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Women of Yuba City love to fuck

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Since his biggest two concerns are eating and napping since his predominant emotion before meeting Goku was boredom , his usual procedure was to visit a world and demand their finest cuisine and sometimes luxury creature comforts. If he's pleased, he'll depart the planet peacefully, if not, well Part of his Establishing Character Moment was that he was eating the food of a planet's best and terrified chefs; he liked the food, but deemed it too salty, so he destroyed a full half of the planet and left.

In the anime, he does something similar to an elite Spirit World warrior who's actually scared Yusuke's youkai side has awakened, so Yusuke Trolls him for a while before finally going, "Relax, you sap.

I'm not an evil demon. She says the latter is 'cause they need to grow over the journey, but admits it's also because it's much more interesting that way. He is shocked by Koumyou's comment that since he finds everything boring, he must be a boring person. Koumyou is also a super-genius who in contrast is very lazy, avoids difficult situations, and can find joy in almost anything.

The reason Haruhi does anything in Haruhi Suzumiya. And considering her god-like powers , one shudders to consider what she would do if aware of them. Pretty much everything Kanade Suzutsuki does in Mayo Chiki!

In Code Geass R2 , Lelouch falsely claims this is the reason for his various actions when the Black Knights turn against him. Orochimaru from Naruto gives this as his reason for arranging the war against the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

I guess that I do kind of have a goal. Let me see if I can explain it. I find it very interesting to watch things in motion; I get no pleasure when the world is still. Like a windmill that isn't turning: I suppose some might find it beautiful, even if it's immobile, but to me such a thing is truly boring. So now I want to put things in motion myself. The first step is crushing the Leaf Village.

Gabriel Iglesias 's "friend" Felipe constantly pulls off dickish pranks on his friends. Because of him, Gabriel has been nearly arrested for giving the impression that they were crossing the U. Felipe made light of a cop showing off his scars "Bullet wound, ' But what's Felipe's response to situations like these? The Impossible Man is like this too. His only real goal in life is to have fun, seeing as his entire race might have been bored to death if Galactus hadn't done them in. Superman 's enemy the Prankster.

Seriously, how can you not love a guy with no super powers, whose only real goal is to pull the biggest practical jokes on the largest number of people possible, and whose favorite target is the most powerful being on Earth? Like Joker's wild manner as portrayed in the animated show The Batman where he although still wishing to either destroy Gotham or turn it into madness will do things " Kid, I don't just rand omly kill people.

I kill people when it's funny. What would con ceiv ably be funny about killing you? I don't even like chimichangas. I just like saying it. In one Calvin and Hobbes strip, Calvin asks Moe why he bullies him all the time.

Moe's answer is "Because it's fun. He shamelessly misleads gullible people, encourages bad behavior and cons the morally bankrupt on a regular basis because he sees the world as nothing more than a source of personal entertainment. Even more so in the Animated Adaptation. And I'd do it again! This is essentially Mukrezar boiled down into a single sentence.

He's not an Omnicidal Maniac , he's simply a very bored, imaginative, and creative bastard. Takes on a meta-twist considering he was the player character of the first game.

In Supergirl fic Hellsister Trilogy , Satan Girl's main motivation to kill and destroy indiscriminately and randomly is her own entertainment.

Harry to Ron after repeatedly tickling him with a levitating feather: I was bored and it amused me. I think she carved her name in me back with her fingernails. Sar uses a knife on me. I asked Professor Quirrell why he'd laughed, after he awarded Hermione those hundred points.

And Professor Quirrell said, these aren't his exact words, but it's pretty much what he said, that he'd found it tremendously amusing that the great and good Albus Dumbledore had been sitting there doing nothing as this poor innocent girl begged for help, while he had been the one to defend her.

And he told me then that by the time good and moral people were done tying themselves up in knots, what they usually did was nothing; or, if they did act, you could hardly tell them apart from the people called bad.

And that I ought to remember that, any time I considered growing up to be good. And you're still in love with her. But it amused me to make you ashamed of it. You gave up on the first person you ever loved because I threatened your reputation. Don't you get it? You're just a toy, Sebastian. A little toy I like to play with. And now you've completely blown it with her.

