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23455 ont can hookers

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23455 ont can hookers

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Married, middle-aged men are the most frequent customers", a call-girl claims. Slie substantiates these claims by citing the frequency of demands for her"services", and the variety of activities she engaged in. She freely admits that while the life of a "hooker", today's terminology for a prostitute, has its monetary advantages it also is filled with very real personal disadvantages.

She is an at- tractive,. When we were divorced 1 began "go-go dancing" as a living and met another dancer who had been in the business. The money sounded good so I said "yes.

At that party I had my first trick job as a hooker, and received my first fee from my first John customer '," She says that while she initially became a call-girl to add to her earnings as a dancer she gradually turned to it on a full time basis. They really don't want the sweet little girl.

XTINC; on the prostitution market in Virginia Beach Millie said, "I got in with five girls who worked a Beach motel with the owner who couldn't fill the rooms with normal trade There are three different circuits - car dealers, lawyers and businessmen. The convention trade l egan dropping off when more wives starting attending conventions with their husbands.

Both brothers hold key wipcrvisory positions in the division. Some might think this could cause difficulty in the division's operation, but discussion with the brothers show this to Itc untrue.

I think the rel Uion- ship has enhanced our overall: IK" police department "It's ncH ea. Davis lis occupying his position because. I'm the chief's brother , and history will show this isn't true.

Davis added, "and I hate to admit this but most generally he turns out lo be right. Davis continued, "because people may think ii's coming from I he office of the chief and it's not. When I speak, my comments are mine, and I wouldnot attempt lo speak for his office. In saying this I'm not reflecting on Chief Moore or any other chiefs I've worked for.

I havethegreatest personal respect for Chief Moore. Vakos' upholding of a recently adopted ordinance prohibiting topless go-go dancing in Virginia Beach will be appealed, ac- cording to Jim Morris, owner H peralor of the Wayside Inn on Military Highway.

The Wayside Inn and Jamaica Inn, on Diamond Springs Road, shortly after council's adoption of Ihe ordinance in February jointly filed suit in Circuit Court on grounds Ihe ordinance infringed on const it utionaily-protected activities. Vakos issued his decision Thursday. Morris said, "The decision to make an appeal has been made. Our at- torneys arc working on the appeal and an injunction lo allow us lo continue normal operations during the appeal.

On Ibis matteri Morris said. TO coniplelely reslahiiize Ihe creek and prcveiii conliiuiinu nuid slides. HH cubic yards, winild! A family of four niay have. Price has been ordered to underi;o saniiy tests ollowing Ins conviction Thursday ct raping. A sawed-off shotgun is one of the most formidable weapons ever devised. According to police, a sawed-off shotgun fired at close range can tear a human body in half.

Sawed-off shotguns are now replacing handguns as the favorite weapon of criminals, police say. An altered shotgun can be concealed as easily as a handgun and is much easier to olHain than a handgun.

In Virginia Beach, a permit must be issued by the police before a handgun may b6 purchased in the city. Police make immediate computerized checits on anyone trying to secure a permit to buy a handgun. The check is run before the permit is issued. The Gun Control Act of , a federal law, requires that certain in- formation must be supplied on an ap- plication form before any person may buy a firearm. But no provisions are made to check the information before Ihe sale is made.

Mention the words "gun control" to anyone, and there is almost immediate reaction. The general consensus among local police is that law-abiding citizens have the right to keep and bear arms. But the problem is distinguishing between law- abiding citizens and criminals. There does not seem to be an easy, or even any, solution to the problem of gun control. DHvis, chief of the city's detective bureau lieves that no legislation will prohibit ''iminals from obtaining' firearms. Basically, we want authority to prosecute felons caught possessing firearms.

And we are asking for a law prohibiting the possession of firearms with obliterated or altered serial numbers. I don't believe for ohe moment that legislation is going to prohibit criminals from having firearms. Davis said that prohibiting handguns still would not prohibit any person from buying a shotgun, then sawing it off to make it more deadly and easier to conceal.

I'd much rather have someone shoot at me with a handgun than with a sawed-off shotgun. His feelings were echoed by other local police officials. Riley, commanding officer of the first police precinct, said, "Personally, I don't see anything wrong with the ownership and possession of a firearm providing a person does not have any record of crime or violence in his background.

You have a right to have a gun in your home under the U. It would take something like 2S years to get the gims out of the hands of the citizens. It is now very difficult for any criminal or other person who should not have a handgun to purchase a handgun in the city of Virghiia Beach, as iq many other cities in the state.

A permit is also required from the state, issued by a circuit court judge, to carry a concealed weapon. Section of the city code, based on Title 18 of the U. Code, Chapter 44, regulates purchasing handguns in the city. A form must be filled out at the police central services bureau with vital statistics name, age, address, description , and the applicant must swear under certain penalties that he or she is qualified to purchase the hand gun.

Persons who are not qualified to purchase handguns are those under '21, non-residents of the state, fugitives from justice, persons under indictmait for or having been convicted of a crime punishable for a term exceeding one year, narcotics addicts or drug users, persons adjudicated as mental defectives or mentally incompetent, persons who have been committed to any mental institution, veterans discharged under dishonorable con- ditions, persons who have renounced U.

A police check is made in ap- proximately four seconds while the applicant waits on whether the in- formation supplied by the applicant is true.

