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Dubois pa teen girl whores

Dubois pa teen girl whores

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Wnores things about me are that I love the outdoors, animals, food, and sleeping. So yeah if you would like to talk to a nice, genuine, kind hearted guy then I'm right up your ally. Race not an issue I am black and like all race,s. Austin bachelor party w4m You are from New York.

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Dubois pa teen girl whores

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Curvy is fine. I enjoy sports football is my favorite,boating,fishing hiking,camping. And if it did, there are things Your Sir will be doing to your ass, Dubois pa teen girl whores mind and your soul that have only been left to fantasy.

I can host or come too you for some NSA fun I'm DDfree and sane so lets not waste time and lets play together now. I HOPE TO TALK TO YOU SOON. Put your favorite position in the subject line so I know you read this adThanks for reading. I am waiting for a good man that wants a relationship that can lead to somewhere and has benefits (lol) that can be fun for both. My wife cheated on him while he was in. To know that if things are going bad to end it before things get worse.

I'm not perfect and not seeking for perfection. Put spiderman in the subject line and send a puc so i know your really Seeking for some fun at the casino m4w I will be at the casino till thursday and would like to have some fun or just a female to chill with.

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Please include a photo if possible and include the word ub, in dubois pa teen girl whores reply. My last relationship didnt work because my ex wasn't ready for a relationship and was too immature. We live in a bed two bath house and seeking for a roommate asap. I want someone who could go high or low. I said I would text you later, only to realize once it was too late I didn't have you number. Good looking guy for bbw I'm a good looking guy with a 6 pack that wants to make love to a woman.

I like My ex wife and always will be. Its the fact that women in the bars and social gathering areas around here are either scary to looking at or scarily slutty.

Oh yeah, I can cook. I'm a boardshort kinda man. I can send you a couple links to some pics I've taken. I'm on the heavier side, but im sexy. Then there's also the cuteness factor.

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I tell you something. I hope it's not getting your kidney or anything like that. Oh look, keep, keep, just keep it high, just keep it high. You know what I mean? I got worried about those things, I got. Venus is arising, you know, I'm humane. Just keep it high. Oh, love it, yeah, right. Ask him, "Does it get you hot? Is it getting you hot? Oh, maybe it would do if I had another 'bout fifteen people.

I know what gets you hot. Hamburgers get you hot, 'cause I picked you up in the pool hall! You don't know what gets me hot, you don't have the faintest idea what gets me hot! I can't take it. But you don't know what gets me hot. I'd bet I know what gets you hot. Sticks, sticks on your body on a table get you hot.

When I was drinking the potion. It's just so wonderful. Give me a bite of the apple there. Mmm, oh, my monster! Oh, that's so terr— Oh! I love that, when a monster does that, mm. Well, I've just been thinking, monster, we can take rides in the country in the Volkswagen.

It does get you hot. I saw you laying on the floor in the corner with him! I, it wasn't me laying in the corner! That was, that wasn't me! Sheba is the one that's in love with Don. And why, why do you like monsters? It's, it's not their looks, it's the intellectual thing that comes across, you know, you could tell that, I, looks aren't important to me, it's something about the intelligence. When you mix that potion, you know when I've seen you mix that potion, I don't know, it's the intellectual way I get hot.

Yeah, but what causes this? It used to be very, it was really nice and quiet in this place, that's why I came here, because of the feeling like, like a place to get away from things, and now what's going on, it's like all noise and.

I don't know, it doesn't. Go right ahead, sit down! Anybody drinking this beer in here? No, I don't know what the bartender. My name is Biff Debris. So and uh, your name is Biff Debris. You know, funny thing, if we got married my name would be Sheba DeBiff. It, it sort of sounds like Debris, you know what I mean? Like, is that French, or what? Well, actually I'm part Mohawk and part Norwegian.

Is the hamburger ready yet? What sign are you? Uh, I'm Aquarius with Venus rising on my past. It's really good sign because it's the Aquarian age now, you know?

And like, it's all coming together. You know what I mean by coming together? I think since I came from New York, you know, I'm really. Are you from New York? Yeah, you can't tell! I tell you something, so it really means that I'm losing my accent, you know, because the other day I was talking to someone and they couldn't guess either, well, I asked them, I said to them, "Where do you think I'm from? Like, it depends so, if you come from Patterson, it's different from Trenton and Orange County, but you know, I say "Orange" like this, "Orange," 'cause that's in California they say, "Orange," you know?

What's the, what's the matter with uh, Debris? That's one thing I stayed away from. I think that you can really be high on your own intellectual stratification. Don't say hamburgers, it gets me so hot. But you don't know what gets me hot, you see.

I know what gets you hot! I saw it in the pool hall Don: That isn't what does it, you see. Well, well, what is it? You know, like if it's not that, then what is it? Well, don't be embarrassed! You can tell me, you know? Well, okay, you know, I can go see that, I can see, I can understand showers. Not, not nude showers. What you mean not nude showers? It's gotta be a special shower, you know. What kind of shower? With these special clothes on it.