I think it's the saddest thing I've ever heard. I am having a real good time. Why do you need to wreck this company? Because it's wreckable , alright? This caused the New York blackout. A practical joke by the great attractor. He thought it was funny as hell. Fun , but in no sense civilized! His daughter Gloom Glimmer claims the reason the old system for classifying superpowers was so confusing, was because he used his powers to sneak into the meeting of scientists creating it and telepathically screw with their heads.

Later in the story, when Wyrm questions why he didn't cut ties with Mindstar after discovering someone had altered her and Basil's memories of their lives before living in New Lennston he responds with: This is the most interesting thing to happen in years!

His father, who did this to him, gave him the ability to materialize a human body because "it amused him". Overlaps with For the Evulz, as the implication of this is that Oreg can be tortured like a normal human being, despite his immortality.

It is never explicitly said that this was his father's intention, but it is clear that his "owners" did that to him, and worse. This is Samuel Westing's reason for the entire plot of The Westing Game , or at least the form the events take.

Sherlock Holmes often accepts cases simply because he finds them intriguing, although he still has an altruistic side and a strong desire for justice. Harry Potter Peeves the Poltergeist is a literal spirit of chaos. His pranks are never fatal, but there's nothing he loves more than causing trouble or shattering the monotony of daily life. Most of the teachers can exercise a limited degree of control over him, but the only people he listens to regularly are Albus Dumbledore, the Bloody Baron, and his human counterparts, the Weasley Twins and that was only once, during their escape from Umbridge Except it turns out he does.

Apparently played straight in Atlas Shrugged when Francisco d'Anconia builds a worthless copper mine, just to have a laugh when a socialist government loots it to provide a "higher standard of living for the people" , only to find it worthless.

He tells reporters shortly before the story breaks that he came to New York to "witness the farce" everybody thought he was referring to a sleazy divorce scandal.

Shortly afterwards, we find him telling Dagny how amused he was at the prospect of the collapse of Wyatt Oil and all of the world's great industries that he would destroy with more apparent pranks.

Later subverted when we find out that he is one of the "destroyers" or strikers who is destroying industry so the looters will gain nothing of value and capitalism can start anew after their downfall.

A Song of Ice and Fire. Jaime Lannister gives this as a reason for some of his actions, especially the occasional altruistic ones; after being made drunk and forced into swearing an oath at sword-point, he decides to keep it, simply because he thinks it will be funny for the Kingslayer to keep an unreasonable oath that nobody in Westeros would blame him for breaking.

Eventually he discovers that Good Feels Good , and acts more honourably for that reason, but this is the excuse he gives to anyone who questions his actions, and he never loses his contemptuous Deadpan Snarker attitude. Nevertheless he goes along with her request for an elopement because it amuses him. He also made her the toast of London by pretending she was fabulously wealthy for the same reason.

In fact the reason she doesn't agree to marry him earlier is because everyone has warned her that he has pretended to like girls and then dumped them for fun. The title character of The Dresden Files edges into this at times, such as arranging a meeting with a mob boss at a Burger King, because, in his own words, "I just wanted to see him there.

Trickster gods in general do these things for amusement, because they are all children of the Goddess of Chaos. During A Mage's Power alone we have the following examples. Tasio the Trickster is a public nuisance in every city of Tariatla. According to a Roalt city wall commander, he would destroy a civilization or raise it to a new level of prosperity on a whim.

An inversion can be seen in Hard to Be a God , when Don Rumata tries to invoke this to justify his actions namely, repeatedly saving local scientists from stormtroopers to local Evil Chancellor. Virigar, the Big Bad of The Balanced Sword and the Jason Wood stories, is an enormously powerful and practically immortal Chessmaster who sets up elaborate and long-running schemes to keep himself from getting bored.

And although entertainment isn't the sole purpose — he does genuinely want the payoffs that the schemes will provide — he's appreciative on the very rare occasions when someone manages to best him, because it makes a change from the usual.

It's been explicitly stated that he could kill Jason out of hand any time he felt like, but happens not to feel like it because he wants to see what entertaining thing Jason will do next.

Gary Karkofsky's motivations as a supervillain in The Supervillainy Saga seem to be solely based on the fact he finds being a costumed criminal interesting. His wife and other supers call him out on this several times, especially since he can and occasionally does use his powers for good but chooses not to.

