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Lower Langford palin lookalike

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It's kit launch season - that exciting time when supporters feast their eyes on new designs before the actual football season kicks off.

As is customary, the replica kits have divided opinion with some fans loving the latest lines and others slightly less impressed. All of which has got us casting our minds back to strips from the past to come up with a collection of the good, the bad and the ugly. This colour combination has been associated with the Baggies for decades and supporters are still campaigning for it to be re-introduced as an away kit.

First worn in the s when Johnny Giles was player-manager, various designs have been employed by a variety of manufacturers. The dolly mixture pattern of multi-coloured spots on a royal blue background also extended to the shorts. The penguin shirt, complete with white shorts and royal socks, was first introduced as a replacement for the traditional all-royal blue with white socks outfit that Blues had worn for years.

This Hummel-made V-neck shirt was split into claret and sky blue halves complete with a thin claret stripe running through the blue section. Shorts were claret and socks sky blue and it was one of Villa supporters least favourite designs.

Produced in-house as part of the Molineux collection of merchandise, this was the official kit worn during the season.

Manufactured as part of The Albion Collection, this garish design was soon changed to yellow and green irregular stripes and was worn in the play-off final victory at the Old Wembley Stadium. Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe See our privacy notice More newsletters. Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice. Subscribe to our Daily newsletter Enter email Subscribe. Sport all Most Read Most Recent.

Most Read Most Recent. Birmingham snow Snow falls in Birmingham - this is the weather forecast this weekend Snow flurries seen in Birmingham as UK braces itself for big freeze. Midlands News Live updates - major power cut in Birmingham city centre Businesses are experiencing a loss of power in parts of Birmingham city centre. Birmingham Restaurants Burger restaurant rated 'zero' for food hygiene.

Kingstanding and Oscott Boy, 15, brings bat and kitchen knife into school. Love Island Love Island stars had a big fight at this Midlands shopping centre - and this is why. Bullring Queues outside Bullring as new Halloween attraction opens Twisted Carnival has set up camp outside Bullring and people are queuing to get in.

Birmingham snow Snow falls in Birmingham - this is the weather forecast this weekend. Midlands News Man seriously injured in hit and run A car with a smashed-up windscreen was inside the police cordon.

Focal-plane shutter - Wikipedia

I suspect it's just cause I've got a big nose and wear winged eyeliner. Though I've been told that I'm similar to Nancy from Momoland with my mannerisms and look lol. Apparently I have the same eyes as Lee Sung-kyung from the drama About time pictured. I have light brown eyes so. I didn't even know of the band, not my thing either but so many people said that I look like her and unfortunately we do.

I honestly don't like my face so. I've always had a full fringe, glasses and often wear cardigans so I guess they make sense. Also, kind of a bitch to find a picture that wasn't overtly porny. I worked with this homely looking chick that everyone called Emma Watson because they said she looked exactly like Emma Watson. I used to get compared to Jane Birkin only because I had an oval face and the exact same hair as pic related. Our facial features couldn't be any more different.

I don't consider it a compliment because she looks plastic af and we do not look alike, other than the oval face. I get Emma Watson or some big actress, but some rather unknown celebs…unlikely. When I was trying to fit in with this online circle of jerks they would imply I looked like her because of fetal alcohol syndrome.

Squinty eyes, flat face, thin upper lip. People just say these things. My friend with blonde hair used to get comparisons to Amanda Seyfried and Ashley Benson, and she looks nothing like either of them, apart from being blonde…. She has small lips. They have way different noses. Like my sister is an attractive person for sure especially when she puts effort into her appearance but that comparison is shockingly bad.

I've had someone say my smile looks like Patricia Arquette's. I wonder if people think in configurations of features, e. Of course I was also compared to Meatloaf when I was a teenager, so maybe people are just being polite to me now. Not happy about that. I guess it was kind of accurate but she's one of those celebrities that I have a weird unexplainable hatred for so it annoyed me.

I'm a woman, so, I don't know how to feel about that. It makes for an easy Halloween costume, though! Even dying my hair from brown to fucking green I get this. I guess they both have pretty basic "mildly attractive white female" faces so I can't be too bothered. She doesn't look terrible, but I can't help but feel some of my insecurities.

So I did that celebslike. I'm rather flattered actually, because she's really cute and I don't think of myself that way. My clothing style looks a lot like Jessica Jones and Amanda Brotzman, sometimes a bit of Zooey's natural style.

Obnoxious is probably true. But to this day I've never seen a celebrity that -actually- looks like me. I'm also told I remind people of April Ludgate a lot and I take it as a bit of an insult since she's a bitch for most of the show. Biggest differences are that her lips are fuller than mine and I have more of a 5head.

My hair is almost the exact same texture and length as pic related too. I also got Marilyn Manson. Must be the pale skin, black hair combo. I'm a girl btw. Not a huge fan of her music…but I think she's really cute and I find the comparison flattering! TBH though it's probably only bc we're both tan asian girls. Didn't know I look this hideous.. Yes I'm a female, just really ugly. JPG People say I look like angelina danilova. I think we just have the same weird chin thing going on.