You mean, you wear clothes when you. These are the clothes. These are the clothes that you. There are clothes in there for me for the shower?

Say he devised this plan, this is how this clothes and the shower thing all came by, because I was too embarrassed to stand in the shower. First role, you know, I'm not gonna be standing there naked with the whole thing sticking out, so I figured, "Okay, I'll wear dungarees and a shirt.

I don't understand it, but it's like. It's your trip, man! Like, it's alright with me, you know? And this children's belt with the little holes in it. Look at those pants! Ooh, but what has this. I mean, you know, like I hope they fit up. You know, like, okay, I'll try, I don't care, I'll try anything! Hi, Phyllis, why don't you want to take your clothes off with the monster?

Because I'm embarrassed to. What's there to be embarrassed about? Well, I've never done that before, and I don't wanna do it now! But why don't you wanna do it? There's no reason, I'd just rather not.

But what's the matter? You got an ugly body? No, I have a great body. I just don't wanna do it. But why don't you wanna do it if you've got a great body?

Don't you wanna share it with the world? No, I don't wanna share it with the world. I got the shirt, I got the pants, and I got the belt with that little yellow holes, you know? And I got the bun and the hamburger and the relish and the orange and I've got my clothes off and I'm hot!

You know how many times we. I go down to Mr. Pocket three times a week, trying to find somebody that'll wear these clothes in the shower.

How do they look on me? They're great, you know. I had those clothes in the refrigerator for about two months now. Where is the hamburger? Just give me a bite, mmh. You don't meet guys who get you off with hamburgers, I'm saying I'm really happy that mmmm. Oh, the two of us really make a great couple! I know, me with my clean clothes and the hamburger and everything like that, well, you know, we can go places. You want me to wash your hair? While you, just hold the hamburger first, you know, while I wash your hair.

Do you want me to wash it to you? Well, I don't know, I wasn't planning on it, it's alright, you can wash my back. I can't bear it. Especially, especially, especially if you. Some people are really weird. Pull it on my back, just a little bit, it won't, it won't hurt, just a little bit over there, this side, it's terrific, with the hamburger.

Wouldn't that be better if you had your clothes off then you can uh, enforce him on your arms? Oh, doesn't that feel good, oh, it's so great. I'm so glad that I met you today. Do you mind if I rub some of this in your hair? Oh I don't mind, let me just take out that little thing here, mmm. A little bit, wait, it's, but I don't know, do you have cream rinse here? I won't be, let me see how it feels with the soap.

Whi-whi-which parts get you the hottest that can be rushed with the hamburger? Well I think uh. Oh, I love this with hamburgers under the clothes. You're getting hot, come on. Oh, am I hot, over this hamburger! Oh, I think of my uh. For a hundred dollars you're getting hot. Oh, am I hot! I'm so hot from this hamburger, oh.

Hamburgers with soap are good. Let me put it in here so I don't loose it. I don't wanna in case I wanna little piece after, could you do my back? Underneath the shirt, don't be bashful, I, oh, I know it makes you hot, like if you keep. Yeah, I like the shirt better. I'll wash the shirt. Oh, let me take a little bit of the hamburger FZ: You know, the last guy that I was with he just had ground chuck, you know what ground chuck tastes like in the shower, man.

This is odd meat, where did you get this? Just like the health food stuff, are you a health food person? No, I am Uncle Meat! You are Uncle Meat? And because you're the main man with the burgers. And the burger's my trip and is such a groove, I wanna show my appreciation and I wanna clean your bathroom. I'm going to the Hollywood Ranch Market and I'm gonna buy the cleanser. And because you have worn the clothes. That got me hot, the shirt. The pants and the little brown belt, children's belt with the holes in it.

Accept your offer to go to the Hollywood Ranch Market. And get the cleanser and clean my bathroom. He's from that group Cleanser. He looks pretty kinky. Too bad we didn't have our garters on.

Oh, what do you expect from work in this joint. Ooh Janet, he has a vibrator! We're coming to the beginning of a new era at the motel, where we have been working secretly on a new composition in the back room, in our secret chambers.

We're trying to get the secret karma change for the whole world, you see, like this whole karma thing, it's really what's causing all the problems, so we have to get a composition and, I'm sure that it's going to be a hit single, because everyone is going out and buying our new hit single, for this group that uh. Yeah, you remember our other single, "The Bun"? See, this, this was our last composition.

And uh, it was pretty hard to play because uh, some of the members of the group couldn't read music, you see? But we got it all straightened out and, some of them quit and everything but. A few holes in the Brothers. Uh, with our new arrangement we really hope to do big things, you know? Like we hope to change every single person's karma and that in turn will change and upgrade all the ecology problems, all the polution and all the air and everything, you know? And this right here is the composition I was speaking of and uh, this is the guitar part, this is the vocal, this is the bass part, and this little section over here could be for the dancer, but she keeps quitting all the time so we don't really know, uh, if she's gonna be in it if she's not, we'll just take it out like that.

