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Asian women in Shelton wanting sex

Asian women in Shelton wanting sex

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In town for a conference and just hanging out. Im a nice man, funny, good waiting and a lot dex fun in bed. If this is you reply back a name of who you think this may be. Or fall in like with how I work my strap. Movies are always a best way to enjoy the evening.

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Asian women in Shelton wanting sex

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North Side w4m So I love sucking the big dicks on the hot mans. Hahalet me know thanks:) Second would be for you to come Asian women in Shelton wanting sex my house late at night for some fun in the basement rec room while my wife is asleep upstairs from us.

I am not seeking for a super model or anyone superficial. 26 years old, black, and in good shape. I'm looking for my plus one. Who knows maybe you might have a new friend and maybe more. R U Bald and Sexy.

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Almost as soon as Cale left she felt another dog straddle her. It seemed Ben had been eagerly waiting his turn. She braced herself for his added weight when he mounted her but it never came. He just straddled her body. His front paws were almost right beside her arms. She felt his cock slide between her cheeks and over her back several times before finding her asshole.

Ben thrust slowly into his bitch. This one was extra tight but he could feel her loosening up as he pumped into her. Soon he felt her relax completely and he sped up the pace of his thrusts until he was sliding in and out as fast as Cale had been. She slowly relaxed her sphincter as she got used to the girth. Ben fucked her hard and fast. It was a shame; she wanted to feel his knot in her.

At least he had a large load to make up for it. Jamie collapsed onto her stomach, enjoying not being on her knees for a bit and the warm breeze.

She rested her head on her folded arms and watched Ben lick himself clean. She wondered how his cock would taste like with her juices all over it. She reached her right hand down to her pussy and collected some of the cum her two lovers left in her.

She licked her hand, noting the difference between her lovers but she could hardly detect her own tanginess in the mix. She was amazed at their stamina. If she continued to take them on one, two, or even three at a time there was always at least one left over. While she was satisfying him the others would be ready for another round. The thought of having sex with these dogs for the rest of the day turned her on but Jessica and Mackenzie would wonder where their pets were and come looking.

She would have to fuck them all at once. After going through various positions and combinations in her mind she settled on one that would get her off her knees. When Cale approached her she held his head in her hands. She got Cale to roll over onto his back on the towel. She held his throbbing erection in her hand while she got into reverse-cowgirl position.

She moaned softly, taking the entire shaft into her up to the knot. She leaned back against him, feeling his fur against her back and his panting breath against her hair. She spread her legs wider, giving an inviting view of her bald pussy. Think you can do better in my pussy? Even though she was laying down on Cale, Ben was still tall enough to stand above the both of them.

Jamie felt his fur rubbed against her body as Ben tried to clumsily mount her. She felt his cock slide up between her thighs, slightly part her labia but missing her pussy entrance and go over her clit. She shuddered with pleasure when she felt his hot rod going over her sensitive nub. She felt the fur of his underbelly go over her body, tickling her tummy and brushing over her breasts. Her nipples felt like they were being tickled with feathers.

Again and again, the dog tried to find her pussy without success. She was getting close to orgasm simply being rubbed by the dog. She reached down and grabbed his cock. Ben humped harder against her hand when he felt her tight grip.

As if he understood, Ben stopped while she guided him to her pussy entrance. She inserted the tip into her, feeling an inch go past her labia.

Ben took care of the rest, thrusting his entire length into her love tunnel. Not only did it feel great when it slapped against her pussy lips, when it thrust into her and tied her to the dog it made her feel right at home. Like she belonged there. The two dogs sandwiched her completely between them. The thought of tying with both of them excited her. She thrust against Ben, hoping to get some motion from Cale even though he was in an unnatural position beneath her.

She soon gave up, not wanting to tire herself out and let the dogs fuck her any way they wanted. She was so caught up in her pleasure that she almost forgot about the other two dogs.

She reached out for the closest dog, which turned out to be Garcia, and pulled him closer. She did the same to Jerry. Reaching for their penises, she guided them each to her mouth. She licked and sucked on them, alternating between giving one a blowjob and the other a hand job. She continued this treatment on their cocks until Garcia seemingly got tired of sharing her mouth.

He turned himself around and mounted the threesome. In as good as a position as he was going to get, he began thrusting his cock at her face. Jamie was surprised at this sudden turn of events.

