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Please help it s late but i need affection

Please help it s late but i need affection

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Please help it s late but i need affection

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Please help it s late but i need affection your Face.

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The United States of Stress. Everyday Health Healthy Living. Love and affection are an integral part of any intimate relationship. Unfortunately, many adults today find themselves at a loss when seeking to nurture a relationship with that special someone. Some have never experienced tender love and affection themselves or have been hurt deeply in the past and now shun all forms of love and affection as a defense against further infliction of pain.

In order to understand the role of love and affection in a healthy relationship and express them appropriately, it is important to understand what love and affection are.

Love is often mistakenly referred to as a feeling. Love at first sight is equated to a magical occurrence where destiny binds two individuals for life and they ride off into the sunset to live happily ever after. This theory works for those who live in the world of fairy tales, but leaves those of us who live with reality wondering what went wrong when the excitement of a new relationship wears off.

This type of love and the resulting affection serves as a foundation for a lasting, healthy relationship. It is a minute-by-minute decision by both parties to remain committed to each other and treat each other in a loving manner.

It is an attitude, a habit and a mantra. Affection is seen on the superhighway between your head and your heart. It is love in action and is the daily motivation to build a strong and lasting relationship with another human being.

Affection produces feelings of intimacy, security, significance, and respect in a relationship. Affection results in the tender feelings that are often called love. It is a learned behavior and for many people, takes a considerable amount of effort to achieve. We are naturally born with the ability and desire to love; affection takes work. What Are Words Of Affection? Words of affection are historically one of the greatest expressions of affection between two people.

Classical poetry, love stories and sappy romantic movies are all dripping with whispered words of affection, and for good reason. The auditory sense is a powerful force. Whispering words of affection to your loved one can instantly create a private and intimate moment between the two of you and reinforces the bonds of love that you share.

It is important to remember that affection is a learned behavior. What Is Public Affection? Public affection should be discussed with your partner in advance. It is important to understand how your loved one feels about public displays of affection and if it will have the opposite effect than what you are striving for. Childhood values and morals may dictate that all forms of affection be kept behind closed doors and out of view of the public. If this is not an issue in your relationship, public affection can often boost the feeling of security in a relationship because it conveys a sense of mutual dedication and declares your love to the world around you.

Overcoming Unhealthy Behaviors Unfortunately, many adults enter into serious relationships with defective coping behaviors and beliefs. Emotional baggage is too often carried into relationships after failed relationships without ever addressing these defective thought patterns. The good news is that since affection is a learned behavior, healthy habits can be created with a little understanding and hard work.

If the problem is severe, a professional counselor or pastor may be helpful in resolving the defective thought patterns that lead to this behavior. Alienation of affection tends to be reproduced for generations unless an individual who is willing to learn and change breaks the pattern.

Alienation of affection can result in an individual who appears cool and distant, or a person who seems to be starved for attention. One of the most common obstacles to intimate, lasting relationships occurs when one person is starved for affection. This problem may go unnoticed in the beginning of a relationship since emotions run high and huge amounts of affection are expressed in response to the excitement of a new relationship.

As time wears on, the partner who feels starved for affection may feel like the comfortable, slower paced expressions of affection are an indication that love is fading away. One key tool in combating this perception of being slighted is to communicate openly with each other about what each of you is feeling.

Caring for a person who is starved for attention may take a greater commitment to a higher level of consistent behavior than other relationships, but it is also likely to be more rewarding than most relationships as long as affection is consistently expressed. Each person can create a list of activities that convey love and affection to him or her.

There are several relational books on the market that discuss the basic needs of men and women that can help you understand how to better meet the needs of your partner. One very important concept to understand when learning how to express love and affection in a relationship is that no one person is able to meet every need of another. Placing such a large expectation on any relationship is a recipe for disaster. Other healthy relationships with friends and family members are required to have a fulfilled life.

Healthy relationships require constant nurturing. Love and affection are choices that strengthen a relationship and provide a lasting foundation that will weather the storms of life. By learning the needs of your partner and developing a consistent habit of expressing your love and affection for each other, you can experience a fulfilling relationship and serve as a shining example of the true definitions of love and affection. Is He Your Soulmate? The word "soulmate" often conjures mystical visions of astrology, reincarnation and destiny.