Now, it's very difficult to compose this type of thing, because like, the slightest movement that you can make of one single article could define whether it's underground or real commercial, see?

If we put the sock over here it's more commercial than if it were over here, then it's real underground, you understand? So we take you now to the motel, where the group is deep in. Hey, listen you guys, I would like just. These guys can work together. Talk about the arrangement here Aynsley: How about that new drum solo you just worked out?

I've got a new composition. Don't you believe in progress? Take that progress and stick it under a rock! What are you doing with the chicken? That's what we need for our new song. That was a good composition! Can you write one like that then? At last night, that's. That's when he starts in with the guitar. Then he comes in with his guitar solo? You guys, do you see this over here? Why does he have this?

Can you see this over here? This is the new composition that we're going to make a hit single with. What's it called, "Juncture"? It's called "We're using the chicken to measure it. Right, "We're using the chicken to measure it. That's a weird title. Ray's got a chicken. You can use Ray's chicken to measure it. No, no, that's part of the concept—you're using the chicken to measure the bitchin'! It's what I choose. Oh, I see, yeah, are we using the chicken to measure it?

I'll show you, this is. How about a sock? I thought it was cooler. This is the guitar part, right here. Then let me see. It's that what I play? And this is a new concept. I can't learn that by tomorrow, man, there's no way. I can't learn it tonight! Listen, I got the time booked. At the Hollywodd Ranch Market tonight, man! That's pretty heavy, man. My strings are flat, my pickups are shot, do Herbie wouldn't give us an advance so I can buy some new strings and an amp?

Listen, I'll take care of everything. You see, Countess, the problem is uh, it's very hard to talk about but, the guys need equipment, you know like he needs batteries and uh, and, and uh, needs strings for his guitar, you know? It tells the story of the town of Eidolon Crossing, a town that was once prosperous and the home to Dogwood Park, a successful amusement park that children would go to all the time.

But all this changed once kids started disappearing and turning up brutally murdered. Bo dies were found in an old mine shaft. This led to the park's closure and the eventual collapse of Eidolon Crossing's economy and it's reputation as a peaceful place. Jake Richardson's William Clifton brother disappeared in the town back in Being obsessed with finding out who was behind his brother's disappearance and finally getting to the bottom of whoever or whatever was responsible for all the other bizarre occurrences and deaths from over the years, Jake goes back to the town to investigate in hopes of getting the truth once and for all.

But getting the truth turns out to be an uphill battle and a nightmare as well. Jake is haunted by the spirits of the dead children and hears voices and sees other apparitions. Jake is driven to desperation to find out what it all means and what he finds in the end turns out to be something much bigger than he bargained for. It is without a doubt Wicked Pixel's greatest accomplishment thus far. The movie doesn't rely on blood and guts to be scary although it does get kind of gory near the end , the choice of location and scenery is excellent, and William Clifton gives a fine performance in the lead role.

It goes to show how far Eric Stanze and Wicked Pixel have come over the years. This is absolutely their most professional-looking film to date. Brad and his friends listen to it not knowing that it contains a track that turns its listeners into zombies. They become flesh hungry ghouls and the evil spirit of the band's lead singer tells them to go out and kill. The town gets overrun by zombies and Brad's girlfriend and another one of his friends must find a way to play the tape backwards to stop them and destroy Living Corpse's reign of terror.

It falls into the "so bad it's funny" category for sure. This one is about on the same level as the stuff from W. The acting is so bad you'd swear these people went to some kind of school to learn how to act that way.

The end credits say the film is dedicated to Kurt Cobain since it was made shortly after his death. The music in this one is by Relapse Records. His Texas-based company named Cemetery Cinema a poor man's Sinister Cinema went out of business in Cook has not directed anything else since. Not really surprising when you think about it.

A Cemetery Cinema Release. After that fails, the two give up, and later the doll suddenly comes to life all by itself. As it turns out, the doll is possessed by the devil surprise, surprise and it has the power to imitate anyone it sees or comes into contact with. It orders Scott to kill his friends and after Scott refuses to comply, it imitates Scott and starts killing them all. The doll soon possesses Scott and Stacey and has them go against each other in a supernatural battle of "evil vs.

If not, that doesn't surprise me. After all, it's my job to review these things because I have to. Cook writes and directs and stars as Scott.

A junkie named Jesse Dennis Stewart runs into some trouble with a couple fellow drug dealers. Lucinda saves him from getting his ass kicked by chowing down on the one's throat and scaring the other away.

Jesse takes her back to his place because she has nowhere else to go. His girlfriend doesn't take too kindly to this. He soon learns that Lucinda is a demon queen who feeds on flesh to survive. Some of her victims come back as zombies. This is the first of camcorder guru Donald Farmer's shot on video gore fests. You pretty much know what to expect with this one: It has bad acting and weak photography, but the gore is very graphic and includes throat rippings, throat munching, a face ripped off, frothy zombie drool, and a nauseating heart ripping with lots of spurting blood.

