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Seeking dominant woman 40 Hayfield 40

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Seeking dominant woman 40 Hayfield 40

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The Fetterman Fight, fought on a December morning years ago, was the worst military blunder of the Western Indian wars prior to the Battle of the Little Bighorn in June Like Custer, Fetterman was a Civil War hero who went West and acted a bit too brashly against the Plains Indians, resulting in a military defeat that a good many people preferred to think of as a massacre.

A trail named Bozeman, a fort named Kearny, a defensive-minded Army officer named Carrington, a saber-wielding lieutenant named Grummond, a determined Oglala Sioux leader named Red Cloud and a clever Oglala Sioux warrior named Crazy Horse all have roles in the intriguing Fetterman story.

The Fetterman Fight occurred in Powder River country, on the lonely, monotonous plains of what would become northern Wyoming at the time, it was part of Dakota Territory. Today, the grasses, tall and dry but still supple enough to bend, genuflect in waves moving from west to east across the prairie.

Overhead, a blue bowl of sky holds only a distant sun. Certainly, there are landscapes more desolate—deep deserts, steep mountains or abrupt canyons. But few places seem more empty. The emptiness is a misconception.

The Indians knew better. The area around the Powder River and the other southern tributaries of the Yellowstone River contained desirable lands. Game abounded—deer, rabbits, buffalo, birds. Down by the creeks, berries and greens grew. Nature had opened her bountiful hand and strewed a multitude of blessings. The Crows, or Absarokas children of the big-beaked bird , called this area their homeland. But it had been the home of the Snake Shoshone Indians until they were driven out by the Crows in the early s, and since about midcentury, the Crows had been struggling with the Teton Sioux, who had moved in to escape encroaching white civilization.

For the white men, this land was not considered valuable in , but not far to the west lay highly desirable land—the gold fields of Montana Territory. A federal government nearly bankrupt from the Civil War urgently needed gold to liquidate the interest accruing on the national debt.

Men desperate to escape poverty were willing to risk all. To travel from the East to the gold fields, the shortest route was to take the Platte Road the old Oregon Trail to Fort Laramie in present-day southeastern Wyoming and then pick up the Bozeman Trail, which had been pioneered by John Bozeman in the spring of When gold seekers used the trail in , Sioux leaders such as Man-Afraid-of-His-Horse and Red Cloud became upset, because the route passed right through their buffalo ranges.

To a lesser degree, the trail also annoyed the Northern Cheyennes and the Arapahos, who were friends of the Sioux. And soon, these Indians had even more reason to be angry. In late August , Brig. That outpost, however, would not be garrisoned until the next year. Indian attacks made travel on the trail extremely risky. Treaties were signed by various friendly northern Plains chiefs in the fall of , but other chiefs were determined to keep the Bozeman Trail closed.

Into this sensitive situation marched American soldiers in , with orders to guard the Bozeman Trail. They were the men of the 2nd Battalion, 18th U. The troops left Fort Kearny near present-day Kearney, Neb. The regimental commander was Connecticut-born Colonel Henry Bebee Carrington, and he would be sticking with the 2nd Battalion. Major General John Pope, commander of the Department of the Missouri, had ordered the year-old colonel to staff Fort Reno and to build two additional forts farther north.

One of the wives was Margaret Irvin Carrington, an educated woman passionately dedicated to life, justice and her husband, Henry. She kept a journal of her travels and travails in the West. Hardly the stuff of a simple military maneuver. A stop at Fort Laramie in mid-June brought the ladies an opportunity to shop but carried ominous portents for the future.

The whites, as usual, brought food and other presents. Red Cloud—not actually a chief, but a head warrior who was highly influential in matters of war—and others did not. The arrival of Carrington and company did not sit well with Red Cloud. The white men were asking for permission to use a road but had already brought soldiers to build forts along that road. Red Cloud and his Sioux delegation stormed off from the Fort Laramie negotiations; they vowed to fight any white man who used the Bozeman Trail.

Still, the commission returned to Washington, D. The government negotiators had grossly underestimated the determination of certain Sioux to save their hunting grounds. At Fort Laramie, some friendly Indians alerted Carrington to the possibility of trouble from hostile Indians in the Powder River country. And the colonel soon learned of other problems.

