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Bored and want some Oldtown day adventure

Bored and want some Oldtown day adventure

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Bored and want some Oldtown day adventure

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Amorous sbf looking. Age 25-35, prefer white mans. Send stat and pic to do Bored and want some Oldtown day adventure now,thanks still looking as long as this is up.

I'm waiting for something real and I'm tired of having my heart broken so I've retreated to. Day Sex Let's Get Freaky))) I could have sworn it is still WINTER. ) I am not the man for rebounds, if your still talking toabout your ex (unless they are your childs Father) please move on. Let me just say that I am 30, black, male, just seeking for friends, conversation, understanding, listening ears that do not judge, that have compboobiesion for life. Any professional, fun females in the Dupont area who might be up for some conversation and perhaps making out at lunch. Gonna get flagged for that too, or is that allowed.

Spending time with friends is, in and of itself, a great way to pass the time without spending a lot of money. But if you and your friends are used to going out to clubs, pubs or eateries together as your way of hanging out, then you can change it up a bit and save some money too. If you are having trouble convincing your friends to do things on the cheap, then be upfront with them.

But here are some great alternatives you can offer. A potluck dinner party. Host a dinner party and ask everyone to bring a dish to share. If you are not comfortable with cooking, maybe try and learn how to cook a new dish together with your friends. Host a spa day. Give each other manicures. Try out new hairstyles. Make some facial masks or exfoliates using natural, at-home ingredients. Get the free trial just for the marathon!

At home one night with friends. Go to the park. Play on the swings. Have an organization party. Serve drinks and food and trade stuff among yourselves.

Hold a yard sale. After all of that cleaning, why not hang out together and make some extra cash too? Concerts in the park. All summer long, many parks host free concerts. Go with your friends. Hang out, bring a picnic dinner.

This is a very relaxing way to chill out on a hot summer night after work. Offer to do the yard work for the local senior center or hang out with the kids at the YMCA. After a few hours of volunteering together, you will have new respect for each other and something new to chat about. Drag out the Scrabble or the Yahtzee. You can hang out and play all sorts of games with large groups or small ones. Hold a tournament and compete against each other. Not into board games?

Well, how about a video game tournament? Grab a ball and a bat and go play baseball at the local park. Grab a basketball or a tennis racket. Go to the school play. Bring your friends over and have an Iron Chef night where you cook dinner out of only the items in your pantry. Check out the dumpsters in your area and see what you can find. You might even find dinner! Here are some tips for respectful diving. Go to yard sales. Take all that money you made at your yard sale and cruise around your town together looking for cool stuff.

Maybe you could even fix something up and resell it. Find some cool trails around your town and go hiking. Swap movies and music. Then swap with abandon. Go on a walking tour of your town. Most towns or cities have a historic district. Find out if there is a walking tour available. If not, make one up! Put your friends to the test — yes, this is for grown-ups — to find different things in your city…like a certain bike rack, a vintage sign, that sort of thing.

The winner gets a dinner cooked by the losers. Find out when the free days are at your local museum or zoo. Most have them and they can be great fun to visit with friends. Hold a quilting bee. Grab some old T-shirts that you love, old jeans, whatever.

Cut them into squares and sew them together. Maybe it will become a regular thing? Go to Open Mic night. Your town is likely harboring some great talent at an open mic night that has no cover and cheap drinks! Go to a religious service. Find a swimming hole. Head to the old town swimming hole — or find a new one.

What a great way to spend a lazy afternoon with friends. Start a book club, card club canasta anyone? Something you and your friends like. My parents used to belong to a cooking club where once a month all of their friends gathered at one house and the host family cooked a meal from a different country.

I learned a lot about food that year. To make your friendships last, you do have to make some time to just hang our and have fun with your dearest friends. After all, there is more to life than just your day-to-day job and boring routine. Pick a few of these ideas and start trying them out this weekend with your friends!

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30 Fun Things To Do With Your Friends Without Spending Much

You've come equipped with a bit of science, some modern ideas, and the plot. You decide to figure it out day to day as you go along. A Devil's Bijuu by fg7dragon reviews Things had been going so well! Then Hinata chose that moment of all times to show her backbone! Though in all fairness, none of them expected to end up in Hell.

Anything Goes Game Changer by Vimesenthusiast reviews Using a sensor technique Ranma finds Miya, recently married woman who has more ki than anyone he has ever seen. After a Ranma style meeting, the two become sparring partners in return for Ranma's help in repairing Izumo house. Patriot's Dawn by Dr. Snakes MD reviews Uzumaki Naruto was born to be a shinobi. He was supposed to be a killer; a protector of unparalleled skill. His lineage and the demon in his gut ensured that.

In canon, his growth was stunted. In here, he had a reason to be strong. He has to survive. No Promises by Nugar reviews Waking up as a prince in one of the more violent, grim fantasy worlds isn't all that bad. You've just got to seize your opportunities where you find them, kill a few people who really deserve it, and derail canon as much as possible.

It's smooth sailing after that. Wait, that didn't work? Everything is still going to hell? That wasn't supposed to happen. One-Night Brand by KtyouVsWriting reviews Yang just wanted to be a better friend to Jaune and help cheer him up, but one thing led to another. That one night together was all it took for them to see a different side of each other.

Yang is definitely not noticing the dork more and Jaune is certainly not falling for another girl. It's just some clean release. An Unwilling Hero by Sniperk reviews What happens when a hero of another story gets mixed up in the shenanigans of a pervert and his crew?

Or was the Beast of Apocalypse too powerful to be completely sealed away? That is a secret only one Naruto Uzumaki knows, and it is a secret that may very well heralds the end of all worlds. Olympian Legend by Sinisterclown13 reviews Percy Jackson is left reeling after Giant War, dealing with the death of Annabeth and so many others.

When he retreats from the Greek world, he learns quickly that heroes never get to take a break for very long. The Avengers are split between Steve and Tony, but they are forced to into an awkward and tense reunification when a monstrous threat rises from the depths of Tartarus. Having saved Harry once, this time should be much easier with his past experience.

If only things would go as he expects they should Walk on the Moon by SixPerfections reviews A girl reborn into the world of ninja wants to escape the cycle of violence. Power is the only thing that brings freedom in the ninja world and she will have freedom However breaking the bonds she forms won't be as simple as she imagines. Gamer of the Sword by fg7dragon reviews What is a gamer and otaku to do when he finds the identity of Emiya Shirou has been bestowed upon him along with the Gamer ability?

Grind, exploit and profit, that's what! Effloresco Secundus by romanescue reviews Harry was never the only person with a penchant for tripping into the most absurd of situations. Somewhat darker than the usual take on Naruto. Strong friendship, no romance. This year Harry returns for his third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry what does fate have in store for Harry and his friends this year.

A Heavens Feel Shirou finds that himself and Illya have been pulled into another world by a corrupted Grail. There his actions lead to him becoming the Eighth god killing Devil King. Now he has to deal with becoming someone who rules where he walks, even if he doesn't want to. That and trying to find a way back home. Maybe a Dream by kittyloaf reviews Naruto Self-Insert.

Just because you find yourself in Konoha doesn't mean you forget every other anime you've seen. A Lonely Path by la baguette reviews At age ten, Harry disappeared. Four years later, a suspiciously familiar boy is found. Remus accepts the task of reintroducing him to the wizarding world, Harry resisting all the while. Between meddlesome ministers and mad escaped convicts, Remus attempts to discover the truth.

Where has Harry been? Will he ever learn to trust? Implied child abuse Harry Potter - Rated: In an effort to foster positive opinion, the idea to precede the intro to the magical world to non-magicals as a VRMMO is proposed.

