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Finland geeky girl friends

Finland geeky girl friends

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Finland geeky girl friends

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A brand spanking new dating app, aptly titled DragonFruit, launched on Tuesday with hopes of turning the geek world on its head. DragonFruit is a dating app by geeks for geeks. They wanted something for people like them. They were into Star Wars, video games, and other interests that put them outside the mainstream of the dating field.

Enav, a lawyer and overall make-things-happen kind of businessman who was sick of the rat race in the soul crushing legal job market, was looking for a new project and decided to throw down the gauntlet by taking on this challenge.

Coming from the community, Enav understands that the geek label encompasses a very big tent, and not every geek will fit with a geek of a different stripe. Their system is smart enough to understand what kind of groupings match with what in the universe around the intended subject. For instance, if someone puts down that they identify with Batman, then DragonFruit will know to connect that person with the rest of the Batman world, whether it be with other characters like Harley Quinn, Robin, DC comics, etc.

Even while they have identified and set up a large number of categories on their own, Enav tells Geektime that the vast majority of geekdoms are user generated.

Having already done their soft launch back in October, the service now has roughly a thousand users, mostly in the big U. Up to this point they have mostly focused on generating content to build their user base, writing a blog with dating advice for geeky relationships. One of the best events that he says they did was in teaming up with a group in NY called Sexy Nerds that does parties for that crowd.

DragonFruit puts a premium on making their platform very open for all. He notes that the app can also be used for finding friends, though while he has seen users trying this aspect of the app, he says that it has been popular mostly among the girls. While he says that they hope to improve this breakdown, he notes that it is actually a lot better than what he had previously expected. This belief carries over to some of the efforts aimed at limiting harassment.

In addition to a strict policy and enforcement against bad practices, Enav and his team decided against a photo sharing feature since it left open too wide a door for abuse. If you have any doubt about this problem, ask any girl who uses Tinder how many unsolicited dick pics she gets a week. The more users we can attract, the better it will be. Users who tried signing up outside of the U.

Still, this is something that users who are looking to join from their desktop should keep in mind. Down the line, DragonFruit plans on adding a number of paid features to help support the business.

Some ideas that have popped up are things like a virtual assistant for managing the profile and optimizing messages and photos, and using statistics and expert input to help people along.

Then there is a geekdar for finding people with the same interests at specific places like conventions. His philosophy is something that he would enjoy using. In the meantime, the team is looking to ramp up their user base and work out some of the issues that come along with any kind of social app, both on the technical and social sides.

After showing off DragonFruit to a single geek, who in turn did some asking around with her female geeky friends, the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, with a lot of excitement about the potential to meet the people that they are actually interested in dating. I like the idea that people can skip past much of the awkwardness, time wasting, and frustration, honing in on a pool of people who will actually understand the context of how geeks view the world.

Gabriel has an unhealthy obsession with new messaging apps, social media and pretty much anything coming out of Apple. DragonFruit is on a quest to be the Tinder for Geeks. Gabriel Avner About Gabriel Avner Gabriel has an unhealthy obsession with new messaging apps, social media and pretty much anything coming out of Apple.

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I wish we could have had a few more days, definitely recommend the underground walking tour. Oh, and we survived walking through the Spanish quarter, fascinating. Never had a bad experience. I ran into your article on the way to Sorrento by pure coincidence. You get that anywhere you go though, so not singling it out for that reason. Sorry you had a bad experience at your hotel Star.

Went to a supposedly nice restaurant recommended by the hotel. Walked in shock with my wife for 50 meters and 3 guys jumped us, again trying to pull off my watch. Ended up in a full punching brawl. They even pulled my wives hair and hit her in the head.

I got hit a few times, but fought back and now have bruised knuckles. Hopefully they used ice on their faces. I suspect a waiter at the restaurant or nearby notify the gangs that i had a good watch, and they came specifically for us and the watch. They attacked at 8: There were even lots of military police and actual police around. Just returned from Naples. I felt completely safe at all times.

We stayed on the Toledo and it was perfect. I felt all the reputation made me self-conscious and anxious, but once I was settled, I really enjoyed the place. Went to Naples two days ago with the intention of spending the night.

Thanks for the insight and advice. I read all of the comments. I will be traveling and living with common sense. After reading this, I may put it back in. We love to stay near the train stations when we travel, so hearing that those are the seediest areas is a bit disconcerting. I spent a year there with a geology research team years ago about 20 and it changed my life. The city is full of life, history, great food.

I still miss the day-to-day encounters I had, a very lovely and social culture. I think the advice in this article is spot on. The city is not Disneyland and you do need to keep your wits about you, but I found it to be an unforgettable place. This is a fantastic piece.

I am visiting Naples soon and was doing a quick Google search on safety as I heard it can be proper dodgy there the Mafia scares me! I have accidentally hung out with drug dealers in Mumbai and accidentally been drinking with Russian gangsters in a brothel in Marseille and it all was fine…. I love these gritty not shitty cities and looking forward to it. It would come across more genuine if you would show the worst and the best, as well as the average.