If you love watching really amateurish video features, this could be your cup of tea. All others should stay clear. A Mogul Video Release. A ll are in very limited supply and sold out by the time you read this, making me believe it is an eBay scam to charge ridiculous prices for all the product made by Massacre Video. The thing that really bothers me about this trend is not the limited supply Hey, everyone has to make a buck or two in this world , but the fake-looking, beat-up boxes that are supposed to remind us of the VHS boxes we saw on shelves at the video rental stores.

They were nothing but a horny little gleams in their parents' eyes. Barbara Ann Frances Raines is upset with her twin sister Alicia for sleeping with her boyfriend. Meanwhile Barbara Ann is getting weird phone calls with awful loud noises and vibrations coming from the receiver. She soon meets up with Franklin Mark Walker and begins a relationship with him. Franklin is a kind but strange young man.

Soon it turns out that he is a psychopath who picks up women, takes them back to his place, and brutally stabs them to death after sex. After Franklin is gunned down by the police, they think the nightmare is over but it isn't.

More women turn up dead and Barbara Ann keeps getting the strange phone calls slowly driving her to madness. It all has something to with a creepy old man she met at the beginning who asked to use her phone. I found it to be very disturbing. The scene where Raines has a dream about hanging up a blood splattered painting and the scene at the end where she destroys the telephone and hears strange voices and noises in her apartment is very unsettling.

The film isn't horribly gory, though it does have a few bloody scenes. It's scary for the most part in a Hitchcock kind of way.

There are some Hitchcock references in it as well. It's kind of hard to find but worth checking out if you get the chance. With Carl Koch and Carmine Capobianco.

An Active Home Video Release. Let free once it was determined no crime was committed, their movie has gained a cult following as a feature with a political message about how the media has a tendency to exploit violence and death in today's society rather than the movie just being an exploitation of the Columbine tragedy itself which some had accused it of being.

Hellfire and Smack both star in the roles of two outcast high school kids whose characters are based on Columbine killers Eric Harris and Dylan Kleibold. The characters put up with teasing and bullying at school and one day decide they have no faith that anyone can help them with their problems and the two go on a shooting rampage at their high school before taking their own lives.

The story is actually not too farfetched in describing the kind of atmosphere the Columbine kids were most likely exposed to. The environment the kids are in is filled with sex, drugs, rock music, religious fanatics, jocks, and peer pressure. Hellfire and Smack did a fine job of portraying the reality of these situations that occur everyday in schools across the country.

While the movie has a tendency to be a little over-the-top at times, for the most part the social commentary on how people are so quick to judge something as being exploitive while at the same time exploiting awful events themselves on an almost daily basis is very evident throughout and the overall message is very effective. Hellfire and Smack co-directed and co-produced as well as co-wrote with Pete Jacelone. When this group sees what power the machine holds, they use it to help them resurrect dead historical figures to obtain their treasures that were buried with them.

Once another crime syndicate becomes privy to what's going on, a battle ensues over the machine and soon everyone will learn that obtaining such power will come with a price that's more than they bargained for. While the effects and stunt work are just as good as the other films and the movie contains the same Full Moon-style atmosphere common with other Bonilla and ZP films, the more interesting story and concept is what elevates this one above the others.

The result is an entertaining B-grade horror flick and despite the limited resources and low budget ZP was working with, the intriguing story and characters help things along the way. Gillespie, Ashley Arkels, Billy W. Blackwell, Cherokee Hall, and Frank Santoroski.

Legend has it that people who masturbate in the Cochwoods forest threaten to conjure up the monster who will go on a crazed killing spree. We start the story out with Geno and his low life, foul-mouthed fat slob friend named Sam who lives with his father.

Sam drives around cursing and spewing all sorts of obscenities like there's no tomorrow "Ah, you cocksucker! It so turns out that somebody went and cranked one off out in Cochwoods and the evil Cochwoods Monster basically a man in standard black slasher clothing with a monster mask springs up and goes on gory rampage turning the countryside upside down.

It's up to Geno and the local cops to find a way to trap the monster and kill it. Director Geno McGahee definitely has his heart in the right place as the campy feeling the movie starts off with keeps up for the duration and there's plenty of gore and funny one-liners to keep you entertained. This alone makes it easy to forgive some of the shortcomings with the technical factors.

It will be interesting to see what Geno and X Posse can do when they have more money. After a girl who he likes decides to play a cruel joke on him with the help of some other frat boys, Jimmy decides enough is enough.

The first shot on video effort from Todd Jason Cook and Cemetery Cinema of Texas is a not a bad little timewaster if you need to kill 90 minutes. After murdering the parents of young girl by the name of Alice Walker, he disappears for 20 years. Now Alice is grown up played by Rosemary Gore and keeps seeing the maniac in her nightmares. A string of more gory killings ensue that Alice can see in her sleep.