Harry is determined to enjoy the anonymity and have a blast. Whispers in the Night by Jean reviews Words have more power than we think. A single act of kindness, a single word can change someone's entire world.

Join Harry on another adventure through his time at Hogwarts where even the quietest whispers can make a difference. Mature for a reason. Ain Soph Aur by dragonliege reviews Ichigo was tired. He wanted nothing more than to rest. But, try as he might, forces just keep conspiring to drag him into a world he wants no part of.

Fire in the Wind by FlamingChip reviews The dragons are not gone but live in exile on Dragonstone until the fateful storm that would birth a new life. The wolf bares his teeth at a former friend, remember the injustice the stag has brought upon the kingdom. Taking a chance on what could only be considered madness, the dragons fly north to seek asylum and fight to place their rightful king on the throne.

With a family legacy and a prophecy hanging over his head, normal, even by wizarding standards, were never in the cards. But waking up in something called the Fade, with demons and spirits looking to put him on the 'correct' path, and a naked tree woman asking for his help. This takes the cake on his list of strange. The Red Knight by Demon Eyes Laharl reviews When Ron Weasley realized he was reborn to the world with his memories mostly intact, he felt it was a second chance to do better.

However, he slowly realizes that this world was different from his own. Making new friends and earning new enemies, he has to use his experience from his previous life not only to reach his goals, but also to survive. AU Harry Potter - Rated: Sasuke, unwilling to let this peace be at risk, continues to train his new-found powers to make sure this peace will last.

When he practices with a Rinne-Sharingan Jutsu for the first time, however, things don't go as planned and is sent somewhere unreachable. Regardless, he will do anything it takes to come home again.

Technician by Myareska reviews One day, a young student of Signal Academy receives a package from home, containing the journal of a long dead relative. But what is Jaune Arc going to do with said journal, and how will it change not only his world, but that of those around him? A Third Path to the Future by Vimesenthusiast reviews Rescued from the Negative Zone by the Fantastic Four, Harry Potter discovers he is a mutant and decides to take up the cause of equality between mutants and humans among other causes.

How will a dimensionally displaced Harry Potter, one who is extremely intelligent, proactive and not afraid to get his hands dirty effect the marvel universe? Mine just happens to Loop with consequences. Lion of the Vale by Katie Macpherson reviews Neville Longbottom considered himself lucky to survive the war but when an accident involving a cursed object in the Department of Mysteries goes awry, the only son of House Longbottom finds himself in Westeros as the eldest son of Jon and Lysa Arryn.

But when tragedy strikes House Arryn Neville finds himself the new Lord of the Vale in a time where magic is desperately needed. Angel by Katie Macpherson reviews A bitter Jaime Lannister is serving the royal family while his own have left for the Rock.

Questioning the honor of the Kingsguard when the king is allowed to commit heinous crimes, the one person who can elicit any feelings from him is Princess Elia. But when rebellion breaks out, Jaime is faced with a choice between his own family and saving the woman he has come to love. Holding the Line by GrandLarsene reviews "If you draw a line you absolutely refuse to surrender, then that's the only thing you need to protect, no matter what.

In doing so, he finds the family he'd always yearned for; he would fight the entire world if it meant protecting them. The Perks by Free Drinks reviews Turning to look at him, she gave him an odd look.

Harry's world is turned upside down as a blond haired Slytherin barges into his life to show him all he could, and should, be taking advantage of. Life After Death by AK reviews Harry Potter, the master of Death has gone into many dimensions but now he is coming back to his home universe.

But can he leave this world to its turmoil? Separated at Birth by Quatermass reviews Based on my challenge, "Harry Tohsaka" Risei Tohsaka, Rin's twin brother, was abducted from the Tohsakas as a baby to another world and blood adopted into the Potter family.

Now, after defeating Voldemort, a weary Harry Potter travels back to the world of his birth, and works to reunite his family. But between Magi politics and the upcoming Holy Grail War, it's going to be tough. Hokage may be out of his reach, but that doesn't mean he can't set a new goal for his life.

Chaos Theory by Moczo reviews Sometimes, the tiniest of changes can have the greatest impact on the world. One chance encounter goes in a new direction, and the course of the Holy Grail War is irrevocably changed Witches of Westfield by EJ Daniels reviews The war is over, Voldemort was defeated and the summer draws to a close as the new school term begins.

Harry must decide what to do with his life. Will he return to school for his 7th year, be an Auror…or something else? Read along as Harry finally has control of his own life…or does he?

Into the Night by eppelMax reviews Emiya Shirou rejected the notion of sacrificing the few for the many. He could not and would not sacrifice his sister's life even for the sake of humanity's salvation.

He wished upon the Holy Grail for her to find a world where she wouldn't suffer any longer. Strangely enough, he didn't expect himself to be picked up along for the ride as well! Great Clan Days by Kenchi reviews Senju Hashirama's dream to unify all of the warring clans of his country under one village remained just that; a dream. Generations later, the ninja world still consists of pure clan affiliation.

Enacting peace through understanding has fallen to the side. A catalyst is needed for any kind of change to occur, and it is all found in a little boy Things as They Are by Solara Myles reviews Sasuke wakes up in a world that's just like his, only he's found himself in a role that's better suited for a certain loud mouthed orange clad idiot. It's with some measure of shock that he realises their roles have been switched. As things progress he realises that this world is nothing like his own.

Not So Ancient History by MachinaExDeo reviews After a life mixed with chaos and contentment, Shirou woke up in a new world, very similar and yet so different from his own.

Now he must contend with powers far beyond his level, protecting his friends and countless innocent people from being caught up in a war beyond their wildest imaginations Alright, maybe it wasn't so different after all The Fallen Messiah by Paulzies reviews He woke up with no memories in a whole new world.

But that won't stop him. He'll get them back fast, and in doing so, he'll reawaken his lost powers. And all of a sudden, the Wildest Wildcard has finally been drawn. Percy Jackson and the world of magic by I'mjusttryingtofindmyway reviews In the battle against Kronos Percy the thrown back in time to Unable to even step foot in America as not risk damaging time itself he is exiled to UK, but all is not lost as he finds a world to hide away in, a world to live in.

A world of magic. The wizarding world won't know what hit it. We don't need no stinking summaries! Not your typical SI, as actually inserting myself would be dull as he would sit at home and read fanfics rather than actually do anything, so enjoy your generic fanfic-author insert! Crestfallen by Lionna reviews When Harry lands on Asgard, he doesn't expect to be besieged almost immediately by two gods and a giant wolf. But he's always been the adaptable sort.

The resultant species are a lot different but in many ways the same. The Next Great Adventure by EmLights reviews Harry, on the brink of death from the final battle, has been given a second chance by the Fates for what he thinks will be a nice normal life. Only this life, with ninja, a new sibling, strange powers, and a side-effect leaving Harry five, could be anything BUT normal! Even if your father was a famous one. Oc Naruto - Rated: Not Grimm, and never people.

Not like the so-called 'real' Hunters he wanted nothing to do with. But when an absent sister asks him to help rescue a missing student, Jaune Arc and Lie Ren will both have to put aside their differences and learn what it means to be true Huntsmen if they're to survive the Grimmlands.

A Verse of Swords and Jewels by A Dyslexic Writer reviews The followers of R'hllor had long searched for their lord's champion, the one who would sit on the throne of swords. Well, who better than to sit on a throne of swords than a man who is made of them?

Hell, he's already acquainted with the princess. To bad neither of them actually wants the throne. They just want to convince everyone to stop killing each other.

Harry has finished with his original world aside from a few visits and now it's time to follow through on his promise to Fate to set right another world that her meddling didn't have quite the same effect as in his own. Summoned to fight Voldemort once more, Harry decides to have some fun while he's there.