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Amazing Love Quotes That Will Make You Feel Alive Again

Early in life, children develop fantasies of being fused with a parent or primary caregiver to compensate for what is emotionally missing in their environment. This fantasy persists into adult life, although it may be largely unconscious. As a result, the hurt individual maintains a sense of pseudo-independence, an attitude that they can take care of themselves without a need for others.

As a result of merging with their parents in their imagination, people continue to both nurture and punish themselves in the same way they were treated by their parents. In addition, as love relationships become more meaningful, deep and threatening, people tend to revert to utilizing the same defense mechanisms that their parents used to avoid pain. Reacting in a manner similar to their parents offers a sense of safety, regardless of any negative consequences.

Once the fantasy bond takes hold, people are extremely reluctant to take a chance again on real love and gratification from a romantic partner. Positive acknowledgment arouses guilt in relation to surpassing the parent of the same sex. Being chosen or preferred by a loved one in a relationship, or being acknowledged for a success for which others are striving in the workplace, tends to precipitate guilt reactions and self-recriminations.

Furthermore, people often feel angry at being acknowledged and because the feeling appears to be irrational, it is suppressed. They distort the very people who made them feel loved, or who supported or acknowledged their success or achievement, and act out passive aggression towards them.

Many mistakenly perceive positive acclaim as an expectation or a demand to continue the behavior that earned them the appreciation and praise. All of these painful emotions are relieved to some extent as people withhold their positive or lovable qualities, adjust their performance downward and unconsciously attempt to diminish or sabotage their success.

It is extremely difficult to get out of that kind of withholding pattern. For this reason, people attempt to modify those loving exchanges rather than go through the painful feelings. Many people have spoken of heightened feelings of death anxiety after feeling especially close emotionally and sexually, and of later reacting with anger and withholding behaviors that lead to deterioration in the relationship.

For the most part, people create the emotional world in which they live. In actuality, they attempt to recreate the world they lived in as children to maintain psychological equilibrium. Positive events and circumstances, particularly the experience of being loved, seriously interrupt this process. In order to maintain a false sense of safety and security, people utilize the defense mechanisms of selection, distortion and provocation in their relationships. They tend to select partners who are like people in their early lives because they are more comfortable with people who fit their defenses.

Secondly, they distort their partners and see them as more like the people in their past than they really are. Thirdly, they try to provoke responses in their partners that duplicate interactions from their past.

The end result is antithetical to maintaining happy and satisfying relationships. Lastly, most people are not aware of their negative reactions to being loved or the dynamics described above, nor do they recognize their own withholding behavior and its effect on themselves and their loved ones. The hope is that becoming aware of these core defenses and challenging them can help people to be liberated from these detrimental effects.

I have not done full justice to the subject matter in this blog. It is highly condensed and therefore lacks supportive data and more elaborate case histories. These matters will be addressed in a book on the subject in the near future. I found this article so helpful- thank you so much! I do have a question though- what are the best ways to move forward and be supportive of a person who has deep issues with accepting love and affection?

Thank you question, Renee. But, the resentment arises from the assumption that it is, grounded in previous experience with the lover or in childhood. And, in fairness, too often that is exactly what is going on. This is impossibly true Thomas! I am currently battling intense feelings of pure raw anger, and I have traced most of it down to exactly what you mentioned here. I was emotionally neglected as a child in an affection-less angry fearsome house.

Both my parents dish this out to us, to the day. So I could somewhat understand my fear of intimacy, however my hostile response to kindness and real well being blows my mind! It is as if if anyone close to me tries to help me or express genuine and spontaneous thoughtfulness to me they are saying I cant do it on my own, they are suggesting that I am inferior in some way.

And sadly for me since my feelings were held down so long my spouts are more implosive than explosive, means I play them over in my head rather than express them to the people involved, or they come out in the most inopportune, irrelevant times and ways. In those situations, I shrink into my shell and think about what I have done to create the situation, what I have done wrong or how I am unable to defend myself in that moment and others.

It is the most painful existence, and I can only thing that it is because my base needs were hung over me and used to guilt me, in a time that I had not power over my situation. Relationships are non existent, or are a fiery battle of power, even though I initially portray kindness, fun, laid back-ness, friendliness and understanding to people.

That is why your writing here has touched me, after years or research and some therapy I have pegged it as one of the fundamental root causes that I am having the worst time trying to move past.

I am currently trying to decide if I should seek treatment again, and if so which one! My upbringing was the same. Other people trained you to act that way but YOU are perpetuating it. Be kind to yourself. You are your friend, lover, and family first and foremost.