Then the applicant may purchase a handgun anywhere in the city of Virginia Beach, but only in the city. The seller of the handgun fills out a form on the bottom of the permit, stating the make, caliber and serial number of the weapon, business name and address, then retains one copy of the form while sending another copy hack to the police. But a concealed weapons permit is needed if the weapon will be con- cealed on the applicant's person, in a purse, or in any manner in which the weapon is concealed while readily accessible to the applicant.

After the applications is filled out, the police check is made, the in- formation is sent to the state circuit court in the city in which the applicant resides, and the permit is either issued or denied by the judge.

IN , according to the local police annual report, 80 arrests were made for carrying concealed weapons without permits. In the same period in the city, there were 39 assaults with a giui, reported firearms violations, 34 gun- shot wounds and 5 homicides. There were also 68 assaults with a knife or cutting instrument and 53 assaults with other weapons clubs, hatchets, bottles, etc. Statistics do not show what per- centage of weapons involved were obtained illegally, what percentage were handguns and what percentage were legally owned with proper per- mits.

A spokesman for the local office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobadco and Firearms said that the federal law covers all firearms, both handguns and rifles or shotguns. No prior police check is made before the sale is transacted. Anyone can buy a shotgun, supplying false information certified to be true, then take the weapon home to be sawed off, turning it into a handgun. Lawrence llultgren, assistant professor of philosophy at Virginia Wesleyan College, recently spent seven months in Denmark where he said very tight gun control laws are in effect and where guns are simply not available to citizens.

There seems to be a feeling there of concern both for the criminal and the victim. They're both human, after all. It's almost like the international arms buildup. We get more weapons, so they get more weapons. The police feel that if they started carrying guns, then the criminals would feel that they had to carry more guns," Mr. That may not be bad in itself, but I don't think we're really aware that we're 0oing it.

You buy a gun because somebody else might have a gun and you want to protect yourself from that person. In this country, we seem to have a very pessimistic view of our fellow man. They claim their action is due to the rapid spiral of inflation. They could have taken this action months ago for that reason. Could they have learned that they were going to be taken to court soon am- ceming their past actions, and that they know there is a strong case against them?

Is it possiMe that the members of the commission are aware that they just might lose their commissions because they know that there is evidence that the latest producer in- crease was unjust?

Although ' the direct controls have been lifted from Ihe wholesale and retail levels, the retail price is still i-ontrolled a great deal by the minimum producer price, on which the com- mission keeps an iron grip. Before the Virginia consumer acce Ms the actions of the commission without question and resigns himself to whatever that agency dishes out, perhaps he should look at a few facts which were brought out in sworn testimony: The Virginia minimum was 64 cents.

Agricidtural Prices, May 31, U. Statistical Reporting Service And we are to believe that Virginia producers need so much more than the average national price for their milk.

Murley advised, in reqsect to IBe dairy herds that served as a imae fM- the nimmary cwl data " How can they base such a decision on what appears to be a grossly inadequate and unnecessarily restrictive sample? Furthermore, there is no evidence that the commission used its authority under law to subpoena milk producerl and to examine into the business, books and accounts of producers or associations of producers in order to develop explicit data essential for the determination of a fair price for producers and consumers alike.

We must have fair, competitive free entoiHise at all levels of distribution if we are to have fair retail M-ices. His police helped to avoid any future so caUed festivals. Hopefully, Chief Davis will continue to serve our youth and be given due credit. Taylor has received a lot of publicity. I feel Chief Davis received his "cheers" from the heavens, a roar of thunder.

Said parcel is known as Lots 13, 15, 17, and 19, Block 96 md contains 16, square feet. Said parcel is known as the Southern 80 feet of Lots 6 and 7, Block 84, Virginia Beach Development Company and contains 8, square feet. Application of Albic, Inc. Said parcel is known as Lot 1, Block 82, Plat No. Use Permit to construct 4a additional motel units: Said parcel rantalns 22, square feet.

Use Permit to operate a parking lot in conjunction wm the motel: Said parcel contains 14, square feet. Said parcel is triangular in shape and contains 2 acres. Old Donation Witchduck Point Areas. Application Of Gulf 01! Said parcel is known as Lots 33 through 38, Block 44, Plat of Euclid Place and contains 18, square feet. And an affidavit having been made and filed that the defendant Is not a resident of the State of Virginia, the last known post address being: Box 92, Gaston, Indiana Robert Charles Nesbif, Jr.

Enclosed please find to cover handling. It is therefore Ordered that the said Joseph Wayne Bogan appear before this Court within ten 10 days after publication of this Order and indicate his-her attitude toward the proposed adoption, or otherwise do what is. Fentress, Clerk By Sandra hfargrove D. And an affidavit having been made and filed that the defendant is a non- resident of the State of Virginia, the last known post office address being: It is ordered that he do appear here within ten 10 days after due publication hereof, and do what may be necessary to protect his interest in this suit.

Hogan, Plaintiff, against, Elaine M. Route 1, Bos 1, Grants burg, Wisconsin. It is ordered that she do appear here within ten 10 days after due publication hereof, and do what may be necesssry to protect her interest in this suit.

Notice is herein given that on Monday, Sep tember 24, , at 2: The owner or any person having security interest may claim this vehicle within three 3 weeks of the date of this notice by paying all towing, preservation, and storage charges. Failure by the owner or persons having security interest to exercise their right to reclaim the vehicle within the time provides shall be deemed a waiver and shall be construed as consent to the sale of the abandoned motor vehicle at a public auction.

