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It's easier said than done. Asking him to cut back is like asking an alcoholic to have only drinks a week. He actually might need an outpatient recovery program or something.

The one thing that is clear here is that weed is more important to your husband than you are at this point. Wendy December 16, , 9: So glad you said this Wendy. It bugs me when people frame it as you are choosing it over your partner or its more important than your partner. LadyinPurpleNotRed December 16, , CatsMeow December 16, , To clarify in case anyone is confused: I am close to someone who is a daily smoker.

I do not smoke myself. He probably acts more or less the exact same. The people I know who smoke habitually every day or at least times a week is that it is honestly the same as drinking a glass of wine or having a beer after work. Honestly I can rarely tell if he has smoked or not, and its the same with my brother, my best friend etc. If he does act like a total stoner, gets nothing done, and ignores his wife yeah this is a problem but this is typically not the case with someone who smokes like a few hits of a bowl or a joint over the course of an evening.

Of course, I can barely remember what they were about but I know there were tons of fabulous ideas and intelligent problem solving skills in there. MMcG December 16, , 1: I feel like this LW is coming from a very unrealistic place where she expected CHANGE once they were married… and not of the we have to split laundry and cooking now variety.

Christy December 16, , 9: I mean it could be anything… playing video games, racing cars, drinking, etc. No sense at all…. Obviously, she knows people smoke weed all the time without repercussions.

I think the husbands unwillingness to quit stems from his realizing exactly what this fight is about. LW, asking someone to change a daily habit is very hard to do.

Read the book, the power of habit. You need to decide if this is something you want to work through or cut your losses. So rather than get new meds, he would just like to smoke weed. Is your husband doing this? I would say it is time to get busy. Start going out at night.

It is hard to fight the urge to smoke if your are bored in front of the TV. Wendy December 16, , Fabelle December 16, , 9: Like Wendy said, come up with a more effective argument. What makes him tick? Do scientifically-based arguments work on him? Find research that says daily weed smoking is bad for him in some way, maybe? Or, like, are you planning for children soon? Find a study that says it lowers sperm count or whatever These are just examples, but you get my drift, hopefully.

If he has access, sticking to once or twice a week is pretty impossible. GatorGirl December 16, , 9: IDK, I disagree that marriage is an arbitrary marker. People use marriage as a marker for changes in behavior all the time moving in together, sharing finances, having sex….

Addie Pray December 16, , 9: It seemed like he begrudgingly said he would cut back, but its not like its something he wanted to do himself to begin with. If that makes sense. The thing that I think Wendy is missing is that the husband agreed to cut back. He was on board with the plan to the point where he wanted to be bugged about it if he slacked off. Miel December 16, , 9: But it should be enough. Giving his word, which should be gold, to his wife, who should be the most important person to be honest with, should be enough.

A promise means something. Where is the moral character? This thread of advice is so good. Basically, there are 2 that could work: The first step to that is getting to the root of the issue.

What do you really not like about his smoking. Is it the smell? Pretty much all of those problems can be solved. Then he has freedom and you can be worry free about money. The smell is the easiest to deal with. Shadowflash January 3, , 1: From the lines at the end of the letter, it sounds like the thing that bothers her is the legalities or lack thereof.

Which is a totally reasonable thing to be bothered by: He probably agreed to it because he wants to make her happy. Its not as easy as making a promise and just sticking to it because you want to. Maybe we should help LW make a better argument against weed. LW, you could tell your husband: Smoking pot just seems really ….

But then again I have a glass of wine every night so to each his own. The LW did mention that if he ever got a drug test, and it came out positive, it would be detrimental to his career.

He could lose his career and potentially ruin any future job prospects a criminal record: Funny you mention wine every night though. Addie Pray December 16, , That second part is enough to make me think people are idiots who do it anyway.

Ok, onto the illegal aspect. I think so, could be wrong. If you get drug tested at work and know you would be fired for smoking, then I agree, its pretty dumb to smoke pot. Getting caught with it here ruins lives all the time. MMcG December 16, , 2: Whereas in many other locations, they have made it the equivalent of a traffic fine depending on the amount you are caught with and the situation not DUI obviously.

