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Beautiful couple want sex tonight Paterson

Beautiful couple want sex tonight Paterson

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I would stop and ask what was going on and the woman would apologize and ask me to lick some more.

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Beautiful couple want sex tonight Paterson

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It is completely made up. It is entirely a fantasy and this is not how these women act. As much as we would love to think otherwise, this is a story that is the product of imagination and is not meant to in any way claim that these women act this way. Second, and this is even more critical, this is a XXX rated fantasy story. PG or even R. Hell NC is too mild.

This is straight up smut and is entirely pornographic. So this is not meant to be read by anyone under the age of If you are underage please turn back now. This story is meant for adults only. Please I need it and I want it. This is a story I have literally spent three years of my life working on. I have poured endless hours into this story so if you like it or have suggestions or requests or if you have anything to say at all please e-mail me at KMB aol. Finally, the thank yous.

I would not have been able to do this story without the unflagging support of people like Cosmo Kramer, TRL, the Butch man himself, RuleHater, voodoojoe, KayJay and all the fans out there who have not given up on me even though I literally take years between stories. So have we covered everything? Please read and read well.

Because it might be a new year, but things are as kinky as they ever were in Malibu. Jennifer felt like she was supposed to be doing something or telling people something. What was it about? Wait, was it the punch? Had she been meaning to tell everyone something about the punch? Even though she had already come so many times already that she could feel the wonderfully tingly soreness with every step she took, Jennifer still wanted more.

There were beautiful naked bodies around her getting nasty and sweaty and slutty and seeing all her friends kiss and lick and fuck was making Jennifer drool with need and desire.

God, everyone looked so fucking good. Jennifer was wet for all of them and it was so hard for her to think about anything but how delicious all those tits and all those asses and, most importantly, all those pussies were. Running her hands through her own hair to try and get some kind of composure, Jennifer instead felt her knees buckle and she had to grab the doorway into the living room for support to keep from falling over.

Oooooh my God I had no idea you could ever be so naughty! I love licking it! I want to be so naughty with you Chloe! Make me into a total lesbo like you so we can both be butt licking sluts with each other! Chloe had never dreamed that any of her friends could ever act this way but it was like this place had transformed them and they were making her feel too good for her to question it anymore or try and stop it.

Fuckkk your tongue feels so good up my ass! Fuckkkkk I have the hottest friends! But Ava loved the sound of it and enthusiastically showed it. Ooooh you have such hot, slutty friends like me and Bella and Ariel and Olivia!

Even that bitch AnnaSophia! Oooooh we can all have sleepovers at my place and be naked all the time and fuck all night long and be dirty lesbos with other and bring over all the other cute girls we know to fuck too!

Ava was still charged up with the forbidden thrill of what she had done upstairs with her own mother. The idea of incest would have freaked her out before but now all Ava wanted to do was break that taboo again and again and have her friends do it too, something that also turned on Bella as she found herself considering forbidden thoughts she never would have entertained before.

Mmmmm get Kalli and Dani naked like me! Mmmmm fuck them in front of me and let them fuck me too! Mmmm gawd I want that! Mmmm fuck they can fuck my ass like you did Ava! That felt soooo fucking good! I loved feeling you fuck my virgin ass! I wanna do it to you! Chloe knew she should have been stopping this. After all she was the only sober one there and she was responsible for bringing her friends to this place.

She wanted to ride this wild, out of control train as long as it would go. Having her previously only platonic friends fucking her and showing off how kinky and slutty they could be turned Chloe on far more than she ever thought it could. She wanted to enjoy every crazy, dirty moment of this and she tingled in arousal at the mere thought of Ava fucking her virgin asshole with a big, hard toy right in front of Heather.

She only wanted more from her sexy friend. She had stopped licking her pussy and, as hot as it was to see those girls go at each other, Maria needed to feel that tongue on her.

Keep eating me you little slut! Get that tongue back to licking! Maria had never felt this insatiable before in her entire life. Each orgasm she had made her crave another one even more. She had completely lost track of how many times she had come and all she wanted was to come again and again until she passed out from it and then have someone licked her even more while she was conked out so she could have hot wet drams about girl fucking.

Under ordinary circumstances, Maria would have been hesitant to be so naughty with young women like Chloe, Bella and Ava. She had never had sex with a teenage girl before and it ordinarily would have made her nervous and unsure of herself for being so kinky. Eat my pussy little girl! You want to be a big star like them Chloe?

Want to be famous when you grow up? Then make me come! Eat my wet pussy and make me fucking com! All three of you have to eat me out! Fuckkkk ohhhh fuckkkk yesssss eat me out Chloe! Give me those young fucking bodies of yours! They all loved to play with Maria and have fun with her before she would interview them. It was so evil and so unlike Maria and yet Jennifer totally understood what was making Maria act this way because those beautiful nude bodies were so arousing as they all licked and fucked right in front of her without any clue she was watching them.

But Jennifer was so glad they were all there. Their nubile, young bodies looked so tempting and Jennifer wanted to lick every inch of them. She wanted to teach everything she knew to those eager little sluts and train them in how to eat pussy and fuck hot girls. Jennifer wanted to mentor and guide them and, of course, drag her tongue all over their hot, young bodies. Jennifer could see they were raw in their fun though and she knew she had so much to teach Chloe, Ava and Bella.

And the thought of instructing those beautiful, impressionable young women in the art of being lesbian sluts made Jennifer extra wet. Their tight, nubile bodies were so arousing and Jennifer found herself drawn to their beautiful bare tits and asses as she wondered how good their fresh, juicy teen cunts tasted.

Jennifer wanted to teach them everything she knew. She wanted to tongue fuck Chloe and Bella and Ava and make them come and cream for her as she showed them how to lick pussy and eat ass and be the sexiest sluts they could be.

Jennifer was so turned by how hot it would be for her to fuck them all, those three young sluts eagerly doing whatever she said as she spanked and teased and touched and fucked their gorgeous bodies. Staring at them going at each other filled Jennifer with wicked visions of the three young women. She pictured Bella, Ava and Chloe naked and spreading their legs for her. Jennifer eagerly pictured all three of those wet teen pussies so open and tight and pink for her to lick and suck and finger as she went and fucked all three of them, going from girl to girl as she blew each of their minds with how well she could lick them.

And then after she would feast on their pussies and make them all come like they had never come before, Jennifer fantasized that they would all flip over for her and willingly offer up their teenage asses for her to defile.

Jennifer wanted to show all three of them every bit of her experience and the age difference between her and the horny teens was so arousing to her. Maria was always so tasty. Maria was moaning happily from Chloe going down on her, but Jennifer knew she could do even better than the blonde girl was doing. Maria Menounos always looked so sexy to Jennifer and Jennifer hungered for her more than ever.

But before Jennifer could do anything about that, she found something else to distract her because, just a few inches away on the floor, Lindsay Lohan had Haylie Duff on her hands and knees on the floor. It seemed like something had set all of these girls off at what was supposed to be an innocent Christmas party.

This all looked so right but deep down it felt kind of wrong. Mmmm take it just like your sister does! Mmmmm shake that ass for me Haylie! Jiggle it while I fuck you hard! I love when Hilary does that for me! Fuck my butt just like that! Oooooh I get so jealous that Hil has such a big, juicy ass to fuck! I want to get fucked like she does! Mmmmmm this feels so fucking good! Fuck me up the ass Lindsay!

Show me what a bad girl you are! I know what whores you Duff girls are! I know Hil is such a total slut! Fuck me like you fuck Hil! Nail my bubble butt and fuck me hard! Make me your assfucked whore just like you do to my sister! Fuck my ass and then my mouth! I see you do that to Hilary all the time and it makes me want it too! Make me as slutty as Hilary is!

Jennifer moaned and took her hand off the doorway to run it over her bare tits. She hissed in pleasure as she caressed her round breasts and felt up her own hard nipples. Jennifer was so turned on. She knew something was strange about all of this and Jennifer felt like she knew why, but how could she focus on anything when everything else was so sexy and so distracting? Her body was like a bonfire of desire. Every time she moved she felt how sore her pussy and ass were from being fucked repeatedly.

Jennifer had never felt this way before in her life and it was like the answer to what was happening was on the tip of her tongue. And it was clear that everyone around her felt the same way because this Christmas party was an orgy in every conceivable way.

Hedonism was the only thing that mattered and Jen had a tipsy smile as she staggered around trying to take it all in. She wanted to be nasty. She wanted to be dirty. She wanted to fuck! Watching Taylor get savagely fucked in the other room by Rihanna and Katy Perry had Jennifer feeling so creamy between her legs. She had never gotten fucked that hard in her life and she wanted to know what it felt like.

She wanted someone to take her and pound her and fuck her for being such a bad girl. Yet how could anything be wrong when everyone was having so much fun?

As she staggered away from the throng of bodies on the floor, Jennifer saw how people were fucking everywhere around the house, going at it anywhere they could and it all made Jennifer even wetter.