And an affidavit having been made and filed that the defendant is not a resident of the State of Virginia, the last known post office address being: Bashara Board of Trade Btdg. The following applications will appear on the agenda: Application of David E. Wright for a trailer variance on certain property beginning at a point Halsey, and contains 2 acres. Variance requested from feet to 80 feet more or less from the nearest dwel ling.

Application of Cleaveston O. Griffin for a frailer variance on certain property beginning at a point 1 mile more or less East of the Chesapeake City line and located on ttie South side of Head River Road.

Variance requested from feet to feet from the nearest dwelling. Application of Jack P. Beginning at a point Said parcel is triangular in shape and contains 0, acres more or less. Said parcel contains 4. Beginning at a point feet North of Providence Road, running a distance of feet more or less along the West side of Kempsville Road, running a distance of feet more or less along the Northern property line, running a distance of feet along the Western property line and running a distance of Said parcel contains 8.

Beginning at a point feet more or less South of Locke Lane, running a distance of feet more or less along the East side of Lord Dunmore Drive, running a distance of 90 feet along the Southern property line and running a distance of feet more or less along the Eastern property line. Said parcel is triangular in shape and contains 1. Plats with more detailed information are available in the Depart- ment of City Planning. Application of Orlando F. Salinas by Samuel I. Said parcel is known as Lot 1, Kempsville Colony, Section One and contains 14, square feet more or less.

Use Permit to' construct 40 additional motel units, totaling "80 units on certain property located at the Southeast corner of 18th Street and Atlantic Avenue, running a distance of feet along the East side of Atlantic Avenue, running a distance of feet along the South side of 18th Street, running— a distance of feet along the Eastern property line and running a distance of feet along the Southern property line.

Said parcel contains 16, square feet. Parrel 7- Use Permit to ' construct motel units and a Use Permit to operate a restaurant, ready-to-wear shops, beauty shop, boutique shop as a subsidiary use to the hotel on certain property located on the Northeast corner of 18th. Street and Atlantic Avenue, running a distance of feet along the East side of Atlantic Avenue, running a distance of feet along the North side of 18th Street, running a distance of feet along the Eastern firoperty line and running a distance of feet along the Northern property line.

Said parcel contains 31, square feet. A sundefk at the fourth floor level containing square feet more or less connecting Parcels 1 and 2 is shown on the site plan available in the Department of City Planning. Said parcel is triangular In shape and contains 0. Application of Ray A. Cornlcks Kemps- ville Farm and contains 19, square feet more or less. Holland Terrace- Larkspur Areas.

Nottingham Estates-London Court Areis. Broyles, Attorney, for a USE PERMIT to construct 13 additional motel units, totaling 43 motel units, on certain property located on the Northeast corner of 40th Street and Atlantic Avenue, running a distance of 70 feet along the East side of Atlantic Avenue, running a distance of feet along the North side of 40th Street, running a distance of 70 feet along the Eastern property line and running a distance of feet along the Northern property line.

Said parcel contains 10, square feet. Said parcel is known as Lots 15 through 22 and Lots 37 through 44, Block 39, Plat of Sunnybrook and contains 1.

Application of James F. Said parcel contains 18 acres more or less. Application of Kjeld L. Said parcel is known as Lots 7, 8 and 12, Block 7, Lynnhaven Shores. Said parcel contains 3. Application of Atlantic Investment, Inc.

Said property is located at the Northeast corner of lltn Street and Atlantic Avenue, running a distance of ISO feet along the North side of nth Street, running a distance of feet along the East side of Atlantic Avenue, running a distance of feet along the Nor- thern property line and running a distance of feet along the Eastern property line. Application of Louis G. Said parcel contains Application of Leo J. Said parcel contains 15, square feet more or less. Said parcel contains 22, square feet.

Company for a Use Permit to construct an automobile repair center on certain property beginning at a point 12Tneet more or less East of Birdneck Road, and beginning at a point feet South of Virginia Beach Boulevard, running a distance of Said parcel contains 20, square feet more or less.

Application of Laskin l? On certain property located on the Northeast corner of Hilltop Road and Laskin Road, running a distance of On certain property located on the Northeast corner of Victor Road and Laskin Road, running a distance of Application of Clarence L. CcM-nicks Kempsville Farm and omtains square feet more or less. Holland Terrace Lark- spur Areas.

Application of Harlis E. Said parcel is known as Loft 4. Application of Hubert L. Application of The Lakes, Inc. Said parcel Is known as Phase l. Section II of "The Lakes" property. Application of the City of Virginia Beach, Public Utilities Division, for a USE PERMIT to construct a sewage pumping station on certain property beginning at a point feet more or less West of Great Neck Road, across from Selden Street, running a distance of 50 feet more or less along the South side of Millwood Road, running a distance of 46 feet along the Eastern property line, running a distance of 50 feet along the Southern property line and running a distance of 40 feet along the Western pfoperty line.

Said parcel contains feet more or less. Great Neck Manor Area. Application of Virginia Beach Salvage Exchange for a USE PERMIT to operate a salvage yard Inside on certain property beginning at a point feet North of Cleveland Street, running a distance of feet along the West side of Southgate Avenue, running a distance of feet along the Nor- thern property line, run- ning a distance of feet along the Western property line and running a distance of feet along the Southern property line.

Application of Linda B. Plats with more detailed information on the above applications are available in the Department of City Planning.