Kinda depressing as a woman, but not the worst guy to be compared to Reposted bc I forgot to add pic. Not sure if it was an insult or a compliment, but it made me ditch the eyeliner lol. I didn't really agree with my friends when they said that I look like her until a stranger mistook me for her. I think that just confirms my looks are average and boring. I like her a lot so it's okay with me, I'd like to do a cosplay of Joyce lol. I think my brain interpreted the asymmetry in her face as a natalie dormer-esqe crooked smile.

I want to be appreciated for myself, not cause I resemble someone, you know? I consider changing my hair color to escape the curse but I'm not sure if it would work anyway. I think the only distinctive feature of me is my rbf. Are you half Asian? Probably just because I'm black lmfao. Michelle Branch is half Asian btw. I find her very bland looking but sadly I can see the resemblance for sure. I mean I get it, you want somebody to say "oh no anon, dis celeb is so pretty, just like you tehee!

Something about this chick pisses me off so I really do hate it when people compare me to her when I look nothing like her. Just imagine her slightly fatter, older, and uglier, and yeah, me. But in my case it's probably the huge forehead and similar hair color. Well, I like her so it's made me hate my forehead less. For me it's probably the eyes and hair colour. Idk, maybe I see it cuz we share a big forehead and slightly piggish nose. She basically looks like a blond version of me minus the chin.

My friends ended up calling me a waste of a twink. I guess I share the long narrow face shape, and some characteristics but not sure how much I really look like any of them. I understood the comparison and even agreed with it but man, it made me feel like I was really ugly. I don't think she's ugly but as you said, plain jane. I have gotten Daisy Ridley once and was very confused because I genuinely don't look like her at all.

Great compliment but no, get your eyes checked. Didn't think much of it or realise it was insulting at all until I saw people all over the internet saying Grimes is ugly. Is there a celebrity that could be a look alike of her? I think the Lorde thing mostly comes from my hair.

Feature wise I don't feel like I fit any of them all that well but I'm always flattered when other people say I resemble these women because I think they're all very attractive. He has a very handsome face and he's just so pure.

He lives nowhere near me though and he would just find me boring and could never find me interesting. He deserves the most kind lady on earth that will make his life happy and amazing.

I always get Fiona apple. But I think that's just because I have brown hair and blue eyes. At a Regina Spektor concert, a lady said I look like her.

I love her so much, her eyes are beautiful. JPG the most common one i get is aubrey plaza, second place being selena gomez. I had random strangers come up to me at my cousin's wedding saying they thought I was her from behind.

I mean, they were probably drunk, but they're not the only ones who have told me this. Do people just casually compare y'all to famous people? Who did your mom say you looked like? So idk why people are shocked unless they are kinda new to him and his channel? If I got a nose job and lip fillers could prob be a great jolie impersonator but I actually don't like her features particularly.

I've also gotten Katy Perry which again is I think cause of the jawline. It's usually friends or family who tell you that you resemble someone in order to flatter you or to tease you. It is just for fun. Strangers don't go to you and tell you "oh you remind me of Ariana Grande! I kinda see the resemblance in our eyes, eyebrows, cheeks and overall face shape but we have completely different lips and smiles.

Also got compared to Sarah Hyland which I can see a bit of, but I think she looks more like my sister. I also used a second pic of me to see if I would get similar or different options and the second pic of me resulted in a bunch of Indian girls and I'm not Indian at all… so I guess my first options were most like me.

On the first photo, first match was Elle Fanning and the second was Miranda Kerr. Second photo, first match was Miranda and second was Elle. Fuck no im out of here. I guess I know from where my mom is coming from, I have a side profile like Marion's when I smile - with the same nose-chin-lips structure like pic related.

Looking at those two women, maybe they are not alike but the general face features are from the same "family". I wouldn't say I look like either of them, but yeah, I have the same "look" I guess.

Don't be insecure if you had a man or an older lady to resemble you. Just google the older lady how she looked as a young woman and perhaps there is a resemblence.

However, there is a concomitant loss of flash range. Instead, over the last twenty years, most effort has gone into improving durability and reliability. In last few years, digital point-and-shoot cameras have been using timed electronic sampling of the image sensor, replacing the traditional mechanical leaf shutter, with delicate moving parts that can wear out, used by film-based point-and-shoot units. Something similar is now also occurring with more sophisticated digital cameras that, in the past, would have used focal-plane shutters.

For example, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3 , Japan interchangeable lens digital camera has an FP shutter, but in its 20 frames per second SH Burst mode, it locks its mechanical shutter open and electronically scans its digital sensor, although with resolution reduced to 4 megapixels from 16 MP.

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Popular Photography , Volume 63, Number 7; July Peres; editor in chief, Focal Encyclopedia of Photography: Lewes, East Sussex, UK: Part 1," p Folmer Graflex Corporation, Carroll Bernard Neblette, Photography: Its Materials and Processes.

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