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Lesbian with extra ticket

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A how-to guide for the Tokyo subway pass that saves you money and time. The pass is valid in 24, 48, and hour intervals for the Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway lines, which reach nearly stations.

Please read below for further details. Updated 10 October The Tokyo Subway Pass is available only from certain vendors. In Tokyo, passes can be purchased from Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, at designated hotels, or the list of vendors below.

Tickets can be purchased prior to travel with designated travel agencies. Tokyo Metro has a list of companies that sell this pass outside of Japan. Below is a list of places where you can buy the Tokyo Day Pass after arriving. Only sold to overseas visitors on tourist visas. Passports will be checked. Images are courtesy of Tokyo Metro. Camera building and Sofmap Akihabara Main Store. Only select HIS Tourist information centres sell this ticket so make sure you are going to one of the branches below!

Personally, I would suggest oyu go to a BIC Camera instead since most of their branches sell the pass. Generally, the pass cannot be used to get to and from Narita Airport. You can still buy the pass at Narita Airport because you do not need to activate it right away. You can choose to activate the pass whenever you like just by inserting it into the ticket gate. There are various trains that can conveniently take you to and from Narita Airport into Tokyo please Google as there are many guides , but all of those trains are not the same company as the Tokyo Metro OR the Toei Subway in Tokyo.

For the Brits, the London Tube and multiple train companies are different entities. You will need to exit the subway system and buy a separate ticket to the correct train to Narita Airport.

The pass cannot be used to get to Tokyo from Haneda Airport. You do not need to exit the train at that station. The train will continue into Tokyo as the Toei Asakusa Line.

Personally, I recommend that you just pay for a 1-way direct ticket from Haneda Airport and just activate the pass later. For example, what I used to do is use the Tokyo Subway Pass to enter Toei Nihonbashi Station A13 , where it is valid , and take the train directly to Haneda Airport without transferring. When you exit at Haneda Airport, you will need to pay the additional fair from Sengakuji Station to Haneda Airport because that part of the train is serviced by Keikyu and not Toei Subway. It is not a hassle, as Tokyo has been using the fare adjustment system for decades I was using it 20 years ago as a kid.

As the two companies are officially separate, walking between the two lines also takes some time. The travel time is 1. This means that in theory, you get those 7 stops free and you would be able to pay the difference. Do I need to use my pass right way? You can buy your pass es and keep them for later use. They become active the moment you insert them into a valid ticket gate.

For example, you can choose not to use them until the end of your trip. Is this the same as the JR Pass? Can I use this in conjunction with the JR Pass? Generally, I would recommend you start using one after the other is done. You charge them with money, swipe them at a ticket gate and your fare is automatically deducted. The Tokyo Subway Pass is also an easy insert into the ticket gate to get in and out.

The short answer is no, but you can take most of them to about stations throughout Tokyo. Why do you say Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway? Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway are the two largest subway companies in Tokyo. Your pass is valid for hours from the time of activation. If you activate at How is this different from the Tokyo Metro hour pass?

The Tokyo Metro hour pass can be bought at automated ticketing machines at Tokyo Metro Stations and they are valid for only Tokyo Metro lines. The pass is available to locals and also of great value if you plan to take 3 or more rides within a hour period.

Can I buy multiple passes? For example, if you are staying in Tokyo for a week, then buy two hour ones and a hour one if you want. Can I break up the days I use my pass for?

The 24, 48, hours are continuous and are counted the moment you first insert your pass. You can see the expiry date and time at the back of the pass. It will be printed. This means that if you are in Tokyo at the beginning and end of your trip, and you want to have two days with a pass, I suggest you buy 2 x hour passes. If this post helped you, please share with your friends as well! Looking for inspiration on what to eat in Tokyo? Check out my local 20 daily food tips with a restaurant map.

If i arrive by train to Tkyo station, where is the best place to buy the pass? Like Liked by 1 person. Is it possible to get multiple 3-Day passes?

Have a great time. Can you purchase the 72 hour pass at Narita airport but not use it until a few days later? I am considering getting the 7 day JR pass and then using the 72 hour metro pass towards the end of my 12 day trip.

Thank you so much for the quick reply! Like Liked by 2 people. I can still get this pass at a BIC camera, right? I plan to get to Tokyo on the night bus from my town. Hi Diana, if you have a residence card you cannot. Only travellers showing passports with a valid travel visa can purchase. Yes, I do have a residence card. However, I thought it said on the website that those living outside the Tokyo metro could still get one.

Not sure if she can get me one. Thank you for the reply! Ah, sorry about that you asked a detail that I as a former Tokyo resident forgot. That piece of information should be available on the Tokyo metro site for you to confirm. Give it a go and please let me know!! I already made the mistake of paying for every train ride last time I was in Tokyo, so this time I want to be savvy and get it hahahaha! Hey how will it work when on a subway that turns into a train?

