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This research is explanatory survey with seemingly unrelated regression methods by using data from financial reports from January until December. Overall, this research model can explain that the bank specific variables and market share increase the profitability and total assets growth of Islamic banks significantly.

Finance to deposit ratio was not significantly and negative effect both to the return on assets and total assets growth. Capital adequacy ratio was not significantly and negative effect to return on assets but was significantly and negative effect to total assets growth.

Operating expenses to total assets ratio was significantly and negative effect both to return on assets and total assets growth. Non-financing income to total assets ratio was not significantly and positive effect to return on assets and significantly and positive effect to total assets growth.

Non-performing financing was significantly and negative effect both to return on assets and total assets growth. Market share was significantly and negative effect both to return on assets and total assets growth. The crisis brought a tremendous disaster for the economy of the United States because of a lack of funds and credit is too great in the economy Farook, Therefore, the performance of banks is very important both in the national or international economy, as well as the need supervision at all times.

The role of banks is very important in the economy, such as stability and economic growth. Bank can play a role through the efficiency of the allocation and utilization of funds and the last resource in the economy Al-Omar and Al-Mutairi, After facing many obstacles, reserve growth of Islamic banks experienced a remarkable improvement, as well as an increase in the number of customers Alam, et al.

While the sectors affected by the financial crisis is the financial sector such as the money market where Islamic banks unlawful conduct their business activities in the money 1. Nevertheless, the Islamic bank could be affected if the crisis affected to the real sector, because the Islamic bank very close to the real sector. Profitability is very important for the bank and can be measured at the micro and macro levels Aburime, In the macro level, profit is an important prerequisite to compete in the banking industry and as a source of cheap funds.

The high profits are not entirely good, because indicates the strength of the market, especially for banks with large scale. However, the performance of Islamic bank strongly linked to welfare aspects. According to Chapra , the benefit of the pillars of business success of Islamic bank, because it must comply with the rules of fiqih muamalah.

Muamalah means that the activities of Islamic banks have benefits, so that the resulting performance of the benefit in the form of the aspect of nonfinancial that Islamic banks as intermediary institutions do fund raising and channeled back into productive real sector as well as social functions to conduct fund raising in the form of zakat, infaq and shadaqoh ZIS.

Since the first Islamic bank was established in Egypt in , then developed throughout the world. The interesting phenomenon of the development of Islamic banks in Indonesia, that Indonesia is a country with the largest Muslim population, where a number of Islamic micro-finance unit, formal and semi-formal evolved since , is now recognized as part of the dual banking system.

Thus the ability of Islamic banks in Indonesia to earn profits and grow rapidly is one of the requirements to be able to compete with conventional banks The purpose of this study to assess bank specific variable and market share to profitability and growth of Islamic banking in Indonesia. This research was conducted for the study of Islamic banks and Islamic finance.

The phenomenon of Islamic banks and Islamic finance has not been done in the global financial markets and not widely spread because of the limited range. Some studies have a positive effect; while research conducted Shen, et al. Liquidity risk may be low quality of assets that led to low liquidity levels and is the cause of bank failure Al-Omar, et al.

The study resulted in the conclusion that the non-performing loan NPL and risk index has a positive relationship between bank capital and risk-taking, arguing that the bank's capital and risk-related, due to the high capital ratios is the behavior, then the banks are more willing to take risk. In the study Sufian and Habibullah , the relationship between income diversification and profitability is a positive and significant, so that the result means that the 3. The Relationship between the Quality of Assets and Probability In the study Olweny and Shipo , showed a negative and strong relationship between the asset qualities credit risk as measured by non-performing loan NPL , which is the ratio of total non-performing loans to total loans, with profitability.

The meaning that if banks cannot manage credit well will reduce profitability which ultimately lowers the quality of the assets. The Relationship between the Market Share and Probability The market share explains the position of competition between companies in the market. Companies that have a large market share will be able to give satisfaction to customers and eventually will enjoy a competitive advantage Schawalbach, The market share refers to the customer, especially about the company's product quality Jacobson, Market share is a key determinant of profitability.

Market size indicates the strength of banks in controlling the prices and services offered for various bank customers Haron, Research conducted by Markell, et. The Relationship between Liquidity and the Company Growth Research conducted by Oliveira and Fortunato using the cash flows as a proxy of liquidity, cash flow showed significant positive effect on the company growth.

For rapid-growth firm liquidity significant negative effect on growth. To calculate the capital ratio or solvency ratio, use formula stockholders' equity divided by total assets. Health companies can be determined by the greater this ratio. Companies that have a solvency ratio indicate that the small shareholder capital is smaller than its debts. Companies with a solvency ratio of small very high 4. The Relationship between Operational Cost and the Company Growth Research in India, related to the problem of efficiency in banking is based on financial ratios Sarkar.

While research Subramanyam and Reddy outlines the company's growth due to changes in efficiency and technical change. Market power in the banking sector resulted in a high cost of intermediation. This causes the price to be high, decreasing the amount of savings and investment; resulting in decreased growth of the company Ningaye, et. The Relationship between Non-Financing Income and the Company Growth Research conducted by Pennathura , where the variable non-interest income divided by total assets has significant negative influence on the growth of the company.

The Relationship between Quality of Assets and the Company Growth Logically, the smaller the rate of financing problems, the investment of financing is smaller, so good quality of Islamic banking assets. The Relationship between Market Share and the Company Growth Logically, the greater the market shares of Islamic bank, the greater the power of the market, so that Islamic banking will be able to make improvements to its assets.

Table 1 shows the variables that are used as a proxy for profitability, growth and the variables that affect it. In the table include the notation and the expected effects of each determinant as reflected in the literature. Measured by comparing the financing with third party funds Parameter that indicates the minimum capital to be provided by the bank. Measured by comparing the capital with risk-weighted assets RWA Parameters that indicate the extent to which the management efficiency.

Measured by dividing operating expenses to total assets. Parameters that indicate different types of income earned bank. Measured by dividing non-financing income to total assets Parameters that indicate the extent to which the bank is able to provide sufficient funds and reserves. Measured by comparing the amount of financing problems divided the total financing extended financing provided to bank depositors.

Parameter that indicates the market share of the bank. Calculated by comparing the total assets of Islamic banks with total assets of the banking industry Estimation model to analyze the data of this study variables are as follows: Summary results of the estimation process is presented in Figure 1.

Statistically Breusch- Pagan test of independence Model 1 and 2 is fixed effect: Based on appendix 2, Bank Muamalat Indonesia has a highest constant value because since its presence on 27 Shawwal Hijri, Bank Muamalat Indonesia has opened to people who want to take advantage of Islamic banks.

The presence of Bank Muamalat Indonesia is not only to position itself as the first bank to enforce sharia law, yet equipped with the advantages of real time network on line broadest in Indonesia and provides services through outlets in 33 provinces, supported by a network of more than 3, post office online throughout Indonesia. With the R 2 of means that Based on appendix 3, Bank Panin Syariah has a highest constant value because Bank Panin Syariah began focusing its financing to the retail sector, consumer and commercial form of projects, construction services and trading.

While the growth of the total assets of Islamic banks in Indonesia is influenced by the capital adequacy ratio, the ratio of non-financing income by total assets, non-performing financing and market share. It is interesting that the market share has a negative impact both on the profitability and growth of the total assets of Islamic banks.

This shows that banks with low levels of market share, it will lack the potential of market forces in the industry, resulting in lower profitability and growth in total assets. The negative effect between the market share of the return on assets or the growth of total assets can be caused by several things, such 1 as used in calculating the market share of the monthly data by incorporating the entire banking industry in Indonesia; 2 the observation period after the global crisis in , Indonesia's economy is still recovering, so the impact to the performance of Islamic banks and 3 assets of Islamic banks is still very small.

If the asset is compared with the entire banking industry in Indonesia, Islamic bank assets accounted for only 9. Although the first Islamic Bank operations in Indonesia already in , but the business cycle of Islamic banks is still at the stage of introduction and maintain sustainability. Determinants of bank profitability: Retrieved November 20, , from Ahmed. Bank-specific determinants of profitability: Bank-specific, industry-specific and macroeconomic determinants of bank profitability. Analysis risk management in banks: Islamic banking challenges lie in the growth of Islamic economy despite of the free interest loans policy: The determinants of commercial bank interest margin and profitability: Frontiers in Finance and Economics, 5 1 , Broome.

Capital adequacy of Chinese Bank: Journal of International Banking Regulation, 4 4 , Das. Size, age and firm growth in an infant industry: Does asymmetric information justify bank capital adequacy regulation? Cato Journal, 19 1 , Haron.

Global financial crisis unthinkable under Islamic banking principles. The Bank-specific and macroeconomic determinants of Islamic bank profitability: Retrieved November 20, , from Hidayat. Does financial crisis give impacts on Bahrain Islamic banking performance? A panel regression analysis international. Journal of Economics and Finance, 4 7 ,. Distinguishing among competing theories of the market share effect. Journal of Marketing, 52 4 , Kosmidou, Kyriaki.

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Research Methodology as follows: How is the author's view associated with leadership and make an innovation into reality.