The ammunition, horses and wagon drivers that were supposed to be made available to him at Fort Laramie were missing. But Carrington remained cautiously optimistic. On June 16, he wrote to Brevet Major H. Litchfield, the acting assistant adjutant general of the Department of the Platte, that he anticipated no serious difficulty: Patience, forbearing, and common sense in dealing with the Sioux and Cheyennes will do much with all who really desire peace, but it is indispensable that ample supplies of ammunition come promptly.

The next day, Carrington and the 2nd Battalion marched out of Fort Laramie with wagons. First, he stopped off miles to the northwest at Fort Reno, leaving behind one of his eight companies to garrison it; he then proceeded to a spot that appealed to him some 60 miles farther up the Bozeman Trail.

Philip Kearny, who died in at the Battle of Chantilly Virginia. The fort would be stockaded and would sit on a natural plateau between Big and Little Piney creeks.

The soldiers required only one morning to plot out the parade ground and building sites. Almost immediately, various Cheyennes began to visit; they said that Red Cloud was insisting they join forces with his Sioux to drive the white men away. Openly hostile Indians, no doubt inspired by Red Cloud, also began to visit, with unpleasant consequences. Two men died in the first raid on July Attacks upon military and civilian targets in the region became commonplace.

Timber parties, sent out in wagons to secure lumber for building the fort and wood for fuel and cooking, had to travel five or six miles to reach the pine trees in the Big Horn Mountains. These wood trains were often harassed by Indians. From Pilot Hill, a lookout post Carrington established just south of the fort site, men could watch the wagons move and signal when there was danger. Alarms were constant; attacks upon the trains were frequent, and this kind of visitation continued during the whole season, Margaret Carrington wrote.

The ladies all came to the conclusion, no less than the officers affirmed it, that the Laramie treaty was Wau-nee-chee , no good! Nevertheless, work on the fort progressed steadily, because there was no full-scale Indian attack. The daily routine for the women confined within its high walls differed radically from their lives in the East.

Only a few servants had come along, and many of them left for the more lucrative professions of baker and washerwoman for the troops. So the wives baked, cooked, cleaned, scrubbed and sewed clothing. Sometimes they found time during the day for croquet. Evening entertainment included readings, games, quadrilles and music. Chapel came on Sunday. But there was never a sense of real peace. Every day brought its probabilities of some Indian adventures—every night had its special dangers which unanticipated might involve great loss, Margaret Carrington wrote.

Her husband kept looking for the promised support. On July 30, he sent a long report to his boss, Brig. George Cooke, who headed the Department of the Platte: My ammunition has not arrived; neither has my Leavenworth supply train—I am equal to any attack they may make, but have to build quarters and prepare for winter, escort trains, and guaranty the whole road. Carrington was gaining a reputation as an alarmist, if not a coward.

He had been a lawyer with business clients in Columbus, Ohio, before raising the 18th Infantry Regiment during the Civil War. A skilled administrator, he had held a series of staff jobs but had never fought with the regiment.

After the war, he had continued to pursue a military career. His strengths were design and engineering, ideal for constructing Fort Phil Kearny but not for training soldiers or commanding them in battle.

To the dismay of some of his officer corps, Carrington took a defensive position at Fort Phil Kearny, justified in his eyes by the shortage of troops and equipment. On August 12, , construction began on Fort C.

Into this uneasy scene in early November came reinforcements, including Lieutenant Horatio S. Unlike Carrington, the year-old Fetterman was a born fighter. During the Civil War, in fact, he had proved himself a leader in the 18th Infantry, the regiment raised by Carrington. For his wartime exploits in Georgia, Fetterman had been breveted lieutenant colonel.

He believed in himself and in traditional military strategy. The enemy who ran away was a coward, and the commander who took a defensive position was weak. Fetterman had little respect for the fighting ability of Indians, openly arguing that a company of regulars could whip a thousand, and a regiment could whip the whole array of hostile tribes.

