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In shape and cute wanted

In shape and cute wanted

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In shape and cute wanted

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And you know that. I am hoping to meet wanfed feminine female who would like to explore the idea of having a special girlfriend to In shape and cute wanted new things with. Consider me.

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The definition of what seems attractive varies from person to person. Women have quite different opinions of what features determine their attractiveness and these opinions differ from those given by men about women.

Certain people focus on the shape of the face, while others tend to concentrate on the body curves. The personality of a person also helps determining their attractiveness, but this article mainly focuses on the different physical features of women for finding out the most attractive face shape. Let us take a look at the common types of face shapes to find out the most attractive face shape.

However, certain face shapes are considered quite attractive and stunning due to the different fashion trends. Square and oblong face shapes are often considered quite beautiful and popular because they have a wide jawline which makes the distance between the eyes quite wide.

This makes the eye quite prominent and also emphasizes the smile of the person. People with oblong and square face shapes have broad and beautiful smiles, which is why they have the most attractive face shape.

In Asia, people admire the v-shaped or heart face because it makes one look slim. When discussing the beauty of women, most women stated that they found women with large eyes, high cheekbones, slim face and full lips extremely beautiful. Brunette women with brown eyes, oval face shape, arched eyebrows, small, slim nose, smooth and regular jawline with small distances between their upper lip and nose were considered to be incredibly gorgeous.

According to the survey, men with blue eyes, oval shaped face, medium-thick eyebrows, slim, straight nose that should not be too long, straight eyebrows with curved ends, square jawline, brunette hair and average lips are considered to be the most attractive.

On the contrary, according to women, a woman with raven hair, strong forehead and nose profile, narrow bone structure, strong eyebrows, sharp nose and delicate but slightly full lips is considered to be very beautiful and sexy. In men, a tapered, sharp face is considered to be feminine and a square shaped is considered to be masculine. In the earlier days, people found men with more masculine faces to be more attractive, but nowadays, men with sharp and feminine features are considered to be more appealing.

For instance, Edward Cullen from Twilight and Legolas from the Lord of the Rings are considered to be very attractive by women. Therefore, women nowadays seek a balanced look in men instead of broad features. Last Updated 27 October, Most Attractive Face Shape. Different Types of Face Shape Let us take a look at the common types of face shapes to find out the most attractive face shape.

Their forehead is a little wider than their chin. Women with a square face shape have a very prominent jawline and a square shaped chin. Their jawline and forehead have a similar width. Oblong face shape is characterized by a slightly longer face length. Women with oblong face do not have very wide faces and their chin is pointy as well. If you have a heart shaped face, then your cheekbones and forehead will be wide.

Your chin will be pointy and your jawline will be quite narrow too. Diamond face shape is best described by a narrow jawline and forehead with quite wide cheekbones.

If you have a pear shaped face, then your jawline will be wider than your forehead and your chin will be quite broad too.

Kawaii Shape - Wanted - SecondLife Community

The best way to reach full bloom is to just go for it, which starts with walking through the gym or studio door. Once you get yourself there, the possibilities for how much you can grow are endless. During her darkest race-day moment—when she almost drowned during the swim—she feverishly repeated her favorite line from the song: Don't let athlete's foot keep you from hitting the gym.

Adding garlic to your diet may speed up your metabolism to boot. Find a friend or two and maybe some colleagues who have similar fitness goals, such as weight loss or a spring half-marathon or mud run. Then get everyone to chip in together for a trainer who's willing to take on a small group at once.

Splitting the cost isn't the only perk, your new workout buddies will help you stay on track and hold you accountable to your exercise routine. Use this trainer locator to find the best one near you. Don't rely on your body mass index to track your fitness.

That simple equation can't tell the difference between muscle and muffin top. When your bathroom scale and BMI aren't budging, consider using an old-school tape measure to watch the subtle changes in your waistline.

You can also ask a professional at your gym to measure your body fat percentage using skin calipers to give you a more precise analysis of your progress. American Council on Exercise. A recent survey revealed that most people don't know whether to load up on protein or carbs after a workout. You need a balance of both to recover faster and meet your fitness goal, whether that's toning up or slimming down. Aim to feed your body two-thirds protein and one-third carbohydrates after an hour at the gym.