All interested persons are invited to attend. Applicatton of Nwman L. Said parcel is known at Lot 7, Subdivision of Propwty of W. Variance requested from feet to feet more or less from the nearest dwelling.

Application of Gaspare F. Battaglia and Gaspare F. Said parcel contains square feet. Application of Charlott F. Said parcel contains 1 acre more or less. Pleasure House Lake Area. Thomas Fennell, John Paul C. Red Wing Park Area. Said parcel is 10 feet by 20 feet. Application of Stanley S. Said parcel contains 30, square feet. Plats with more detailed information are available in the Department of City Planning.

Application of John E. Sirine and Associates by Grover C. Thalia Village-Southern Firs Areas. Brigadocn, Section Two Area. Brigadoon i Section One Araa. AAount Trashnrwe Park Area. Application of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc.

North Virginia Beach AreB. Grant, Plaintiff, against Richard O. Et Thoro to be later merged into a divorce AVinculo Matrimonii at the proper time from the said defendant, upon the grounds of constructive desertion.

And an affidJivit having been made and filed that the defendant is not av resident of the State of Virginia, the last known post office address being: And an affidavit having been made and filed that the defendant is not a resident of the State of Virginia, and the last known post office address being 9 Campbellton Lane Pensacola. Beach Towers Pacific Ave. Harris of the real property described hereafter in order to re-establish the title to said real property in ' the heirs of William H.

McPherson, now Thorogood H. Box 'New York, New York tx. Whereas, said petition alleges that American Archives Association undertook an Investigation in order to determine who are the heirs of Helen M. It is iwntMr armnt ttict an awartad oapv tl Ma order be served upon each of resident heirs hereinabove named.

If represented In this cause, and that the foregoing portion of this order be published once a week for four successive weeks in the Virginia Beach Sun, a newspaper published In the City of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Fentress, Clerk BY J. Donahue, Plaintiff, against Jean B. Vinculo AAatrlmonll from the said defendant upon the grounds of desertion. It Is ordered that she do appear here within ten 10 days after due publication hereof, and to what may be necessary to protect her interest in this suit.

McKenry 35th Street 8. And an affidavit having been made and filed that the defendant is not a resident of the State of Virginia, the last known post address being: It is ordered that she do appear here within ten 10 days after due publication hereof, and do what may necessary to protect her interest in this suit.

And an affidavit having been made and filed ttiat the defendant is not a resident of ttie State of Virginia, the last known post office address being: And an affidavit having been made and filed that ttte defendant Is not a resident of the State of Virginia, the last known post office address twing: It Is ordered that he do appear here within ten 10 days affer due publication hereof, and do what may be necessary to protect his interest In this suit. Sandra Hargrove, Deputy, Clerk.

Virginia Beach, Virginia e. Becker, Plaintiff, against James S. And an affidavit having been made and filed that the defendant is not a resident of the State of Virginia, the last known post office address being , Krabbe Road, Saginaw, Michigan , It is ordered that he do ap- pear here within ten 10 days after due publication hereof, and do what may be necessary to protect his interest in this suit.

And an affidavit having been made and filed that the defendant is a non resident of the State of Virginia, the last known post office address being: Reno, Nevada, it Is ordered that she do appear here within ten 10 days affer due publication hereof, and do what may be necessary to protect her interest in this suit.

And an affidavit having been made and filed that the defendant Is not a resident of the State of Virginia, the last known post address being East Continental Drive, Apartment , Scottsdale, Arizona, it Is ordered that she do appear here within ten 10 days after due publication hereof, and do what may be necessary to protect her Interest in this suit.

Norfolk, Virginia ,8 22,8 29,9 5 4T Virginia: AAarcum" Map Book 29, at Page Morrison, defen- dant herein. Lost a Found Card of Ttianks. Wanted to Buy Buslneaa. Stocks and Bonds Loans-Mortgages wanted to Borrow. Fentress, Clerk By, J. Mitchell, Plaintiff, against Chester L. Route I, Box A, Longwood, Florida, it Is ordered that he do appear here within ten 10 days after due publication hereof, and do what may be necessary to protect his interest in this suit.

Automatic, power steering, disc brakes, vinyl roof, air conditioned , after 5 p. Up to 12 words, only si. First 16 words in straight classified are S2. Place ads at the SUN office S. Automatic Power Steering, Air Con- ditioning.

White Vinyl top, Red Finish. Club meeflnqs, luncheons, etc. Call , after 5 p. FORD — Fairlane , good second car. Bed, panelling, refrigerator, stove. Blue with white vinyl top, white leather Interior, tape deck. All the extrasi Very clean.

Owner, , after 6 pm weekdays, anytime weekends. JEEP — , Wagoneer, automatic. MGB —I , good con- dition. Single cylinder, original paint, only 8. Sta It and maKa a raasonabia offar. Propana ttova, ovan, volt. If you have hours per month I'll show you how! Call Jo, Hontimakcrtl Nitd tnontyl OcmonttrMt gifli wid toyt.

Mtanagir noMlM up to 4 por cint ovtrrldt. Call for appointment, Call 9 to 5 weekdays. Must have neat ap- pearance. Previous hospital experience and medical terminology required. We urgently require ex- perienced office personnel who can work long or short term assignments. You can choose the area and schedule that suits you best. We interview week- days between 9 am-3 pm. Between the ages of 21 and 30, physically fit, clean police record, between 5'9" and 6'5", 17, Work in pleasant surroundings.