This is fan fiction, I only own the plot. After the Basilisk incident, Hogwarts is in danger of closing forever, and now an escaped mass murderer is on the loose. Fortunately, the Dementors of Azkaban are on his trail A sequel to Silently Watches' Deal with a Devil. Starts during the Chunin Exams and takes place in the Naruto universe.

See inside for details. The Last Master by Woona The Cat reviews Shirou Emiya, due to an unfortunate meeting with Rin's whimsical master is transported to an alternate universe where the fate of mankind is monitored by a futuristic organization known as Chaldea, and suddenly finds himself the last remaining hope for the survival of humanity.

From crazy Servants to familiar faces, Shirou will have to navigate through time itself to save the day. Extra scenes and different perspectives from that story. The Havoc side of the Force by Tsu Doh Nimh reviews I have a singularly impressive talent for messing up the plans of very powerful people - both good and evil.

Somehow, I'm always just in the right place at exactly the wrong time. What can I say? The Yondaime's Assistant by DianaMoth reviews When I reincarnated in the world of Naruto, I was lucky enough to live in Konoha but not lucky enough to get all the superpowers you could hope for.

I failed my jounin-sensei test and ended up in the Genin Corps. Bye bye jounin rank but, considering it also meant avoiding the battlefield, that's fine with me. Now I just had to get a position allowing me to change History Finding oneself by abc27 reviews Sasuke maybe getting paranoid, he decides cause he met a guy who literally has the same voice as him. And, a true tsundere and an annoying Matou weren't helping. Not to mention the weird priest.

And, it was established that whoever had gold was strong. Rated T for now. May change it to M. NOT a Harem fic. But, there will be pairings.

Fan is a Mexican-American teen who will bring his perspective to the story. Hopefully the story will be as funny as I think it will be. No Ginny pairing for sure. But before that he made other promises he can't remember under a different name.

How will Shirou react when he finds his lost past? Don't let them see. Be the good girl you always have to be. Don't let them know. Elsa always felt she had to do these things; keep up appearances for the sake of her sister, then her parents, then her kingdom. But what if she didn't have to be that perfect girl? What if she were able to let go? First ever NarutoxFrozen crossover! Harry Potter's most excellent adventure by wolfd reviews The boy who lived simply wanted to take a break from being everyone's Hero.

Who'd have thought that being kidnapped by Jaffa out of some lousy Diner would do the trick? They have no idea how far down the rabbit hole goes. O'Neill, Vala, Harry P.

Harry has been helplessly wandering through various dimensions since unknowingly becoming the Master of Death during his first life. Will he find some peace and companionship in Thedas?

Set during the events of Inquisition. Not incredibly overpowered HP. No pairings planned as of right now. The Blue-eyed Uchiha by Angelbloodlover reviews Fugaku stared at his daughter. His daughter stared back at him. And his wife dared him to say anything stupid.

He blinked his eyes and left, needing a drink or two. The Shadow of Angmar by Steelbadger reviews The Master of Death is a dangerous title; many would claim to hold a position greater than Death. A year later Angmar falls and Harry is freed. What will he do with the eternity granted to him?

Story begins years before LotR. Eventual major canon divergence. Said to have the wits of Tyrion Lannister and the strength of his father in his prime. And as ruthless as Tywin, if not more. Read as his true loyalties are revealed, and as he begins to question everything he once stood by resolute. Rated M for violence and future lemon. Game of Thrones - Rated: Limpieza de Sangre by TheEndless7 reviews Harry Potter always knew he'd have to fight in a Wizarding War, but he'd always thought it would be after school, and not after winning the Triwizard Tournament.

Worse still, he never thought he'd understand both sides of the conflict. AU with a Female Voldemort. A Fallen God by Hostiel reviews When Loki fell from the Bifrost he was expecting the cool embrace of oblivion, not to become a spirit and then be ripped apart and forced into the mind of a six-year-old named Harry Potter.

With no physical form, he must keep the boy alive if he seeks to keep existing, and everyone knows that the best way to ensure continued survival is to simply become greater than everyone else. Yet when a second chance comes from the lips of a demon, his battles begin anew New chance by Hektols reviews A 10 years old Naruto meets a man who will change his life and the Ninja Nations, but will it be for good? The Yondaime has returned and he is not happy. Two things still remains the same, misunderstanding and Chaos.

Trapped in a different world and a younger body, how will he manage to get back home? Perhaps the Hogwarts library has an "Inter-dimensional Travel" section. Life's A Game by leila'leilu reviews You can't put a twenty-eight-year-old ridiculously competitive academic into one of the most prestigious clans containing more ridiculously competitive academics and expect nothing to go drastically wrong. Yoroshiku Becoming Great by ShadowAccio reviews For the record, I always wanted to know what it would be like to be part of an anime.

I just didn't expect to be a guy. Or look even girlier than I used to. Still, a second chance is a second chance, so A Magical Life by Cassie's Bedlam reviews She wasn't anyone's hero, wasn't anyone's choice to be a hero, but she was here, alive, and her sister is stupidly brave and loyal. She may not be a hero, but she was a sister, she was a Black, and like hell was she going to let Dora get herself killed.

New SI series, first in the series. Tonks, OC, Cassiopeia B. Tale of the Setting Sun by PK Samurai reviews Naruto was born with hair as red as his mother's, but with a face and intellect that paralleled his father, the Fourth Hokage.

Will the revolution he brings be the world's salvation or destruction? Son of the Stag by NeonZangetsu reviews One good deed does not wash out the bad, nor the bad, the good. A night of foolish passion comes back to haunt Stannis Baratheon in the form of a son. A boy who will change everything.

For he is the Son of the Stag, and he will carry the world on his back or trample it under his feet. But Archer had failed his original goal, of killing his past self. By some miracle, instead of the Throne Archer finds himself near Winterfell, and is taken as a servant there. How will the presence of Archer effect the Game of Thrones with a far more dangerous threat growing outside the wall? Now armed with a great power and having lost what made him who he was, he leaves Konoha to find purpose.

However all isn't easy when you have a whole village and a criminal organisation bent on world domination looking for you. Where will his journey lead him? The Lady of Ice by Dedon53 reviews When Haku died at the bridge she thought that her story was over but then she finds out that Zabuza made a deal for her for a new life.

She finds herself in the most dangerous game. Can a girl with a good heart be able to play the game? From the Garden of Gods by Sythe reviews In a barren land incapable of sustaining life, a Miko, whose most basic and most principal of powers is to give and nurture life, must seem divine in nature.

It's not simple Mokuton, said Sunagakure village elders, Mokuton only affects wood and cannot give life to dead crops. It definitely does not resurrect a village on the brink of historic financial depression either. It was risky, but if all went according to plan, it would be a genius maneuver that would ensure his ideology and legacy would linger on.

A Fake Familiar by Paragon of Awesomeness reviews Rias Gremory was enjoying a normal day living her double life as a high school beauty and a Devil, when three marks appear on her hand.

After discovering that these marks are designed for the purpose of contracting a powerful familiar, she eagerly goes through with the ritual she learns. What she summons though, is a kind of familiar that not even a Devil could ever have imagined. M - English - Fantasy - Chapters: To Master The Dark by timefreak reviews Trained by Bane himself, Harry rises from a boy hiding in a cupboard to an immortal legend.

A tale of justice and revenge, idealism and murder, life and death.. Involves Magical Britain and Gotham. Reigns of War by TheWatcher reviews After an incident with a warp gate, a large portion of Protoss was sent beyond time and space only to exchange one enemy for another. Now within a new world, what effect will the Protoss have against Arthas and his legion of undead. Fake x Fate by kyugan reviews Shirou only had the best intentions that night he chose to cast aside his ideals.

