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Netanya looking to get filled tonight or sometime

Netanya looking to get filled tonight or sometime

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Netanya looking to get filled tonight or sometime

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Netanya was named in honor of Nathan Straus of Macy's , a prominent Jewish American merchant and philanthropist in the early 20th century. Its 14 kilometres 8. In addition, the city is known for its large immigrant population. A significant percentage of the city's population consists of immigrants from the former Soviet Union, France, and Ethiopia, and the city is home to a notably large population of English-speaking immigrants from the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

In , it had a population of ,, [1] making it the 7th largest city in Israel. An additional , people live in the local and regional councils within 10 kilometres 6 miles of Netanya which serves as a regional center for them. The city mayor is Miriam Feirberg. The idea to create the settlement of Netanya was drawn up at a meeting of the Bnei Binyamin association in Zikhron Ya'akov. When he told them he had no more money to give they were disappointed, but decided to keep the city's name anyway.

On December 14, a team led by Moshe Shaked began digging for water at the site, finding it in February Subsequently, on February 18, , the first five settlers moved onto the land, plowing and cultivating it for the first time.

In the weeks that followed, more settlers began arriving. The land was divided between the settlers in June as slowly the vision of the settlement became reality. Development was set back, however when the Palestine riots and massacre of Jews caused the settlement to be abandoned for a couple of weeks.

By September, however, development was back on track with the cornerstones for the first 10 houses being laid on Sukkot. In the following years, Netanya continued to grow, with the first kindergarten and shop opening in , and the first school in In the census of Palestine , Netanya was recorded as having residents.

In , the British architect Cliff Holliday proposed a plan for Netanya to become a tourist city. Holliday also prepared urban projects in Jaffa, Tiberias, Lydda and Ramla. That year also saw the completion of the Tel Aviv Hotel, the first hotel in Netanya, as well as the establishment of two new neighborhoods, Ben Zion and Geva. The moshava as it then was continued to grow in , when the first ship of illegal immigrants carried to Netanya's shoreline. These operations continued until , with over seventeen ships landing near the city, being aided by the residents of Netanya.

Whilst flourishing agriculturally, also saw the city diversify with Primazon opening the first factory there, producing fruit and vegetable preserves.

Following this, the first industrial zone was set up, whilst the Shone Halahot Synagogue was built and the Bialik School inaugurated. As the settlement continued to grow, saw a cornerstone laid for a new commercial center and the connection of Netanya to the Tel Aviv-Haifa road. In , Netanya had a population of 4, The first high school in Netanya opened in During the Jewish insurgency in Palestine , the Jewish underground group Irgun launched a number of attacks against British military and police forces in the Netanya area.

The town itself was a bastion of support for the Irgun. The most infamous incident happened in July , in what became known as the Sergeants affair. After three Irgun fighters had been sentenced to death by the British, the Irgun abducted two British sergeants on a Netanya street, and hid them in an abandoned factory.

The British responded by declaring martial law and placing Netanya and the surrounding area under curfew. The British Army searched the town and interrogated residents, but did not find the sergeants. After the three Irgun fighters were hanged, the Irgun hanged the two sergeants in the factory and re-hanged and booby trapped their bodies in an orange grove.

In , following the withdrawal of British forces from Netanya and the Arab-Israeli War , a large military base was established in the city. On December 3, , after fighting in the area had calmed down, Netanya was designated a city, the first city to be designated in the newly established State of Israel.

At this time, Netanya had a population of 11, The city continued to develop in the following years as many Jewish immigrants settled there. Netanya railway station was opened in The population reached 31, in To accommodate the large number of new immigrants, the Israeli Housing Ministry built large numbers of housing units with dwelling spaces of about 50 square meters.

The first stock exchange built in Israel was built in Netanya. Netanya continued to grow throughout the s. During the Six-Day War in , Netanya was hit by Jordanian artillery, and Jordanian planes made sorties near Netanya, but failed to cause major damage. A lone Iraqi bomber attacked Netanya, dropping several bombs which damaged a factory and caused some casualties, shortly before being shot down. Netanya had a population of 71, in Laniado Hospital opened its doors in , starting with an outpatient clinic, and gradually expanding throughout the following years.