She decides to go out and find him herself and stop him even if she dies trying. The killings are very nasty and splattery including a very nauseating disemboweling scene. Rosemary Gore does a good job in the lead role. You can visit the production company on the web at www. The Brain Damage Films DVD has numerous extras including cast and crew commentary, behind the scenes bloopers, deleted scenes, alternate footage, alternate ending, extended scenes and more.

The "safe place" turns out to be the Bathory House. A few friends decide to get together and go up to the Bathory House for a night of fun and sex with some hookers. Only problem is this motley crew doesn't quite know what they're getting themselves into. It so turns out that the girls of the Bathory House are vampires with a thirst for human blood. The night of fun and sex ends in a bloodbath.

One guy decides to go search the brothel for his girlfriend who ran off to become a prostitute. He then ends up blowing the lid off the pressure cooker by breaking an old treaty between the vampire whores and a group of Irish mercenaries. The lead mercenary Sheridan Mike Watt gets together with his buddies to fight the bloodsuckers and rescue the one dude's missing girlfriend. You get your blood, gore, sex and action. Fun for the whole family!

Watt wrote and directed and Amy Lynn Best produced and plays the part of Elizabeth, the lead vampire. Visit them online at www. He has to put up with a crappy job, his love life is going down the drain and he has to deal with the death of his father. Late one night, Danny is attacked by an unseen force an animal?

Not being able to remember what exactly happened, he decides to put it behind him. Then all of a sudden Danny starts to change and his friends and family take notice. He loses his job and then things really begin to take a nosedive. A string of murders begins to plague the town with bodies turning up mutilated. Danny notices himself beginning to transform.

It turns out that whatever it was that he ran into that one night has caused him to turn into a manbeast with a taste for human blood. Kelly writes, produces, directs and stars as Danny. Visit Kelly online at www. Phil the Demon is back to grant her this wish. But as always, you have to be careful what you wish for. His huge-breasted bitch girlfriend played by adult film star Cherry Brady breaks up with him because of this. He enlists the help of his witch friend so she can summon the Sex Demon to give him what he wants.

The female demon makes the witch girl magically grow a dick so they can fuck. Our lonely guy with the small dick wakes up to the find that the demon has granted his wish and he has an enormous 4-foot shlong. But as expected, this miracle soon turns out to be a curse.

The parties in both movies end in gore-soaked bloodbaths with vampires and zombies. But the killers end up finding their way the house and the man and his wife both meet gruesome demises. The two then find another house and ask the homeowner Karen Dilloo to call for help. The two find themselves cornered with the leading psycho, and his thugs are preparing them for the final cut of their film.

More attempts to escape are made and from then on out the two teens fight to defeat the psychopaths. Financed by Michael D. Moore and MDM Productions. Hoopes, Alucarda and Dika Newlin did the soundtrack. Brinke Stevens is thanked in the end credits. A Moore Video Release. She proceeds to interview several friends and family members of all the victims and killers. But everybody who she interviews soon turns up dead. It is learned that one of the maniacs named Piper got away and another one named Nancy ended up in a mental institution.

Somebody who closely resembles Eddie, another one of the psychos who got killed four years ago, is seen wandering around a college campus. As the bodies pile up, Olivia begins to feel wave of terror closing in on her.

The police investigate while Bill is searching for answers as to what happened on his own and trying to provide comfort to Richard's wife Gloria Liz Haverty. Things become more and more bizarre as the mystery unravels. Bloody deaths, sex, and sleaze are all thrown into the mix.

Shot on Super 8 for very little money by director Joseph F. The twist ending takes a really neat turn and the overall tribute to classic giallos pays off quite nicely.

Brown that was published in an issue of Is It Uncut? Now in the present, a group of parapsychologists make a trip out to a mansion believed to be haunted to investigate and are confronted by three demons in the form of beautiful women. It appears that Fischer conjured up the demons with the amulet before his death. The group of investigators find themselves trapped in a hellhole as the demons pick them in off in extremely gory ways and zombies of past victims return to wreak havoc.

Embarrassed as I am to say this, I must admit I actually liked this one. I don't think it's nearly as bad as what some have said. Granted, it's not without its flaws, but I've seen much worse. It's not the best thing West has done, but it's very professional looking for the most part, there's a good bit of nudity to be found, and the gore and make-up effects by Brian Spears and Pete Gerner are actually pretty good. That alone makes it worth watching. Buckethead did the soundtrack. Available in R and Unrated versions.

Hand brings us this bizarre and intriguing take on the Frankenstein story, shot on Super 8 and written, directed, produced, edited by and starring Hand. Victor Karlstein who runs a medical facility.

After his girlfriend dies due to a condition at the clinic, Karlstein manages to reanimate her, but she needs the fresh body parts of women in order to survive. Acts of murder and butchery ensue as Karlstein searches for body parts needed to give the love of his life a new body.