How are the author's views on strategic plans to achieve innovation in a company? Customer and Market Focus: How is the author's view of innovation associated with customer and market? Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management: How are the authors views on how to measure, analyse and apply knowledge about innovation? How is the author's view in realizing innovation-related workforce?

How is the author's view in realizing innovation-related process management g. What are writer conclusions get related with innovation. A company led by innovators will tend to produce a lot of innovation Dyer This statement has a message to us that the head of the company's management, preferably as an innovator Strategic Planning: Preparing a plan to face the worst conditions Christensen An innovation without limitation; therefore, it can be done by anyone in a company; It makes sense that in the process and implementation some risks may exist.

That is why leaders must anticipate if the risk occurs. Entrepreneurship is a systematic practice of innovation, Drucker, in press. Indeed, entrepreneurship requires focusing on customers and markets and an innovation is the way for successful achievement. Statement Drucker, in press is very clear that systematic innovation begins with analysis of the opportunities.

A dedicated resource for innovation activities McGrath This statement is based on the belief that transient competitive advantage has a time limit. Therefore, the company should have the ability to move to other business arena. This capability can be identified if companies manage well innovation.

Establishing an innovation as the governance processes McGrath As mentioned earlier that in a transient competitive advantage has a time limit.

Innovation is as a way to get other business opportunities. That is why companies need to process innovation with good governance. Some statements relate to our theme as follows: Disruptive technologies can cause great firms fail. On the other hand, sustaining innovation is efficiency oriented. Christensen 5 Dual operating system is a solution for handling business challenges with agility and creativity Kotter Innovation needs a leader who can execute the program Not discussed 2 Strategic Planning Innovation is a part of deliberate strategy and emergent strategy Not discussed Innovation is uncertain, the leader must think differently about planning.

Set up a plan for facing worst condition 3 Customer and Market Focus Not discussed Observing customer is one out of five activities in innovation process Not discussed Disruptive innovation is customer oriented while sustaining innovation is efficiency oriented 4 Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management Not discussed Combine four aspects i.

Questioning, Networking, Observing, and Experimenting Not discussed Not discussed 5 Workforce Focus Not discussed The innovative companies are using people as a source of innovation Each initiative innovation requires a team with a customizable organizational model.

Set up small organization separately in order to get an excited early gain and leverage organization scale gradually. The innovative company has more opportunities to be significant and successful Innovation is a process from idea to realization. Business organizations can change the world with innovation Not discussed A company must pay attention with disruptive technologies since they can cause great firms fail.

On the other hand, sustaining innovation is efficiency oriented Dual operating system is a solution for handling business challenges with agility and creativity Comparing with other researchers Suroso, E. These mainstreams of innovation typology are in line with the results of this research. Radical innovation is almost the same understanding with disruptive innovation, and incremental innovation is almost the same with sustaining innovation.

Innovation classification is divided into two categories; sustaining innovation and disruptive innovation. The aim of sustaining innovation is to improve efficiency or to improve product quality while the aim disruptive innovation is to create new business opportunities or to be able to disrupt a competitor's business. Innovation without execution is not useful for a company.

Moreover, innovation requires leaders to execute. To accelerate the process of innovation, the enterprise should consider the concept of dual operating systems. Daily operations are handled by the existing hierarchical organizational structure, while the innovation process is handled by the network structure. Business practitioners can optimize innovation as a driver of business growth. The innovator s solution. Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation.

The innovator s DNA. Harvard Business Review, 87 12 , Govindarajan, V. The other side of innovation: Solving the execution challenge. Harvard Business Review Press. The discipline of innovation. The end of competitive advantage: How to keep your strategy moving as fast as your business.

Defining mainstreams of innovation: Strategic thinking and decision making: Journal of Strategy and Management, 4 3 , Gupta, R. Development of a multi-dimensional construct based on literature review. South Asian Journal of Management, 19 4 , Sustainability and supply chain management.

Managing operation across the supply chain. Operations management in the supply chain: Business competition has demanded that the company has taken action quickly and appropriately in the face of competition.

Therefore, every company should formulate appropriate marketing strategies to gain competitive advantage. The objective of this study is to investigate the role of a macro and micro environment in Marketing Strategy Formulation and its effect on competitive advantage.

This research is conducted by using descriptive and explanatory survey methods. The tool of analysis is the structural equation models. The unit of analysis is the enterprises in Len Industri group while the unit of observation is the leaders and managers. The sampling technique is used the stratified random sampling. The characteristics are measured from each respondent of a macro and microenvironment, marketing strategy, and competitive advantage.

The study result shows that the marketing environment concerning the macro environment: The analysis of verification invents the following matters: They must devise a strategy to achieve the targets and objectives, such as competitiveness and high profitability. To that end, in marketing an effective marketing strategy is needed in accordance with the marketing environment where the company operates.

Len Industri group as one of the state-owned enterprises should be able to compete professionally on a global scale in order to survive and continue to grow. Kotler warned that the globalization of markets and competition creates a very big change.

The right strategy must be applied to achieve success through the utilization of the opportunities that exist in the business environment is fast moving and increasingly competitive. According to Harper, Arville, and Jean Claude the successful company is determined by two aspects of matched strategy. First, the marketing strategy should be in accordance with the needs and demands of the environment. Second, the company should be able to implement marketing strategies effectively.

The management should formulate a strategy to The marketing strategy is one of the important parts to enhance the company's competitiveness. The marketing strategy is becoming a fundamental tool that can be used to achieve its goals through competitive advantage.

The marketing strategy can guide the management in implementing the program and other activities. To formulate and implement of company strategy can be done by combining several strategies simultaneously to obtain optimal performance. Porter states that there are five sources of competitive forces that must be anticipated and understood by the company, in order to draw up a marketing strategy as to win the competition.

The five forces of competition that are the power suppliers, new entrants, buyer power, substitute products, and similar companies. Competition in the business world can be sourced from various parties.

Therefore, the marketing management must be able to create a competitive advantage for the company. The study of companies environmental is directed to develop the opportunities of acceptability in the environment. In addition, it also aimed to develop adaptability to face the threats by the company.

The recognition and authorization of environment will have a positive impact on the quality of the resulting marketing strategy. The quality of marketing strategies is the key to success achievement of targets and company performance. The performance of a marketing strategy is determined by how good the quality of the input of resources and the quality of analysis of the influenced environmental factors.

The changes in the current environment are rapid and uncertain, making the competition is very high and tight, and so we need the right marketing strategy and effective. This condition requires businesses to think innovative and creatively, so that to maintain the competitiveness of businesses, and not collapse in free competition.

Attention and a deep knowledge of the behavior and characteristics of the competitors can form strategic-thinking in which indispensable for the long-term development of the company in a healthy manner. The company environmental condition has a major role in influencing managerial decision making. The monitoring of marketing environment is strategic and necessary. The companies that run business in a rapidly changing market is demanded to conform and follow the changes, adjusting products and services to meet growing market demands satisfactorily.

In environmental conditions that continue to change rapidly, the company's competitive advantage is determined by the ability to serve and satisfy customers that has better than its competitors. Hence, the focus on customers and competitors become a necessary that cannot be avoided.

Kotler and Keller , that the marketing environment affects marketing management's ability to build and maintain successful relationships with targeted customers. Macro and micro environment have significant roles to marketing successful. Therefore, environmental factors should be considered carefully in the process of formulating marketing strategies.

The complexity and level of change in the company environment will affect the intensity of the marketing strategy planning. Formulation of marketing strategy that considers According to McCarthy that each step made in planning and formulating marketing strategy should be oriented in an effort to serve and achieve customer satisfaction.

Consumer satisfaction is the main target of marketing concepts and strategies. This means that the process by each company can vary according to the capabilities and characteristics possessed, but the end of goal will lead to the achievement of customer satisfaction. A marketing strategy is a number of the integrated and planned actions to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage Kotler, The Interrelationship between the Marketing Strategy, Competitive Advantage and Marketing Performance The successful company in the global environment depends on the formulation and implementation of marketing strategy Knight, The whole strategic plan will determine the overall mission and goals of the company.

The role of marketing activities is shown in the following figure, which summarizes the main activities that involved in managing the customerdriven marketing strategy and marketing mix Kotler and Armstrong, The marketing performance is a concept to measure the achievements of companies in the market for a product.

Every company interest to know his achievements as a reflection of the successful strategy to win the competition in the market. Kotler and Armstrong investigate that the quality of marketing strategy is to obtain the value and customer acceptance.

Porter explains that strategy is a very important tool to achieve competitive advantage. Strategy implemented by the management should enable the enterprise to use its core competency in responding the chance of external environment and neutralize the threat. Very important for the enterprise to comprehend the marketing environmental force both in macro perspectives such as economic, local government policy, technological, political and cultural, which currently they have changed fast, and micro perspectives such as the company, vendor, mediator, consumers, and competitors.