The population had grown to , in Two master plans for the city, released in and respectively, saw the new standard apartment size increase to a minimum of square meters. Hotel development along the coast was further advanced, and tourism gradually increased. This, together with its thriving diamond industry, led it to be known as the "tourism and diamond city.

In the s, large numbers of immigrants from the former Soviet Union settled in Netanya, greatly expanding the city's population and resulting in large-scale housing construction.

Netanya suffered from several Palestinian bombings during the Second Intifada , including the Netanya Market bombing and, in the same month, the Passover massacre which caused the death of 29 people. Following increased immigration by French Jews to Israel in the s and s, Netanya became one of their primary destinations.

Thousands of French immigrants settled in Netanya, which influenced the local culture. In Netanya was home to , The population density of the city is 7, per square kilometer. In alone, the city became home to 1, immigrants.

According to CBS, in there were 78, males and 84, females with the population of the city being spread out with In terms of the origin of Netanya's residents, 63, originate from Europe and America, 30, from North Africa, 18, from Asia, 10, from Ethiopia and 38, from Israel in That same year, 90, of the residents of Netanya were born in Israel, whilst 71, were born abroad. As of , the city had 58, salaried workers and 4, self-employed with the mean monthly wage in for a salaried worker in the city being NIS 4,, a real change of 8.

Salaried males have a mean monthly wage of NIS 6, a real change of 9. The mean income for the self-employed is 6, There are 3, people who receive unemployment benefits and 14, people who receive an income guarantee.

It is also the home of the Sanzer Hasidic dynasty , as well as a large Chabad Lubavitch presence. Industry in Netanya is largely divided between four industrial parks. Tourism also plays a fairly major part in Netanya's economy with some 19 hotels in the city having 1, rooms.

On average, this creates some jobs. The hotels had an average occupancy rate of Netanya's long seashore and many beaches have created a holiday industry, which in turn features resort hotels, restaurants, and malls. The city is the capital of the Sharon plain , a geographic region stretching from the Mediterranean in the west to the Samarian hills in the east, and the modern day Tel Aviv metropolitan area in the south northwards to Mount Carmel.

Although capital of a densely populated region, Netanya itself is relatively separate from settlements to the north, south, and east, though over time, growth has incorporated some into what makes up modern day Netanya. Apart from some small moshavim and kibbutzim , south of Netanya is relatively clear of settlement until Herzliya and the start of the Gush Dan , Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area.

Likewise, to the north is clear of large settlement until Hadera , and the east until Tulkarm in the West Bank. The area to the east of Netanya does, however, have a large concentration of kibbutzim and moshavim in the Hefer Valley Regional Council and local councils of Kfar Yona and Even Yehuda. Netanya itself is divided into a large number of neighborhoods see Neighborhoods of Netanya , recently growing southwards out of the city to create a number of high-end coastal neighborhoods with industrial areas inland.

Netanya is home to the Poleg nature reserve and the Irises Dora Rainpool nature park containing the world's largest population of iris atropurpurea. Signs along the rainpool include information on the types of flora and fauna which populate the ecosystem. In a beachfront in northern Netanya was selected as the home base for the Sanzer Hasidim by its leader, Rabbi Yekusiel Yehudah Halberstam. Halberstam established kindergartens, boys' and girls' schools, yeshivas , seminaries, synagogues, a children's home for orphaned and needy girls, [23] an old-age home, and a hospital.

In addition to religious services, the new settlement had a diamond polishing factory built by a New York diamond merchant. The Netanya railway station is located near the city center, on the east side of Highway 2. Netanya Sapir railway station is located in the Poleg Industrial Area. Beit Yehoshua railway station , located in the moshav of Beit Yehoshua , immediately south of Netanya, is convenient for getting to southern Netanya and to the Poleg Industrial Area.

These stations are connected to the city by Egged bus service, although Shay Li service taxis are highly predominant at the Beit Yehoshua station. Egged buses run from the Netanya central bus station to Jerusalem , Haifa, Eilat and other destinations. Many neighborhoods have a direct connection to Tel Aviv without the need to pass through the central bus station. In addition, many Egged lines connecting Tel Aviv with the north of the country stop at the Netanya Interchange on Highway 2 , giving Netanya a direct connection with Nazareth , Tiberias , Kiryat Shmona and many other northern destinations.

