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Temporary wife wanted

Temporary wife wanted

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Swm iso bbw seeking for someone to date and hopefully turn in to a ltr all I ask is be honest about what u want.

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Temporary wife wanted

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What do you feel. After that would love to meet possibly weekly.

Let's meet today Let's meet today. Lol does everyass on here only want sex It's amusing to see that girls on here instantly want to hookup without even knowing the person. Sending a would be helpful but not needed, only req is your down to fuck. Oh, and maybe, just maybe, be a friend and liker.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. The Temporary Wife Forever Love, 1 3. Now the Campbells are petitioning for custody, and Meg is faced with a long and expensive legal battle. And that his confirmed bachelor heart might just melt away from the heat… To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about The Temporary Wife , please sign up. Any idea how I can buy the book? See 1 question about The Temporary Wife….

Lists with This Book. Mar 29, Didi rated it liked it Shelves: I love stories that give us a couple determined to get together for one thing, be it a charade or a means to an end, and then ultimately fall in love for real.

This was a sweet and steamy take on that and although it--or rather someone--bothered me at points, I liked it. Megan has custody of her deceased best friends daughter. The little girls parents, having died in a car crash, had outlined in their will that Molly, their only child 3. The little girls parents, having died in a car crash, had outlined in their will that Molly, their only child, be raised by Meg, to the outrage of her wealthy grandparents.

Grace, the deceased friend and mother was adamant in her wishes but that doesn't stop her maternal grandparents from trying to overturn the will. There's not much to be done since Meg is single and a teacher. But Jason, Grace's brother and Meg's first love that broke her heart, has a solution: It's a great idea and prevents Meg from losing Molly forever.

But history has a way of repeating itself and what starts out as an agreement with a defined expiration date soon becomes something else entirely. But Meg has had her heart broken by Jason, she wants to trust him with everything, but can she? I really liked this story and it was going along quite well but Meg started to piss me off with her doormat tendencies and inability to be strong.

So many instances I was shouting at her through my iPad, screaming for her to grow a fricken back bone! I got she had feelings for Jason and he for her. I got she had a hard time resisting him. I even got her tendency to blame herself. What I didn't get was the fact she let him get away with running the show.

Let his bitchy assistant get away with demeaning her. Jason needed a kick to the ass for the majority of the book until he grew a pair. But thankfully, when he did, he was unstoppable and I saw why she loved him so. I don't want to give the impression he wasn't affectionate or loving. This was told in dual 3rd person pov, so we saw how he felt.

But did Meg have to be so weak? Of course, after that whole mess of doormatitis was resolved, things really turned around. It was a sweet story and had a beautiful epilogue. Despite Meg's annoying disposition, it was a good read. View all 12 comments. I absolutely loved this book and i enjoy it immensely. I will start this review by specifying that the cover doesn't really do justice to the book at all but nvm that now, important it's what the book contains. The temporary wife is the first book i read by this author and i was really impressed with the writing.

Really flawless and just pouring page and after p 5 Amazing Stars I picked up this book in a wimp and mostly it goes wrong when i do that but this time it turned up better than i expected. Really flawless and just pouring page and after page. Nothing is better than that. Nothing get's me more immersed and caught in a book than a good writing that makes me not to be able to put it down. This book was like a breath a fresh air.

So much different than the stereo type of books i been reading lately with fucked up billionaires. In this book the authors gives us the story of Meg and Jason. Meg it's a sweet and sexy kinder garden teacher and Jason it's hot and sexy geeky self made billionaire who owns his won company with his two best friends.

Meg and Jason knew each other since they were 8 years old and later when they were around 16 they been together for a while before they broke up cause of Jason parents as Meg wasn't good enough for they son and in special cause Meg wasn't as rich as Jason. Jason parents are not happy about it and they would do anything to get Molly from Meg and that's were Jason steps in and offers to help Meg keep Molly by marrying him for a year and adopt her.

But things doesn't goes as planned and the sparks that has been between them revives bigger than ever. The chemistry between this two was really amazing. I loved they dialog even if sometimes they were both bull headed and things would've been much more easier to sort out if they didn't go round and round the circle but it wasn't OTT and that's was great. Over all i loved this book, it was such a great read but most important thing i look forward reading another book by this author in the future.

Jan 05, Debbie Oxier rated it really liked it. This was a very good read. I really liked the characters. They were well developed and it was enjoyable to watch them fall in love. Jason's sister, Grace, died and she left custody of her young daughter, Molly, to her best friend, Megan. Jason didn't blame her. His and Grace's parents were wealthy, arrogant snobs and the last thing Jason wanted was for Molly to go to them.

