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Need for Speed , frequently known by its initials NFS , is a long-running and popular series of racing games published by Electronic Arts focusing on illegal street racing, and it is the publisher's oldest continually-running franchise not under their EA Sports brand.

As a result, it has seen many changes and at least three reboots. Hot Pursuit 2 the series' main developer and have them move to tuner car racing in urban environments starting with Need for Speed: Underground , which was a hit with consumers at the time.

Free-roaming environments were later added to the gameplay formula starting with Need for Speed: Underground 2 and were expanded upon in Need for Speed: However, the success was short-lived as after the critical and commercial disappointments of Need for Speed: ProStreet and Undercover , EA retooled the series by experimenting with various developers and gameplay styles for a few years, with two vastly different NFS games being released annually.

Games of note after this retool included the two Shift games and by Slightly Mad Studios, which had an organized track racing format similar to the failed ProStreet , and Criterion Games ' reboot of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit , which went to back to racing with exotics in a fantastic environment that added a focus on online social gameplay with their Autolog system.

Autolog would be added in every NFS game since, and was even added in the spin-off to Criterion's own Burnout series, Crash! World — and cinematic racer The Run After a renaming to Quicklime Games in , they were later shuttered in April From there, EA retooled the series again by making Criterion the main developer.

However, after the release of a reinterpreted Most Wanted in , the publisher had a new studio called Ghost Games mostly based in Gothenburg, Sweden, with branches in the UK and later Romania create the next NFS game. Ghost Games took two years to develop the next title, a complete reboot of the series titled just Need for Speed , released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in November , with a Windows version released in March The subtitle-free installment returned to the tuner culture aspects of the Need for Speed: In addition to the reboot, an original mobile installment called Need for Speed: Most Wanted was released around the world on September 30, after an initial beta release in Taiwan and the Netherlands earlier in the year.

The latest major entry in the series is Need for Speed Payback , released in Like the reboot, it features cops, car customization, and an open world.

It's also not an always-online game like Rivals , No Limits , and the reboot were. Payback is set in Nevada, with a Las Vegas setting as well as the surrounding desert. One consistent feature found in a majority of the franchise's games throughout the years are police pursuits. Lots and lots of police pursuits. After being added to the side in the first game and removed in the second game in , police chases would become the defining aspect of the NFS series starting with Need for Speed III: Even the series' reboot, which is based on the originally police-free Underground games, has cop chases.

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With military families wishing to have their children attend school on the base, the vacated property provided a perfect opportu- nity to open an alternative option for middle school education. After a year of working on the project, the CSWG team was awarded for their initiative in the opening of one of the first charter schools located on an Air Force base. In its first year, stu- ING dent aptitude in all three grades registered saw IN increases of 46 percent in reading, 53 percent in writing and 60 percent in math.

Sonoran Science Academy Davis-Monthan is managed by Sonoran Schools, whose educa- tional model is nationally acclaimed, with its Middle school students living on base may Tucson has 27 parochial schools, representing high school in near northwest Tucson ranked in attend TUSD's Naylor Middle School for grades Catholic, Hebrew, Episcopalian, Jewish, Lutheran the top 50 high schools in the nation.

Sonoran six through eight; on-base high school students and Seventh-day Adventist faiths. The schools have small class sizes, living on base. For more information, call the Pima activities, and actively encourage parent and schools and 11 high schools, as well as 14 alter- County School Superintendent's Office at community involvement.

The BX now accepts debit cards for payment of purchases. Patrons must pay for catalog orders in advance, and the items will usually arrive at their residences three to six weeks after placing an order. It is open 9 a. The facility includes a game room, bly the Base Exchange, in Building at Refunds and exchanges are handled in the multipurpose and computer room, full-size E. Shopping privileges are store's customer service area. Concessionaires gymnasium, snack bar and more. Various instructional classes for space supports more than 43, items.

The beauty shop, flower shop which also offers gift youth are available. The youth center offers many individ- ual and team sports and activities, includ- ing a First Steps program for children 3 to 4 years old. It offers care for children in first through sixth grades. Transportation is provided to and from Borman Elementary School and collaborates to provide trans- portation to and from Vail District schools as well. The program operates from 6: All-day care is provided on nonschool days and early dismissal days.

A full-day camp program is offered in the summer. Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks are served in accordance with USDA guidelines. Fees for this program are based on total fam- ily income. For more informa- tion, call It strives to do this by offering The commissary is open 9 a. Sat- phone service and equipment, and a UPS Store. Defense urday and 9 a. The com- All are open Monday through Saturday.

Commissary Agency DeCA has devised a set missary is closed for some holidays. For more The BX hours are 9 a. Monday of standardized floor plans, simplified stocking information, call The Circa 25 Bar is in Club sary. DeCA has significantly reduced the stock employment is in Building The HR office is Ironwood. It's best to call ahead to check on service and reduce operating costs. This means it oper- availability for special events.

Customers may special order An extensive variety of entertainment, mem- cery sales and to provide better service to its products from all departments. For reservations, call the Outdoor Recreation Center at Both have men's and women's saunas, locker and shower facilities, group exercise rooms, and basketball and vol- leyball courts.

