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Wife wants sex Durant

Wife wants sex Durant

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Wife wants sex Durant

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They are even bigger favorites to be universally despised. Call it the basketball version of the Avengers plugging Superman into the lineup. Except everyone likes superheroes. No longer seen as the fresh, free-wheeling team that rained down threes upon an awestruck populace, they became the heavy favorites. The heavy favorites that talked trash, threw mouthpieces, kicked crotches and had their surrogates imply after losses that the NBA is rigged.

In one year they went from beloved LeBron slayers to a team that made LeBron a lovable underdog. Golden State was placed atop the NBA pedestal and compared to the greatest teams ever Seeing the Warriors lose a three-games-to-one lead in the NBA finals was what the public wanted. Even Kevin Durant himself knows it. Now everybody wanna play for the heat and the Lakers?

Let's go back to being competitive and going at these peoples! What the Durant of would tell the KD is that his decision to join the Warriors makes perfect sense. NBA fans understand this, too. At least rational ones do. In any other industry, turning down a sound and logical and profitable career move would be seen as lunacy. But in sports it gets your jersey burned.

Durant clearly wants to win a championship and, after eight years in Oklahoma City and one in Seattle and just a single trip to the NBA Finals five seasons ago, sees the better opportunity on a team that has gone to back-to-back finals — and did so with the hugely inferior Harrison Barnes playing where Durant now will. If Thunder backers were such staunch loyalty fans, they would have refused to allow the Supersonics to set up shop in their fair town back in , no?

If the rest of life seems rigged for the powerful and futile for the rest, at least we have sports to escape to where anything can happen and anyone can succeed. But that feels gone in the NBA, at least for the near future. The Eastern Conference has been run by whichever team employs LeBron James for the past forever years and there is zero indication that will end anytime soon, no matter how many Al Horfords are shuffled around.

But at least the Western Conference provided some mystery each year about who might meet LeBron in June, with the Warriors, Spurs and Thunder all poised to be legitimate contenders again in if everything stayed the same. Only now Durant is on the Warriors, Tim Duncan is reportedly retiring, and an game season and three rounds of playoffs — stretching from late October to the end of May — is essentially pointless for 28 teams beyond player development.

In , the Yankees added Alex Rodriguez to a team that had back-to-back plus win seasons and nine consecutive postseason appearances. More trophy space was cleared in the Yankee offices — and so fans spent the next five seasons delighting in every Yankees defeat and postseason A-Rod pop-up and strikeout.

It was only in , after repeated misery, that a humbled Rodriguez became a more sympathetic figure on the way to his only World Series title. Iceland and Leicester City and the city of Cleveland. Neutral fans will be able to appreciate and be amazed by how these Warriors will hack the sport of basketball next season, spreading the floor in a way no one ever conceived was possible.

Kevin Durant is the bad guy now, just like LeBron was in In a few years, a new super-team will come along and KD and the Warriors could be the underdogs. In the NBA, you retire a hero if you play long enough to no longer be the villain. July 16, What the Durant of would tell the KD is that his decision to join the Warriors makes perfect sense. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Loading comments… Trouble loading?

Sex in Cinema: Greatest and Most Influential Erotic / Sexual Films and Scenes

Pittsburgh suspect not known to authorities October 27, AP Top News Bomb suspect: As President Donald Trump prepares to re-impose a second batch Trump set aside some of his usual Dodgers go back to Rich Hill as Game 4 starter October 27, The left-hander was originally announced as the starter, but on Saturday morning the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands all times local: The officers ended the standoff after When a CT scan revealed a kidney New York City Marathon On solid ground: Jonathan Taylor Thorson leads Northwestern over No.

Meeting in an Ottoman-era The longest game in World Series history was bananas. Twenty-three players on each team, including nine pitchers. Eighteen innings — four more than any of the previous World The Youth Initiative for Human Rights said in Conservatives have placed the issue on the Trump takes his campaign rally blitz to Midwest October 27, Trump is speaking at the The Islamic Jihad group, a militant faction You are standing midstream Conway Rapper Yella Beezy released from hospital after shooting October 27, The Dallas rapper was released from the hospital this week.

Police say the rapper, whose legal name is Deandre Conway, was driving on the Sam Philipps often posted photos online of her writing the Group agrees to stop firing rockets at Israel October 27, But not thin enough not to look good in his wife-beater t-shirt and Daisy-Duke cut off Levis. He was really fucking good looking Two teens go to the same high school and they can"t stand each other. One teen is an arrogant rich guy and the other is a poor mexican teen Kevin, a young gymnast moves to a new school and so begins a clash of wills between him and his coach, Liam A Gay Sex Niches.

Learning to love older cock. Part 6 - final. We Got Really Dirty. Tangled - Part Seventeen. The Guy He Once Was: A Kinky Saturday Afternoon. My Little Loup Garou. How I became attracted to older men.