CALL 1 for appointment for Interview. Bonuses and other company benefits provided. We will train you. Just pay for ad. Arco Hardware, Military tiwy. Chrome fenders, light blue. Open 9 to 6 Mon. Lake Shore, Mot lunches, fenced play area. Aragona area; large fenced yard, swing set. We can furnish materials from basement to attic and aid you in financing.

We think you'll like it. Very nice con- dition. Copper- tone, in very good con- dition. Call after 6 p. Will buy working or non- working color televisions. Will sell or trade. Equity and assume loan. Com pletely furnished with drapes, carpet, air con- ditioner. From Labor Day to AAay 3lst, SUN building at S. Rosemont Rd next to Expressway. Large and small unit for several office use, ready for you. Couple w children under 6 preferred, no pets. Call after 5 Room in private home; Princess Anne Plaza; working lady or student; kitchen privileges; con- venient.

Call Ronnie Fowler, Call Roy Wilkes, Call Joe or Grace Robinson, Rick or Lynn Shillalles. Beautiful 3 bedroom brick ranch, backs up to golf course. Must see to ap predate. Call Jim Sands, Modern kitchen with appliances and central air con- ditioning. Two equipped fireplaces, garage and other extras.

With over- sized rooms, this house won't last long. This cream puff won't last long so call today and see how easy it is to own.

Built on a lovely wooded, waterfront lot with many extras including fireplace in den. Priced for quick sale. Immaculate 4 bedroom ranch, 2 baths, huge den with fireplace, Florida Room with built-in bar- becue. Call Jim Hill, Many low-interest VAloans have been made with little or no down payment, which makes them real bargains to assume when buying a twme financed in this manner.

But ttiere are legalities to observe and pitfalls to avoid For example. In these matters, it's wise to have the orofessional guidarKe of aiRealtor and lawyer. It makes sense to lirt it with Larasan where you can depend on complete professional service. Many qualified buyera are waiting to buy yoto- property. So-vice does not stop when we UM your property.

Call after 6. Own your own wooded home sitw within , commuting distance to all points in the Norfolk- Portsmouth-Virginia Beach-Ch4sapeake area. N C S I In,. Truitt, president of Truitt Realty, Inc. Further information may be obtained by calling he Virginia Beach Schools Distributive Education Department at Schidtz named processor Mrs. Schultz has been in mortgage processing The Virginia Real Estate Political Education Committee is conducting its annual membership drive in the Tidewater area.

Wood, regional chairman for the com- mittee, said thai mem- bership is open o anyone interested in real estate and lis problems. The committee donates funds to support cam- paigns for political office al the state and national level. Wood explained that donations are divided into two sections, those given by individuals and those Planned recommend Cavalier Oceanf ront The Meeting Planners, a group composed of American Airlines, American Express Reservations Inc.

The Meeting Planners is a newly formed group which of- fers services and assistance to organizers of business meetings. The Cavalier Oceanfront is one of hotel sites in the U. The hotel's selection was based on its available facilities and services and ef- fectiveness in serving the needs of small business meeting groups. According to the planners, there are some , business meetings held annually, the majority of which are small groups of from 15 to persons meeting on a one-time or infrequent basis.

The Meetings Planners are geared to meet the needs of these groups by suggesting meeting sites and arranging airline and car rental transportation. Oil out ad and mad to Walker Realty Co. Box , Norfolk, VA Donations from brokers are used for educational purposes only. The local region has between and members. Sixty pcr cent of the funds remain at the local level, and 40 per cent is seni to the national organization. We have homes avail- able in all price ranges.

Contact my professional staff be- fore you buy your desired home. Ou'll love livmg here. She is a graduate of Norview High School. Schultz lives in Norfolk. Lake Edward Associates received its revenue from sale of single family dwellings.

Sicash revenue comes from rental income on 4, low rise residential units and store rentals. The company build apart menis units for its own investment and has ap- proximately 2. Phone Off wncMuck Rd. Pfofilt it derived through good service. To this end, we endeavor to do more than we promise, rather than to promise mote than we do. Organ- 5 jized by and operated by former military personnel. No job too smau' CALL '. We fix all those hard to find leaks. Stohl Realty Virginia Beacti Blvd.

These are a few of the ad- jectives that immediately come to mind when one steps through the door of Rose Hall, that imposing mansion sitting among the trees near Princess Anne Plaza Shopping Center on Virginia Beach Blvd. It's amost a state of mind. The buuSlng itself is a restored mansion that was once a great hall. The original building dates from somewhere around Rose Hall is filled with an- tiques, lovely pine woodwork and imposing brick floors and arches.

It Ojs also filled with professional sales people who bend over backwards to make their customers feel at home and at ease. Rose Hall is definitely unique. It specializes in personalized service and specialty items. We have perfume, a lovely supply of lingerie and a limited supply of cosmetics. There are even clothes for children. There are furs and coats, jackets and blouses. They do all the work by hand and they are very talented. Tlie sales per- sonnel have all been with the shop for years, averaging about 15 years each.

It's not unusual, Mrs. Mary Sludds Komoroski is the owner. Komoroski inherited Rose Hall from her father, Colin A. She also owns Fashion Break Ltd. The store includes a bridal salon on the first floor near the main entrance to the house. II also has a coffee nook where customers can relax as they enjoy a cup of coffee. Visilorsare invited to drop into Rose Hall to tour the lovely mansion and hear a short recital of its history from one of he employes.

