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Do you like hardcore musicsoft kisses

Do you like hardcore musicsoft kisses

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Do you like hardcore musicsoft kisses

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Jangly guitars twinkle between a spongy beat, subtle swirling keys lavishly flood the track with tranquilising psychedelic tones while velvety vocals seep passion into this soothing song. Crooning in on a light fluffy cloud of delicate psychedelic wisps with a gentle edge pushing it through this track is a beautiful blend of The Beatles mixed with Oasis with a sprinkling of Miles Kane on top.

A sublime debut from The Indica Gallery. In early , Colby Wilson vocals , Garrett Payne guitar , and Daryl McCarty bass were performing as an acoustic trio after a previous band had called it quits. Their sound quickly outgrew acoustic arrangements and percussionist Collin Payne joined the group to provide the depth and rhythmic nuance that the trio was seeking.

This EP is the sublime result of this. Warm guitar melodies flood the track in delightful glowing luminosity while soft cushioned drums fill the track with a gentle comforting bounce.

The vocals are smooth and velvety as the band introduce their delicate lusciously melodic sound that is laid back and such a joy to listen to. This track glides in full of charm and panache effortlessly cruising on sun kissed vibes and oodles of swagger.

With a guitar solo that scorches with steaming hot vapour it is groovy,infectious and oh so chic. Again this track is beaming with vibrant mellow golden guitar lines and a swaying swoony melody that melts over a delicate beat and spongy bass line. These tracks are made for summer evenings- relaxing as the gentle light of the sun setting shimmers and warms your face. The elastic bass adds a sensual mysterious quality while the drums bounce along giving a light playful spring to track.

Its a captivating relaxing and utterly stunning track to finish the EP. Smoking with the Bandit have created a marvelous treasure box of tracks that are so beautifully evocative and sublime you will want to put it on repeat. They have the ability to create songs with refined musicianship that stops time and creates a soothing calming state to fall into. Their subtly intricate instrumentation engulfs you in a world entirely created by Smoking with The Bandit.

Moon Loves Honey is a dream rock band from Aarhus, Denmark. Following the release of the EP the band toured Denmark and has since released two singles. Live the band takes on members Ludvig Kastberg on drums both in the studio and live, Albert Burchardt on synths and Johan Gudmandsen on bass. With a buoyant elasticity on bass teamed with a soft light bounce on drums this track takes you to a groovy cloud of marsh mellowness.

Twinkling synths caress the delicate soothing vocals while ethereal guitars lift the track into a hazy beautiful state of utopia. This magical track shimmers with an airy purity and joyous luminosity. The refined production and musicianship creates a track that is laid back- it takes its time giving the listener a smooth creamy angel delight to bop and dance to. Light and fluffy this track wisps around with happy little bursts between the silky scrumptious texture.

Golden zesty guitar lines sparkle throughout the track giving a sun kissed glow while the elastic bass injections teamed with the punchy drums add depth and flexibility. The melody is hazy, dreamy and insanely catchy while the instrumentation floats and bounces around the striking lyrics. When asked about the track Summit said: The year off was a rough time, emotionally — I was going through a breakup and most of my friends were away at school.

But it also turned out to be pretty productive from a creative standpoint. Summit is embarking on his first-ever tour of the California coast, along with fellow student and collaborator Irene Greene, in December you can catch him live at:. Flickering electronics flood the track with an airy sedative that soothes and numbs the soul.

Warm sharp guitar injections add a vibrant sun kissed glow while velvety smooth hazy vocals lull you into a calming sense of comfort. Deeply passionate and delicately numbing, each note takes its time leaving a hushed sense of reflection.

The track builds becoming more dynamic and bouncy creating a rush of adrenaline for the crescendo. Documenting their tour in Italy. That riff is so smooth and sublime as it breaks up swirling mind bending soundscapes.