Love is a Battlefield: A Wizard"s Succession Billy"s College Bitch Boy. Fun With The Jocks 1. Tangled - Part Eighteen. My Educational Trip to the Bookstore. Banged by the construction worker. Daddy Looking While Mom is Away. Lets Play Truth or Dare. David show up for Joey and Mark"s party. Sucking Her Lover"s Cock.

Swallowing and Rimming story. The day that changed my life.. Punished By My Physics Teacher. Bareback at the ABS. Only In My Dreams: Me and daddy have some alone time. After Prudence splashed water on Mack, they frolicked in the outdoors, then he asked her how she had become a nudist.

She explained how she was in ill health when she was young, and the only thing that cured her was "bathing my body in the open air. A few more pronouncements were made with Prudence standing between Dr. King and Mack about how colds were practically unknown among nudists. King asserted how gathering together collectively as nudists to enjoy the air and sunshine was preferable over practicing nudity privately.

He argued for the very morality of being naturally naked better than at dances, nightclubs, or "the average bathing beaches" , and of the common human desire "for social contact" - and the safeguarding of morals by fellow nudists at all times. Mack bragged that he had witnessed first-hand how the nudists were wholesome, sane, healthy and well-behaved.

The campers bid Mack goodbye as he drove off, after he told everyone: I promise what I write will be exactly what I've seen. Advertising copy for this audacious, pre-Code Roy Del Ruth-directed Warner Bros' film about sexual harrassment proclaimed: Girls who couldn't have been touched with a ft yacht -- ready to do anything to get a job! He was known to seduce and exploit much-younger, naive employees who needed work. In one case, the despicable man was greeted by perky blonde employee Polly Dale Alice White.

He didn't recognize her right away and then remarked: I didn't know you with all your clothes on. He used her to pimp for him with board members and to do his bidding. Later, he set out to destroy her relationship - and secret marriage - to top salesman and aspiring subordinate Martin West Wallace Ford. This daring, salacious pre-Code film from First National Pictures and director Michael Curtiz was released just before the enforcement of the Code.

Once the Code went into effect in mid, Joseph Breen placed this film on his "no re-release" list, and the film was unseen until the s. It explored a major role reversal of typical stereotypes, and the dilemma professional women still face - the choice between career and marriage.

A Drake Motor Car Company plant executive Alison Drake Ruth Chatterton , a powerful, sexually-liberated and unrestrained, man-hungry female portrayed without apology, uncharacteristic for its time , had no time for romance or love. She had adopted a "hard and cynical" gender-role reversal for her own life: To me, a woman in love is a pathetic spectacle. She's either so miserable she wants to die or she's so happy you want to die You know a long time ago, I decided to travel the same open road that men travel, so I treat men exactly the way they've always treated women.

She admitted to married visiting friend Harriet Brown Lois Wilson: She regularly discarded male secretaries who began to show romantic feelings for her - for example, she told Mr. Briggs Gavin Gordon after he vowed that he loved her: I can't be annoyed with jealous or moody men about me.

She transferred "sentimental" rejects like him to the Montreal office, with their transportation arranged by her older fatherly-male assistant Pettigrew Ferdinand Gottschalk. Frustrated by her many male secretaries, the no-nonsense Alison vowed semi-seriously: She was known to her employees as "Miss D," and by Pettigrew as a "superwoman," who thought: There's nothing of the hypocrite about Miss D Why, she's never met a man yet that's worthy of her.

And she never will! She was ruthless in her business practices, and other married women feared her, cautioning at a party she hosted: After inviting him to her house for dinner, he wanted to talk about his designs, although she was "thinking about something else" - presumably sex with him. Unlike her other secretaries, he was unaffected by the vodka and avoided her predatory traps, exasperating her: In order to win him over, Miss D.

Her strategy worked -- he kissed her at a picnic, and the scene ended with a fade-to-black, signifying they had sex together. The day after when he proposed marriage in order to be "decent," she accused him of being "old-fashioned.

I suppose you think you're too superior for marriage and love and children, the things that women were born for. Say, who do you think you are?

Are you so drunk with your own importance that you can make your own rules? Well, you're a fake! You've been playing this part so long you've begun to believe it. You and your new freedom. Why, if you weren't so pathetic, you'd be funny. Remarkably in a drastic reversal, she soon capitulated to Thorne's assertion that women were born for "marriage and love and children" - as one of her executives had earlier predicted: I know, I've always thought I was different.

I've always tried to beat life the way men beat it, but I can't. She pursued Thorne on the road, finding him at an outdoor carnival's shooting gallery. I'm not playing a part. I'm not a superwoman Take me wherever you're going. I'll marry you, if you still want me to.

As the film ended, he was accompanying her to obtain loans from bankers in New York to save the business, and she gave up the leadership of the automotive factory to him, while expressing her hopes of raising nine children. This south of the border musical-dance film was pre-Code, therefore uncensored. It featured lots of see-through dresses, skirts and blouses in a number of production numbers or dance sequences.

During the large-scale and racy Carioca dance sequences, and in the memorable Flying Down to Rio number atop bi-plane wings, skimpily-attired chorus girls performed wing-dancing and other stunts the sequence was filmed in an airplane hangar with wind machines and a few planes hanging from the ceiling - enhanced with backdrops of Rio and Malibu Beach.

