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Bored needs company compensation

Bored needs company compensation

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Most women hate when male CL posters use an. I don't mind helping someone who needs it and doesn't have the means or knowledge to fix the issues themselves.

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Bored needs company compensation

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Ask a question about working or interviewing at The Reynolds and Reynolds Company. Our community is ready to answer. Women rate the female-friendliness of their workplaces on InHerSight. Upload your resume Sign in.

The Reynolds and Reynolds Company. Found reviews matching the search See all reviews. Great first job out of college. The job can be a great springboard as a first job out of college, but doesn't necessarily prepare you for a career in another field. Management is often difficult to work with. Don't expect your higher-ups to advocate for you or be on your side.

Was this review helpful? Bob Brockman bought the company. Worst of the worst, that guy. It's a world of peripherals that make his other companies money. NOT respected in the industry. Last thing they did before they gassed our whole department was to put us through a company-wide pep talk on why we needed to vote for McCain in ' Shocked they still have a Dayton presence; figured they'd move the whole shebang to Houston. Great starter job, with fast paced learning required. If you take your time with the long hiring process, have patience with the horrible management with a few exceptions , don't ever want to send any complaint to the out of state HR about hostile work environment, and need job experience in technical support, then this is the place for you.

Their Customer Support job isn't a call center Customer Service job where you just take simple calls, but it is advertised as one, and the pay is about the same as a simple call center job. This was great to put on the resume because I learned a lot of technical information quickly, but the environment is toxic because those who don't learn quickly or don't learn how to get what they need quickly are deemed uncoachable because management is unsupportive, but act the part minus a few cases.

Most people who don't kiss up to management or people in the know don't learn about specific industry knowledge needed on the job, however all Customer Support reps at the time still had the power to make multi-thousand dollar mistakes during training once they get a computer. The company has a lot of customizable automation for the documents process done by customer service agents, so my background in computer coding helped.

There is no good history of what changes are in affect, so helping customer's on the phone meant that sometimes you had to stare at code to find a change made 6 months to a year back, for good customer support.

Not being allowed to even talk to the software development department due to general bad history between Customer Service management and the Software Development management made for a lot of bad deployments as well, which raised the customer support calls and occasionally made for a bad few days of work.

If you want a simple job or have technical experience don't come here. If you want a technical job but lack experience, come here and watch your back. Opportunity to grow technical skills.

The most enjoyable part of working at Reynolds and Reynolds were the interactions with co-workers. Like-minded individuals with the shared enthusiasm of helping others built strong team camaraderie. As one advances within the company, be aware that upper management positions do not open up. When one no longer shares management's viewpoint, then it is time to look elsewhere for happiness and peace of mind. One does not need to continue to remain at one company to grow. Many opportunities exist elsewhere to revitalize your passion for working in IT and help resolve issues.

Old Reynolds different from New Reynolds. In Reynolds was acquired. A huge culture shift occurred. Legacy employees struggled while hires under the new culture did not have issues with it. Good place to have a first job. The "non-interference" non-compete agreement is three years. Three years is a long time if you don't like working there. Reynolds and Reynolds is a great place to work, if you are a student, or are looking for a career.

The people you work with are friendly and willing to help. You also have off most major holidays too. There is a cafeteria that serves breakfast and lunch Monday-Friday, as well as a gym that all associates have full access to for free.

The systems they try to sell are antequated and arbitrary for the growing and changing direction of the Automotive Industry. The Retail Management Systems they sell are bulky, obsolete, and in many instances actually hurt the dealerships that do business with them. Unwilling to change, Reynolds and Reynolds holds on to the business practices established 50 years ago with no regards to advancements in efficiency, technology, and RMS business infastructure.

From start to finish, you begin to see the errant and archaic methods used to conduct daily business. From the separate interviews, to the 18 month on-boarding process, and on to the blind eye they turn against innovative advancements made by competitors, the big picture and long term outlook is murky to say the least.