They have impacts on the capability of the enterprise in its positioning survival at the market. Competitive advantage can be achieved by a company to create better customer value than competitors in the same product price, or create the equal customer value with the lower price product Hansen and Mowen, A preliminary study by Kotler and Keller , indicates that marketing strategy is an integrated action which aimed to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Usage of this model because the researcher wants to measure the influence of the independent variables, namely the macro environment economic, government policy, technology, social cultural and the micro environment competitors, customers, suppliers, public, marketing intermediaries towards the dependent variable, namely the competitive advantage, through the intervening variable, namely the marketing strategy. Unit of analysis is the enterprises in Len Industri group while the unit of observation is the leaders and managers, with a population of The sampling technique used is stratified random sampling.

The objective of this study is to analyze the effect of macro and micro marketing environment on the marketing strategy, and the influence of marketing strategy to the competitive advantage.

There are two hypothesis in this research: The macro and micro environment affect the determination of the marketing strategy. The marketing strategy affect significantly on the competitive advantage. This means that the marketing strategy is influenced positively and significantly by the macro and micro environment. Observations of the external environment according to Kotler and Keller is the macro environment includes: Because the relationship among nations due to the global economy, companies have to monitor, predict and assess the health of the economy outside of his own nation, because the health of the national economy will affect the performance of the company or industry.

For that, the company can learn its economic environment to identify changes in trends and implementation of marketing strategies. It means that any uncertainty in the world economy this interdependency will affect companies in all sizes and all types. Conditions of government policy cover how organizations or companies try to influence the competition Wheelen and Hunger, Because of that, the company or industry should be cautious and careful in anticipation of a new administration that emerges from the legislation or government policies relating to the industry.

Anti-monopoly law, tax laws, deregulation of industry, labor training law, are the areas where the laws or government policies may affect the operations and industry profitability and the company.

Technological environment becomes one of the most dramatic force in establishing the human life. Technology has produced many miracles. Even the level of economic growth of a country is influenced by how many new technologies are discovered. According to Hitt and Hoskisson , technology is required to make and sell goods and services. The technology which used by a company has a very big role in implementing a variety of strategies, such the cost strategy and differentiation strategy.

Besides the observations of the marketing macro environment, the company also must make the observation of micro-marketing environment, which includes suppliers, marketing intermediaries, customers, competitors and Society Kotler and Armstrong, In line with the Kotler, Han, Jin K. The value of epsilon is equal to 0, that show other factors which influence the marketing strategies not yet included in this study.

The Influence of Marketing Strategy against Competitive Advantage Based on the data analysis, the influence of marketing strategy to competitive advantage is equal to Competitive advantage positively and significantly influenced by marketing strategies. The competitive advantage of a company is very difficult to be built by a single power source without engaging and interacting with other resources. In this case, the synergy interaction throughout the resources can yield the competitive advantage for the company.

The result of this study is supported by the expert opinion which states that a company should direct the marketing strategy to gain a competitive advantage in particular areas of marketing which include cost advantage, differentiation, and focus.

Therefore, the company The marketing strategy refers to the strategy that proposed by McCarthy that the product market strategy and marketing mix that is still relevant, as a marketing strategy that will be used.

The marketing environment, the macro and micro as well as the marketing strategy at the enterprises play an important role on the competitive advantage. The marketing strategy that defined by a company is determined by the extent to which the company considers the state of macro and micro environment. The better the company's marketing strategy is, the higher the competitive advantage that can be achieved. To analyze macro and micro environment to be more accurate in attention to several aspects: To formulate marketing strategies, the company's management should give more attention to suitability aspect of the quality of products that offered and business strength, and maintain the selection of market attractiveness segments and distribution of products continuously.

To create competitive advantage, the management should increase the level of attention to the aspect of customer loyalty and capability to conduct learning process, maintain the aspect of production linkages with suppliers, and the level of customer fulfillment capabilities.

Strategic Market Management, Fourth ed. Armstrong, Gery, Philip Kotler, and Geoffrey da silva. An Introduction, An Asian Perspective. Prentice Hall Best, Roger The International Business Environment. International Journal of Bank Marketing,16 2. Capon, Noel and Glazer, Rashi. Marketing and Technology; A Strategic Coalignment. A Conceptual Model Exploration.

Badan Penerbit Universitas Diponegoro. Contemporary strategy analysis, Sevent Edition. Journal of Marketing, 62, October. Walker, Jean Claude Larreche, A Strategic Approach to Global Orientation. Hansen and Mowen Management Accounting Edisi 7. Walker, Mullins, John W. Competitiveness and globalization 8th ed. Strategic management and business policy: Kotler, Phillip, and Kevin Lane Keller Marketing Management, 13th edition, Upper Saddle River.

Prentice- Hall, New Jersey. Printice Hall International, Inc. The Strategy to Achieving Competitive Advantage. Jerome and William D. Essential of Marketing, 10th edition. Journal of strategic Information System. Parasuraman, Zeithaml, and Berry Consumer Behavior, and Marketing Strategy.

Paul and Jerry C. Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy 4th ed. Competitive Advantage, second edition. Management, Volume 1, Seventh Edition. Buying, Having, and Being, Eight Edition. The quest for competitive advantage: Transformational leadership is very appropriate to be applied in any organization that demands change.

Many studies have noted that the work stress and transformational leadership can influence work motivation and employee s performance. The objective of the research is to study the influence of the work stress and transformational leadership on the work motivation and their implication on employee s performance.

This research is conducted in PT. The research method used analytic descriptive statistical and inductive, with a tool is path analysis, and the object of research are employees of PT.

The measured characteristics from each respondent are work stress, transformational leadership, work motivation and employee s performance.

Work stress and transformational leadership influence on employee motivation. However, transformational leadership has a more significant effect. Transformational leadership has a role to give more positive encouragement for their subordinates so that they are motivated to do more than expected and its effect on improvement performance. Therefore, to improve performance can be done by increasing the motivation of workers with the right leadership style with the intent to suppress high-stress levels, then the employee performance will increase.

Managing selfstress it means controlling ourselves in life. A manager that managing employee stress is more understanding of the causes of stress and take action in order to achieve organization goals. Stress is an imbalance between the desire and ability to fulfill it thus important consequences for himself. The company must have a performance plan in which employees and managers work together to plan activities that should be undertaken employees, determines the measurement of performance, identify and plan how to overcome obstacles, and achieve a common understanding about the job.

An employee's performance would do well to have an advanced expertise, willing to work as paid in accordance with the agreement, have a better future expectation. Salary and hope are the things that motivated employees are willing to work well. A motivated employee will carry substantial efforts in order to achieve work unit objectives.

Conversely, an unmotivated employee not only provides the minimum effort in working. Increasing the effectiveness, efficiency, and creativity depends on the willingness of our employees to contribute positively in addressing the changes Bolger and Somech, According to the Organ , organizational citizenship behaviors OCB are voluntary behavior that can not be imposed on the boundaries of work and did not formally receive the award, but was able to contribute to the development of productivity and organizational effectiveness.

Furthermore, Organ indicated that organizational citizenship behaviors may contribute to social system increasing the scope of the entire organization. The organization expert declared the importance of organizational citizenship behaviors for the success of an organization because basically the entire organization can not anticipate the behavior of the organization simply by relying on the job description stated formally only.

Thus, the importance of organizational citizenship behaviors in practice is the ability to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and creativity of the organization through its contribution in the transformation of resources, innovation, and adaptability Novliadi, Several studies in the field of organization found that one of the most important factors in forming organizational citizenship behavior is leadership in the organization Benjamin and Flyinn, Leadership is the ability to influence people or groups towards the achievement of objectives.

Organization needs leaders who capable of creating the vision and mission of the future and inspiring the members of an organization to have a desire to accomplish organization the vision and mission Appelbaum, Capability leadership of the organization is a major factor in building a work ethic in the organization Bersona and Avolio, The motivation of one's work in an organization is determined by the created atmosphere and environment.

Atmosphere and environment in the organization will determine whether the person carrying out the duties and responsibilities is in accordance with the standard established procedures or not Bersona and Avolio, If the climate and environment in an organization are perceived positively and employee needs can be accommodated, he will carry out its work in the organization beyond what was expected Organ, Leaders can influence the behavior of their subordinates through the style that used to manage human resources.

During the last two decades, there are two styles of leadership of concern, namely transactional and transformational leadership Abu, Transactional leadership is a dynamic transaction between leaders and subordinates, in which the leader set specific targets, monitor progress, and identify the rewards that can be expected by their subordinates if the target can be achieved. While transformational leadership is regarding how to encourage others to develop and produce the performance exceeds the expected standards.

Transformational able to inspire others to look at the future with optimism, projecting a vision of the ideal, and can communicate that vision can be achieved. Transformational leadership is more proactive than transactional leadership in motivating subordinates employee to achieve the better performance.

The transformational leader is more sensitive to feel the environment condition, to further establish and disseminate strategic targets. The followers of transformational leader exhibit a high level of commitment to the organization mission, willingness to work hard and high trust to their leader.

The impact of transformational leadership is expected to create better conditions for the understanding and dissemination of strategic vision, mission, and goals Yukl, The challenges of globalization and high competition has made the issue of human resources and leadership to be very strategic.