Wrapping her hand around his stiff rod again, she tilted her head back and slightly to the right to accept his humping shaft in her mouth. She lay there, letting the Great Dane face fuck her. Ben pumped happily in and out of his Asian bitch, thoroughly plowing her pussy for all she was worth. Jamie had cum countless times because of that hot piece of meat between his legs. Now she felt he was going to give it to her completely.

The knot that had been slowly spreading her pussy apart this whole time was about to be fucked into her. Ben howled on his final thrust, pushing his knot in and tying with his bitch. She felt Ben fill her cunt up with white hot jets of jism, his cum mixing with her own inside her. Not a drop of it escaped her pussy. The dog filled her mouth in five spurts as before and kept going. When he was finished, Garcia dismounted, letting Ben get off their bitch as well.

Jamie watched as Ben turned himself around, his cock still knotted to her. As the tip of the large red penis approached her face she got a sudden flash of inspiration. Instead of bringing it to her mouth she guided him further down to the valley between her breasts. She pressed them together, enveloping his red hot hardness and began stroking him. She had never enjoyed anal sex but it was completely different with a dog.

The two dogs howled as one and emptied their balls. Cale instinctively thrust his cock into his bitch, even though he was in an odd position. As the first spurt hit her anal walls Jamie moaned out loud as she came. Jamie let her arms fall limp at her sides. Jamie lay limp on top of her pet. She wished she had taken the pack back to her bedroom so she could see herself in the mirror she had above her bed.

She must be quite a sight with her face, body and probably her hair covered in dog cum and with two dogs tied to her. She felt Cale shift below her. She slid off his body and onto her side. While she waited for Cale and Ben to pull out of her Jamie felt herself getting tired. She soon drifted off to sleep, leaving the dogs to tend to themselves. She looked around for her sunshade, towel and bikini but found none of her belongings around her.

Still, it would be near impossible to track down four dogs on this vast expanse of sand. The wind picked up and she heard something fluttering nearby. Looking around she saw a piece of paper with a rock on top of it weighing it down. The rock was only on top of half the piece of paper. It seemed to be deliberately weighted down in such a way that the paper was supposed to flutter and catch her attention. Jaime bent down and picked it up. Unfolding it, she read: If you want to see your clothes and dogs again come see us.

There was a crude drawing of the beach with some of the beach houses indicated with squares. There was a U indicating where she was and an X showing where she should go. Anxiety and fear overtook Jaime. Someone had a video of her fucking a pack of dogs. What if it was paparazzi? Her career would be ruined if it was released. After cleaning herself in the ocean she set off in the direction indicated on the crude map. After about twenty minutes of walking, Jamie could see the first beach house coming up on the horizon, where the map said she should go.

She reexamined the map with a clearer head. It was then she realized that Mr. It was the disguised initials of Mackenzie Rosman and Jessica Alba. She crouched down so she would be hidden by the fence surrounding the beach front patio. She could see both girls through the large picture window. Both of them were wearing her bikini. Jessica was wearing the bottom half, letting her fantastic breasts hang free. Mackenzie was wearing the top, which was a bit big for her. The dogs walked into view.

The girls picked up a few of their toys and played with them. A couple short tug-of-wars and the toys were tossed for the dogs the fetch. Mackenzie dropped below the window sill. Jamie assumed she was lying down on her stomach. When the dogs came back they started acting frisky around the girls. Jamie could see Jerry and Cale sniffing and pawing at Jessica while Garcia bent his head down around the area where she last saw Mackenzie.

He quickly came back up with her bikini top. Jerry and Cale were messing around with the ties on the bikini bottoms Jessica was wearing. After a few minutes they managed to untie it and pull it off the girl. Like Mackenzie, Jessica pretended to be mad.

It was then Jamie realized they were pretending to be her. She was part of a role play in their sex fantasy. Jerry jumped up, trying to mount her while she was still standing. He managed to get his front paws up on her shoulders. Jessica fell backward suddenly and landed on the couch.

The dog took advantage of this change in position and thrust into her. May I call you at the same time tomorrow? Yes you may and please call me Lynda and I will talk to you tomorrow. Hello Lynda its Hy have you decided yet. No not yet I have a question. Can I see one of your previous videos to see what I might be getting into? No Lynda the only people who can see our videos is our members. Can I meet with one of your members? Then I need more time. Today is Friday how about I call you on Monday?