You deserve to live yourself and put your needs first. Let no one tell you otherwise. If i could be your best friend…. I hate it even more when he called me with sweet names. What I feel is only raged and fury. Whenever he buy me things I feel insulted like he is trying to buy me with money.

Its time for you to live yours. Not some piece of property that can be handed over to someone else. I have a scenario I would like some guidance on. My wife and I have been together for 14 yrs. In July she kicked me out of the house because of a trivial act on my part. What is going on? These concepts are simply fascinating and very thought provoking.

I would love to buy a book with a more in depth analysis of these theories. Glad to hear you found these concepts so interesting! We have a list of books here that offer a more in-depth analysis to some of these theories, and, as a matter of fact, Drs. Robert and Lisa Firestone are currently working on a new book on this very topic. Being loved is far different than being manipulated and controlled. Sometimes the person that claims they love the other is really not showing them love.

The unfortunate truth is the author cannot control how readers user his material. The hope is that the reader will analyze their own behavior and hopefully be better equipped to not only understand, but seek professional help. So they continue to engage in it until their partner finally gives up in exhaustion and leaves. For example, look at what girls are taught from a young age. If a boy hits you, he likes you. And what about when that boy breaks her nose, or her eye socket? How much does he love her now?

Try defending yourself at all times from 3 individuals: Since my first language is Spanish, there is a language barrier with my memories. Sometimes I need to think in Spanish in order to truly remember things. You sound like my wife. I doubt we will. My wife has many wonderful qualities. The pain keeps mounting. Divorce may be the only option — without ever confronting the hot-button issue.

I just find this fascinating. So much about modern psychological, pseudo-science is unacceptable because it is inexplicable and unrepeatable. What you have said here makes common sense, even though it may be less than satisfying to some of those who would wish it to be otherwise.

I am beyond amazed with how much is personally pinpointed. I noticed you said more would come after more research was done for your book. Would you be interested in an interview where I could provide me proud to this? This subject fascinates me. Write fast — publish quick! Reading this brings a mix of feelings for me.

It also brings up fear and despair, because most men are not working w their issues at this level, nor do they want to. This is not a judgement, i cant blame them really but more of an observation. It is something i encounter as a divorced single woman looking to have a deep relationship. Lately i have been seriously questioning if any of this knowledge and learning is even helpful to me and my life. It seems only a psychologist would want to relate at this level!

That narrows my options quite significantly. I am considering giving up and choosing to be w a partner who is good and kind, likes sex, and wants to travel. I would appreciate any feedback on this. Hi this was very informational and I appreciated it but what can I do to prevent this from happening I just started seeing someone and the amount of negative feelings coming up of fear sadness and loneliness ironically are flooding in you think it would be the complete opposite.

Huh, this is interesting. I had a boyfriend many years ago now who became absolutely furious when I suggested to him we could move in together we were both leaving the accommodation we had at around the same time.

I know plenty of people who do. Although I would say I agree with the commenters above that sometimes someone wanting to be around you is more for their sake than yours. I just feel terrible for them. They must be in such pain. I tend to believe that people will see in me whatever serves them, so a relationship is never really a relationship to me.

Still trying to figure out my minds next move. Enjoyed the article and its a good start towards a more in depth look in a book. I think there is a case to be made that sometimes the anger may be the result of feeling undervalued. Taking your first example of the man who felt anger at his wife worrying about him when he went out. But its even worse among those who know and care about me.

For my perspective it often engenders feelings of resentment and irritation that eventually boil over into anger over time. Or simply put, not being seen and valued for who they really are. Another point, again drawing on personal experience.

Just one of those cases where you meet someone and immediately connect with them. So after a long and eventually very open discussion she finally realized her discomfort came from not knowing why I loved her. After spending some time telling her various reasons why, things I liked about her, things about her that made me happy, she felt better. Once she realized I did, she was happy with it. This has really helped me understand my ex partner.

I also feel extremely sad. I remember the first time he asked if I had fallen in love with him, as though he was checking how intimate we were getting. Whenever talks of love or intimacy came up, he would run right away and not return for as long as two weeks. He ended it with me 4 times, each time I hoped it would be the last. Please if you could, can you talk about the effect it has on the partner?

Will I have his issues too now from also being emotionally and physically neglected? I fell in love and am still very much in love with the person you so outlined in your post. For the past 8 weeks, I have been obsessively trying to understand the sudden ending of our relationship, and now it feels as though the inner child voice you have shared so has answered my question. Sensitive, gentle, affectionate, intelligent, calm, and funny.