Customers are never hurried and never pressured, Mrs. And they are given he opportunity to special order any item. Kerlin also said that Rose Hall has many customers from out of town, who visit Virginia Beach specifically to shop at he store. The acre tract will be developed as an extention to the park's nature trails. A foot rail around he perimeter of the Red Wing Golf Course will connect existing nature trails with the proposed rails in the annex.

Authorities said Charles A. Roper, of Blueberry Drive, received serious chest injuries, while his companion David Broun, 14, of Absalom Drive, received severe fractures of the legs. According tOi investigators, the outboard boat occupied by the teenagers was struck by a second outboard, which careened over the top of the youngsters' boat. Court action is pending on charges resulting from the accident. The injured youngsters were rushed by boat 0 shore near Broun 's home where they were placed in a Volunteer Rescue Squad ambulance and taken lo Virginia Beach General Hospital.

Sun photo by Bruce Colwell Millie Continued from Page 1 they can't afford to take a girl out on a date on hopes he'll make out in the end. They pay because they want it there, then and now. I had as much business as I wanted.

If a guy warits to take a break he'll let one of the girls play his hand— win, lose or draw — while he takes. It's just a bad scene. They inake you feel like they always want something. You never feel like they're being nice to you. I've never been faced with this situation, but -if I was I would politely refuse he job and walk away. In describing pressures of the job Millie said, "you don't have any time for yourself. Sometimes the more you make the more you spend. You keep wondering if you're going to make enough money to meet the bills.

You never know when you're going to get the next job. It's really impossible to say how many men have been involved. I've been with hun- dreds of different men. Millie attributes this to two factors.

Single women, or wives separated from their husbands for long periods of time, who will date a man and "go all the way" because they get lonely for companionship and affection. Millie was also questioned on any truth in the adage about activities in the life of a prostitute, "never on Sunday". She said, "It don't make any difference with me, but it was a rarity. This is true much more for the men than the girls. Flames gutted the interior of the structure, and a portion of the roof on the south end of the building collapsed.

District Fire Chief Fred Quist said he building was engulfed in flames when firemen arrived shortly after the 6 a.

Chief Quis said reports of a man being in an apartment over Registration opens for city-sponsored classes Registration for fall teen and adult classes sponsored by the city's department of parks and recreation will be held today through next Wednesday at Pembroke Mall.

Coussens, president, has urged all band parents, especially those of newly assigned students, o attend the meeting. Classes will be held at various schools, churches and fire Hepartments throughout the city.

Class subjects include crafts, domestic skills, art, physical recreation, hobbies and many others. Meeting sites, fees, duration of classes and other additional information may be obtained during registration.

However, the unidentified man had safely fled from the building and was located out- side. According to Chief Quist, firemen had o be called from the building when overhead flooring and roofing began to collapse.

A number of firemen received medical treatment when they were momentarily overcome by smoke and heat. Chief Quist said the fire ap- parently began in the buffet area and was billowing from ha area when firemen arrived. Although smoke was coming from he building apd patches of fire were visible, wo hours after he alarm firemen managed o confine the flames to the one building. The Tidewater Navy Choristers is looking for singers.

Military connected people all welcome, both male and female. All concerts for benefits of local charity. For more Information call Smashing resort fashions designed to fit any- body's Idea of fun. Everything from the smartest suits and dresses to the liveliest sportswear and accessories.

We'll put you in the best-dressed category from sunup to sunup. Come try on all our styles. And enjoy the seashore more. Four existing buildings have been remodeled to increase classroom and office space and two new classrooms have been added with additional offices for chairmen and counselors.

Police continue search for two rape suspects Police continue their search for two suspects in the alleged abduction and rape of an year-old shortly after midnight Friday morning. Investigators quote the woman with saying she decided to return to the scene of a party in the block of Shore Drive which she left shortly before following a dispute.

Arriving at the location, her assailants allegedly pulled her from 'her auto, took her car keys, forced her back into the auto and drove her to a remote area of the Bayville Farms. The woman was then reportedly raped by each of the men before being driven back to Shore Drive location where the assailants fled. Hux led all agents in Southwestern Life's Norfolk territory. Telephone Answering Service 0. Canada, and the Virgin Islands.

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In a matter of minutes! The tmcli in the baclcgroand is headed for the constructimi site in Larlcspur. Sun photo by Rod Mann Larkspur school bus safety problem to be solved, school of ficials promise J. The mothers were concerned because ttieir children had to walk ahnost tme-half mile to stand on a busy corner in the development to wait for the school bus.

Textbooks for other subjects will be offered in future adoptions by the state board. Since the bus couldn't come to the children, the children had to go to the bus. Larkspur has no sidewalks, so the children were required to walk in the street to meet the bus.

Tarrall, assistant superintendent, supportive services, with the city schools. Tarrall said early this week that smaller buses would be used in the area to solve the problem.

THE SCHOOL administration also blames the developer, while the city's community services department says that, although the developer was within city jdanning standards, the department is also concerned about access to fire and garbage trucks. They also say that approximately 50 homes are now under construction, and when famOies move into the new homes, the problem will multiply.

The council will wait for City Attorney J. Dale Bimson to draw up the proposal in ordinance form before making any amendments to the city pianager's recommendation. Although the council considered deferring any action on the matter, Mr. Scott urged that they make a decision as promptly as possible to allow for computer adjustments for billing purposes.