With raspy vocals and heavy mosh ready injections this track soothes you into a lulling wobbly desert hot mirage before blasting you with gritty rock. With groovy, funky basslines adding a sultry elasticity and dance- like wiggle texture these guys have packed a lot into this stunning track.

The Only Ocean are a four -piece atmospheric rock band from Lompoc, CA — a town most notable for its high security prison and its annual Flower Festival.

Friends since junior high, the band taps into a level of unity that is typically only achieved by sibling groups, like the Beach Boys or the Jonases, their tight modern grooves locking together to support a soft bed of crackling guitars and soaring vocals. The soaring chorus adds an ethereal quality to the track while the lush sweet melody glides along smooth and creamy like honey to the ears.

Tight harmonies add a multi dimension and rich texture to the track while the electronic soundscape adds a psychedelic dreamy vibe. Another sublime track from The Only Ocean.

The fuzzed sharp guitar injections add a zesty sting and almost tropical flavour to this sensual indulgent track. The elastic spring on bass and soft beat gives the track a limber pliable texture. It glides with a steamy heavenly grace that is simply splendid. The Fontaines never disappoint, their sound is so refined and sublime they really are first rate musicians.

Like a wave the track swooshes in and out with gentle delicacy. Soft instrumentation with cushioned beats accompanies the emotionally raw expressive vocals as the beautiful sway-like honey coated melody floats by in soothing clouds and tugs hard on the heart strings.

The sharp sting on guitar freshens the track up adding slashes to the soft bouncy sombre song. Smothered in melancholic tones and hazy daydream vibes The Velveteins give us a track that oozes bleeding emotion while lulling you into a daze. Its wistful with an afflicted tone but by no means doleful. Lush harmonies are what these guy do effortlessly and it adds such a rich elegance to the track especially when teamed with a mind melting melody. It reduces you to a liquid substance and really shows off the duos fine musicianship.

The rich, daydream tone on vocals coo and lull with lavish qualities. Its heart on your sleeve raw emotion, tender and sweet yet radiating bright vibes. The rolling piano refrain creates a swan-like elegance while the steady tempo, warm feelings and heavenly melody make this track a perfect treasure. The swirling electronics chilled with breezy natural tones add a psychedelic feel. The track builds into a massive full bodied chorus with hand clapping, swaying and almost Gospel- like crescendo.

With smooth vocals reaching to a dynamic falsetto this track is dynamite. Open roads sunshine relax and chill. Limber dainty guitar adds to the bright luminous vibe while the washed-out keys flood the track with cool relaxed tones. Its mind easing bliss with falsetto vocals and rich harmonies creating the perfect backdrop to just let everything go.

Its effortless cool melody and vocals give the track a mellow bright free vibe. Flashes of sharp guitar add piercing scintillation to the track while soft backing vocals echo. Its all fist pumping vibes by the shredding guitar solo. Smothered in uplifting vibes with nostalgic undertones and gentle vocals. With wistful synth swirls, its tear jerking stuff that still makes you feel good. Its dark dramatic and fantastically sharp. Its a rush of blood churning with bubbling emotions and flashes of blazing synths.

Epic orchestral peaks create an anthemic explosion while a calm steady bassline grounds the track adding depth. Its larger than life and immense yet majestic. You will have stuck song syndrome with that hook on strings it will be in your head all day.

The use of reverb changes the track that would perhaps have been more country into a fusion with psychedelic trippy electronics. Its catchy fun and lively and twangs in all the right places. Rich percussion perfectly placed throbs and kicks with a stomping beat. Light pitter patter adds a rain like quality while a beautiful piano feature adds grace and elegance to this emotional track.

Delicate backing vocals heighten the emotional vocals and raw lyrics. This stunning track brings the album to a heart wrenching yet satisfying end. Each track flows perfectly into the next. Its an emotional journey that the band take you on with them. Giving a personal experience to every listener that makes you hold the album close to your heart. Seo wordpress plugin by www.

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