The fitness center staff coordi- nates special events, handles reservations for two softball fields and a football field, and GIN manages intramural sports along with a variety of daily group exercise classes taught by cer- SETTLIN tified group fitness instructors.

There are also certified personal trainers available to create individualized workout plans for a fee. Benko Fitness and Sports Center, in Building , is equipped with a group exercise room, state-of-the-art exercise equipment, indoor track, parent exercise room and six-lane indoor lap pool. Monday more information, call For more information, call holders during unmanned hours.

CAC holders Military members and travelers on tempo- There playgrounds and picnic areas is generally on weight room and cross-functional room. Hours is a midnight meal 11 p. Mon- a first-come, first-served basis. However, res- are 5 a. Monday through Friday day through Friday. For Christmas and Thanksgiv- for Bama Park, across from the golf course.

For ing, breakfast is also 7 to 9 a. Groups must reserve the parks in advance. Carry- out service is available. The Roadrunner Inn f light kitchen, Building , offers a more limited menu. For eligibility and hours, call Call for hours of operation. It features flat screen TVs and select seating for watching sporting events throughout the year as well as a variety of craft and local beers on tap.

The course and pro shop are open daily year-round, except Christmas, from sunrise to sunset. Players can sharpen their game on several practice areas or at the modern driving range. The pro shop carries the latest in golf equip- ment along with a full line of men's and wom- en's clothing. Youth and adult golf clinics are offered regularly, and a golf pro is available for individual or group lessons. For golf or pro shop information, call Outdoor Recreation encompasses many functions, all committed to providing services and programs that meet the leisure needs of the Davis-Monthan community.

Outdoor adventure programs include a spec- trum of seasonal activities tailored to meet novice and expert tastes -- everything from structured trips to self-directed activities, including day hikes, historical tours, horseback riding and river tubing.

Caving, rock-climbing, whitewater rafting, skiing and Grand Canyon backpacking trips challenge more daring individuals. Benko Fitness Center http: Each squadron competes in intramural sports and earns commander's points. The number of points varies depend- ing on how the squadron finishes at the end of the season. At the end of the year points are totaled and the squadron with the most accumulated points wins the commander's trophy.

Trophies go to squadrons in two categories: Regular and over basketball March Volleyball April through August Golf May through August Men's and women's slow-pitch softball September through October Flag football September through November Racquetball and tennis September through May Questions about the varsity program should be directed to the fitness and sports center at The base's rugby team, the D-M Mandrills, participates in a local league and in tournaments throughout the country.

The season is usually September through May and requires yearly dues. Mod- meet the needs of the traveling military family. Equipment rental including the popular "wobble trap. For more information, call ing, hunter education and firearm safety. Get RV facilities anywhere.

Call the FamCamp at Outdoor Recreation also operates two Davis-Monthan is home to one of the finest Outdoor Recreation's equipment rental sec- swimming pools -- the year-round fitness recreational vehicle parks in the country, the tion is stocked with hundreds of items that pool located in the Benko Fitness and Sports "Agave Gulch" FamCamp.

There are spaces can be rented by the day, weekend or week. Center and the Outdoor Recreational Pool http: League tional and informational trips and tours.

Recreation and fitness swimming, water play is active throughout the year, tournaments more information on ITT, call Bowling Center includes plaque, frame and auto craft shops. The frame and plaque shops are open Monday dren's birthday parties. Call the fitness pool at For more information, call or through Friday. For general arts and crafts information, call The center has 20 lanes, rental convenient one-stop location for customers to conditioning service and contract mechanics.

Many bombardment units passed The U. Army declared Tucson's second airfield suitable for military through D-M on their way to war. The instructors at D-M taught the men operations Oct. The city successfully built the field in accordance to be bomber crews. The pilots first learned high-altitude flying, then with U. Twenty days later the field's flight log received steady bomb approaches, while the navigators, radiomen and gunners all its first entry -- a small detachment serviced transient aircraft bound for practiced their duties.

When they left D-M, each member knew his job, California. Many pioneer aviators stopped at the field during its time, and all worked together to accomplish their mission.

In December , including several destined to head the country's military flying forces. D-M became aerial accidents while serving in the U. Davis one of three 2nd Air Force separation centers. The base helped process and Oscar Monthan. The field The first building, Hangar , built for the Army at D-M, was com- also became a storage location for excess bombers and cargo aircraft.

As a result of the expanding conflict in Europe, Tucson's dry climate and alkali soil made it an ideal location for aircraft the War Department officially announced a decision to establish an storage and preservation, a mission that continues today. Army Air Base in Tucson on Sept. Paving the way for of D-M in March , bringing in several B bomber groups. After its troops, the Army made Lt. Albro the first base commander official creation as a separate service, the Air Force inherited the instal- Feb.

The base officially became Davis-Monthan Field on Dec. The next year a B aircrew based at D-M completed the first The day after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the field's person- nonstop flight around the world taking 94 hours.

