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Ladies looking for men Broken Arrow

Ladies looking for men Broken Arrow

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Bigger is better. You're not rich nor are I but are comfortable and willing to share within reasons. This has been a drain on my relationships with others.

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Ladies looking for men Broken Arrow

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I don't know where we went wrong over Ladies looking for men Broken Arrow, but you have completely cut me off from your life, and that's not how it should be.

Please send a picture of yourself and I'll be glad to send one back.

He's tall, charming, strikingly good-looking, well-spoken in five different languages , and classically trained in even more instruments. He's the Big Man on Campus , former president of the Absurdly Powerful Student Council , valedictorian, and working on his doctorate in a scientific field that a peon like you can't even pronounce.

He always wears a suit He has a lovely smile. But inside, he's an ugly, writhing mass of self-hatred and possibly Parental Issues. Expect him to have at least one bizarre trait or ability that should not be overlooked, as well as an unhealthy attitude about love, life, and humanity in general.

He most likely doesn't have anyone that loves or respects him for what he really is. This may be justified. In the most cynical works on the sliding scale , he'll be a Serial Killer , or at least a future one.

In works on the more idealistic end he'll be struggling with mental illness, mental disorder, or some other demon that makes his life miserable but isn't his fault. This character is usually male, but not always. Also, he may just be a perfectionist crumbling under his own standards. The chief difference between the Broken Ace and the usually female Stepford Smiler is that the Stepford Smiler wants to appear normal at all costs, often to the point of hurting herself emotionally or because she's sociopathic.

This guy has the same setup, but is more talented and wants to be the best , loved by all, and accepted. The debilitating personal issues which he's hiding are only getting worse because of being repressed and the stress of his efforts to excel, and these sorts of characters are prime Jerkass Woobie material.

For a plot wherein The Ace is revealed to have deep personal problems, see Broken Pedestal. Anyone who has experienced The Perils of Being the Best is likely to become this. Related to "Well Done, Son! In case you haven't noticed, this has nothing to do with Asexuality.

In Real Life , this is rather common. Real people have flaws no matter how perfect they seem to be at first glance. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. I feel like shit but look great. Haru's friend Taku from Accel World is a friendly, smart, athletic All of this masks Taku's extreme resentment and jealousy of Haru.

Taku is horribly insecure about his relationship with his girlfriend Chiyu because he believes that Chiyu secretly loves Haru instead of him. In his eyes, Chiyu always looks happier hanging out with Haru than she does when she is with him.

All of Taku's achievements—athletics, academics—were done for the sole purpose of making himself better boyfriend material than Haru. Taku even went so far as to use Acceleration to improve his performance—he didn't actually achieve anything through effort alone. He also installed a virus in Chiyu's neurolink so he can spy on her at any time, making him borderline Bastard Boyfriend material.

While Taku does turn over a new leaf after Haru forces him into a tie, it's later revealed that he was hazed during kendo practice when he was younger,with other students practicing thrusting techniques on his neck so much that he became suicidal at times, and given that a thrust attack triggers him, he suspects he won't be able to do kendo in high school, since thrusting is legal in high school competitions.

Subsequent arcs reveal that he's ultimately just as capable of self-loathing as Haru is , but doesn't deal with it in as constructive of a manner. Shiro is a man of breathtaking beauty who is wanted by both men and women for his looks and charm without even trying. It's later revealed that he has serious issues and its only Kojiro that finally makes him actually feel something since he's spent his life as a cold assassin fighting for his survival.

On one hand he's gorgeous, booksmart enough to go to an elite highschool, popular among girls, and looks pretty well-adjusted. On the other he blames himself for his first love Menma's death, deeply resents Jintan and his closeness to her, is unable to interact well with Tsuruko the only person from the True Companions still close to him , considered Anaru as his "backup" love interest, and took to crossdressing as Menma to alleviate his own pain.

The Area 88 manga and OVA is brimming with broken aces: First, there's Shin Kazama, the most skilled fighter pilot at Area 88 who is also a psychological mess due to Kanzaki's betrayal and war trauma.

There's Mickey Simon, a tall, blond, charming ace pilot who veils his war trauma and cynicism with a friendly exterior. Saki is a wealthy prince, diplomat, and fighter pilot who has a condescending attitude toward the Asranian people, a strong desire for revenge against his father, and a death wish, as evidenced by his suicide at the end of the manga.

Hoover is a former major in the West German air force, a seasoned NATO aerial commander, and heir to a long lineage of ace fighter pilots. He also suffers from crippling survivor's guilt over the deaths of several pilots during a training exercise near Mont Blanc.

Arisa , who was thought of as the beautiful charismatic class rep by her twin sister Tsubasa is gradually revealed as one of these having a part in creating the King , culminating in her attempted suicide which starts the plot off. Comes with the territory in Attack on Titan , due to the nature of the world. Levi is considered the World's Strongest Man. He's also an obsessive neat freak, incredibly snarky, and abrasive to the extreme. One could only assume that this is his way of coping with the countless deaths he has faced.

Mikasa ranked in the top of her class and is considered a prodigy of historical significance. She's also a Broken Bird Emotionless Girl desperate not to lose her family for a third time, and it's heavily implied that the reason she is so powerful is because of the horrific trauma she experienced as a child. Reiner ranked just below Mikasa, being both an incredibly-skilled soldier and an all-around solid, reliable guy that others deeply admire.

He's actually a Titan spy, and slowly suffers a complete emotional breakdown as a result of Becoming the Mask. Annie is every bit as skilled as Mikasa when it comes to combat, but she's a Perpetual Frowner Ice Queen who has a lot of trouble associating with other human beings.