Positive environment, but volatile management. Reynolds has a very positive environment and excellent entry-level positions, but because they do hire a lot of graduates right out of college, they have below-industry-average pay and benefits. This is a good first workplace, but not necessarily a long-term option. They are also a fairly typical corporate environment cubicles, casual Fridays, etc.

The primary downside to working here, however, is the unstable management. During my short time at the company, several departments were restructured, costing a number of people their jobs and shifting others in very different roles.

I was let go because I got sick, causing me to work from home one day and take a sick day the next. Expectations vary from week to week and promotion requires a very long-term commitment. Cafeteria, small gym, easy to get hired if you can pass their IQ test. Relatively low compensation and inconsistent management expectations.

Applicant for Tampa location. This company is a complete waste of time. They advertised on indeed that they were looking for people who had experience in the automotive industry who were looking for a more stable Mon-Fri job with benefits. I es out through 3 weeks of tests on knowledge that would not even be used in this particular position like historical facts, very advanced math etc. After all the time, testing, Skype calls ect. Complete joke and waste of time!!

Great place for working students. I worked part-time at Reynolds and Reynolds while I was taking classes in college station. They were very flexible with my class schedule, and I had a lot of fun working there. I put in an application for office assistant. I did my first part of the application on line, the second part of my application was to go in to the building and take a college mathematics interence exam!!!

What the heck is that all about??? I could see if I was hiring in as an engineer.. This company has too high of standards for who they hire, and I feel it is NOT an equal opportunity employer. Very nice that management is able to work with me when life threw me wrenches -and I had to adjust my hours.

Good work environment and friendly co-workers. Terrible work environment, poor management style, no opportunity for advancement without bias.

Ok for starting your career, but definitely not recommended. Easy part time job, not good for long term. Job works well for college students with their flexible schedules but breaking into any management chain was so difficult I found myself almost giving up at times. The bureaucratic nature of the upper management is undoubtedly byassed to a certain mold of people.

If you don't fit the mold, you wont make it far up the chain. In short come work for them part time during school, but leave for a career. Provided Healthcare plan is not good, very bureaucratic management chains lead to limited advancement opportunities.

Review specifically for Naked Lime Marketing. Overall company is outdated and has outdated systems. Okay team to work with. Lots of red tape for changes. Good experience for a entry level position. Overall it sucks to work at this company. I have been here 4 years and have yet to see a single person promoted. The company doesnt seem to have a long term plan in place for the changes in the auto industry or they do and dont share it with employees for some stupid reason.

Pay is low and subject to management opinion of you. Raises are based on opinion. Innovative company providing opportunities to its employees. The working environment provides opportunities for those who are young, starting out in their career, and offers many opportunities to have a healthy lifestyle. To most associates, this was a short term job.

Management did not develop associates. Growth opportunities were based on politicals.

How To Get A Higher Disability Rating Or File For Disability Compensation

This not only gives employees control over their work environments, but it can ease personal barriers such as back pain or eyestrain. Employees will be able to create a place they enjoy working in rather than being stuck in a bland office cubicle. Another way to give employees a sense of control is to create employee-driven competitions such as sales competitions. These activities put employees in control of their success.

Each employee can set personal goals, and they will feel a sense of accomplishment rather than obligation. Ease Commuting Stress According to the U. Census Bureau , People feel frustrated, powerless, and stressed," states Rubin. Employers should consider ways to decrease commuting stress. For instance, employers could stagger work times to avoid heavy traffic. Review beginning and ending times and determine if the specific times or the amount of people arriving at each time can be adjusted.

In addition, review late arrival policies. If employees are severely reprimanded for arriving late, they will be much more stressed during a bad commute and will arrive at the office miserable. Another possibility is to offer telecommuting options. This eliminates the necessity of commuting and allows employees to work where they are most comfortable. Telecommuting also has a variety of benefits for the employer such as reduced costs. Stop Wasting Time Tight deadlines are another major sources of stress for many employees.

Employers can ease this stress by freeing up more time. For instance, employers can make meetings shorter and more efficient. Consider tricks that sound silly but are actually effective such as having a meeting with no chairs.