Human resource management and development Similarly, the leadership practices should be able to increase employee motivation to achieve the set targets. This advancement is determined by the development of human resources management. Human resources must be managed in order to realize the balance between employees' needs and demands of the organization. Moses N Kiggundu in Hartatik, said that human resource management is the development and utilization of personnel for effective achievement of individual, organizational, community, national, and international goals and objectives".

Human resources management perform the functions of planning, organizing, implementation and control in the areas of production, marketing, finance and personnel. Because of the strategic role of human resources for the successful in the organization, then the existence of human resources in the organization can provide a competitive advantage. Work Stress Stress is a reaction of the body to the environment to protect yourself, is a natural defense mechanism that makes one alive.

Lower levels of stress make a person think and try to answer the challenges of life, and even make life colorful. But high and prolonged stress will cause interference on the health of body and soul. Luthans states that stress is a response to the adjustment is affected by individual differences and psychological processes as a consequence of environmental actions, situations that cause too much psychological and physical demands. Work stress caused by factors work conflict, workload, working time, task characteristics and support groups Newstrom and Davis, Work stress more harm employees and companies.

On employees, stress can be a decline in morale, anxiety, and frustration. For companies, it could be increased absenteeism and decreased productivity. Transformational Leadership The fundamental assumption of transformational leadership is that everyone will follow someone who can provide inspiration, have a clear vision, and a good energy to achieve something big goals.

Transformational leaders started everything with a vision, which is the views and expectations of the future which will be achieved by combining together all the forces, the capabilities and the presence of his followers.

Transformational leaders basically have the totality of attention and always tried to help and support the success of his followers. A transformational leader understands the effective new strategies to achieve a goal. Transformational leadership is a process where leaders and followers engage in a mutual process of raising one another to hinger levels of morality and motivation Brahmana and Sofyandi, The transformational leader can influence their followers due it appears a sense of trust, admiration and embarrassment.

Indicators of the success of transformational leadership implementation in the organization, seen through the principles of simplification, motivation, facilitation, innovation, mobility, ready alert, and determination. This is because each member organization is unique biologically and psychologically, and develop on different learning processes Suprihanto, Motivation is a condition that drives people towards a specific purpose Deci and Ryan, In conjunction with the work environment, work motivation will grow and direct a person's behavior related to a work environment where it is located.

McClelland's theory of achievement motivation said that motives in behavior are determined by three requirements, namely the need for power, need for affiliation and need for achievement.

The motive need for power is the need to influence and control others. People who have high power motive used the time to think about how to influence others and very concerned about the position status.

The motive need for affiliation is a need to establish and maintain friendly relations familiar with others. Motif need for achievement is a need to do something better. People with high achievement motivation will be a lot more thinking about how to implement a better job or obstacles they may face. For that he will make a plan with the calculation. Performance Employee performance is what is done or not done employee.

Performance affects how much they contribute to the organization. Improved performance of both individuals and groups will be considered in an effort to improve organizational performance Robert and Jackson, Performance is a form of success in carrying out the work. Performance is the "successful role achievement" which obtained a person from his actions. Performance is the achieved result in accordance with a standard rule, during a certain period as compared with the standards and targets set that has agreed.

Len Industri with a population of employees. Unit of analysis is PT Len Industri while the unit of observation is the leaders, managers and staff. The sampling technique used is stratified cluster random sampling. The objective of this study is to analyze the effect of the work stress and the transformational leadership on the employee s performance. There are three hypothesis in this research: The work stress affect significantly on the work motivation. The transformational leadership affect significantly on the work motivation.

The work motivation affect significantly on the employee performance. The reality happens to the employees of PT. Len Industri, the influence is The results are consistent with the theory by Spector that the level of workload given to an individual employee will lead to job stress on the employee, in which stress of work will be related to the level employee motivation.

Effect of the Transformational Leadership to the Work Motivation Based on data processing that has been done, the results obtained that influence of transformational leadership on job motivation is This reality happens to the employees of PT. Len Industries, where the influence of transformational leadership on employee motivation is quite significant. This condition is caused by the influence of leader to his subordinate which could have a significant impact on work activities and leader can give guidance on the duties and work of his subordinates well.

The employees are also very supported to their leader's attitude which very communicative in providing information and explanation of work and employment targets to be achieved.

This is consistent with the theory of Saydam which stated that the But the increase in productivity is not everything determined by the individual, but also by the overall quality of human resources in the company.

Effect of the Work Stress and Transformational Leadership to the Work Motivation The result study also indicated that transformational leadership influence on work motivation by Len Industri, the influence of work stress variables and transformational leadership on employee motivation quite significantly by This condition can be understood as employee's work stress management is well enough and the leader influence is very good. Effect of the Work Motivation on the Employee Performance The other results indicated that the effect of work motivation on employee performance is equal to This result shows that there is an effect of work motivation on employee performance significantly.

This happens to employees of PT. Len Industri that employee motivation in performing duties is high enough, therefore, the employee's performance is also increased. This is caused by the objectives and needs of the employees to improve performance, thus earned income also increased.

The employees strive to improve its performance to get more job order therefore, salary and bonuses also increased. Meanwhile, to continue to improve the contribution of transformational leadership on employee motivation, leaders to be able to communicate properly about the tasks that performed by the employee in order to avoid misunderstandings.

The other hand, to maintain and improve employee motivation, the management needs to be concerned with the issue of work stress and leadership style. The management should pay attention to the relationship between leaders and their subordinates of the tasks, as well as their Relationship between Personality and Organizational Citizenship: Does Personality Influence Employee Citizenship? International Review of Business Research Papers, 3 4. Transformational Leadership Towards World Class. Emerging Global Model Plus.

Journal of Global Management Research. Bernard dan Riggio, E. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. Benjamin L, Flynn FJ. Leadership Style and Regulatory Mode: Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

Transformational Leadership and the Dissemination of Organizational Goals: A Case Study of Telecommunication Firm. Journal of The Leadership Quarterly. Organizational Citizenship Behavior in School.

Journal of Educational Administration, 43 5 , Brahmana, S. Transformational leadership dan Organizational Citizen Behaviour. Facilitating optimal motivation and psychological well-being across life s domains. Jurnal Manajemen, 7 2 , Tahun Dessler, Gary Pearson Pretice Hall, Inc. Hartatik, Indah Puji Kreitner, Robert dan Kinicki Measurement and relationship with performance and satisfaction.

Mangkunegara Anwar Prabu Human Resource Performance Evaluation. Citizennship Organizational Behavior, Employees terms of Perception on the Quality Interactions managers and staff, and Perceptions of Organizational support. Its Nature, Antecendents, and Consequences. Built In Training, Professionalism develops human resources. Working Procedures and Work Productivity.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Sulistiyani, Ambar Teguh dan Rosidah Organizational Culture and Performance Improvement. Performance Evaluation of Human Resources: Theory, Applications and Research. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: In the hyper-competition business, packaging becomes one of its customer decisions to buy the product.

Packaging and labeling coffee product created brand trust and brand image coffee product. It was much bigger through the packaging and labeling coffee produces will increase brand image and brand trust so the customer will decide to buy the coffee product.

The purpose of this research is to know the influence of packaging and labeling to purchase behavior through the brand image and brand trust consumers of coffee bean from and coffee powder across a number of grocery stores, traditional market and modern market channels at Jakarta and surrounding.

The growth of cafe that sells coffee drinks growing fast in Indonesia, especially in big cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya and Denpasar.

Similarly, with retail shops and shopping center began to be filled with the sale of the ground coffee and roasted coffee in packaging. The size of the product packaging coffee from grams per package to grams per package.

Some coffee product brand in Indonesia is already known buyers. Coffee products from outside of Indonesia that used to dominate the market coffee in the packaging now began to be replaced by the local coffee brand. Packaging design local coffee started to be made more attractive to be able to compete with the original coffee products abroad. Product display will represent and inform the product to the consumer.

Packaging that wrap the products play an important role. The development of the packaging industry in Indonesia has experienced rapid development along with the increase of industrial goods produced in the land. According to the Federation of Indonesian Packaging states targeted national packaging industry can grow 10 percent in , become 77 trillion rupiahs than the year trillion rupiah. Published by FIP on December 11, The Ministry of Industry noted the development process of the coffee processing industry in Indonesia is still big chance, because coffee consumption of Indonesian society an average of new reach 1.

Besides the factor of displaying a product in place of the displays in the retail shops or in the shopping center will also affect the purchase. Packaging that attracted the attention of the eye-catching for consumers will affect the decision to buy. In a very short period of time and limited, packaging must be able to attract potential buyers or visitors a retail store or place shopping mall.

According to Klimchuk and Krasovec defines that the design of the packaging is creative business associate form, Structural, material colors, image, typography and design elements with the product information, so that the product can be marketed and apply to the wrapper, protect, send, issued, store and distinguish a product which in the end can communicate personality or product function uniquely consumption.

According to Ampuero and Villas, packaging is direct contact with the product, protecting the product, and prevent from damage, cause he can be identified. Ampuero and Villas, Lee and Lye define the packaging is the science of art and technology that protects the products to oversee the transfer and storage and as a display information. The product packaging coffee really affects the decision to buy from the customer.