The early s Pacific. However, the base wasn't idle for long. In , another wing activated at the base and Force to Second Air Force. The following month the 39th Bombard- began training aircrews in the nation's most sophisticated fighter, the ment Group arrived and immediately began training B Fortress and F-4 Phantom. Another war had developed, and D-M was again training www. The base's U-2s also flew missions over bolt II aircraft. Air Force Base, Arizona.

Five years later, the began flying operations at D-M in Members of the nd directed forward air forces and coordinated them with ground forces for a combined team effort.

They were responsible for tactical air control forces west of the Mississippi River. To accomplish their mission, nd air controllers and liaison offi- cers were stationed on many Air Force bases and Army posts. In , the last Titan missile was taken off alert and an era ended at D-M. Six years later, as a result of the U. D-M destroyed the last U. GLCM in May Later in the year D-M deployed more than 1, people in support of operations Desert Shield and Storm, the response to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait and its subsequent liberation.

In May , the Air Force, in a downsizing move, inactivated the th Air Division and once again made the th, now simply des- ignated th Wing, the host unit. In September , control of the 48th, 55th and the 79th Rescue Squadrons transferred to the th Wing.

A year later the rd Res- cue Group was activated and took control of the rescue squadrons with the 23rd Wing at Air National Guard alert detachment, the became fully operational Sept. By war's end, the ational command of the rd RQG. The th FG inactivated Wing April 26, The unit inactivated Jan.

Before inactivating on Dec. Assigned pilots were also credited with 22 MiG aerial victories, eight MiGs destroyed on the ground and an additional nine damaged. In the s, the th continued to train A crews for assignments to units in the U. In , the th Wing In the wing deployed 16 As while the missions reinforcing multinational ground began supporting Operation Southern Watch final deployment in required 14 As to forces.

That number, how- from the th Wing were deployed to Bagram field, Afghanistan, in and to Osan AB, ever, doubled to 24 for the deployment. Airfield, Afghanistan, to fly close air support Republic of Korea, in The units assigned to 12th Air Force are: Army field artillery, air defense artillery, intelligence, avi- ation, logistics and administrative personnel.

Southern Command area of responsibility. Southern Command responsible for U. It employs precision engagement to conduct day and night close air support, air interdiction, forward air control, and combat search and rescue, and integrates with special operations in support of U. They conduct all formal course directed aircraft transition, day and night weapons and tactics employment, day and night air refueling, and dissimilar air combat maneuvers.

The squadrons train pilots to plan, coordinate, execute and control day and night close air support, air interdiction, and battlefield surveillance and reconnais- sance. They also prepare pilots for combat mission-ready upgrade.

UP and AC conversion pilots annually. It conduct readiness exercises. It ensures train- Agencies falling under the auspices of the manages and assists development and approval ing and deployment readiness of more than th Fighter Wing include the Staff Judge of all aspects of ACC A syllabi. The and the Treaty Compliance office. It also man- ages base operations and conducts all formal course directed aircraft initial qualification and requalification training.

The squadron directs operational support functions including airfield, air traffic control, weather services, weapons and tactics, plans and exercises, and intelligence for an opera- tions group with two AC squadrons. It also provides aviation support for nine other flying units on base and develops flying schedules for 14, sorties per year.

The squadron provides safe, properly configured aircraft to meet mission requirements for three squadrons. It also develops and executes a scheduled maintenance plan to maintain long- term fleet health and provides forces to support worldwide contingency taskings. The squadron troubleshoots, repairs and maintains electronic warfare equipment, TF34 and T56 engines, A aircrew egress systems, A, C and HH fuel systems and completes maintenance on aircraft accessory Air Force specialties, divided among five all 30MM GAU-8 gun systems and aircraft systems supporting seven flying squadrons flights: In addi- Flight, Maintenance Flight and Munitions their associated components.

The th EMS is dedicated also responsible for aircraft structural repairs Laboratory provides regional support for the to providing world-class maintenance and and modifications, as well as corrosion control. The th CMS provides well as all transient and tenant aircraft on base. Armament Flight maintains combat mission support, including civil engi- M neering, communications, contracting, trans- portation, fuels, supply, deployment readiness, personnel, security forces and services for immediate worldwide deployment of combat support elements.

The group also provides an effective in-garrison support infrastructure and quality-of-life services for 26 wing and 32 associate units spanning a 45,person, 10,acre community, one of the largest in Air Combat Command.

The th CES comprises a total force team of military, civil- ian and contractor professionals. Many of the large construction projects are done in close liaison with the Army Corps of Engineers. The th CES trains the wing in chemical warfare defense and disaster preparedness while maintaining its own deployable teams to support the Air Expeditionary Force AEF concept.

The cooperation of on-base and local emergency services provides residents and workers at D-M with premier first-response capability in the event of any emergency. Addition- ditionary Force cycle -- more than any like- puter C4 capability with fixed and deploy- ally, they provide police services for the entire size SFS in ACC.