Yes I will give you my answer then. That would be fine have a nice weekend Lynda. Have you reached your decision? Yes I will do it on one condition. What is your condition? I want to have final approval before it goes on sale to your members also there can be no reference to Wonder Woman.

That is a very unusual request. If I may ask why do you want final approval? What happens if in the heat of the moment I do something that we have not discussed? We are paying you a lot of money upfront if you decide to do something that we had not agreed upon that is your responsibility. If the director asks you to do something that was not agreed upon you have the right to refuse. What would be the next step?

Once we have agreed on the terms we will have the contract drawn up for you and your lawyer in a few days. Yes anybody who is involved in any way has to sign a confidently agreement. Included with the contract is my phone number if you have any questions you can call me. This number is only to be used by you. If there are any question that your lawyer has have him write it down and I will answer them for you. Three days later there is a knock on her door standing there is a messenger with a package.

He is shocked when he sees Lynda Carter standing in the doorway and he nervously asks for an autograph. Since she has gotten use to this Lynda has a picture of herself in costume next to the door that she signs and give to the messenger. After opening it and getting the two contracts she calls her lawyer and makes an appointment for him to come over to her house next day. The next day there is a knock on her door when she answers it standing there is her lawyer.

Hello Rick come in. Let go sit outside at the pool and I will tell you. Now Rick what I am about to tell you might shock you but I need you to promise not to say anything until I am done. About a week ago I received a phone call from an organization asking me if I would be interested in doing a porno movie for them. They have sent me a contract for me to sign as well as one for you. Yes your contract is for helping me understand the contract and for your silence.

Any bank in the United States would have to report such a large deposit and that would bring up to many questions. Ok Can you please set up that account? Yes what name would you like to use? How about Dianna Prince? Ok NO I was kidding. How about Lisa Crawford? You have agreed to shoot a total of four scenes. The other scenes 3 scenes you have are with a man and women. Actually one of the scenes I will be with three men at the same time three men at the same time?

How does that work? How do you know that they are paying you the correct amount? Last but not least when do I get that money? Hello Hy its Lynda. No I am all alone. After talking to my attorney there were a few points that he wanted cleared up. Let me ask you both questions than I am going to pick up a pen and write down your answers. How do I know that I am getting the correct amount? To make it easier for everybody you are paid on the gross sales.

We expect to sell between , to a million. So we want you happy because the more we sell the more money everyone makes. You are the first celebrity to ever turn us down. However I think because of your popularity your film will be our biggest seller yet. I will add into the contract that every 3 months I will meet with you and present you with our sales figures. At that time we will transfer to your account your share of the sales.

Is that acceptable to you? If my lawyer says ok it ok with me. Great we will get the new contract to you in a few days. It was the day of the casting and Lynda was nervous and excited at the same time. First she was going to be picking at least 3 men and 1 woman who were total strangers to have sex with her.

Second she had never had anal sex or been with a woman or had multiply partners and she was going to have to do that and more. Lastly once she met the people in charge she was committed. Because Lynda wanted to make a good impression she was wearing a clingy white silk blouse without a bra so not only could you she her breasts jiggle but you could see her hard nipples pressing against the fabric. Along with that she was wearing a short tight skirt that showed her incredible legs and tight ass.

The limo pulls up in front of a huge mansion the driver comes around and opens the door. As Lynda is getting out of the car her skirt rides further up her thighs flashing the driver her recently shaved pussy.

As she is walking to the front door it opens and in it stands a man and women. Hello Lynda my name is Victor and this is my wife Yvonne. I am the president of the organization and my wife Yvonne is the CFO very nice to meet both of you. Can we film this it would be a great opening scene for the film? We have a hair and makeup artist here if you want. Great I will tell everyone that we are going to be filming the selection process.

About an hour later Lynda walks back into the room her hair and makeup are perfect and while she was beautiful before now her beauty is unbelievable. Just to go over the rules that were spelled out in the contract you signed. You must pick a minimum of 3 men and 1 woman. You can pick as many men and women as you want but you MUST have sex with everyone you pick. You can touch them wherever you want and if you ok it they will touch you back.