Synesthesia by JonaBee reviews Misato Katsuragi points a finger at a party. Where that finger lands doesn't seem like much, but it turns out to have profound consequences for everyone in the EVA Universe, and some who aren't.

Now made somewhat obsolete as of EoR3. The story goes on, however. Son of the Sea God by Sassenach reviews Zeus kills Sally Jackson with his master bolt when Percy is six months old, drastically changing Percy's life and the course of his future. Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: Desert Wolves by bluegoldrose reviews "But Ashara's daughter had been stillborn What if Ashara's daughter lived? What if Ashara Dayne raised Jon Snow alongside her own bastard? What if Ned Stark never stopped loving Ashara even when he fell in love with Catelyn?

Lord Stark's bastard and true born children are kept apart, until the tides of war bring them together. Drifting by AlphaDelta reviews Naruto is many things; troublesome, wild, unpredictable, adventurous, untamable, unique. But there's a benefit to being wild and unpredictable; no one has the faintest idea what you're going to do next. NarutoHarem Naruto - Rated: Then I found myself wound up in some Multiverse shenanigans where I now have to travel from world to world, carrying out tasks for "The Creator.

Obvious rating is obvious. Does he commence to attempt a fix or does he immediately crap himself? Hey, why not both! It all started the day of the Kumo incident at the Hyuuga compound - one action altered the course of history and the ninja world. Will be epic in length. Pairings are not the focus of the story, though they exist.

Cover art belongs to amandas-sketches on deviant art. A Chance Encounter by R-dude reviews Hiccup is lost. Elsa is looking for something. A chance encounter between them has far-reaching consequences. Saito Hiraga refuses to let people walk all over him. He had plans, he was going to join ROTC, he was going to outrank his brother and sister, he was going to help people.

He was smart enough for it, he was strong enough for it, he was determined to be at the top of his future class. But one summoning spell changes everything, and he loses control of his future.

Familiar of Zero - Rated: Magic Online by Mrs. InsaneOne reviews It has always been said that magic and technology did not mix; too bad no one ever mentioned that little fact to young Harry Potter.

Add in one mad genius bent on destroying the lives of ten thousand people by trapping them inside of his online virtual reality game and you have the makings of a very dangerous brew. The Effect of a Horse and a Dragon by Vimesenthusiast reviews A different decision right after being cursed leads to a very different Ranma showing up in Nerima.

When he goes after Herb to beat some sense into him Ryoga takes the chance to get rid of his rival once and for all, sending both combatants to the Mass Effect universe.

What changes will two martial artists and their use of ki have on the coming conflict? The Crimson Saber by shironak reviews Kiritsugu wanted to summon King Arthur, for that he made sure to get a powerful catalyst, Avalon. Though, he didn't know that Avalon was connected to other Heroic Spirit, one with white hair, tanned skin, steel colored eyes and that also happened to be his son.

And now, that son is going to do his best to reward the man who gave him a reason to live, to be a hero. T - English - Supernatural - Chapters: Hadrian Lannister Lion of the Rock by Sage reviews Reborn as the eldest son of Tywin Lannister, Hadrian must shoulder the responsibilities of being heir to Casterly Rock and play the game of thrones.

As war takes hold will he rise to win the game or will he be crushed by the factions all around him. Rated M to be safe. Iron Ikari by gunman reviews Shinji becomes the new Iron Man when he gets teleported to Stark Enterprises and collides with the playboy inventor, gaining not only knowledge but years to his life. Chapter 6 now uploaded! Now Obito is stuck with the newborn. He still strives for the 'Perfect' World, but will this twist of fate change his views about the world?

Or will it keep pushing him into the darkness? Rated M for language and themes. The Wolf and the Moon by Katie Macpherson reviews Luna has always had a special relationship with Death, especially after her mother died. And after the final battle as she lies dying on the floor of the great hall, the spectre, claiming she was robbed of the life she should have had sends her to Westeros where she is reborn as the twin sister of Rhaegar Targaryen.

Of course, this devil doesn't look at all how you might expect. She looks to be a regular girl, albeit probably the most attractive girl he's ever met.

Their lives now tied together, how will Rias Gremory affect the war against Voldemort? Not Even Aura can Heal All Wounds by wildstraydog reviews Jaune wasn't a very skilled individual, often in the shadow of his talented seven sisters.

Yet despite his lack of ability, he was desperate to contribute to his family name in some capacity. It was then that he discovered another role on the battlefield against the Grimm - as a field medic. In his second year at medical school, Jaune is handpicked to follow a team at Beacon.

Homo Superior by Vahn reviews Homo Superior: Above or beyond the human; preternatural or supernatural. Beyond ordinary or normal human ability, power, or experience.

The three mutants the X-men finds at Jusendo will either change everything or help maintain the balance. A Flower Amongst Devils by Wrathie Winsre reviews Minako certainly didn't expect to be here, in a new world and fending for herself amongst Devils, Fallens, Angels and Youkai, and with only her Personas to guide her! She also never expected to play negotator either, what happened to just flat out saving the world again? Happosai trains Harry while Ranma meets Lucius Malfoy. Now with only a single ally to help him, would Ranma be able to put everything back together?

He is born on this new world not as a man and not as a beast but something new. Now with a new legacy in his blood, he must do what needed to be done and uplift his species once more. The world will tremble on the sight of golden scales on heaven's wings like never have seen before.

Devil's Advocate by livezinshadowz reviews Character study. An accidental meeting brings Zetsu into Naruto's life as his tutor. With Zetsu trying to sway Naruto to his own philosophy of "the only one you can rely on is yourself", Naruto discovers that the world isn't as black and white as his tutor is, that there are at least two sides to every story, and that he has a lot to learn.

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He might just turn out very differently, and the world with him. Son of Sparda DxD by DarkAkatsuk1 reviews Imagine Dante's surprise when a bizarre development in a mission gone awry leads him to a new reality, complete with all the things he'd expect in his own world… Except he's a teenager once again and has no apparent way back home.

The elder Zsinj was retroactively stripped of her rank and expunged from Imperial records, and the younger Zsinj was granted the first official title of Warlord of the Empire. Zsinj's campaign against his mother marked the beginning of his pattern of absurdist thinking, and a reported disdain for everything that hailed from his mother's homeworld of Chandrila. Around the time of the Battle of Yavin , the Iron Fist was assigned to patrol the area in the Quelii sector around the planet Dathomir.

To eliminate this threat, Zsinj attacked the prison from orbit , destroying every spaceworthy craft. Though this stranded all the Imperial personnel on the planet along with the Nightsisters, Palpatine applauded Zsinj's actions, promoted Zsinj to Admiral, and gave him command of the newest Executor -class Star Dreadnought , Brawl.

With the Brawl at his command, Zsinj became the heart of Imperial authority in what was now the Quelii Oversector , [6] with the ranks of Grand Moff [2] and High Admiral of Crimson Command — [5] a fleet of a hundred refitted Victory -class Star Destroyers plated with red havod alloy hulls.

With his portly figure and piratical moustache, he put his enemies off guard before he destroyed them. After the Imperial defeat at the Battle of Endor , the Empire began to fracture and core elements of Imperial power were brought under the control of the Imperial Ruling Council. Zsinj broke away from the Empire with the forces under his command, renaming the Star Dreadnought Brawl to Iron Fist in honor of his first command, and making it the centerpiece of his military forces, [6] making the planet Serenno his headquarters, and ruthlessly dealing with any Rebel threat within his holdings.

However, Zsinj's breakout from central authority was not entirely evident, and the Ruling Council's advisers could find no fault with his tactics at first, [2] because he loudly proclaimed loyalty to the true Empire, having learned a hard lesson from the downfall of his mother.