But there was something rawer about tonight that made it even hotter. Slap a bow on it and call it a fucking present, baby. These fucking newbies treating you good? She felt so fucking worshipped right then and she loved it. She loved to be seduced, especially by women. But tonight she felt a wicked charge running through her body and she wanted to take control and fuck everyone in sight.

She wanted to grab what she wanted and make it happen. She felt like the queen of all she surveyed, like this chair was her throne and that all others had to bow and grovel before her. Fucking suck those big black titties like a good white girl should! And she loved that a whole hell of a lot.

She was not typically a submissive girl. She had never dreamed in a million years she would even meet her much less do the things she had done with her. Besides having a thing for older women, Liz had always liked black women too. Liz had kissed everywhere she could. And it had all served her so well. Of course that had been amazing too.

But Liz figured they deserved it for all their petty fighting. Lick it up just like that! Mmmmm especially eat this yummy pussy! Ariana thought about saying something to tease Victoria for being so desperate for any attention by a superstar to try and jump start her career, but for once she stayed silent.

Ariana just wanted to eat this pussy because Victoria was definitely right about one thing. She was obsessed with this beautiful pussy too. But it was all Victoria cared about now. She had meant what she had said. Are they licking you nice and hot like I did? Mmmm you blew my mind with that tongue of yours, girl. How about you come over here and kiss me again so I can taste some more of my honey all over those sweet lips? This was all so surreal and she never wanted it to end.

She told us how you loved it when she took your ass with it and how good you were at taking that cock like a big girl. But this went so beyond that. She thought she was a great lover. This was the greatest thing she had ever heard. Mmmm spread those legs some more so I can show you. She loved how she was the one who was clearly in charge here and yet she was still the one following an order as she spread herself open even more and made herself completely vulnerable.

But she made it work and sank down onto her knees alongside her former co-stars. And once she was there, Liz moved to her prize. You are a bad girl! Oooooh fuck it with your tongue you bad girl! Ohhhhh yesssss make it feel good like you made my pussy feel good!

Lick that ass while your friends eat my pussy! And Jennifer watched it all with satisfaction. This was such an erotic show that she was sure she could make herself come from it. Such dirty fucking sluts! Ohhhhh you make me feel so good!

Mmmm yesssss stick that tongue inside me Liz! All the girls here love to get their pretty white girl tongues up my black ass and I let each and every one of them do it because it feels so fucking good to have a horny white girl eat my big booty! Mmmm fuckkkk you know just how to do it too Liz! Good little white slut!

Eat that ass while your friends tongue fuck my horny wet cunt! The two longtime lovers kissed passionately as she was treated to three new tongues all at the same time. She had a little recollection of them being on a show or something but they had not been anyone she had really paid attention to.

All three of them continued to thoroughly pleasure the superstar singer with their tongues. Her ass was hanging right on the edge of the chair putting her pussy and asshole right where the girls needed them to be.

Ever since Rose had shoved Mr. Snappy up her tightest hole, Liz had been feeling such a need for assfucking, especially dishing it out to other girls. That was just what Victoria and Ariana wanted. But it felt so good for them to work together. Both of them had to admit, even if neither of them was ready to say it out loud, that they made a pretty good team. It was close quarters for all three of them, especially for Victoria and Ariana and the more their bodies touched the more they thought about all the naughty things they had already done to each other that night and how good it had felt to kiss and touch and lick and taste each other in such intimate places.

She hated to admit just how hot Ariana was with that gorgeous little ass of hers and those perfect bite-sized tits. Victoria hated how much she liked it, in fact, and how much it made her want to do it to Ariana again.

It was the opulently decorated mansion too. Ariana gasped over the gesture and found herself honestly surprised by it. This felt different though. It was more intimate and even, dare she say it, nice. And Ariana started wondering if she could be nice too.

She had used to like her a lot in fact. Victoria was actually pretty hot and talented and definitely hot and did she mention hot? She had such nice little boobs, rounder and fuller than hers. Maybe she could be less mean to her, you know just for Christmas. And, without even looking each other in the eye, Ariana and Victoria began to finger each other, their bodies tingling with pleasure from what they were doing.

Naturally their focus remained most on their shared lover though and how close she was to orgasm. The two rivals teamed up perfectly and Liz gave it all the perfect capper. She closed her eyes, kissing Jennifer even more deeply and letting her orgasm wash over her.

Jennifer looked down at the four women kissing as she straightened herself up and licked the fresh glaze of her own juices right off her fingers. Most people were on the floor both here and in the other room right by the tree and Jennifer could see a big reason for that was because the couch was fully occupied by girls feasting on each other.

She only knew Ariel from seeing her on Modern Family and yet Jennifer felt compelled to motorboat the teenager and it was obvious why. Emma Watson clearly had found Ariel to be just as irresistible as Jennifer had and her tongue was licking the happy, jiggling teenager into a sexual frenzy. Mmmmmm fuck me morrrrrrrrre! Oooooooh fuckkkkkk ohhhhh my Goddddd being a lesbo is so fucking hottttt! All of you get to fuck me! Oooooh none of you ever stop fucking me!

You have no idea what I had to go through to get into all of this fun with all of these beautiful fucking dykes and you just wandered right into it! Your twat is mine you sexy bitch! God, what Emma was doing to her was even as good as what Sarah and…fuckkkk…Shanelle had done to her.

Remembering what she had done with her own sister made Ariel feel so wicked because she knew it was wrong and she knew she wanted so much more of it. She wanted more of all this fucking! This was all so crazy and she loved it all, which felt like it had to be the craziest part of it all.

Both she and Emma had made their careers playing sexy, repressed brainiacs and now they were fucking each other like wild animals. Everything she had experienced tonight had been so amazing and Ariel needed more. Ariel had expected to catch her breath after she and Chloe had played and maybe then try and find some more fun. Instead the fun had found her. Emma had practically attacked her, grabbing Ariel away from Chloe as soon as she could and dragging her over to the couch.

Ariel had barely had a chance to sputter out a word before Emma had pushed her down and slung open her legs so she could start tonguing her in a pussy starved frenzy.

It had been so crazy and rude for Emma to just yank her over like she was some kind of piece of meat and then take lewd liberties with her naked body. Emma was making Ariel feel incredible as her tongue drove her absolutely wild with lust.

This was wild and naughty and even a little scary but it all felt wonderful to Ariel. But at the same time she loved what was happening to her so much as Emma tongue fucked her. She had lost track of where Shanelle and Sarah were but at least Chloe was in eyeshot as she was licked by Bella and Ava while she ate out Maria. Normally Ariel would have freaked out just at the thought of someone like Maria finding out about what and Shanelle had done but now she was turned on by it.

Ariel felt her pussy drip with raw lust over not just only her wicked fantasies but from how Emma skillfully tongued her. Fucking fill my mouth with creamy cunt juice! I got so hot as soon as I saw you walk in! I wanted you to be a fucking slut for it just like I am!

Ariel definitely believed what Emma was telling her because the whole couch was full of women who were living proof of it. And Ariel wanted what Emma told her to be true.

She wanted to crave women. She wanted this desire and pleasure to never, ever end. It was crowded with five bodies and everyone was so into each other that they were practically tangled together. All that mattered was more touching and more kissing and lots more fucking and Ariel loved it as her big tits were eagerly groped by someone who knew very well just what it was like to walk around with a huge rack.

She had no idea if Kat was being serious or not about contest to see whose breasts were bigger. Mmmm make her put that big mouth of hers to better use so she can make you feel good instead of teasing you! She and Ariel had only met casually before tonight but that was more than good enough for Kat as she kissed and licked all over those big, bare while getting both hands on the fleshy mounds so she could fully explore them and make Ariel moan from it.

And Kat was morning too not just from the huge boobs in her face but from the way she was being licked too. Having Beth fuck her ass before had made Kat come so nicely but she was definitely eager for lots more pleasure.

Mmmm your pussy is so hot! Give it to me Kat! Ooooh Natalie has been holding out on me this whole time! Lick my wet pussy! Mmmm taste how fucking juicy I am for you! She loved knowing she could make women feel good.

But she had gotten so much more than just dick out of what had happened, though. She had also been given a hunger for pussy and JoJo had never looked back since. She had fucked so many girls since that first time with Gwen and she had become so insatiable for it. JoJo was so glad that she and Michelle and Avril had run into Kat and Beth outside the mansion trying to get in.

They had all been shocked to walk in on an orgy. It had been the happy kind of shock though and JoJo and all of them had been so eager to get out of their clothes and join right in. It was obvious to all of them that as late arrivals they had missed some big spark that had turned a wholesome Christmas party into an orgy. It was weird to be sober and clear-headed when everyone else was acting so crazy but it was also a thrill.