Get a ticket, pay a fine, done. States That Have Decriminalized The following states have passed laws decriminalizing marijuana. Typically, decriminalization means no prison time or criminal record for first-time possession of a small amount for personal consumption. The conduct is treated like a minor traffic violation.

GatorGirl December 16, , But I can have a drink and have zero impairment. If you never drink alcohol, 1 or 2 drinks WILL make you drunk. No, back in college when I smoked daily it was the same. It was the same when I was smoking 3 or 4 days a week for a year plus.

Addie Pray December 16, , 1: Well, I am basing it off my OWN experience with pot. But I could get that image out of my head quickly if I met a functioning professional who did it daily. I also never drive above the speed limit so there you go. Or build a new image of a perfect responsible and doting husband who also smokes up every night?

I have been for 15 years. I have 2 children. I play with them more enthusiastically. I can barely function because my back hurts. Am I self medicating? But it works better than any pain pill, or shock therapy, anti-nausea meds, or anti-anxiety meds have ever done.

But you know what? One glass of wine? So, to each their own. LW — I agree with Wendy. Is it really the rare chance that he may get a random drug test at work? Bottom line from me: I am solely drawing from personal experience here, but everyone I know who has smoked marijuana for years basically its like a few hits of bud will really not alter their outward behavior at all, rather just put them at ease internally. You sort of build up a tolerance to the effects of weed up to a certain point.

If you never ever smoke, yeah of course a few hits will make you really stoned just as if you rarely drink one glass of wine will mess you up. If you are ripping bong hits and acting a lazy stoned high school fool, yes that is a problem but that would be the equivalent of me drinking a bottle of wine every night which I think we can all agree is a huge problem vs. Addie Pray December 16, , 2: Addie Pray December 16, , 3: I guess that example sucks though, because wine prices vary.

Maybe someone who actually smokes pot can answer this. And do you do the exchange in a dark alley? Most people I know buy it from friends. I know a few people who sell — either they grow, or they have a medical card and sell what they can buy.

Or, if not a friend, a friend of a friend. In some places there is actual delivery where you get to see and smell different kinds… like a wine or cigar tasting!! Fabelle December 16, , 3: My friend no really, my friend! I died when I heard that, it was like drive-thru weed.

My best friend smokes about that much a week. He gets his for free though. Honestly, I would never drink again if smoking weed was decriminalized. I feel so much more in control if I smoke vs drink.

Alcohol can make me really depressed, whereas weed just calms me down. We originally found ours through friends. We just text him and he comes over and we do the transaction inside the door to our apartment. The range is insane. I think the price of pot varies by region. Our dealer only has what he has, but the quality is pretty uniform across time. Addie Pray December 17, , 6: This has all been fascinating you guys, so thanks! That would be good but not great weed.

It would last me and my boyfriend about a week of smoking a couple times a day because we were worthless potheads. Good tasting, strong, but not mind-blowing and ridiculous.

It was nasty and not very strong. There are market fluctuations just like anything else. A La Mode December 16, , 2: Runs between illegally, depending on who you know in my town and if you want to buy from stateside hippies, middlemen, or cartels. BreezyAM December 16, , 5: The desire and impetus to change did not come from him. This is where the LW is missing things. You cannot control or change someone.

He has to want to. I hate to say this, but if this was an issue you should not have married him, and should have moved on rather than coerce him. So let it go. Stop making this YOUR issue. Let it be his. Let him get in trouble for it. Sure it has an effect on you and your marriage, but let him own this. Read some al-anon stuff. You come off as really controlling here. Not in a mean way, just, this super is not your problem. Once you get off his ass about it, he can figure that out.

He has no time to notice he needs to stop. How does it affect YOU, if at all? Walter got into this really awful habit of getting pizza five times a week at a local joint, and getting a beer while he waited for the pizza. I get to say he has to stop eating so much fucking pizza. And being married to a criminal might negatively affect her and her career, and it will cost money in court if he gets caught.

It affects her because it does. As to it being so expensive it fucks up your finances, idk, you would have to smoke a LOT of expensive weed all the time I think. I mean, if all you eat is vegetarian food but your partner decides its too expensive for your budget….