Zsinj sent emissaries to the Alliance of Free Planets and later the fledgling New Republic, causing them to initially leave him alone as they focused on nibbling at the Imperial forces based on Coruscant , [6] though the Mon Calamari harassed his borders in 4 ABY. During this time, a growing rivalry began to develop between Zsinj and warlord Treuten Teradoc , whose own pocket Empire, the Greater Maldrood , bordered Zsinj's territory to the south.

In the earliest days after the death of the Emperor, many warlords found it difficult to maintain the respect of their subjects. With most true stormtroopers remaining loyal to the Imperial Ruling Council, some warlords chose to equip regular infantry with stormtrooper armor.

Zsinj took a different route, choosing instead to form his own elite military force. The Raptors combined aspects of the stormtroopers and the Emperor's Royal Guard , and they were loyal only to Zsinj. The Raptors defended Zsinj's holdings, protected his allies, and terrified his enemies. He also made efforts to recruit Imperial officers into his forces, focusing especially on those with an Intelligence background. Outside of his official borders, his cells controlled territories of varying size, from entire planets down to individual companies.

Using a variety of aliases like "Cortle Steeze" and "Lord Houghten Ween," Zsinj built up a support network independent from his military force. During this time, Zsinj built his Dathomir shipyards, started mining operations on Dathomir's fourth moon and initiated some of his many special projects.

There, ex-Imperial scientist Tuzin Gast and his subordinates used genetic and chemical therapy to increase the intellect [13] and human-like qualities [14] of nonhuman species such as Gamorreans , Ewoks , [13] and Talz. Zsinj personally captured samples for the project. Despite this setback, Project Chubar continued on Saffalore and in a secondary laboratory aboard Iron Fist. This attack sidetracked the New Republic's plans to attack both Zsinj and Teradoc for some time.

Kalback was overwhelmed by the Iron Fist and forced to retreat, and the New Republic had to shift their focus to eliminating the mysterious Lord Shadowspawn.

While the Director of Imperial Intelligence Ysanne Isard controlled the Empire proper, Zsinj kept a respectful distance from her territory.

Isard herself believed Zsinj was afraid of her. As the New Republic made inroads toward their conquest of Coruscant, however, Zsinj's ambition compelled him to test their resolve. A modified Dwarf Star -class freighter bearing a name that followed New Republic conventions, Vengeance Derra IV , arrived in orbit of Borleias and used a secret backdoor in the New Republic's identification system to fake a correct ID.

Zsinj's pride would not allow him to let this challenge go unanswered. The New Republic's reprisal set off a series of hit-and-fade strikes against the New Republic by Zsinj's forces.

Zsinj seriously damaged the New Republic base on Noquivzor , believing he was hitting Rogue Squadron. This caused the New Republic to accelerate their timetable for taking Coruscant. During the subsequent Krytos virus crisis, Zsinj made efforts to steal bacta from the New Republic. Zsinj then acted on intelligence provided to him by Isard to attack a bacta convoy in the Graveyard in the Alderaan system.

Termagant , one of Zsinj's Strike -class cruisers , destroyed a fake Rogue Squadron that Isard's agent Kirtan Loor had planned to use to turn public sentiment against the New Republic. The real Rogue Squadron destroyed Termagant , but not before Zsinj prepared a HoloNet broadcast to Coruscant claiming that he had destroyed the convoy and Rogue Squadron for Humanitarian reasons. Zsinj claimed that the bacta was deliberately tainted by New Republic agents to get rid of the aliens on Coruscant, and implored the population to support him.

This HoloNet broadcast was aired worldwide, however his broadcast had the misfortune of being sent nearly twelve hours after an official report showing the survival of Rogue Squadron. Zsinj was made to appear foolish once again, but the attack caused the New Republic Provisional Council to make the difficult decision to commit forces to hunting Zsinj.

But with Isard out of the way, the New Republic was able to commit a substantial force , under the command of General Han Solo , to hunt Zsinj. Rogue Squadron was assigned to Mon Remonda , and Antilles formed a new X-wing unit, later known as Wraith Squadron , to counter Zsinj's tactics with their own innovative ideas.

Zsinj allowed his subordinates a degree of freedom in their fight against the New Republic. Admiral Trigit ordered Gara Petothel to plant false intelligence in New Republic databanks that allowed a small force under his command to destroy Talon Squadron in the Gravan system. Then, unlike Isard, he retrieved his agent rather than killing her.

This action, and the attitude behind it, met with Zsinj's approval. Only a creative decoy tactic by the Wraiths, who taunted Zsinj's subordinate by labeling themselves with the comical names of "Dinner Squadron" and "Silly Squadron," allowed the New Republic to escape the base.

An empion mine , placed in the Xobome system as part of this project, could have destroyed Wraith Squadron. Unfortunately for Zsinj, they were able to use another creative tactic to foil Trigit. They captured the modified corvette Night Caller , killing Captain Darillian in the process, and began the process of collecting intelligence on Zsinj and destroying Trigit.

The fact that Zsinj was negotiating for the services of pirate forces gave the Wraiths a new avenue of opportunity in their fight against Zsinj. Zsinj's Raptors were a prominent symbol of his power. Zsinj learned the identity of the squadron that had deceived him so effectively, and decided to target them specifically. An assassination attempt against the Wraiths on Coruscant itself gave the New Republic an idea of how deeply he had infiltrated their sphere of influence.

Acting on recommendations from Wraith Squadron personnel, the New Republic Fleet allowed the squadron to set themselves up as a pirate band and harass the planet of Halmad for the purpose of attracting Zsinj's attention. The squadron was joined in this operation by Lara Notsil, who they believed to be an orphan from Aldivy. In fact, Notsil was really Gara Petothel, who initially joined the Wraiths for the purpose of aiding Zsinj and joining his faction.

Zsinj did take notice of the actions of the Hawk-bat Independent Space Force , and after bringing Iron Fist into direct conflict with them over Halmad, he invited the "Hawk-bats" to meet him aboard his flagship. Zsinj put on a show for the Hawk-bats, intending to mislead them about his personality and the discipline of those under his command while he gained intelligence about the pirates. Zsinj's interest was piqued by analysis of the Hawk-bats' combat communications, which had been filtered by communication system modifications performed on their TIE interceptors by Castin Donn.

The intercepted signals led Zsinj to believe that an Ewok was flying with the Hawk-bats. During dinner with Zsinj, "General Kargin " of the Hawk-bats—in reality, Garik Loran—spun a tale about his "most ferocious pilot", Kettch. This story vexed Zsinj, as it caused him to doubt the security of Project Chubar.

Donn had been captured while attempting to infiltrate restricted areas of Iron Fist —a mission which Antilles had already disapproved. One of the Hawk-bats, "Seku"—a role assumed by Dia Passik —agreed to execute the prisoner as a private commission for Zsinj. Being an expert in body language, Passik believed that Donn had already been killed and that Zsinj's people had installed a pump in Donn's chest to simulate breathing as a test for the Hawk-bats, so she acted before any of her fellow pilots could do anything rash.

After Donn's death, the Hawk-bats departed Iron Fist without incident, and Zsinj was left with little doubt about their veracity. Zsinj had received her request to join his forces, and dispatched one of his officers, Captain Todrin Rossik , to make contact with Petothel through the real Lara's brother, Tavin Notsil.

Petothel, who had been having second thoughts about joining Zsinj, resisted Rossik's plan. Donos killed Tavin Notsil from his sniper position, and Petothel killed Rossik. Petothel and Donos returned to the Wraiths, and Zsinj was left confused about Petothel's intentions.