This can be seen in the store retail sales of coffee products in the packaging. The coffee product manufacturers attempting to display an attractive package to affect the decision to buy the coffee consumer.

Packaging has direct impact to the purchase behavior. The packaging secretly attempting to influence when consumers will take the decision to buy through package design, color display and the other. The packaging into the appliance strategic to differentiate product identity that distinguishes a product with other products Underwood, Klien and Burke, On the label of a product is written about the information that explained about the products, for example the content of nutrition.

Nutritional content can affect the confidence and consumer expectations. BRAND IMAGE In the struggle in the market, marketer attempting to reach the brand image that will affect the customer decided to buy and to purchase repeatedly to be a faithful subscriber. Labeling has an impact on Brand Image. Labeling and packaging is the window of a product. All of the companies that produce a product from the initial process, namely determination product design to the process of service after sales of the company will be illustrated in the labeling and packaging.

Packaging has an impact on the Brand Image; customers very recognize the brand of a product from the form of packaging. Labeling and packaging a product represents full product and producer of the product.

Customer trust toward the product will be studying the customer through the label of the product. The label that provides information with honesty about the product will increase customer confidence toward the brand. I trust on this brand. I rely on this brand 3.

This is an honest brand 4. This brand meets my expectations 5. This brand is safe. When used to measure Brand Trust coffee products, the authors propose the indicator as follows: I trust in this coffee brand, 2. I rely on this coffee brand, 3. This coffee brand honest writes information about the product, 4. This coffee brand in accordance with my expectations, 5.

Coffee products are safe for health. Brand Image has an impact on the Purchase behavior Eggert, A. In making a decision to purchase the product good past experiences of using heading screened product affects the intention of the consumer decision process. Brand trust has an impact on the purchasing behavior, event that loyal customers will continue to buy a product in any circumstances. The process of determining the elect to be purchased will play an important role.

Oliver, ; Pritchard et al. The Company to design the packaging and the label is unique, special attention, honest in writing information about the products in order to, product brand image will be prominent, consumer confidence will be increased so that they grew decided to buy the coffee product will choose coffee products produced by the company. The manufacturer periodically to design the packaging and product label for avoiding piracy brand. The packaging and the label is the control of the preparation.

Suspected of the label and packaging will be shaping perceptions and opinions, product coffee buyers in increasing confidence in the brand in the decision-making purchase products coffee. In the product label coffee there is some additional information that more details about the products, for example, geographic location where coffee farm coffee products produced and processing method of coffee bean also information about organic coffee products. The next research builds research model by adding a moderating variable measure coffee products as premium products to measure the importance of the product packaging.

Considering the coffee product of late has developed into the premium products. Further research is expected to show the importance of the design of the packaging and product label to increase branding in the middle of a competitive global market.

The Role of Brand Loyalty. Journal of Marketing, 65, Celhay, F. Food Packages and Communication through typeface design: The Exoticism of Ecotypes. Does brand trust matter to brand equity?

Prentice Hall Kotler, P. And Keller K Making healthful food choices: Journal of Marketing, 67 2 , Morgan, Robert M. The commitment-trust theory of relationship marketing. Journal of Marketing, 58 July , Oliver, R. A cognitive model of the antecedents and consequences of satisfaction decisions.

Howard Dennis R Analyzing the commitment loyalty link in service contexts. Advertising is image management. Economics and Management, Rizwan, M. Effects of global market conditions on brand image customization and brand performance. Journal of Advertising, 24 4 , Rundle-Thiele, S. A brand for all seasons? A discussion of brand loyalty approaches and their applicability for different markets.

McColl-Kennedy b 1, Leonard V. Journal of Business Research 60, Terence A. The Communication Power of Product Packaging: Journal of Sociological Research, 5 1. However the growth caused the low income groups LIG cannot afford to buy a house due to expensive price of land. Government has a responsibility to provide affordable housing for LIG despite lack of government s budget. Public private partnership PPP can be conducted in which private sector develop mixed used buildings and play cross subsidy between commercial and public apartments under government s guarantees.

To attract private investors, government should calculate the investment analysis resulted in feasible output. This paper uses public apartment project in Bandung as a case study by applying the investment analysis tools namely capital budgeting as well as risk management using risk matrix and scenario analysis especially if portion for public apartment increases over the commercials. Benchmark from the other countries will also be taken as a reference.

This paper will recommend subsidy and incentive types for covering the portion of LIG in Public Apartment in order to make the project feasible and attractive for investors. Once this investment model succeeds, it can be used as a reference for further public apartment development under PPP in Indonesia.

Population will reach 4 million inhabitants in One of the implications is the increasing need for facilities and infrastructure services in residential city, including adequate housing for low-income groups LIG.

With increasingly limited urban land, land prices in the city is increasing along with the limitations from Government of Bandung budget in providing residential facilities and infrastructure needed to support the daily activities for the population, then the logical consequence that commonly occur in urban settlements is the emergence of slums area.

The average price of land in Bandung is about IDR 2. This causes degradation of quality of the housing and creates new slums. It can be seen from the increase in slums from year to year. In , the number of slums in Bandung is 6.

These locations are using government land and some of the city part is the location of the privately owned land in the dense slums which will be acquired by the government.

The problem that arises is the lack of funds from the budget of the city of Bandung to build subsidized public apartments which number is expected to reach 5 trillion, the same amount with total Bandung city budget. The case for land owned and acquired by the government like in Bandung, the scheme is BOT so the private sector cannot own the project perpetually.

PPP provides the opportunity for the private sector to work on projects that should be the responsibility of government, but since the government has a limited budget, then the private sector can participate to establish, manage and after the investment costs covered and make a profit, this subsidized apartment PPP also allows the concept of risk sharing between the government and private companies with a pattern of risk sharing as follows: These factors related to land acquisition price; the efficient way of construction; optimal operating systems; and access to property financing.

McKinsey, Rationale of Mc Kinsey in housing finance under the corridor of PPP can be composed further into three main factors to assess the investment analysis in public apartment.

First, the importance of financing and access to finance as financial structure. It explained by Gulter and Basti, that elaborate the housing finance system as well as the innovative real estate financing beyond mortgage from commercial banking Squires et al, Second, the valuation of investment that covers technical aspects, sales, investment and operational costs, including land and construction costs Tanaphoom and Bart, and Rachmawati et al, Third, risk management and the perception of the behavior of developers, creditors, government and consumers Schepper, Dooms and Haezendonck, If the capital structure, valuation of investment and risk management from perceptions of stakeholders is calculated, managed and implemented properly then the investment analysis for public apartment will produce results that are feasible Moko and Olima conducted a survey in Kenya to professionals in the field of property with the results from the answers of 70 people and found that the method of PPP, government facilities and alternative technologies in building properties can reduce construction costs by main factors which are derived from the price of land, material costs and infrastructure costs.

The construction costs of the house consists both physical and financial resources. Geltner and Miller defines building costs as physical components direct costs such as land acquisition cost, labor, materials and equipment, developer cost, project management in construction cost and overhead costs plus design, legal and financing cost. In addition, construction costs associated with contractors and associated with the developer. Contractor costs such as the cost of materials, labor and equipment to do the work and cost of finance, management and a wide range of sites and office overhead Geltner and Miller, Wapres julukan burung murai batu SBR Sf berhasil melibas semua kelas murai gelar hatrick dan di daulat sebagai juara umum SF, Batara masih yang terbaik 4.

Bajai burung cucak hijau mewahnya om Miko dengan cililinannya yang ngeset dan nembak berhasil menguasai dikelas cucak hijau sehingga dinobatkan sebagai pemenang. Love Bird Kapolsek 1. Salome Dicky Sendiri Sf 3. Njentit Kirno Grlb 4. Maharani Reffi Praboe Sf 5. Rara Dicky Aji Gacor Cikarang 6. Jambrong Damay Gacor Cikarang 7. Camelia Asep Ksb Serang Team 8. Abg Reinaldi Sumantri 3 Putra Sf Sonic Forever Sf 2. Penghianat burung langganan juara milik NV 88 dibawah komando Yanto Gigi berhasil menyapu bersih dikelas pleci hingga juara BC pun diraihnya 3.

Sea Putri Solo 9. Salome burung love biird istimewanya mas Sea Poetri Solo tampil gemilang dikelas Dicky tiga kali tampil memukau para juri utama dengan mainnya yang neken sehingga nyaris hatrick siang itu lawannya berhasil menempati posisi pertama dengan mutlak 5. Sonic dengan durasinya yang panjang dan kasar mampu menguasai di kelas Ebod Vit dan keluar sebagai juara pertama HK masih unggul di tangga juara 3.

Dewa Mabuk Inunk Laka Laka 2. Hk Forever Sf Polri Bc. Kenari Kapolsek Salju H. Cucak Hijau Bintara Lotus Mr. Bayi Ajaib LB milik H. Ay 3 NN NN. Bujel Agil Sutrio Jpc Bintaro 2. Suparman Ichsan Volt Jpc volt. Sexy Women H azam 4. White Liontin Yudi Liontin 5. Cobra Mr Filter Joglo 2. Samson Mas doni Mutiara Team. Jagal Langit Mr Noko Punakawan sf 2.