Pair almonds with unsweetened, all-natural dried fruit or roll up pear slices in deli turkey. For all-day energy, strike a downward dog split in the morning: Start in a downward dog, spreading your fingers wide, tucking your toes, and lifting your hips up and back.

Once stable, reach your left leg behind you, opening up the hips and shoulders, and twisting your core slightly to the left. Hold for a couple of breaths and repeat on the opposite side. Brittle bones aren't just a problem for grandma. Research shows that regular, high-impact exercise increases bone density, and a stronger spine equals a longer life. Do 10 bone-boosting box jumps daily: Stand with feet hip-width apart and arms at sides about a foot away from a sturdy foot-tall box or bench.

Bend knees, swing arms back, and jump up on top of the box with both feet at once. Land with bent knees to absorb any impact. At the top, stand up straight, then step off the box or jump down with bent knees. If you wait to drink until you're thirsty, it's too late: For every 2 percent of dehydration, you lose 10 percent performance.

The solution isn't to over-drink, as that can just wash out necessary electrolyte solutes. Instead think consistent hydration, and aim to drink six to eight ounces every 15 to 30 minutes throughout the day.

Before your biggest meal of the day, down a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar diluted in water. The fruit's fermented juice may help curb your appetite, encourage regularity, and promote weight loss, according to a study published in Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry. Researchers found that obese people who consumed one to two tablespoons of the vinegar daily for 12 weeks saw a substantial drop in weight, abs fat, and waist circumference. But you have to be sure your form is correct: Keep your elbows tucked as close to your body as possible, tighten your glutes to prevent your hips from sagging, and when you lower toward the floor, engage your upper muscles to fight gravity and avoid plopping down.

See how many you can do properly in a minute, and aim to improve that score each time you do them. Declan Condron, an exercise physiologist and the co-founder of PumpOne.

For your first bike, focus on comfort how long do you plan to ride on average? A good, clean, reliable bike shop check Yelp for suggestions will help you make these decisions and will also tweak the bike to fit you well.

Lastly consider your budget. When spuds aren't deep fried or covered in butter and bacon, they're actually quite good for you. In fact, these complex carbs—packed with potassium, vitamin C, fiber, B vitamins, and protein—are great for long-lasting energy. In a recent study published in the American Journal of Public Health , Dutch researchers observed subjects from ages 26 to 70 for a decade and found that those who began exercising 30 minutes a day, five days a week later in life reaped the same rewards, such as good overall health, less body pain, and better social skills, as those who had been consistently active their whole lives.

If the difference between your body weight before and after exercise is 2 percent for example, 2. Every pound lost is equal to ounces of fluid deficit, and more than 2 percent means there could be potential health risks, including elevated heart rate and body temperature.

Nutrition and Food Science , Auburn University. Your tummy has the capacity to expand to the size of six baseballs, which makes it super easy to overeat. Next party, wear skinny jeans or a tight mini and a fitted top, and if you own Spanx, slap it on, too! These anti-expansion pieces are a great way to keep your stretchable stomach from, well, stretching. Pair your slimming outfit with a clutch rather than a strappy purse; this way, if you have a drink in one hand and your clutch in the other, you can't dig into the chili cheese nachos.

Running around like a mad woman—taking care of your family, your work, your relationships, and, lastly, yourself—makes it easy to skip the gym. Quit feeling guilty about it and start sneaking in ways to get your heart rate up and burn fat without having to stopping your mile-per-hour train. Simple things, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator and downloading cool, motivating fitness and nutrition apps such as Nike Training Club and Fooducate , can make a difference. Marvin Foster, a spin instructor at SoulCycle.

Aim to finish your workout at least three hours before turning in to ensure smooth sailing into Slumberland. Breaking a sweat too close to bedtime might sabotage your sleep because cardio boosts blood flow, which can energize you and make it harder for your body to relax and doze off.

Try to exercise no later than the early evening to give your body enough time to cool down and, well, get sleepy. Move over chocolate milk—the perfect recovery drink may be two Researchers found that tart cherries contain these high-antioxidant, anti-inflammatory agents called anthocyanins, which may help alleviate achy muscles post-exercise. A change of scene might be just what you need to help change your habits or adopt new ones. Lucia to both kick butt and kick back—and return home in the best shape ever!