People will be more likely to stick to the necessary agenda when they have to stand the entire meeting. Whenever possible, substitute conference calls for meetings.

To reduce unnecessary chitchat, make calls before lunchtime or at the end of the day. People will want to cut to the chase, so they can go to lunch or get home. Another idea is to create organizational systems that improve efficiency. Clutter and confusion are major time zappers.

Organized offices and systems ease stress, save time, and increase productivity. Encourage Social Connections Socialization is a key component of happiness.

Employers should find ways to encourage social relations. Consider an office arrangement that fosters communication. Arrange workstations so employees can see each other and talk. Employers can also encourage office celebrations for holidays and birthdays.

These celebrations do not need to be expensive. It can be as simple as asking everyone to bring in a covered dish. Everybody is not going to lead you in the right direction, ask Jehovan, to grant you with wisdom and knowledge to order your steps, to lead you in your coming and going, you shall prosper, thus said The Lord. Believeth in Him, Trust him and keep the faith.

After 6 months, you are rated based upon the residual effects of your treatment. In my case, I lost a foot of my colon causing some issues. It took VA a total of 18 months after the cessation of chemo to change my rating.

That is not a complaint, by the way, I just want to illustrate the difference between what the rules say and what actually happens. I recommend going to: Hope this helps and best of luck to you. My cancer is back, so I just filed a Notice of Disagreement to get my rating back. You know, I think they should fire all the claims people that work for the Veterans Administration and hire all the people that work for the Internal Revenue Service.

Because the IRS has a better record in producing timely claims to people and they do allot more paperwork then our own VA does. I was living near atlanta, Ga last year an went in to have my service connected disabilities case reevaluated as my back has gotten worse.. Buttrfli What part of Wisconsin are you from. I live in Green Bay WI. I was at one time in Fort Benning GA.

Cases are going at 16 months to decide…Each case is based on each case and different. Buttrfli Spoke to Washington on Monday…He explained ebenefits. Im suppose on DECK after 8 years. You can also view Med records and pull Gov Service records,. Problem with ebenifits is if like me you were a spouse after your active time DEERS refuses to acknowledge your active service. To get my self proven as existing I have to go to the regional office and try to find whoever the secret prove yourself person there is.

To be verified for myhealthyvet I just had to take the signature sheet to the local outpatient clinic Release of information. Your claim date will always remain the same as when you first filed. Now they are advocating that I appeal the decision because they feel it is inadequate! These people are awesome and willing to fight for their warriors!

My wife served in DS1. I did the claim. Made sure I had every little piece. The number is a hassle to wait on, but those folks were always helpful and caught a couple of requests messages I missed. My medical records support my claim. I asked a service officer for help. I just want you to know how much I appreciate you taking the time out to build this website to help veterans like me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! The VA is a joke not only they make you get documents that they already have but also question weather or not you serve in Iraq when your DDT14 say that you where in Iraq. The VA is ridiculous and the biggest scam there is. I was in a routine check up out side the Va but in the same building and one of the workers saw me hobbling through the halls and said come here for a sec. I have never had any prb.

Thank to the VA. I have the sleep apnea claim but they denied my chronic sinnusitis due to pyramiding. I also have a denied hypertension claim, which can be related to sleep apnea as well. My current issue is the weight gain and I am considering filing a claim for it.

Can you advise the direction to take on this? This article mirrors my issues with the VA. You sign up at fresh outta of high school as a hearty, healthy individual and come home completely changed in every way. Then you have to prove what they already have documented.

I am currently attending counseling awaiting entry into ptsd program, I have severe anxiety, depression, and other issues relating to ptsd. I was informed that when one re-opens a claim that the VA may increase, maintain, or even reduce disability. I cannot survive on a reduction as my condition renders me unable to work. I am seeking advice about re-opening my current case. I will appreciate any comments. Brent, I am going through the same thing.

I have only received 2 letters stating that they are still working on my claim. Is it possible to get a rating without being seen? I am manic depressive, surgery on my wrist, which causes pain and limited mobility, and I have inpingment in my right hip, was seen for it the whole 9 years I was in.

