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Lesbian Fair Haven dating event aug 5th

Lesbian Fair Haven dating event aug 5th

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Lesbian Fair Haven dating event aug 5th

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Had a busy day at work. PLEASE PUT YOUR AGE in the subject line or you will be deleted.

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Anyway why I really posted again I'm quite excited right now really. But then again, you knew that. Something happened a few nights ago. I posted what you will be reading next, and.. It didn't appear on the site! Instead I saw D Santorum's announcement of our release. I asked Ralphus if he was holding the post hostage, or what. I found out that it had some 'script' problem with our embedded video, which is not a youtube friendly trailer, but instead is a vimeo video hence the problem.

Their embed link has problems with html sites. But, after working a bit with the code, here it is. Better late than never. I will leave the post as it was that night and post a second one with new developments.

What I can say is that the reception to the film is great. To quote a major review: Dead But Dreaming is: An exercise in extroversion, calculatingly designed to have broad appeal, this production, the first segment in an intended franchise, succeeds on all levels, entertaining the general public while remaining true to itself.

Accessibly and enjoyably idiosyncratic, it is available internationally exclusively through Vermeerworks. The theatrical release of Dead But Dreaming was out of the way. As Maleficarum before it, the theatrical release did fairly ok. Nothing to be too happy about. In fact, Jac decided to limit the release to one city. And that was it. I will tell a bit about the public reaction to the film during that screening later on.

What we didn't anticipate was the public reactions of some viewers. All of them positive and insightful. There's one particular review that is a nice read. It's written by Erix Antoine, one prominent member of our team. But he has a very objective view, he says: I worked on Dead But Dreaming, yes. But in a very limited capacity. I helped out with some minimal production assistant duties here and there, early in its production.

And I was given a very, very small role I'm making that sign you make with your thumb and index finger I was treated to a handful of dailies and rough cuts of scenes mostly the opening, which has since been changed whenever the director got drunk and wanted to show them off. I never read the script and, outside of the scene I participated in, was only ever on set like twice. I pretty much knew next to nothing about the film apart from some cursory details and the fact it had something to do with vampires.

That's all I knew. It was a Bolivian period piece about vampires. And I knew it was the first part of a trilogy. He has a lot of nice things to say, and he tells them in his very own, fun to read style. The entire review, or, as he calls it, anecdote is here: Dead But Dreaming as seen by Erix. It is absolutely sexualized. But not necessarily in a titillating way. I put the word "necessarily" in italics because the sexualization of the film will really depend on perspective.

Some people are bound to find all this very arousing, while others will not. They will see it as disturbing, unnerving? Either way, the film is effective and it works on both those levels, giving a unique experience to the viewer. For my money, I think I can sum up its tone and tenor as follows: To illustrate that, there are two sequences I want to discuss.

I guess this is a little spoilery, but whatever My intention is to get you to watch the film. I won't give away the ending or anything like that. There is a rape scene that lasts - I did not make an actual calculation but I'm sure this is pretty close - about ten minutes.

To someone well versed in the history of rape scenes on film, this might not seem like too much of a big deal. Irreversible has a very controversial such scene that goes on for about that long. And it is rather excruciating because it is just one continuous shot. The scene here is equally disturbing. But it becomes even more disturbing for a deeper reason.

There is a valid, storytelling reason for this. The director is trying to make a connection between two characters. He is connecting a woman being gang raped by Bolivian soldiers to the vampire being "punished" by her master to imply they are both being violated one way or the other It is a good idea and it is well communicated. But the combination of sexual arousal from the eroticism of one, with repulsion at the sheer brutality of the other, creates an extremely unnerving cocktail that keeps you on edge for the entire sequence so that, by the time it's over, you're not even sure how to feel.

But isn't that what a horror movie is supposed to do? I don't want my vampires with horrible Southern accents having well-lit, slick sex in front of a fireplace; or playing baseball and glistening in the sun. I want them doing this stuff. Creepy, intense, horrific stuff. So, on a purely visceral level, the sequence is rather astounding. There is another scene in which a political prisoner is publicly flogged. We've probably witnessed scenes like this in other movies.

Mel Gibson made a blockbuster film that was, basically minutes of that. If you make that comparison, the argument is done. But the reason this particular scene really stood out for me was the artful way it was done. It is, just like the rape scene, a sequence that seems to go on forever.

The prisoner is sentenced to receive thirty-six lashes and, brother, we are asked to witness each and every one.

And it's easy to feel those lashes because of some very convincing acting by Amy Hesketh as the woman receiving them; and expertly constructed tension in the editing of the scene by director Avila himself. There is an added detail to this sequence, which makes it special?

The prisoner in question is an Irish spy named Moira - who has been collaborating with the Bolivian rebels. Well, the public official who dictates the sentence, and must now announce each lash, turns out to be a friend - one of her co-conspirators.

Actor Rhobess Pierre gives a terrific performance here. The pain on his face as he counts down the lashes is palpable. It becomes a riveting and moving sequence. We are not captivated by gory special effects It's rare to see that A low budget horror film that uses its raw esthetic to a real advantage. Not for camp value, but to generate a real sense of unease. The review is very detailed and extremely interesting. So, it's a must read. I will quote it from time to time in different posts, here and elsewhere.

I do recommend you read it. We're anxious to see the results of this release, not only in terms of sales, but more importantly in how our fans take it. For us it is a major production, with high production values, as high as our low budget and imagination allows, and it marks a high point in our plans. It is a very gimpy movie while attempting to be more appealing to a wider audience. It's difficult, I have to admit, to make people watch unending scenes of torture, flogging, rape..