I came across your blog while google-searching Naples crime rate, as a result of hearing a story about someone getting dragged across the Naples streets by a motorcyclist who was trying to steal her purse.

Her purse was stolen, and she lost her passport. She said she was staying in a dodgy part of Naples. My intention was to show the other side of Naples: Nevertheless, I accept your point. I will review the content of this post and consider adding some other pictures I took.

My wife and I have this very day just returned from an 8 day holiday in the general area, including 4 days in Naples. Our hotel was in Piazza Bellini, right in the heart of the historic centre. Naples exaggerates all the faults and virtues of Italy. Chaotic streets, widespread graffiti, non-existent public services, incredible churches, staggering views of the bay and coast, amazing food and friendly locals, noisy piazzas, disfiguring piles of rubbish, precious art.

By far, it is the liveliest city we have visited in Europe. Heck, I just have to post a comment. I will comment on driving in Napoli. Plaza Garibaldi, rented car. No GPS, a paper map on my laps. Then I spend over a month driving around the city and learnt to navigate it rather well. Well, where else in Europe a policeman, seeing a 6-month old baby hanging out of the front window and waving him will… wave his hand back with a smile?!

Driving there is a mix of concurrency and respect. You cut when you can, you give way when being undercut.

I learnt to see the scooters around the car, and feel what maneuver would be safe. I learn to enjoy the vibe of the traffic, all this hoking around. I became a better driver. Five years later we visited the city with our own car. Finally a place for the road users, not the police watchmen.

Safe or not, I believe the city is polarizing. I personally am torn by the thought that visiting it is very different from living there. Thank you Sergei, loved your culture shock story! Definitely not the case of Napoli! There are so many marvellous things to see, I urge everyone to go…. I am here in Naples now.

While I have visited all of italy many times, I always avoided staying in Naples. Of course, I still prefer staying in Sorrento for longer visits, but Naples is a very beautiful city, and much more cosmopolitan that I would have thought. I do recommend pushing your hotel budget a little more here and find the nicest hotel you can comfortably afford.

Being in a nice area gives you the opportunity to stay out a little later at night without worry. I also would suggest using a money belt even if it is just for peace of mind. Losing your valuables can ruin any trip. Why take the chance. As for the circumvesuviana line. It is such an adventure. My husband wraps a very thick rubber band around his wallet which makes it harder to pull out smoothly.

My wallet is attached to the inside of my purse. Rick Steves suggest that you never carry more money in your wallet or purse than you can afford to lose. And explore all of the south. Thanks for your tips, especially the money belt is a great idea I use it all the time, not only in Naples. A few days ago googled to see if Naples is now a safe place to visit, and came across your article regarding Naples, not yet planned to visit there, but hopefully in the near future.

Imagine the disbelief after seeing the list of unsafest cities, Marseille is rated at 55th, and Naples 10 down on 65th, I had been to Marseille a few years back without knowing it! Anyway, thought it is a really good article. I just came back from Naples and was positively impressed.

The architecture and the panoramic view of the gulf and Mt. Vesuvius are simply stunning. The moment you find yourself in the Plebiscito squadre, in front of the Royal Palace and next to the San Carlo theather the most ancient one in Europe which is still active you immediately get the feeling this used to be more than just a city: Not very far from this square you can find two beautiful castles: And right next to it they just found some ancient Roman ruins while bulding a new metro station.

The tourist guide told me: Recently they also discovered the remains of three ancient Roman ships. The Archeological Museum is probably the biggest one in Italy and full of interesting stuff. The Capodimonte Museum is also worth a visit. The food was amazing. They also have very yummy traditional pastries. Seafood is very good too. Plus restaurants are cheap compared to Rome or Florence. In Barcelona they robbed me twice. In London they tried to. In Naples I could walk for 5 days around the city without anybody bothering me.

People are actually very friendly and cheerful, definitely more than in Northern Italy, although not many speak proper English. I noticed that the area around Piazza Garibaldi Central Station is full of probably illegal immigrants trying to sell probably fake products. So avoid that area. They turned some of them into some kind of free modern art galleries. Still, the trains are not always on time and some crucial stations are still under construction. If you want to do some shopping, try via Toledo and Galleria Umberto which is also a sightseeing attraction.

Here are some highlights:. Every square inch of the city is covered in terrible graffiti. Even the famous monuments, churches, and statues. You can see criminals operating in the daytime. Literal gangs of immigrants pick pocketing in broad daylight without a cop in sight. The streets are filled with dirt, trash, and human and dog feces. You can see the used toilet paper right next to it…. The food is terrible. The parks are filled with homeless camps.

Sad, but hundreds of cities have this problem. Even Rome has more homeless people per capita, how about that? Also same with NYC for example — does that makes it a terrible city too? That is the true… Italy is another country that is going down because of the multicultural Europe. I hope that Easter European countries will be away from such shit…. Vasil, the city is dirty because of the mafia, not the migrants. It is the mafia who owns the waste business. Also, Portland, Oregon, is plagued with homeless.

