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Beautiful Houston cubana seeks work

Beautiful Houston cubana seeks work

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Beautiful Houston cubana seeks work

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San Diego is renowned for its idyllic climate, 70 miles of pristine beaches and a dazzling array of world-class attractions. San Diego offers an expansive variety of things to see and do, appealing to guests of all ages from around the world. Alongside General Director Yosvany del Pino, Miguel led Yoruba Andabo for four years, in which he managed the musical arrangements, vocal and musical instrument performances, as well as the artistic dance repertoire of an exceedingly-talented group of dancers and musicians.

A self-taught dancer and musician, Miguel has been deeply immersed in Cuban folkloric dance and performance since he was six years old, performing in child dance ensembles. Michael currently resides in Miami, Florida, and is the director of the Cuban orchestra Timbashe, an ensemble of musicians that fuse Cuban funk music, timba with many AfroCuban rhythms that normally do not get blended in with more mainstream Cuban popular music, such as Timba with Mozambique and Changui.

Miguel holds vocal and percussion duties in Timbashe, and the group is composed of former members of Yoruba Andabo. Miguel's dance and musical expertise in his workshops spans from teaching students methods and techniques in the Bata drums, Rumba, Abakua dances, Columbia, and Tambor Yuca.

At a time when elegance and style counted for everything Roberto Borrell turned the nights on fire dancing to the intricate rhythms of great Cuban performers such as Chappottin, Orquesta Aragon and Neno Gonzalez. He learned to dance during the heyday of the legendary Havana Social Clubs. When Roberto was 18 he was noticed by Cuba's Conjunto Folklorico Nacional and asked to join the celebrated performance group. In a trial by-fire situation he was schooled in the traditional Orisha songs, dances and rhythms by the most renowned Afro-Cuban folkloric dancers and percussionists of the time.

His innate talent and facility for learning allowed him to start performing with the group immediately. As Roberto continued to develop his performance skills he began to cultivate his abilities as a choreographer and musical director.

Starting as the orchestra leader for his own group in Cuba , Union Cienfueguera, through to his highly successful San Francisco based orchestra, Moderna Tradcion, he continued to direct musical groups and shows for over 30 years. By the time Roberto left Cuba he had developed a wealth of knowledge and a diverse mastery of Cuban music and dance which also included dancing Rumba en la calle, excelling in playing the Bata for Tambores Yoruba religious ceremonies , choreographing for Carnival and performing on the National Stage.

In order to get the highly tuned performances that he required for his shows, Roberto began to train the dancers and musicians himself. Once in New York, Roberto focused his energy on teaching. With an authentic historic perspective, he worked on creating a meticulous method of teaching that combines music and dance with the evolution of Cuba's musical history.

He teaches his students how to listen; one of the most valuable skills that a dancer can have. Along with a surplus of charm and charisma, Roberto has a generosity of spirit that transpires and inspires all of his students. From a student in Cuba's pre-revolutionary dance halls to a prolific performer of Afro-Cuban dance and percussion, Roberto is able to harness the eros of the stage and direct it towards the world of teaching.

If authenticity, raw talent and compassion are what you are looking for, Roberto Borrell is the teacher for you. She first studied dance as a teenager, and after several trips to Cuba she began teaching Salsa and Rueda in She is a longtime contributor to the currently thriving Cuban Salsa scene in the SF Bay Area, and has taught and performed across the United States and internationally.

As a former student of theater and film, Sidney is a talented director with a keen aesthetic vision. A natural dancer and a thorough teacher, Sidney not only has a beautiful and fluid style of movement - she has the teaching experience and attention to detail that enable her to effectively and efficiently transform and inspire dancers at any level.

Ryan has been teaching Cuban Salsa since , and to date he has taught and performed across the United States, and internationally in Cuba, Mexico, Canada, and New Zealand. Besides being a dancer, Ryan is also a percussionist he began playing at age 8 - he is an alumnus of the New England Conservatory and has taken several trips to Cuba to study both dance and music once from a grant from Stanford.

As both dancer and musician, Ryan is uniquely positioned to illuminate the inextricable connection between dance and music. Aside from his creativity as a choreographer, he is perhaps best known by lovers of Cuban dance and music for innovating a vocabulary of rhythmic calls and steps to aid dancers in the understanding and interpretation of Cuban music. Kati's knowledge of dance and choreography reveals her intricate and versatile style, making her a highly sought-after performer, nationally and internationally.