People at the movie theater were very, very uncomfortable.. But they were also touched by the story, impressed by the performances, and surprised by the production values. So, overall, it was a good premiere. We're about to get into production, again.

Yale Gay and Lesbian Alumni/ae Association, Inc.

Nobody on our team wanted to write about this show or knows anything about it, but maybe you do! She needs to understand there has to be a balance between her love life, her career, and her work as a superhero in the community. Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa recently informed us all on twitter that Choni fans have a lot to look forward to, sharing the above pic from Episode showing Cheryl and Toni looking hot and definitely together.

When Valencia and Beth got together last season , it was subtle. Welcome to the much-contested, racially diverse, queer-inclusive edition of Charmed , everybody!

Season Four will see lesbian supersister Alex Danvers begin her new role as head of the DEO, hopefully putting her relentless quest to be a single mom on hold. And, most excitedly, Nicole Maines will be joining the team as transgender superhero Nia Nal , who worked with Cat Grant and will be mentored by the long-lost reporter side of Kara Danvers. They say Roy Harper will be back as a regular, and last we saw him he went off on an adventure with lesbian assassin Nyssa al Ghul, and bisexual badass Sara Lance pops up now and then, but I think the queer-lady content will be pretty low without the appearance of a new character.

Season Three of Legends of Tomorrow saw Sara really embracing her role as Captain, and embracingn the idea of having a steady girlfriend when she went toe-to-toe with Time Bureau agent Ava Sharpe. Also, despite her character Amaya deciding to leave the Legends at the end of the last season, out queer actress Maisie Richardson-Sellers will be back as a brand new character.

She starts sleeping with men, while struggling to come out as bisexual to Sadie and her queer friends. Gabe, her new roommate, becomes her unlikely wingman in her journey. Are you following us on Facebook? She had a very popular personal blog once upon a time, and then she recapped The L Word , and then she had the idea to make this place, and now here we all are!

Follow her on twitter and instagram. She is played by a CIS woman. Ah, I saw it was mentioned in this post the character is a trans woman. Unfortunate they had a cis woman play that role. Still sounds like an interesting show. More trans characters on tv the better, but I wish it was a trans person playing the role. The standout here is clearly Light as a Feather.

May it usher in a new era of shows based on dodgy games you used to play at pubescent sleepovers. They have 12 shows on their fall schedule and we are going to find queer women in 8 of those shows. And none of them are side characters but fully fleshed out women. And out of those eight shows, 4 of them also have queer male characters too. If you add Dynasty then that means CW has queer characters on 9 out of 12 of its shows for its fall schedule.

I am grateful for that network. I feel so seen. But the good out ways the bad. Thanks for the timely round up! Now I know where to catch up on! I am very upset by the negative response to the Charmed reboot.

I dislike everything people like about the original, and like everything people dislike about the reboot. The crowd is more mixed, but you can tell the queer men here love and respect their womyn. Empanadas and brownies are for sale, and drinks are cheap. Dagger at the Dreamhouse Wyckoff Ave. The Bushwick queer scene suffered a mortal wound when the short-lived but legendary queer art space the Spectrum closed last year.

Happily, its organizers have opened the Dreamhouse in Ridgewood, Queens. Their cover-charge structure says it all: Bum Bum Bar Roosevelt Ave. One vital venue is Bum Bum Bar, where the predominantly female but still mixed crowd dances to salsa, merengue, and Selena.

This is a down-to-earth joint where Queens residents can feel the beat, celebrate diversity, and let loose to classic Latin tunes mixed in with the latest Latin hits. Encouraging its attendees to be themselves, it's a wild mix of drag, performance art and world-class electronic music. Throughout the following week, Pride Amsterdam brings a colourful cultural programme to the city's streets and squares.

And even its canals, as Amsterdam's Pride Parade replaces the traditional parade floats for colourful barges, floating along the city's waterways. And this is reflected in the city's Hinsegin Dagar Queer Day celebrations, which attracts crowds of , Past Hinsegin Dagar celebrations have featured appearances by some of the most influential people in Icelandic society. In , the then-newly elected President of the country even took part in the parade.

The annual outdoor Pride concert features some of the best acts from the local music scene. Towards the end of the month, another gay celebration takes place in and around Reykjavik. Bears on Ice is a weekend-long gathering which includes bear-centred trips out of the city to some of Iceland's famous sights. It also includes a party at the famous Blue Lagoon spa. Prefer your Pride to have a touch of winter sun?

Maspalomas Winter Pride is the event for you! Celebrating its 5th anniversary in , the festival offers free live shows, performances by dance divas like Robin S. Tempted to make the trip? Take a look at our holiday and city break deals, and start making your Pride plans. Let us know in the comments. By subscribing to this newsletter, I accept the Privacy Policy clause 3. This website is property of BravoNext, S. The services provided on this website are made available by lastminute.

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Fall Queer TV Preview: All the Lesbian and Bisexual Women August 29, This definitely isn't the most impressive slate of new shows we've ever seen, but Wentworth Season Six (Netflix) // Wednesday, September 5th . Previews suggest that this event will, like the entirety of the show thus. 13th August - 18th August Now, if you haven't heard about Kellie's story, this homophobia likely won't come as too much of a shock 29th July - 5th August. Allentown, Asbury Park, Belmar, Bradley Beach, Deal, Fair Haven, Freehold . The event is two events in one – a balloon festival and a county fair and a Save the summer date: Sunday, August 5 from –pm and rock The Jersey City Pride Festival celebrates the diversity of the gay, lesbian.