Addition- thousands of military personnel. They can be reached at , MVC the As an on-post resident, you may attend free monthly community mailto: MMH has been organized and resourced to be a long- events, enter to win great prizes and apply for an annual scholarship term partner with the Army through the Residential Communities Office.

Fifty-eight scholarships have been awarded to Fort Huachuca change of station orders before they can apply for on-post housing. Visit the web- Huachuca on-post homes are available to military members, from all site at https: We encour- the on-post family housing office MVC , where they are greeted age you to share your questions, comments and suggestions. We look by a team of professionally trained housing specialists. Hours forward to serving you and your family.

Swimming, lifeguard, Guardstart and other Building The program provides education, prevention, short- aquatic classes are available. They offer a full line of CPR and first aid term counseling and biochemical testing services.

Baby sitters' training and other families of each group. The education and prevention services are for children's courses are also available. It also provides newcomer The American Red Cross has volunteer opportunities available that briefings to military and civilian personnel. Specialized training and range from doing work in the local office, being on a local disaster other services, such as employee assistance, suicide prevention, risk team or helping teach classes in CPR and first aid.

Volunteers on Fort reduction, substance abuse education and drug testing certification and Huachuca also work at the health center and assist with blood drives. The American Red Cross serving Fort Huachuca and the southern Counseling services provided by employee assistance include screen- Arizona area is in Tucson and is open 8 a. Monday through ing, referral, short-term counseling and follow-up services to employ- Friday.

For more information, call Services are confidential except when otherwise limited by American Southwest Credit Union law or regulation. Information on individuals in the program is pro- The American Southwest Credit Union offers its members a variety tected by federal policies on confidentiality. For more information, call of financial services, including regular share accounts, share certificate Members may lished a new toll-free number for active-duty military members need- take advantage of direct deposits, payroll deduction, and low-cost ACH ing emergency communication services.

Active-duty military members and wire services. Membership is open to everyone on Fort Huachuca, and their family members residing in the same household should call including residents of Cochise, Santa Cruz and southeastern Pima to reach the American Red Cross Emergency Communi- counties. Contact a member service representative at any of the credit cations Center. The American Red Cross Emergency Communications union's seven branch locations for other account information.

Center, with the help of its military partners, is responsible for deliver- The American Southwest Credit Union is in Building , off Smith ing emergency messages to military men and women around the world. Avenue at the traffic circle. Monday through are aimed at education in the prevention of Employment assistance is provided to eli- Friday.

Call for more informa- child and spouse abuse and are presented to gible personnel in finding public and private tion. The main office has hours 9 a. Saturday and is at E. For more information, call Soldiers with security issues. Information on resources to solve problems affecting the or toll free Visit the website at consumer affairs, as well as financial plan- morale and well-being of members of the mili- http: It assists with consumer complaints, check- Armed Forces Bank book and budget management, and debt liq- Army Emergency Relief Armed Forces Bank operates two full-service uidation.

The main bank consumer awareness classes. Monday through is designed to make transition into our com- AER was organized during the early part of Friday. The Exchange branch, inside the main munity an easier, more pleasant experience.

World War II by popular demand. Army mem- PX, is open daily and most major holidays. The RRP provides numerous resources, infor- bers sought an agency of their own to which Hours of operation are the same hours as the mation and classes for the Soldier and Family they could turn for assistance in emergencies. Re-entry Accordingly, AER was organized to collect, Armed Forces Bank, a national bank, spe- briefs are offered at the weekly in-processing hold and disburse funds for this purpose.

Its cializes in military banking and has served briefings. Customers can bank worldwide by counseling and gaining installation infor- both active and retired members of the mili- phone, internet, mail and ATM. This nonprofit organi- vides easy and affordable access to its services assistance, sponsorship requests and over- zation achieves this ongoing mission with the through toll-free customer service numbers, seas orientations.

For more information, call generous donations made throughout the year online banking and major ATM networks. Soldiers on extended active duty and their Armed Forces Bank offers a variety of ser- The inventory includes cookware, dinner- dependents, and Reserve component Sol- vices, including free checking, classic checking, ware, small kitchen appliances and infant diers Army National Guard and U.

Army interest-bearing checking, savings accounts, car seats. Reserve who are active duty on training or certificates of deposit, individual retirement The Mobilization Deployment Program pro- serving under various sections of Title 10, accounts and loans consumer, auto and vides training for Family Readiness Groups.

This also applies to Sol- home. In addition, the bank offers competi- The office is open 8 a. Mon- diers retired from active duty for longevity, tive deposit and loan rates, traveler's checks, day through Wednesday, 10 a. For retired at age 60 under Section , Title 10, cards, credit cards and many other services. Dependents are included, For additional information, call the main bank The Information, Referral and Follow-up as well as surviving spouses and orphans of at , the Exchange branch at Program provides ready access to information eligible Soldiers who died while on active and hour customer service on resources available to Soldiers and Family duty or after they were retired as previously at or visit www.

Through outreach to all military units, ACS provides information, assistance and guid- ance to members of the community and helps those members to better meet personal and family problems beyond the scope of their own resources. The ACS sponsors a variety of programs. The Family Advocacy Program provides information, training and support to families on child and spouse abuse prevention.