Is there anything else I can do? Some claims are indeed necessary and deserve compensation. But some of you low lifes are clearly trying to scam the taxpayers into paying you for maladies caused by the aging process. Grow up, suck it up and move on. Jose have you actually lived in the dumps the military keeps troops in?

When they actually remove the signs off the doors if there is a door that shows this is a condemned building?

I have an idea, this might work for you. I propose that you shut the hell up, and let those of us that have lived and continue to live the nightmare worry about calling-out the unworthy.

Trust in me when I say, we know when someone among us does not belong, and we have no problem with giving them the riot act and making every effort to fight them every step of the way most of love and look for such an opportunity. But we do not need YOUR help. Your and idiot, and your ignorance betrays you. You obviously are not one them. Did you escape the dirt roads of mexico to come here and rant about what tax payers should be paying you for being an illiegal immigrant!

Nice job but epic fail, now move along asshole!! When you joined the military, did you think you might be hurt or killed??? Many of you are trying to get money for illnesses that millions of people suffer with everyday. You are lazy, looking for daddy taxpayer to support you. I am in complete disgust after reading your posts! People like you give the Veterans Administration a bad reputation. You are a true hustler and a pimp. Maybe an AA meeting would help clear your beer- fogged mind and give you something to be grateful for.

If you can bitch and complain and go through the drama of getting online to teach other people how to hustle the VA system, than you clearly are not disabled. Hustlers like you are the reason why bedridden service-connected veterans like me, have to wait years to get our claims through the system.

That backlog in the system creates a life-threatening situation for those of us waiting for an approval, which then would give us some financial assistance to hire a full-time home health aide that we so desperately need. I would bet money that you are a deadbeat dad with gambling problem in addition to your alcohol addiction… Hey maybe you can swindle some disability from the VA for your alcoholism, you lazy disgrace to our country!

Are all VADC legitimate? Of course not, but neither are all insurance claims. Should the guy who pays his car insurance every month without fail be ridiculed and called a liar because some people file false claims? If not then why should the man who was willing to lay down his life and make the ultimate sacrifice have to endure anything less than unconditional gratitude from anyone, let alone a little two-bit punk like you.

People like you disgust me, and are truly the tide the ebbs the foundation of this great nation. I was told he dr. I have the same problems that you do.

Back problems and sciatic nerve pain in both legs. Either that or the Board for the Correction of Military Records. Those are basically the two options available. Good luck with all and post on here when you get some movement one way or another. Bowel, knees, degenative disc disease in my neck and sciatic nerve in my hips. I still work full time. Any suggestions or advice please? Yes, if they are derelict in their duty. Lung abnormally found on an X-Ray!

Way too late for treatment. Either high resolution computed tomography or low-dose computed tomography. Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization. I will go against them on April 23 at 1: I have wrote the connection of how the symptoms are part of the PTSD but there have been more since I started talking about past.

I avoided because I was working on getting my licensed counselor and I was afraid of having a stigma on my record but over time realized I am not ashamed to talk about my diagnosis. I also connected when I employed my symptoms increase.. I want to continue to work but the job opportunities are very limited. The only thing proved is a handful of young vets are lazy and will do what it takes to get free money. Are you fkn kidding me? Goddamn you kids are pussys. Grow some nuts and take charge of your life.

For an idiot like you to say people are lazy want you go to some of the PTSD classes and see what real vets are dealing with are ask spouses whom loved ones committed suicide cause it is at an all time high. Want you go eat shit and sell your bullshit elsewhere.

Hey, shitstain, you got a medical background? Sleep apnea, aside from being potentially lethal can cause persistent fatigue, brain damage, and a multitude of other issues secondary to sleep deprivation. Stop with the fucking bootstrapping bullshit.

No one gives a shit what you have to say. Much of what is written is very dated. The article for this thread was written at the beginning of , about 3. Now there are different ways to submit claims, and online is one of them. The VA is adversarial let there be no doubt about it. If you file a claim use a VSO veterans service officer. Im a disabled veteran. Served 15 years in Navy before medical discharge for various issues. I have a disability placard and lisence plate.