Not specific to Naples. My mother was born and raised in Naples until the age of 18 where she married my father and moved to the U. As a child she took me back frequently to visit relatives. As an adult i lived and worked there. As husband and father I have taken my wife and children back there frequently. That being said it I have never been a victim of crime mentioned and I have visited many areas of Naples. I agree with many of the posts. You must be observant, be aware of the surroundings of course.

As well as how if you try and speak the language or being courteous to the Neapolitans you will have a wonderful experience. Petty crime is a large issue because of the economy and high unemployment rate, However, a lot of crime is now coming from immigrants that have have been funneled through Naples. These crimes are not just towards the tourists but towards the locals as well.

The fake goods are rampant. The chinese flooded the area about 12 years ago and demolished alot of local merchants. I have spoken with my family frequently about these issues.

The majority of my family were small business owners and have had to deal with all of these issues. With all of this being said I still I still feel safer in Naples than many of the large cities in the U. The Neapolitans to me are unique.

The city of Naples is unlike so many cities in the world. Neapolitans for the most part still like Americans and for me that is wonderful. That is becoming rarer in the world as the years go by. I am truly sorry for anyone who has had a bad experience there.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I spent three nights in Naples in October of I had a wonderful time. The things to do are endless. The historic old section was fun and interesting. Good small restaurants up and down Via Toledo and the side streets for pizza, beer and coffee. I would recommend a trip to Naples to anyone had a great time. Hey, Thanks for the nice review of an amazing city.

Naples will amaze you with its art history and warm people. There are many areas that even locals avoid areas around Garibaldi station and airport , visiting them as a foreigner is definitely a no-no.

There are amazing neighbourhoods and safe areas that are weirdly overlooked by most travel guides. Places like Via dei mille, via chiaia, the vomero and the beach areas are very elegant and very safe, and will give you a taste of the beauty this city has to offer, without the noise, dirt and petty theft. Naples is truly one of a kind and you will not regret visiting it.

Exactly, I feel people form this opinion about Naples based on the Garibaldi area — which is indeed gritty — and miss out on the potential the city has elsewhere. I really enjoyed getting to know the little streets, the vibe of the city and of course, the amazing food!

Being robbed 4 times in 6 months. Assaulted for no reasons by baby gangs 2 times in one year. I worked in Naples area for 3 years and me and my family loved it, we were treated like family by our landlords invited for diner often, our child at the time was born there and people loved him, it is a very family , social place that introverts have issues with.

I found that most of the folks that had issues in Naples were those that 1. Stayed in an isolated area with only Americans for the entire time working there and 3.

We enjoyed the Food, well the people were a little over the top if your not used to it but we adapted and enjoyed it so much we went to Sicily for another four years.

If you try and blend in and try embrace and learn from where you are it can really be surprising. We still have life long friends from both Naples and Sicily. We would go back in a heart beat.

Completely agree with you. That happens everywhere, by the way. I was born in Napoli and lived there until I was 13, at which point my family moved to the US my father is American, my mother Italian. I currently reside in Orlando, Florida but make a yearly trip to Napoli to see friends and family and play tourist. If a group of kids begins to swarm around you then make sure you make a swift move around the kids and keep walking little kids use the swarm and distract maneuver to go for pockets and purses.

And another tip that I never see mentioned — if someone is making you feel uneasy, make eye contact. We enjoyed the Food, well I agree with you about the safety issue and state side issues that are more frequent in the states my wife is more concerned here than we were in Napoli.

I also have the sense people make a big deal about safety in Naples and when we dig into facts, their own cities are more insecure and have bigger crime rates. My top one is to have a positive attitude. Spent a week there in May and will go back for another week in I am a single female traveler and I had no issues with safety at all. The food is fantastic and can also be very inexpensive.

The sea views are lovely. The people are friendly. The promenade along the seafront is fabulous. Give it a chance and you might be surprised….. Where did you stay? I am traveling there solo for a week in September and looking at an apartment near Dante metro. We stayed in the very centre and travelled with 2 girls. It was the most magical place in Italy for us!

I love Naples , the bay of Naples overlooking Mount Vesuvius is really gorgeous! Stay at Best Western Paradiso ……. It is just like any other big cities in the world. Enjoy pizza, strolling around the promenade or corniche, visit beautiful areas nearby such as a day trip to Capri Island, Almafi Coast…… really breathtaking…..

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It’s so time to sort this drama once and for all. Is Naples safe for tourists or not? Let’s spill the truth! It’s the elephant in the room of every discussion around like happened when I visited Rio de Janeiro, most of my conversations before heading to Italy’s third largest city had to do with safety.. Naples stands out as the crazy chaotic brother of all cities in Italy. reviews of The Cloak & Blaster "I have been visiting this place for about 2 years. Recently, they have changed their menu which I was glad since I was at first hesitant to go since I knew their dishes. My current visit occurred yesterday. More videos like this one at Nerd Pervert - Website of the biggest nerd fucking hot girls! All the content is % exclusive and we have packed the member's area .