The new hotel has rooms, include Child Development Services, the In recognition of a need that exists for Army including distinguished visitor quarters. School-age Center and Youth Services. For additional infor- umbrella, the installation is able to offer one- ary program to that of providing emergency mation, call or local numbers stop shopping for patrons seeking programs financial assistance.

The educational assis- ; To register for any CYS tance program is designed to assist spouses Services program, visit the Parent Central Ser- and dependent children of Army personnel Baker's Flor -- Main Gate vices Office, in Building , Tindall Street who need financial assistance to pursue post- Baker's Flor is in Building , next to the To make an appointment, call The hours are Child Development Services is composed of training, preparation for acceptance by service 6 a.

Monday through Friday and center-based and quarters-based child devel- academies and college education. The developmental concept AER assistance is extended by grants or reflects the knowledge and understanding of noninterest-bearing loans repaid by allotment Buffalo Soldier Gate Express each child's physical, social, emotional and or both. Personnel who need emergency assis- Conveniently located just inside the Buf- cognitive growth and maturation. It provides tance from AER should first report their prob- falo Soldier Gate, this Express is a self- age-appropriate opportunities and carefully lem to their unit commander or first sergeant.

Located in on each child's individual needs and interests. Community Service Building and Building , the Buffalo Soldier Gate Programs are provided for infants 6 weeks pick up an application to begin a request for Express offers convenience store drinks through pre-K in the Child Development assistance. Full-day, ditions of AR are met and the situation holic beverages, books and magazines, and part-day and hourly programs are available.

For all an ATM. Hours of operation may change; Each program's curriculum allows for active other AER inquiries, call For spe- races Park. Call or local numbers ing Hours are 6 a. Saturday and on Cushing Street, offers a part-day program and reservations. Regis- tered patrons can make hourly care appoint- ments by calling Fees for full-day and part-day programs are based on total family income. This program offers care in a smaller, home setting and is a viable option for Soldiers who need extended care for their children.

For more information, call the FCC director at Youth can par- opportunity to work with youth as volunteer ticipate in bowling, swimming, computer lab, coaches and chaperones for many of the pro- arts and crafts, field trips and video games.

For more information, There is no charge for this program during the call There is a nominal, weekly fee for the Summer Program prior to 1 p. Program, a workforce- nastics, martial arts, piano, cooking, dance, preparation apprenticeship program that computers, yoga, and arts and crafts. To con- provides the opportunity to work after school tact the SKIES Unlimited instructional pro- and on weekends in Family and Morale, Wel- grams specialist, call Each of the four sessions per year For more information about the Hired!

Program provides classes for youth address educational issues by involving mili- in a standardized framework and includes tary children and youth in the local school the following four interest-area packages: Classes are held after school munication link between the garrison and Monday through Friday in one-month incre- surrounding school districts.

To contact the ments. For current class offerings, please call SLO, call The School-Age Center provides supervised The Civil- arts and crafts, music, science, technology, provides a variety of team sports e. The center also has a technology ners with off-post organizations such as the All questions relating to active civil service lab and a homework center.

The technology Sierra Vista Soccer Club and Sierra Vista Little employees' pay should first be directed to the lab gives children the opportunity to acquire League. This program also offers adults the employee's timekeeper. Civilian Payroll is open basic computer literacy and is equipped with 15 multimedia, personal computers with CD-ROMs, speakers, color printers and modems for internet and email use. The home- work center instructor provides after-school assistance to help strengthen children's aca- demic and learning skills in a safe, age-appro- priate environment.

For non- school and vacation days, it is open 5: Fees are based on total family income. Youth Services The Youth Center offers a wide variety of recreational, social and educational activi- ties for youth from the sixth through the 12th grades. The After-school Program is offered until 8 p.

Monday through Thursday and until 10 p. Monday through Thursday, 5: Saturday Runion Dental Clinic is in Building , and 8 a. Dental clinic hours are 7 a. Walk-in ers, supervisors, management officials and and received major renovations in The sick call hours are 7 to 9 a. Service mem- employees in developing and administering store, in Building on the corner of Ari- bers signing in after this time will be seen on a comprehensive civilian human resources zona and Hatfield streets, has 31, square a space-available basis.

Yearly exam and clean- program. The CPAC provides guidance and feet of shopping area and 15 checkout coun- ings are done by appointment only. For gen- assists supervisors in developing and admin- ters.

It regularly stocks 16, line items. Its eral information and appointments, call the istering their civilian personnel programs hours are 9 a. Saturday and 10 a.

For active-duty service members: All a qualified, effective and efficient workforce to 5 p. For more information, call emergencies -- facial trauma, dental infec- while ensuring compliance with legal, regula- For Support includes customer service, in- and care must have an escort with them at all times.

The out-processing, retirement, separation, and For family members: For more infor- National Guard and Reserve Pay. Operating hours are 8 a. The dedicated personnel call MetLife at The Class Six carries a variety of Distance learning in the information age has unleashed the potential to transform Army training.

