about the passing of your father. Please accept our sincere condolences.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this difficult time. Ches was truly a genuine, caring person and it was indeed a privilege to have known and been associated with him over the years.

Our heart felt thoughts and condolences to you from Rob, Mavis and children Warren and Kayte Vatcher. Sincere condolences, Iris, to you and the Penney family on the passing of a great benefactor to this province.

His generosity of spirit will be sorely missed by everyone. My Deepest Sympathy May the love of family and friends help you face new tomorrows, and cherished memories help ease the sorrow. So saddened to hear of your loss of a personable. We only had occasion to cross paths with Ches in the last ten years, but were enlightened as to the wonderful person he was. He will be sadly missed.

God speed to our lovely friend, Ches Penney. I remember our get together at a wedding in loon bay a few years ago. Ches was extraordinary in many ways and made a significant contribution to the Province and the thousands of people he touched with his kindness and generosity, and, as a mentor.

His modesty is to be admired. We consider ourselves one of the fortunate ones to have known Ches as a friend and will miss him. May the passing of time heal your pain. Wayne and Debbie Follett. Deepest sympathy to Iris and the Penny family, to Orville, Gerd, Fred, Norma, Betty, Anna, and families, our love and prayers are with you at this time.. Ches was a wonderful man and will be so missed as a friend, husband, brother, father, grandfather.

May the love and comfort of God be with you all at this very difficult time. He was a true NL Icon and had a positive impact on anyone who met him or knew him.

May your many fond memories sustain you now and in the years to come. On behalf of my entire family and company, I offer you our deepest condolences for a great man and spirit. Newfoundland has lost the greatest pioneer. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers as you face his loss. Ches was a wonderful man with a sharp wit and a big heart. We were blessed to have had him in our lives. We remember fondly the boat trips and fellowship over meals..

We hope that you will gather strength from the support of many who will mourn his passing with you. Iris and the extended family of Ches One of the most accomplished and successful persons of his generation in the Province passes into history. His numerous accomplishments will eddure as his legacy. He will live on in the hearts and minds of his family and the multitude of those who met him on the road of his life.

In his time Ches Penney made a difference. The interval between his dash — was well spent indeed. May his eternal rest be in peace Sincere condolences to all. To the Penney family: I did not know Mr. However, I do remember well the few times I met him.

Penney had a way of making you feel special. The rare great people always do. Vicki and I are thinking of you all. It is a great loss for our province, it is a great loss for his friends, it is a great loss for you his family. To the Penney Family our deepest sympathy on the passing of Ches.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time. Our thoughts go to you and the memories of Ches. He was a friendly and supportive man who made us feel welcome and at home in Newfoundland. Caring, both in his private and professional life. We are glad to have known him. My sincere condolences on the passing of Mr. I had the great pleasure of working for him a number of years ago and had an amazing experience. I had the wonderful opportunity to share many moments with Chesover the years.

He will be missed by all,. It was with sincere sadness we received the news. During our two years stay in St. Ches was a great person who gladly shared his wisdom and experince with others. We left Newfoundland with so many great memories, many of which due to the hospitality and kindness of Ches and Iris. Our deepest sympathy to you Iris, and our thougts are with you.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and all the extended family at this time of loss. We are sorry we cannot be there to visit as we are away. Ches was an inspiration to so many people and a true humanitarian. He never forgot his humble beginnings and always had time to stop for a chat on his walkabouts that he loved when in Brigus.

He will be missed by all who knew him. To Glenys, and the rest of the Penney family.. It was a sad day when we the people of NL lost such a humble man who took so many people under his wing.

A man who gave so much of himself. I remember their home while visiting. My g parents on Adelaide St. Penney you will be missed. May your family find condolences in the good you did. Our sympathies to Iris and families so sorry to hear of the passing of Ches. It was an honour to know such a wonderful man. May you find comfort in the memories in the days ahead.

We will always remember him for his engaging manner and his always genuine enjoyment in spending time with us. His ability to treat a young banker with respect and as a peer had huge impact for me and fostered a lot in how I acted in my interactions with people. Our Province has lost a great visionary, a highly capable business leader, and mostly, a wonderful man. Our thoughts are with you at this time. Iris and family, The legacy created by Ches in the province and beyond is insurmountable.

Our province is so fortunate that so many businesses were created through his leadership guided by his unwavering entrepreneurial spirit. To all of you, we are a richer place because of him.

It is with your support that we are the benefactors. As you say farewell to your loving husband, father, brother, and grandfather, please know there are many here to support you during this time of sorrow.

With the sincerest of sympathies and in loving prayer,. We are thinking of all of you during this difficult time. Ches meant a lot to us and we have shared many wonderful times. We will always remember his laugh, his sense of humour and his kindness. The annual trips to Trinity were always filled with stories of the past, political happenings and gossip too!

His curious mind always wanted to know what was happening. Ches was one of a kind. We will miss him dearly. It was an honor to have known such a great person. May the peace that comes from the memories of love shared comfort you now and in the days ahead.

On behalf of all the members of the Royal Newfoundland Yacht Club, I can say that we have been touched by his personality and genuine humanity. Through the years, we came to appreciate the deep attachment that he felt to the RNYC and I join with our members in extending our deepest sympathy to the family of our dear friend.

Sending thoughts and prayers to the family. Hope your many memories will be a comfort to you all. Penny was kind enough to seek me out after and let me know how he enjoyed speech. It was so thoughtful of him to let me know he felt. Condolences, Peace and Love. To the Penney family, Our sincere condolences on the passing of Uncle Chess. He was an amazing person and also a wonderful uncle. We will be forever grateful for his generosity and kind heart.

You are in our thoughts and prayers during this sad time. We wish you peace to bring you comfort, courage to face the days ahead, and loving memories to forever hold in your hearts. Iris and the Penney family: Sincere condolances to you all. As some already said, he was respectful and thoughtful for all those who worked with him and left a lasting example with all including me. Dear Iris and Family: We are remembering fondly our times of fellowship and food with friends.

I especially recall Ches having a concern for our autistic grandson and the way that he provided moments of affirmation to him during a boat ride out to Bell Island. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers in these tender days of grief and loss; God knows and He cares. I know you will draw on many beautiful memories of your lives together.

Iris and the Penney Family: Sincere condolences on the loss of your loved one. Rest in Peace Ches. I am so sorry to hear the sad news of Uncle Ches passing, Hope that there may be some comfort in that he is in a better place now and at peace..

Trenton and Lindsay Cochran are best friends, brother and sister, support and inspiration. year old Lindsay, who suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy, has been in a wheelchair since she was 2. Trenton understands deeply that his life would have been very different if he didn't have a disabled. Margo. When I was a small schoolgirl in Grade Three, a beautiful teacher would bounce into our classroom once a week. She was young, vivacious, blonde and full of rhythm and song - . Died peacefully at St. Clare’s Hospital on January 17th, aged 90, Mark Genge, surrounded in his final hours by his wife and five daughters. Mark was born in St. John’s to devoted parents Lambert and Lily Genge (formerly of Flower’s Cove).