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Hung geek looking for a geeky girl

Hung geek looking for a geeky girl

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Hung geek looking for a geeky girl

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Another week, another misogynistic attack within our community. As the geek community becomes more and more mainstream, some of the dark elements with our niche are floating to the top, like scum on a pond. And it is up to us to deal with it, not merely shrug our shoulders and pass the buck. To catch up those who missed it, Jessica Nigri went on Twitch to play video games.

And so, out came the trolls. And as usual, it is intrinsically linked to misogyny. It is incredibly saddening but this kind of thing has become so commonplace that it no longer surprising and barely offends anymore. A beautiful and sad photo series worth checking out. We took the time to speak to a few cosplayers about their experiences, and some incredibly saddening stories emerged. The first was my first con cosplaying earlier this year.

They all asked and were really polite, first few guys had their pictures taken and then the last guy walked over. He had big shoulder pads on with red and white stripes on one side and blue and silver stars on the other. He just mocked me and walked off. It takes a lot to rock my confidence but that really did it. I felt like a sham.

A comic that I had only recently pre-con devoured in the space if a few days and loved. I was so angry after. People need to realise behind the picture is a person who put time, effort and money into this cosplay.

I can see why most people are intimidated to join the con community and start cosplaying. Look, I get it. As a teenager, the geek culture was a place of safety for me, a place to feel at home.

I was never sporty, never a cool kid with all the toys. All I had was smarts and a love of sci-fi. That was comforting, that the arbitrary rules that held sway over the rest of the world did not apply here.

Nerd Culture became mainstream culture. The public face of the scene was changing. There was a massive influx of people and money into this once dark corner of my world, and with this influx came many many changes. One of the biggest was that of demographic. Whilst the men I grew up with were there, there were also many new faces—faces of color, female faces, young faces. In time, the culture changed to include their views, and change can be scary. Suddenly those rules that we held sway against started to affect our world, started to have weight.

What you looked like mattered, you were judged on it. How cool you were mattered, how much you knew mattered less. We were the ones who would take those who could go nowhere else, when did that change? Do your own thing. Your time in the community does not give you more right. Your skin colour does not give you more right.

Your dick does not give you more right. This is my community, these are the people I love and the places I am whole. My truest friends have been forged in our love of Picard, of Reynolds, of Briene. I will fight for it to remain a place of safety, of openness and welcome. We will take in all. Those who just fancy Chris Evans and those who have read Cap since Issue 1, those who waited 7 years for Dance With Dragons and those who have never seen it but love the Daenerys cosplay they see around.

There are no gatekeepers to this community, no test to pass or requirements to fulfil. Come as you are, let me show you what I love, show me what you love. This is my home and there will always be a place for you.

Rob M is a geek-photographer based in Shropshire, UK. Are geeks the new bullies? And the hashtag revealed even more: And then it all changed. But you know what? We are the ones doing the judging—not them. And I for one will not stand for it. And so to the trolls I say this: Represented by Complex Media, Inc. Recommendations Donald Trump Apple vs.

Are geeks the new bullies? | The Daily Dot

Should you be paranoid? How much of this is true and how much is being dramatic? To start, nothing better than putting things in perspective. If you look at the Criminality Index in Numbeo , Naples ranks 65 on the world. Top 10 is way more scary!

In fact, Italian sources state that crime in Naples is less frequent than in Rome or Milan. However, tourists and foreigners may be targeted for petty theft. Naples has long suffered a reputation as a dangerous place. In reality, the city today is a relatively safe place, especially if you heed the following basic safety tips.

No violent crime or risk of being murdered? No homemade bombs thrown at me? Like in any big city in Europe, pickpocketing, bag snatching and fraud at street markets can occur in Naples. As for violent crime, is extremely rare amongst tourists. As shocking as is to believe that Mafia still operates in Europe, it does. Even its most famous pizzeria was blackmailed by Camorra at some point.

Now as a tourist, what do you have to do this? To be fair Naples looks and feels disorganized and it has indeed some dodgy and even ugly areas. The streets near the Central Station Garibaldi are an example. And what about the absolutely safe areas no one mentions about? Oh the infamous italian scooters and vespas. Yes, traffic can be chaotic, noisy and confusing. In this particular topic and in a much smaller scale, Naples is the Bangkok of Europe. To be honest, walking through the narrow, poorly-maintained and crowded streets of the city center while motorcycles race around might be riskier than crime or petty theft.