From the classroom to the field, training is now available anywhere in the world, utilizing the latest in technology. DLS delivers standardized individual, col- lective and self-development training to Soldiers and units, anywhere and anytime, through electronically mediated instruction including satellite, video, audio, computer and other forms of media. To reserve a classroom for individual or organization training of any kind, simply call for scheduling.

Depending on services needed, eligible clients include all assigned active-duty mili- tary personnel, Department of Defense civil- ian employees, contractors and adult family members. Qualified pro- fessional counselors can help clients set realis- lead to a bachelor's or master's degree in vari- about NAF employment and FMWR pro- tic, yet challenging educational and vocational ous disciplines to include aviation, logistics grams at Fort Huachuca, please go to www.

The ACES counselors provide all the and technical management. The University of http: The center provides extensive testing ser- Army tuition assistance is available to most Environmental Division vices, including college entrance exams, such Soldiers who take college courses. Self-cut firewood available to military personnel at no cost.

Center in Building College credit may be awarded for successful to 4: Monday through Thursday and Other forest products available are scrap lum- completion of many of these tests. Contact the Forestry Office at Learning Center support.

Currently the cen- for prices and availability. The and Hatfield streets. The operating FMWR activities. FMWR program areas in Building The guide provides trail hours for the Multi-use Learning Facility are include childcare, fitness, outdoor recreation locations on both topographical and drawn 7: Monday through Thurs- and other quality of life programs for Soldiers maps of the 11 major hiking trails approxi- day and 7: Addi- and their Families.

Monday through Thursday and and is always looking for dedicated and moti- require good pathfinding skills. Telephone numbers vated people to join the team. Cochise Col- retirement, k , annual leave, sick leave, Office has the primary staff responsibility for lege provides courses and programs that lead to flexible spending accounts, health insurance advising the installation commanders and an associate degree.

Wayland Baptist Univer- and life insurance. The Special and master's degrees in various disciplines, Building , next the Brown Parade Emphasis Program, Disability Program, Affir- including intelligence operations, manage- Field. Mon- mative Employment Program, Alternative Dis- ment and elementary education. Embry-Riddle day through Friday, after hour appointments pute Resolution and the Complaints Program Aeronautical University provides courses that are available.

For further information make up the components of the EEO office. Soldiers can help this process work for Huachuca to ensure a work environment free gram still exist. However, many of these man- them by ensuring that open business accounts of discrimination.

Also within the foot- the library are closed out once they receive for carrying out the EEO counseling pro- print are several optional stops, depending on their official orders.

To expedite the tion policy for those who will be separating or counselors. Soldiers must Outdoor Living Center sign in from leave at their unit. The Furniture of Information Management. Inspectors to report to Murr Community Center, Build- ing washers, dryers, refrigerators and freezers.

The Outdoor Living Center carries all types of Soldiers in-processing must have the follow- inspections and investigations and by process- plants and seeds for the casual or serious gar- ing items in their possession: It also carries pool supplies, barbecue DA Form 31; assignment orders, to include The Office of the Inspector General, grills, lawn mowers and patio furniture. Hours amendments and endorsements. Army Intelligence Center of Excellence are 10 a.

The telephone number streamline Soldier in- and out-processing pro- Soldiers considerable time. The key to the time is , and voicemail is available cedures. These efficiencies are more Soldier- saving is the Department of the Army Instal- after duty hours.

The Office of the Inspector friendly and have reduced the time required lation Support Module system. This program General is responsible for matters that affect for Soldiers to process in and out of Fort allows agencies to electronically pre-clear the members of that command, including the Huachuca. The office is in Greely The new procedures for in-processing allow manent change of station, end tour of service Hall, Building , Room , and can be Soldiers to tailor their processing to meet their or retirement.

If an activity does not indicate a reached at The facility offers laundry and dry cleaning services for military uniforms of all branches and also for civilian clothing. Hours are 9 a. Monday through Friday, 9 a. Hours are 10 a. For more Building , which is across from the Post information regarding defense legal ser- Exchange complex and adjacent to the Soldier vices, or to speak with a Defense Counsel, Centered Clinic.

The Office of the Staff Judge call Advocate offers an array of legal services, as Legal Assistance: The Client Services described below, to all eligible clients which Division offers legal assistance services on include service members, their Family mem- personal legal matters in many areas, includ- bers and military retirees.

Hours of general ing family law, landlord-tenant law, consumer operation are 7: Mon- law, tax law, claims, real estate and property day through Friday. See below for specific law, military law, notaries, powers of attor- hours of operation regarding legal assistance ney, wills and the preparation of other legal services.

Specific services are detailed Administrative Law: For more information or to schedule tive Law Division advises tenant organiza- an appointment, call Notary broad range of mission-related topics. These and Power of Attorney services are available include civilian personnel and labor law, on a walk-in basis from 7: Will services are provided on an Act and Privacy Act, ethics, military adminis- appointment basis only. Initial interviews Library trative law and command investigations e. Will executions are agreement creating a partnership between the gations, and Financial Liability investiga- conducted, by appointment, from 1 to 4 p.