He was vigilant about every aspect of our relationship, and I was amazed by the mindfulness, dedication, and care he gave to the building of us.

We had been together for 7 months when I decided to throw him a surprise party for his birthday. To the crux, the party was not appreciated. Instead it was interpreted as deception. Of the 9 guests who attended, he cut ties with all but two. He began to isolate himself further from others.

I felt devastated that the gift I had orchestrated and intended to be a gesture of love turned out to be a traumatic event for him, causing him to distrust me and cut out relationships he had had for 22, 15, 10 and 8 years. I think out of embarrassment, he denied that the party was a problem for him still.

But two weeks before he ended us 8 months after the party the party issue was raised again by him. He proclaimed that he had been deceived by a room full of people and nobody understood how he was doing his best to keep the few relationships that he had chosen to retain. I accepted this as renewed commitment and believed we could resolve our issues.

However, days later, after a lovely weekend, he ended everything abruptly and I feel quite impulsively. In hindsight, I see things that occurred throughout the relationship that indicate much of what you spoke of.

It feels to me as though he never could quite accept or truly believe that he was loved. It seems to me that the vigilance he had given to the relationship was his attempt to achieve something I suspect he desperately wants but is afraid to achieve. Thank you again for sharing because your words are a rare window into the highly guarded inner thoughts of survivors of childhood neglect. A window if opened could help those who love them. Raised by an abusive father who had himself been whipped with barbed wire, beaten with log chains, etc, love came conditionally.

He desired not to be like his own father, but failed to ever get help. Fast forward to my 21st year and my first serious girlfriend. She was drop dead gorgeous and was head over heels with me.

We started off awesome but as our relationship grew over a rocky two years, i found myself constantly testing for her love. I often found myself swinging emotionally from rage to sobbing in our relationship and had no idea why. It made me hate myself even more.

A good looking guy, college football player, life of the party kind of guy, I never felt like i was in the right body, at least emotionally. I could walk into a room and turn heads but hated, loathed, despised the person inside.

I was a closet self abuser and enjoyed the pain i could inflict on myself. I broke up with the girl on a whim even though it destroyed me. It only means you have to lovingly accept his advances as he makes them, and redirect them ONLY when you cannot possibly have sex at the moment. But be super loving, and be complimentary, and smile, and as you may postpone, make a promise you will keep.

If you do, he may feel discouraged for a while. And those little things start to add up. Smile when he wants sex; be flattered, not burdened. Tell him how much he turns you on; tell him you get excited by his advances; and grab his hand and kiss him. If the timing is ever off, tell him you will rattle his bones later. Keep the spark alive!

It really is that simple. Instead, consider how you can be the best spouse possible, and he will show you more affection; just like when you dated. Ask yourself whether you expect too much of him or seek to inspire him. Mostly, wives take their husband for granted, and undermine their marriage with criticism and complaints.

If you want your husband to show affection, you need to prepare the groundwork with loving expressions. If you are mean or cutting to your husband you will lose him. Nothing hurts a man more than being compared poorly to another man, especially by his own wife. And nothing makes a man feel like a great husband more than a positive comparison to other men from his wife. Your husband needs reminding of how much you appreciate him. Your husband is the finest man in the world and you need to satisfy his competitive nature.

If you do, tell him so he knows you take pride in him. He needs the ego boost. Go for the connection more than just the orgasm. One reason he married you is because of your sweet and gentle nature. A loving smile will tell your husband you think positively of him. Your marriage is like a container: You are the one who holds all the cards in the intimacy department. If your husband does not show affection, it is best to get started by changing it.

Intimacy is the goal; yes. But it is also the very nature of a healthy marriage. Therefore, you need to. When marriages are operating as they should, because at least one of you knows what to do, and not to do, intimacy is there…. My precious daughter has been married for over twelve years now to a very good man, they have only one child and have spent the last 9 years in a low to no intimacy mode. Everything she tries to talk to him or make any advances he says no, thus making her feel rejected and discusting.

Dear Anna It is difficult to answer your question because there is no telling how receptive your daughter is to your suggestions, especially if they are second hand. All you can do is pray for her, as she will have to decide she wants to face her reality, and then decide she wants help. We pray with you. My husband of 43 years has been affectionate sometimes. He grew up in a household that showed no affection.

