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Just friends for kayaking

Just friends for kayaking

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Just friends for kayaking

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Someone you can trust and confide in.

The see-through kayaks enhance your visibility and will leave you speechless! And not to forget, they make for a pretty sweet Instagram post. We currently offer tours at the locations listed below. Smiles are required as well. This paddle is nothing short of breathtaking! Located in West Florida, take a paddle through Crystal River! During the November-March we often see manatees in the clear water!

Get Up And Go Kayaking 4. We got married October 20, The main reason choosing Florida was just to do the clear kayaking. We have been looking forward to this for months now. Our tour guide was Tiki and she did not disappoint! She had so much knowledge about the water and the animals. She was so helpful getting us comfortable in the kayaks from start to finish. She helped us in and out a couple times along the way for breaks and let us take as much time as we needed.

It was so peaceful on the way back just gliding thru the water. My husband only had to steer and I got some amazing photos. We are already planning a trip back next year to do the other trip you offer. The trip and Tiki by far exceeded our expectations. We loved every minute of it!!! Saw loads of wildlife and got to get in beautiful clear, warm water. It was so cool to see! We recommend bug spray a must and long sleeves!

It gets quite buggy out there. I am terrified of dark water and the staff was amazing in answering all the questions I had prior to booking to help calm myself. The bio was incredibly bright and totally worth the mini panic attack I had.

Tyler was a great guide and was very enthusiastic. He told us that he has never even seen the water glow so bright. We caught glowing comb jellies with a net and saw fish jumping all around us.

It was a surreal experience. Austin is an awesome guide. Really great guide that looked after my daughters in her kayak. The smile never left my face!! The water was alive with color and energy and in the pitch black of the night, the electric teal danced brightly with every move. This water was filled with trillions of dinoflagellates plankton that emit light when disturbed.

The bioluminescence was vibrant and was everywhere, including under the kayak and looked like the galaxy! A manatee announced his presence with a tremendous splash. Dolphins lazily played nearby and were showing off their grace. Jellyfish were electrified when caught in the little nets we had. And the best part was watching the front of the kayak plow through the water the whole time, scattering bright, big color in a wide V around us.

The water was extremely vibrant the night we went. We saw dolphins, manatees and a lot of fish. Our tour guide, Austin, was great and very knowledgeable about bioluminescent. I would highly recommend this experience.

Our guide was really friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. The bioluminescence was bright and magical and totally worth the trip. We also saw dolphins jumping in the water beside us. The clear kayaks made the trip even better!

We saw manatee, fish, a dolphin, and got to catch and hold comb jellies. The sky was clear and you could see all of the stars and with the clear boats it seems like you were gliding on a glowing ocean. If you have any inclination to do this DO IT!! You will not be disappointed. Austin was amazing and so nice. We got rained on the last 10 minutes but it was beautiful and so enjoyable.

Our guide, Austin was very knowledgeable and shared many interesting facts Grace Caroline T Only downside was water was not clear like they advertise. Karen Haigis Buzzi T It was so informative, fun and beautiful.

Not only was the bioluminescent cool, we were visited by a couple of dolphins and also saw shooting stars. Because of the absence of light pollution, the night sky made us look up as much as we were looking down at the glowing water.

I would definitely recommend this tour to everyone! Austin did an awesome job and made the tour relaxed and filled with information about our surroundings.

Justin our guide was very good. Definitely a Bucket List Item to do. Oh my goodness, the videos just are not capable of doing it justice. It was so incredibly beautiful and peaceful. We even had the added bonus of a friendly manatee pop up to join us! We came out pretty smelly afterwards… then again I was almost bathing in the water, when you pick it up with your hands you turn all sparkly…so I was splashing it on all my clothes as well!

If you have the chance you MUST experience it. Erin Eichblatt Heiden T I realized just days before our trip was scheduled that I had botched the reservations; they were very quick and accommodating. The guide was so peaceful while we were the hot mess family. We managed to hear a lot of information about the land, the animals and even the stars. Alan Monterroso Quintana T Katelyn Elizabeth Lay T We could see the water glow through the clear kayaks.

We went on an amazing night when the water was really bright and it was beautiful. Tyler and Austin were very knowledgeable tour guides and got excited with us when we saw the glowing water and wild life. We saw an alligator on the bank, a dolphin popped up in front of our kayak, and a manatee bumped our kayak! It was a great night and we would definitely do it again Theresa Fulmer T Our guides, Austin and Tyler, were knowledgeable, entertaining and professional.