Being estranged from them himself, he knew they weren't the kind of parents his niece needed. The only reason they were peti This was a very good read. The only reason they were petitioning for custody was to get their hands on Molly's trust fund.

He also knew there was no way Megan could fight them and win. Not only did she not have the financial means to do so, she was no match for their attempts to belittle and humiliate her. He and Megan were once an item when they were younger but at the time, Jason failed to stand up to them and they drove Megan away. He still had feelings for her and had no intention of walking away a second time.

Instead, he proposes to Megan. It would be a temporary arrangement. They would marry, stay together for a year, and then go their separate ways. As a billionaire software developer, he can give her a big settlement in the divorce so she and Megan will always be taken care of and his parents will no longer have any grounds for custody.

However, during the time they're married, Jason discovers he still has feelings for her and is determined to make her fall in love with him so they can be together forever. Jason and Megan were so real. Megan was very down to earth and the type of person you'd want for a friend. Jason was loyal, faithful, and so protective of Megan.

I really liked the author's writing style. Although the plot was familiar it was told from a fresh perspective given I hadn't read this author before. I look forward to reading more of her work in the future. Apr 16, Lyn Ching rated it liked it. For more book reviews, please check out: And though Meg grew up with the Campbell kids as her father was their longtime employee, they never saw Meg as anything but a social climber.

Years later, the wounds have not quite healed, especially since the Campbells are once again after Meg, this time for Molly. Even thr For more book reviews, please check out: So much so that Grace named Meg guardian of her one and only child Molly, should anything happen to her and her husband….

To do right by his sister, make up for his mistakes with Meg and thwart his parents, he proposes to Meg a marriage of convenience. Out of desperation to keep Molly, Meg agrees, despite knowing that her strong attraction to Jason still exists and is in fact, even stronger now 15 years after their failed relationship. Things quickly crossover from pretend love to real.

But what will they do when what they fear most confronts them? Will letting go be easiest for both? What does make this different is it has heart.

Both lead characters Meg and Jason are endearing in that they are good people with bad experiences who are otherwise perfect for each other. And Molly is a total sweetheart.

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J ennifer Klinec never wanted a big wedding. Jennifer, with cropped, blond hair, a wide smile and an endearing air of bewilderment at the twists her life has taken, tells me over a coffee that she knew little about temporary marriages before she decided to visit Iran. In fact, when she arrived in the beautiful desert city of Yazd — famous for its labyrinthine old city mudbrick buildings and ancient wind towers — she was looking for women, not men.

Having already travelled widely, including to Yemen and Syria, to learn new recipes, the former cookery writer was determined to find a housewife to teach her about Persian food. So, when she was approached by a slightly grumpy year-old man called Vahid, she was only interested in hearing about his mother, she says. He was shorter than me and looked angry — he has bushy eyebrows and long eyelashes and always looked disapproving.

When I travel I always try and get out of the capital city to somewhere slower and smaller. I knew Yazd would be very beautiful and the food would be good. In the evenings, Vahid would walk her home.

But the scrutiny the couple were under was suffocating. What do you know about her past? While in more socially liberal cities such as Shiraz or Tehran, unmarried couples push the boundaries of the law, Yazd was much stricter, says Jennifer. But in Yazd when we sat next to each other in public I had to face the opposite direction and pretend to read. The obstacles they faced mean the relationship was immediately intensified, says Jennifer. It was a form of courtship I had never experienced before.

But Jennifer says she was always aware that their pairing did not conform to the traditional gender roles of such a conservative society. But even as a child she was expected to look after herself. Her parents were from impoverished backgrounds in Eastern Europe, and intent on making a success of their business.

Their long hours meant Jennifer and her sister would be woken by a phone call in the morning, make their own way to school, and come home again to an empty house. Birthdays were forgotten or dismissed and when the family did eat together the conversation centred on business orders. It was only when she taught herself to cook after enrolling at a school in Dublin that she and her mother found a shared interest.

Today they are very close, she says. Unemployed and sexually inexperienced, he had never travelled outside Iran, and his parents expected him to have a family-approved match, find a government job and live down the road. But because sharing a hotel room would have been illegal, the couple decided to have a temporary marriage.

Inside the Islamic Republic, sigheh marriages are controversial. Critics complain that they are a form of legalised prostitution, while supporters argue that the short-term marriage contracts which can last anywhere from a few minutes to 99 years are a pragmatic loophole in a country that criminalises extra-marital sex; offering legitimacy and a right to inheritance for children.