Yes his parents never showed affection to their granddaughters. My parents were full of affection and always showed it. A couple of years ago he had an affair with a co worker but says nothing sexual took place. During this time he was affectionate , but also towards her. His fling went on for 2 years before I found out.

However, I as I read your message I saw that you are not contentious, but really struggling. It is a shame, because you seem like a loving balanced woman with great intentions. If you do our program and I hate sounding like a salesman! Thank you for your article. I appreciate your advice and insight to this situation. I blamed it on his level of self discipline due to the fact he was a 40 year old virgin when we got married.

After our marriage I realized he truly does not know HOW to show physical affection. I did feel a sense of conviction after reading your article. His vs Hers expressions of love is eye opening since I tend to only see my perspective on the relationship. He expresses his love in actions rather then affections so I am grateful for that 1 question you posed.

Fact is unknowingly I did have expectations that were very high. I pray for wisdom, understanding and patience. Another article I read suggested creating a list of both of our needs, in other words…literally penciling it all out. Ie… 1 Hug and Kiss your wife and tell her you love her every morning etc.

The combination of suggestions hopefully will be do the trick! Thank you again for the article. Dear Olivia, I am glad you are open to the situation you are in together. I would not, however,suggest such a list. I think as you open up to your husband, and slowly nudge his envelope, you will have deeper results. Moving from mind to heart is a process for the heart.

Wishing you great joy. This article suggests that it is the woman, who is not doing something she should do in her marriage. This article is about how women should change just because their men are unable to do so. This article also suggests to have sex and even more sex with a husband who is not affectionate in order to become so.

Although I agree that it is sometimes more difficult for men to show their affection but I believe the above article is not only degrading the existence of women but also degrading to men, depicting them as dumb sexmachines, who can only be manipulated with the help of sex. Maybe the writer of this article would be happy being the subject of such manipulation but as for me, I neither wish it for my husband, nor would be more satisfied with the kind of affection more sex, manipulation generates.

Forcing out any affection from anyone with sex might sound a good idea at first but will it last? Based on the article I might as well go and change any men around into an affectionate loyal pet by only having sex with, regardless of the fact whether he has any affection for me or not.

Dear Areareatzs Naturally you read into the article what you are having difficulties with. The truth of the matter is what is in the article are accurate from a psychophysiological point of view.

I would suggest you get one of my books, which explains the nature very scientifically. You can be more in tune with what is realistic without condemning it, and be far better off. Dear Taralynn Our method of inspiring and teaching people is through our online programs. You will find real solutions there. He told me that sex with me was disgusting, vile, smelly, messy to the point of throwing up. He wanted nothing more to do with sex intimacy or me.

He then moved to our basement and started working the midnight shift, since then till this day he lives down stairs, we never talk to each other or interact. The only thing we share is our home. Dear Amy I know what most people do not; that the lives of many are filled with so many various disappointments. But, I also know it is never too late to supplement our individual lives with meaningful activities; and move forward into the future with a sense of awe and adventure.

I think that this article should be applied to men and women in its entirety. I think love is a two way street. The same questions you ask about praising your man and him being the finest man in the world, are also true to women. Women have just as much if not more insecurity in these areas as men do, and men tend to do these things less often than women.

I believe men are very capable of taking this article and applying it to themselves as well. If both men and women make these kinds of efforts together, the relationship can in fact be rekindled. No one gets a free pass on neglecting their duties to their relationship, you both will get out what you put in.

Love the article, just think it really does go both ways. Thanks for the read. You are right Crystal…men need to treat their wife with all the love of their heart mind and sol.. Though I have never gotten an email from a man telling me their wife was on porn sites…men and women are not the same.

In fact our programs are written to each gender separately. I have been married 35 yrs. For the first 17 yrs. I was the one who would be the first one to be affectionate and the one to start sex the most. So I stopped, now nothing. I think he is so selfish cause he know I need this. Clearly all the self help books and counselors you have sought help from have failed you. Yet, you declare that my advice is wrong? Your marriage is not working, otherwise your sex life would be working, as the sexual relationship is one of the flowers to be harvested in a healthy marriage.

I suggest you read one of my books, or use our program, so you have all your issues resolved. Why does it have to be so hard?! As far as expectations go, if you set low expectations from your spouse, then who should you expect high ones from?! Which is why wishy washy affection annoys me. My husband and I have been together for 5 yrs. The whole I did not get what I gave. I give what him what he wants, serve him, and make most of the money. In the past year I have had to take in my sister with cp, lost my mother and my grandmother, and I still dont get any affection or consideration.