Even without Petothel's aid, however, Zsinj soon embarked on one of his most audacious operations. During the meeting with the Hawk-bats on Iron Fist , Zsinj provided the Wraiths with data on a large-scale attack on "an orbital refueling and trade station" for which he was contracting numerous private space forces. The information from Zsinj showed that the facility was defended by a large New Republic force, and implied that the facility orbited Coruscant, though the Wraiths were uncertain what could be in orbit over Coruscant that would merit the risk of a raid.

However, the information about New Republic forces was a ruse on Zsinj's part, to guard against betrayal by his pirate allies. Analysis of the battle plan by Petothel, the Wraiths' acting computer specialist, revealed the fact that the raid was not on a New Republic facility at all. The attack was against the space facilities of Kuat Drive Yards. The Empire was about to gain a ship that could challenge Zsinj's own flagship, and Zsinj badly wanted Razor's Kiss for himself.

He found the weaknesses in the construction facility's security by helping a Colonel in the ship's complement to set up a smuggling operation. The plan for capturing Razor's Kiss was twofold: The plan worked flawlessly until the Wraiths initiated several acts of sabotage.

Razor's Kiss left the Kuat system under Zsinj's command, but Shalla Nelprin had uploaded a program into the ship's computers which would transmit the vessel's coordinates to the waiting New Republic fleet, then she stole a senior officer's hyperdrive -equipped TIE interceptor and landed on the hull of Razor's Kiss.

At the same time, Voort saBinring crash-landed his interceptor on Iron Fist. As soon as Razor's Kiss dropped out of hyperspace , she began broadcasting her location. Mon Remonda was waiting and Solo positioned his fleet to intercept.

Zsinj was stunned, but he steeled himself for a fight and vowed to destroy Solo. This was not to be, however, as the Wraiths' saboteurs made their moves. Nelprin destroyed the bridge deflector shields on Razor's Kiss , and the New Republic fleet pounded the undermanned and poorly-defended ship. Zsinj moved to protect his prize, and launched swarms of TIEs.

Razor's Kiss lost her bridge during the fight. Trooper Gatterweld , an Imperial loyalist, decided it would be better for Zsinj to own the ship than to let it be destroyed and attempted to save the ship using the auxiliary bridge. It appeared as if Zsinj would once again turn defeat into victory, but then saBinring reactivated his crashed fighter and attacked Iron Fist ' s own shield generators , forcing Zsinj to retreat as Razor's Kiss exploded.

Zsinj's handlebar moustache contrasted with his uniform. The loss of Razor's Kiss disturbed Zsinj more than he expected. Solo had used Zsinj's own ambition against him, and turned his desire to protect his new possession into a means to hurt him severely. Zsinj resolved not to be as predictable, and began some of his most ambitious plots yet.

Project Minefield , an offshoot of Project Chubar, brainwashed a significant number of nonhuman members of the New Republic government and fleet, Project Funeral involved the placement and activation of these operatives, and Project Blunted Razor involved the collection of as much of the Razor's Kiss debris as possible and transporting it to Rancor Base, where the remains were used to create the Second Death , a crude vessel resembling Iron Fist ' s remains.

By executing carefully calculated Raptor raids, Zsinj led Solo into a trap. In The Hunt for Red October , the whole defection plot by the senior Russian officers is nearly derailed by the cook. Zatoichi films star a man named Zato is his title, the lowest of four ranks in the official blind people guild that existed in Japan at the time.

He ekes out a living as a lowly blind masseur, which was the one job they had for blind people in Japan back then. Ichi is also invincible. Between his sword and his wit, it is rare for anyone in the movies to get the upper hand on him, let alone beat him. Sam Peckinpah 's Cross of Iron has the lead character Steiner James Coburn as a sergeant who has been busted back to corporal, but whom everybody else in the squad clearly looks to as their leader.

A common occurrence in James Bond films is to have a character who serves the Big Bad in a seemingly-innocuous position for instance, their secretary or driver turn out to be a ''much'' bigger deal for instance, a trained assassin once the villains reveal themselves to be, well, villains.

Worrell is a janitor in most of Jim Varney's films, who always saves the day by the end of the film. Cosmo Brown in Singin' in the Rain is clearly the greatest technical genius in cinema history.

Starting as a lowly pianist for sappy love scenes, Cosmo single-handedly rescues an unreleasable picture in post-production by splicing it into a different movie paving the way for Godfrey Ho's career Carter is a brilliant mind and used to work as a scientist at Whitehall, trying to find a way to defeat the aliens. However he got demoted probably for his crazy ideas and ended up doing low rank mechanics work instead.

The main character is busted down to Private as punishment, yet he gains time-traveling powers and saves humanity. Star Wars The Force Awakens: Finn admits that "sanitation" was his sole duty on Starkiller Base before his first combat assignment.

His knowledge of the installation is invaluable to the Resistance when they need to blow it up. The Breakfast Club features an iconic one in Carl, who explains to the kids in detention the extent to which he is the "eyes and ears" of the school through many years of going through lockers, listening to conversations, etc.

He even knows exactly how many minutes slow the clock in the library is. He gains even more power when he catches Mr. Vernon going through confidential files. The monastery in Jasminum houses five monks and a bunch of ducks. When he displays knowledge of Latin , the prior is very nonplussed.

Why did you never tell me? Bean is a lowly Launchie when first introduced. He becomes Ender's best soldier in Dragon Army, and even gets a special operations squad, and becomes the driving force behind most of the novel. He is more intelligent than Ender, puts Dragon Army together, guides Ender without Ender even realizing, and even provides the push Ender needs in the finale- "The enemy's gate is down". Not bad for a seven year old. This is expanded upon in Ender's Shadow , in which Bean already has a reputation for being a genius.

David Lubar's "Wizards of the Game". His constant ramblings about magic and spellcasting gain the attention of four people living in an elderly home who turn out to be magic-users from another world. They mistake him for a "Magus" and request his help to send them back to where they came from, since they need five to open a portal. To his surprise, Mercer and his friends are able to open a portal, but only after the true 5th magic-user comes to their aid.

He is none other than the school janitor, Danny. John Galt from Atlas Shrugged and his followers. They were the only ones left with the technological civilization to speak of and they were capable to advance it..

You will find that one of them is wrong. Chair of Indefinite Studies: You know Mrs Whitlow doesn't like us going down there. And who is Archchancellor of this University, may I ask? Is it Mrs Whitlow? I don't think so! Why yes, I do believe it is! Yes, but you know what she can be like. Er, yes, that's true Mycroft draws four hundred and fifty pounds a year, remains a subordinate, has no ambitions of any kind , will receive neither honour nor title, but remains the most indispensable man in the country.

The Janitor himself is so devious, underhanded and omniscient it borders on a superpower. He is the king of lies and is mighty enough to domineer over both Dr. Kelso and he can make people do things with his mind.

He has the ability to sense when squirrels are scared. The Janitor can speak several different languages fluently, particularly Spanish.

He was a licensed taxidermist at one point, but had his license revoked for killing and stuffing animals. Not that losing it stopped him at all. He's an inventor, although all of his inventions are just two already invented items combined together. In "My House," Janitor made an impressive painting on the wall in one of the hospital rooms. The Janitor can use fear alone to get the entire hospital staff to do anything. The Janitor was in a Harrison Ford movie. He once travelled faster than the speed of sound but you must never ever ask him how.

He doesn't believe in the moon, thinking it's the other side of the sun. A statement which is probably now correct He can move pens with his mind, though it only seemed to work in his house on a slightly slanted table. But he did it! In Real Life , Janitor's actor Neil Flynn began ad-libbing his lines early on in the show rather than sticking to the script Dr.