Would you like something to eat or drink? A nice glass of red wine would be nice. Can I ask them questions? Can I ask them why they want to be in the film? Ladies please come in. A door opens and fifteen of the most beautiful women enter the room.

They are all nude their bodies glistening with some kind of oil. Considering what we are here for please call me Lynda. If I may ask how tall are you? What about without the heels?

Why would it be a problem? My height intimidates some people. How old are you? I just turned 23 last month. Your body is amazing RIA. What size are your breasts? They are all natural 38DD. Your breasts make mine look small. They are so firm yet they stand up high on your chest. Thank you would you like to touch them? Yes if that is ok with you. RIA takes a step closer and Lynda reaches for her breast. She starts to squeeze the breast slowly and tentatively at first. But after a moment she is squeezing the breast and playing with the nipple with confidence which causes RIA to moan in pleasure.

The moan seamed to snap Lynda back into reality and she releases the breast she was playing with. RIA leans in and in a whisper in a voice that is thick with desire. Oh Lynda may I please return the favor and touch your breast? Yes RIA please touch my breast. Lynda and some of the men and women for that matter get turned on more with what you say than what you are doing and who you are doing it to.

RIA please play with my tits my nipples are burning with desire. Why do you want to be in the movie with me? All my life I have always liked girls and whenever I would see you I would have to play with myself and imagine we were lovers.

So when this opportunity came up I just had to try for no other reason but to fulfill my greatest sexual fantasy. As Lynda walks away you can see her rubbing her thighs together and her hand reaches into her blouse and gives her nipples a squeeze. As Lynda continues down the line you can see the faces of the women she does not talk to go from smiling to sadness. She is obviously a female body builder.

She is also black. Hello what is your name? My name is Elizabeth but please call my Liz. Believe it or not I am 37 years old.

You look at least 10 years younger! Liz how long did it take you to create this body? I have been lifting weights for 10 years. How often do you work out? Four to six hours a day six days a week. Wow that is dedication. Can you show me more of your body? Yes I was hoping you would ask. As she goes through several bodybuilding poses showing off her body. When Liz is done her entire body is covered in sweat. As she is walking down the row Lynda stops and talks to a few of the woman but quickly moved to the next girl in line.

At the end of the line Lynda stops and you could almost see her mouth drop and her eyes open wider. Standing there is a very small Asian woman. In a voice that you could barely hear she replies my name is Nari Miss Carter. Please call me Lynda.

I have never seen anyone with skin like yours. May I touch you? You can hear Nari moaning in pleasure. You can see both ladies kneading each other asses in obvious please. Lynda stops first and Nari immediately does the same. Why do you have such a large bun of hair on your head? Would you please take it down? Yes of course anything you wish she reaches up pulls out a clip and her hair falls down. Your hair is beautiful I would tell you to never put it up again. Before I make my choices I would like to see the men.

Can we take a break? Lynda goes to the bathroom were she has to play with herself to give herself an orgasm while remembering the touch and feel and the smell of the women. Twenty minutes later Lynda is back. Victor could swear he smells pussy he does not say anything but smiles because if the casting is this hot the movie is going to be insane. I am ready to see the men. The women have left and then the men are entering from the left.

Just like with the women there were men of all shapes and sizes. The only difference was the size of their cocks. Having never been in a room with so many naked men Lynda had her head down and a deep blush on her face.

She turns to Victor and whispers can I see them erect? Yes of course Lynda you can either help them gain an erection you they can do it themselves. Yes Lynda you can jerk them off or suck their cocks until they are erect. All of them please but not until I am ready to speak to them. Good idea where do you want to start? As she is walking over the first man reaches down and begins to stroke his penis.

With Lynda Carter walking towards him he is erect in no time. What is your name? I am 19 years old. How big is your penis? What is you favorite part of making love? I love it when I get a blowjob especially if the woman is able to take me all the way into her throat.

I also love to fuck her in her pussy because my dick is so thick I am able to give them multiply orgasms. Only if the women asks for it. What if I told you I have never had anal sex before? She walks past a few men without stopping until she stops in front of a huge black man. How tall are you and what do you weigh? I am 6 feet 7 inches tall and weigh pounds. I will be 28 years old on my next birthday. You can tell just by looking at him that he is a body builder. He has stroked his cock to erection and it is huge.

