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Maybe im who you looking for

Maybe im who you looking for

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Maybe im who you looking for

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The search will take you to https: Check out my latest side project Song Search. Find song by lyrics I'm looking for a song I don't know the name of.

I beileve its new, post or something. E5 Accra the song starts at about 9: Its a jazzy sounding song with a husky voiced female and the lyrics were- Sit down, lets have a drink. Lets talk a little bit, I know we have a lot to say..

Tanasie 16 October Reply Anybody knows the song which sounding in background of this video of Youtube: Wills mom give a snappy comment and they all start dancing Lupita 25 October Reply The temptations - Ain't too proud to beg. Bre 17 October Reply I'm looking for a song with "somebody will love you"; somebody may be someone. It sounds like it's from the 80s', male vocals, reminded me a little of Depeche Mode.

Bre 18 October Reply Not quite, but it is a good song. This one is only male vocals and has a more somber kinda tone. Thanks for helping out, though! Anonymous 17 October Reply I can't find an older song, I believe it might have been a pop group. The only line I can remember is "Ooh, I like it, all the things you do, girl, I like it.

Anonymous 25 October Reply BeeGees? Hannes 17 October Reply Theres thos one song, its kinda a soft indie hit the only lyrics I remeber are, "nothing on my mind got me feeling like I'm in 99" the hook was like "everything is fine" idk can someone help me please. Anonymous 25 October Reply I have my doubt but: When I pull, I feel good" and I can't find it anywhere and don't know what it is but it sounded like a banger, please help me.

Thomas 17 October Reply Looking for a song that my lover sent me before she passed away. ShankyPants 17 October Reply I'm looking for the name of a song that goes: Some might say that I'm a loner, but I just call it being free. I am my heart's only owner, or at least I want to be.. Help me 17 October Reply Looking for a song that start with knock the door and women voice says "hello, is anybody there hellooooooo" and then man start to sing.

Help me 24 October Reply Noo, its not that: Bookworm 17 October Reply Looking for a song where a waitress girl dreams that the famous boy is her bf and he loves only her and when some girls give her number but he just ignores it and then he takes her for a drive and then to a fancy dinner surprise.. Johnny 17 October Reply I've been looking for a rock song that I've listened before but lost it, it has some lyrics like this "now we are made from steel" "a one man army" something like that, it talks about soldiers and stuff.

Anonymous 26 October Reply Maybe some Sabaton stuff? Sabaton - Man of War Ensiferum - one man army. Anonymous 18 October Reply I'm looking for a song that's has the lyrics "Do This is what you doooooo to meeee. RickM 18 October Reply Going crazy looking for a rock song from the 80s or 90s. Lyrics were maybe not in this order: We played doctors and nurses and husbands and wives in my room. Then came the moment of truth.

She gave me my memory, I took her virginity. We did it all there in my room. Hook but was not. I think it was a guy's name and Google has nothing on it. I have looked for this artist for years, and you nailed it. Thank you my friend, whoever you are! Marjo 26 October Reply Wow, that's great! I love searching and puzzling and I am quite persistant. Love to help people with these skills: You clues were pretty good, so I could find it pretty easily. Katie Hunt 19 October Reply I may be wrong but phora-rider.

Anonymous 18 October Reply Im looking for the song the lyrics go like "Do you remember all the good times we had," and another part goes "All your friends told you Im cheating. Julia 25 October Reply Sounds like what? Was it an older or a newer song? Jim 19 October Reply Looking for a song.

It's about a girl that goes to the country from the "big smoke" goes something like "Up there in the city" old country style song with a southern? Daniel Long 19 October Reply I cant find a song ive been looking for and i was wondering if anyone could help me? The song is rap-ish and a bit of pop.

I dont know when it came out but it sounds like a newer song. I think it goes by " She said catch me by the party" I cant really remember Y 19 October Reply is it party by k. GreenPaper 19 October Reply I had heard it from But I remember the clip. I think he was an French or American. The man had long blond hair. The school was dancing in the cafeteria and skating on the table with tray.

This song looks like, "El Mudo - Shakaron" and I remember this words: Chloe Park 19 October Reply i can't find a song i can remember the words in it it's you're if you're gonna break my you're gonna break my heart no matter what you do i still be there for you and when you call my i won't be far away no matter where you go your never be alone. Robyn 19 October Reply I was hearing this song on the radio between summer '07 and summer ' The chorus was "low low" and there was some kind of violin going on as well Y 19 October Reply for some reason i cant find my comment at all to reply lol so here it is again: Christina 20 October Reply I dont know the name or artist of this song I really like.

A male sings it. The lyrics go something like this, "Heres to the times I feel weak, heres to the days I was strong. I never knew what strength was When all I ever wanted was love and all i ever seen was pain. Im saying one day i will see the sunshine till then im holding on through the rain.

I hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on through the rain But im too weak cant stand the pain. Amy Chavez 20 October Reply Okay this is a long shot. Heres how i got here, I was talking to my bf and i just sang "Help meee" in a kind of high pitch and i know that came from a song.

I know forsure its a rock song sang from a guy. Maybe if someone remembers a classic rock song that say that, thats would be awesome. At the very end he sings "Help meeeee! Annie 20 October Reply Please help with this song. Hope you can help!!! Cause a love that is deep in your heart, only wants to be free. Some words I don't know Reach for love, yeah, reach for love repeat. The first line goes. When his album dropped the car company used it without his permission read this in an article at the time but can't find it.

The lyrics sounded like "I can't move on or I can't let go" and we're sung slightly high pitched, with a background electronic rhythm beat which went "bum da da da bum".

I'd really appreciate anyone's help, as I've been trying for 2 years to find the song. Anonymous person 21 October Reply I'm trying to find one that opens with something like "I'm falling into the sun, but now my wings are broken. Who am I to justify? Please and thank you. Anonymous person 21 October Reply Hi I'm trying to find a song that has the lyrics "look at me now lost lover of the sun.

I feel the world Jure 21 October Reply Hi all! I'm looking for a song that has lyrics along these line: Or something like that I don't know if I heard the words correctly. Ocean and sun are deffinately in there. Kinda like the band Muse.

Lyrics for Maybe I'm Amazed by Paul McCartney - Songfacts

Send a chat if you think you would be open to this. Comedy is definitely my favorite, who doesn't enjoy a good laugh once in a while. At menards altoona im cabinets I find you very attractive and hot following you up them steps seeking at your boobies turned me on you were showing me the filler boards and I was thinking about filling you.

Maybe I'm amazed at the way you love me all the time. Maybe I'm afraid of the way I love you. Maybe I'm amazed at the the way you pulled me out of time. I'm looking for a song that goes something like "maybe you could change my life though, Maybe you could be my wife" I'm not % sure that those are the exact. Look. Most of us just aren't Mark Zuckerberg. Or Steve Jobs. Or Elon Musk. And that's totally fine. Or maybe you are. I don't know you. I'm clearly.