Jan Itor being a classic example. Eventually, the entire cast ended up following his lead, and the series creator would sometimes walk in on scenes and have no idea what was being filmed because it was being ad-libbed and deviating from the script so much. Sam Lloyd, who plays Ted, claimed that one time he opened up his script and when it came to Janitor, it just said "Whatever Neil says".

Carla seems to have the most power in the hospital, in that she holds sway over every single full-time staff member, including The Janitor. In "My Nightingale," Carla switched her shift to help the protagonist doctor trio when they are left without supervision for a night. Not that they noticed. Even though we all know tomorrow morning, the three of us [J. Hey, what are you doing here? I thought you were off last night. I switched shifts to help some friends out. Have a good one.

After being rescued by Kim How long have you been Captain? I'm just an ensign. But it's ridiculous and untrue that he could not be promoted. There are other examples. He could be given a field promotion. Janeway could and should but inexplicably does not promote Ensign Kim to at least Lieutenant SG over the course of the seven years.

I occupy a minor position in the British Government. He is the British Government. You know, I just would have thought that John Adams was a farmer. Abraham Lincoln was a small-town lawyer. Plato, Socrates were teachers.

Jesus was a carpenter. To equate judgment and wisdom with occupation is at best Hestia for Classical Mythology is quite literally an Almighty Janitor. Yes, on Mount Olympus the wizened old guy on the center throne with the bad ass lightning bolt and laundry-list of slain monsters is both the younger brother of, and about as strong as, the soft-spoken lady who brings him his food and sweeps-up.

Two examples of how badass she is: She is, canonically, one of only three beings in the Cosmos over whom Aphrodite has no power, the others being the other two virgin goddesses, Artemis and Athena. For reference, Aphrodite is capable of beguiling Zeus himself — or granting Hera the power to — but she's powerless over Hestia.

Despite being one of the deities about whom the fewest myths are told, she was worshiped in practically every household and at the heart of every city. Bringing some of Hestia's flame was crucial to founding any new colony. Her Roman counterpart, Vesta, was also the centre of one of the most politically powerful priesthoods in Rome, the Vestal virgins.

Born to a humble family and raised as a carpenter, never went to school nor travelled far from his home and never invented anything; nevertheless if you believe the Bible, Jesus is also quite literally God Himself in human form. Yoshiaki Fujiwara was an example of a wrestler who was legitimately skilled and always over yet for whatever reason, wouldn't get pushed by a promotion. In this case, being the first graduate of New Japan Pro-Wrestling 's dojo Since leaving, he found some success in other places such as Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Zero 1 but companies tend to fall apart around him before he can really get going.

While managers are expected to have some sort of influence in pro wrestling, Harvey Wippleman was a manager of jobbers , yet eventually managed to build up a sort of power base for himself simply through sheer longevity in the business. But when more heavily pushed pro wrestlers such as his mentor Nobuhiko Takada came up short in Mixed Martial Arts, Sakuraba was the one who took the sport by storm and became champion of UFC Japan, defending the honor of pro wrestling.

Women's Extreme Wrestling and Dangerous Women of Wrestling had Steve The Sound Guy, who somehow managed to stay employed after assaulting other employees, including those theoretically less expendable than him such as models and even some wrestlers and had the ability to influence who became a title contender.

The Masquerade sourcebook Lair of the Hidden had a scenario in which one of the almost god-like Antediluvians disguises himself as a mere human servant and attempts to guide some of his former students back to the path of Golconda with the help of the player-characters.

All while still performing the duties of a servant in order to teach himself humility before the end comes. In Exalted , Sidereal Exalted have powers that aid them in using this trope, especially when it comes to adopting unobtrusive and forgettable mortal personas with incredible training and advisory skills.

Chejop Kejak is "known" in Creation mostly as the humble secretary to the leader of the Immaculate Order, a minor lecturer at the most prominent academy for Sorcery in the world, and an occasional and often low priority visitor to the Scarlet Empress, even while he is one of the most powerful individuals in Heaven. In Nomine specifically points out that many Cherubim guardian angels choose to work in jobs which most other celestials would find beneath them, such as janitors.

This allows them to keep a low profile and go anywhere without being questioned. With the power a common celestial wields, this can indeed be an Almighty Janitor, or come close to it for those he wants to help. GURPS IOU does put the most powerful character in the setting - the ArchDean - in charge of the whole thing, but the second-most powerful character is the Janitor, who seemingly is always right where he needs to be when he needs to be, and he can clean up anything in a World of Weirdness where nuclear reactor leaks, Cthulhu incursions, and tears in the space-time continuum are a boring weekday.

He mostly uses his absurd knowledge and power to a help him clean things up, and b earn bribes from anyone who might need further info. Contacts with little authority or status cost just as much as higher-level ones, because their ability to help isn't less , just different for example, a clerk at police headquarters is more likely to let you sneak a peek at the files than the police commissioner, because it's much easier for the clerk to bend the rules without anybody noticing.

From his positions as barber and manservant, respectively, he manages to play the rest of the cast, which includes nobles, doctors and lawyers, like a violin. The Yang family generals are the heroes of a number of Peking operas. They come in both male and female form.

One of them, Yang Paifeng , is all about the titular maidservant, who is in charge of tending the hearth and serving tea, but doubles as a badass fighter. As the most powerful specimens on the planet, they're the target of the very people sponsoring the tournament: It proves to be one of the most annoying opponents in the game due to its massive health pool.

The series always had rankings, but it isn't until Armored Core: Master of Arena that you can fight each other. In that game, the lowest ranking ones, even after the post-story unlockables are very weak. Along came Armored Core 2 and Armored Core 3.

In Armored Core 3 and the sequel Silent Line, the arena also features a post-story unlockable enemies. The catch is that the lower in the rank they go, the tougher they are , so much so that in Armored Core 3, there's an email challenging you to defeat the bottom-most opponent, Exile, while giving you the Game-Breaker OP-I albeit you need to train it properly first just to give you a slight, repeat, slight edge over the opponent. To further hammer the point home, the email added "you may be considered unfair should you choose to use the equipment I provided.

He apparently stays at a relatively low rank specifically because he enjoys wrecking the confidence of hopeful new ravens. Too bad that one can simply evade all of his weapons to the point that he has no method of attack whatsoever. He pales in comparison to Armored Core 3 's janitor, Exile, but is far and away the most skilled AI Raven you'll face in the game.

He packs two of the most powerful weapons available. By time For Answer rolls around, and 4's protagonist goes rogue , he's risen in rank— to Rank 9. In storyline, the League is so afraid of him and his mech As well as Fiona Jarnefeldt , that they send in the Rank This will makes perfect sense to anyone that remembers the earlier Armored Core games, who probably just saw the "9" part and went " Oh, Crap!

Also in Armored Core: Even though you're given the option to advance this time, nothing's really forcing you to, and you can destroy any number of other NEXT's and Arms Forts, and still be placed behind the guy who uses a mech speced for construction work instead of combat.

While not "largely immune to the whims of the higher-ups", after he royally screws up he is stripped of his rank and the privileges that come with it, effectively starting from the ground up despite having previously attainted the title of Master Assassin. He spends the majority of the game being a badass, trying to earn his status back and eventually gets there Ezio spends a decade and most of the game as an unofficial Initiate assassinating Templars, shoring up the Assassin power base and thoroughly derailing Templar plans before being formally inducted.

He's given also a great deal of leeway in his revenge quest - it just so happens that his goals line up with those of the Brotherhood. Roy Becket from Astebreed is literally this trope. He's just a cleanup man for a military company, but once he's in battle as the pilot of a powerful Humongous Mecha , goes to show why he's The Hero of the story.