I completely understand this uncivilized driving behaviour can be shocking for some. Not many people roam here, making it a tranquil alternative to Naples chaotic city center. Specially compared to Castell Nuovo where all the cruise tourists go to! Let's make you a geek of your next destination. If you want to maximize your chances of staying safe, follow the tips below. This might be the most useful piece of advice. The first step for your Naples trip is to take reviews from TripAdvisor and similar websites with a pinch of salt.

Online reviews are a topic for a post alone. People who heard a story from someone who heard a story from someone who heard a story? Have they even been to Naples? When you are faced with these comments, challenge back. Ask why exactly they say is unsafe. Perspective is key in the online world. Like any major city, there are areas you should avoid. The cheapest hotels are concentrated around the Garibaldi Central Station , but staying there will give you a wrong idea of the city.

The Quartieri Spagnoli Spanish Quartier zone can also be unsafe at night time. Only go there during the day — maybe to have lunch at the lovely Trattoria Da Nennella!

Never leave your bags unattended. The Circumvesuviana train seems to be the root of many issues affecting tourists in Naples. If you want to be extra safe, take the Campania Express train instead.

For an extra fee, you can get to places like Pompeii , Vesuvius and Sorrento quicker. If you still want to board the Circumvesuviana, at least board it in Porta Nolana instead of Garibaldi train station. Be careful with the vespas racing by. Many people overlook this.

If you are entering a problematic zone already afraid, it will show. It will show on your body language, the way you walk, on your eyes. Keep a positive attitude and walk with a purpose. I mean, this is not a theme park. Watch how locals behave and dress themselves and try to blend in as much as possible. This should be one of the most exciting aspects of travel anyway! The breakfast on the terrace is an O-M-G moment. Quick answer to the title of this post is yes, Naples is safe for tourists.

Maybe add an extra level of awareness in some areas like the Garibaldi Central Station. Naples is far from being perfect. Yes, it has some dodgy areas. Yes, pickpocketing targeting careless tourists can be frequent. But is this a reason to avoid Naples completely? IMHO the danger for tourists is massively overstated and the city has things to keep you busy for at least a full day. And most of all, keep a positive attitude. Just like when I worried about visiting Rio de Janeiro , I realized fear is always your number 1 enemy.

Did you feel Naples was safe? Did it lived to its reputation? Did you take any extra safety measures? Share your experience below! Your email address will not be published. We recently traveled to Naples with kids and the only danger was to lose them because it is overcrowded.

But we knew if we lose them where we would find them: Is that area safe for Couple? We have a house just outside and have been going there for 40 years. Never had a problem. Understanding and embracing the culture is key! No one understands privacy there is no Italian word for that. Driving is about owning your space not about giving way to others. Pride of ownership is confined to internals. Flashy externals just draw unwanted attention.

There is beauty pride and passion alongside filth and chaos. Every time we go we see something new. Just back from a long weekend in Naples with 7 male colleagues. The average age of our group is 58 and we are well travelled. We were residing in a traditional 3 star hotel just to the back of the Garabaldi train terminus and near to where the airport shuttle bus stops. Yes the area is edgy with rough sleepers and other types hanging about but we encountered no hassle and were never approached by any beggars unlike other cities and even our home country of Scotland.

Yes you have to take the normal precautions as in any city and in fact one of our party had his wallet stolen from his shorts in the local train to Pompei as did another gent we spoke to the airport. Take great care on these trains and keep your wallet in your hip pocket with hand in top. The city is litter strewn in areas but it is atmospheric and every restaurant or cafe we visited was good and enjoyable. We enjoyed it but be careful as you always should be.

Hi, I just came back from a week staying in Sorrento that included a couple of days exploring Naples. I found Naples to be grimy-looking in places and quite rough-and-ready, but I loved it: Such a privilege to visit it. I thought your article was spot-on. Travellers should heed basic safety tips just as in any big city and then just concentrate on having a good time. Get into the swing of it and enjoy! But its on my to. Would live there if had the choice.