People almost make me cry because I am only 34 and they judge me for my disability parking as outside I almost appear healthy and normal. But inside the pain is so bad I have wished for death some days. Who gave you the right to judge others like me and what credentials do you have for those comments?

What are you thinking those of you who argue that we veterans are abusing a system, which is actually abusing us. Do not argue, just research the facts before you assume. It is what you cant see that makes the difference in why you think you are right and how I know you are wrong.

This abuse of system claims made wildly and without facts is as sad as the dirty looks I get every other day for using a parking space my neurologist told me I needed to use. How very sad for you I feel. My husband will receive his benefits next month, his x wife divorced11 yrs just told me she got a letter stating he was getting 55 for their son, does she get that? Thanks for your input. Yes, but she is not getting the money. The money is suppose to go to the dependent child.

It is the extra paid by the veteran because he claimed with child. My husband left me for no reason on 13th of June You can reach him on hisemail: Then one day, a friend of mine told me about this spell caster called Great Aliyu who helped her on her own situation when her husband left her. I contacted him and i told him my problems and gave him all the necessary information he required. He just laughed and told me never to worry that my husband will call me back in less than 6 days and i believed with faith, and after he has finished casting the spell my husband called me and started begging.

He apologized and came back to me crying for a second chance. Today i and my husband live happily like never before. I can really say that this spell caster is powerful because of his work my husband is home again. Thank you Great Aliyu I will forever be grateful to you.

You can reach him on his email: Just contact him and see his work. This a Forum for Veterans like my self who appreciate any Help we can get. Not for Nut jobs like you. No wonder he left u.

He is an even bigger idiot for going back to you. Maybe we should all get together and contact this Great Aliyu and have him put a common sense spell on the VA. It would be nice to wake up and find that after a week all the back log was cleared up at VA and all the legitimate claims were processed.

Maybe for a little extra he could fix the VA hospital system, also,. The first time i saw Rambo i cried at the end. Because i had the same symptoms i though i was crazy and wanted to go to a insane asylum. Asking for helps not keeping it inside isolated away from family dont do it. Imagen cutting your face with a nail clipper going to a officer to stich you up.

Calls you a dumbass takes 3 picture and tells you hes going to put it on hes fb. I just recently received Individual unemployability……i am living in the philippines now….. I took the medical school admissions test for the philippine medical schools and got accepted in one, that is schedule to start this coming Monday….. I applied for Individual Unemployment and was denied.

I was told it was because I take online classes and have custody of my kids. I have PTSD, issues with both knees, back issues, migraines and sleep issues, all which have been rated. Due to these issues, I am not able to maintain a job. Does anyone have any suggestions on what they would do if in my shoes? That was great , i love some of these replies!!!

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I have numerous issues that aroused during my Thanks and God Bless! If any of your illnesses may be a consequence of your already service connected issues then it is my understanding that you should get more disability for the reason, However when I tried making the claim that my bipolar disorder was responsible for 7 years while VA doctors missed evidence that I had a spinal cord tumor, they missed what I was claiming and suggested I was blaming the doctors who removed the tumor.

So I am nut sure that logic is part of the process for VA compensation. Simply not sleeping can cause a person to appear nuts. Hello,Hey just a question. The only thing I submitted were my In-service medical records,and I never even saw them.

My DAV guy read a few pages of them to me,and It all started rushing back into my memory to the point of tears because I started thinking I just imagined a bunch of crap that happened to me as far as Ionizing radiation exposure and other stuff.

I thought I may have made up stories to fill in my memories,but It all came back to me once he DAV read a few sentences to me. I even asked him if I could please see my records and make copies for my own peace of mind to help me remember some serious traumatic event that occurred. That was over a year ago have heard nothing back from him,the DAV office sent an email saying I need not contact their office in the future.

The VA has since apologised for his remarks as my needle tracks were razor wire puncture wounds. I am getting worn out kinda old at 50 yrs, cannot get my commercial driver license or DOT medical card ever again because I pass out all the time for no apparent reason. See ya on the other side. You will if you do a Robin Williams style check out. Fight them bastards tooth and nail and they will finally give in. My friend was sprayed with rocket fuel and developed cancer.