A native of Cuba, Kati grew up surrounded by the sounds of the drum and the Afro-Cuban tradition. Her dance studies included folkloric, popular, modern, ballet, choreography, composition and staging. Kati's international journey began where she went to Spain to tour with the well-known orchestra Manolito Simonet y Su Trabuco soon after graduating from Art School in Cuban en la especialidad de Danza. Kati's fiery, refined style awarded her the invitation to tour Internationally with several Cuban music and dance productions throughout Portugal, the Bahamas and Costa Rica, where she later resided for five years.

Kati also volunteered her time and skills teaching dance to children and young women in impoverished communities throughout Central America, empowering them to use dance as a medium for expressing emotions, experiences, hopes and dreams.

Following her extensive travels, Kati moved to the United States. In California she taken on the responsibility to teach and cultivate Afro-Cuban culture by producing regular events and workshops that create a community that bridges dance and music across cultures.

Kati recently created one of her dream projects, "Isupo Irawo", an ensemble of Legendary Afro-Cuban masters from around the world. Kati's other accomplishments in Los Angeles include: Kati guest teaches dance classes and lecture at several colleges and universities and dance studios in the country including the University of California, Irvine, University of Oregon, Eugene.

She continues to tour, bringing her flavorful Afro-Cuban dynamite to national Afro-Cuban folkloric and salsa dance conferences.

Kati is known for her unique teaching techniques, her vibrant energy and flavor on the dance floor. Her work is a true illustration of her heritage and an endless celebration of Cuban dance and music.

Learning salsa at 26 years young, Duane quickly excelled to be considered one of the top dancers and instructors of Afro-Cuban Salsa in the Midwest. His dance background ranges from Cuban Rumba, Son, Capoeira to break dancing and hip hop. He is a fitness consultant and instructor of dancing to Cuban rhythms. Duane founded the company Energetic Soul in and since then has developed three programs that focus on the art of dancing as a conversation.

Each of the five programs are designed to teach general and specialized audiences salsa dancing and how to utilize what they are learning as a vehicle to add spice to their daily life on and off of the dance floor. Born in New Orleans, Duane currently resides in the Detroit, Michigan, where he hosts workshops and teaches group classes.

His hobbies are writing, foot massage and looking for top destinations to listen and dance to Cuban music. He has been teaching Afro-Cuban music and dance in San Diego since He spent 9 years with Raices Profundas during which time he rose to the level of lead male dancer and soloist, touring Latin America and Asia.

His professional artistic experiences led him to the theatre where he worked in productions with various companies including Teatro de la Habana. He danced, acted and choreographed for Arte Popular, directed by Tito Junco. Juan Carlos was a dancer for the innovative modern dance company, Alabama. He was charged with the responsibility of training professional Cuban dancers and educating foreign students through the Instituto Superior de Arte and the Escuela Nacional de Arte.

He was also artistic director of Afro-Cuban folkloric ensemble, Arawe until coming to the United States. Juan Carlos came to the United States in and has been an integral force in founding our Cuban music and dance community in San Diego ever since by consistently promoting this rich culture via classes, events and performances for the community.

Planting seeds wherever he goes, he also taught one of San Diego County's very first Rueda de Casino workshops in North County in Blanco has been featured in various Afro-Cuban productions throughout California as dancer and guest choreographer for groups including Olorun, Alafia, and Taifa among others.

He loves to share his addiction of Cuban music and dance and to continuously seek out new information, resources, and music. He has been dancing, performing, choreographing, and teaching Casino and Rueda for over fifteen years and has brought Casino and Rueda to thousands of people around the world. Not only are his workshops and classes filled with meaningful information, but he has a knack for making this dance fun and exciting to learn.

Mike is available for performances, workshops, and special events. International performances and teaching gigs at dance festivals have taken him to Germany, France, Curacao, Mexico and all over the US. Currently he teaches classes in San Diego and is the artistic director of La Tribu dance group. Is co-founder and co-director of the internacional salsa event Casino Mayan Congress in Cancun, the largest event in Mexico of its type. He has maintain the title of National Champion of Rueda de Casino since in Mexico and has received other important condecorations in competitions in Miami and Cuba.