Nateev Express operates bus services to Tel Aviv, Bnei Brak and to the surrounding communities, including the city of Hadera. Some regional lines are still operated by Egged.

The intracity transportation is based on Egged Ta'avura bus lines and Shay Li service taxis. As a tourist destination and large city, Netanya features a number of museums and galleries. The Well House is a museum telling the early history of Netanya located in a farm established in , and as such one of the earliest buildings in Netanya.

In June , a street in Netanya was named for Japanese diplomat Chiune Sugihara , who was responsible for saving Lithuanian Jews from Nazi persecution early in World War II through providing visas allowing travel eastwards, beyond the reach of the Third Reich's genocidal grasp.

According to the Netanya Municipality, the city has 36, students including 5, pupils in kindergartens, 16, in 46 elementary schools, and 14, in 16 high schools. Education in the city is controlled by the municipality's Education Administration. The main stadiums in Netanya are the 13,seat Netanya Stadium. Netanya has three football teams, the main being Maccabi Netanya , whose main local rival is Beitar Nes Tubruk.

Top 5 Things To Do in Netanya - Best Activities in Netanya

Cars were also stolen. The wall, constructed along the pre line, solved the problem until the intifada. Then, said Moshe Ben-David, 32, Palestinian youngsters climbed it and hurled stones with slingshots. They narrowly missed him and he, a professional gardener, planted trees and shrubs outside his door to conceal his movements.

The army raised the wall at Matan, topped it with barbed wire, and Ben-David said he feels safe. Successive Israeli governments were nevertheless reluctant to build a full-fledged barrier around the entire West Bank.

They feared that would be seen as demarcating a border between Israel and the Palestinian entity. However, the suicide bombings generated a public outcry that the Israeli government said forced it to act. A security source said there were suicide attacks since the intifada erupted in September In all, people were killed in those attacks and 3, were wounded, he added. The planned fence aroused international criticism because it cuts into the occupied West Bank, closes off Palestinian areas -- and those living in the areas -- and impedes travel from villages to farms, schools and other public services.

A recent United Nations report noted, "The planned route, if fully constructed, would deviate up to 22 kilometers almost 14 miles in places from the Green Line meaning the pre boundary line. This area is home to approximately 17, Palestinians in the West Bank and , in East Jerusalem," the report added.

Mashiah said the mile long fence would take up 70, dunums 15, acres. When completed 8, people not including East Jerusalem's residents would be on the Israeli side of the fence, but they will have permits allowing them across. Israel is not annexing those areas. If police intervention is needed, Palestinian policemen will be called over, Mashiah said. When planning the fence, they ignored the Green Line. We're making a security fence," he insisted. He named eight places where the route leaves Israeli lands outside the fence.

Israeli farmers will get keys to gates built there so that they can till their lands, he said. A Palestinian whose house is right by the fence, on the "Israeli-side" already has such a key, he maintained. A Defense Ministry paper released in recent days acknowledged the fence "may introduce hardships into the lives of many innocent Palestinian civilians. Saving lives must always come first," the paper stressed. Palestinians have tried to cross the fence, even using ladders and cranes, Police Sharon Sub-district Commander, Brigadier Gen.

Amichai Shai, told UPI. Mashiah said the attempts failed. Shabak -- Israel Security Agency -- interrogators concluded the fence has become a "significant obstacle," a well-placed source said.

Arrested militants said in their interrogations they had to devise complicated ways to penetrate Israel; sometimes they sent militants south because there is no fence there yet. Wednesday the army caught an Islamic Jihad suicide bomber on his way to attack an Israeli school in Yokne'am south east of Haifa.

The bomber and his guide first went to a remote village to skirt the fence's northern section, which is still under construction. They were arrested in a mosque in that village.

In Netanya this week, elderly people were relaxing on the benches in the pedestrian mall watching water flow from a lily-shaped fountain. A woman confined to a wheelchair rested her head on the shoulder of a younger woman who brought her there. Cafes were empty but shopkeepers were busy attending customers. A young girl violinist played the tune of a Hebrew song: Because of that I exist.

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