Do I think she absolutely should not have married someone who was doing something she seems to view as a deal breaker? What are your issues with weed besides the illegality? Like do you feel that he is not putting in enough effort at home, in the marriage, etc? Because, that is a separate issue from the weed almost. And could happen if he was smoking or not. And should be tackled separate. I feel like weed, alcohol, drugs, etc are big issues.

So big that they should probably be more deal breakers than something you compromise on. For example I would not want to be married to someone who smoked pot ore regular cigarettes to be honest. I feel like you both set yourself up with failure with that agreement.

I think it is ridiculously unrealistic to ask ANYONE to go cold turkey on any kind of substance, especially when it is not their own choice. When someone says i am going to quit XYZ because it is bad for my health, it is affecting my mental state etc. From what the LW said, her husband is only doing this because she requested him to.

I think he needs to make his own effort into deciding whether he wants to quite or not and have some good valid reasons. If you do want him to quite help him and do it slowly and progressively.

It seems like it is an addiction he has. It will take time to get over it. But he must want to quite as well for this agreement to work and be successful. Nookie December 16, , 9: Where you can both put money to spend on something together?

If he really wants to stop, he might be able to with some positive benefits. Annie December 16, , Not using substances seems to me to be a lower cost of doing business than being ok with your partner using substances. TECH December 16, , Wendy is right, she needs to make a better argument to her husband.

It could be his health weed does have health consequences if you smoke as much as he does. It could be his behavior after he smokes weed he might act really out of it or dumb after he smokes. It could be the smell on him or in the house. There are a lot of really great reasons for him to not smoke daily.

He has to quit or cut back because he wants to quit or cut back. And I started to realize that trying to change him into the man I wanted him to be was a recipe for disaster. But you two are married. And you should try to fight for your marriage. There is a lot of literature about marijauna addiction.

It is a thing. I think you should approach this as the addiction that it seems to be. Some may disagree with me, but professional help may be in order here. Our society has developed pretty casual views about pot smoking. She basically has two choices. Either deal with the fact that her husband smokes Which in her letter what does let him deal with it on his own mean anyway?

Like you said he has to want to quit. And actually leave when it comes down to it. I think Wendy and everyone else is right: You need to decide why this really bothers you and figure out a way to communicate it. What is it about the smoking that bothers you?

Do you not like how he acts when he is high? Is it the illegality that concerns you? Is it because you want kids and want him to be able to stop before you have a baby? If you lived somewhere it was legal, would you care if it was every day vs. For the record, I know people who smoke every day whose personal and professional lives have not been affected at all. Wendy has a great point, since you did let this slide for so long until you were married, and then still got married knowing he smoked and had agreed to just cut back seemingly unwillingly , and I am assuming it has always bothered you, you are more or less between a rock and a hard place here.

Because even though you talked about it going through with the wedding was still letting him know pot smoking is okay with you, and really how is days any different than everyday? What you have been doing does thus far is not working so stop. The nagging is driving you crazy as much as him and every time he smokes again, I bet it just upsets you more because its starting to seem like a personal jab to you, vs just a habit.

I know its hard to let it go, but do for like a week and see what happens. I think that you should write out a list of the reasons you have a problem with him smoking every day and present it to your husband. Do you drink wine or beer in the evening? Do you see pot as different just because it is illegal valid but good to reiterate to him? Why was it okay before the wedding but once the wedding happened off-limits? I am with someone who smokes on the reg, and I have sort of had to accept that he does it to unwind and if its not impeding his life, or effecting me, then why should I care?

As I mentioned above I see it in the way a glass of wine or bourbon after work most days helps me relax. I just think being married to a pothead would be annoying. What if you priced out how much he is spending on weed in a year? Show him how putting his money towards a special account that is specifically for that goal will make it possible much sooner.

It is absolutely possible to be addicted to weed — psychologically, at least — so if this gets off to a rough start, he should look around for groups in the area that can provide support. As for reasons why you might want him to quit, here are a few that may apply: I said when I moved into our new house that it was going to remain clean at all times and not be messy.

Yes, that lasted for a week. But, clearly from the comments so far, a lot of people still have a negative view of people who smoke. So, I get that it could be a problem. Honestly, I wish I still smoked. So maybe you can figure out a different way for him to de-stress.