I am beside kachidoki station and am going to the Ghibli museum and it says that one of my trains is turning into the JR line. Is it possible to pay the difference with a credit card or with a yen bill do they give change and would I need to indicate that my destination is kichijoji station or is it a flat rate?

Once your subway becomes a train, you will need to pay for the remaining portion. This means that if you get to Shibuya, for example, and continue on the Denentoshi line, when you exit, you will have to go to the station attendant and pay the difference.

You can also pay with bills and they will give you the difference. The summary point is: When you exit beyond the subway network, go to a station attendant, show your pass, tell them the last metro station you came from in your case probably Nakano , and they will tell you the amount.

Hi, just wondering if you could give us a quick advice. Pay the single ticket fro Kichijoji to Shinjuku then use the pass on he metro and toei lines after. Thank you very much for the super quick response. Sorry I never got back.

Buying single fares is probably fine. The Keikyu and Monorail are not covered by the JR pass anyway. Do you know which shop open the earliest in order to buy this 3days pass? I will be in Yotsuya sanchome and will be heading to Shinjuku Station. Seems to be late for me. It seems i need to buy 1day pass thru the ticket machine. The problem is that i will arrive late about pm and all the tourist counter close and open late the next day. What are the differences?

Some routes require taking the bus and train.

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International travellers in Japan bring your passport, which will be checked Domestic visitors residing outside of Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma and Yamanashi.

How to use the pass: Insert a Tokyo Subway Pass into the ticket gate If you pre-ordered, exchange your voucher for the ticket at designated shops. If purchasing in Tokyo, purchase from the stores above show your passport.

Once you get the ticket, insert it into the gate at the subway. Check the time stamp at the back of the ticket. If you take the subway that turns into a train i. Just show the pass to the station attendant and pay the additional fare for the non-covered portion. You can insert your ticket up until the expiry time and exit another station after the expiry time.

September 26, October 10, Categories: Many thanks Like Liked by 1 person. Athena Lam Author February 8, at 9: Happy travels Like Like. Bob Author February 8, at Athena Lam Author February 10, at 5: Bob Author February 10, at 6: Athena Lam Author February 11, at Athena Lam Author February 28, at It is activated upon first use insert into gate , not purchase, so yes. No problem, everyone is! Diana Zamora-Reyes Author March 16, at Athena Lam Author March 16, at Athena Lam Author March 19, at 6: Andy Author April 25, at 5: Athena Lam Author April 25, at 6: Stefano Author May 6, at Athena Lam Author May 6, at 1: Stefano Author May 6, at 1: Athena Lam Author May 12, at 9: Seems to be late for me Like Like.

Most shops will open around 9am or even later unfortunately especially in areas like Shibuya. Thank you Athena for the reply. Athena Lam Author May 13, at 5: May i know whether this Metro pass can be use for Odakyu Line?

Athena Lam Author May 13, at Athena Lam Author May 17, at 2: Yes you can Like Like. Athena Lam Author June 7, at 8: Athena Lam Author June 18, at Are there any passes that can cover both?

Winnie Goh Author July 10, at A big thanks if can help Like Like. Athena Lam Author July 13, at 4: Klaudia Wojnarowicz Author July 23, at 4: Quick question or maybe not so quick ; I will be visiting Tokyo in September. According to Hyperdia, this is the case: Athena Lam Author July 27, at 7: Hi Klaudia, Your pass is valid for the stretch that is covered by the pass. Klaudia Wojnarowicz Author September 19, at 3: So just to clarify: If the entire ride is not covered by the pass, get a Suica just for convenience… Like Like.

Lily Author July 27, at 3: Tiny Wanderer Author October 14, at 1: Hi Athena, Thanks so much for this informative post. Athena Lam Author October 14, at 8: Jason Kok Author October 16, at 8: Athena Lam Author October 16, at 9: CerealSarah Author January 21, at Vijay Narain Author January 27, at 1: Yvonne Author March 2, at Can I use the Tokyo metro pass on yen , WE bus?

Athena Lam Author March 2, at Straight from B Author March 15, at Athena Lam Author March 15, at Straight from B Author March 20, at 7: Thanks for your reply. Does the 72 hour pass cover the JR line? Athena Lam Author March 20, at 8: Willy Author March 16, at It can be settled with a station attendant if you enter with the pass but exit with the suica Like Like.

Andrew Author May 5, at 9: Athena Lam Author May 5, at J Savage Author May 10, at 5: Athena Lam Author May 10, at 8: Gaelle Author May 20, at 6: Athena Lam Author May 26, at Garrett Welch Author June 9, at 5: Athena Lam Author June 9, at Shuka Park Author July 14, at Athena Lam Author July 14, at 2: Damon Author July 16, at 7: Athena Lam Author July 16, at 7: The 2 logos i showed in the infographic are also on top of every station entrance.

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