New research says you can burn up to calories in just 2 and a half minutes of super hard, concentrated effort a day. Try this high-intensity workout: Pedal as fast as possible percent effort on a stationary bicycle set at a high resistance for 30 seconds.

Then lower the resistance and pedal slowly for 4 minutes. Repeat this sprint-and-recover set five times total. You'll be at it for at least 25 minutes, but that's a helluva lot shorter and more effective than 45 minutes at the same moderate pace on the elliptical machine or treadmill.

Unlike the stuff your parents ate 40 years ago, modern wheat is genetically manipulated to contain gliaden, a protein that triggers your appetite and makes you overeat an extra calories a day. Eliminating wheat—yes, that means even saintly whole wheat—from your diet won't just help you slim down but also save you from a bunch of other health issues, including intestinal disease, acid reflux, indigestion, brain fog, obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, allergies, high blood sugar, and elevated cholesterol levels.

The extra sodium will help you hold onto your fluids during the race, which translates into improved performance and less risk of cramping. Forgive us for sounding like a broken record, but one more time: To sculpt your body, muscle fatigue is key.

Choose a load that only allows you to complete six to eight quality reps, with the last one being the hardest. Soup may be the perfect pre-dinner snack. In the study, women who had about calories of chicken and rice soup consumed an average of fewer calories at their next meal. Watch out for bloat-inducing sodium, high-cal cream, and carb-loaded pasta and potatoes that may fill you up and out.

Part of shaping your body is shaping your mind, and since you are the author of your own inner conversation, steer the dialogue toward good thoughts about yourself. Cooking up skinless poultry for dinner is an affordable, easy, and fast way to get in quality muscle-building protein. To make it even better for you, skip the swirl of oil and use a tablespoon of water to coat your non-stick pan instead.

Cover with a lid and let the chicken steam, then flavor with herbs and spices for a perfectly guilt-free meal. Calculate your max heart rate by subtracting your age from , then use the built-in heart rate monitor on the treadmill or elliptical to track your ticker while you work out.

Aim to do short bursts of high-intensity exercise at 80 to 85 percent of your max, followed by low-intensity recovery periods at 50 to 65 percent max. This method burns more calories than exercising at a consistent level of exertion for the same amount of time.

American Collage of Sports Medicine. Faux-sugars offer more than just zero calories—they decrease your metabolism, promote mood swings, and boost food cravings, which can ultimately up your daily caloric intake. Use a teaspoon of raw sugar, raw organic honey, or maple syrup instead. Speed up your pace on the treadmill or track with efficiency by fluidly moving your arms, bent at degree angles, back and forth without crossing them in front of your chest.

Your legs will naturally try to keep up with your arms. Bring your heart above your head regularly. If you can help me, I'd really appreciate it! To make this work right on the LL avatar, you really need both an appropriate skin and shape.

I used to hesitate on recommending these because they are modular with several tattoo layer adjustments, but I've found them easy to deal with since Sunshine finally rolled out.

Kawaii covers a lot of ground as a concept, so you might need to be more specific before you get any useful suggestions. Are you looking for a relatively realistic, human-looking av with a cute appearence, or something more stylised and anime-looking? For the heavily anime style, some people use mesh or sculpt heads or even entire mesh bodies.

I've seen these used very effectively as everything from chibi to almost-realistic. They do require mesh clothing: Thank you for your advice, I'm looking for something realistic, human looking with a cute appearance! She sells skins and shapes that work perfectly together. Just type in The Sugar Garden and tp to their in world location where you can demo each skin and shape. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

I really wanted to love this dress with its cute sleeves & shape. The fabric is super thin. ♀ Buuuuuut, sale alert! There's still 40+ 10% going on plus FREE. What's in a pout? Well, quite a lot, as it turns out that full and sumptuous lips are the most preferable lip shape of them all - but according to a. Buy Cute Cat Ear Shape Women Girl Warm Winter Knitted Hat Beanie Cap ( Black): hat is cute, well made, I just don't look good in hats but wanted to buy a .