Thee person sitting next to him when this happened also developed cancer and was granted benefits and he was denied. Long story short he had to fight to get compensated and he finally did before he died.

I am not sure if any real logic exists between evidence and results as I discovered and posted in a comment above, However it is clear like Doug said that continuing to seek attention seems to be more important than actual evidence.

My unit basically got me out of the army by lying that I had a personality disorder instead of seeking a discharge for my bipolar disorder diagnosis being a serious problem when I thought I was going to Iraq. Since I had a file of the evidence used for the alleged personality disorder, it was enough to show I was truthful about the bipolar disorder diagnosis and consequences for me resulting in some bad things being done to me during the effort to get me out of the army.

It is possible I might had done better after the army if not for making me feel like a criminal because I had been given the medical diagnosis of bipolar disorder which the medical system was not sharing with my unit until after much confusion and problems for me.

If the armed forces could reduce the problems which result in disability then why does it seem they are not trying? It all comes from the federal budget so healthier veterans should make it easier to fund the armed forces,. Spencer making false records about me for the Marion, Ohio court in in order to make himself popular in the National Jaycees group who did not want a veteran diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in their group, so Spencer as a lawyer provided the lies about me suggesting I was dangerous and would kill, etc.

Spencer which many of his victims experienced but he was never prosecuted due to being protected by political peers, up till at 57 years old he was followed into an off limits area of a park and a naked 14 year old girl he was having sex with was waiting.

His actions suggest why he harassed me for suggesting I was uncomfortable with sex due to experiences forced on me as a child that he found out about and seemed to suggest made me dangerous, or more likely how he got himself off by causing me PTSD from his dozens of contacts with me harassing me claiming it was his right as a lawyer. I lost my job at Guardian Industries due to the lack of support by the VA for my being a victim of crime and the lies from Spencer being repeated by a coworker who was active with the same political party as Spencer so believed the lies about me, reporting the lies as being truth to managers, then my loosing my job out of claims that I might hurt coworkers like Spencer is recorded claiming about the Jaycees group I had the right to be a member of before the organized efforts to lie about me,.

Now I think fear is part of the real reason veterans get any support. If not for claiming that I was dangerous based on the lies made by Scott W. Because of my VA diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder my own lawyer emailed me saying he did not verify if I was a victim of crime because I had admitted being nuts. He also said it was wrong to call myself a victim if no one was found guilty. If I had known my lawyer was ineffective and more nuts than myself and lying to me then perhaps it would not be so hard for me to deal with evidence of being a victim of crime and never finding one person with the ability to verify the truth and find support for me.

It is too late after the friends of criminals have obstructed justice until the statutes of limitation have run out. Spencer found guilty of sex with his latest, 14 year old victim, who apparently he was trying to blame for his actions, is perhaps the closest to justice I can expect in the dysfunctional legal system of Ohio that puts political peers above the law and blames citizens like me for trying to report crime, claiming that I was slandering Spencer, etc.

His history of victims is recorded and well known now. My mental health was much better before I was first diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder while I was in the army. Now I suspect it was my having strep throat for over a month during basic training in the army that was the real cause of my bipolar and other symptoms.

I should had considered the connection at the start because two in my unit almost died from the strep, one from swelling of the brain and the other throat swelling shut. I was very sick myself and basic training is not a time to rest and recover from a serious illness, so as suggested about other people who were as sick it is possible I ended up with lasting organ and nerve damage from the strep and stress.

The bipolar diagnosis only covered up other facts like my body not getting enough of certain vitamins, minerals, etc. It is too easy to diagnose physical health problems as being a mental health problem which drugs could cure. My B12 got very low and no amount of lithium could fix that. I am lucky a nurse suggested to see if my symptoms were B12 related. The VA is better than nothing but a risk of misdiagnosis at the same time.