How large is your penis? It is 11 inches Lynda when I am making love to a woman they tell me that I stretch them further than they thought was possible. But they keep coming back for more. What do you think of anal? Most women take it as a challenge to take this in their ass. After that they cum harder than they have ever cum before. Lynda I might get in trouble but you meet my wife? Yes Liz is my wife. We talked it over and the reason we are here is we both want to make love to you. The next place she stops is in front of identical twins.

What are your names? My name is Johnny and this is my brother Jimmy. We just turned 18 last week. Have you ever shared a woman before? Yes most women when they realize we are identical twins want to fuck us both at the same time. What is your favorite position with a woman? I am a pussy man and my brother loves the ass.

I forgot to ask how big is your penis. Well believe it or not the only thing about us that is not identical is out cocks.

She walks to the end of the line without stopping she than turns around and walks over to a rather plain looking man. He stood at least a foot shorter than Lynda and was very thin and lanky. He is obviously Latin. I am 27 years old. Yes this is the fourth time I have been at one of these casting and I have been picked each time. I also have given the woman the most orgasms as well as the most intense orgasms. She turns towards Victor who shakes his head yes.

Ok thank you gentleman. I will have all of my choices in a few minutes. Can I also tell you who I want to shoot what scenes with? Yes of course we want you happy. Everyone walks in and form two rows the woman in the front and the men standing behind them. I just want to tell you that I you are all beautiful and I sorry that I could not pick all of you. I could but I think I would have been fucked to death or died by orgasm. That brings a round of laughter from everyone.

Victor told me that not only can I pick who I want to join me in the movie but what scenes they would be in. RIA I want you to be the first woman that I make love to. Oh thank you Lynda we will have so much fun together and I promise you will cum like you never have cum before. I am going to hold you to that. Liz when I first saw you I knew I had to pick you but when I found out your husband was here as well I just knew I had to have you both. Nari you are so small and delicate but I think there is a sexual animal just below the surface I hope I right.

Juan would you like to join Nari and I. I am going to see if your claims are true. Yes Lynda you will cum and cum and cum until you ask me to stop. Yes I would be honored to. Those are my choices I am sorry if I did not pick you. Lynda you surprised me with you choices.

I can see this is going to be a very special film. Those of you who were picked please get your robes on and meet back here with my wife. The rest of you go get dressed and the buses will take you back. Lynda would you please follow me. Ok Lynda you cast is complete now we have to schedule the shoot. Can we wait about two weeks I want to get a tan so my body looks perfect? If I may ask why do you want tan lines?

Since we are not going to be shooting for two weeks we would like to send a stylist over to shave your pussy a few days before we shoot. Of course I will have someone call you to schedule it. Its two weeks later and Lynda is in the car pulling up to the same house that the casting was held at. She is met at the door by Victor and his wife Yvonne hello are you ready. Yes I am I have been playing with the toys you sent me but I have not touched myself in two days so I am so ready.

I have a request to make. Yes if possible I would like my first scene to be with Ria when were shooting my casting choices I said I wanted her to be the first woman I ever made love to I would like to make that happen. Yesterday when we were setting the scenes we remembered what you said so the first scene will be with RIA.

The next scene will be with Liz and Malcolm. That will be the first day of shooting. The makeup artist asks her to put on a robe and since for the next few days she will be having sex in front of all these people Lynda just strips down right there.

You can actually hear people gasp when her body is revealed. Her breast are full and firm riding high on her chest she must really be turned on because her nipples look like pencil erasures. The fact that her breasts are snow white while the rest of her body is golden brown makes them look that much bigger. After she has removed her skirt and panties and is standing there gloriously nude the perfection of her body is revealed to all. As with her breasts her butt and her pussy is snow white and is perfect like the rest of her.

In this scene you are laying out at the pool when a masseuse comes around the back of the house. She will start to give you a massage because you pulled a muscle in your leg and it will progress from there. There is no written dialogue so say what you want. If it starts to turn you on say it.

If you want to talk dirty or order her around do it. When you cum let us know. You brought the bathing suit you used when you tanned? They do her hair and makeup just like they did it at the casting to make it look like this was shot the same day. Since she is going to be lying at the pool they cover her body with tanning oil. Lynda lies down on her back and they check the lighting and the sound levels once that is done the director comes over.