Department of Defense and a municipality for tions. Will work- library services for Soldiers and Army Fami- provides legal advice and reviews of com- sheets may be picked up anytime in advance lies with the Sierra Vista Public Library.

This mand policies, procedures and regulations, of an appointment. Family Law assistance is trail in providing first-class library services to Organizations.

For more information, call provided on an appointment basis only. Soldiers and Army Families. The Sierra Vista Appointment times are available from 8: The Military Justice Divi- to Monday, Tuesday and Thursday post, at E. The sion provides advice and support to com- and from Monday through manders and their staff regarding good order Immigration Services: Immigration assis- Thursday, 10 a.

Friday and 10 a. For more information, call ate disposition of misconduct. For legal advice month, by appointment only, from 9: Claims services to include Personal Medical Services paralegal.

Monday through Raymond W. Effective October , all vides responsive and highly reliable health to victims and potential witnesses in crimi- personal claims will no longer be processed services and promotes health to improve read- nal matters, which may be resolved in the locally; however, information is available iness, improve health outcomes and advance military justice system.

Contact the Victim locally to assist customers with processing wellness in support of the Force, military Witness Liaison Officer at for their personal claims through Fort Knox, Families, retirees and those entrusted to our more information and to learn about available Kentucky. For more information, contact the care in Fort Huachuca, Arizona, and the sur- services and assistance.

Claims Division at If you have Tax Services: Services are available from in the Army, based on the excellence of our tary or Department of the Army police offi- 7: Court Division at Defense legal ser- For more information regarding legal ser- Appointments vices are available solely to service members vices provided by the Fort Huachuca Office of For appointments, call For all patients at this facility.

The closest emergency ser- and a model for rural military health care 40 and older who need a periodic health vice is at Sierra Vista Regional Center, at facilities in the Southwest. Patients continue to develop strategies to support its sonnel may book appointments by calling who believe that their condition is a true mission of providing quality health care in For clinic information or assis- emergency, i. Initial Entry Training students and reclassi- fication Soldiers. Hours are 5 a.

Optometry Clinic Winrow Ave. For Examinations are by appointment only. Patients are seen by referral only. The clinic an appointment with a primary care man- Clinic hours are 7: Mon- will contact the patient to schedule an appoint- ager PCM , dial Central Appointments at day through Friday, except holidays. Call for information. Monday an appointment, call Hours are Front Desk Urgent and acute minor illness medical care 5 a. Monday through Friday, Hours of operation are from 7: Early and late hours are avail- 4: To make an Soldier Centered Clinic open from 8 a.

Nurse-advice Line Flight personnel, Officer Basic and advance Call during clinic hours to If you need medical advice after hours, con- course students and NCO Academy students schedule an appointment.

The Nurse-advice Line provides autho- to 4 p. Urgent Care Call if you need to contact the after-duty hours PCM for urgent issues that cannot wait until the following business day. Highway 90 in Sierra Vista. Patient Advocate The Patient Advocate is available to assist you with all concerns regarding the health center or clinic appointments and opera- tions. Mon- day through Friday, except holidays, or call Monday urday and 9 a. Specialty through Friday, 9 a. Saturday Express hours of operation are 11 a.

Monday through Saturday and 11 a. Monday through Friday, 8 a. Saturday and Post Office 9 a. Fort Huachuca's branch of the U. Mail is delivered to group- the intersection of Hatfield and Bissel streets ings of mail boxes located centrally between near the East Gate.

Hours of operation are several sets of quarters. Outgoing mail for 6 a. Monday through Thursday, the day should be in the post office no later 6 a. Saturday and 9 a. It is open 8 a.

Huachuca mail service is Monday DES is in Building The mission of as well as other military-related merchandise. Monday to the Fort Huachuca community. The law through Saturday and Facilities and a barbershop. The center sells tickets to local events and Southern California attractions.

The Cafe at Murr is in the Murr Community Center and is the place to enjoy a great cup of cappuccino. For room reservations or other information, call Monday through Saturday and 10 a. Located in the PX Mall are the flower shop, GNC, barbershop, beauty shop, optical shop and other short-term vendors offering a wide range of services and products.

The PX food court offers a variety of foods. Hours for Starbucks are 6 a. The fire depart- The use of headphones is not autho- casts news and information on local events. Units and approved activities can announce emergency medical services in response to Weapons Registration their activities over the CAC by submitting on-post calls, fire prevention inspections Weapon registration is required on Fort their information in writing to the PAO.

Personnel living on post must reg- For more information about the CAC, call tion. The physical security division provides ister their privately owned firearms within or Barracks Additionally, command information can be rity inspections and oversees all installation residents must store their weapons in their found on: Station 1 is in Building , force protection levels, everyone is encouraged midnight and 5 a.