SF 9 Alcatras Mr. A 1 Shootgun Harno Ozora Ozora. SF 3 Cabix Brother Brother. SF 5 Neng Elip Mr. BC 11 Serena Wibawa Sakura. B 1 Ketti H. SF 2 Athena Anjar Brother. SF 7 Mustika H. B 1 Raja Geger Mr. BC 6 Libra Mayanggi. A 1 Seventeen Adi. SF 4 Joky Yudhi. B 1 Seventeen Adi. Budi Jakarta 1 2 3 4. Ridwan Jati Mulya Regency. Debby Love Bird milik nya om Ipan Raycing dengan durasi dan suaranya yang khas berhasil merebut juara pertama dengan sempurna. Sabay Love Bird milik mas Dedi Kodil dengan durasinya.

Tingkir Cucak Hijaunya mas Tom,s dengan suaranya yangkhas dinobatkan sebagai juara pertama di Kls Executive. Zeplin Kenari besutanya Mr Gon dengan cililinnya yang panjang berhasil meraih Double Winner siang itu dengan mutlak. Bagian tiketing di Independent Enterprise tak pernah lelah dalam melayani penjualan tiket pada para kicau mania.

Fatuloh 7 Jendral Rahmad 1 2 3 4. Genius Aceng Darajat Idm sf 2. Jhon Kiwe Daniel bintaro 3. Jebros Solihin Gg Langgar. Taro Bagas Jak Barat 2. Two Face Agung Gilang Gileng sf. Maxxis is comeback , kenari milik Mendez Samiran murai batu andalan Bagus Bogor Stone Junkie SF siap bersaing di kelas kenari Raya Permai ini berhasil menaklukan lawannya dengan memamerkan lagu mewahnya dan menguasai di kelas ATS 1 2 3 4 5.

Pleci Bintang 19 Mr. Muray Batu Bintang 15 1 Oscar P. Linkin Park Exo Bintaro 2. Rinjany Beni Fuso 8. Rinjani Ferri farel 3. Raza sepped Danang R 5. Ale-ale raja Rac Regina Bu Piping W Pondok Gede 3 Pitong P.

Mursidi 5 Lowo Ijo Tono. Baiz Pasar Kecapi 2 R. Club 3 Sakuntala Panjul SF 1 4 Mochacino Ujang Ngekeeek. SF Sakuntala Panjul BC Mawar Dracula A. SF Mochacino Ujang Ngekeeek. SF Nyai Genit Galang. Hellyboy Kenari Andalan Mr. Kenari Mega Bintang 1 Hellyboy Mr. T Ngalas always Peusar KP. Suka Mulya 4 Makasar M. Suka bakti 2 Gombel Ade Kp. Pasir Jaya 3 Bandit Dedi. E Ngalas Always 5 Catayu. Dengan pembukaan Anis Ebod Solution digatang langsung oleh ketua umum H.

Ebod dan alhamdulillah berjalan lancar meskipun sempat diguyur hujan lebat tetapi. Love bird Monalisa milik M. Mahameru meraih runner up, yah cukup lumayan juga untuk. Suhaya mempererat tali silaturahmi nonton bareng, gelar lomba piala Gibas. Gaya Dido Bony Team 3. Siluman Wendi Tasik SF 4. Junior Ade Gempol 7. Germo Usman Team Icad Yadi Inos Padalarang Prety Agus Wijaya 5.

Love Bird Prembun Monalisa M. Murai Batu Ebod Solution 1. Shogun Sandy Cirebon 2. Besti Bey BF Bandung 3. Bimaniara Thomas SA 8 5. Bitra Pupu Panghegar 7. Raja Hitam Edy Jongko Stiabudi 8. Raden Nicko Ngapak Team Jangkrik Dida Body Team Bawor Nicko Ngapak Team Kencana Amang Palapa Jl. Murai Batu Gibas 1. Kinabalu Agus Wijaya Usman Team 2. Predator Rio Junti 3. Anis Merah Ebos Solution 1. Era Fox Iwan Jl.

Santi Rio Garut 5. Red Lable Deded Bintaro 7. Neng Bella Jun Bagja 2. Dede Mang Byan 3. Dewa Tidur Andriansyah 7. Ulil Bah Andi 9. Lovebird Ebod Joss A 1. Dewa Tidur Andriansyah Angel Sf 2. Toreto Andriansyah Angel Sf 3. Liberty Denny Aprilia Bf 4. Sakula Oson Spup 5. Dede Mang Byan Panjasum Sf 6. Saklar Aip Gending Bc 7. Hermosa Iki Jatihurip 8. Paula Denny Aprilia Bf 9. Jetmatik De Iyang Mandala Sf Jun bagja dkk dari ngebat sumedang eksis.

Kenari Ebod Solution A 1. Lesti Dep Dep Cikole. Love Bird Barca A 1. Mawar Bodas Dedi Oray 3. Rambat api pohank 3. Lovebird mpok a 1. Good day ching ching 5. Kanaya lili gas 8. Rolex arc team Lovebird jagal a 1. Good day ching ching 9. Aslan mamang away Love Bird Maestro 1. Asa Akira Al Zabar 5. Ratu LB milik Robi obeng dari Bring back sukses menyandingkan dua gelar juara.

Edoh Ate Kolmas 4. Love Bird C Ebod Joss 1. Edoh Ate Kolmas 3. Harry Melong Green 2. Rampok Adox Bdg 2. Kenari A Prembun 1. Love Bird Buncir A 1. Ceu Esih Budhy 8. Love Bird Buncir C 1. Monroe Abah Arie 4. Love Bird KMC 1. Gundam Kang Aris 8. Love Bird Balad 1. Monroe Abah Ari 6. Pop Ice Dull Jhony 7. The rock Avef 8. Ceu Esih Budhy 9. Gemberl Dad SF Love Bird Bantim 1. Queen Sidik P 3. Gundam Kang Aris 4.

Chement Ade Ahmad 5. Geger Ade Ahmad 4. Putra Mandiri Agus 5. Badung Kadungora Garut 2. Novalia Maman Cisurupan 1. Murai Batu KMC 1. Amie Borju Idam Negong Didin. Mesin Obras Juanda 1. Jalak Suren Bantim 1. Minggat Tio Libaco 3. Jaggar Omab R 4. Cucak Jenggot Buncir 1. Murai batu debutan Ayi sugiana dari Rancaintan II tampil mapan hingga sukses di jalur juara meski Burung anyar lsg sodok juara. Gobang Kenari tangguh milik Yohan yang kembali ke jalur juara setelah beres mabung langsung gaet juara pertama siap menjadi Kuda hitam di even Besar.

Yoyo Panghegar 4 Zombi H. Iwan Cigondewah 11 Zorro H. Sari 9 Monalisa Ir. Lovebird tni au 1. Violeta agung 3r bf 2. Zihan pak adang 6. Kalasan adi l 7. Black master iwan Neng jp agung 3r-bf Lapang BnR Merah putih terkena Hujan deras yang di sertai angin kencang hingga setelah 11 sesi pertandingan tidak bisa di lanjutkan karena terpalnya terlepas.

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Violeta agung 3r bf 4. Hurren pa iwan 9. Mega 86 cecep Air asia chimonk Saqitu iin sodikin Gurita Lb Mapan milik Apep Jababaya sukses menang doble winner di BnR jagabaya setelah sekian lama mabung kini sudah di jalur juara kembali. Bilik Setan C Jenggot milik Bonie puas di juara 2. Peserta yang datang dari berbagai blok tanah air itu sangat antusias mengikuti lomba yang digarap apik Sofyan Juandi bersama Keukeu.

Membludaknya jumlah peserta secara langsung berdampak pada perhelatan lomba, nyaris semua berlangsung penuh persaingan, terlebih di anis merah dan murai batu. Kehadiran Ohara dilapangan jadi batu sandungan burung-burung cadas yang kerap menjawara. Satu bulan ini, Ohara mampu menaklukan empat lomba besar yang diadakan.

Sinar kembali bersinar dilomba besar BRI Cup dengan menekuk tiga sekaligus,burung besutan Apung ini nyaris merebut Hattriks. SF Bandung 2 Konslet H.

Kamto Cirebon 3 Bon Jovi Aka. Bahar Tigerlong Team 10 Dollar Mr. Jabar dan Jabodetabek, Kehebatannya tak lain selalu menyabet utama yang persaingan, gengsi dan hadiahnya tinggi. Murai lainnya yang juga tampil edan tak lain Blorok, murai mewanya Herry Hercules Sf yang beberapa pekan ini mendominasi murai Ring.

BS, menyumbang poin besar untuk meloloskan tuannya kepodium juara umum. Tak tanggung, 26 poin juara satu sukses dikoleksinya, untuk mengukuhkan sebagai juara umum Sf juara bcnya secara mutlak direbut CK36 yang mengumpulkan poin cukup tinggi dan tak ada yang mengejar diperebutan poin juara umum BC.