Carrington felt pressure from his own officers and also from his commanding officer. General Cooke not only wanted Carrington to strike the Indians in their camps but also threatened a general court-martial over reports missing due to delayed mail delivery.

That there was a strong faction against Carrington is evident in a letter Fetterman wrote to a Dr. We are afflicted with an incompetent commanding officer viz. Carrington, but shall be relieved of him in the re-organization, he going to the 18th and we becoming the 27th Infantry.

With most of Fort Phil Kearny completed by early December, Carrington was at last ready to do something besides build. On the morning of December 6, the wood train was attacked, and the lookouts on Pilot Hill signaled the fort. Carrington, Lieutenant Grummond and about 25 mounted infantrymen also rode out from the fort.

40 Questions With Sin?ad Burke, Blogger And Academic |

Claire had been in a. Claire now had the same male partner and a female partner. Or even just straight if I was with my. So many people have assumed that I was straight. Therefore bisexuality does not exist. Bisexuality was understood to be. Their lack of clear. This means that some women who behave. Despite the overwhelming sense that there was no visible bisexual look, nonetheless the. This mirrors the notion that bisexuality represents the mid -. Accordingly, just a s. I would have been quite intimidated if somebody really butch had turned up [ Gemma cleverly carves a space to position bisexuality by rejecting both an implicitly.

That this image is. She was not alone in usin g this strategy. I think I like to combine looking. Other women saw appearance in a way that was more reflective of understandings of. I used to kind of think that I had to be either all femme, or all butch and suits and no.

So I was wearing like a fairly masculine jacket but with my bra. I think it [bisexual appearance] is so much harder to pin down laughs. But in a way. For me the statement of being bisexual is not just. I am keeping my options. For Marie, her sense of the freedom of bisexuality means that she was able to express an.

This mirrors research on lesbian and gay. Marie was not the only participant to value. Blue saw her bisexuality as existing in its own right,.

The lack of bisexual visual identity allowed these women a freedom of sorts and a. However, this also meant that they were not able to communicate their. However, the women involved in bisexual communities who had also been unable to. Despite these women noticing a Goth appearance in bisexual. Second, because a Goth. Third, Goth is not. Finally, a Goth look may exist, but was only specifically referred to and. I think I sometimes do. And I think that I also successfully read people as alternative.

Due to the range of looks, their multiple meanings, and the ambiguity around their. Instead, bisexuality ultimately remains hidden. This research has directly responded to calls by psychologists for studies that focus. In contrast to previous findings,. The themes presented in this paper were Visible Lesbians , Invisible Bisexuals and.

These themes reiterated the ways in which wider western culture. This was a dominant notion across participants and throughout the data and. With this in mind, it is. Despite this, appearance was clearly important to them, and they actively. Some participants in this study positioned themselves as trying to. Despite a range of potential and. Without appearance norms, bisexual women are less likely.

However, similarly to participants in other. It would be useful to conduct. In the interviews, participants suggested that masculine or butch lesbian looks may, by. However, the women also recognised that lesbians could choose to adhere to other more.

Although these looks may lead. Interestingly, the participants also explicitly spoke of heterosexual appearance, which they. A small body of research indicates that bisexual people.

It has been suggested that this could be attributed in. If bisexuality remains an invisible. In turn this can leave them feeling overlooked, marginalised, isolated, and,. Therefore it is not surprising that the invisibility of bisexual people may have a. These are all areas that clearly warrant further investigation in order to develop a greater. It is important that future research meaningfully. First, the findings of this. There are also implications of invisibility which arise from this study of bisexual.

Authors have noted that those who. Further, to be able or to. There are also limitations to this study. As noted above, most participants were able-bodied,.

The specificity of this sample implies that the se findings cannot be generalised. However, efforts were made to gain a range of participants, and not. It is worth noting that there were. However, despite their shared experiences, bisexual women are also likely to have different. Th e notion of intersectionality. Research which explores the. Despite the limitations of the sample, the findings do nonetheless. A feminist mixed -methods exploration,. The role of sexual identity in appearance and.