Edgedancer a novella of The Stormlight Archive: Szeth explains to Lift that because she's against Nale, he should probably kill her, but his talking sword has found her funny, so he's going to endanger his boss' plan and let her live.

Deconstructed with the dispassionate Roose Bolton, who carefully considers the ramifications of his every word and action to maximize gain, but will be a total Troll if he can get away with it. He later chides both his son and Locke not for torturing prisoners but for torturing valuable prisoners. The Trickster spirit AKA the Archangel Gabriel screws around with people he thinks are pompous, both because it's fun and he's got an eternity to kill. He sometimes does it to teach a lesson, but usually in the most amusing way possible, or the most torturous.

When the The Devil decides to swing by for a visit in Brimstone , you can count on him doing something wonderfully dickish like ticketing a legally parked car or tying someone's shoelaces together. Everything the Janitor from Scrubs does to JD. Kelso does this a few times as well. In fact, just about every character has one moment. Jordan has explicitly described her motivation for tormenting people as " for funsies ".

Cox constantly torments Nervous Wreck Doug Murphy for this reason, with notable cases being when Cox gives him 30 seconds to find a clipboard that Cox is holding out of Murphy's line of sight or this scene.

There was also that time he made Turk feel bad about betting on a patient's life for no other reason than "poops and giggles. Voice of Armus on killing a main character: It had no meaning.

I did it because I wanted to. You took no pleasure from it at all. It was too easy! Is humanity on trial again? The trial never ended. We never reached a verdict. But now we have: Guilty of being inferior.

Jadzia, I think it would be better to part here. Oh, I'm coming with you. I took some days of leave and checked it with our superiors. Why didn't you tell me earlier? It's more fun this way.

Why do you keep doing that? Haven't we covered this before? I did 'em all. Because poop is funny. I am that stick. Do you know what the moral of this tale is, Mr. Don't eat a cue ball? The moral of the story is: I apologize for this, gentlemen. Can you imagine that idiot thinking we were a spy ring? Charles, did you have something to do with this? Of course not, wouldn't waste my time You have no traceable motive You were just curious what I would do.

Someone who thinks how I think. Wind him up, and watch him go. What is so God-awful about your life that you've gotta take it out on the rest of the world? It was fun, boss. Odin, though somewhat less obvious than Loki, also falls under this. He acts very similar to Loki, to the point one theory is that Loki and Odin were originally the same god, but the more well-known myths tend to downplay his role as a Trickster Archetype.

And Anansi in Africa. One story has him sitting at the side of the road, repeatedly telling people it's safe to cross, only for them to fall and break their legs on the way.

At the end of the story, he tells HIMSELF it's safe to cross the street, breaks his leg, and has been depicted with a walking-stick ever since. And Coyote among Native Americans although he varies from just being clownish to being outright evil, depending on which tribe's mythos we're talking about. Huehuecoyotl, the Aztec version was just as likely to help humanity or cause genocide depending on which he thought was funnier.

Still, he was one of the more popular gods, considering the rest of the pantheon. The chief difference between the Seelie and Unseelie courts in some stories seems to be in what they find funny and how much harm they consider acceptable, and that's if you're lucky.

There're a couple of myths invented for this purpose in Australia. Because apparently the real wildlife wasn't scary enough already , they decided to tell tourists that the trees were infested with carnivorous koalas and the only way to ward them off was to put Vegemite behind your ears. This is one of the only forms of trolling that the internet has actually dis couraged.

His overriding motive for playing practical jokes, messing with people's heads, and generally just being mean and insensitive is that it's simply too much fun to not screw with people. So where are these scripts coming from, or rather, where are they being hiddden? And how come only these industry insiders have read them and can vote on them? It would be nice if the voting process were more transparent.

I havent finished reading all of the last black list. And the hit list just came out too. Excited to find something new nonetheless though! Something in the style of Blonde Ambition well-written, but best script of the year… seriously?! I wonder if Anna Klassen secured the rights to J.

You might just about get away with writing a script about someone as long as you cover well-known facts and not libelous conjecture. The problem IS trading off the popularity of Harry Potter. If this is an indicator of what the Oscars might look like, I may actually tune in this year. Kyle McLaughlin got a Best Actor nod, which is wholly deserved.