She was on her elbows and knees as she licked Kat and JoJo hoped that someone, anyone, would come over to her and play with her. And that holiday wish that came true as the singer suddenly felt a soft hand caressing her butt cheeks and boldly reaching down to toy with her dripping slit.

Get back down there and lick Kat some more! And she had gained enormously both professionally and personally from it. Christina and Britney had helped her so much with her career, keeping her music going even as she had been locked in legal war with her old label. JoJo had worked so hard with them getting all her new stuff just right for a comeback. JoJo knew she had learned so much from their professional tutelage. And then there had been all the extra benefits. JoJo had learned so much sexually too.

The label was the perfect place for her creatively and also carnally as Britney and Christina and all of the other hot singers they had signed there and even the secretaries and PR girls and hot female interns were always eager to lick and fuck.

JoJo loved working with Desire Records and she had become even better at fucking girls from all she had learned thanks to her time at the label. And Jennifer took it all in. The lengthier part of the L-shaped couch had Beth right at the edge of it as her slim blonde body was on her knees with her beautiful pear shaped ass sticking up.

The 2 Broke Girls star was happily tongue fucking Christina as the nymphomaniac pop star was on her knees in front of her as the girls stretched out across the couch fucking each other. Jennifer loved watching all these hot women going at each other. It was so hot to see them all crowding the couch and going after each other without any inhibition. It made Jennifer eager to touch herself even more but there was so much going on that it was impossible to keep one thing on her mind at any time.

Jennifer loved being able to stare at the beautiful nude women positioned on the couch. And while she had never been with Ariel, Kat or Beth. Jennifer wanted all of them. She wanted to lick them and fuck them and have them fuck all of her holes repeatedly. Watching them all naked and naughty and wild like this was making Jennifer so fucking horny.

She loved watching them fuck as her hand rubbed her own pussy raw. Normally Jennifer might have been upset, or at the very least concerned, about what they were doing on the couch and how they might stain it with their lewd activity. Her hand was fused to her pussy, just like it had been as she had wandered around the orgy and her eyes drank in the view. And Jennifer especially envied Emma because she knew how amazing Christina was at eating pussy.

It was so hot for Jennifer to see Beth and Kat throw themselves into the fun. They both had such different but gorgeous bodies and Jennifer was horny for them both. They were all so beautiful and their nude bodies glistened with erotic perspiration. It made her feel like she was some kind of spirit floating around and seeing everything. Jennifer knew she could have stayed here all night and watched them fuck on the couch. Jennifer felt flushed and horny and eager as she watched them go at each other but at the same time, she also felt herself being pulled away by her own unsettled mind.

Jennifer wanted to see everyone fuck. There was a whole party of delicious naked women and Jennifer wanted to see them all. She left the six wild women to their own fun while she kept wandering her own home, barely believing what had happened to this party. There was so much calling for her attention here.

Jennifer instead wandered away on her unsteady feet, moving over bodies going at it on the floor while aching to fuck each and every one she saw. Dozens of women were fucking all throughout the mansion and even a few men too, something that shocked Jennifer but also aroused her as she thought back to a secret only a few people knew about.

And when she looked across the room Jennifer moaned when she saw what Fluffy was up to. Fluffy had both Mariah and Gwen, not only bent over a table but stacked on top of each other. Gwen was rubbing herself sensually into Mariah as she kissed her neck and made sure their lips met together as often as they could. But Gwen was not a passive participant in this and Fluffy took full advantage of the two naked women stacked on top of each other, their bodies bent over the table and their holes fully exposed.

Just the thought of it intimidated Jennifer usually but tonight her body ached to try it. She wondered if Gwen would mind if she walked right up to them, bent over and told Fluffy to forget everyone else and just stick his dark cock right up her big Greek ass. Jennifer had a feeling that not only would Gwen not have minded in the least, she would have been more than happy to help by lubing up her asshole with a tongue. The bodyguard was moving his cock from hole to hole and picking whatever one he wanted at any given second making both of them grunt and groan in submissive rapture.

And Jennifer was definitely checking out the naked, muscular bodyguard as he fucked them both, his back muscles glistening with sweat and rippling as he exerted himself further. His ass looked like a hunk of granite as he thrust into the willing holes that were his for the taking. Jennifer loved watching his muscular ass move with those thrusts. Avril was quick to walk right up to Fluffy and playfully slap his bare ass, a gesture that would have angered him any other time but tonight just aroused him further especially when Avril rubbed her tiny but sexy nude frame into him, pressing her bare tits into his back, and encouraged him to fuck Mariah and Gwen harder.

And Michelle got involved too by bringing her naked body onto the table with the other two singers. Tonight she just wanted Gwen and Mariah and she opened her legs in front of them showing off how wet she was as a relatively fresh participant in the orgy.

Her gesture had the desired effect too. Gwen and Mariah both went after her pussy like they were in a feeding frenzy and soon she was also getting fucked, this time by two greedy tongues. Michelle moaned and felt up her own round, soft tits as she writhed naked on the table, watching Fluffy give it to Gwen and Mariah while she got licked by them both.

And when she got closer, Jennifer could clearly hear Avril moaning about how it was her turn with Fluffy next which dissuaded Jennifer from getting any closer.

After all this was her house and Jennifer felt like this was her orgy. And when she thought that her brain sent her some kind of a vision about how it kind of was and how she was responsible for all of this and not in a good way either.

There was so much to see that it was almost overwhelming. She was getting it hard from Kate Upton as the busty supermodel used a pink ridged dildo up her wet cunt and from Ali Lohan as the younger girl showed off how much she had learned from her big sister when it came to fucking hot girls up the ass with toys.

Sarah cried out again and again, showing off how well her yoga was going as she lifted her legs in the air and put them up close to her head to fully spread herself open and give the girls plenty of room to operate as they gave her a double dicking. Sarah was panting as she cried out, her firm, little tits giggling on her chest while she was fucked hard by two plastic toys.

All three of them had randomly come together because they had all been looking to fuck. None of them had anything in common besides a shared desire for women and it connected them all in lust. I get here whenever I can and I hope you start coming to the mansion all the time too!

Oooooh fuckkk mmmm yessssssss lick it! Lick my furry fucking hole while you shove those fucksticks inside me! Ohhhh Goddd I need this so bad! Fucking make me come! Jennifer watched as the three women connected with each other sexually. Sarah was rubbing her bare ass into the rug as her legs were lifted up so high that Jennifer found herself envying how flexible the younger woman was.

And she also envied just how good Ali and Kate were making the Modern Family star feel. Kate had obviously had quite the change of heart since Jennifer had first made the move on her because the formerly totally straight model sure looked like an eager girlfucker now as she lapped at and fucked Sarah. Shanelle Gray was doing something forbidden she had fantasized about before but had never thought she would actually do.

She had seen her in action before with Chloe and now Ava was the one getting fucked. But a lot of things she had never thought would happen had happened since she had arrived here and this was another one that felt absolutely incredible.

Gawd you were always around the house whining about something and driving everyone crazy and I just wanted to shut you up by shoving your pretty face right into my pussy! Mmmm I always wanted to taste you and fuck the brat right out of you! She had just been someone who had always been there, more like a chauffer or a stern babysitter than anyone actually important.

But now she was seeing Shanelle in a whole new light as she moaned from her tongue. Fuck me like a brat Shanelle! Fuck me with your tongue just like Ariel will! Oooooh gawd I wanna fuck her soooo much now!

Spying on me being so fucking dirty! You can join in too! Ooooh we can have a big, nasty orgy! Mmmm fuck me Shanelle! I never knew how hot you were until now! It was simply too nasty for her not to react to what she overheard. Jennifer had been with Heather many times. She never would have thought in a million years that Heather was capable of something as kinky as having sex with her own daughter but the more Jennifer looked at the beautiful teenager, her gorgeous face and blonde hair making her look so angelic even as Ava moaned like a wanton whore, the more she saw just how irresistible the girl looked.

Yet Ava and Shanelle were so open with their own filthiness. I never knew my mom knew you like this! I can fuck you even better than her old ass can! And I know you want it too!

I saw you checking me and Chloe and Bella out before! I know you want all of us to fuck you! Jennifer smiled over how confident Ava was and part of her wanted the girl to be right. The idea of being completely at the sexual mercy of a bunch of horny teenagers aroused Jennifer more than she ever thought it could have and it even turned her on more than it had when she had thought about taking those girls to school and showing them all the naughty tricks she knew.

Mmmmm look at her! Look at those tits! And her pussy tastes so fucking good! She could certainly see what Shanelle was talking about and Jennifer had to wonder what she would have done in the same situation had Ariel been her sister. She felt a bit woozy and again had to reach out for something to support her. She grabbed onto a chair and when she did she was that it was occupied. Just like Beyonce had been in one of the plush, comfortable chairs like it was a throne, its twin piece of the furniture set was being put to good use as well as Minka Kelly sat in it.