The city of Naples is a dump. Articles like this that promote tourism to such a dirty and dishonest city really need to reflect on what they are promoting.

I didnt even come close to being robbed, but the unfriendly arrogance of the locals, the constant underlying threat from theives, combined with the filth of the city adds upto anything but a tourists hotspot. Why spend your hard earn money in a place where people give stuff all about the environment and even less about visitors to there city. There is plenty to do with fantastic art and churches. The streets are full of character and life.

If you go into the Spanish Quarter, where we stayed the food and wine was outstanding in restaurants that were all full of locals. Herculanium and Pompeii are world class ancient sites and to top top it all off where else can you visit a live volcano? Regarding crime on the occasions that we strayed into some areas the locals were quick to advise us and i was told to put my Rolex in my pocket.

We took our six year old daughter and never once felt unsafe. Yes there is litter, but look up! The people were very friendly, the food was great, shopping was great too. Look past the trash and you are in for an exotic Italian treat.

Guys, If I was you I would watch out for some of the comments reporting extremely negative tales about Naples. Staying in Vomero which seems lovely. Although Dad could pass for Italian, mum and I are pale and we all look like tourists.

They are also not so mobile. I am a bit apprehensive but we are not innocents abroad. We do want to go to local markets etc and get authentic experience so guess we just keep wits about us. Am really looking forward to it. Will post when back. Thank you Shona, I hope you have a great trip. He had it planted it his wad of money and threatened us. We both went to the police station near Molo Beverello and spent 30 minutes talking with officers.

The crook was just let go. This article is garbage. It is an ugly, dirty place full of craven individuals. Seriously, this article is terrible. Sorry for your bad experience. I just took a ferry from palermo to naples. Walked with luggage from the port to garibaldi to use a luggage drop-off service. After slogging through the disgusting streets, i had lunch in a highly touted pizzeria a few blocks from garibaldi. While i ate, i watched a group of thugs use a hacksaw to steal a bike, then steal gas from all of the scooters parked on the street.

You want to know my biggest concern? My biggest concern is the smell. The smell of it. Yeah, and it's not Cece's fault. I mean, they all smell. I've told her that. I thought your biggest concern would be how it affected the people around you.

I mean, sure, a bunch of old drunks will grab at it—. But if your biggest concern is the smell, I'm sure that's highly manageable. Yeah, I guess there's, like, special solvents and soaps.

I, I haven't read up on it that much. You know, but you got to really get in there and scrub it out. You know, 'cause of the daily wear and tear and oil and grease just cooking in there. It's enough to make a man barf thinking about it. I mean, they get really hot. But if I'm being honest, you know And I haven't talked to her about this, but I do have good memories associated with the smell. Ball games, the circus, hanging with my dad.

Listen here, you idiot. I've known Cece a very long time, and I can promise you, the smell will not be a problem. That's really easy for you to say, 'cause you're not the one who's gonna have to remind her to clean it all the time.

I promise you, if it becomes a problem — I will remind her. Well, if you remind her and she doesn't do it, I don't want you sneaking around and cleaning it yourself. I'm a good friend, but I am not that good of a friend. I didn't know you were a railie.

Are you a G gauge? Uh, G scale, Gauge one? Probably not a tabletop girl, right? Do you do it costumed? Or do you just do it leisurely? I deal mostly with the, uh, transitional era, post-Industrial Revolution. I collect a lot of open-air coal engines.

I'm the president of my module group, actually. We use horn hook couplers, so I'm kind of one of the best at scenery building. Uh, just finished this beautiful sanitation depot, made completely out of balsa. I also was the first to implement wire-framed humans so that the people are poseable.

Station agent is now, now he can bend his arm to say hello, as the train passes. There's one little girl I use, I call her Sally. I'm also quite good at flocking snow, so I'm very popular around the holidays.

Bottom of the glass fell clean off. It was a science miracle. Not funny the first six times, and not funny now, 'cause, guess what, Nick Miller—not always funny. There's not a problem. Say what you got to say. You want to say anything else, say it. So, Sam said he spilled on the bird shirt and he had to take it off. He's putting on a brave face, but, poor thing, I know he is just crushed.