In a letter to the council members, Mr. Ervin stated that the incentive feature in the proposed rates "is not adequately supported in the study.

Ervin went on to suggest that the council adopt a flat rate of 80 cents per 1, gallons for the first year and re-evaluate the rates at the end of the year rather than estabiisning rates based on volume consumption. ACCORDING TO the city manager's proposal, consumer rates would be 82 cents per 1, gallons for a user of from , gallons, 76 cents if 30,, gallons were used, 70 cents if 50,, gallons were used and 60 cents if more than , gallons were used.

The council discussed establishing volume incentive rate to attract industry, but exclude multiple housing units. The ordinance should be presented for action at Monday's meeting. TTie council met m executive session, closed to the public and the press, for 37 minutes.

According to a prepared agenda, topicis for discussion included a financial matter and appointments. Cartwright said arson charges have been filed aginst Theodore D. Torok, 30, Aldington Road; Ralph M. Laskin Road; and Kenneth R. Stephenson, 26, n occupant of an apartment 'located above the Club.

Hunley also indicated Mr. Michener, 27, on a charge of arson. Ervm prefaced the hour-long debate by explaining his "peculiar position" in connection with the application. Ervin stated he had ah-eady been accused by at least one of my neighbors of possibly not supporting their cause. He noted it was the first time in 25 years of business he asked to be released from a contract. He presented the council with a petition of area residaits and ARE members in support of the construction of the litH-ary.

Opponents, representing the North Virginia Beach Civic League, voiced disapproval of the application saying the building would be out of character with the residential area.

They added the lack of parking facilities, night lighting of the parking lot and traffic congestion to their argument against the library. Councilman Murray Malbon made a substitute motion to grant the use permit with stipulations that the lights be turned off at The Pembroke office building will contain 3, square feet.

Kadihaw Pulley and James P. Until the Pembroke' offices are co Bn l e ted , the dunnba- will continue to occupy quarters in a rented building at 25th Street uid Pacific Avenue. Maihles pointed out that mniimum dues m Virginia Beach are now in line with dues charged by chamhors in suirounding cities.

Ireland, who reportedly lived in an apartment above the club until shortly prior to the fire, was allegedly responsible for starting the blaze which gutted the club. Torok leased the space which contained the club. Hunley said his investigation indicates the fire had two points of origin, the office and bandstand areas. He also said he found several containers of highly inflammaUe liquid throughout debris of the interior.

Also during the special meeting, the board selected architectural firms to design additions to be constructed at Bayside and Hermitage Elementary Schools.

The two schools wfll be enlarged to accommodate additional students eadi. Baysde will have an additional wing, consisting of eight classrooms, an administrative office, a clinic and litwary. Hermitage will receive eight additimial classrooms and enlargements of the administrative offlce ami library. Labor Day marks the traditional end of the so-called tourist season in the city. For Uiree months, the tourists have dominated the city, toasting in the sun on the strip, filling up the clubs and nightspots and goierally getting in the way of the permanent residents.

Many year-round residents won't go near the strip in the summertime. They go to the north end, or to the bay, or to Sandbridge or anywhere but the tourist hangouts. Many resent not only the tourists theinselves but also the club owners who raise their prices in the summer. Some club owners claimed that they would give preferential treatmoit to permanent residents this summer with no cover charges extended to residente.

They want the residents to remember to come back in the wintertime. Virginia Beach is an entirely different city in the winter winter means fall through spring. The signs are now going up. The rent goes down, the population goes down, and Virginia Beach once again belongs to the permanent residents. THfere is still plenty of warm weather ahead affording the residents time to enjoy the beaches.

Pet owners can walk theif dogs on the beaches once again without breaking the law. Bicyclists can ride on the boardwalk without bumping into tourists, Motorists can drive down the strip. Swimmers can enjoy the ocean. And residents on the beachfront and bayfront can actually park in front of their own homes. Parking, which is a gigantic problem in the summertime, becomes no problem at all in the winter. There are spaces galore on the strip, especially on weekdays.

Driving becomes almost pleasant again. It no longer takes three stop-light changes to turn the comer on Atlantic or Pacific. Residents no longer must keep a wary eye out for visitors walking against the lights, crossing in the middle of the street and generally tying up traffic. There seems to be an entirely different feeling about the city in the wintertime. It's almost a feeluig of us residents against them tourists. Tourists, taken individually, are nice people. They appreciate Virginia Beach.

TTiey wouldn't come here if they didn't like it. They wouldn't save each year toward a beach vacation if the city' didn't have something special to: They wouldn't live here all year round if they didn't like it, too. The season is over for another yiear.

Is Miss Jones fit for the devil? Interpreting what he believed to be the prevailing community standards, Judge White rernarked, "I saw the picture, and I think it was obscene. Here are their com- ments.

Paul Sciortino and defense attorney Alan Mirman had assembled a small group to watch. The group included civic leaders, military personnel and ordinary citizens, gathered together to deter- m! Many of the same people had returned this afternoon to view the film again — this time with Virginia Beach Judge P. I thought you'd already seen this once," one friend jokingly asked another. Once the house lights went down and the reels began to turn, the audience witnessed a relatively plotless movie hung together by one ridiculous sex episode after another.