That was a lovely part of the story, because the H and his dad reconciled just before the old man died. None of this would've happened had it not been for Charity. The part of the story that I hadn't liked so much was the sexual relationship between the MC's. Their sex life seemed a bit mechanical and at first Anthony treated her as just another woman he was having sex with. He was so cold and severe towards her after they made love and the heroine felt so hurt because it had meant a lot to her.

The other selfish thing that Anthony did was to take Charity to his family's estate without providing her with any new clothing. I understood why he did that but I didn't like it. He did it because he hadn't seen the H as a person in her own right. He hadn't considered her feelings. All he wanted to do was to use her as a pawn to hurt and embarrass his father. Anthony knew that his father would be extremely angry to see that his new daughter in law was a mousy, dowdy governess.

It was very mortifying for Charity, when she discovered that she was nothing more than a pawn to be used but she still didn't let that get her down. Her upbeat attitude salvaged the story because she was a very self possessed young woman, who didn't require fancy clothing to have confidence. Anthony's relatives were very shocked when Charity wasn't cowed by all the grandeur around her.

She also spoke up when she needed to and this usually happened when his bitchy sister made snide, insulting remarks. It's only near to the end of the story that they all get to see the real Charity when she's dressed up in a fancy ballgown. Anthony was pleasantly surprised and temporarily dumbfounded to see his little dowdy wife looking so fabulous: Then, Charity got me a little angry when she pulled her "littlest Hobo" act and ran away at the end just after she'd helped Anthony and his family to reconcile all their differences.

The Littlest Hobo was a heart-warming Canadian tv series about an adorable roaming dog who went all over Canada helping out families in trouble. He would help the families and when his job was done, he would leave. It was fabulous and I loved it! This is the intro to the tv series, for those who never heard of it: Yeah, so Charity reminded of the dog from that show, because she was so sweet and selfless. She helped out the H and his horrible relatives and then she left when she thought her job was over.

That part was so sad for me to read, because she had grown to love some of Anthony's relatives and his 8 yr sister Augusta had come to love her too. The H's father had even told the H, while on his deathbed, that he was happy that Charity was his daughter in law because she would make a splendid duchess: His grace's penetrating, haughty eyes, startlingly alive, regarded him out of the gray face and from beneath heavy lids. You will have children of your own, my son. Your duchess will be a good mother and a good wife.

You have made a fortunate choice. There will be mutual love in your marriage. You have not succeeded in annoying me. The Temporary Wife Kindle Locations Anthony went after her and, for the first time, forgot all about his silly pride and revealed his love: You did not tell me you were not a quiet mouse.

You did not tell me you were beautiful or charming or warm with concern for others or courageous or—wonderful in bed. I had to come after you to recover my stolen property.

She had thought the pearls were a gift. What you stole, Charity, was my heart. I have come to get it back if all else fails. But I would rather you kept it and brought it back to Enfield with you. I felt like crying happy tears towards the end when the proud Anthony became so humble and I even felt sad that the old duke had to die just when he had found his son again, after they'd been estranged for 8 yrs.

I'm so glad I finally read this because it's more than just a romance between 2 MC's. It's a story about what it means to be a family and how family members make sacrifices so that their loved ones can have a better life. The H, Anthony, the Marquess of Staunton: View all 5 comments.

I enjoyed this one but I think my expectation were a little too high. I expected him to be more of an asshole. He wasn't that bad, overall.

View all 17 comments. May 02, Anya rated it liked it Recommended to Anya by: I was so pleasantly engrossed that I spent quite a sizeable amount of time busy with this book when I had two practical exams the next day for which I needed to study. This was my first Mary Balogh and definitely not my last.

I'm so excited to read Slightly Dangerous now! Thank you, Tadiana for bringing this book to my notice. View all 8 comments.

I finished this days ago, but have found writing a review daunting. Most of that is because I just loved Charity so much. She's kind and determined and strong and really, truly cares about helping people, even when they don't deserve and reject her efforts. The thing is, Balogh has Charity drop like a boulder into the still lives of Anthony's staid family. And her kindness disrupts a decade of stagnation and despair and overcomes all obstacles and even heals breaches of trust and betrayals.

Each I finished this days ago, but have found writing a review daunting. Each of which was relatively reasonable on its own, but they do rather add up to unreasonable given the week or two she has to do it. So I can't face defending how much I was enthralled by the book or have people point out how unlikely it was. I'm not prepared to be rational or reasonable about it. I loved it with the passion of a teen girl for her vampire boyfriend. A note about Steamy: Mid level steam for me.