He gives my sister more. I know he Loves me. He was a bachelor for 36 yrs till me. So what else can i do to get him to stop hurting me, and want to make me smile? Sara You supplied a lot of back story, but back stories only create more confusion than anything else. Your marriage is not working, and it needs to be looked at against the pattern of a good marriage. Please get one of my books, so you can see where your efforts are falling short, and you can have some idea of what you should be shooting for.

Been married 43 years. I love my husband, and take very good care of him. He enjoys sex but it is all about him. I try to talk to him and his answer is fine, I will leave you alone. I would just like for him to caress me, kiss me, hold my hand and tell me he loves me. I give this man everything I can. It is true your husband is insensitive to you, and the reasons he gives you for holding you at arms length are not truthful. But the truth is hidden to him, as well as you. No matter how long some couples are married, unless you worked on developing a true connection your relationship is shallow, as yours is.

It does not have to remain so, and because you know each other so well you have quite a head start. But to develop what you wish, which would give you the foundation for what you express you want, you need to consciously do what it takes to build love in your marriage. Lets not confuse affection with sexuality … the problem is that our society is not a good teacher about love.

So we equate sex with affection. I think you will learn a lot!! Paul, That is an insult. I am a medical practitioner with a minor in psychology and I know the archaic difference you speak of between sexuality and affection although without affection there can never be genuine sexuality unless you are an animal.

In the past I had dated women who could have benefited from what you mention because as long as I had sex with them everything was good but as soon as I wanted to hug, cuddle, have an heart felt conversation or spend quality time with them and enjoy just being with them they thought I was a freak.

Give men a little more credit than you do for being able to have real and genuine affectionate feelings for their wife without needing sex to follow. I taking about just sittings together, holding hands no a spontaneous hug or two initiated from her. All with no intention of sexual consequence. John I allowed your email to post because it is a great example of what happens when the mind is triggered and drags you, or any of us, down the reactive rat hole… your comment is immediately defensive, not inquisitive.

Why would I want to insult you?? Your summation of sexuality and affection is incorrect, John. This public forum is great for me to help many people because I can select certain questions whose answer fits the needs of many.

But your needs are personal, and you will do better asking one of our counselors through our contact-us link. I am in love with, what I would have called a year ago, my best friend. We met online almost 5 years ago and have been in each others lives ever since. We fell in love when we first met, but due to the distance from each other I lived in Canada, he in the States ,and due to him not wanting to induce me to move away from my children both are adults now he broke off our initial romance.

Two years ago, when my paperwork came through so I would be able to move down here, he rekindled our romance. I moved in 6 months later when I arrived in the States. We love each other. We work at shared goals. He has gotten custody of his daughter and we work together at raising her.

He praises me, although not quite as much as I need. He will admit he needs to physically show me more often what he verbally says I love you. It will be weeks or months before I get another chance. I sought out this article because I truly need to understand why showing affection to me is so hard for a man who truly loves me.

He seems much happier for me to act as his buddy who he occasionally has sex with. Unfortunately, this is causing true resentment for me. When we go out as a couple he is attentive and affectionate but not at home. I am going to continue to try to get answers from him hopefully without making him feel like I am attacking him as I really need us to sort this out, but some professional thoughts would be very helpful. Babs These kinds of questions are usually answered in private, when people reach out to us.

But we have seen enough similar questions to get me to answer yours publicly. So a lot of women are going to be grateful to you! The answer is pretty simple, actually; I think. Dressing and moving provocatively, setting the stage.. If you have not tried it, which means taking a direct approach, another thing you might try is massaging him into the mood in the right spot while you are slipping into sleep mode, or waking up in the morning….

After scrolling through the intro and getting to the intention of this article, I was so pleasantly surprised and eagerly challenged by the raw philosophy presented on this subject!

Be brave. Say what you need to say. When you don’t speak up, there’s a lot of important stuff that ends up not getting said. About a decade ago a coworker of mine died in . One of the gifts of introversion is that we have to be discriminating about our relationships. We know we only have so much energy for reaching out; if we’re going to invest, we want it to be good. ~ Laurie Helgoe, Introvert Power Often this gift of discriminating taste feels more like a burden than a [ ]. Alabama. No, legislation was enacted to abolish the right to bring an alienation of affection lawsuit. Alaska. The issue of alienation of affection is not addressed by .