Desde el ha sido 1er. From the tender age of 5 years old, Maritza has been a set of happy feet dancing to a variety world dances from Broadway tap, Rhythm tap, Jazz, Ballet, modern dance, hip hop, Hawaiian Hula, Mexican Ballet Folkorico, Flamenco, Belly-dancing, East Indian Banghra, Brazilian samba to LA style salsa but her passion and love is in Cuban dances of all kinds. While she may be a US-born Latina of Honduran-Ecuadorian heritage, she has been exposed to the Cuban style salsa since and developed her skills more since Having studied under many Cuban dance masters over the past 8 years, she has taught rueda de casino in dance studios in Tacoma and Seattle.

Her strength is developing beginner dancers in learning rueda and organizing dance events so everyone can dance and learn. In , she moved to San Diego and on her own and with support from other San Diego instructors, she has been building an ever-growing Cuban dance community. Networked with all the Cuban dance instructors in San Diego and beyond, she has been an avid advocate to promote, preserve and practice Cuban dancing and keeping the Cuban music alive in San Diego.

Maritza earned her Masters in Counseling with an emphasis in Student Development in Higher Education and has worked in higher education for over 20 years. Currently working at the California State University San Marcos as an Academic Advisor by day and then teaching rueda de casino by night. She brings her love of developing students and teaching skills together to create a fun and welcoming environment to learn this infectiously happy dance called Rueda de Casino.

Check out her blog at www. He began his journey dancing linear LA style for about four years prior to discovering Cuban Salsa. Tim has experience in all the Latin Genres including cha cha cha, bachata, and rumba. Tim was first introduced to Casino Rueda while studying abroad in Spain where he found a new passion for dance and teaching. Upon returning to the states he began teaching students at a high school allowing him to continue his own personal development as well as grow a community in North County San Diego.

In Tim connected with Eric Johnson and became part of his performance team, Rueda San Diego, where he learned to evolve from the linear style into more authentic Cuban patterns for nearly a decade. After Eric relocated to San Francisco, Tim was called upon to lead the group continuing the presence of rueda de casino in San Diego.

Tim continues his own personal development and growth by attending workshops. In he traveled to Cuba with Rueda con Ritmo, where he had an opportunity to perform with the rueda all stars at the holguin festival.

Tim continues to be a leader in the Cuban Salsa community in North County SD by teaching classes three times a week and hosting dance socials at the beach. Robert has traveled abroad to take intensive classes with many Rueda de Casino instructors. He is currently studying eLearning and Instructional design which includes the application of Adult Learning Methodology…something he applies when teaching Rueda de Casino. They host weekly classes for the community.

They also host several Cuban themed events in the community with the purpose of teaching, promoting and supporting Cuban music, musicians and dance instructors. They recently traveled to Habana, Cuba to take dance lessons with Cuban instructors, meet the founders of Rueda de Casino, and learn more about Cuban culture.

Welcome to the Town and Country Resort San Diego, California located in the heart of San Diego's Mission Valley, where nostalgic charm mixes with modern amenities to create one-of-a-kind experiences. From sparkling swimming pools, numerous dining options, boutique-style guest rooms and well-equipped meeting spaces, our hotel in San Diego, CA delights in the best of everything to DANCE, swim, and stay Hit US up here!

Liethis Hechavarria - Cuba View More. Roberto Borrell - Cuba View More.

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As an artist life is always hard, especially if you are a foreigner and more if you want to live on what you do. I had to set up a paint shop and little by little I developed it, until I put together something big that gave me enough to live. I began to teach drawing and painting classes and then extended the program with sculpture and engraving classes.

Little by little, I was making my way in Salta and Buenos Aires, and now I am preparing several samples, two groups and one staff in Buenos Aires. Had his first show in the United States shortly after arriving in the United States, and from that year on has shown his work widely throughout the United States, Latin America and Europe. I consider myself to be an outsider observer of the modern panorama.

She emigrated to Puerto Rico in , and then came to the United States in Demi depicts an intimate universe centered upon children. She paints children whose lives have been exposed to the vagaries of the adult world. Although rooted in her personal history, these subjects are fanciful and universal, with social and political overtones, sweet-and-sour images fed by boundless imagination and a painful childhood.

Art for me is a learning process. It is my way of understanding life. My work is very connected to my own experience. What I think, what I feel, and all my dreams are contained in my artwork.