There are a couple explicit sex scenes, though since they get married near the beginning, it's rather surprising there weren't more. Part of what I enjoyed about the book was Balogh's use of these intimate scenes to break down barriers in the couple's relationship. That's a bet many authors miss and I enjoyed seeing it play out, here. Dec 17, Linda rated it it was amazing Shelves: OK, so I borrowed this book from the library.

I needed another book to read like a hole in the head. I have enough paperbacks and ebooks at home but I have just started to read a few of Ms. Balogh's short stories in some anthologies. Let's blame the book for my excitement. Yes, I am slow to discover this author. I seem to like the older books before someone becomes popular. What can I say except this book hit me in all the right spots.

I didn't w OK, so I borrowed this book from the library. I didn't want it to end. It wasn't long enough and yet I was satisfied. OK, I am blathering again. It is the book's fault. In a nutshell, the Marquess of Staunton is a supreme jerk. And not on good terms. He decides he needs to take a wife with him. He advertises for a governess even though he doesn't have any children. In response to a question from a friend: She must be impoverished, plain, demure, very ordinary, perhaps even prim.

She must have all the personality of a- a quiet mouse. His intentions are to use her, then pension her off. A woman with a few secrets of her own. The interview goes well and then he scares the bejeezus out of her by proposing marriage. Charity is stumped and you feel what she is going through but she needs the money. And it is just temporary, right? She saw her future as an aunt, a sister, but never a wife or mother. The wheels are turning in her head: At this point I have to mention that some readers considered this a traditional regency romance.

I usually think of those as clean romances ala Georgette Heyers. This one has some sex which is unusual for a Signet Regency Romance. Now I am usually put off when a hero and heroine meet one day and then have sex immediately. I like things to build. Perhaps a friendship first, some tension, the look And it is for the best. For some reason, everything in the plot makes sense. Balogh did a fantastic job with the characters driving this story. Charity does a complete turn-around in her husband's eyes.

She is not as drab as he first thought; she is beautiful after all. She has a personality and it becomes important for Staunton to see that she doesn't get hurt when everything is over. Staunton makes a degree change because of her. I wouldn't normally say a guy can blossom, but he blossoms. Nov 25, Vintage rated it liked it Shelves: Started out as a solid 4 star, but the heroine via Mary Balogh did something so ridiculous and anachronistic, it blew it for me. Not a bride so unsuitable that she's beyond the pale, but a tad below par for their lofty status and dowdy so he advertises for a governess.

The h comes in and is suita Interview to come The h comes in and is suitably downtrodden and brown wren-ish to fill the spot. Sadly for the H's plan but not his heart, she has a little more spirit that appears in the interview. She is the eldest of a pack of children and wants to help her brother support the brood so he'll have a chance at marriage. She agrees to the H's MOC wherein she'll get 6, pounds a year for life if she'll marry with him no expectation on a real married life.

They will go their separate ways after the charade. The H and h arrive at the ducal manner to all kinds of upper crust British long noses and cold silences, and here is where the heroine shines.

She's amused at the housekeeper's assumption she's a no-better-than-she-should-be-maid and is charming to the less than welcoming committee. It's not until she calls the Duke" Father that the H realizes he may have under-estimated his bride.

It's okay for now as his own children don't call the Duke father, and the H gets a kick out of the inner horror of it all from the rest of his family. He adds to the sheer lower class Cockney emo by calling her "love" and further scandalizing the crew. The story unfolds as we find out more and more why the H left in the first place as well as the estrangement between him and his siblings. It's a little bit of a stretch, but go with it.

The h's winsome ways, very open heart and concept of what a family should be go a long way to loosen the family up. Not to mention the whole concept of a faux MOC goes out the window when they keep forgetting it was supposed to be platonic. The sex scenes are rather erotic in a terse fashion.

Machinations and strained faces between the H and his father keep the drama going up until the ball and the father's ill health becomes apparent. Here is where it jumped the rails for me. She leaves because he needs to go off and be a Duke now that his father has died. Okay, with the laws of the time in Regency England, you get a one shot deal for marriage. Divorce and annulment weren't impossible to get but darn close.

Despite the fact that leaving was part of their initial pact, the stakes have changed now as the family has changed. I just did not buy that this intelligent and warm heroine up till now could do something so stupid. It was an artificial plot at faux drama as far as I was concerned. The h is much more vivacious and intelligent than the H ever anticipates, and the H is a nicely drawn brooder that reforms quite nicely. View all 9 comments. Jan 07, Tiffany Reisz rated it really liked it. I think the only reason this gets 4 stars is because I read A Promise of Spring right after and enjoyed it even more.