I would definitely recommend this company and these two guides!! We had the best time!! Our guide, Hunter, was so awesome and relatable, and knew exactly what he was doing. We loved being able to experience true Florida nature up close, and it was a nice change of scenery since we were on the beach the rest of the week. We hope to come back and do it again sometime!! I love that the group was smaller and intimate versus the other groups who had too many people.

Alex was well knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. Even when booking, Justin made sure he kept in contact with updates about the tour and was very thorough if there were any changes.

The experience itself is magical. Like little galaxies of blue stars underneath and around the boat. Totally worth the price! Thank you Alex and Justin for checking off an experience on my bucket list! Bring lots of natural bug repellent and book your trip as close to a new moon as you can. We kayaked next to dolphins while being surrounded by bioluminescence and the night sky over the Wildlife Refuge.

Our tour guide, Alex, was knowledgeable, passionate about the area, and so much fun. Thank you all so much for these memories! This was our 2nd tour with Get Up and Go and we just loved the experience. Everything was clearly spelled out on what to bring, wear, and directions were very accurate.

Australian Kayaking Adventures - Gold Coast Queensland Tour

Individuals and relay teams welcome. Kayak Storage at Channel Islands Harbor. Channel Islands Landing has done a considerable renovation over the last three years. We have new docks, are a couple of months away from adding another building with office, restrooms with showers, and storage lockers. We will be installing storage racks on both sides that will allow each Kayak owner to lock their Kayak into place. Would any of your members be interested in this type of a facility at Channel Islands Harbor.

We are just before Kiddie Beach at the abandoned launch ramp. If there is interest, please pass this information along and ask that they give me a call or email so that I can start the planning for how much interest there is. That was it for me, I was hooked, head over heels! Going to places people hardly ever go to, and seeing things people rarely get to see. I am glad to say now, I have a decent level of kayaking. The more I did it, the more I loved it.

As my skills improved, I got to see more and more interesting and off the grid places. River kayaks aloud me to surf waves at the beach what a rush, and a great work out! Running down a rapid with water crashing up over you head, there is no feeling like coming out the other side of it.

Heart pounding, sigh of relief, you made it down. The best way I can compare it is to the feeling you get when you get off a roller coaster, or a big water slide. But on a roller coaster, you have no control over the outcome, you know you will reach the bottom at the end. Where as in a kayak, there is no guarantee you will make it to the bottom without taking a swim, so as well as the adrenaline rush you get when you reach the bottom, you also have this amazing sense of achievement.

And all you want to do is do it again, and see how you can improve and do it better the next time. But as long as you are with people you trust, who know what they are doing, the risk factor is massively decreased. I have been very lucky to have been surrounded by people that are better than me, and this has really brought my skill level up, in many ways. They have thought me tips and tricks for everything, gear, safety, weather, paddling skills and techniques.

So if I could give you one piece of advice if you are planning on taking up kayaking which I highly recommend , find people that are better than you, and wreck their heads!

Ask them loads of questions, and get out paddling with them every chance you get. Basically what I am trying to get across with all of this is that, in the world of kayaking, there is something for everyone. From relaxing days around lakes and seas weather dependant obviously, because the lakes and seas can be pretty gnarly at times, which can also be fun.

Paddlers often see painted turtles, herons, red-wing blackbirds, kingfishers, dragonflies, and an occasional beaver, otter, or muskrat. Many other animal sightings have been reported depending on the time of day and the time of year. For paddlers, spring and early summer are usually the best bet because that is when the water is fairly high.

There is no need for bug spray on the water, but you may need protection from sunburn. A long-sleeved shirt or rash guard is recommended. In the event you have to carry your boat past a downed tree or a beaver dam, you may be glad to have protection from poison ivy.

The Swamp River flows north, then east, to drain through Connecticut while the East Branch Croton River moves south toward a series of reservoirs, eventually reaching the Hudson. In New York state, much of the North Flow is inaccessible for paddling. Much of the access to the Swamp lies on private property, but there are plenty of places to put in. From north to south, here are the ones open to the public for a Great Swamp paddling experience:. At the Wingdale train station, turn left on Wheeler Road.

Look for a sign on the right just past the railroad tracks. The half-mile dirt access road to Patterson Environmental Park will be on the left. Use extreme caution; the dirt road crosses ungated, unsignaled, active railroad tracks.

Learn kayak basics including paddling techniques, methods for launching your If the weather and water are warm, your friend or guide might put you in a wide, . The release phase: When your hand reaches just behind your hip, “slice” the. Taking a seat in a kayak leads to much more than just a leisurely paddle. Kayaking is Kayaking is a great way to bond with friends and family again and again. California Kayak Friends is a club for kayak enthusiasts. The club provides We are just before Kiddie Beach at the abandoned launch ramp. If there is interest.