Merah lainnya yang tak kalah hebat tampilannya tak lain. Sinar, burung lawasnya Mr afung, turun. Racikan pakan, Vitamin yang diciptakan NV terbukti ampuh dan cocok untuk burung pleci lapangan. Lomba yang memerebutkan uang tunai ratusan juta rupiah, berserta tropy cantik ini memang jadi incaran kicaumania nusantara, terlebih lomba yang dikemas apik Yayang PS3 bersama H.

Rico ini memberikan door prize besar-besar. Gede Bage 10 Buser Ir. Lomba kali mampu memuaskan para peserta, terbukti sari puluhan yang disajikan , nyaris tak ada protes yang berarti, tak terkecuali Pleci, yang siang itu didominasi oleh burung-burung gaco NV- Lihat saja Koslet rebut double winner, Maldini rebut juara pertama, paling. Koslet, Maldini dan Jumawe, besutan anyarnya Danny NV 88 mendominasi lomba dengan menyabet juara pertama di masing-masing terlebih Konslet yang rebut DW.

Ariga Paguyuban Pasundan 7 Mantili H. Deden Paguyuban Pasundan 8 Presiden H. Red Hott Terus tampikan performa terbaiknya. Epul Subang Panglejar SF. Launching BnR 5 Sadis H. Yoyo Panghegar 11 - H. Kamto Cirebon 13 Abi Manyu H. Sodik 15 Panser H. Mansyur Lembang 2 Karin Mr. Taufik Jombang 6 Valentino Rossi H.

Erwin Paguyuban Pasundan 4 Bagja H. Yoyok Panghegar 7 Tayson H. Anak Mama Dede 4. Pikacu Deny Isp 5. Layonet Kang M 6. Pleci Koloni Pcms C 1. Rock Lee Rusa 5. Pikacu Bah Kicau 7. Pleci Super Pcms Campuran B 1. Salju Yadi Byb Garut 2.

Bayonet Kang M Gkm 3. Bahar Rizal Koloni Unjani 4. Jarjit Mpray Garut 7. Mintrik Yayan Bantarujeg 8. Helogen Didi Kurawa 9. Kasus Mardi Ciliang Saep Opan Ppj Pleci. DD kacer milik Mr sapto Surabaya hanya kebagian satu Trophy dikelas kacer A dengan duduk di podium utama.

L bird a 1 monalisa 2 soimah 3 soimah 4 jewanta 5 ethes 6 yuli 7 laday bohay 8 bujana 9 avanza 10 naga bonar. C IJO A 1 gondes 2 kliwon 3 firdy 4 panglima 5 super unik 6 goder 7 raja muda 8 nn 9 narodo 10 fir aun. L BIRD D 1 natalia 2 madona 3 mati suri 4 dancer 5 dewisri 6 phyton 7 sapu jagat 8 gania 9 maharani 10 ladys. CENDET A 1 balck mamba 2 mountraker 3 kramat 4 leo 5 kanza 6 ekor 1 7 bintang timur 8 teror 9 raden kelana 10 prasangka 11 master 12 slangkangna 13 star nine 14 tembak.

L BIRD C 1 avanza 2 lady bohay 3 tongseng 4 bercelona 5 nadya 6 agnes 7 idaman 8 alda 9 yuli 10 susana. L BIRD D 1 aisah 2 terlena 3 nur dan dia 4 bujana 5 madona 6 soimah 7 gelas biru 8 peyek haho 9 melon 10 sapu jagat. CENDET B 1 montriker 2 black mamba 3 virus 4 tombak 5 bintang timur 6 reptor 7 lewung 8 keramat 9 nn 10 star nine 11 teror 12 pangeran 13 naga saki 14 lumba lumba 15 black capocino.

L BIRD F 1 exo 2 dancer 3 tarmijah 4 elive 5 romo resih 6 kejora 7 durgan dini 8 jewanta 9 desi 10 lilidya. L BIRD G 1 monalisa 2 humaza 3 lady bohay 4 nur dan dia 5 sukamti 6 dancer 7 tarmijah 8 ucil 9 bolu 10 melon. Seluruh panitia mengucapkan terimakasih dan mohon maaf bila ada yang kurang berkenan. Punglor Merah Simpedes 1 Sido H.

Kalimantan Ponorogo Olive Ponorogo. Lemu Elang Biru Hardtop Mr. Yoyok wage 2 Doremi Mr. Aan 3 Lady Bohay Mr. Feri A 4 Histeris Mr. Rudy 6 Ratu Misterius Mr. Arifin 7 Selir Dadu Mr. Arifin Manjoer Fighter 2 Terlena Mr.

Kris Pplegi 3 Putri Joget Mr. Yudi Listrik Bayangkara 7 Logawa Mr. Yoyok wage 7 Londo Mr. Feri A 10 Pamela Mr. Fazar Bohar 2 Ortodog Mr. Kiswiyanto Kalibader 4 Cito Mr. Budi Geluran 5 Borju Mr. Udin Geluran 34 7 Bandit Mr. Petruk Sepanjang 8 Sambet Mr.

Sueb Kecepek 9 Ashoka Mr. Judek Dukuh Tengah 10 Harber Mr. Fazar 2 Ortodog Mr. Bondet 3 Chelsea Mr. Candra 3 Aril Mr. Irwan 4 Jopo Mr. Arifin Manjoer Fighter 2 Pikolo Mr.

Bagus Karah 5 Diana Mr. Angga Tesar 7 Eliyot Mr. Mughis 2 Maya Mr. Pink 3 Kwaci Mr. Me 4 Nirmala Mr. Kacong 5 Nianata Mr. Zaini 6 Bandit Cilik Mr. Eko S 8 Shinta Mr. Yasir 9 Neng Gelis Mr. Sony 10 Cece Mr. Arifin Manjoer Fighter 3 Leles Mr. Edi Rama Team 4 Logawa Mr. Bagus Karah 9 Susi Mr.

Santok Suko Asri 10 Sahara H. Erwin morin Blauran 3 Juleha Mr. Adi Ck Rama Team Mr. Danny Rama Team Mr. Nanang Krian 10 Lady Bohay Mr.

Rohim Petemon Kuburan 3 Siti Mr. Rofek Lebok 4 Ratu Misterius Mr. Arifin Manjoer Fighter 5 Dealova Mr. Deni Ketegan 9 Kunti Mr. Faruk Taruna 10 Simon Suki Mr. Lutfi wisma 4 Mbok Darmi Mr.

Jalaluddin Bohar 2 Brangas Mr. Satono Pplegi 3 Langgeng Jaya Mr. Cholisan 4 Sobek Mr. AWS team aris,sigit,ino dan ainun masih bisa tersenyum meski chelsea,eliot kebagian di 10 besar namun masih bangga dengan c ijo teroris ke podium I.

Afuk Edha Surabaya Mr. Nanang Pabean Dares 4 Dakocan Mr. Kletek 5 Pitung Mr. Nanang 2 Roy Marten Mr. Adi Malang 4 Star Buck Mr. Resi P Star Phoenix 2 89 Mr. Anang Star Phoenix 3 Shagy Mr. Pendix Star Phoenix 5 Gaden Mr. Teguh Krian 6 Lestari Mr. Ronggolawe Pleci B 89 Mr. Anang Star Phoenix Jecko Mr. Gitoyo Surabaya Kanggo Riko Mr.

Pendix Star Phoenix Berbie Mr. Tian 2 Ratu Misterius Mr. Arifin 3 Juleha Mr. Yoyok wage 6 Martabak Mr. Indra 7 Manis Mr. Peyek 2 Anjani Mr. Zaini 3 Hiromi Mr. Danny 4 Loly Pop Mr. Pink 6 Surati Mr. Fredock 7 Lisa Mr. Dwi 8 Porno Mr. Hendrik 2 Takasi Mr. Zaini 3 Sinchan Mr.

Joko Pitono 6 Matt Pelor Mr. Yudha 7 Ortodog Mr. Bondet 8 Bagong Mr. Bayu 11 Oleh Oleh Mr. Sukron 12 Omen Mr. Hendrik 3 Rodeo Mr. Tyok 4 Jaguar Mr. Peyek 5 Krisna Mr. Adam 6 Ambasador Mr. Oyek 7 Salju Emas Mr. Digawangi team solid ini, Singopatran semakin Mantab. Lovebird A 1 Jarum Dian eko. Arena gantangan Maerokotjo Rewwin bisa dibauat sarana santai para peserta. Rafiq Sukri 3 Kujang M. Aminuddin 4 Granat Badrun 5 Makam Hendra. Aries Mojokerto All Strar. Juara Murai Batu A. Yang Dipoles Virgi, kicaumania Buser.

Gelaran Latpres yang dikemas Mr. Lamongan, sedikit berbeda dengan gelaran Latpres yang pernah diadakan sebelumnya. Di arena latpres tampak hadir Mr. Anwar kimcil sf yang membawa bendera Mojopahit all star dengan amunisi kenari andalan Huru-Hara dan lovebird Agnes Monica. Harapan kami, gelaran kali ini sekaligus menjadi langkah awal bagi DMB-BC untuk lebih optimal mengelar lagi even seperti ini.