My process is similar to the process of alchemists. They were looking for the formula to make gold, and what they found instead was knowledge. My goal is to find knowledge through art. I want to translate my life experiences into images and share them with other people. I think that art is a magic form of communication and the key is to look at yourself as deep as possible so that you can communicate with the deepest territories of others.

The source of my work is the human existence. Of course, my work is influenced by what I read, which is mainly philosophy. It doesn't work that way. I read a book and I use it as fuel for my brain. What I get from readings could be far from its original intentions. I do my own interpretation and this becomes the inspiration for my work.

My obsession is to discover the meaning of life. Why are we here in this universe? This transcendental answer can perhaps never be answered, or perhaps it has many different answers. One thing is for sure, neither science nor history can reach the human knowledge that art achieves. Julio Ferrer was born in Cienfuegos, Cuba. He lives in Hamilton Ontario, Canada.

Ferrer is best known for his Pop Art style, Cuban street scenes and classic cars, for which he has won numerous prizes and awards. Ferrer reminds us that nothing is constant, especially not art history. He graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Instructores de Arte and later obtained a Master's degree in painting and engraving. He emigrated to the US in , and settled in Phoenix. He resides in Miami, where he has exhibited in numerous galleries and museums.

As a painter, his work follows the line of gestural abstraction. He received a Cintas Fellowship in — to study in Madrid and Paris. I was always interested in painting and I remember being very impressed when I was like 14 or 15 by some Paul Klee paintings I saw in a magazine. He has had an impact on my aesthetic greater than perhaps any other painter. I also love Modigliani, the faces and the bodies. Those are my two favorite artists of the twentieth century: When I came to the States, since I had two years of law school in Cuba — it was Roman Law and the Napoleonic code, the Spanish code — there was nothing to be transferred to liberal arts.

I didn't get any credit for what I had done in Cuba. That was in Washington D. So I went after her. We broke up in less than a year and I stayed in D. I finished a B. I had taken a couple of courses in linguistics when I was a psych major and I loved it. Then I came to Buffalo, which was my first job. I want to keep on painting and I want to keep on writing poetry and I want to keep on doing linguistics. I just published a book on phonetics; and now I'm working on one on semantic roles ….

He began studying art with his father who was also an artist and art teacher. After completing gen- eral studies he attended a number of universities and colleges as an art major.

When he was 20 years old he met Emilio Falero, and studied under him for five years. He began exhibiting in As a consequence of the award the artist began his professional carreer as an exibiting artist and now has work in private and public collections all over the World. Those works gathered different meaning constructions that have emblematized Cuba throughout its history. It all is now mixed with typical Americana popular culture characters, and esoteric symbols related to the American political tradition, in a carnivalesque cocktail of dissimilar narratives that may be the best embodiment of the cultural, philosophical and political paradoxes faced by the Cuban soul today, in a contemporary living example of the Aristotelian concept of Aporia.

In Deep Line Drawings, the artist invites viewers to experience the depth of the line and the richness that is underneath the skin of his work. Luna incorporates cultural symbols and language in his use of traditional processes to reveal a vibrant look at modern perceptions of Latin America.

Carlos Luna was born in Pinar del Rio, Cuba in Luna grew up in an area where the beliefs and culture of the Cuban descendants of African Yoruba culture are particularly strong. Eyes are a recurring theme, reflecting both the watchful government as well as Eleggua, the Afro-Cuban trickster god who observes human folly and accomplishment. I am, by default, the illustrator of my ideas, even though; I seem to lie to myself constantly.

It is the energy of starting something without exactly knowing the actual outcome. My environments are constants on my aesthetic proposal, which is tied to the parallel need to understand common sense and making my interpretationof it more or less acceptable or understandable.

Creating is the experience of being constantly unsatisfied. When this happens, I should redo and lie to myself again. Since his work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.

Natasha Perdomo chooses the landscape to reflect on postindustrial civilization while giving a wink to certain kitschy aesthetic traditionally associated to this painting genre. Her work brings together the back lighting and architectural ruins, elements so deeply anchored in Romanticism.

However, her pre apocalyptic vision is infused with a nightmarish atmosphere that has more of a premonition than a remembrance.. In , his family relocated to Barnesboro, Pennsylvania. He lived in this small coal-mining town until when he finished his B.

His artwork over the past 25 years has been influenced by his Cuban lineage and his attempt to find a sense of identity in a complex contemporary environment. To leave this website click here. All persons depicted herein were at least 18 years of age.

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