Mandy was in visible ecstasy as she did it, her eyes closed and her mouth open as moans escaped it continually, her body shaking so enticingly as Mandy faced Minka while she rode her toy. Mmmm fuckkk your cock feels so good up my ass! Jennifer had seen this side of Mandy before and it never stopped being sexy. I love how dirty you are baby!

Let Minka take care of you! Minka was already wondering where she could get one of these of her own. But now she felt like that was something that had to change and she had to get one for her house too.

After all, Mandy had needs and Minka was completely committed to satisfying them like a good friend should. Or maybe one of the girls here knew where to get one. They sure had a lot of toys lying around to be used, including the one Minka had strapped tight around her waist.

The harness felt funny but in a good way and Minka felt such a naughty rush from the way her own ass cheeks pushed out of the harness in the back and were now rubbing into this nice soft chair as she fucked Mandy. Mmmm take care of me! Give me what I fucking need! Mandy had thought tonight was going to be a boring night. Minka had been her platonic friend for years and nothing remotely sexual had ever happened between them before tonight. Now Mandy had lost track of how many times Minka had fucked her up the ass and the night was still young.

Mandy had no idea what time it even was. She had lost complete track of it and it could have been minutes or it could have been hours since they had arrived and the Christmas party had descended into sexual madness.

Who could keep track of something as insignificant as time when she had more important things to focus on, like being fucked up the ass by her gorgeous friend? She wanted to feel close to her friend as they did this tawdry act together. She loved riding her like this so she could look Minka right in her beautiful brown eyes and kiss her whenever she wanted and feel their big tits smacking together as they bumped their bodies into one another and felt nothing but pleasure.

But none of them had been as special as Minka was. She was friends with all the mansion girls and what she felt for them went far beyond just lust. But for Mandy, what she felt with Minka was so much more. They had been so close for so long and now they had crossed every line into a hot, horny intimacy that was making them both feel so good.

This felt so right to Mandy. She loved feeling Minka fuck her in the ass. Being taken up the ass required trust and submission to someone taking control and Mandy loved doing that with Minka.

She loved hearing Minka say she was going to take care of her. That not only made Mandy feel very safe with her friend but also extremely turned on. Ooooooh yesss shove it deep up my slutty ass! Ughh yessss we should have been doing this so long ago! I never knew you had this side of you but I love seeing it!

Minka was surprised by how naturally she had taken to all of this. She had been with women before tonight but it had only been a casual thing she did for fun when the right mood struck. But Minka loved how natural it felt for her to be naked with all of these other women and to have Mandy in her lap bouncing up and down sensually.

It felt so right and sexy to do this. Minka had taken to this so easily, like it had been inside her the whole time to be so uninhibited and it honestly made her happy to make Mandy feel good. Anal pleasure was not new to Minka and she found it so hot that the friend that she had assumed had been a prude was actually an insatiable whore for being ass fucked. Knowing Mandy had all these dark, sexy secrets that she had kept hidden thrilled Minka and she wanted to find out everything about how Mandy had gotten into all of this.

And mostly she wanted to keep fucking her friend and making her feel good. Making Mandy feel good made Minka feel good and she was being stimulated too as Mandy rode the cock she was wearing.

Having a strap-on around her waist was something Minka was getting more and more used to as well and she pushed up harder into Mandy, thrusting with more force and making Mandy quiver and let loose a series of heavy moans and lustful quick breaths.

Mmmm fuck this feels so good! I love feeling you deep in my butt! Mmmm yesss I want to be naked with you all the time Minka!

God, I just want to blow everything else off and not go to the set and just stay in bed with you all day fucking! All Mandy knew was that her ass was really sore but she wanted lots more. She needed to keep getting fucked and it was even sweeter if it was Minka who was doing it.

But now they were as close as they could be to making love while indulging in anal pleasure. They felt so connected to each other and there was a tenderness and a sensual heat to the way their bodies moved in time, Mandy gliding herself up and down the strap-on that was up her ass and Minka pushing into her friend forcefully but not too hard and quickly but not at too rapid a pace.

Jennifer could see the connection between the two of them. Hell she could feel it. She knew chemistry when she saw it and she was really happy for Mandy, especially because hopefully this meant Minka would be coming around the mansion a lot from now on.

Jennifer had nursed a big time crush on the beautiful actress ever since she had seen her first episode of Friday Night Lights and she loved that she was here and already in on the fun. Minka had such beautifully full tits and they looked so soft and sexy with big pink nipples. If it had been, Jennifer would have eagerly gotten involved. After all, her pussy was badly in need of attention and she was definitely down to fuck. But this had been more and Jennifer had felt it.

So she had held off on making her presence felt and had instead watched, enjoying the thrill of being a voyeur and enjoying the erotic spectacle of the two beautiful women having sensual anal sex in the living room.

She had just watched them make love in front of her. Jennifer wanted them to remain undisturbed so she just watched. She just stared at them in aroused fascination. You never have to keep secrets from me again! Be as kinky as you want with me! Come for me baby! I want to come for you so much! I want to come from this big hard cock up my ass! Give your slutty friend what she needs! Ohhhh fuckkkk I have to get fucked up my ass Minka!

I need it so much! I need to feel it and I need to taste it! They rubbed their tongues together as they kissed and their bare breasts rubbed into each other as they moved closer. Mandy leaned in while they both moaned in their kiss and pressed her hard nipples to Minka. They both loved feeling their big tits touch and for Mandy it was extra pleasure because bending in while pushing her body down allowed more of the strap-on to fill her up, giving her sore ass more of the plastic it needed.

Mandy grunted and groaned from feeling the penetration go deeper. God, she wanted it all inside her. She wanted to be filled completely and left completely stuffed with fake cock up her ass so she could lick off every bit of it. They were both into this and it liberated Mandy. Mmmm move in tonight! Both of them laughed as Mandy said it. This was quickly becoming something a lot more than friendship and it truthfully made them a little bit nervous but a lot more curious about where this path they were starting down might lead.

I have so many! Make my ass gape so good Minka! Mmmm I can take anything you want to give me! Mmmmm but I love it! Your pussy is so wet for me! Come from me fucking your ass! Come hard and then you can taste it! Knowing she had Mandy right in the edge, Minka fucked her friend faster. She just wanted her to feel so good. Minka wanted her friend to come. She wanted Mandy to feel hot and dirty and indulge herself because it made Minka feel good to know Mandy was in ecstasy.

Take it deep up your ass and give me a nasty blowjob and suck my big, hard cock clean! I love being on my knees and sucking cock! I love being a dirty blowjob bitch and getting hard fucking dicks in my mouth to get all wet! Mmmm I want you on your knees Mandy! I want to see good little Mandy Moore sucking my dick in your sweet mouth and sucking your own slutty ass off it!

Mmmmm do it Mandy! Fucking suck me like a dirty, ass hungry whore! Minka guessed that Mandy would respond to the feverish dirty talk as she got closer and closer to coming and she was dead right about that.

Minka thrust her fingers in harder as Mandy came and her pussy clamped down to squeeze them out and she pushed the cock in faster in Mandy, just like the woman wanted it. She had something she needed even more than to cuddle as she pulled herself off, moaning in bliss over the rough raw feel of the hard cock coming out of her ass.

Mandy devoured the cock like she was starving for it. She opened wide and let Minka slide the toy into her mouth and down her throat as she eagerly wrapped her lips around it and wetly sucked it. Mandy was as good as her word as she gave Minka a wet blowjob bobbing her mouth up and down the plastic and sucking her own ass off hungrily as drool dripped out of her mouth and coated the toy.

But she had never watched anything like this with the sex so full of emotion and carnal tenderness. But Jennifer felt compelled to move onward. She also felt that she looking for some kind of clarity too. However every time she tried to clear her head and find some answers to those lingering questions, the haze doubled down on her, keeping her from thinking and making her only want to stay naked and to fuck as many people as possible.

Her sore pussy and ass made clear that she had already done that but she needed more and with so many hot women there to inspire her, every time Jennifer tried to be rational, horny desire won out. Love had really gone all out. The room had such a gorgeous view not just of the Pacific Ocean as it led to a deck outside overlooking the beach but Love had made it into a place Santa himself would have been proud of.

The fireplace had stockings for all of the women who lived there lovingly hung up over and a huge wreath perched above it to. Love had also done her best Martha Stewart and done some craftwork at home, putting together pieces of pine tree and berries. It was a green and red display that was awesome to see and Jennifer knew how proud her housemate was of it and their huge Christmas tree, which was all lit up in all its glory with ornaments galore that were both of the opulent variety and the homey ones full of tradition and emotion for the season.

And all around the tree were the boxes and packages of Christmas presents they had all gotten each other. Love had insisted the presents all go around the tree so they could all open them on Christmas morning and it looked beautiful. It would have been the kind of Christmas scene you could have put in a magazine…except for all the nude women fucking like wild animals around it. That turned the atmosphere from Better Homes and Gardens to Hustler in a flash and Jennifer moaned over the view of everyone fucking their brains out.