The film also featured risque dialogue - early on in the film, one of the American girls who was jealous of flirtatiously-successful Brazilian Dolores Del Rio as Belinha DeRezende , asked: In addition, the hotel manager character Hammerstein Franklin Pangborn was decidedly gay and played up the "sissy" elements of his role.

The film was also historically notable -- Dolores Del Rio was the first major star to wear a two-piece women's bathing suit onscreen. A year earlier, a brief scene showed a two-piece bathing "sun-suit" being modeled on a beach in Three on a Match For the five years before the Hays Production Code of went into effect, dance choreographer Busby Berkeley featured barely-clad bathing beauty starlets clothed to appear naked in his extravagant productions.

Teasing, gold-digging, scantily-clad smiling chorus girls and views of dressing rooms were often featured. Especially in this film, he was able to display the female form through kaleidoscopic abstract designs, many with legs wide open or body parts seen in close-up. During the "Honeymoon Hotel" sequence, married? This film had the racy and naughty "By A Waterfall" sequence with dozens of legs of floating swimmers being unzipped and zipped.

As in Footlight Parade , Busby Berkeley featured opulent production numbers with barely-costumed chorines, in numbers such as "We're In the Money.

In the naughty pre-Code "Petting in the Park" number, straw-hatted men romanced chorines on a lawn - with the camera leering at their crossed legs and petticoats. After a drenching rainstorm, the chorines were forced to provocatively strip in silhouette behind a transparent screen. A lascivious, leering young boy midget Billy Barty pulled up the screen to peer at them.

Predictably, it featured more of the same - smart, sexy and snappy dialogue, one-liners, and double entendres. West's films single-handedly saved Paramount Studios from financial ruin, although they brought intense criticism from the Catholic League of Decency.

In the film's opening on the midway on a raised catwalk, floozy lady lion tamer and carnival queen Tira Mae West paraded past a crowd of leering men in a sexy gown and purred to the spectators: Got the idea boys. She also said in the course of the film: She had made it big on Broadway and was hustling men out of their money. While on the phone with millionaire leading man Jack Clayton Cary Grant, reuniting with West in their second film together , she advised him, coyly in one of the film's oft-misquoted lines: King Kong was the ultimate Beauty and the Beast monster film, extensively censored for its violence.

The film's subtext was the introduction of the feminine into a man's world and into uncharted territory, and the release of the primal male beast upon the civilized world NYC.

The film was considered slightly scandalous for its inter-racial 'love story' of a giant black ape with a white blonde woman. Their forbidden love resulted in Kong's subsequent punishment - death. Sexy screamer Fay Wray as Ann Darrow was featured as the object of male affection and of the desires of the giant hairy Beast. The Empire State Building was the ultimate phallic symbol from which the beast was toppled.

The white blonde woman was regarded as a more valuable virginal substitute for Kong by the natives of Skull Island, They had regularly sacrificed half-naked, garlanded black virgins white woman Ann was worth the equivalent of six native women, acc. The film even contained sexual double entendres, as in the scene when film-maker Denham Robert Armstrong told First Mate Jack Driscoll Bruce Cabot that he feared his crewmember had been emasculated and gone "soft" or impotent and "sappy" over Ann's Beauty, as the Beast would do later: The Beast was a tough guy too.

He could lick the world. But when he saw Beauty, she got him. He forgot his wisdom and the little fellas licked him. Censors did away with other scenes of doomed sailors being eaten by giant spiders, of natives being crushed in Kong's mouth or trampled into mud, of a woman being snatched from her NY apartment's bed and held upside down over the street and then released after being mistaken for Ann , and the scene of the ape peeling down the blonde beauty's clothing - these were all censored and cut.

This was an early 'women in prison' film, featuring lesbianism and brutal prison life, with the presence of butchy prison guards. She had a love-hate relationship for the reformed minded radio evangelist David Slade Preston Foster who turned her in when she confessed her guilt. Nan was sentenced to prison, where she was cautioned: This pre-Code "woman's film," based upon a novel by Virginia Kellogg, dealt with issues of alcoholism, single unwed motherhood, and professional prejudice based upon gender.

Kay Francis starred as the title character Dr. Mary Stevens - an intelligent, emotional and strong female pediatrician. The trailer captured her personal and professional dilemmas, however: Mary was in love with Dr.

Don Andrews Lyle Talbot , who had graduated with her from medical school years earlier. At first, they had offices in the same building and struggled during the Depression Era in New York. He eventually separated from his wife, due to selfishness, jealousy and mistrust. Although Mary severed her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, now married, she continued to pine for him.

Reported car crashes are higher in Colorado, Oregon, and Washington than in neighboring states. Bradley Beal on sympathy weight gain: 'all we ate – pizza and ice cream, pizza and ice cream'. It’s the church of choice for Bieber and Durant. It’s where the cool kids spend Sunday morning after Saturday night at the club. For ye of .