Cucak Hijau A Ciello H. Beda lagi menurut H. Meski sudah dikemas special dengan biaya pendaftaran Rp. Ini semua tak lepas dari banyaknya even yang digelar di hari serta jam yang sama dibeberapa kota di Jawa timur dengan Latpres yang digelar DMBBC.

Lovebird B Agnes monica H. Lovebird A Zam-zam Mr. Shokeh Rrs team 2 Bodrex H. Estu 6 Zemex Yudi. C IJO 1 embun 2 koplo 3 tong edan 4 piti 5 bodrek 6 joprel 7 dora 8 kocor 9 scorpion 10 parjo.

L BIRD B 1 waljinah 2 frozen 3 tasya 4 mery 5 starisma 6 purel 7 cinderella 8 joda 9 srikandi 10 salsa. Lovebird B 1 Kemuning Mr. Sigit Pupuk Sleman BC 1 2 3 4 5. Bang Biis dan Heru Adrian pemain lawas yg kembali menggelora Classic pakan burung kicauan yang ikut mensponsori acara sambil memantau acara lomba. Hampir semua murai batu yang dilombakan saling bersaing ketat. Tetapi hari ini untuk kelas murai batu aman dan lancar meski hujan deras mengguyur kota Bandar Lampung tapi antusias para kicaumania tetap menjadi milik Gaus Sang Penghibur dari Sabrina BC melalui semangat untuk terus mengikuti acara lomba.

Scorpion yang kembali tampil maksimal dengan senjata pamungkasnya dengan meraih double winner. Acara Dikelas lovebird, kapas tembak dan ciblek melalui Sabrina dan Jibril kembali Sabrina BC mempersembahkan yang disponsori pakan burung Classic ini berjalan sangat meriah. Sekitar an peserta datang untuk mendukung juara dan nyaris mendapatkan juara BC dengan hanya dan meramaikan acara ini. Persaingan memang sangat name, Alkaline, Supernova dan Batosai semua kelas kenari ketat untuk mendapatkan point juara BC dan SF terbaik.

New Name sukses meraih puncak kekompakkan dan ditunjang dengan koleksi burung-burung juara , supernova runner up, Alkaline juara 3 dan Batosai jagoannya akhirnya dapat membawa Wakwaw sebagai raih double winner. Sulaiman Metro 5 Hantu Laut H. Rico 2 Tiger H. Ajan 3 Suro H.

Khadafi 10 Venon Holik. Kacer Sejati Bagona Bp. Hartono Bodrex Heri Demit Hendri. Perhimpunan plecimania seperti Bintang Senpi dari pringsewu, Kujang SF, Pezta dan team pleci lainnya tak kalah serunya. Pleci-pleci papan atas turun untuk meramaikan dan bersaing merebut prestasi. Bintang Senpi yang di komandoi Maulana dari Polres Tanggamus, pringsewu kembali membuktikan diri sebagai team pleci yang selalu haus juara.

Kapas Tembak Sejati 1 Mr. Tidak kurang dari peserta memadati lapangan bersama jagoan-jagoannya. Persaingan yang cukup ketat terjadi dalam perebutan poin untuk menjadi juara Bird Club BC terbaik. Di kelas Kacer dan bertugas untuk memantau semua burung yang dilombakan. Cucak Ijo, 2 Racun unggul mutlak. Begitu juga di sesi Cucak Hijau, Gadung berhasil meraih dua kali kemenangan juga.

Kacer Ebod Solution 1 Apolo Wayan 2. Racun BC 2 Oscar M. Racun BC Mantili H. Racun BC 10 Cindy Taufiq. Racun BC 2 Lolly A. Hadiah utama pun berhasil digasaknya. Isabel berhasil menyumbangkan double winner di kelas Kenari. Robot berhasil menjadi penguasa di kelas Kapas Tembak. Begitu juga dengan Santana yang berhasil menguasai di kelas Kacer Ronggolawe dapat membuat poin yang diraih untuk merebut juara SF menjadi sangat sulit terkejar. Kerja keras dan persiapan yang telah dilakukan panitia berbuah manis.

Lomba dapat berjalan dengan aman, nyaman dan tertib. Semoga ke depannya lomba-lomba yang diadakan di Palembang bisa lebih semarak lagi. Jika hal tersebut terjadi pada burung Anda, pastikan selama proses penjodohan tersebut, berikanlah perhatian atau perawatan lebih dari biasanya.

Akibat hal Hal ini kesalahan dalam penjemuran. Demikian informasi yang dapat kami sampaikan tentang tips mengatasi burung yang terserang suara serak Media Ronggolawe Edisi Minggu III - Desember www. H ingga kini pertanyaan ini selalu menjadi misteri yang belum seratus persen bisa terpecahkan secara sempurna.

Indikator ini bisa digunakan untuk deteksi awal membedakan jenis Multivitamin ini mampu memberikan rangsangan untuk pembentukan hormon testosteron. Selang beberapa menit, letakkan di tempat teduh sembari kerodong dibuka dan diangin-anginkan. Jadi wajar apabila sebelum dilombakan, para pleci mania sering terlihat mengkonsumsikan sejumlah ekstra fooding untuk Tabloid jagoannya.

Sedangkan menjelang lomba sekitar H-2, pemberian Ebod Vit diganti dengan Ebod Joss suplemen penggacor yang sangat direkomendasikan buat pleci. Untuk menjaga agar kandungan di dalam vitamin ini tetap baik, simpan di tempat yang sejuk dan terhindar dari sinar matahari langsung Media Ronggolawe Edisi Minggu III - Desember www. Media Ronggolawe U mumnya merawat murai batu sama. Apalagi Guntur sudah banyak mengoleksi beberapa Piagam penghargaan Juara pertama di event—event bergengsi di Jabotabek dan jabar sebut saja di 6 Tabloid Klinik Mengatasi Kenari yang Menderita Snot Tanya: Apabila gacoan Anda sudah merasa nyaman dengan penampilannya di lapangan, sebaiknya tidak perlu Tabloid melakukan hal ini.

Memandikan kacer juga tidak bisa dilakukan secara serampangan. Bahkan ada karakter kacer minta dimandikan pukul Tahapan yang sebaiknya dilakukan untuk mandi malam dimulai dengan mengangin-anginkan di tempat yang nyaman dan aman. Pemandu bakat kacer mengatakan, porsi jangkrik tidak ada jumlah baku. Di kelas kacer ada Raja Getar burung kacer mewahnya bapak Wakri mampu menguasai di semua season khususnya dikelas kacer,Raja Getar denga membongkar isiannya dengan srinditan,grejaan mampu mematahkan lawan sebelahnya dan hampir di setiap season semua isiannya dimuntahkannya sehingga oleh para juri dinobatkan sebagai double winner,kami selaku panitia SKY Enterprise mengucapkan banyak terima kasih atas partisi pasi para kicau mania yang telah memeriahkan gelaran kami SKY Enterprise bila mana ada tutur kata kami yang kurang berkenan kami mohon maaf sebesar besarnya.

Bejo Nanang S GG. Kamba pada satu titik yaitu kepada Sihir Putihlah yang berhak memenangkan lomba burung berkicau siang itu khsusnya dikelas kacer. Putut Telaga Mas Sf dengan amunisi burung jawaranya selalu tepat sasaran di jalur juara dan hampir semua season di gibasnya Imarsim M. Inank Reges Ijul Mr. Baret Erwin Madun Kp.

Makasar Selon Team Tj. Geller Happy Cantik C. SF Borju Team Mandiri. Britney spears Yadi Saburai BC 2. Iming-iming Rifky R2SF 2. Argo Bromo Sinyo 1. Pecut naga Aryo 2. Rudi Didi Plus Rendi H. Aries Marto D, Satrio M.

Mr Gono nampak sumringah setelah salju burung kenari mewahnya mampu melibas dikelas utama dengan durasinya yang panjang dan ngedur berhasil keluar sebagai juara Team juri beserta bapak Kapolsek Serang Baru saat gelaran di mulai siang itu Wapres julukan burung murai batu SBR Sf berhasil melibas semua kelas murai gelar hatrick dan di daulat sebagai juara umum SF, Batara masih yang terbaik 4.

Deplu Tropikana Sonic dengan durasinya yang panjang dan kasar mampu menguasai di kelas Ebod Vit dan keluar sebagai juara pertama HK masih unggul di tangga juara 3.

Budy Nv 88 Komp. Suparman Ichsan Volt Jpc volt 3. Mini Rohmat Tanah 2. SF - Bekasi Mr. Udin Ginting Danang Rizal Aji. SF 2 Mahkota Raja H. Tingkir Cucak Hijaunya mas Tom,s dengan suaranya yangkhas dinobatkan sebagai juara pertama di Kls Executive Zeplin Kenari besutanya Mr Gon dengan cililinnya yang panjang berhasil meraih Double Winner siang itu dengan mutlak Bagian tiketing di Independent Enterprise tak pernah lelah dalam melayani penjualan tiket pada para kicau mania.

Pasir Konci 6 Mr. Suling Sakti Denny 2. Robot Gedeg Male 6.