The room was smaller than the bigger living room she had just staggered over which just meant everyone was in more of an enclosed space and only further emphasized how much of a depraved orgy everything had become. This was the room that Jennifer had just watched Taylor Swift be defiled in and with a gasp she noticed that Katy and Rihanna were still going at it with her.

The whole room was a study in contrast, probably the biggest you could have. Everything about the room screamed Christmas, from the tree to the scent of pine and mint and winter all rolled into one to the way Love had set up music in the room to play Christmas songs.

But what Jennifer heard along with the music definitely had nothing to do with Christmas. It was complete debauchery in the room right along every innocent symbol of the season. It contrasted and corrupted Christmas completely and yet it also perversely excited Jennifer. This was the time when everyone was supposed to be getting on the nice list yet everyone here seemed to be in competition as to who could be the naughtiest. Love had made such a big deal about Christmas and had exhausted herself decorating the house to the fullest she could.

It had all been about Christmas there and yet even Love had gone wild too. It was so wonderfully dirty to have everything in the mansion decorated to be the ultimate in seasonal purity when everyone inside it was acting like the devil had possessed them. She had been moping and avoiding fun at Christmas but the fun had found her and it was the best and dirtiest kind too. Jennifer saw so many women fucking away that it almost became a blur to her all.

There was licking and fingering and toy play and lots and lots and lots of moaning. Jennifer knew the moans of so many of these women so well. She saw so many women she had fucked and tasted and she wanted to fuck them all again. Jennifer had never been with any of them but she had fantasized about them all and now they were all there naked and for the taking.

God, she was looking at strangers in her own house completely naked and fucking each other like animals with grunting and thrusting and lewd tonguing. Through you I have met some great friends. I really bonded with Scott and its very cool that he lives close by. Also Dave, and I'm very happy he has found love.

I am happy for you and the path you are on and I wish you nothing but the best. Thank you again my brother, all my love and respect. Your Odessa team is amazing and I hope that you are already aware of that fact. This was my second Ukraine tour with your company and Mr. Patterson, Anna, Leza and Kate did a tremendous job. With regards to Mr. Patterson, he was the consummate professional working diligently both day and night to ensure that each man on the tour not only enjoyed himself, but he also went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that everyone's needs were met within a realistic time frame provided their requests were also realistic as well.

The only recommendation I would make would be to look at the possibility of automating your overseas office systems with reasonable cost effective technology to make your teams "work smarter not harder". Refurbished I Pads and Mac Books could really streamline the way your team coordinates dates for the man in the different cities and also make record keeping much easier as a posed to legal pads and file folders.

Any questions or concerns regarding my tour comments or suggestions regarding the technology suggestions please feel free to contact me. Overall the tour was very interesting. Overall the tour was very interesting and I met new friends that are always a bonus for me because I love people The socials were great fun for me, I met a lot of great women and I must say that your staff was great and great fun to be around.

Helen was my favorite!! She is always positive and ready to make jokes and help where she can I will definitely be back, maybe not with a tour but using your other services if the one I met does not work out.

Bud did a a fantastic job! Met many attractive sincere ladies. Overall a great vacation experience. I will do this trip again. I had the nicest evening last night. Bud, I had the nicest evening last night. Only thing wrong was it was so much fun it got too late and I had to cancel my dates today to sleep. Thanks to you both for the introductions and help in Kiev. The Odessa trip was wonderful and the Tour itself was the experience of a lifetime.

Hi Anna, Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I would like to extend my thanks to you and the entire team for making this experience possible. Hopefully, there will be no repeats but if there must be, I will definitely rely on you guys again in my quest for love. Great time, well run event. Attended Bud 's seminar in St. Very organized and informative K.

Consummate professional with a powerful delivery of down to earth easy to understand clear information. Bud is the consummate professional with a powerful delivery of down to earth easy to understand clear information.

I can appreciate Buds integrity and passion for the true romance experience. AFA is a quality company that lives up too and deliveries on all of its promises. Enjoyed being present and learning! Great service, wonderful day tours and fantastic seminars!! Performed smoothly and professionally while here in Tampa. Bud Patterson performed smoothly and professionally while here in Tampa.

He articulated the AFA protocol along with everything a man needs to know about the tours and social events abroad. I thank him and AFA for another job well done! Excellent - loved the tours! I did both the Medellin and San Jose tours and they were well worth it from many aspects!

On your site, I have met my future wife. Thanks to your web site, I was able to write to a woman in Kharkov for several months and then I met her last December.

I have since filed for a fiance visa and we plan on getting married when she arrives in the US. Our meeting was all because of your site; however, now I have no further need of your wonderful service and so please cancel my membership. I want to go again! I learned so much and sincerely cherished the opportunity to meet so many wonderful women.

I would gladly recommend AFA and their tours to my single buddy friends. If they are truly serious about finding a lifemate, this is the way to go and the company to use. I have made some great contacts and am presently dating a lady I met via the San Jose tour. I don't know what is going to happen in the future - but I am excited - and my confidence level is very high that I am on the right path towards finding the love of my life. My comments refer to both tours that I recently came back from - Medellin and San Jose.

So helpful and understanding and with infinite patience - you have a very special organization to be able to have staff like yours with their motivation and principles to assist your clients however way that they can.

Your office managers are absolutely sensational people! Estefania is a special lady, so friendly, and always there for you if you have any questions or concerns. Gustavo has the heart of a good man, very caring, and always wishes the best to work out for his touring men meeting the lovely ladies. Your interpreters are such a valuable resource for the participating men coming to an unknown country and engaging in a new purpose in life for themselves. Susanna in Medellin was extremely helpful, teaching me all that she knew about the ways of the latina women, and understanding their sometimes strange but different actions and reactions.

Susan in San Jose was so easy to talk to and willingly offered her female intuition and insight into the male interaction with latina relationships.

Right now, I am having Andrea come and do translation on my dates with the lady in San Jose. She has been an immense help with her continued caring and patience to hope for the best for both of us. All of the interpreters did a very thorough professional job translating our conversations. Bud is a straight-to-the-point kind of guy that I appreciate because of his logical answers and suggestions. And about Michelle - well what can I say? She is my main advisor in AFA when I need clear decisive answers and advice.

Your staff up front have been an immense help to me as well. Briana always has a welcoming greeting and smile I am sure hahah when she answers my enquiring calls and questions. Jennifer is very friendly and always relays her best advice to my concerns. Kirk has always given very good customer service and assistance. Anna was very sincere about assisting me however she could when I initially made contact with your main AFA office. I phoned your after-hours tour line number and you answered.

I wondered what-the-hell the CEO of a major organization like yours is doing answering the phone in the evening? Now I know - you are good man, very dedicated, and consistently wanting your company and people to improve and offer the best service possible.

THE SOCIALS Eight minutes was not much time to consider six women at each table, but it actually turned out okay statistically, it takes women only about 30 seconds to assess if they are interested in a man. I made it a point to have my interpreter mention at the start when we sat down at the table to all of the women: All of these items proved very distracting to the women who actually wanted to listen and ask questions.

The biggest problem with the socials was the noise - for the ladies sitting on the opposite side of the table, it was almost impossible for them to hear the whole conversation. I appreciate that this would be a difficult problem to solve - maybe wall dividers would be a thought - or a bigger room.

To make matters worse in San Jose, music was being played during the socials. I had to ask the guy 3 times to either turn the volume down considerably or just simply stop playing - he eventually stopped playing. It helped - but it was still very noisy. Having servers offer the men and the interpreters drinks while they were sitting at the tables was a brilliant idea - that was very thoughtful, thank you!

The meals at all of the socials were more than satisfactory and very good. The slips of paper the ladies filled out with their names and contact information at San Jose were way tooooooo small! The ladies had to cram their information in on the forms - and some as a result were partially unreadable. The forms need to be at least 4 times bigger to give more space to write, and also to have a place for the ladies to write down any comments that they may have.

I have a suggestion for you. It is a waste of time for ladies to be repeatedly filling out those forms at the table. How about making a template - and putting it on your website - that they would fill in to include their name, contact details, and a photo - and let them print off a bunch of copies at home before they arrive at the socials. I appreciate that many ladies may not have a printer at home, so perhaps your office for a nominal fee can print off copies for them which they will get when they arrive at the social - or maybe even better - have a printer set up right at the social - to knock off copies for the ladies when they get there.

The photo idea would be a HUGE help for the men because it is virtually impossible to remember who-was-who after meeting women. They are not just an interpreter - they are a mother, a babysitter, a tour guide, a money-saver, a cultural advisor, a safety monitor, and most of all - a Matchmaker. I learned so much from my interpreters - and I am so very grateful for the knowledge they have bestowed upon me - especially about latina women, the latin countries, and the cultural differences between our countries.