Talk about rubbing salt on an open wound you KNEW that was precisely what Spacy was gunning for from the old trailers. What was hinted at in Creature — a romantic angle of sorts more a Gill-man crush than Julie Adams thing — is fully explored in the Shape story line. It really opened my eyes, not only to his filmmaking abilities, but also to what can result when an artist truly embraces their passions and makes no deviations in realizing them.

It was an inspiring night, for sure. This will only mean something to U. Scriptshadowers but he was something of a national treasure… if only for hosting the worlds first naked quiz show. Just because not much is happening here today, I was looking at some interactive infographics stuff for work and I happened across two fascinating ones about screenwriting and the Bechdel test. Big data tells you which movie studios are the most sexist etc.

Lots of fun … if you really like a graph …. Let the honoring begin. Got my ass handed to me with that prediction. Golden Globes has been running this clever con for decades. Split movie winners into two categories which allows them to get twice the stars to attend which increases ratings. If the Drama category overflows, just throw it on over into Comedy.

Script about Russians hacking the DNC… too soon. We know they did it! But this seems rushed. Script about Mike Nicholls and Elaine May. But more inside Hollywood stuff. Sure, when it becomes available. Actually it has three Jane Wick movies: I was going to say. Also two about Hiroshima. After Avatar, Cameron said he was going to do a Hiroshima movie. I was watching a bit of Unbroken last night. Female Assassin scripts so far: Mother Ballerina Ruthless Kate Greenland?

They just gave the people the wrong logline to read. You could keep it as a contained in the limo thriller! How the feck do you remember that? Are you one of those screenwriters following me on Twitter I hope you agree with all my liberal retweets? Are you stalking me? Annoys me that anyone who finds out my twitter handle immediately knows everyone I follow and everything I like. Seems rather a personal invasion.

Have to try and change my settings. TWO scripts on illegal abortions. Wonder if any of those woman were so depressed they became assassins?

Just seems that people are looking in the same place and the same things. A David Prowse biopic. If the writers used those two as primary sources which I guess they did , then they NEED those rights.

A David Prowse bio? Keanu pulled out of his last attempt at the last minute. So, anyway, there could be the Richard Farnsworth story, the stuntman AND actor who had a second career as an actor Misery, The Straight Story before taking his own life Hemingway style when he got cancer.

Stunt man deaths are now much rarer though one is too many. Or maybe a Hal Needham bio. On an old fifties TV show You Asked For It, he jumped out of a flying plane and knocked a rider off a galloping horse. Did all kinds of insane stuff like that and still wound up dying of old age.

After that his films went downhill. I want you to play an astronaut who falls in love with Shirley McClain. Wrote it for you. Needham took out an ad after the poor reviews of SMOKEY 2 a poor sequel to a great first film with him sitting in a wheelbarrow of all the money he made. See you on the next post with the full results and hopefully half the scripts. Your window has just officially slammed shut. And it would be difficult to market in a saturated… market. Evidently not a personal script.

Saturation point has been met, and exceeded. Every time I turn around I keep seeing this trailer as well:. Have 50 Cal, will travel. With the adrenaline pumping, plus what was going on, out of desperation it would surprise me if they did widely shoot at the build. So it could almost be accurate. Is it less than PC to suggest that Ms.

Henson is about twenty years too old for this sort of nonsense? Though somehow Bruce Willis , age 62 still seems totally cool, and looks perfectly fine doing it. Change the female assassin into a cyborg, robot or alien. Having Neytiri running around with a. What are you interested in? Courage of convictions, self-potential, helping others. Issues that could be explored. Run all these things together, well, not all of them, but a combination of them and you have a script that is going to be nothing like any other persons script.

Unfortunately, from my experience, all fucking true. I still prefer a happy script, something that I might like to read myself. Anyway, the gist is that great artists hit the same themes in ALL their work. Rolling Thunder is a classic example. Paul Schrader wrote a movie about a man who comes back to his home town from Vietnam and goes on a killing spree against Mexicans, who he starts to see as the enemy.

It was rewritten as a more straightforward revenge movie it has its fans, like Tarantino, who named one of his companies after it. A few years later he would write Taxi Driver, which was closer to his original intention with RT.