Accuracy of judgements of sexual. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology , 77 3 ,. A snapshot of bisexual identities in the United Kingdom. Working with a silenced sexuality. Defining queer and bi at a critical sexology seminar.

Journal of Bisexuality ,. LGBT equality and diversity. The Open University Centre for Citizenship,. Reflections on the place of. Lesbian and Gay Psychology. Review , 5 3 , — Women and their body hair. Women Quarterly, 15 1 , Feminism, Western culture, and the body. Assessing bisexual stigma and mental health status: Journal of Bisexuality, 12 2 , Fashion Theory, 4 3 , — Discourses of identity and diversity in. Lesbian and Gay Psychology Review, 8 1 , Brighenti, Andrea Visibility: A category for the social sciences.

Using thematic analysis in psychology. Research in Psychology, 3 2 , A practical guide for. Social Constructionism 2 nd ed. Feminism and the subversion of identity. Ciasullo, A nn M. Making her in visible: Cultural representations of lesbianism and. Feminist Studies , 27 3 , Clarke, Victoria, Ellis, Sonja, J. John Wiley and Sons Ltd. Navigating norms and the. Psychology and Sexuality, 4 1 , Clothes maketh the queer?

Feminism and Psychology, 17 2 ,. Intersectionality, identity politics, and. Stanford Law Review , 43 6 , Fashion, culture, and identity. Sexual identity, attractions, and behaviour among young sexual-. Developmental Psychology , 36 2 , Was it a phase? Young women's relinquishment of. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology ,. Fashion, dress and modern social theory. Journal of Bisexuality , 13 , Faderman, Lillian 1 Odd girls and twilight lovers: A history of lesbian life in the.

The challenges of modern sexual fluidity. Journal of Bisexuality, 9 3 , How to get lesbians to complete a questionnaire. Feminism and Psychology, 9 2 , Tania Appearance management as border construction: Sociological Inquiry , 67 3 , In visibility and the negotiation of embodied. Psychology of Women Section Review, 5 2 , 3- 6. Youth, beauty and pride: Psychology of Women Section Review, 5 2 , Research in Psychology, 2 3 , Gamson, Joshua Publicity traps: Television talk shows and lesbian, gay, bisexual and.

Sexualities , 1 1 , Using clothing to negotiate visibility. Psychology of Women Section Review, 5 2 , 7- Young women presenting mature. A case for photo elicitation. Finding a needle in a haystack: Methods for sampling in the. Journal of Bisexuality, 11 1 , She cares about the fluctuating industry and champions Irish designers. It's rare to witness someone in the ghetto that is the Irish fashion blogging community?

Her questions have prompted soul-searching answers and hours of fascinating reading material. Of late there have been a lot of justified complaints that mainstream Irish media is shirking its duty when it comes to showcasing Irish women who should be more widely known. We think mainstream Irish media is also missing someone like Sin? Social media channel of choice? I deliberately follow people who challenge my thinking and offer a different perspective.

I've also been introduced to some of my closest friends through Twitter. If Ireland still had its own currency, which woman would you put on the tenner? The movie you always rewatch A conductor changes the lives of disenfranchised French schoolboys through the medium of music.

The soundtrack is sublime but it's an emotional rollercoaster. The book you always gift I want people to tell their own stories. The most annoying quality in people? We need to be more confident about what we can and want to do.

We need to have notions about ourselves. He believes that clothes should fit women, not that women should have to fit clothes. Often, designers view women as personified hangers for their garments but I'm really inspired by Richard's mantra. For some reason you're Enda Kenny for a day with a majority in the D? What law do you pass? I'd lower the age of the Presidential candidate, repeal the 8th amendment and ratify the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

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Bisexual women's understandings of social marginalisation: 58 heterosexual' and as kissing other women in order to titillate and seek the attention of .. of communities has traditionally kept them safe from the dominant (heterosexual). I AM CNA I CARE FOR A LOVELY 81 YEAR OLD WOMAN; I'M ALSO A PRO DOMINATRIX AND FULL TIME STUDENT MAJORING IN MORTUARY SCIENCE . You would need to be height and weight appropriate, with no facial hair. I am NOT looking for a beginner or someone under You would need to live within