Sorry if this sounds like a rant. It is amazing what you can live through and learn. Since I have issues like savant Kim Peek who is claimed to inspired the Rain Man movie, it is amazing that I survived the army for years when it might had disqualified me from service.

But being sick with strep in basic training may have made it less obvious that I was not exactly normal. Since I did not lie to get in and my being different was missed it should not matter for disability. With support I had done ok in life until getting sick with strep then later diagnosed with the bipolar disorder claimed mental illness, despite my not being like other people diagnosed with bipolar.

If I had known how joining the army would change my life I am not certain if I would have done it. But I was young and hopeful which does not seem to be what the army had wanted, that and having a degree of possible developmental disability does not seem to be tolerated in the army even if I was a super nerd and genius at my job.

Socially it was hard for me because I related to machines and not people so much. All of this is still a problem in the VA because it should had been impossible for someone like me to survive the army. Like savant Kim Peek or the fictional Rain Man movie, I do have skills but also could not survive without some assistance which is a far worse issue as a veteran.

My fear is loosing my relatives and ending up in a VA hospital alone and allowed to die from misdiagnosis and neglect. Perhaps it will not happen but I am aware it has happened to others with issues like me. One good thing is my army experience gave me the inspiration try liquid metal for antennas as shown on my hamdomain.

Guess it is better than claiming to have an idea worth patenting when people are actually getting patents for improvements on my basic idea, what I would like to had been doing for national security if I had found support for my needs in the army.

I have been hunted down for the past couple years and force to get a claim in for PTSD. How ever I fear my name is being smeared in one town and I have no other resources.

And yes family members are slowly being turned it seems. I keep to my self for the most part. I have never told on anyone who was abusive to me while in the Army. But this has to stop. And I have no clue what this is gonna end up like. I am not entirely sure what to say because many people in our society do not believe science or medical advice unless it fits their views of the world.

A good example is the strongly religious who disagree with science unless the science is being used to convict someone of a crime, etc. Sending them off on vacation will not make the problem go away upon their return. A real change needs to be made to their work, their work environment, and their emotional state.

By communicating, motivating, and leading your employees, you can reshape their work life. Shoot for at least one meeting monthly, if not biweekly. Give your employees a chance to not only discuss what they are working on, but also any issues they may have concerning their workload, the difficulty level of their work, the work environment, and their completion of career goals.

Allow this time for your staff to open up to you by letting them know that you are their advocate and are on their side. Emphasize Positives and Downplay Negatives There are pros and cons to every job, and when employees have burnout, they often forget about the positives and only focus on the negatives.

For instance, an employee may focus mainly on the tedious tasks he or she has to do, while overlooking the more exciting project work he or she does. Put the emphasis then on the work that excites your employee each time you speak to him or her. In this way, you can keep what your employees enjoy about their work at the top of their minds.

Be honest, but make it part of your job to really look for these things, even if it is among mundane tasks. Find a reason to build employees up on a regular basis, and tell them what you have observed. Clarify Expectations and Job Requirements Another common reason that employees experience workplace burnout is because it is unclear what they should be doing.

Regardless, it is your job to make sure they know their precise role. Otherwise, money and time are wasted, and frustrations will continue to grow. Find Out What Motivates Your Employees Does praising your employee in front of the other staff members improve his or her attitude and productivity? Hone in on motivators, and remember that each employee is different, so motivate each individual according to their needs, not yours.

Encourage Stress Relievers In addition to directly motivating your employees, encourage them to self-motivate by allowing stress relievers: This will help your employees enjoy their time at work, while also demonstrating that you care about their well-being. Show Your Appreciation I always felt appreciated when I walked into work to find that my boss bought coffee and bagels for the group. It gave me a little extra motivation for the day.

Instagram influencer marketing is now a $1 billion dollar industry, and you don't need a cute dog or a book-worthy lifestyle to get into the game. According to. Spot on. This is not only something I watch for in my team but have to watch for in myself. I think it’s easy to blame boredom on the company but I personally try and take some responsibility for letting myself get bored. Interested in working for TTEC? Take the first step today by joining our talent community.