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Anyone near indian horney dates

Anyone near indian horney dates

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Anyone near indian horney dates

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Donald Trump has bad manners, bad hair, bad sound guys giving him bad microphones, bad supporters, a bad memory, bad Tweets, and So bad that he "refused to condemn the support of white supremacist groups four times, saying he would need to see a list of specific groups first.

He's not disavowing the Mussolini quote, though. It's a very interesting quote. It was late by the time we got to it, spoilers about movies we hadn't seen and won't see piling up on Twitter and Facebook. Chris Rock launched it with biting truth that had the audience wondering whether they should laugh but with no other possible response. It needed acceleration, of course, zip through the ads even though they did look like better than average ads , and pretty much all the acceptance speeches, generally the least interesting part of the show.

We did notice the addition of a crawl saying all the people the winner had to thank, which would have had to have been prepared in advance, so might as well have included all the people the losers wanted to thank, too.

They came that close, after all. The LA Times offered the nights more memorable moments , described in text, what? Isn't this about movies? And the news that we missed Joe Biden and Lady Gaga and DiCaprio lamenting how hard it was to find snow, and that the "Weeknd's" performance of "Earned It" and all the black lingerie spun around it was..

Like I said, it was late. Leave it to the Beeb to mention that Leo finally got his golden statue. The NY Times mentioned that too, near the top of their bullet list, if not the headline. They pushed "Mad Max: Fury Road" down to the bottom of their bullet list, even though it had the biggest haul six , and was part of what wore us down. That and didn't it seem like a really small handful of pictures even getting mentioned over and over and over , and weren't there more good movies than that this year?

That's boiled to dessication, I'm afraid. The follow-on vid for "My Oscar Moment" was intentionally cringe-inducing, that fear of forgetting your big line, but "something about being flung into space" might say it all. That BBC story did have video snippets That would have been brilliant. And a tiny hint of Gaga's powerful performance. One of the interesting things about Twitter is its sort-of direct access to public figures. Whether or not it actually is egalitarian, it feels like it is.

Somebody famous blurts something out, and you can reply to him or her, on an equal character footing. Forest Service has trouble fulfilling its multiple-use mission. My bill allowing local management. The Forest Service's trouble meeting its mission could well be due to continuing attacks on its funding, from Labrador and his fellow Tea Party hacks.

I tweeted back that his bill was more vague notion than "fix," and he tweeted "the state will manage it better, our state lands are healthier and more vibrant than our federal lands.

The sort-of responsiveness is nice, but the quality of the conversation is limited. Labrador knows as well as I do that Idaho's state and federal lands are unique, and not really comparable. For one thing, Idaho has more than twelve times as much federal as state lands.

The state's Constitution mandates management for maximum financial return to nine specific beneficiaries. There are no state land equivalents to the 15 national Wilderness areas, for example. A new system of land boards comprising a small group of volunteers could be an interesting experiment. To call it a "fix" or to insist that these brand-new volunteer boards will manage lands better is fact-free boosterism from someone who's more usually the most negative person in the room.

We might also run the "experiment" of actually providing adequate funding for land management at the federal level, but that would never come from Labrador, who only wants to defund and delete everything he can from the federal government. We could examine the market and tax incentives that have played a large part in dramatic reduction and relocation of the timber industry. We could consider how the "federal mismanagement" Labrador loves to blame for things starts in the Congress where he works part-time.

Rather than doing his best to be a firebrand, he might try collaboration instead of the facile excuse that Democrats prevented his great ideas from going anywhere. In the embedded video titled What is Trump University? Not that facts seem to matter much these days, but the Washington Post keeps trying. Those lawsuits Trump says he "won much of" or "most of"? The thing about a blog is, there is no last word, but rather than contradict myself with an update on the previous item, I'll just say that Jonathan Chait explained the Trump-Christie deal succinctly:.

If another candidate held that position, Christie would be dealing with him. While that might have gone without saying, Chait makes the short run to the obvious conclusion a pleasure, from describing the Trump-Christie divergence in two action-packed sentences in the opening graf, to the "the withering incomprehension of Ted Cruz, who has made opposition to deal-making in all its forms the foundation of his career.

Chris Christie changed his spots in a hurry, was it just to give another bully punch to the hapless Marco Rubio? Translated into only slightly more decorous prose for the New York Times , we're left to wonder: Rubio suggested that Mr. Trump had urinated in his trousers and used illegal immigrants to tap out his unceasing Twitter messages. Trump countered by suggesting that Mr. Trump ridiculed his younger rival with exaggerated facial gestures.

In the first presidential campaign I was aware of, Kennedy v. Nixon, stage makeup played a role, but not a starring role. Now this, Rubio in "what at times felt like a stand-up routine" making fun of Trump's "sweat mustache. Christie interrupted the Rubio messaging about Donald Trump as "con man," campaign amnesia erasing his recollection of his own assessment, pre-suspender. We can agree that Trump is "rewriting the playbook of American politics," though. The media do have clipfiles, and are happily digging away.

Politico , to pick one of many: Also the one who bows out and then bows down, precisely timed to provide quick and easy distractions from the complicated problem of a parade of lawsuits alleging Trump University was as phony as its namesake if real enough as multilevel marketing , and calls for a look at the inconvenient truths contained in Donald Trump's tax returns which has the Donald tweeting like a stuck pig.

If we didn't pay attention to the kickbacks, the union-busting, the mob, and corporate welfare , will we pay attention to taxes? Maybe we wlll, given we all have personal and usually unhappy experience with those , and because omg, it's looking like Trump is the One a lot more than anyone was willing to even imagine last August.

Every major tax practitioner knows this, as I have explained repeatedly in articles and books going back two decades Trump managed to make the WSJ editorial board huffy. How huffy, they protect with their paywall, but at least "If he loses in the end, the guy should start up Trump Political School" which is funny for all the right reasons.

As for the endorsements parade, we'll give Andy Borowitz the last word, in the headline I assume he wrote for himself: We have the latest GOP debate in the can, but I'm not sure we'll find the inclination to actually watch it. Lindsey Graham got pushed off the undercard and out of the race, but he might be more entertaining, joking only a little about his party gone "batshit crazy" CNN video autoplays, ugh and one answer to the question of how do you solve a problem like Maria Rafael: Cruz's counterargument was that if you want to be liked, President is not the job for you.

Ergo, Ted Cruz could be the greatest president of all time. Donald Trump, the greatest businessman of all time in his own bluster has a selection of paranoid theories about why the IRS audits him every year. Because "I'm a strong Christian" is not among the answers the IRS would have considered; for one thing, they wouldn't have found much evidence in Trump's returns to date.

Romney's advice to Trump to release his returns doesn't sound all that friendly. This'll give us a real sense of whether these people are on the up and up and whether they've been telling us things about themselves that are true or not. Republicans have batted worse than five hundred, more than half the people we have put on the Court have been a disaster. You don't need a crystal ball to know that Cruz's "principled" defense of the Constitution is a load of guano.

He can't accept the originalist interpretation of presidential eligibility , of course, because it would punt him out of the race. And the whole schtick about Obama should hold off nominating Scalia's replacement is self-serving nonsense as far as the actual Constitution is concerned. Representative Pete Nielsen is also not a doctor, but This happened in Idaho's legislature today:.

Betsy Russell reported it. Along with the bill to require providing women seeking abortions "a state-compiled list of providers who could provide them with free ultrasounds," passing on a party-line vote.

And Nielsen doubling down.

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