A curfew permit can be Station 2 is in Building and Station 3 to tune to the Commanders' Access Channel obtained from the Fort Huachuca police and is in Building For on-post emergen- or U. The permit cies, dial For routine information, call for up-to-date information on operating hours authorizes children to travel unaccompanied and other items of common interest. A parent or legal guardian and older entering Fort Huachuca who do not the public information program. All inquiries must sign the permit.

All background tions officer at Those who present munity relations with post activities and and education and, upon written request, will a common access card CAC card , Military community organizations, such as speak- give classes for special unit events and func- ID, Military Dependent ID, Gold Star ID or ing engagements by installation leaders.

For tions on safety and child-related issues. For other valid DOD credential do not require a information about our community relations more information, call Dial for all on-post medical emergen- identification at the gate. Because of the number and variety of orga- cies and for crimes in progress. For suspi- Gate Hours: To report nonemergency inci- Control Center: All personnel please call: Motorcycle Requirements Public Affairs All military personnel must complete a The Public Affairs Office PAO , in Religious Activities Basic Motorcycle Safety Foundation Course Building on Adair Avenue and the west Fort Huachuca has an active chapel pro- accredited through the Motorcycle Safety end of Brown Parade Field, conducts the post's gram for military personnel, civilian employ- Foundation in order to ride a motorcycle on command information, public information ees, retirees and their family members.

All personnel military and and community relations programs. The pub- Installation Ministry Team is composed civilian while operating motorcycles on Fort lic affairs officer is the official spokesperson of chaplains, chaplain assistants, civilian Huachuca must wear a Department of Trans- for Fort Huachuca.

Together they provide attached face shield, full-fingered gloves, long online media outlets to keep the community a comprehensive and lively religious life trousers and a long-sleeved shirt or jacket.

A informed of installation activities. The team pro- at the Main Gate of Fort Huachuca, provides general Protestant worship, a Protestant gospel vides a wide range of pastoral care and coun- volunteer support to individuals who have service, Roman Catholic Masses and Jewish seling ministry.

This includes crisis ministry, experienced the loss of a loved one. To inquire services, along with Muslim prayer time. Local family enrichment, marriage preparation and about chapel services or programs or to make community churches offer denominational deployment cycle support ministry.

The larger of the two chapels on Fort includes a variety of religious education activi- Huachuca is the Main Post Chapel, at the cor- ties for all faiths. This men Are Not Ashamed children's program, preschool for 3-year-old, 4-year-old and non- handicapped-accessible facility houses a Protestant Women of the Chapel PWOC kindergarten 5-year-old children.

Children seat chapel, religious education classrooms, a Bible study groups and Vacation Bible School. Speech, physical and and administrative offices. Christian Initiation for Adults. The school system is operated in judge advocate's office, is a seat chapel music program for adult choirs and youth, as accordance with the laws of the state of Ari- with administrative offices, as well as a con- well as special seasonal musical offerings.

The Installation Ministry Team provides the Turn Around Point is staffed with volunteers Colonel Johnston Elementary School, on spectrum of religious support, which includes and recycles gently used clothing, household Rucker Street between Winrow Road and services, rites, weddings, funerals, memorial goods and seasonal items at no cost.

The Wid- Smith Avenue, houses all kindergarten, first- services, baptisms, patriotic observances and owed Support Center, a private organization and second-grade classes. The office serves as an infor- all sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade classes.

Clients are mation center and a liaison between retirees High school students residing on Fort then encouraged to personally meet with pro- and various agencies that serve them such Huachuca are transported off post to attend fessional counselors to develop and hone skills as the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Buena High School -- -- in the learned in the workshop and to use the com- Defense Finance and Accounting Service.

Sierra Vista School District. After completion of the members of their rights, benefits and privileges. Counselors help planning a successful and smooth retirement. For the military, the tran- Veterans Affairs: Army Garrison assist them. To make an appointment for pre- Building Pre-separation: SR , Dunedin, Florida.

Converted to condominiums in Long Gone - Anderson's Restaurants , S. Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, Florida. Located in downtown Cocoa Beach at 2 S. Now the Majestic Event Center. In business here over 50 years. Now a Pawn Shop. Long Gone - Lunch Basket Sandwich Shop For almost 3 decades Ben Nicoll made sandwiches here, especially the meatloaf on white bread with ketchup. Columbia Restaurant Celebration , Front St.

This one is located in downtown Celebration since opposite Lake Rianhard. Open every day from Combination plates are offered too. Gluten Free items are shown on the menu. Gift Shop and Cigar Store. Online or phone reservations accepted. Full bar and very large wine list, specializing in Spanish wines, is available. Still family owned and operated by Richard and Casey Gonzmart.

Candido Ferreira, general manager here. Conestogas Restaurant, Main St. Opens at 11 AM daily except closed Sunday. Noted for their steaks. All these come with two side dishes.

Ice Cream desserts are popular here. Beer and wine licensed. Daily Specials Hotline is Ricky, Donna and Melissa Robertson, owners. Corky Bell's Seafood and Steaks , S. Open from 11 AM daily to 9 PM or later on weekends. Specializing in fresh seafood. Surf and Turf Combos are available too. Dinners include Hushpuppies and two sides.

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