Bless them for their patience and understanding and the excellent advice they consistently gave me. With this level of importance in mind, I feel that it would a good idea to schedule 1 hour before the first social to be with your interpreter, so you can get to know each other. Her knowing your background and what kind of lady you are looking beforehand would be a big time-saver at the tables so the same basic information does not need to be repeated and she can answer the lady's questions directly.

The staff were extremely helpful, having the breakfast buffet available was a great idea and very handy, and the rooms were more than adequate considering we didn't spend much time there hahaha! I did notice that wi-fi in the San Jose hotel was weak, so sometimes I had to use my cell time to access any internet connections. Lots of information which us wife-seekers need hahah!

The videos and photos are also a BIG plus for any guy checking out your offered services. You definitely have the best website of all the online agencies - my congratulations to your programmers and staff! Perhaps AFA could "officially" hand out a sheet during the orientation for the men to sign up for such a group to be able to stay in contact.

The men viewing their profiles have no idea how long ago their photos were taken. AFA is actually pretty good with theirs - in other agencies, this is a huge problem on one site, I caught a 28 year old lady who finally admitted that her photos were 10 years old, taken when she was 18, graduating from highschool.

I have a suggestion that would elevate your agency to a new standard in online dating - when the ladies come into your office to put their profile on your website, have the office manager take a minimum of 2 photos one facial and one full length - that will then be DATE-STAMPED, verifying that the lady's photos have been authenticated by the agency.

This would have multiple benefits. For the men, it will be easier for them to make a decison between a lady whose photos are 3 months old and one whose photos are 3 years old. For the women, this would be a good incentive for them to go to the office to get their photos updated accordingly. The women could still put on their own photos - but with those, there should be a notation on the page indicating that they are not verified as to how old they are. I appreciate that this would be extra work for the local agency office manager - but it would be well worth it - men can count on you and the ladies who have their profiles on your website.

Remember that men are making their decisions, and investing their hard-earned money and vacation time solely based on a few photos and some words in a profile - put dates on the photos and you will be setting a new standard in the industry! I very much appreciated that - especially when it comes to saving money - giving that advice out to your prospective clients does not increase your bottom line in the short term - but it certainly rates a noble and honourable reputation that AFA is truly there to help their clientele, which in the long term is so precious for the continued success of your company.

Thank you, AFA staff. Thank you for taking the time to read my comments. I wish you continued success and all the best in the future. I have received no compensation for writing it, nor have I received any discounts or benefits thereof.

To the men thinking of participating in an AFA tour: The "scorecard" for my online intent of meeting women on chat-type dating sites is a dismal one. It was an emotional, heart-breaking, and financial disaster for me. Then, after better research on my part, I discoverd AFA where I was understood, coached, and advised by very empathetic people who placed me on a path of success of finding a latina wife. It is one thing, gentlemen, to chat online with some anonymous lady for over hours, knowing that you cannot prove if she is for real or her photos are truly her, thinking that there will be a positive outcome - versus - being at a tour social, meeting a pretty adorable affectionate latina, sitting beside you, seeing her sensual welcoming smile and the sparkle in her eyes, and witnessing "the scent of a woman" - there is no comparison - and with that, brings the hope of finding true love for the future.

I wish all of you guys out there, all the best, Wayne. We have set a date to get married August 7th, China tour December Hey Bud: I was able to meet Minmin at the Saturday Social and we were inseparable for the next days! She is the only one I actually communicated with for two-months through the AFA site. I guess I am one of those exceptions that talked to my lady first I want to thank you for all your help; my China trip was very successful. Minmin is a school teacher and her specialty is teaching English to Chinese children.

She already has a US visa and has actually traveled to many countries including San Francisco she has a drivers licence and drove in San Francisco traffic if you can believe that!! She holds a Masters Degree and is a singer with one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard; she has over songs recorded on line!

She is smart and has one of the most soft and innocent spirits I have ever seen in a woman; that was the very reason I went to China! And of course, has great taste in men! Smile We talk, text or send voice messages many times a day since my return from China.

We have set a date to get married August 7th, my birthday. I am flying her out this month to spend just a short time with me Dec 29th thru Jan 3rd in Reno. I will be going back to Shenzhen in April to spend about days meeting her father and step-mother and two sisters. She will return for 6-weeks in July and August next year; I do not expect she will be returning to China other than to pick her belongings and for her and I to visit once or twice a year!

Bud, I tell you all this because I thought you would be interested in another "success story" and that she and I would be willing to be interviewed on video either at your AFA office in Shenzhen when I am there or Phoenix when she is here! I know marketing is everything and I thought you could use some testimonies! Building close friendships with the some of the other guys that come to the Socials was something I never expected as well.

That is a great testimony in itself! Also, I really need you help on a couple of things. She has told me she no longer wants it up, but does not know what to do to have it taken down. I though if anyone knows what to do, you would! Also, I would appreciate it if you would forward the name and phone number of the attorney AFA recommends so I can start the process for filing the "Fiancee visa" for my future wife. I was there days and I have to say that it was one of the most enjoyable trips I have ever experienced when traveling outside of the US.

I look forward to hearing from you. Again, thank you for all your help! My situation was not the norm for this kind of tour. John, My situation was not the norm for this kind of tour. I am NOT a social party type person but if that is your type of event, then the staggering number of stunning women was beyond belief.

The ultimate compliment that I can give is that I have encouraged my college age son to consider doing an AFA tour when he finishes school to find a wife!! Most of the men were unrealistic in their expectations but those of us who were reasonably level headed did just wonderful. I rarely see someone who is matched for his job as correctly as Bud!

Overall, it was well worth the money and effort and I am reasonably confident the 6 ladies are now down to 3 for future consideration.

This was my third tour in the past 12 months. John, This was my third tour in the past 12 months and they have been an exceptional experience. Special appreciations to Bud for the Thanksgiving night dinner at the Georgian Restaurant, the food, service and the friendships formed laughs was priceless. I have a special fondness of visiting the Kharkov orphanage, a gift worth giving! A pleasant surprise on the bus trip from Kiev to Kharkov, the vehicle was exceptionally modern with well planned pit stops.

The ride was very enjoyable and relaxing. I wanted to thank them for their hard work and support throughout the trip. I was also very pleased with the setup of having a translator dedicated to us during the socials. It was extremely helpful. During the trip I met a couple of wonderful women and hoping that one of them will be the one that I am looking for.

Time will tell but it looks like I will be going back soon no longer then a couple of months to spend more time with the right one. However, if for some reason it does not work out I would definitely choose to go on another one of your tours.

Bud was very helpful and supportive during the entire trip. During the breakfasts he would meet with us go from table to table and discuss whatever was going on and make sure we were getting everything out of our experience. I was also impressed with Anna your affiliates manager, I believe that is her title and how she interacted with the tour members. I also have to add that I was impressed with Alona on the bus tour of Kiev. She was extremely knowledgeable of the history.

I want to also note that Bud and Michelle were also very helpful and patient with all my questions when I was trying to decide on which trip to take and also afterward when I was preparing for the trip. Thanks again for a wonderful experience.

I just got back from a wonderful "Euro Club" trip. I just got back from a wonderful "Euro Club" trip to Kharkov. I had spoken to you about the trip before I went; perhaps you remember.

Well, I had a great time and met some very nice ladies. Bud, I want to pass along to you my impressions of the affiliate staff in Kharkov also. She quickly returned my emails, calls and text messages; answering questions "after hours" and rearranging last minute interview times when necessary- even while she was traveling to and from Kiev on business! I was very impressed! Bud, the office staff of Olga and Marina were gracious and accommodating to me as well.

They picked me up at airport and showed me around the city and welcomed me to their offices. I have also sent an email of thanks to the ladies in Kharkov office; but I know that it never hurts to let the bosses in Phoenix know they have some good ground game in Ukraine! Bud, I plan to "re enlist" in Euro Club soon and travel to Kherson next!

I hope that staff there is on their game like Kharkov! Please say hello to John and Tanya Adams for me. A friend referred me with good things to say.

John, I came to Kiev to try to meet woman for long term relationship. I was somewhat skeptical but thought I would try. I also met a few women through another dating site and tinder. I will day Anna did a great job with matching me with very nice women. I am in kiev now and still cannot believe the nice women I met with your agency. It is almost like to many nice ladies as how do you choose.

I was very impressed that even late like 9: Anna I felt did a great job, I hope you realize how good she is. Also, Laura who went with me to meet women was very nice and helpful.

Overall a very good experience and well worth the money. If anyone interested in coming I would be happy to talk to them on phone and give you good reference.

There is 3 very incredible women I have had second and third dates with and the main problem is how to choose. I mentioned I tried other dating sight and that was somewhat of a disaster as women only after money. I think you all screen them somewhat apparently as this did not happen with your agency, they seemed genuinely nice and interested. Thank you very much Dave. Benjamin and Mia met during our March tour. Benjamin and Mia met during our March tour to China and were recently married in the United States.