Glenn is one of the best, if not the best, optional character you can recruit in this game. But despite being a dual-sword wielding bad ass with familial connections to the higher-ups, his only real job seems to be guarding the resident Distressed Damsel during her walks about town. No explanation is ever given as to why this is or why a bratty ten-year-old girl is his commanding officer: A much more literal example of this trope is the janitor on the S.

Zelbess, who is actually the Sage of Marbule. The Nu is an odd example of this. In the palace of Zeal Nus serve as janitors, and you can steal their 'Mop' weapons. However, the self-proclaimed God of War's ultimate form at "The End of Time" is a Nu, and Nus are surprisingly capable fighters; as well as having out-of-this-worldly knowledge.

Despite her relatively lowly position as a coordinator, in the Soviet campaign she ends up running the show alongside the player thanks to everybody else betraying one another. Dawn of War 2: Cyrus is a veteran of multiple campaigns and has served two decades in the Deathwatch , and could easily make a much higher rank if he sought it, but is content with being a scout sergeant in charge of training the chapter's initiates.

The reason for this is because Cyrus' unorthodox though often highly successful tactics has made him unpopular with several of his peers and superiors, but by remaining in charge of training he is able to ensure that all the generations of space marines he trains will be molded to his way of thinking.

When they spring their plan to take over the United States, he would use the agency to imprison the President, Congress, and the Supreme Court and run the country himself. Later subverted when it doesn't work as numerous generals, state governors, and the Secretary of Defense refuse to acknowledge his authority. Across the series, there are penguin-like demons known as Prinnies who are at the bottom of the totem pole, doing menial labor for Overlords, with their wages often being described in single-digit sardines per month.

But they can also be recruited into the player's army, and like with all other classes, enough Level Grinding makes them into powerhouses that inflict so much damage that their damage numbers turn into rounded-off values with a "M" for million at the end. Another Disgaea example comes from Mr. A Home Economics Teacher at Evil Academy unlisted, at that , whom has also been taking orders from the lingering spirit of the Overlord to guide Mao and company to unmask and stop the real villain of the game, Super Hero Aurum.

Alliance of Vengeance has the Maid class. Their backstory involves a Nether Noble seeing a zombie living such a free lifestyle, and he couldn't stand the sight so he made the zombie into a house servant, resulting in authority figures employing zombies as maids en masse.

And like with Prinnies, Maids can be raised to ungodly levels, helped by their Evilities allowing them to use items without ending their turns and improving the efficiency of consumable items, including attack items, allowing them to easily nuke enemies with throwing knives, shuriken, darts, and the like. The backstory of the nameless Space Marine in the original game is explained in the game's README file that he assaulted a superior officer after being ordered to fire upon civilians, and was transferred to duty on Mars as punishment.

This is why he's just a lowly grunt soldier despite being able to kill all of The Legions of Hell singlehandedly. The Movie has a Shout-Out to this when "The Kid" is ordered to fire on civilians, refuses, and is promptly shot in the brain pan.

According to a sarcastic Hawke, this is what being the Champion of Kirkwall entails. Despite ascending to the nobility and later becoming the Champion, Hawke refuses to get themselves into a position of actual authority, preferring to run things from the ground, as this gives them the freedom to act without going through political red-tape. By Act III, this is actually given as the reason why the nobles want Hawke as the new Viscount, because instead of political posturing, they are the only person who actually manages to get things done.

One of your migrants is a High Master level Lye Maker? Too bad you don't need soap yet or lye production is broken again , it's refuse hauling duty for you pal. Also, military dwarves on a month of leave. He also misses out on acquiring all the awesome holy sword abilities that come with knighthood which every other character who is an actual knight including his former best friend Delita possesses.

That said, while he may only be a squire he is a monstrously powerful squire who goes on to stop a bloody and pointless war and saves the world from no less than six Eldritch Abominations. Also, his squire class is one of the strongest classes in the game, thanks to a couple of unique abilites he gets, plus equipment other squires can't use. Takes a cue from the Mario Bros. It's about a plumber who's on a job when the Russians invade and take over America.

He then forms a military resistance to kick the Russians out of America. The hero is a window washer, who stumbled upon his employer's dark secret and ended up fighting aliens in the past and future. Among the Shapers, Asskicking Equals Authority is not in effect.

No matter how many people and Mons you kill, you're still a mere apprentice magician as far as the NPCs are concerned, until you get back home and can have your status re-evaluated.

And if you gained your powers through use of an Upgrade Artifact , you won't be climbing the ranks. In the game, while Authority Equals Asskicking is largely in effect, almost all of your levelable skills come from Respect levels gained by free-roaming rather than the plotline promotions up the Family's ladder.

This means that your rank can still be "Outsider" while you're already far more accomplished than any number of enemy Underbosses. The in-game character encyclopedia explicitly says that the royal court of Kaocho would get nothing done if not for Meisa, who appears to be a scribe otherwise. Unofficially, he's the gangland kingpin of Southern San Andreas. Yeah, he's a Badass Bookworm , but his doctorate is in theoretical physics, not ninjutsu , and the resonance cascade happened on his first day in the Anomalous Materials laboratory.

He's fairly low on the totem pole. Half-Life 2 lampshades this when you overhear the Big Bad broadcasting a speech to his Mooks , shaming them for their constant failure in stopping Gordon. Gordon Freeman is a theoretical physicist who had hardly earned the distinction of his Ph.

This way he would be there for free but be the lowest on the totem pole, not even officially registered there. Despite his Reality Marble , something that, chances are, nobody else there could ever hope to obtain. Which is a great way to lay low since if news ever got out about his true power, they'd likely try to rip him apart to find out how it works. In Akatsuki no Goei Kaito is ranked in the bottom five ranks of the class with poor grades in every subject.

In truth, he is by far the strongest person in the class and could be the most intelligent as well given how he educated himself from illiteracy to capable of studying advanced robotics in less than a year.

Of course, he does end up with the most prestigious bodyguard position anyway, but even then his principle doesn't actually think he's anything special rather than just easy to get along with. Blue are simulation soldiers, just meant to be test subjects for new equipment and cannon fodder for Freelancer training.

Most notably, they took out the Meta. An episode of Freeman's Mind has the titular character thinking of how the janitors must have the highest survival rate of Black Mesa employees caught in the catastrophe: They have a mop for use in melee, know the terrain, and have the keys to all the locked doors he keeps running into. Besides his moments of stoic Determinator badassery in the face of danger, the adventures in Castle Heterodyne hint that he's actually someone far beyond your mere third class crew member.

Higgs does not deny the charge Transcerebral has Gerad, Andrea's school janitor, who seems suspiciously aware of her circumstances. Chief Warrant Officer Thurl. On paper he ranks barely over the grunts on payroll, in practice he is more vital than Tagon in the day-to-day running of the mercenary company and is the oldest and most experienced member of the crew.

He is more adept than several of the actual COs in negotiation and command, and has invaluable contacts with old military and mercenary buddies. He also threatens to quit the moment somebody saddles him with a higher rank. Schlock himself, as well. He's just a sergeant, but he's easily the most dangerous mercenary in the company, is smarter and faster than he looks, and used to own the company but gave it back for a pittance.

The only control he took during his time as owner was to request the Sergeant rank; the previous owner made herself an Admiral. Although he usually doesn't, he can still ignore orders at will, and often just shows up at officer meetings.

In his case, though, he's deliberately kept that way by the higher ranking people, who are all very well aware that giving Schlock any kind of actual power would be a horrible, horrible mistake. And that probably suits Schlock himself, who does not want the responsibility nor paperwork that officer rank would come with. A Sergeant in motion outranks a Lieutenant who doesn't know what's going on. An ordnance technician at a dead run outranks everybody.

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