While definitely not the best I've seen, there is much worse. Some viewers may find it confusing and may need multiple viewings to understand it better. Those with an open mind who are able to follow it closely will be able to appreciate Hand's effort and his handling of the picture on such a shoestring budget. That along makes the DVD worth a purchase. You also have to love the name of one of the characters, "Andrew Milligan.

The Unearthed Films DVD contains a director's commentary, a making-of featurette, photo gallery, and trailers for other releases. This low budget 16mm horror spoof became popular at midnight showings and has gained some cult status. It spoofs old Universal monsters like Dracula and Frankenstein, uses props and sets that look like they came from high school plays, and it delivers in cheesy gore, sex, and offensive humor.

The Formaldehyde Man created by Frankenberry is a two-headed monster that wreaks havoc near the end. Horror host John Zacherley does an introduction to the movie and he tells us to strap Dixie cups to our noses. Fangoria's Bob Martin has a cameo as "Uncle Bob" himself trying to sell magazines to the Formaldehyde monster.

He gets his head ripped off and the head keeps talking. I thought that was one of the funniest scenes in the movie.

A Penetration Video Release. The chemical causes students and members of the school's swim team to turn into flesh eating zombies that wreak havoc in the school. It's up to two horror fan nerds and a rock band to stop the hungry ghouls. In all honesty, I thought this was a funny, tongue-in-cheek Troma-inspired horror comedy.

There's lots of good lines in this one like "I think they're putting too much chlorine in the pool," and "We're trying to save you, not fuck you. The film has plenty of graphic gore including dismemberments, guts pulled out, a beheading, throat ripping, a head ripped open, zombies spewing green stuff, etc. The one scene with Martling telling a bunch of corny jokes to Franklin is a total laugh riot.

Written-produced-directed by Timothy O'Rawe. A Tempe Video Release. It's all he would ever talk about. It looks like he did it. This movie was lensed in Wayne, NJ using local landmarks like the high school and various businesses. This film has been floating around for years and usually gets awful write-ups and has now been released on DVD!!! The man has tried to find answers to life's many questions for years. Trying to understand God and why some things in the world occur the way they do, he does monologues where he talks about God and people's beliefs.

In a flashback, where are shown the man as a child and how he was stabbed, almost to death, by his father right after his father gorily beat his mother to death with a frying pan. His father then blew his brains out. In order to find these answers to life's many questions, he resorts to killing as a way to find the human condition. He uses dismembered body parts, organs, and flesh from his victims to put together what he believes is God's creature.

It has some beautiful imagery and it makes you become sympathetic towards the killer in a way most movies never do. The scenes of him talking grab your attention and hold you throughout. While it's not an all-out gorefest, there is some gore and torture to be found, and some very disturbing scenes as well. It's a film that's very hard to describe. Just the fact that it's hard to describe is what makes it so unique. It's clearly a thinking man's serial killer film that makes you see how the killer views the world and how he's clearly thought of himself as a failure all his life.

In some ways, it can show how cruel the world itself can be too. Once again, it's very unusual to find a gore film that does what this one does. For all these factors, Brian Hirschbine must be commended for making the film such an intriguing experience.

Visit Abortion Bin online at www. To be sum it up, it's a drama with a grim, daunting view of the youth of today living in the most undesirable environments. It actually plays out like a cheaper, amped up version of Harmony Korine's GUMMO , which many reviewers have compared it to even the titles are similar: Lucas Corcoran stars as Kelly Brady, a juvenile delinquent who, in his opening narration, says, "Fuck life. He goes around on his bike selling drugs to various undesirables in his neighborhood and causing all kinds of mischief.

Meanwhile, two documentary filmmakers who go by the names "Chuck Norris" and "Ollie North" played by Les Norris and Oliver Assiran themselves are making their rounds in town interviewing people about the Brady murder.

A Satanist is among the people they interview. The film is filled with many bizarre subplots and situations involving weird and seemingly unsympathetic characters that come into play.

We get a butcher that accidentally cuts off his fingers, a serial killer being hunted by a couple detectives, a crazy kid who drinks blood because he believes he's actually a vampire, etc. GORNO is quite a mixed bag of a do-it-yourself art house effort. Does it work as a movie? To be honest, it kind of works in the same way that John Waters' early films work: It's a good example of rough renegade filmmaking at its best with a pseudo-documentary style that may appeal to some fans of things like Giuseppe Andrews' dark comedies and certain films from the Cinema of Transgression movement.

It gives the same effect as watching any of those. Therefore, it's not for everyone's tastes for sure and some may find it offensive. Nevertheless, it's a shoestring budget effort from a couple ambitious filmmakers who set out to achieve what looks like a genuine piece of social commentary. Whether or not it succeeds in the message trying to be conveyed is debatable, but in the end, it's definitely a piece of art filmmaking that fans of the avant-garde should view at least once.

A group of friends gather together. One of them scares the others with horror stories. Soon a killer in an old hag mask shows up and starts slaughtering them all.