We would like to wish them a happy, prosperous and most of all loving life together! I met a lady in Dnepropetrovsk. I liked the Dnipro Social better than Kiev. Joe, Anna and the rest were tremendous and very helpful.

I met a lady in Dnipro, and I am currently back in Ukraine vacationing with her. It was a good experience for me. Once again, thanks for everything! I would like to personally thank you, your staff, and. Adams, I would like to personally thank you, your staff, and most importantly your tour leader during the September Ukraine tour, Joe, for their professionalism and outstanding service during this trip.

Ukraine was the first time I had ever left the United States and despite having traveled considerably around the country, Joe and your staff made this trip one of my most treasured memories. Besides meeting numerous fantastic women that took me on some of the most romantic and incredibly thoughtful dates I have ever been on, Joe and your staff were amazing.

The support, the tenacity in their work, I cannot begin to describe the relaxed yet productive atmosphere they produced for someone on a vacation for his first time in a foreign country. It was truly a blessing and an honor to explore a foreign land with you company. I also wanted to thank Bud for his correspondence prior to my departure regarding some questions I had.

From start to finish the effort on my part was minimal. Once I had my passport in hand, the rest was simple and straight forward. Regarding the socials, they can, at first, be extremely overwhelming!

Even as a self-professed Alpha Male with an abundance of confidence, I was slightly taken back during the first Social. After that, with some experience in the country, once the Dnipro social fired up, I was ready and even more excited.

At the risk of this sounding like a sales pitch, I cannot stress enough that anyone who is on the fence about AFA or the site or the tours GO. Get off your ass and GO on one of these tours. You will NOT regret it. This trip was an eye opening adventure and I would be hard pressed not to do it again. I had a blast and while I am sure your other tour leaders are just as fantastic, Joe gets my vote for his incredibly relaxed and efficient demeanor. I cannot say enough about his support during this adventure.

My deepest and most sincere thanks, Timothy C. I really feel compelled, though, to compliment Anna. Overall, we had a great time, met a lot of interesting people and most importantly some interesting and attractive women.

Joe was a great point-man and made the socials and travel a lot of fun. I really feel compelled, though, to compliment Anna, who went above and beyond to make sure that everyone had a great experience. I heard about several situations which she helped some of the other guys get through, resolving and avoiding some potential personal and maybe even legal issues for them.

For me personally, Anna was much more than a local contact and manager. She went out of her way for me on several occasions that really made the difference between an "ok" and "outstanding" experience. Just a few of the ways Anna went above and beyond: She arranged a private tour of Nikolaev with a local history museum guide. This was a great tour that addressed my specific interests in the city.

Not only did she arrange it, but when the taxi driver that initially arrived was rude and difficult, Anna came to the rescue with a new car and driver, to make sure I got the most out of the experience. I met a young lady in Nikolaev that I wanted to see again when we were already in Kherson, and I had to head back to Odessa that same night.

Anna took care of all of the logistics, arranging for a trustworthy car and driver to bring my young lady to Kherson for the day, then to take us both back to Nikolaev for dinner, and take me the rest of the way to Odessa so that I could catch my early morning flight back to the U. Between her impressive local contacts, expertise, friendliness and seemingly endless support, Anna made this a unique experience that I truly enjoyed, and am happy to recommend to others. She is a wonderful lady, and I am very happy.

As you can tell from the photos, we get along very well! The attorney says that the Immigration Visa for Inna and her son will take about 8 to 10 months. Hopefully I can catch up with you guys on Saturday at the Rus! Your staff was very friendly and helpful.

The location of the Socials in Kiev and Zaporizia were extraordinary the one in Dnipro was nice but it was dark inside, for me good lights inside is important for the interaction with ladies. Will definetely do it again. This was everything you promised and then some. John, This was everything you promised and then some.

Leonard and Jane in Thailand were excellent and extremely helpful in providing me with a great experience and the perfect woman. I truly fell in love with the city and the people. John, Medellin August My interpreter was great. She is a large reason why my trip was succesful. It was hard to leave Medellin. I was very emotional because I felt like I was leaving friends who i May never see again. This was not like other vacations where you visit an area and then go bome.

A trip to Colombia is much different. You meet new people and make new fri3nds, and you become attached to them in a way that makes it hard to leave.

Colombia is everything they say it is and more! I would like to pay the highest compliments to my translator Juliana. John, Medellin August I would like to pay the highest compliments to my translator Juliana.

She was exceptional and she is now a good friend Without her I would not have met my new lady. She helped me throughout the process and made the tour an enjoyable and successful one for me She not only helped with your details but was exceptional at highlighting the the best of Medellin Please pass on my thanks.

I employ people andcIbxan honestly say she would be one of the best customer service focussed people I have ever come across. She is a credit to your company Overall a successful tour for me. Thank you David H. I truly without any doubt had the time of my life. John, July Ukraine tour. Where do I begin? Bud, Anna, all the interpreters, completely amazing.

As Bud says, it was a good problem to have. I met some of the most wonderful people in my life, made tons of friends from all over the world, and would definitely recommend this life changing experience to anyone. With all the trials and tribulations of my experience I met someone that I hope to have a future with. She is absolutely amazing, though so many women are from the Ukraine, she is one that I will hope to marry and have a family with in the near future.

It was not easy for me, many tears were shed in the process, maybe a! But overall, this was the best experience of my entire life. I mean that with all my heart. Bud, is great, always there when you need him, Anna, the office Manager from Odessa, is just amazing, and both very tentative to our needs, and will go the extra mile without hesitation to resolve any matters that may arise.

As is the entire crew and everyone I met, were just magnificent. Though I plan to go back and work on the relationship I now have, I would love to go along for the ride again someday, and if my situation takes an unfortunate turn south, I may do that. Thank you so very much. Words can not describe my gratitude for the opportunity. Hello Bud, I have been in touch with Scott and he filled me in on the very generous and kind shout outs you have been sending my way.

Thank you from every fiber of my soul. The trip will live with me into eternity. Will you be conducting the October seminar in Miami? I live on the Fort Lauderdale area and would attend to say hello and support your program! Take good care my friend! I met some great women on the tour and I had tremendous fun.

John, The tour was excellent. The staff including Anna, Bud and all the support staff were completely fabulous and very helpful. AFA is the only company that lives up to its reputation. John, The tour was well organized. The socials were interesting and all they were presented to be. The staff made the trip exceptional. I stayed behind after the tour to look further into my new contacts. The Kiev and Odessa are staff helpful and courteous.

AFA is the only company that lives up to its reputation as a international introduction agency. It is not enough to collect millions of dollars from lonely men. A company must be positioned to actually help. AFA does exactly that. I was very satisfied with the organisation on arrival in Odessa. John, I was very satisfied with the organisation on arrival in Odessa, especially Anna AFA Odessa, the manager of the Odessa office was very helpful to me.

Also i want to praise the skills of Bud the tour leader, he knows his tours very well. I had a good trip! I am seeing somebody now I met on the trip, hopefully it works out, if noti will come back on this site to meet new people, we will see. An amazing experience that I will always remember.

An amazing experience that I will always remember!! I met and dated many wonderful and beautiful women. The comraderie among my tour mates was incredible. Everyone was positive, friendly, helpful and had a great sense of humor, advice and stories. As far as I can see, everyone was having the time of their life.

Bud is a wonderful tour leader and really cared about us being happy and enjoying the tour. It was nice to meet him in person and listen to his advice. My favorite social in Kharkiv was absolutely unbelievable!! There were so many beautiful and nice women to meet who were very down to earth and sincere.

I even won the dancing contest with a lady I met there!! I really want to thank everyone at AFA for giving me the opportunity to have such an wonderful experience!! Go on a tour!! It will change your life!! My Trip to Kiev, Poltava and Kharkov was a blast. My Trip to Kiev, Poltava and Kharkov was a blast!! All of you excided my expectations. Your Staff in all three cities is amazing. Really they are incredibly helpful. The thing that impressed me the most about your staff is that they really care about all of us guys on tour.

Doing their job is one thing, but your staff goes way beyond as they are genuine people that care about each individual. I feel that I am in good hands when I tour with Bud and each city office staff. I would love to tour with Bud again. The socials are an adrenalin rush for me. The Ladies are unreal, So many beautiful women that want to meet us. Also the comradery between the guys on tour is hard for me to put into words. I met some really good guys from many different walks of life and made new friendships.

We were all rooting for each other, sharing stories, advice and laughing together. I was looking for that one special lady in my life to settle down with and to my surprise I had to make a tough choice in Kharkov because there was several really fantastic ladies and finally two that I really fell for. I spent the last four days of my trip with my new exclusive. Her name is Elena. I am leaving Orlando in two days to spend another seven days with her in Kharkov.

It was an unforgettable trip and truly amazing time. I want to personally thank Bud again and let him know that the work he does changes lives.