The first love scene in this book is one of the better ones I've read in a historical. And for the record, just because I am a BDSM erotica writer, I prefer for my reading pleasure sex scenes that are more emotionally-driven that graphic with physical description.

Balogh is a maste As a much needed break from Derek Raymond's gritty noir, I treated myself to two Mary Balogh novels. Balogh is a master of finding the balance. A delightful, un-put-down-able old-fashioned marriage of convenience story that is a joy to read. Aug 20, Leona rated it it was amazing Shelves: Definitely one of the very best by Mary Balogh. Over the past few years, I've gotten away from the historical romance genre.

However, this one captured me from the first page to the very last page. Highly recommended for MB fans and those that love a good historical romance with some depth. View all 3 comments. Jan 10, Mou rated it liked it. View all 13 comments. Jul 24, Jan rated it liked it Shelves: I liked this one OK but it was nothing that special and certainly not one of Ms Balogh's best. I had a couple of problems with the book that prevented me from really loving it. It was one of those ridiculous, unbelievable setups that authors sometimes come up with to get their characters into proximity.

In this case, a marquess, heir to a dying duke, wants to take revenge on his loveless father. So instead of going home and marrying the pretty and suitable young 2.

So instead of going home and marrying the pretty and suitable young lady his father intended for him, he chooses a highly unsuitable bride to rub his father's face in it so to speak! It's a totally fake ad of course, because Anthony is single with no kids.

But Charity doesn't know this. She is desperate because she has five younger siblings and they are poor so she needs to earn money. Anthony offers to MARRY HER and have a fake marriage long enough to annoy his dad then they will separate and he will pay her and keep her for the rest of her life. And guess what, she accepts!!

So, they get married and are attracted to each other and consummate the marriage which they hadn't really intended. I went along with it. But then came my other main problem. All of these events could have occurred, as many of the family's problems had been based on lack of communication between them. Charity was a catalyst to open up the communication between them all and get them addressing old issues that should have been brought into the open.

I just couldn't get over the timeline, and it detracted from my enjoyment of the book. Also, I didn't really love Charity. I think too much was made of her 'mousiness' early on, and I found it difficult to change my perception of her character after that. She didn't seem like a real or vivid character to me. So, although I enjoyed some aspects of the book, I wasn't able to totally connect with the characters or really get involved in the story.

On the whole, I don't like Balogh's earlier books as much as her later ones. Sep 16, Miranda Davis rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Lovers of HR, esp. The conflict was a doozy. Father-son conflict comes to a head after eight year's absence. So wonderful how the romance evolved over the course of the story. I think this has bumped Simply Dangerous out of first place, or at least wedged itself right next to it. View all 4 comments. Jun 30, Sruthi rated it it was amazing Shelves: My first Mary Balogh and I enjoyed it extremely.

It was fluffy with enough of family drama to keep me hooked. Ohh Boy, I loved it!! You did not tell me you were a thief. I have come to get it back if all els My first Mary Balogh and I enjoyed it extremely.

Formulaic Regency romance with one of my favorite guilty tropes - the marriage of convenience. Earl McRakey Pants is interviewing governesses under false pretenses. His true purpose is finding a frumpy wife to marry before he responds to his father's summons to return home.

Daddy the Duke formed a betrothal many moons ago and McRake is expected to marry a high ranking lady. Well, our Earl will have none of it! Estranged from Duke Dad for 8 years, he's arranged a rather shocking home It was okay. Estranged from Duke Dad for 8 years, he's arranged a rather shocking homecoming to spite the old man. She must take care of her indebted family, you see.

She must help the entire dysfunctional family! They'll all be holding hands and singing Kumbaya by the time she's finished. How will she accomplish such a daunting task? By being her sweet and charming self, of course. I thought it was a bit weird that they got all conjugal the evening they'd met and married. When strangers get married: It wasn't dirty, but it did give their business arrangement a bit of a hooker vibe. The story was entertaining, but only 3 stars because I can only handle so much martyrdom.

May 19, Crista rated it it was amazing Shelves:

The Temporary Wife has ratings and reviews. Molly's parents died and now Jason and Meg wanted to give her familial security with an expiration. The Temporary Wife has ratings and reviews. Tadiana ✩Night The arrogant aristocrat makes it painfully clear what he wants from her. Will Charity. Nikah mut'ah, or temporary marriage, was popular in the ancient Islamic world. that unites man and woman as husband and wife for a limited time. We both wanted to date, to go out for dinner or go shopping and just get.