It also earns points for being shot on film instead of video. The killings are very gory and include a splattery axe-in-the-head death, many bloody knife stabbings and eyes poked out.

A baggy-over-the-head suffocation is thrown in for good measure. Directed by Boris Pavlovsky who also co-wrote and co-produced. A Dead Alive Productions Release. Pa Hacker and his idiot sons are the typical backwoods type psychopaths who prowl the roads of rural Michigan looking for easy prey, including hitchhikers, joggers, etc. A guy gets his thumb sliced off before the opening credits roll. From that alone, you know what kind of movie you're getting.

The Hacker family disguise themselves as housing contractors and they terrorize the main heroine at an estate she's staying at. There's a beheading, a scalping, one of the killers accidentally slices his finger off with a circular saw, etc.

This one was distributed by the director John J. It mainly got circulated in Midwestern video stores at the time and Camelot supposedly got units into distribution. They can be visited online at www. If you're a diehard VHS collector and can find the tape for a decent enough price, I strongly recommend picking it up.

And remember, "A twisted mind is a terrible thing to waste! It appears his mother who worked as a prostitute was raped and killed by Siamese twin homeless guys. I think that pretty much sums up the story what exists of it anyway. This one definitely has home movie written all over it.

There's lots of bad acting, effects, sound and camera work and some really corny humor. You may find it kind of amusing in a weird way. Those are about the two best factors the movie has going for it. One can only wonder what that one is like. They have also released a VHS version without any of the extras.

Heading up to the LA hills, the group has a nasty run-in with a group of gangsters who are out looking for trouble. The trouble this gang causes for the girls involves brutal, vicious rape, assault, and torture of the worst kind.

Driven insane by the horrific degradation, sexual molestation and mutilation of her friends, Kimmy seeks revenge on the gangsters in the most excessively brutal and outrageously gruesome ways imaginable. THE HOOD HAS EYEZ is a zero budget, gory, genital mutilation-filled sleaze fest featuring broken beer bottles thrust into vaginas, filthy Sanchez, fetuses ripped out from between legs with coat hangers, gangsters sucking soiled tampons, golden showers, balls clipped off with garden tools, nails hammered into penises, hacked off limbs, beheadings, and more.

It's a must see for fans of the extreme underground. We are presented with five stories and a wraparound segment. The wraparound segment stars Joel D. He keeps seeing images of a woman in his apartment. She keeps appearing and disappearing. For some reason he has very accurate hunches as to where the killer is going to strike next. He puts the baby in a trash bag and buries it in the woods. The guy is stricken with guilt and becomes suicidal.

He starts hearing voices in his head. Ghosts or spirits of some kind in the woods start playing tricks on him and slowly drive him to insanity. The photographer strangles her to death, end of story. Jerry meets a woman at a bar and the two of them hit it off from there. What seems to be going perfectly is soon derailed as Jerry finds that Brad betrayed him by taking his girl and it pushes him over the edge. The first segment holds your attention throughout. The third segment is done in an eerie Edgar Allen Poe-type style.

The fourth one there was really no need for at all, but just to see Pamela Sutch naked and getting killed. The movie is only 60 minutes long, so if you have an hour to kill and you want to see quick examples of the work from Falcon, Morbid, 4th Floor, W.

The story follows a horror novelist by the name of Marty Beck Bob Dennis who rents a creepy old house in rural Pennsylvania so he can have a place to stay while he finishes his latest book and get some inspiration. After moving into the house, Marty starts to experience some weird disturbances and is plagued by nightmares and gruesome images in his head. He soon learns that ghosts of people who lived at the house in the past haunt the place. Soon the ghosts, apparitions, and nightmarish images of ghastly slayings and mutilated bodies begin to drive him to insanity.

It becomes apparent that the ghosts will not go away without a fight. Marty is eventually faced with a grim decision that comes with him being forced to choose between his life or facing continuous hell on earth.

While the film has enough skin and bloodshed to satisfy the gore and sleaze fanatics, the story and characters are ultimately what make the film work and hold your attention throughout. I know when most people think of them and their movies, they immediately think of words like cheap, cheesy, shot-on-video, etc.

Not in this case. Pollenfax Jon McBride and two of his students Brice Kennedy and Jeff Dylan Graham head out to the creepy old house on Wingate Road to study the place months after the mysterious disappearance of horror novelist Marty Beck. Soon their stay at the place turns into a supernatural nightmare as they have ugly run-ins with demons and ghosts and various gruesome goings-on ensue. Pollenfax occasionally has run-ins with the apparition of a beautiful woman in the shower.

The trio has to battle with the forces-that-be if they want to get out of the house in one piece. There are some pretty decent effects and cool creatures, which are the creations of Brett Piper. While I think it was the story and characters that really stood out in the first movie, the sequel is made worthy by the special effects, lightning and creative visuals. Bob Dennis is seen in flashbacks as Marty Beck. The Sub Rosa DVD is loaded with all sorts of goodies including audio commentary, 3 behind-the-scenes featurettes, bloopers, still gallery, web links, trailers, etc.