Ukraine and this trip has touched my soul in any ways. John, I loved the trip for many reasons. The quality ladies, historical and tours were amazing. I was touched with the participation of the Kherson orphanage. Ukraine and this trip has touched my soul in any ways! Bud is a tremendously caring, knowledgeable, genuine person. We laughed and had great conversation form the breakfast tables, bus rides and social events. I would attend another tour in a heartbeat!

Iya at your office is awesome. John Kiev Tour Iya at your office is awesome!! She replies quickly and has answers any questions.

Bud was awesome as well having to juggle about 40 men. Ana on our bus ride from Poltava is awesome too. But my favorite because she went above and beyond her duty is Natasha calling me a taxi so the mall so I could get a tie for the Social and checking to see if I made it back to the hotel safely.

She also helped me get in touch with a lady I met at the Kharkov Social. Natasha also helped to interpret for me after the Poltava Social because my interpreter could not be available. What an awesome person she is!!!! All your staff deserve a pay raise John. John Odessa Tour Bud was the best. Funny, knowledgeable and experienced. All your staff deserve a pay rise John.!

Bud and the girls in the war room of each city worked hard for all us guys on the tour and deserve everything that you can give them John.! The pick up from the airport for me at was the start of an interesting couple of weeks.! I got plenty of exercise, had lunch or dinner with some beautiful women and enjoyed my time with Bud and the girls.

The interpreters at the socials were also very good. My only regret is that I did not go on one of your tours years ago.! I was interested to see that of the 20 women I picked for each social the majority only wanted to meet individually.

Thanks for allowing me on your tour to Ukraine. It was a great experience for me. I know how much you earned last year.!! Regards Mike in Madeira. Thanks to the hard work of your staff. John You likely do not recall, but I met you and your wife last November in Bloomington. You had visited your son in college and I had recently returned from my first visit to Kiev. Yesterday I returned from my second trip.

I attended the Kiev - Paltava and Kharkiv tour. Thanks to the hard work of your staff, my second trip was a huge success. It is not very often that a vacation can change your life - but this one may end up doing that.

The purpose of this email is to thank your employees who contributed most to making my trip a big success Let me start by thanking Bud. What a great guy he is! He is close to perfect temperament for his job - babysitting financially successful men who are way outside their comfort zone. Bud is patient and firm. He has a combination of kindness and confidence. When Bud said something - in a country where I had no control over anything - I was confident he would make it happen.

Some of the men on my trip were lost when it comes to women. Others, less so - hopefully I am in that group. Regardless, Bud was the voice of reason and provider of not just information but insight into how to deal with the emotions that a trip like this can produce. He did a great job and hope you tell him so personally. His best piece of advice - ignore women under 25 - was the best advice I could have gotten.

There are lots of gorgeous 30 year olds and Bud helped me ignore the eye candy and focus on what has the possibility of working for me Next, I wish to recognize Anastasia, my interpreter in Kiev. She is a very professional interpreter - she never makes the mistake some interpreters do of chatting with the girl or me and not sharing the information. She is also very kind and caring.

I felt like she was helping me - part of the team. She was the voice of reason when it was easy for me to act like a kid in a candy store. She gave me valuable perspective that let me focus on being calm, having fun and not over analyzing dates. On my last date, we had the taxi driver from hell who came close to killing us driving from Dream Town to Buddha Bar. We got out of the taxi with no external injuries but she was quite shaken - she says to me "Scott, I love you, but please never ask me to sit in the front seats with these crazy taxi drivers!

A note to Bud, Buddha Bar was one of my cheaper meals as my date did not order anything expensive Last, I wish to thank Anna my other interpreter She was very supportive as I met a much younger women who I fell in love with. I thought from the first date it was magic and Anna was very kind and supportive. She said that Alena and I were her favorite couple. Little things like this make a huge difference when trying to make the best choice off of very limited time together.

Well, I will be moving to Scottsdale in September. I am in internet marketing - if you want free ideas on how you can grow your business - you are invited to join Bud and I when I buy him a drink. Lead Gen, SEO, and affiliate marketing might be ways you want to consider getting men off their sofas and into the dream vacation of their lives. Scott PS - One last comment - I am sure you use several measures to determine the success of each trip. Obviously, monetary success is important.

One indicator you might use is how many men left the tour early. In my case I left the tour early. This was not due to problems with the tour - no. It was due to the tour meeting my goal. I wanted to meet 3 women I would be honored to marry. Once I did this, I wanted to focus on my number 2 goal - pick my top two choices and spend more time with them. I would recommend this tour to any man wishing a beautiful and younger wife than he can meet in the US. I meet my husband at one of the "love me" offices.

I used to work at a computer accessories selling department. I meet my husband at one of the "love me" offices in Lima in Sara and her team work helped me a lot finding the right guy for me. I gave Sara all my personal information and I also told her what my expectations for a guy were. One day while my actual husband was in Lima for two weeks July Sara emailed me his and other guys information and invited me for dinner meeting.

Unfortunately because of my job I missed that social. Few days later, Sara called me telling me that there was a guy named Samir interested in meeting me.

So I arranged to get together but I had to request a translator as I spoke basic English. So when the day came I was ready to know all about this new guy Samir. Elizabeth the translator was amazing as she could explain all the topics that we were talking about to get to know each other a little more.

I got together couple of times. So we went to: One day Samir and I talked about our future as a couple. We made the important decision to stay together forever. So I made the most important decision of my life. Drop my family, friends and job and move to Orlando Florida June Few months later we got married on December 18th, and since then we are so happy and pleased with your company. I am engaged to a woman I met through AFA.

If you would like my input I would be happy to give it to you. Thank-you for helping me find my true soul mate. Both staffs were great to work with for me. The only thing I wish was that I had more time to spend in both places.

I guess that mean I will have to go back and see which lady I will move forward with in a relationship. I have to tell you I had a great time in Ukraine. Hi John, I have to tell you I had a great time in Ukraine!!!!! Thanks to you and your staff. I fell in love with Kharkov. I can not say enough good things about two of your staff Anna and Elena from Kharkov.

They are both amazing people that love what they do bringing professionalism to there business. John it is crazy that I was in the hospital 9 days before I jumped on the plan for this tour. But I know that was one of the best decisions of my life.

Even if non of these girls work out this trip was a transformative moment in my life. Thanks again John for working so hard creating an organization to make this dream come true. It was a magical moment when Anna and I met.

She was siting at the head of the first table at the social. I went right up to her and told her we were going out after the social. She said yes, like we had known each other all our lives. After I got done going around all the tables I came back and there she was, waiting. We spent that night at the bowling alley and all the next day together like teenagers.

We talked about everything and each of our lives, like old friends catching up. Everything lined up, including the three children we were going to haveha ha ha. She said the it would take her some time. She could not say how long or why.

She has had three marriage proposals and been to the Alabama, California and Arizona. That girl is going to have thousands of marriage proposals! I would definitely get on the next plane and marry her if she calls! My friends that know me as a professional soldier and accomplished business man are horrified that I would consider marriage and having children again!

Anna happens to be the Fifth Element for me. Mine and that of my brothers. I walked away from the your AFA Tour thinking that it was worth all the blood, treasure, tears and lives lost. Freedom is a phenomenal divine gift. Thank you and the team for a life changing event. Hello John, I hope that all is well and that you and everyone on our tour has arrived home safely. I really want to thank you, Ken, Joe, and Anna for a memorable experience.

Damn I under estimated what he said: The club location was perfect. Anyway, once again thank you and the team for a life changing event. AFA Staff, The experience was very good. Anna and Joe are great, I say a special " Thank You" to them!!!! This was my third Euro Club trip to Kiev in a 10 months. Hi John, Following up from our conversation on Friday. This was my third Euro Club trip to Kiev in a 10 months time frame, and I am so happy to report that this trip was delightful.

This trip for me was everything I have always expected or wanted out of Euro Club. Elena, who helped me did an absolutely amazing job. She paid great attention to the type of ladies I wanted to meet and delivered exactly that. The quality of introductions was outstanding and even the quantity i might add was great. Elena could have given me 2 or 3 or even 4 more introductions but i was busy doing my second , third and fourth dates with the girls i had met before especially since my time in Kiev was running short.

I had a higher total number of introductions compared to each of my first two trips. The biggest and most important difference on this trip for me was the fact that the ladies were not only beautiful and met my criteria 9especially height and english proficiency etc but were there to meet me for the right reasons.

Not just to have an expensive meal or any other reason but to meet me and explore a chance for a relationship. It appears to me that Elena did such an excellent job at giving the girls a back story about me. She also gave me a back story about the girls before we met and this made for very nice conversations once we met.

The introductions i received on this Euro Club trip give me a real chance at a relationship. Iam continuing solid communications with a few girls from this trip and even though nothing is ever guaranteed, for the first time since i started doing Euro Club, i feel pretty good about the prospects of a real relationship.

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