Take a 20 minute walk together each night, and avoid talking about anything work-related or otherwise stressful, something like that. Yeah the stigma is really annoying to me. Pothead is the same as alcoholic. Someone that likes to smoke is someone that likes to drink wine. But for some reason having a glass of wine everyday is just someone who likes wine but someone who smokes everyday is a pothead.

Yes the stigma surrounding it is absurd and contributes in large part to the reasons it is not legal throughout the country. The reason people are comparing his behavior to that of an alcoholic is because he is acting like one. There is a substantial difference between smoking occasionally with friends and being incapable of going a day without smoking over the course of an entire year. From the CDC http: The signs and symptoms of alcohol dependence include— A strong craving for alcohol.

Continued use despite repeated physical, psychological, or interpersonal problems. The inability to limit drinking. If you yourself drink a glass of wine every night, all you have to do to know whether you have a problem is to go a week without it.

BreezyAM December 16, , 6: Not because I was incapable, but because I was annoyed he was trying to be controlling. Maybe he smokes times a week, maybe everyday, maybe only when he feels really stressed or whatever and it happens to be more than twice a week. I have to say, I prefer the company of potheads to alcoholics. I have a friend that smokes about a brick every two weeks. He still lives at home, dropped out of college, and works unskilled jobs just to pay for weed and video games.

Now my brother is an alcoholic. His behavior is unpredictable. He has seriously injured himself while drunk, yells, etc. You never know which side of him you will encounter. So I will say this: And that is a dependency, no matter whether you believe the addiction is harmful or not.

So it finally became clear with my ex that it would never change. I would try one more time to explan to your husband why it bothers you and how much it does. And then come up with a short sentence that re-states it clearly and briefly, and when he gets amnesia again, use it in a way that shuts down that particular conversation. He obviously wants to logic you into letting him smoke whenever he wants, and it just stresses you both out, so quit having that fucking argument!

SasLinna December 16, , I can sort of empathize with this LW. Is this type of issue really all that rare in marriages? I think there are lots of marriages that have issues like this one. And I can see how it might have seemd llike making an agreement before getting married could be a solution. Plus, substance use is typically something that a person has to WANT to stop doing in order for any quitting efforts to work.

You could substitute anything in- chores, sex, spending habits. Did you see my comment about promising to quit cigarettes, and really meaning it and wanting to, but then not actually doing it. I think you need to disconnect his smoking with his false promise. So you win the argument. Where does that get you? Where does that get him? Its not like if you win the argument, he automatically never wants to smoke again.

I broke the promise. You hate that I smoke. Well, you also started dating me as a smoker. It sucks letting someone down, but it also sucks being harassed on a daily basis over something that has little to do with anyone but you.

Fabelle December 16, , CattyGoLightly December 17, , 9: He promised he would TRY to quit, and he did manage to decrease the amount he smoked from a pack a day to maybe 2 or 3 cigarettes a day. He also tried to avoid smoking around me, which helped a lot as well he also wanted to quit smoking. I just said it was something I wished he would cut back on, but understood it was something he had to choose for himself.

Maybe LW needs to try that? Stop arguing about it. Tell him that she wishes he would cut back, but that it is ultimately up to him. Also, cigarettes are incredibly addictive. I can see why that would be very hard to quit when my brother quit he went through some really uncomfortable symptoms.

It did not look easy. I see your point. I think when you get married, you have to be okay with who they are and what they do in the moment — not some promise made for the future. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

Wendy was wearing a lawyer hat with that good point! I need to turn over my lawyer card, i have been acting so stupid lately! The thought of being in a relationship where someone tries to tell me what to do gives me the skeeves.

I will do what I will do. But, it is horribly annoying.

Get the latest slate of VH1 Shows! Visit to get the latest full episodes, bonus clips, cast interviews, and exclusive videos. - World's Best Casual Personals for online dating. Search millions of personals from singles, couples, swingers looking for fun, browse sexy photos and more. My husband and I have been married for nearly a year, together around six. We have a very healthy and happy relationship in all areas, but lately have been struggling with one basically minor issue – his weed .