Focusing on The Presence, a figure that exists between Heaven and Hell and an enemy of both, a young girl is chosen as the mortal who must go after The Presence and kill him. A psychedelic ride through the world of The Presence follows featuring tormented souls, gore and bloodshed, torture, and other horrors all from a seemingly parallel universe.

A group of friends who tap into the world of The Presence all end up meeting their final judgments and it's not a pretty sight. It's up to our young female mortal to defeat him once and for all. From the weird sound effects to the brilliant music score to the well-done make-up effects, ICE FROM THE SUN is proof that there are filmmakers out there who can succeed in making something that totally knocks the socks off viewers with little money. Disturbing and euphoric, the film is indeed one of Stanze and Wicked Pixel Cinema's best works.

The Sub Rosa DVD contains two audio commentaries with the director and crew, a behind-the-scenes still gallery, and two trailers. Visit Wicked Pixel online at www. Handyman Jake Jerry Murdock and female corpse makeup artist Corey played by Kelly in drag are involved in a secret corpse stealing business and are worried about Finley jeopardizing their operation.

Finley appears to be hiding a dark secret as she seemingly becomes attached to the corpse of Eddie, a kid killed in a car accident actually murdered by Jake. Eddie was the brother of the local sheriff's girlfriend. Beech believes that Finley is her long dead daughter returned to her.

The sheriff and other folks become suspicious of the actions going on at the Beech place. Soon enough, murder and mayhem ensues as Jake teams up with Finley to help her with her needs and conflicts arise. The only problem is that it runs a little too long.

That aside, the performance from Chlanda as the lead is great and all the proper horror elements are in place and should be enough to satisfy.

You can visit Alan Rowe Kelly on the net at www. The Heretic Films DVD contains several deleted scenes as extras as well as bloopers, a photo gallery, and trailers. The film tells the story of Dex Drags Andrew Taylor , a young college age guitarist who performs with his band at nightclubs.

Dex has a very dark secret. He seems to be addicted to blood. If I can remember correctly, it has something to do with an ancient vampire curse. He does his best to keep a lid on the secret. This causes difficulties for him with regards to his relationship with his girlfriend and his relations with other friends and band members. The rest of film follows the painful consequences of his blood drinking problem and what he must do in order to solve his dilemmas. In my opinion, the film deserves some points for originality.

Some parts of the film are very eerie, there is a little bit of gore and the soundtrack is very good. The film has a fabulous tagline: Written, produced, directed and edited by Walt Bost and Steven D. IT CAME - An extraterrestrial sound wave is picked up by a satellite and finds its way into a laboratory where it kills a scientist and melts a telephone into his head. The frequency is then transmitted into the phone lines and ends up in the computer system of an adult movie company called Throbbing Video.

The deadly sound wave finds its way into the body of an electrician and he turns into a crazed psycho and the wave travels from person to person in the building turning whoever crosses paths with it into a homicidal maniac.

Only an alcoholic doctor named Vibrum Moroflex knows how to stop it. The movie opens with Dr. Moroflex giving drinking game instructions for watching the movie. The rules are 1: When Moroflex takes a sip you must take a drink from a mutually agreed beverage. The last player to take a sip at any round must take a penalty sip. Anybody who can understand or remember the plot at the end of the game will be declared the winner.

For viewer participation, disclaimer 1: And finally, disclaimer 2: The makers of the movie do not acknowledge or accept responsibility for any consequences you may suffer from playing the game. There are some very funny scenes and some really gory parts as well including an ultra-splattery power drill killing.

One of the funniest characters is the boss who says fuck every two seconds. He ends up having his hand pinned to his eyeball. After he kills someone with a drill, he cleans it off in the bathroom and after killing another person with it, he says, "Oh shit! I just cleaned this mother fucker! Directed by Bret Stern. He then goes a rampage across the city carjacking various motorists and killing them. A group of detectives try to track the psycho down before more blood is shed.

After the sister of Detective Jackson Patrice Jackson is bumped off by the psychotic carjacker, it pushes him over the edge and he decides to take matters into his own hands and find the maniac himself.

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Shaka Ponk - Morir Cantando Dalida. Corneille, Kimberose - It ain't over 'til it's over Lenny Kravitz.

France 2 est la chaîne de l’événement, de l'information, du sport et du divertissement. Elle est disponible sur en direct et en replay. I'm pleased to announce that we have a new reviewer to CRITICAL CONDITION. His name is Mario Dominick and he wrote all the reviews that you will read below. The Nest Is The Best When Alexis Fawx’s ungrateful son Daniel stops by for an unannounced visit, he’s shocked to find her eating dinner with his best friend Duncan pampers Duncan feeding him as she explains to Daniel that she let Duncan move in. Daniel sits down at the table dumbfounded.