You are going to start on the phone you are talking to someone thanking them for sending their masseuse over to help you with your pulled muscle. Ok quite and action. Quite take 2 and action! Back here by the pool. As RIA walks into the frame she stops in disbelief when she realizes that she is going to be massaging Lynda Carter. My name is Ria. What happened to you leg. I was playing tennis today with some friends and I pulled my right calf muscle.

I have an event that I have to go to and my friend told me that you helped out when she hurt her back. I am so glad that you where able to fit me in today on such short notice. Ria when you start you are giving her a real massage nothing sexual. Remember you are going to start on her right calf. Remember Lynda do whatever feels right. Let me help you turn over on your stomach. Ria helps Lynda stand up sets the lounge chair flat puts a big towel down and helps Lynda lay face down.

Once Lynda is comfortable RIA goes over to her bag and gets her massage oils out. Lynda looks over and is surprised at how sexy Ria is. Her breasts are straining against her t shirt and you can see that she is not wearing a bra and you can clearly see her erect nipples poling through and with the short shorts that she is wearing you can tell she has an ass you would die for and legs that go on forever.

Now Lynda the oil that I use goes from cool to warm the heat will help loosen up your muscles. She pours the oil onto her hands and starts to rub it into her calf muscle. When Ria makes contact with her calf you can see Lynda twitch but once that has passed she stars to relax and lets Ria work on her leg. Ria takes this as a sign for her to become bolder so she starts to massage both legs. Lynda raises her head wondering why Ria is massaging the other leg but since it feels so good and relaxing she puts her head down and lets her the continue.

Almost asking to be touched and Ria was not going to let this opportunity to pass her by. With shaking hands she reached up and grabbed a cheek in each hand and squeezed.

Once that obstacle has been cleared Ria starts to massage Lynda from her ass to her neck. I could show you something that you might enjoy more. Do you want me to show you? Once Lynda is on her back RIA pulls off her t shirt and shorts. That was the first time I had ever kissed a woman that way. It was feather soft. I was paralyzed I did not know what to do but luckily she did.

She sprang at me with her mouth her lips parted her tongue pushing into my willing mouth and once it was inside I could feel it probing looking for my tongue. I like the way it felt. As I pulled her to me her kiss became demanding. I was kissing her back now I was sticking my tongue into her mouth while she sucked on it. Now her hands moved slowly toward my breasts. I arched up to meet her fingers as they came into contact with my erect nipples.

She rolled them between her fingertips softly as not to hurt me. Her lips touched mine again before her head moved down to my breasts.

I could not wait to feel her lips on my nipples sucking them biting them making love to them. She was going slowly tormenting me making me ache with desire. When she finally got there she started to lick and suck and blow on my nipple. I began to moan and beg for more. She pulled back my nipples were harder than they have ever been before and my pussy was dripping with desire.

Now you do me. I looked at her tits not as I had looked at tits in the past but as a lover. Make love to her tits. I could feel her nipples stiffen under my touch. It was exciting that I was able to bring her pleasure. Harder she demanded as I pinched and pulled her nipples.

I finally bent down and put my mouth on her nipple and gave it a tentative lick than a bite. She groaned twisting her body pushing her nipple harder into my mouth. I was anxious to feel her pussy for the first time but I wanted her to take the initiative and teach me. Not only was I ready but I wanted this more than I ever wanted anything in my whole life.

Her hand moved down my belly her fingers pulling off my bikini bottoms that were so wet that you could see and smell my desire. Moving down her hand pressed against my pussy. I felt her fingers make contact with my clit. She rolled it pulled it lightly and flicked it back and forth just like she had done with my nipples.

The only difference was the results. She slipped a finger into me once she saw how wet and ready I was she followed it with two more. My hips bucked and shimmered along to her rhythm.

Spread your legs RIA demanded I want to see your cunt! I was more than happy to respond to her command. Spread you pussy lips. I reached down and spread my lips are far as I thought they could go. So I reached down took a set of lips in each hand and spread them so wide I thought I was going to tear my flesh. Yes has any women ever had their tongue in your pussy before? Lots of guys love to see women with thick hairy pussies—not prissy bald beavers. You shouldn't have to watch old porns from the 60's and 70's just to see some hair pie.

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