This is actually the kindest, creepiest thing that a group of people I've only known for four hours has ever done for me. She's goin' out to find a rebound Wait, did you make up a theme song for yourself?

You got some Schmidt on your face! I want to have sex with him big time! I want to take him down to Chinatown and slice him off a piece of this pumpkin pie, okay? I want to do all the things that you do in a bedroom with him! I want to do it standing up and sitting down and half-up and half-down and the Wiggly One and the Bear Attack and the claws in the head and the one that figure skaters do and the "what's for lunch? I'm really good and I don't care what you think! The only time a man is allowed to think about another man is when that man is Jay Cutler.

I forgot what you looked like when you're not dressed as the loft troll. I'm from the town in Footloose. No, we need to hear it ''80 more times! Oh, I get it now! And here she was, approaching him in a pair of crisp white denim pants that hugged her perfect legs, and a tight pink spaghetti-string top that displayed her tanned shoulders and arms.

Her dark hair was long and wavy, falling into a perfect frame of tendrils around Miley's gorgeous face. Miley finally caught up to him, her heeled boots clicking on the hard hallway floor as she approached, "Yeah, it's Charlie right? Of course he knew Stacy, Charlie thought.

After all, Stacy was almost as beautiful as Miley, "Uh, yeah. You two are in my Bio class. Well, she just told me you have, like, this huge cock. A reply didn't come to mind.

Miley grinned at him, "So, is it true? He backpedaled to avoid tripping and she followed him in. There were two surprised freshmen by the sinks, washing their hands. They glanced Miley's way, not expecting to find a girl in the men's bathroom. They hurried out when Miley said, "Get lost twerps," aiming her thumb over the shoulder and towards the door.

Your pecker, your Johnson. What are you, crazy? If I do that, good luck losing your virginity any time before age thirty. How did she know he was a virgin? And the last thing he needed was more bad gossip about him; he already had enough trouble talking to girls.

He began to reluctantly unfasten his pants, "Just promise me you'll get your look and leave me alone? You won't start any rumors? She had no real intention of telling anyone about Charlie's size, but boys were so easy to manipulate.

Embarrassed, but seeing no other option, Charlie slowly lowered his pants and boxers to reveal his penis. Hanging limply between his legs was Charlie's cock, a circumcised thing roughly seven inches in length. Miley could only imagine how big it got when erect, amazed at its size.

In its limp state, Charlie's penis was bigger than most boys she'd seen when fully aroused! His skin was smooth, with one bulging vein traveling the length of Charlie's shaft. His balls hung loosely and the surrounding pubic hair was shaggy and untrimmed.

She wanted to keep looking, she wanted to see it erect, "Charlie, wait! I-" Charlie rushed by her towards the door, fumbling with the lock. Miley tried to stop him, "Charlie it's okay, please It took for someone to come in and give her an odd expression before Miley came to her senses and left the bathroom.

The rest of the day was a haze for Miley and she had trouble concentrating on anything. It was like Charlie's big dick had been burned into her mind and it was all she could think of. It wasn't until their shared Biology class, the last of the day, that Stacy finally caught up to her best friend.

Fortunately, they were lab partners and sat right next to each other at a small table in the back of the classroom; they could talk quietly during class. What happened with Charlie? He was avoiding making eye contact with her. You've given more handjobs than a porn star," Stacy teased. Miley smiled at that and couldn't refute the accusation, "Well, I've got to do something to keep boys interested, don't I?

And it was limp, so it must be a monster when he's got a boner. Did you touch it? But Miley couldn't stop looking in Charlie's direction; she was unable to get the image of his penis out of her head. She wanted to see it again. She wanted to see it erect, just to satisfy her curiosity over how big it was.

Miley had always been fascinated by men's cocks. She loved giving her dates handjobs, to placate them when they begged her for sex. She liked the feel of them when they grew hard within her hand, and the total control she felt when a guy was close to cumming. Class seemed to drag on, as the last class always does. The bell sounded after what felt like hours and Miley swiftly gathered her things, telling Stacy she'd call her later.

After a quick stop at her locker Miley hurried out to where the busses were loading. She was looking for Charlie. She wanted to see that monster between his legs again. Just a look, she told herself.

She spotted him, about to board a bus, and waved, "Charlie!

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