And then direct his own material. My Stepmother is an Alien, famously, the original writer claimed it was a much more serious, personal project about child abuse or summit before the studio made it into a wacky and fun movie. Four whiskeys last night. Hats off to the writer if he found a workable story with that material. Sounds like the sequel to Parkland that nobody was asking for.

I think that was Combat. Combat had a less high-concept idea but his opinion was very well-written. I forgot about that one, I think because I was picturing a man as the lead, not a woman. Meat very low down, lower than most of those female assassin scripts.

Well, if the movie gets made, who cares? But most likely either Redbox or Netflix and kill. One might get made. So if they had to list ten scripts they liked, ONE might be a female assassin script. I had a female assassin script. Like an assassin who is also a master baker… if I was interested in baking. Or an assassin who has to kill someone who likes dancing, so she has to learn dancing… if I was interested in dancing. See, I DO like food… not really a cook.

Just finishing up a script and found myself browsing the Black List for guidance on which of my ideas to write next…. Wow, Mattson Tomlin is on the list twice! Now the guy has TWO! An Arctic setting, evil elves, Santa … and a race to save the day. Okay, this project just did a Rudolph-like jump over all of the other scripts to take the No. Yesterday I did the double-bill of:. In many ways sort of the same movie but told from two different point of views of characters passing each other heading in opposite directions.

Lighthearted adventure ensues for him… with a big finale involving old St. A bit edgier adventure ensues… with a big finale involving old St.

Actually like the sound of Escape from the North Pole. It does sound a bit like a number of other movies and unproduced screenplays from the past. Darn few comedies on this list. Is this on your list, Scott? This is the first one I am going to read.

The Kris Kringle one, written in first person? OK, so, what I wanted to talk about was how there are so many scripts on the list that are similar to each other, the same subjects and concepts, and why that might happen and how I think you can avoid it. Read books, visit libraries, travel, talk to people… including outside the mainstream.

Themes that resonate with you. Personal experiences you can draw on. Things I draw upon. Take a pack of cards. That pack of cards, the exact order of those cards, will be unique. The number of different orders of cards in a pack of cards is 52 x 52 x52, and so on 52 times. I just wanted to get on the Black List.

I accept that some of the loglines are shit and that the scripts are MUCH better but the loglines need a bit of workshopping. They could do better. No zombie scripts this year, nor superhero. But stories about serial killers appearing on the Dating Game? Why, just because their women, do they have to be called hotties?

I really like the premise and the characters sound like a lot of fun two chicks scamming ISIS into crowdfunding their venture? An idea with potential since the subjects are brilliant and funny and their comedy historically important, and since Nichols and May are hardly remembered today though the famed director is hardly cold and I think May still acts occasionally.

But God, where would you begin securing rights to their lives and material? Anyway something that could be good.

Wyler was the most famous and successful director in Hollywood at the time. Take away the computer upload and this is a premise as old as the hills. Sometimes a new coat of paint is enough. So, did the When Lightning Strikes writer need to obtain life rights from J. That sounds like it would be hard to get.

Proofreading is for losers. No compliment deserved or earned. Midnight, something has changed with Scott over the last 3 days. I can tell by his typing. I, and you, and I am sure everyone wants to know…..

OMG — the sky will fall! This is funny https: I love LA more! What cop in any other part of the country, or world, would have any idea what the Blacklist was?

Most would think it was some veiled threat if you said it to them. Is Every cop a part time actor and a budding screenwriter with a stack of screenplays in their glovebox. Notice how many of these are designed to be interesting by association. These seem even more questionable hooks than the cancer ridden, schizophrenic, desperate for redemption, slow poison ingesting, female CIA assassin who seems to be the protagonist of most of the others.

Wanted to give a heads up. I tried to watch this. And guess what happens when two people that are bipolar marry. Opened up strongman, first 5 pages establishes the character well and makes you sympathetic towards the strongman.

I think the writing style is easy to read and theres no aow mistakes i could spot. And it hasnt included a hook, but the pages are entertaining. Interested to read more. I read the whole thing tonight. Overall, definitely worth the read in my opinion. Not that it matters, just curious.

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