It's because her father put her through extreme and unambiguously abusive training to make her that skilled a fighter, and like Reiner, she's a Titan spy who is having immense difficulty coping with her own actions. When her duplicity is finally unveiled , she completely snaps. Last but not least, the protagonist Eren likely takes the cake. Like the previous three, he placed among the top of his class, but the death of his mother severely broke him to the point to that his entire life's focus seems to be about destroying every single Titan in existence.

It only gets worse for him when he is revealed to be a titan shifter, with the responsibility and becoming the thing he hates most weighing him down even more. And this is just the beginning of the rabbit hole; let's not even get started on the crap that happens during and after the battle to retake Shinganshina and the subsequent true nature of the outside world.

Sakaki of Azumanga Daioh , hoo boy. Talented in both academics and athletics, tall and well-endowed, to the point where she is even the object of attraction and admiration of many a girl. Underneath it all though, is the resentment of her image and related insecurities , where she would much prefer to be adorably petite , not to mention that she shows more interest in animals and all things cute, something lost on almost everyone else. It certainly doesn't help that her looks scare off as many people in that she appears to be a delinquent , when deep inside she would like to be friends with them.

Louis from Beastars is smart, popular, and an extremely skilled actor but he is also a severely damaged person.

An excellent commander, a masterful swordsman, graceful, elegant, and charismatic. He's also an incredible narcissist who sees everyone else in the Band of the Hawk as an extension of himself, has severe self-loathing problems, and develops a growing dependency on and obsession with his greatest warrior Guts.

When Guts leaves the Hawks, it starts a downward spiral for Griffith that would culminate in the betrayal of all the Hawks in order to become Femto during the Eclipse. Guts is gaining this status with his new companions. They all look up to him as an awesome force of nature against impossibly strong foes more or less, but it's obvious or at least suspected by them all that Guts is hiding some serious issues about his past which, funnily enough, none of actually inquired about.

Ciel Phantomhive of Black Butler. He's a very cute young male , the head of the Phantomhive noble family, and runs the Phantomhive Company , which manufactures toys, sweets, and food. He is shown to be extremely competent and intelligent, both at running his company and at learning new tasks. He learns to dance in a short period of time, just through Sebastian's teaching, and it is stated that he takes a variety of lessons from tutors.

He also comes across as being a mostly emotionless, cold, intelligent child; he is capable of portraying himself as an engaging, happy, easygoing individual, typically when undercover, but is quick to revert to being callous when he no longer has to hide his True Self.

Before the loss of his parents, his life as a slave and role as a human sacrifice , however, he seemed to be a happy and energetic child. He also seems to have no qualms with lying to, stealing from, or killing others, so long as it benefits him in some way. Retsu Unohana is an eminent warrior even in the setting's World of Badass , a beloved leader, incredibly beautiful, and the Soul Society's best doctor she has more than once brought characters back from the dead!

Her determination to become the above stems from literal insanity and the desire to atone for sealing Zaraki's powers when he was young also, having millennia to hone her skills helped. Unusually for the trope, she isn't upset by her 'broken-ness', but everyone sane is. Bloom Into You Touko Nanami is the Student Council President , one of the top students in her grade, an excellent athlete and highly popular.

She also suffers from crippling self-esteem problems, believing that she could only become valued by becoming just like her sister, and hating her old self. To a lesser extent, Sayaka, who's on par with Touko in most regards. In her case, she's still somewhat hurt by her old senpai breaking up with her out of the idea that she's too old for a Romantic Two-Girl Friendship and having unrequited feelings for Touko that she can't confess for several reasons.

Break Blade 's Girge. He is extremely good-looking , the Ace Pilot , soft-spoken, and polite. He is also a psychopath , his favorite pasttime is killing off teammates , and he basically can't be bothered to be bothered.

Both are handsome and skilled sports idols, but to reach the places they are now, they went through lots of heartbreak and suffer. Santana became a heartless machine after his double Parental Abandonment and the abuse dealt by his coach, and for several years he was unable to connect to anyone emotionally ; Roberto was almost Driven to Suicide when he lost everything after being diagnosed with eyesight problems and having to forcibly retire and had to rebuild himself from zero.

They both get better. And then we have Stefan Levin , who had a borderline perfect life until his girlfriend was hit by a truck in the same day he became the Swedish champion and was about to propose to her. The results were horrifying on his psyche, and drove him to straightforwardly brutalize his rivals as much as he could within the rules to win and dull the pain.

He also gets better in the end. In Charlotte , Yu is seemingly the perfect student, with perfect grades and also good looking to boot. In reality, he's not that smart, got good grades by cheating and he's just a selfish Manipulative Bastard. He is then exposed by Nao Tomori, another person who has similar special powers to his. While he's genuinely booksmart, kindhearted, world-weary and all, his Break the Cutie past as well as his identity issues coming from being a female-to-male transgender man in early XX century France cause the poor dude lots of emotional trouble.

To most of his subjects he appears to be the perfect prince. In reality, he is an insecure wreck who commits mass slaughter to cover his screw ups. Oh God , Suzaku.

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Dear Evan, What is it that men get out of looking/gazing at beautiful women, nude or otherwise? I have read on other websites that men actually get a chemical “high” in their brain when they see an attractive woman and that is why they are so drawn to look at other women even when they are in . Feet Cleansing Detox 28 Day Natural Detox Supplements Quick Detox And Weight Loss Tea Detox To Lose Weight Kidney And Bladder Detox Smoothie In fact, eating less is probably the worst reaction you can have to fat in two days. The Broken Ace trope as used in popular culture. He's tall, charming, strikingly good-looking, well-spoken in five different languages, and classically .