The audience witnessed a relativeiy plotless movie hung together by one ridiculous sex episode after another. Since she has a few days in limbo before her spirit is due the devil, she decides to devote those precious moments to a search for "consuming lust. Miss Jones engages in sexual acts most sadomasochistic weirdos would never think of.

Obviously, the brains of Damiano Productions, makers of the film. Neither is their starlet, Georgina Spelvin, who played the role of Miss Jones. Since' she is no actress, she didn't even appear to enjoy her role. But, then again, how could she? Fortunately for the audience, the film I was only a little over an hour long.

TTie sound track ,vas out of pJace: Presumably, the reasoning behind banning obscene films is to protect community standards and to prevent impressionable young people from suddenly going sexually berserk.

The film had been confiscated Aug. At the hearing Monday, Mr. Mirman asked ten persons who had seen the film if, in thev opinion, it was obscene. Seven said yesT so if it had been a jury trial, Mr. Mirman would have had a hung jury. Mirman had asked my opinion, I would have agreed with the other three. The movie was not offensive in terms of pornography. It's biggest offense is that it is dull. IF YOU are going to put together an audience to determine whether a skin flick is obscene, then the film should be viewed in a proper atmosphere.

Watching a dirty movie with a judge, is not an everyday occurrence, so most of the audience will say the picture is obscene. If you are going to see "The Devil in Miss Jones," then it should be taken in an appropriate perspective. Why not round up some dirty old men, furnish an ample supply of beer and peanuts and then sit through the thing?

The outcome would be an entirely different set of opinions. If the movie was allowed to run in Virginia Beach— and if it drew large crowds — the only reflection on com- munity standards would be that many people like to be bored. And to my knowledge, there is no law against making boring movies. So if Damiano Productions want to star Georgina Spelvin in another dull movie, then so be it. If all who watch it are as bored as I was, then the box office receipts will do more to stop dirty movies than the courts.

After having seen it, it would probably also be a safe assumj - tion that the movie would have died in the box office had it not been for local authorities. At a special screening of the film, held at the Grand Theatre in Chesapeake, a large number of the police force and government officials as well as ten curious citizens who had requested permission from the defense attorney to see the film, turned out to judge the movie's merits.

The one sure thing, even before the film began, was they had definitely picked one of the most obscene-looking theatres in the area at which to show the movie. The only thing it has to dfer is probably the country's greatest exhibit of sex- ploitation.

The movie was obviously made by a male who envisions himself as being sought and lusted after by all women. He also is probably the same type who feels the female sex should forever be subservient to the male.

It's hard to imagine very many persons who would actually pay money to see a movie like "The Devil in Miss Jones. If anything, the film was nothing but a bore— being virtually plotless, with the worst sound track ever recorded.

Area police confiscated the film in the Beach and in Norfolk making the entire community curious as to what was really in the movie, If they confiscate "The Devil in Miss Jones," why don't they stop showings of movies like "Swinging Wives" or "The Cheerleaders" which also have appeared in local theatres with no legal repurcutions.

But who is going to decide which of the movies actually violates the moral standards of this community? Certainly if local authorities decided to go on the march against all pornographic films, they'd at least occupy a lot of their afternoons viewing the movies.

There has to be a question as to who is qualified to judge the community standards— and its doubtful that a jury that was truely representative of all minds could ever be gathered. The movie was obviously niade by a male who envisions himself as being sought and lusted after by all wonten. There will of course be those parents who cry out that the theatres aren't strict enough and juveniles will always find ways of being admitted.

But to totally ban the film because it is obscene is one step toward goTern- mental control of everything people see and read. While it's not a movie this reporter would have gone to see outside of this assignment, it should be an in- dividual's choice if he sits through a film industry abortion like "The Devil in Miss Jones" Forum Letters from our reaciers Taking its toll Sir: Although a relative newcomer to Tidewater, I have used the toll road probably times per month, so I feel qualified to express my feelings about it.

The right-turn-only lanes between Little Creek Road and Chesapeake squeeze three lanes into two at least three times. Passing Chesapeake eastbound is like taking the cork out of a bottle. And whoever heard of accessing traffic into the high speed lane? I was pleased to read in The Sun Aug.

It's terrifying to enter the expressway while dodging exiting traffic bearing down at turnpike speeds. You let him on in front of you. Eadi car stops and waits for a chance to get into the turn lane, backing up traffic to the toll plaza. Elimination of this "Alphonse and Gaston" act would eliminate the halt in westlMund traffic.

Traffic accessing the ex- pressway at Newtown must be separated from expressway traffic turning onto May I also suggest that the toll plaza belongs farther east, say between Princess Anne Plaza and London Bridge somewhere? It seems highly inequitable that the motorist turning off at Rosemont yards past the toll plaza pays the same toll as one going to the beach. It might also be helpful to speed up entry from the expressway onto Independence.

Might I suggest a toll machine for exits directly onto South Boulevard? One last comment re the deadbrats. A motorcycle policeman at the plaza should stop the monkey-business there. As for the 10 cent toll machines, violations would probably decrease if the machine would only acknowledge the donations of the honest.

It is very discouraging to put in your dime and still gel the flashing red light and bell at least 50 per cent of the time. Ken Suhler Mass movement ar: Since moving here two years ago we certainly enjoy your pubUcatJon. I'm writing to let you know diat I agree with the article in the Aug. We have bad a rash of automobile problems recently, and without wheels in Virginia Beach, residents are really stranded.

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